🇳🇮 Granada

🇳🇮  Granada is a stunning city on the shores of Lake Nicaragua and historically one of Nicaragua's most important cities, economically and politically.
Granada had a thriving Indigenous population, but in 1524 Francisco Córdoba a Spanish conquistador the city was renamed Granada
and registered  as  a  city in official records of the Crown of Aragon, and the Kingdom of Castile in Spain.


It’s home to multiple Spanish colonial landmarks that have survived repeated pirate invasions.

The city’s main plaza, Central Park, is dominated by the colorful, neoclassical facade of the Cathedral of Granada, originally dating to 1583.




The Centro Cultural Convent San Francisco nearby is famed for its displays of per-Columbian statues.

Statues in Granada Nicaragua

Granada, Nicaragua was the sister capital to Antigua in Guatemala. During the colonial period, Granada maintained a flourishing level of commerce with ports on the Atlantic Ocean, through Lake Nicaragua ( Lago Cocibolca) and the San Juan River. As such the city was victim to many battles with  invasions from English, French and Dutch pirates trying to take control  by sailing up the San Juan River.

It was also where American William Walker attempted to take control of Central America as a ruling president. One of his generals, Charles Frederick Henningsen, set the city ablaze before escaping, destroying much of the ancient city and leaving printed the words "Here was Granada".

Agriculture around Granada is reflected by dry forests and   humid forests which grow on the sides of the nearby 1,344 meter high Mombacho volcano. The volcano is also home to a wide array of wildlife.  The lake is also home to many creatures, both marine and freshwater creatures. It is the only freshwater lake in the world where sharks live.

The Midas cichlid, native to the San Juan River basin in Nicaragua and Costar Rica, is now recognized as a species complex with dozens of species, most or all of them inhabiting extremely reduced ranges.  Fishing in the lake is plentyful and fishermen regularly catch guapote and mojarras, as well as sardines.

Granada's restaurants have received international recognition by newspapers like the New York Times.
Not only do they serve a wide variety of delicious foods, but they seek to do so in a manner that is sustainable and beneficial to the larger community. Granada is quickly becoming a central hub for excursions to other areas of Nicaragua and Central America so if you are in the region, stop by one of the restaurants mentioned on this list for a taste of Latin American hospitality

  • The Garden Cafe
  • Cafe de los Sueños
  • Cafe De Arte
  • Miss Dell’s Kitchen
  • Bocadillos Tapas Kitchen & Bar
  • Monna Lisa

To stay overnight you can book any of these lovely boutique hotels

You can access this world heritage site from the Marina Puesta del Sol in an easy day trip via rental car -
stay a few days to soak in the magnificent history and culture.


🇨🇷 Corcovado


 [Photography credits below]

Formation of the Peninsula

The history of the Osa Peninsula is steeped in geological mystery. But the Osa Peninsula is part of the tectonic plates collision of the land bridge between North and South America that rose above the surface of the water. The land bridge between these continents is in large part responsible for the incredibly high biodiversity found in this area. The Park within the peninsula is 4,178 hectares (10,324 acres) and  park ranges in elevation from sea level to 745 meters
(0 – 2,444 feet). The Corcovado park exemplifies the tropical rain forest, with a abundance of species, spectacular buttresses, large woody vines and abundant growth and trees and contains the complete tropical insect ecosystem from Mexico to Panama. It has 23 miles of rugged beaches with dense rain forest dropping into the Pacific Ocean.



Native tribes arrived on Osa Peninsula as far back as 6,000 BC, and various indigenous groups such as the Chiriquí and Borucas hunted in the area.
The nearby Isla del Caño  has a history of being struck by lightning more than any other place in Central America. This is thought by locals to be because Caño Island was a Pre-Columbian cemetery and the land is believed to be sacred. Exceptional round Diquis stones have left behind by a long lost civilization and several Panama Posse Boats have been on the island to explore and dive via operators from Drake Bay.  
Round Stones Diquis Costa Rica - isla del Cano



In March 1579, during his circumnavigation of the globe in the Golden Hind, Sir Francis Drake visited the shores of the Osa and eventually based his entourage from his name sake bay Bahía Drake  a small bay on the north side of the Osa Peninsula.  It was used by Drake during his raids on the Spanish Main in the 16th century and the location of one of the British pirate's fabled hidden treasures.

The Area is best approached via the Drake Bay Anchorage on the Panama Posse route from the NW entrance to the park

which provides a spectacular anchorage and a coastal hiking trail towards the park. In addition several tour operators which are also based in Drake Bay for exceptional exploring.

This national park provides the exclusive habitat for Costa Rica’s shyest and most endangered inhabitants. Baird’s Tapirs, Jaguars, Scarlet Macaws, Harpy Eagles, Red-backed squirrel monkeys and White-lipped Peccaries. It is wet, remote and rugged, but the trails are decent and features several camping areas near ranger stations. It is a tropical rain forest in the purest sense with waterfalls and pools.

The coast and estuaries of the Río Claro and Río Sirena are habitats to hammerhead sharks crocodiles and bull sharks which are common in Corcovado Lagoon. All four of the sea turtle species that nest in Costa Rica also frequent it's shores.

All four of the monkey species (including the highly endangered Red-backed squirrel monkey), and all six feline species found inhabit Corcovado.


Over 40 species of frogs including red-eyed tree, rain, glass, dink, and poison arrow varieties, with dozens of snakes including a variety of poisonous and Boas and the dreaded bushmaster, as well as 28 species of lizards.
More than 100 species of butterflies, 400 species of birds including 16 different hummingbirds and the largest number of scarlet macaws and ~ 10,000 other insects species are native to the area

The modern day history also pits the era of the gold-rush, banana plantations, banana corporations, rebels and geopolitics against it each other after 90+ years of human exploitation the jungle won and the park constitutes the birthplace of Costa Rica's ecotourism -> Follow the link below to find out more about it's controversial modern day history.





Nov 1, 2020

The SEVEN SEAS CRUISING ASSOCIATION is pleased to announce our collaboration with the PANAMA POSSE.   Seven Seas Cruising Association (SSCA) has supported passage making sailors on their adventures around the globe since 1952. Visit ssca.org.

The PANAMA POSSE is honored to partner with the prestigious Seven Seas Cruising Association.   We know this collaboration will strengthen our mutual goals to promote safe cruising adventures around the world.  The Panama Posse was founded in 2017 to help boats navigate the Pacific coast from California to Panama  at your individual pace.  In 2020, the Panama Posse grew it’s route support to 13 countries, pass the Panama Canal to Key West including Jamaica, Belize, Colombia, Cuba, and Cayman Islands.  Over 375 motor and sailing vessels have participated in the past 3 years and they all agree the best value in joining the Panama Posse is the camaraderie of meeting amazing people throughout your route.  The Panama Posse also provides 24/7 access to members, weekly team calls, Up to date customs information, 2,000 verified anchorages and marina discounts in each country totaling 40 marinas.  Visit PanamaPosse.com for additional information.

We are excited to see so many cruisers head south, down the Mexico coastline, Central America and through the Canal to South America, the Caribbean and Cuba.           Along with safety seminars,         and the marina discounts that the Panama Posse provides its cruisers, SSCA can go farther to help cruising sailors on the rally and beyond the rally with webinars, a Facebook page that has over 13,000 followers, introductions to our Cruising Station Hosts around the globe and discounts at our many marine partners and sponsors.

Membership in SSCA is always a great deal, but for a short time, membership will be discounted for registered Panama Posse participants by 25%*.

Visit SSCA.org for more information.

As part of the strategic partnership the Panama Posse has extended a special discount to members of the Seven Seas Cruising Association,  SSCA members get 25%* of the annual registration fee of the 20-21 Panama Posse and $ 25* off their 21-22 Registration .

To sign up follow this link >>

(*may not be combined with any offer does not apply to existing membership or registration fees )

Strategic Partnership Agreement SSCA & PANAMA POSSE SSCA offers Panama Posse & participants 25% discount on membership fees*  Panama Posse gives to SSCA & members 25% discount on new registration fees*  BENEFITS OF JOINING

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Marine Equipment

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Seven Seas U was created by an SSCA member with cruisers’ needs in mind. Seven Seas U is a convenient, interactive, and cost-efficient way to add to your boating and cruising knowledge. All you need is a computer and an Internet connection. SSCA members receive a discount on webinar purchases and some webinars are even free.  All members in SSCA receive a FREE membership to Seven Seas University with free unlimited access to all of our free-for-member educational webinars.Can’t make a live webinar? Not a problem. Our members are spread out all over the globe, and therefore the times of some live webinars may not be convenient for everyone. All registered participants for a course will receive a link to the recording of the live webinar, and instructors make themselves available via email to take questions. So you can register for a course and then view the recording at your convenience. Or you can use the recording to review a webinar that you attended live. More information on Seven Seas U is available on the Seven Seas U page.

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Cruisers' Bulletin

Of all the traditions of SSCA, the oldest and most cherished is the Cruisers' Bulletin (formerly called the Commodores' Bulletin). Each month members share their firsthand cruising experiences and knowledge while providing advice and inspiration through their letters and contributions. From hand-copied, shared letters in the 1950s to a distinctive 48-page information-packed monthly, the Bulletin has always been the SSCA's most well-known benefit. 

"The camaraderie of SSCA members around the world is remarkable. We have used the Bulletin extensively while planning and traveling to 114 countries and always look forward to reading it each month." 
Liza and Andy Copeland, s/v Bagheera


Available as a digital pdf format, this monthly publication provides pertinent information about the cruising life ... written by cruisers for cruisers.  An index of the previous year's articles is published each February making it easy to locate articles by area, topic or contributor. Use this key benefit for passage planning, keeping track of actively cruising friends or browsing page by page, dreaming of what's out there and where you'll go.

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Some of the activities/services offered by our Cruising Station Hosts:

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  • Guest speakers and educational programs
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Sharing information is one of SSCA's key traditions.
 It's great to be able to refer to Bulletin letters about a port while you're planning a passage. We buy and share costly cruising guides, and yet, as we all know, much of the information in print becomes obsolete as soon as they are printed. People move, regulations change. Plus you don't always get the nitty-gritty information you want. Where's the nearest laundry? Can you buy varnish? Where do you buy diesel or get your propane tanks filled? My dog needs shots; is there a vet around?

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gam (noun): A social visit or friendly interchange, especially between sailors or seafarers.

Camaraderie is a cornerstone of SSCA. Wherever members gather, they organize get-togethers and exchange cruising information. SSCA sponsors gams throughout the world. Trinidad hosts the first SSCA gam of the year—on New Year's Day each year. Annual gams are also held in Annapolis, Maryland; Puerto Vallarta, Mexico; Melbourne, Florida; Pohnpei in the Federated States of Micronesia; Islesboro, Maine; St. Petersburg, Florida and Essex, Connecticut.

Members are encouraged to hold regional gams, as well. These mini-gams often occur with little planning—just an announcement on the VHF radio or a flyer hung at a beach or marina. More than 50 people recently got together in George Town, Bahamas for an enjoyable spur-of-the-moment gam. Non-members are welcome to attend most Gams as noted in the Gam's description.

Schedule of SSCA Gams 



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Most cruisers are just too busy to find and attend meetings to fight for the right to cruise and anchor safely and freely. SSCA provides a VOICE for cruisers, whether it is our Anchoring and Navigation Rights Committee pushing for cruisers’ rights to anchor responsibly or your SSCA Board of Directors writing an appeal advocating that governments take a stand against piracy. Your SSCA is the voice for your cruisers’ rights.

For more information on our advocacy, visit the Anchoring and Navigation Rights Committee page.


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The SSCA Forum is one of the most ACTIVE and helpful cruising forums around. You can find answers to most boating questions and, if by chance the answer isn't there, you can post the question to solicit replies (and have the Forum notify you if/when someone responds). Not only that, it is fully searchable! Find information on a huge variety of cruising topics such as recommendations on the type of boat to buy, engine/boat repairs, equipment, coastal or offshore cruising, navigation, weather tactics, family and crew and even about SSCA and our efforts on behalf of cruisers' rights.Some of the greatest and most experienced cruisers in the WORLD post to our forum! Take advantage of their knowledge and experience.

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The South Pacific, New Zealand and Australia are the collective backyard of ICA and they've cruised extensively here for the past 25 years. All of this accumulated knowledge is available to club members in a variety of forms. In addition to cruising information, ICA offers training and sponsors rallies including ICA's Pacific Circuit Rally and the All Points Rally. A special thanks to SSCA members John and Lyn Martin, founders of Island Cruising Association, for this great benefit!

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The map works in conjunction with MarineTraffic.com and is based on your boat's MMSI number.  Once members have an MMSI number for their vessel, they just put the MMSI number in their member profiles and report to MarineTraffic.com one time.  SSCA uploads member MMSI numbers to the fleet locator software every month and member boats show up on the map automatically, staying displayed wherever they cruise.  Members can learn how to use the map here.
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Moroccan Delivery
Rick Peterson, s/v Believe

🇵🇦 Coiba National Park


Coiba is the largest island in Central America (500+ km2 / 190+ sq mi), off the Pacific coast of the Panamanian Isthmus in the Gulf of ChiriquíCoiba National Park is a marine reserve comprised of a group of 38 islands including at its core, Isla Coiba.

coiba reefs

In 1992 after Panama created Coiba National Park, encompassing nearby islands, forests, beaches, mangroves and coral reefs.

Due to the Gulf of Chiriquí’s capacity to buffer against the effects of El Niño temperature swings, the marine ecosystems within Coiba National Park harbors a high degree of biodiversity rivalign those of the Galapagos Islands.

It’s a massive marine habitat providing protection for coral reefs, humpback whales, pilot whales, killer whales, dolphins, sea turtles, manta rays, marlins for a total of 760 species of marine fishes, 33 species of sharks and 20 species of cetaceans other marine creatures. In July 2005, Unesco declared it a World Heritage Site.


Around 17,000 years ago when sea levels rose after the last iceage, plants and animals on the new island became isolated from mainland populations and over the millennia most animals have diverged in appearance and behaviour from their mainland counterparts.

coiba swimming iguana


The island is home to many endemic subspecies, including the Coiba Island howler monkey, the Coiba agouti and the Coiba spinetail. The island also harbours tree species that have long disappeared from the mainland and close to 100 bird species.

From 1919 – 2004 it served as a notoriuos penal colony under the dictatorships of Torrijos and Noriega and the prison on Coiba was a feared place.
As such, the island was avoided by locals, and other than the old prison, was completely undeveloped.

Coiba Island

The Coiba Island howler a kind of New World monkey, endemic to Panama. Though the Coiba Island howler is usually acknowledged as a separate species, mitochondrial DNA testing is inconclusive as to if it’s really a subspecies of the mantled howler. The dermal ridges of its arms and toes differ.

coiba birds

The 20-21 Panana Posse also the year of the howler monkey !

howler coiba

Photographs by Christian Ziegler, Tim Laman, Pacific Advent, Vackova, a.m.o.

penetentiary coiba



Anchorage Costs per Day

< 24′ $15
25 to 34 $30
35 to 49 $60
50 to 100 feet $180
> 100′ $ 600

Per Person $ 20  one time foreign visitor fee  regardless of length

If you want to do sport fishing within the limits of the park, you must also pay a permit which costs
$ 50  and is valid for up to 8 days.


You must be sure how many days you will be in the protected area since the money paid to the ministry account cannot be returned. In the same way, if you are in the park and want to stay a few more days, you must find a way to transfer the corresponding costs to the ministry account and you can stay as many days as you wish.

Once you are in the park and you go to the park’s administrative headquarters, you will be assisted by the park rangers of the site who maintain a permanent presence in the area.

You can specify the dates.

You must adhere to the park rules and regulations.




Albrook Ministry, Ancón, Broberg Street, Building 804, Republic of Panama


BANK ADDRESS: Panama, Panama City Vía España and Calle 55 Bella Vista – Torre Banconal.

BANK ACCOUNT: 10000163794




For transfers received in dollars

SWIFT CHASUS33 /ABA 021000021
Account No.0011-688-611
Final beneficiary:
Customer name and account number

SWIFT CITIUS33 / ABA 021000089
Account No.109-34-608
Final beneficiary:
Customer name and account number

SWIFT BOFAUS3M / ABA 026009593
Account No.190-164-3006
Final beneficiary:
Customer name and account number

Account No.2000-19200-1232
Final beneficiary:
Customer name and account number

Account No.890-0517-697
Final beneficiary:
Customer name and account number

Account No. DE92501108006231610335
Final beneficiary:
Customer name and account number

Account No. ES4801820061760080100965
Final beneficiary:
Customer name and account number







Processing fee of $ 45 for each vessel to pay via credit card ( vs Bank Transfer fee )

CARLOS / Boca Chica
+507 6600 6191 Whatsapp

🇸🇻 Joya de Cerén - La Libertad - El Salvador

JOYA DE CEREN - La Libertad - El Salvador
(aka the POMPEII of Central America)
Before the village was abandoned around AD 600 about 200 people lived in this per-Columbian Maya farming village.

The eruption of the Loma Caldera volcano caused 33 feet / 10 meters of debris to settle over the site. The site was remarkably well preserved due to the low temperature of ash and very fast ash-fall, a a thick layer having blanketed the town in the space of a few hours.

Exceptional by uprightness of the culmination of the proof that it gives of regular daily existence in a Mesoamerican cultivating agriculture of the sixth century AD, whichin this social district. It was a pre-Hispanic cultivating network that, similar to Pompeii and Herculaneum in Italy, was covered under a volcanic emission about AD 590. Albeit an earlier quake clearly gave inhabitants time to escape, the debris safeguarded their own possessions, from digging tools and bean-filled pots to resting mats and strict things, basically freezing the farming town in time. Due to the extraordinary state of the remaining parts, they provide extreme insights  into the every day lives of the Central American people groups who worked the land around then.

Around AD 200, the focal and western pieces of the domain of the current   Republic of El Salvador were covered underneath thick layers of volcanic debris from the Ilopango fountain of liquid magma. The territory was relinquished and the late pre-Classical Maya social advancement was hindered for a few centuries until the debris layer had endured into ripe soil.

Resettlement didn't start until around 400, and the Joya de Cerén settlement was established before the finish of the sixth century. As unearthings are still in progress, it isn't yet evident whether it was a little town or a bigger network. Proof from the structures unearthed so far proposes that the occupants were ranchers.




Glad to see you made the program !
From: SBYC Communications <communications@sbyc.org>


Monday Forum
Panama Posse Founder 
Dietmar Petutschnig  

October 12th, NoonHave you ever dreamed about crossing the Panama Canal and visiting Latin America by boat? If so, you don't want to miss this fun presentation. Sail at your own pace and join the Panama Posse anytime within the 7 month-4,500 nm-13 country rally.The Posse provides 24/7 live communication tools, weekly weather reports and much more.
See how this dream adventure can be made possible this Monday!

Monday, October 12th at 11:55AM

Great Blue Hole Belize

🇧🇿 The Great Blue Hole

A giant marine sinkhole off the coast of Belize 🇧🇿 and part of the larger Barrier Reef Reserve System.
It lies near the center of Lighthouse Reef about 49 nm from Belize City. The hole is over 1000 feet in diameter and 407 ft deep.
It was formed during several ice ages when sea levels were much lower (ca 153,000, 66,000 and 15,000 years ago).
As the Atlantic Ocean began to rise again, the cave flooded.
The Belize Barrier reef is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is part of the must visit places along the route of the https://PanamaPosse.com.
Vessels with a bigger draft can anchor on the South East Coast of the Lighthouse Reef at Half Moon Cay and venture towards it in your dinghy - about 5 nm due north form the anchorage.
This site was made famous by Jacques Cousteau, who declared it one of the top five scuba diving sites in the world.


Panama Posse

Marine Insurance can be challenging with the appearance of few to no options available at times, policies riddled with exceptions, and most insurance agents simply not having solutions.  We are going to have a zoom meeting with an Marine Insurance Specialist who not only has 33 years of experience in writing marine insurance for worldwide sailors but also has two circumnavigations to his credit.

Because of his background with both mariners and insurance carrier he can bridge the gap perfectly between insured and carrier.

Join the call with questions or watch it later

OCEAN POSSE is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Thursday, April 18 2024
14:00 – EDT
13:00 - PANAMA
11:00 - PDT

Here is a interesting article about the reason behind these increases

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 895 3043 7295
Passcode: 313248

Find your local number: https://us06web.zoom.us/u/kbSWS9m7uJ







Manager, Commercial Division

t 954 548 3594 | c 954 257 8925



Jim Oberg
San Diego

Douglas K. Smith Marine Insurance Svcs., Inc.

619-222-2560 (office)

619-222-6716 (fax)




Offshore Risk Management out of Florida.

London Marine, haven’t had a claim, so can’t speak to that.
Susan Coates


thru Susan Waters. +1 (443)569-3700. E-mail is- susan@marineinsurance.cc (not .com)

They include the Caribbean.

Offer a variety of ways to request a quote for the Jackline (Offshore) Insurance Program:

Speak with our insurance experts by phone: 410.364.7710
Submit an Online Quote Request: Use code = Jackline
Download and complete PDF Form: Submit completed forms to jackline@gowrie.com or 410.827.3758 (fax)



Steven Bonner



604 Stonewall Lane
Fredericksburg, Virginia 22407

Gary Golden with Manifest Marine located in Virginia. There number is 410-490-9020

Telephone number

  540-785-0398 (option 1)

 Facsimile machine

  540-785-0398 (option 2)

  Electronic mail

  general: mail@ManifestMarine.com

Gary Golden, Director: Gary@ManifestMarine.com
Elliott Golden, Agent: Elliott@ManifestMarine.com




Gowrie Group | A division of Risk Strategies

  • There must be a US tie (US owners and/or US registered vessel) & a valid US mailing address
  • Owners must have a minimum of 3 years ownership on a similar sized vessel (I’ve seen them consider 2 years with a solid boating resume)
  • Vessel’s over 10 years of age must survey well

Rachel Sloan | Jackline Account Manager
Gowrie Group | A division of Risk Strategies

522 Chesapeake Ave, Annapolis, MD 21403
p: 410.364.7707 f: 410.827.3758


W.R. Hodgens Marine Insurance, Inc.

Bill Hodgens


dropped off  they are no longer covering US documented boats.




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Erick Crawford M.
Vicepresidente Adjunto
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Cía. Internacional de Seguros, S.A.
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Tel.:  (507) 223-4925, 269-5249
Cel.: (507) 6612-4699
E: pmaseg@cwpanama.net


Photos requested:


  1. All sides and inside the boat
  2. Photos of the engine
  3. Life jackets
  4. Life rafts
  5. Audible lights
  6. First aid kit
  7. Radio
  8. Bilge pump
  9. GPS
  10. Compass
  11. Everything the boat has to navigate.



According to this, as soon as I have the photos that I request according to the list, we could continue with the insurance.




details about Edward William

Here’s what Mark  found out about Edward William and Ion (the policy underwriter):

Here is a link to the UK site that CLEARLY states “be wary of dealing with this unauthorised firm”. There’s a reason they have stated this. They don’t just make stuff up and just put it on consumer watchdog sites. This is a real warning! https://www.fca.org.uk/…/edward-william-marine-services

I asked EW for a quote so I could read the policy. Even though I am not an attorney, I found loopholes that would void claims most other reputable companies would pay out on. Before you do business with them, I suggest you have an attorney read it over for a professional opinion. Then, you will understand why they are so cheap. It’s easy to sell cheap policies if there is no intent to pay the claim. While you might think you understand the policy, I guarantee you don’t. Get a professional’s opinion.
Reputable insurance companies will open their books to obtain a rating by a third party such as AM Best. The higher the rating, the more financially solvent the company. Meaning they have the ability to pay claims, even very large ones. This is a third party verification regarding the solvency. A good rating is considered “A”, or higher. The current underwriter for Edward William is ION. ION is not rated by AM Best, or any other third party agency.
Up until two years ago, Edward William Insurance was selling cheap policies underwritten by Northernreef policy subject to Uruguayan law and practice. They convinced their customer base Northernreef was a sound underwriter. Like ION, Northernreef were not rated. Northernreef went bankrupt and closed. EW Policyholders had to cough up additional funds to EW in the middle of their policy terms or be canceled. https://www.edwardwilliam.com/…/Northernreef-Yacht…

The address listed in IONs policies and on their web page are shell companies. These are not physical offices. They are nothing but mail drops. This includes addresses they have published in D&B and on their corporate page, American Samoa, Costa Rica, and London. Others have stated there is a physical office in the Bank of America Building in Ft. Lauderdale. This isn’t listed anywhere. I wonder why they don’t want you to know where they are.
The address given on ION’s American Samoa page appears to be a mail drop on the second floor of a shopping complex. Google it. I did: 210A 2nd Floor, Fagatogo Square, Pago Pago, American Samoa 96799
On the D&B listing, ION states they offices are: Plaza Roble Corporate Center, Las Terrazas Building 5th Floor San Jose Escazu, San Jose Costa Rica. Google the address. This is either a small rented space or virtual office. Here is the link to the building ION claims to be their corporate office address. This also appears to be a mail drop. https://www.regus.com/…/plaza-roble-las-terrazas-1349

So, do they have funds? You might find they have no money whatsoever. Or perhaps they do. Who really knows. I guess you can “hope” they have enough to pay your claim. Because, you can’t verify they do. Fact: the latest shared financial information ION (American Samoa) posted on their website is 4 years old – FYE 2019. Their cash on hand is only US$3M. Interestingly the value of their long-term assets hasn’t varied by a single dollar in 3 years. The claims paid amount in 2019 is $372,779. This is for the total ION (not just the EW part). The net revenue for this company is $2,448,242. Yep. A whole whopping $2.4m. Hardly the massive titan of the insurance industry they project to be on their internet page. The Costa Rica division is much lower still. https://www.ioninsuranceco.com/2019_ION_Group_FS.pdf

All of the people listed on their corporate site have zero internet presence, nothing. This includes Robert Harrison, Director of Underwriting and Ashley Watson, VP of International Sales.
The helpline phone number listed on their site appears in an advertisement for a Physician’s Office in Costa Rica. Yep, you read this correctly!
You need to keep in mind, if they don’t pay a claim you are personally accountable for any damage you cause. If you have an environmental claim against you, this could easily be a massive amount of money. In many countries, you can be jailed for not paying. Do you really wish to trust a company whose solvency is not verifiable? Or, are you willing to trust a shell company that can easily just close shop if faced with a large claim(s), rather than pay?
States (or countries like UK, AUS, NZ etc.) will oversee the policy language to ensure the policy meets the criteria set by their law. If the insurance company fails to pay, your recourse is to file a complaint with the state or government. If the insurance company is out of compliance it can lose its license to sell there.
If ION fails to pay your claim, what is your intended action? The policies have a governing law (like any insurance policy). On the quote they sent me the governing law was American Samoa. American Samoan law is not US law. Are you familiar enough with the laws, terminology and the court systems of these countries to feel comfortable? If they don’t pay you and you believe they have violated the policy, you must hire a lawyer in one of these countries for representation. And, at what cost? And, can you regain legal fees spent to win your case?
From ION’s webpage, “IIC (yet another shell company) is also registered and in good standing in the State of Louisiana under Registration No. 42291649F as well as with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) under Registration No. 15936.” A FB user asked the state of Louisiana and posted the states reply. Shelia Cooper from the Louisiana Department of Insurance states, “they are not registered there and never have been”. Don’t believe this? Write to the state LDI and ask them yourself.
Enough said.




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Shipping Parts to your vessel in different parts of the world - here are options which have worked in the past



🇺🇸 🇲🇽 USA to MEXICO

🇺🇸 🇲🇽  Pricing for ESTAFETA Shipping from USA – MEXICO

BOXES inches max weight and price
10″ x 10″ x 10″  – 10 lbs – $35
12″ x 12″ x 12″ –  20 lbs  – $55
14″ x 14″ x 14″ –  30 lbs – $ 70
16″ x 16″  x 16″  – 35 lbs – $ 95
18″ x 18″  x 18″ –  55 lbs – $ 140
20″ x 20″  x 20″ –  70 lbs – $ 165
22″ x  22″ x 22″ – 100 lbs – $ 215
28″  x 28″ x 28″ –  150 lbs – $ 270




🇺🇸 🇵🇦 USA to PANAMA

🇺🇸 🇵🇦 USA to PANAMA

This company has several locations in Panama allows you to ship to Panama via a US address in Florida