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Los Roques


Covering a total area of 40.61 km2, the Los Roques archipelago comprises more than 350 uninhabited cays, islands, and islets and is situated about 128 km to the north of the La Guaira in Venezuela. Los Roques is scarcely populated, having about 2,000 permanent inhabitants mostly in its main Island, El Gran Roque. It is very safe, clean and popular among foreign tourists and Venezuelans alike. Colorful lodges and private houses are the main constructions. No cars and streets of sand, is part of its charm.

All are welcome to visit but US citizens are subject to extra fees and scrutiny. If you are active or retired military best to avoid the place.

to enter contact an agent hoanns@hotmail.com +573168529048


Marina Chiapas update

There was a tsunami related to the September 7 8.1 magnitude earthquake. It lifted the floating docks free of the piling system and caused significant damage to the marina, however it is operating on a best efforts basis. None of the boats in the marina seem to have suffered any damage, and none of the cruisers or staff there were injured.

Marina Chiapas

Marina Chiapas
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21 Vessels make a fleet

We are officially 21 vessels - it's a fleet !

Proud of all the fellow sailors (and power boaters) who are signing up.

Let's go Panama Posse !

The Ocean Cleanup Survey and the Panama Posse

We have reached out to The Ocean Cleanup to see if the Panama Posse could help with measuring plastic pollution along the route. Francesco F. Ferrari, the Ocean Cleanup's Lab Coordinator & Environmental Researcher has recommended that we use their free survey App to collect important data which can later be transformed in concentration and total load of plastic in the Pacific coastal areas as part of their study.

Is a simple tool for daytime use and it can capture information, without having to deploy a trolling sampling tool (like the manta).

Below are the links (for android and IOS) where you can download it, but it is also available on Google Play and iTunes. This is of course voluntary and on a per vessel basis.

For Android

For iphone

Warm regards,

Dietmar - one of the posse

Media and Outreach

Dear Posse,

Just a quick note to let you know that our media outreach is progressing nicely - we just got cross-posted on
BW Sailing.


We have also been contacted by the Maritime Association of Panama and they want to help us upon arrival.

Stay tuned and I encourage you to promote the Panama Posse to your fellow sailors and marinas.
If you need the one page flyer to post with your local (or former) marina, please let us know.

Notice of a rally (PDF) for printing

Warm regards

Dietmar, one of the posse


Thanks to Neil on SV Raven we are working on some Panama Posse Shirts and Hat designs to be sourced locally.

Here are some initial mock ups and design options -


June 7, 2017  Barra de Navidad, Jalisco, Mexico

“Panama Posse” Cruiser’s Rally launches November 30, 2017 from Mexico to Panama              

The first annual “Panama Posse” rally sails to seven countries, including Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica and ends at the Panama Canal. The rally, sponsored by Marina Puerto de la Navidad, located just 150 nm south of Puerto Vallarta, is free to join.

Benefits in joining the “Panama Posse” include safety, daily communications net, vessel tracking, details for country check in procedures, over 120 anchorages along the passage, pre-check in at marinas and the Panama Canal.  Information includes list of fuel stations, chandleries, provisions, haul out facilities, dive sites, group excursions on land, special discounts at marinas and parties along the way. “Panama Posse” burgee, hats and shirts with names of registered vessels will be available for a nominal fee.

Eighteen boats have already signed up, mostly from the U.S. and Canada, many have done the Baja-Haha, Pacific Puddle Jump, Transpac, Tahiti-Moorea and Tonga Regattas and multiple countries in the South Pacific, Caribbean and Pacific Northwest.

The official sponsor, Marina Puerto de la Navidad, is offering very attractive and discounted slip fees for all “Panama Posse” registered vessels for the month of November.  The launch party will be held at Marina Puerto de la Navidad on Saturday November 25, 2017. Seminars will be held that week to cover the following topics: provisioning, OpenCPN satellite overlay on electronic charts, weather and safety.

“On behalf of the Marina Puerto de la Navidad we are proud to sponsor this rally – and we look forward in hosting these vessels in our facility so that the participants can enjoy their stay at our world class marina, our outstanding 5 star hotel and its facilities and play golf at the Isla Navidad Golf Course, one of the top 12 golf courses in Mexico according to a recent survey by Robb Report”, said Secundino Alvarez, Harbormaster of the marina.

Information and sign up at   www.panamaposse.com




2018 Posse

A few emails to the posse have indicated vessels wanting to stay in Mexico longer - and we agree - do that !

Most of the participants have enjoyed Mexican waters, marinas, anchorages for a season or more and find it hard to cast off again. We are simply leaving allowing us to go on a leisurely pace to get to Panama by June and be "below" the hurricane zone. If you are a Baja-Haha participant - you will find our pace much slower - you will have sailed 1,000 nm in about 2 weeks. The Panama Posse will go 2,000 nm in about 6 months - so you can catch up with us - or stay a season in Mexico. - just sign up for the posse for the following - and you will enjoy our best practices from the prior season.

Alternatively if you plan on coming up the coast from Panama - you are aptly named "the COUNTER POSSE" - and we will gladly wave at you as our ships pass and share our knowledge from up north !

Notice of a rally

Notice of a rally - for all west-coast sailors and adventurers - free to sign up - www.panamaposse.com - Starts in Barra de Navidad, MX - November '17 - June '18 - 6 Months - 7 Countries - 30+ Vessels - 100+ Anchorages ~ 2,000 nm -

Costa Alegre Net

Tomorrow, Friday May 26 and Monday, May 29 (US Memorial Day) I will run the Costalegre Cruisers Net at 0900 Local time.

Please tune in, and let your neighbors know too.


SV Georgia