why do we charge a non-refundable fee ?

  1. to ensure that you are serious – many times armchair sailors like to try to see how things feel and in the process use a lot of resources
    when you sign up for what is a very reasonable fee you commit yourself and your vessel to a journey
  2. the on boarding process alone takes 40 minutes of hard work and 20 steps to get you into the system and set up – that is our administrative time to add you and check you into the process. If you cancel we have to undo all that on top of it.
  3. compared to similar rallies we have the lowest fees and you are part of a whole season ( 8 months )
    CUABR 900 – 3 weeks
    BAJA HAHA 495 – 3 weeks
    ARC 1400 – 2 months
    etc etc
  4. some benefits kick in right away – discounts at westmarine – predict wind – marinas –