The Panama Posse was founded in May of 2017 at the Marina and Isla Navidad Resort in Barra de Navidad, MX.

15 cruising couples and a motor vessel  milling about the lush resort and pool had their hands up interested in heading south towards Panama. AIYA, RAVEN, BULA, LIQUID, XENIA, RESPITE, MAGIC, AVANT ( chimed in from Chiapas) , GEORGIA, CROSSROADS, SHEARWATER, DAD’S DREAM SANS FRONTIERES and EASY are just a few vessels who helped shape the camaraderie and voice of the Panama Posse.

One of the 5 pools in Barra de Navidad

Captain Dietmar and his wife Suzanne who had just returned from an 7 1/2 year excursion to the the South Pacific decided to organize their desire into what is now known as the PANAMA POSSE. Later on Chris, Monica on SEA GLUB, Walt & Jeariene on Knot Right and Rob and Debra on Avant helped focus the activities and feedback to the Panama Posse Organization and with the help of many volunteers and participants season one grew to 83 vessels. Season two grew to 123 vessels and the Panama Posse created a partnership with over 15 supporting marinas and the 501(c)3 non-profit group GoodNautical. By 2020 The Panama Posse was at 178 vessels from 15 flag states and we decided to expand the route through the western Caribbean northbound – all waters which are usually off the beaten path – adventures and explorers welcome !



The Panama Posse operates under international maritime law,
Captain Dietmar Petutschnig is a life long proponent of the
gestalt theory for transferring nautical knowledge >>
provide experiences, mistakes and first hand account of others
and participants will arrive at their own conclusion to plan and
execute their own expeditions.

With the advent and hopeful soon demise of Covid 19 we have established quarantine guidelines and best practices for vessels, marinas and service providers – please review them here.


Panama Posse, Founder & Leader, Western Hemisphere                                       2017-20
•    Founder and leader of the Panama Posse  fleet (sized 27’ – 225’) from15 flags states
•    Three-seasons, 2,000 nautical mile journey between Mexico and Panama
•    A proven explorer with both personal and business experience across 55 nations,
holds multi certifications including RYA Yachtmaster Ocean 200t and US Coast Guard 100t Captain licenses.

The First Burgee – designed with the slogan “We sail where the coconuts grow” in mind



This is the board that steers the Panama Posse in the right direction striking a careful balance between all stakeholders


CARINTHIA suzanneSuzanne SV Carinthia

Dan Marina PapagayoDan GM Marina Papagayo

Crossroads - StanStan MV Crossroads

Crossroads - Diane Diana MV Crossroads

Pat RainsCapt. Pat Rains

AVANT RobRob on Avant

SEA GLUB Chris on Seaglub


Threats, RISKS and Vessel Safety

Van  – Resident Knuckledragger