Crew looking for a vessel

The form below is designed to give the skipper / owner and insight to your ability to become part of a crew subject to international maritime law – answer this form truthfully – this is not a job interview – it is designed to find out if you are a viable candidate and can be trusted to be part of a crew. Without a vessel we all drown.

Please list the weeks you are interested in crewing (start and end dates)
Please read the above questions carefully - this is NOT a job interview - you need to let the skipper owner know any issues which may affect the safety of the vessel and the journey - The safety of the vessel is priority number one.
Pitch in cost per crew per day while crew is on board does not include anything on shore. Will not cover any travel costs to or from to meet or leave the boat. or anything before or after you are on board. Yes Includes Marina fees, food, fuel but does not cover alcohol or specialty foods