Your route without a set schedule !

We plan to meet and leave from Barra de Navidad, Jalisco, MX in late November, early December of 2019
and plan to arrive near the Pacific side of the Panama canal in May of 2020.

If you want a sense of timing click here for a sample schedule »

Please keep a close eye on weather – this route has 5 distinct weather sections »

We will sail in a leisurely frog leaping fashion from the Costa Alegre on the Pacific Coast of Mexico- towards Panama.
Alternatively the “Counter” Posse meets in Panama (Vista Mar Marina)  and heads NW starting in October of 2019.

Click on the route image below for an interactive Goodnautical map.

You are free to sail ahead – follow us later – or stay behind at any time.
The main choke points on this route are the Gulf of Tehuantepec and the Papagayo winds.
This is good training ground for reefing and weather forecasting.

Panama Posse Route

There are over 350 verified anchorages along the way.
Here are some of the mayor stops you will be able to day hop most of the way

Northbound (counter) Posse

Northbound vessels have a different timing and get a chance to meet all the southbound vessels – there are specific weather related issues and of course prevailing winds and currents are challenging.
Leave Panama at the end of October and make your way up the coast – keep a close eye on swells.

MEXICO MEXICO – We leave from Barra de Navidad after November 26th, 2018 »    

MarinaMarina Puerto de la Navidad
AnchorageBahia Santiago
AnchorageIsla Ixtapa
Acapulco Vicente’s Moorings
Marina Marina Chahue ( anchor nearby closed due to silting)
Marina Marina Chiapas

GUATEMALAGUATEMALA – The majority of the fleet will skip across here »

EL SALVADOREL SALVADOR – New Year – January – February 2019 »

MarinaMarina Hotel Bahia del Sol

HONDURASHONDURAS – January – February » 2019 »
AnchorageIsla el Tigre
NICARAGUANICARAGUA – January – February – March 2019 »
MarinaMarina Puesta del Sol
AnchorageSan Juan del Sur
COSTA RICACOSTA RICA – March – April & May 2019 »
MarinaMarina Papagayo
AnchoragePlaya Coco
AnchorageBahia Samara
AnchorageBahia Ballena
AnchorageIsla Cedros
AnchoragePunta Naranjo
AnchoragePunta Leona
Marina Marina Pez Vela
AnchoragePunta Catedral – Manuel Antonio Park
AnchorageDrake Bay
MarinaGolfito Village Marina an IGY Destination
AnchoragePunta Rincon

PANAMAPANAMA – April – May – June 2019 – Let the celebrations begin ! »

AnchorageIsla Parida
AnchorageIsla Seca
AnchorageBahia Honda
AnchorageEnsenada Naranjo
AnchorageEnsenada Venao
MarinaVista Mar Marina