Corruption is a form of dishonesty or a criminal offense which is undertaken by a person or an organization which is entrusted in a position of authority, in order to acquire illicit benefits or abuse power for one’s personal gain.

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1 ALL TBD AS OF FEB '24 00:00 UTC We have been contacted privately with a request from  government officials who are interested in corrupt practices by customs and immigration agents. Officially there are no fees beyond what you paid via Click2Clear or other online services regardless if the time or day of the week for your arrival. The exception is additional exit fees if you have more than 3 people onboard. If you have been subject to additional fees of any sort during the clearing in process, especially if they were paid in cash, please contact us privately with a  description of the time and location, the amounts paid, and photos of any receipts you may have been issued. Any other pertinent information such as names descriptions of the officials and badge numbers will also be useful. Things do not happen quickly  but your information will help identify problem areas. If you wish to remain anonymous let us know and I will handle your submissions appropriately. It takes courage to step up you are a mariner - imagine if this would happen at and airport ? You have done nothing wrong when you file a report - you are helping the local governments from having their employees steal from their own treasuries and hide taxable income. It is a hard cycle to break - transparency is key here.
2 BAHAMAS Bimini Regarding your inquiry about excess fees checking in to The Bahamas; we checked in at Bimini May xxx and had to pay a cash "printing fee" of $20 that the customs agent put straight into the tip jar; even though we entered with Click2Clear. Thanks for the efforts you put forth for us cruisers.
3 BAHAMAS Marsh Harbour Just sharing the receipt from last year where we had to pay immigration $50 for entry in Marsh Harbour at the main customs building. It was immigration that charged us not customs. Had to be cash. It was a female immigration agent. Our buddy boat had a copy. They paid ours at the time since we did not have cash. Our buddy boat was charged again this season at Marsh Harhour. We skipped checking in there and did at Georgetown. GT did not charge us.
4 BAHAMAS Great Inagua We arrived march 20/23 from DR and launched our dinghy at 1:10 pm (I have a photo because the water was amazing). We tied up in the harbor and walked to the C&I offices in 2 separate locations. Approximately a 20 min walk. A fellow cruiser who had cleared in at this location told me to bring $80 in cash because extra fees would be charged. We started with customs who charged us a $40 processing fee to be paid in cash only. See receipt. The receipt looks official and even states a VAT is charged. Then we went to immigration who charged us a $40 fee as well. The receipt states it’s an overtime fee, however we clearly arrived on a weekday at approx 2 pm in the afternoon. We finished both procedures by 3 pm and were out of pocket $80 USD. Unfortunately the names of the officers are not displaced on the receipts. However the customs agent was male and the immigration agent female.
5 BAHAMAS Marsh Harbour We were charged $50 cash only in March harbor  . I only had $48 and he took it. I think it was the immigration vs customs guy. Sorry that’s all the info I can remember. No receipt.
6 BAHAMAS Bimini Hello! Just wanted to share with you from my husband   . We do not get a receipt for the extra $100. We are marking it up as a learning experience. We don’t want any repercussions when we check in this year. We would really like to know how to not ensure it happens again. Marina dock master told my husband not to leave or go anywhere that they were coming to check us in. We have checked in before and knew where to go. We had to wait an hour and half for them to show up. They kept insisting.
7 BAHAMAS Great Inagua I cleared in at great Inagua in November   and was charged $40-$50 cash extra. I think it was the immigration lady. It was definitely a woman. She drives her car to the dock and claims the fee is for her using her car. There was a customs person and an immigration person. I don’t think we ever met the customs person. I being the immigration lady is the one we paid the cash to. I think the customs person stamped the form, so I don’t think it’s the same person. Sorry, I could have written that in a less confusing way. There is a local guy who sits there and prepares you for it. We asked if we walk to her office if we could avoid the fee and he said “no, you have to pay it either way”. I knew it was wrong, but it after a 2.5 day passage who has energy to argue.
8 BAHAMAS Green Turtle We checked in Nov  Green Turtle. I told the girl that the computer system had an issue whereby it would not search for my application that I submitted. I even showed her a letter confirming this. But she charged us $30 anyway for her to do it.
9 BAHAMAS Nassau In response to your post on extra fees charged when checking into the Bahamas. We were charged $50.00 cash by an immigration officer in Nassau We arrived in November  around 2:00 pm. The customs officer came alone to the boat around 2:30 pm and checked in the boat with no issues we did use click to clear. However the immigration officer never came with the customs officer around 3:00 to 3:30 pm. this is the first time they have not arrived together in our 12 years of checking into the Bahamas. The immigration officer was a young man and charged us $50.00 cash to check in. I asked if he would take a credit card he said no. I did ask for a receipt for my cash and he signed a form that he used for late check in as my receipt. He did not have the pink immigration cards with him but he did have a computer printed paper with all the same questions. He stamped and signed our passports. When he was ready to leave I asked him for my copy of the immigration paper. He said I didn’t need it and took it with him. I think the name on our immigration paperwork is  R**** . I did tell him this is the first time in 12 years we have ever had to pay extra for imm, he just shrugged his shoulders. I do still have the paperwork but unfortunately it is onboard our boat in Fort Lauderdale and we are back home ...
10 BAHAMAS Bimini "We sailed to Bimini from Fort Lauderdale in Nov. Arriving just on dark. Around 6.30pm. Anchored up in the basin opposite the Mega Marina at the top of the channel. All information suggested all Immigration and Customs Offices were closed. We never went ashore. Sunday morning November 26th at 9.15am I went to the Seaplane Terminal to clear in. I have normally cleared in at the southern offices near the Big Game Club. We had completed all online information as required and had paid online. I went to the office with nothing more than boat documents. The young female Immigration officer was late to the office. Arriving around 9.30am. Her first words were when did you arrive ? I had included arrival time on our Immigration paperwork. As mentioned above I told her late in the day the day before. She was quick to state there is a fee for arriving after hours. She started to process our Immigration paperwork and stated there is an after hours fee for arriving outside of office hours. I told her I come regularly to the Bahamas and this has never been an issue before. I asked if it is written somewhere that this is the case. I stated that I never called an officer during the evening as we were at anchor and not in the marina. She said it did not matter. She was quite agitated at my questioning. I asked if I could view these fees on their website. The fee she wanted was USD$100 cash. I had no money on me. I asked if it could be paid on the website and or by Credit Card. She said no. Has to be cash. I asked if I would get a receipt. She said she had no receipts left. I asked if I could pay at the other office where I could maybe get a receipt. She said no. I asked if she could write her name and details on a blank piece of paper and she said no. She was getting quite angry. I was calm and suggested I should get a receipt at least. But it was not coming. I had to leave the office now to go back to my anchored vessel to get the $100 dollars. She would not let me leave without retaining our passports in her office for security that I would return. I returned to the office with the $100. I expressed in a very respectful way that this does not seem right. She expressed that I have entered her country illegally out of normal business hours. I said then this fee is actually a fine for doing so. She disagreed with that sentiment. The officer returned my wife’s and my passports and I then went to Customs. I told him the whole story. He was very friendly and shrugged his shoulders. I have never entered the Bahamas with this situation. I have entered and exited the Bahamas maybe 50 times or more in the last 14 years on various vessels as a professional Captain or a Cruiser. This experience was as a Cruiser on my own monohull sailboat. It left a very bad taste in our mouths. Our first 24hrs in the country was not pleasant. If we did not pay the fee / fine I’m sure we would have been refused entry.
11 BAHAMAS Bimini Hello! We were forced to pay for overtime and transportation at Big Game Marina. Seems like it was something between Marina and customs, because we said we can wait until tomorrow morning and they insisted to send someone. This is the document. If you need more let me know. Glad I can help. Yes it was paid cash to the officer onboard our vessel and it was around 5:30-6:00 pm. Here is our cruising permit with the stamp.
12 BAHAMAS Bimini Sorry just following up on your recent posy.on additional charges. I was billed an additional $75. Is it you I send the details too? Or an official? I would like to remain anonymous but it was Dec when the office first opened.It was paid to a younger gentleman and the woman next to him also charged a man the $75 when she was serving him. They made a point to close the door as well for some and had it open for others. There were 3 people in the office at the time I checked in. Not click to clear....We paid at the office that was NOT click to clear. Which I think is Immigration. I suspected it was bogus when they closed the door.....didn't offer change or a receipt BUT I wanted to be able to stay and not be denied to paid and went on my way.
13 BAHAMAS Bimini This instance, we arrived too early to check in, and anchored on the south side of the island. The customs official was a female, maybe thirties, and not the thin one. She seemed very happy about charging us an additional fee, although I politely suggested that we had not caused them the inconvenience of working off -hours, but came to the office during working hours. caused them the inconvenience of working off -hours, but came to the office during working hours. Since Bimini Customs had been overbearing before, we departed for the Berry Islands immediately. Someday we would like to enjoy Bimini, and frequent their businesses, but we have never had a good experience with Customs. BTW, we are very polite, dress appropriately, and have our C2C number in hand, or our paperwork ready to go before 2021. The payment was made to the Customs office. About 11:30 to  Dec  . Our captain's log shows us bumping the dock at Big Game Marina at 10:45. I cleared Immigration first. (No line, but three sets of passport info to fill out.) Then the short walk to Customs. They are in separate buildings in Bimini. Immigration first, then Customs, is the procedure. I think she had a white shirt, and black pants. I can't say with 100% certainty. I do know I was in the Customs office, clearing Customs to get our Cruising Permit.A previous issue with Bimini was a couple of years ago when we anchored, and took the dinghy to check in. The Customs guy was visibly upset and made us come to the dock (at a charge) to check in.
14 BAHAMAS Great Inagua We were charged 80 dollars cash in Inagua, at Matthew Town, December . Boat name XXX, can provide our check in number if needed too. 40 dollars by customs and 40 by immigration. They came to the dock when I pulled in, I didn't get the opportunity to walk to customs by myself as they were there waiting for me. It was during normal office hours and we paid the 300 online. It didn't feel suspicious at the time, and from various other sources it's called out as a requirement. I thought I was just down to the fact that Matthew Town is oit of the was
15 BAHAMAS Great Harbour Cay Sorry , sending receipt of Charges upon our arrival in Great Harbour Cay First time in 6 years we were charged an additional fee.Any chance we can recover these fees? It was around 9am. I pressed that question by mistake🤦‍♀️ Thanks for all you do for the cruising community. May have been closer to 10 as we had to wait for them to come from the airport.It was new years day so we accepted their explanation that it was because of the holiday. When i mentioned we had never been charged before, we were told we were lucky! didnt argue as they allowed us to dinghy in. All of our click2clear including payment had been completed in advance of our arrival
16 BAHAMAS Bimini Here’s the receipt given for our $75 fee. We were told that because we arrived and anchored outside at 430 in the morning (at the South Bimini anchorage) Obviously it’s too dangerous to enter the channel in the dark since its entrance shifts. Receipt looks homemade cut from typing paper. She insisted on cash. Yes, my wife went in, there were two ladies working in the office, she doesn’t recall the name. Wife had to insist on the receipt, cash only.
17 BAHAMAS Bimini I checked into Bimini on January  after arriving late in the evening. We stayed on the boat at Browns Marina and checked into Immigration first thing the next morning. When I told the male officer I arrived at 11pm the night before he told me there was a $100 fee for the late arrival and I should have contacted their office as soon as I arrived even though it was closed. He said the fee was for an officer to go to the boat. I did not have cash on me so he seized my passports and told that I needed the cash before they would be returned. I went back to my boat brought the $100 and gave it to another officer at the office. I asked for a receipt and a female officer told me they don’t provide receipts. They returned my passports and I left. Later another younger female officer asked me to return to the office as I was on the street walking to Customs and upon returning was given $25 back. They said the charge was now $75. I was told that it didn’t matter that I stayed on the boat and that no officer came to the boat, the mere fact that I stepped on the dock meant I was in the country illegally. I felt very uncomfortable but was pretty sure the cash went into their pockets and all the officers in the office were aware of what was going on. It’s not just one person. The younger male officer has done this before and when I asked for the receipt it was in front of 3 officers in the main office and all could hear the conversation going on with the most senior female officer doing the talking.
18 BAHAMAS Bimini This (screenshot attached) was at the Sea Plane Base at Bimini Bay Marina, at 9 am  in January. We arrived after hours and  had Q flag up, and only the captain got off the boat to check in to the marina. The next morning we went to the sea plane base, and they checked us in fully and we cleared customs, and then the guy pulled us to the side and said we had to pay an overtime fee. Clearly extortion.
19 BAHAMAS Bimini Hello after a longer than planned crossing we raised our Q flag and anchored outside of Bimini harbor about 22:00 in Jan . My buddy boat captain and I went ashore first thing in the morning and went to customs. When we went to immigration they claimed that because we arrived during the night there is an overtime charge of $75 even though they did not provide any overtime services. We were at customs when they opened, then directly to immigration, so about 9:20 or so. Customs printout reads 9:14 and then walked over...
20 BAHAMAS Bimini Responding to the extra charge at Bimini immigration. We arrived and anchored outside Bimini at 10pm in January . My husband went to customs, then immigration at 9am. A young man helped him and told him he owed $75 in addition to the cruising permit fee paid online. Boat name is XXX. Below is the receipt issued. Please let me know if you need anything further.
21 BAHAMAS I arrived just before sunset in  Bimini after singlehanding  hours from Marathon. I set the anchor and instantly went to sleep so I’d have my wits about me going to customs/immigration. I went to immigration first thing in the morning and the lady said “you got in last night” I said “yes, and came in first thing when the sun came up” She made me give her $75 cash, she put it in her pocket and when I asked for a receipt she refused and said I should’ve asked for it before I handed over the cash… I was convinced I got scammed out of $75. When I told the guy at customs what happened he chuckled and said “ya mon you ain’t the first or last”
22 BAHAMAS Bimini We have been in Bimini almost a month and have seen many boaters come and go. Their stories of corruption from agents here plenty. We were lucky in that my husband did not have to pay additional fees and he refused to put money into an obvious tip jar (had a 20.00 bill in it on her desk) in the custom ladies office but others haven’t been lucky here. There is one particular lady who wants 80.00 extra from each boat and when boaters stand up to her she’ll rudely negotiate to 70.00 and threaten that if you don’t pay you can leave. If I could add that business between any agent wether immigration or customs be done outside of a private office and rather at a desk in the open might curb some of this.
23 BAHAMAS Bimini "It was January . The timestamp was 9:26 AM we went to the Bluewater marina office to get our immigration papers blanks. I took them back to the boat. My wife filled them out and I walked up to immigration. I’m guessing it was near 10 o’clock, maybe a little after. The officer was a fairly tall, younger woman, who was not there, the last three years that we went to Bimini. There were two or three subordinates, who locked very sympathetically at what was going on. I kept questioning her politely, but what was the reason for the $75 charge her story changed but revolved around the fact that she didn’t believe we left at 12:06 and it took us 9 1/2 hours to get into the slip at the Bluewater Marina . She thought we anchored out or delayed coming into immigration. She confiscated our passports and give me one more chance to pay and if she found out that I was lying about the time I arrived that it would be $75 plus a fine which was never determined how much that fine would be. I told her she could ask anybody that she wanted and I left the office and walked back to the marina without my passport and mention to the dockmaster. If he had a timestamp on when we arrived, he informed me no, but that it wasn’t very long ago, which, of course it wasn’t at some point within the next, half hour, 45 minutes, the dockmaster walked out to our boat and gave us our stamped passports. In hindsight, she just didn’t want any evidence that would cause the other sailors who had witnessed this debacle but regardless, we have our stamped passports, without paying which is the way it should be. I then went back up to a separate office, went through customs, and they were a pleasant and accommodating as they always have been. I wish I had a badge number or a name and I don’t but we ran into a couple who had anchored outside and came in at first light and they paid cash. I doubt if we will ever see them again, but if I do, I will pass this along and maybe they have a badge number I do not think they had a receipt they had $100 bill and of course, since we were the first two people in that morning she didn’t have any change so one of the subordinates went out for change and they were still five dollar short and instead of saying keep the five they stayed and waited until they had the exact change which all of this money came out of their pockets not out of the drawer of the ration office. Throughout the day while we were having con salad and beers, we heard other boaters talking about the $75 fee. I kept myself and didn’t mention anything but it was common conversation at the marina. They must’ve taken in quite a few thousand dollars that day because it was the first crossing in weeks and it was a short window so everybody showed up. We love the Bahamas we will continue to come to the Bahamas, but we just wanna know what the rules are, and we’ll follow them the best we can. Wish I could offer more verification."
24 BAHAMAS Great Harbour Cay Marina We anchored in the Bay and dinghied in to clear. They refused to come to the fuel dock as an alternative. The marina (when queried in front of the officers) also refused me saying it was full, which it was, but we saw empty dock space available for the next two days. It seems like this problem is proliferating post covid. I called the customs hotline in Nassau on instructions on how to clear out and they were adamant that I secure a slip so I could be cleared out. That would have also cost me an - additional - attendance fee and massive inconvenience. I decided to dink in to the cruise ship port and clear out which happened without any fees of fuss.
25 BAHAMAS Bimini We were in Bimini to clear customs and Immigration on Sunday  after crossing the Gulfstream. Our boat name is xxx a  catamaran. We arrived around 9 am at immigration and we were charged 75$ cash. It was a lady at the desk, and many boats were charged too that morning without a receipt. Around 11am our friend went to clear immigration and was not charged as well as some boats later that day.
26 BAHAMAS Nassau Harbour Club Marina We were charged an extra $150 from customs and $50 immigration at Nassau Harbour Club Marina. I have been in contact with zzz as seen below. xxx did write his statement. We had to go to a print shop in George Town to have it signed and it has been submitted to zzz. The statement we were told was to be addressed to the Comptroller of Bahamas Customs. We are waiting to hear results. We submitted copies of all receipts and records.
27 BAHAMAS Marsh Harbour We were charged an extra $50 to check in at Marsh Harbour in January. They claimed it was because someone had to make a special trip from immigration offices. We paid in cash with no option for a receipt. We did receive a receipt for the $320 paid in cash for cruisers permit with 4 people on board.
28 BAHAMAS Morgan's Bluff I did not get a receipt (stupid on my part). I cleared in at Morgan’s Bluff. The immigration agent said we had to pay an additional $25. cash fee because it was a weekend. February
29 BAHAMAS Great Inagua we cleared in last Sunday  in Matthew Town Inagua from the DR. We were warned via social media to have cash on hand for additional fees….we thought $40 per person would be charged but were surprised when it was only $40 for immigration and another $40 for customs. We were told it was for transport as they had to go back to their office to process the documents. We were offered no receipt and didn’t ask for one, just wanted to pay and go! We heard from friend who cleared in here a year ago that they went to the offices but were also charged the same fee as we were. I have no names unfortunately….. regards XXXX on SV YYY  from ZZZ. Here are the docs, I see I did get a receipt for one of the $40 I paid….Think it was from the customs guy
30 BAHAMAS Bimini We have paid 75usd cash at bimini game club custom for arriving at night and doing custom the next morning   Captain said he paid at the pink bureau, the immigration
31 BAHAMAS Great Inagua "We cleared in at Great Inagua Friday . Friends cleared in Thursday. We got told it was 40$ for the customs, and then another 40$ for immigration. Immigration gave receipt but not customs. Cash only. Another boat that cleared with us just payed 40$ for immigration. Friends had the same experience with 40x2, and that day it was apparently that price for the other boats that cleared in with them. This was with Click2clear done and 300$ payed already."
32 BAHAMAS Bimini When we cleared into customer around 2:30 on Saturday, there were 3 people at the office, two ladies and a man. A  couple came in to clear and they had not completed Click2clear. The male customs official first requested $100 to clear the and the dropped the price to $75. They refused, went outside on their laptop and completed the Click2clear. All while the male customs official laughed and mocked them sitting at the table completing the task. They are here at Bluewater Marina with us. No issues at immigration, nice folks who shared some BBQ Yes, it was at the Big Game office. We had no issue with the ladies there and all was well checking in.
33 BAHAMAS Great Inagua We just checked in Great Inagua and I was charged $40 by the customs agent and $40 by the immigration agent, on top of the $320 I paid on click2clear, for a total of $400. The customs agent didn't give me a receipt, but the immigration agent did. We checked in on a Saturday, so I thought it was that. I was surprised that I was charged twice though. Our friends who checked in an hour before us only paid $40 once.
34 BAHAMAS Nassau I 'm in Nassau. Checked in yesterday at Bay Street Marina. 2 immigration ladies came to boat, and said there was an additional fee of $50, only in cash. I paid - no receipt. Boat name Gaspar. Immigration stamp was #831. We checked in on a Saturday, so I thought it was that. I was surprised that I was charged twice though. Our friends who checked in an hour before us only paid $40 once. We are 4 people. Click2clear required $320, which I paid online. I arrived in Matthew Town in February around 1:30pm. The customs guy saw me walking by the marina and told me he was with customs and could give me a ride to the office, which I accepted. I went to the office, he took my click2clear PCR number and printed the cruising permit and said it was $40, which I gave in cash. He did not give me a receipt. He told me to go to immigration, which is next door. I did and the gentleman processed our passports and charged me another $40, and he did give me a receipt, which I sent to you. After that they both gave me a ride back to the marina, where I waited for a lady who sold me a SIM card (the customs officer arranged this for me upon my request. As I said, he was very nice). I left the marina around 2:30pm. Here's our cruising permit from the customs guy who took $40 cash. He was a very nice guy, he gave me a ride and helped me out. I feel bad reporting him
35 BAHAMAS Nassau Cleared Friday at Atlantis and payed $60. Arrived at 10:30 Am and payed in cash. I have paid $50 in past years and once $50 per person! No reason given for the charge and after an overnight run didn't feel like arguing with them. Was once asked for $300 for my towed 10'  rib. I did argue that one and finally won out. She wasn't going to let that one drop easily. Called her office supposedly.
36 BAHAMAS Chub Cay I didn’t have access to a computer or printer in Chubb and was told by a young female it would cost $80 cash for her to fix it on her computer (in the official office) for me.  
37 BAHAMAS  Bimini we paid a $75 fee at the airport on South Bimini in Feb, described by the immigration rep. as an "overtime fee" because we arrived in Bimini the evening before. We went to Immigration as soon as they opened the next morning. Receipt attached. We cleared Customs easily because we had paid through Click to Clear.No. He stamped our passports. We went from there to Customs and got our cruising permit.
38 BAHAMAS Nassau Good morning, We had issues with checking in at Nassau this season.
38 PANAMA Bocas del Toro 2023.04.06 Thursday NA $ 5.70 for consentimiento No mention of fees for Port C or Immigration, both on site 10:10 A T -t not be the most convenient, but you could double back to SBM – just spoke to Pinto the Port Captain here. Straight forward process, next week. 4 day Long weekend …. 1. Pop over to Colón get a consentimiento – 2. The Zarpe and PP stamps can all be completed here @ SBM Need X2 copies: -Passports -Crew list -Cruising permit -Boat document $ 5.70 for consentimiento 10:17 JS i's done. After 7 hours of waiting and advocating we each ended up paying $105.70 per boat. I suppose it’s better than $200. This is a disgusting display of power and greed that targeted young cruisers. 10:18  W You should let them know that you will be some of the last boats they’ll see for a while…I’m guessing most will now check out at SBM… 10:19 W Unfortunate for sure, thanks for keeping us all informed though… 10:19 Bl  Sadly, this is par for the course for Bocas recently. Four of us checked in there with the same sized boats and pax and we were all charged different fees. It’s such a shame that they have become unreliable. 10:44 S  Did you receive receipts detailing the charges?
39 PANAMA Linton Bay 2024-03-16 Corruption In Panama Corruption In Panama 2 PM Couple of German Cruisers where charged 200 US for an exit zarpe from Panam - the Port Captain knows that ta taxi ride to and from Colon is 150 so he strongarms you into paying this to him REPORT
40 2024 REPORT