Hello Panama Posse !
Thanks for thinking of us as a stop on the “Panama Posse” route.



we are able to accommodate about 30/40 vessels and would usually have 
unoccupied side tie or Med mooring slips on 5 different docks (dinghy assisted docking for the Med mooring).

Boats docked at the marina have
Full Access to the privately owned FANTASY ISLAND RESORT !

  • Beautiful beaches
  • Scuba dive facilities
  • Dive courses on site
  • Excellent reef snorkeling just off the beach,
  • Internet in the hotel,
  • Tiki palapa bar with
  • Gas and charcoal BBQ facilities in the marina
  • Laundry pick up service
  • Diesel delivered by truck to your boat,
  • Propane top up in the marina,
  • Daily cruisers net on Channel 71 (which is also the hailing channel for arriving boats)
  • many other services.

Boats docked at the marina will be offered a 20% discount on meals at the hotel and also on dive courses and/or dives or exciting night dives.
The FANTASY ISLAND RESORT is a privately owned island resort and would be a good place to get family & friends to meet up with the “Posse” participants as the resort offers fully inclusive packages with all that’s required for a wonderful holiday and the marina is part of the hotel.

Vessels using the French Harbor anchorage (but not our dock) are welcome to use the marina facilities and Tiki bar but are not permitted onto the beach or into the hotel.

Any sailors needing to go to the Port Captain and Immigration Dept in Coxen Hole would be able to use our friendly, English speaking taxi service, who will take you to each office and stay with you for the whole process. We have several contacts with air conditioned mini tour buses who will tailor make your ideal tour.

Our docking fees are
Daily US$0-90c per foot per day Plus 15% tax
Weekly US$0-55c per foot per day Plus 15% tax
Monthly US$8-00 per foot per month Plus 15% tax (1st November to 31st May)
Low Season US$6-00 per foot per month Plus 15% tax (1st June to 31st October)


We would gladly welcome all the sailors and their families !

Tony & Robyn
16° 21.4383′ N  086°26.3066′ W
+504 9944 1496

VHF Channel 71



Fantasy Island Marina SunSet

Save Path & Entrance to Fantasy Island Marina


 Line up the entrance at 16° 20.868′ N / 86° 27.027′ W.

Line up with the Blue Roof. Proceed past the starboard marker to 16° 21.17′ N / 086° 26.97′ W

turn starboard to 16° 21.16′ N / 086° 26.79′ W, paralleling the reef.

This will keep you clear of the (sometimes) marked shoal to Port.

Follow the Little French Cay staying fairly close to its shoreline. Note that there is a shallow area towards the center of the passage way between Little French Cay and the mainland of Roatan.

Once past, the way is clear to the marina & anchorage, in no less than about 13´ of water