Vicente’s Moorings

16° 50.4735′ N  099° 54.3468′ W

50.00 ft15.24 m

Vicente's Moorings AcapulcoVicentes moorings in acapulco

Acapulco is beautiful and coming into the harbor in daylight is breath taking.  We bought a mooring for $10 – 15 a night from a captain who said he managed the group of moorings we are in near La Marina.  The captain’s name is Vicente Herrera, phone +52 (1) 744-439-8184.  He and his son helped us with the mooring line which was a real treat!    –

(fast response ) Whatsapp: + 52 744 439 8184

(slow response ) Email:

Quick update on diesel prices in Acapulco – from Liquid

We had Vicente deliver 250 liters directly to the boat. It arrived in 5 x 50l Jerry cans that his boys lifted onto the deck for us