Passport Valid for three months after entry; requires one blank page
Boat Documentation Coast Guard Doc (Original)
Proof of Insurance Liability Insurance may be required by marinas
Crewlist Required at checkin/out
Zarpe Required at checkin/out
Official Country Visa None if stay is less than 180 days
Immigration Visa Good for 90 days; upon expiration, you must apply for a “Yatista” visa ($110) which is good for length of Cruising Permit and may be renewed with Permit
Required Permits One-year Cruising Permit ($205), may be renewed twice to span three years
Upon Arrival Visit: Immigration; Customs; Port Authority; Agricultural Inspection; Fumigation
Upon Departure Visit: Immigration; Customs; Port Captain
Entry & Exit Fees: Upwards of $250+ not including permits
Required Vaccinations None
Pets APHIS Form 7001; Vaccinations Certificate; Home Quarantine Request must be completed three days prior to arrival
Currency: US Dollar


Crime Index Safety Index Corruption Index Corruption Score GDP Pop (M) Life Ex. Cost of Living Groc. Rest. $ Loc.Purch.P.
50.01 49.99 87 38% 13,515 3.8 77.8 64.23 65.8 56.6 35.14

TEL 507 3175000
Bldg 783, Demetrio Basilio Lakas Ave
Clayton, Panama

THINGS TO DO & Points of interest

Panama City Cruisers Resource Guide


“For those who might enjoy an interesting and fun land trip in Panama a cruising buddy of mine recommends Boquete a town in the shadows of a volcano. They host a great jazz festival each year. Here is the link:


If you plan on going through the Panama Canal here is a Time-Lapse video of one of the Panama Posse Vessels with Panama Posse Volunteers helping out