BENEFITS OF of joining the Panama Posse – Central American Rally
SAVE TIME – SAVE MONEY – and get the best and most up to date INFORMATION ! 

  1. Discounts in sponsorship marinas* with at least 10 % to as much as 50% off in over 60 MARINAS
    (* as long as you do not have prior contracts or reservations in place and of course subject to a marina’s availability the longer you stay the more discount the marina may give you )
  2. Save time with quick access to hard to find information – how to check in and out – best practices and latest report from 200+ vessels who have been here before in the last 24 months
  3. Membership access to our ever updating online cruising guide with 500+ vetted anchorages and detailed clearing in and out procedures – no need to buy   expensive cruising guides
  4. 24/7 live group chat tool ( which works on android and iOS
  5. GREAT INFO ! Weekly live group calls on Monday @ 16:00 UTC  to go over weather logistics and anything else
  6. Dedicated Panama Canal Agent with real fenders and discount on his fees ( this alone covers most of your entry fee )
  7. Savings at certain chandleries and service providers
  8. 20% off Predict Wind Pro account
  9. WESTMARINE PRO Group DISCOUNT 5 – 25 % off
  10. Don’t get taken advantage of – vetted tours, service providers and points of interest ( 200 vessels have participated in the past seasons so a lot of up to date info )
  11. Unrivaled camaraderie – make friends of a lifetime – make history
  12. INFO Weekly email fleet updates and access to prior fleet updates
  13. We operate under international maritime law between Nov and May and under the premise
    “your vessel your crew your responsibility your schedule” so no-one will tell you what to do
    we do ask of you to be kind and courteous to each other and help and document any findings
  14. Watch this video for highlights
  15. No crazy schedules to adhere to – go at your own pace
  16. Impromptu gatherings with fellow participants (post pandemic)
  17. Occasional seminars in San Diego, Puerto Vallarta and Barra de Navidad, MX – we’ll make them available online this next season
  18. If you don’t want to sail   from Panama to the Pacific North West we now have a partnership with SevenStar Yacht Transport so you
    can ship your vessel back to Ensenada, MX or Victoria, BC with a discounted rate.
  19. We respect your privacy and do not track you – nor publish details of crew and vessel locations,
    but you will be able to make contact with other vessels once you sign up
  20. FREE Charts we got both printable chartlets and satellite chart lets generated for you to use with opencpn ( 160 Gigs or so )
  21. FREE Tracking with predict wind – we now offer fleet tracking via predict wind ( free )  using automatic methods and manual tracking.
  22. Pro Discounts at Hertz Mexico and Home Depot Mexico
  23. 15 % discount at San Diego Marine Exchange >>


to sign up now go to





the Howler monkeys howl

ancient ruins of the Aztecs and Mayan civilizations lie

where the oceans connect

many national parks are plentyful

the volcanoes blow up

the Sandinistas and Contras clashed