Barra de Navidad Port Guide by Tally from SV RAVEN

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Ask any cruiser what they think about Barra and the overwhelming majority will reply, “I should have spent
more time there.” There is truly something magical about this place. It’s been described as a beach town, a
fishing village, a tourist destination, a working-class pueblo, an expat’s dream, and “Puerto Vallarta 40 years
ago.” In truth, it’s all those things. And if you’re staying in the Marina, you can add “Four-Star Resort” to the
We hope you find this guide useful and that it enhances your stay. However, it is by no means
comprehensive—so please explore, experience, and report back. We’re always looking to add new favorite
restaurants, businesses, and services to share with future cruisers.
Also, don’t forget that you’re on “Mexico Time” and that all listed Hours/Days of Operation are subject to
change depending on season, circumstance, weather, and whim.
Recommendations, Questions, Comments?