Counter Panama Posse

Yes of course you can go the other way !

Still in the Caribbean ?
Heading through the Panama Canal ?
Turning back from the Galapagos ?
Went south and want to come back north ?
Leaving from Ecuador ?
Easter Island ?

We kindly refer to vessels on the north bound route as the
“counter posse” and GOOD NEWS if you join they get to meet every vessel which is south bound !

SIGN UP FOP THE Panama Posse Rally


Benefits of Joining

1) discounts in sponsorship marinas* with at least 20 % to as much as 50% off
(* as long as you do not have prior contracts or reservations in place and of course subject to a marina’s availability)

2) access to our online cruising guide with 350+ vetted anchorages and detailed clearing in and out procedures

3) a 24/7 live group chat tool which works on android and iOS

4) weekly live group calls on Monday @ 16:30 UTC for north bound vessels to go over weather

5) a dedicated panama canal agent with real fenders and discount on his fees

6) discounts at certain chandleries and service providers

7) vetted tours, service providers and points of interest ( 200 vessels have participated in the past seasons so a lot of up to date info )

8) unrivaled camaraderie

9) weekly email fleet updates

10) we operate under international maritime law between Nov and May and under the premise
your vessel your crew your responsibility your schedule

11) watch this video for highlights

12) if you like sign up now go to

If you have any further questions do not hesitate to ask we look forward having you part of the posse.

Due to privacy concerns and individual preferences we do not publish details of vessels
but you will be able to make contact with them once you sign up