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Through this channel I report the events that occurred on October 24 of this year with the ship Rosemary Cristine, which sank on the day of the arrival of Hurricane Otis in the port of Acapulco. At approximately 11:00 p.m., Hurricane Otis began to blow strong winds and waves that caused the boat to lose stability and break loose from where it was anchored. The engines also did not respond to me and each time the waves increased in size. To such an extent that only the boat withstood three large waves of six meters causing it to sink, that night I was accompanied by my family who was always with me, my wife Maria Hilaria Delgado Valdovinos, my son Luis Sebastian Herrera Delgado and my grandson Luis Alberto Lopez Sarabia. That day only I survived, I was shipwrecked all night and was rescued by the Navy but my family was lost at sea. Today I ask for help to recover the remains of my family since I have a feeling that they were trapped in the aforementioned boat. I remain at your service. and hoping to be favored with your support to search for my family missing at sea.

Sincerely, Acapulco Guerrero, November 24, 2023

Captain Inocente Herrera Carrillo

Address: Adolfo Lopez Mateos Street Block 42 Lot 9 Colonia Fuerza Aire Telephone: 7444398184