FLEET UPDATE 2017-12-10


1) EL Cazador - FISH REPORT

One nice sailfish (released) but that's it . Water is really green south of Acapulco ( no good for fishing). Just wanted to let u know had very calm seas to Acapulco , refueled and checked out. All within a couple hours! Heading down and plan to start crossing in 24 hours. We got our Delorme but haven't synced it to anything yet. checked into Costa Rica after a fast passage from Acapulco - Hope all the s well with everyone!

2) Carinthia - Volante - Sea Glass

- The haul out facility at Marina Ixtapa (100 T travelift - 8 m wide) has a panama posse inspection deal for us 100 pesos per foot for 3 hour haul out - contact Alejandro Arnold Hudson Cel: +52 744 131 3000 http://www.jarestate.com <http://www.jarestate.com/> acapulco@jarestate.com <mailto:acapulco@jarestate.com>

3) Interlude - Fish market on the beach in Zihuatanejo

bay happens very early and they do use ice - mahi-mahi fillets

4) Liquid - Autozone in Zihuatanejo

carries big batteries and can get more in a few days

5) SYCAMORE - Marina Ixtapa

indeed has hissing crocodiles in its waters

6) Sea Glass - Liquid -Zihuatanejo

  • Purified Water delivered to your boat ( bay is a bit too murky to make water ) Contact Hilda VHF 65 tel +52 755 554 8581 - 22 Pesos per 20 Liters - they wait while you fill ! Additional direct to vessel services
  • WATER 22 MXN x 20 liters
  • ICE 25 MXN x bag
  • LAUNDRY - Pick up drop off 18 MXN x kg
  • DIESEL and GAS delivers 21 MXN x liter
  • WATERTAXI PICKUP / DROPOFF MXN 25 pp - no need to launch the dinghy

    7) Carinthia - Mega Market - Sam's Club and Bodega Aurrera

    ( all in 30 -45 min walking distance from the bay on Highway 200 ) well stocked Supermarkets - great provisioning - taxis back to public doc 35 - 45 MXN

    8) Marina Chiapas update - Travelift

    is reportedly working again H3>9) El Salvador Update - the feuding MARINA reports continue Vitesse Bart Goodell via Lucie ( Georgia ) about Barrillas "We surfed waves in 9 feet of water following a panga guide boat. It is an inexpensive, Nature, wonderful staff resort. We love it!!! The female harbormaster is very sweet. She is doing our exit zarpe in her office. They charge for a zarpe in EVERY port in El Salvador. If you are not leaving, they call it an internal zarpe. People get into Bahia del sol and then can not get out. Two boats hit bottom in surf coming out. Barillas is much safer. You can haul out here. We traveled by land for 3 days in Guatemala from Chiapas. Lake Atitlan and Antigua. Michoacán was our favorite coast. Now it is El Salvador. The northern coast is like Big Sur in the tropics. We watched volcanoes erupt day and night. We had a wonderful cruisers Thanksgiving potluck in Chiapas. 6 countries represented, 8 boats in the water and 4 on the hard waiting for parts to fix travel lift. That was our first contact with other cruisers. It was us and the pangueros up until Chiapas...lol."

    10) ANY Restaurant - good food and great Panama Posse get together

    on Sunday Dec 10th If you have anything new or newsworthy - please email us and it'll go out in the next fleet report Panama Posse