FLEET UPDATE 2018-02-14

1) Welcome to the Panama Posse


HALCYON – Becca and John

“Howdy Posse! The vessel Halcyon and her motley crew (John and Becca) are late additions to the Panama Posse. Just wanted to check in and say hi to a few of our old friends already among your ranks and many more new folks who we are excited to meet. We are currently hanging around Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica.”


2) Welcome to the Panama Posse
AMANTE – Michael

3) Welcome to the  Panama (counter) Posse

SV SAPPHIRE – we met them off the coast of Nicaragua – and here they are.

4) A special welcome from Robert the owner of the Marina Puesta del Sol in Nicaragua Welcome – we will be waiting for you in Marina Puesta del Sol happy sailing,

5) Carinthia – Checking in at Playa del Coco – Costa Rica 

IT IS FREE TO CHECK IN – but it takes time and a few stops.



There is a reef between the north and south anchorage do not go over it – you can NOT see it most of the time –
you can only see it a low tide and it is nasty – so if you move to the northern anchorage go back out to deep water

2. You can take your dinghy to the center south beach, suggest you lock and tie up your dinghy to a tree.


3. Go to the Capitania Office – light blue building-  a block up from the beach on main road


4.Immigration –

That’s the immigration office official


5.  Back to  Capitania and hand them the stamped papers from Immigration.

6.  Customs.  Only the Captain must go to airport. 

      security desk

7. Customs office in airport. 

NOTE:  Customs will come to the Captainia office in Playas Del Coco if 3 or more boats check in on the same day. 

8. Go back to the Capitania for a last check of documents and you are now cleared in.

9. HAPPY HOUR in Playas Del Coco, most start at 11am some are all day.  Cheers!


5) Octopus Garden

Posse crews of Tappan Zee, Xenia, and Octopus Garden in Hualtuco at McCarthy’s for hamburgers and 2×1 beers!


Perhaps I’m just feeling overwhelmed with all the route planning and new countries, etc., but I sure would love it if fellow posse peeps could include the country names as well as the harbors in their messages.  I’m attempting to compile a master “cheat sheet” with everyone’s tips, and organizing it based upon country name. The “unknown” or TBD list of tips far outweighs the by-country list at this point. 
If someone already has done this, please let me know. 
Meanwhile, Myla here in Bahia del Sol, El Salvadore. We just completed a two night/three day inland road trip with Debbie and Rob on Anapurna. Hot springs and mud baths, coffee plantation (Entrenubes Cafe), San Salvadore (felt like I was in Los Angeles – get me out!!!), and lots of country covered.  I think others have already posted info on the places we visited. Also, Sam and Dave here in Bahia del Sol have compiled a packet of brochures and such that they’ve shared with newbies arriving. The community here in Bahia del Sol is very welcoming. I can see why some decide to stay! We will, however, be heading south sometime next week, depending upon weather, sail repairs, etc., etc., etc. of course. Hoping to do some day-hops down through Honduras, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica and avoiding long passages for a bit, but we’ll see.
John and Julie  S/V Myla

(note – hmm)

Hello everyone! We’re planning our next few stops south from Zihuatanejo.
Is fuel available in Huatulco?
I have a Posse report from November that says “no,” and another from January that says “yes.” What’s the latest?

— s/v Pineapple

(note – YES there are 2 fuel docks)


 just anchored off Puerto Sandino in Nicaragua. We made it here at 6:15pm from Puesto Del Sol. Had to anchor in the dark but at least it was still light as we made our approach so we could see what we were getting ourselves into. Used Dietmar’s anchorage location 12 11.6918 N 86 46.7795 W. After our anchor failed to set hard the first time, we reset again and we seem to be staying put. We have an anchor alarm set just in case. It is a little rolly but more comfortable than being out in those nasty papagayos at night.

We don’t have an ananometer but it was likely blowing between 20-25 knots on the nose since we neared Corinto. We followed Marc’s advice on Liquid and tried to stay within half a mile from shore except where there were charted rocks in the path. This made the bashing a lot more tolerable but we were still getting 3-5 ft chop. Lots of salt spray and water on the decks! We expect more of the same winds, likely more as we get near Lake Nicaragua. Hoping to make it to Astillero tomorrow night.

9) Carinthia – Passage notes – SJDS – Nicaragua – Costa Rica

Ahoy Panam Posse -Carinthia has arrived in Costa Rica – anchored in 24′ at 10 38.131 N 85 42.277 W
and another (new) Panama Posse Boat is in the anchorage.
John & Becca from SV Halcyon – Passage was fast and windy – with total calms at times – still best to hug the coast and watch for rocks – got greedy and saw calm water and BAMMM the winds picked up again – we bashed across the Golfo de Papagayo with winds as high as 35 knots from 60 – we are not a fan of these Papagayo winds – they need another name …. but the grill is on and tomorrow we start our paperwork day – something to ponder for next years posse


10)  SV LIQUID and SV EASY are hunkered down in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

11) SV Danika
and SV Respite are just north at El Astillero, Nicaragua the Papagayos are hauling – stay safe.

There are strong gusts up to 50knots !

Panama Posse