FLEET UPDATE 2018-02-17


Good morning, Thank you for the updates!!
We caught a sailfish/swordfish too, 110 lb, about 2m 50.
Over 60 min fight
Boat in shelter bay panama carrib side, am back in san diego.
Likely heading to san blas and north to jamaica in april may, then either bvi or
Bahamas, then bermuda and onto Europe, cruise the Med. France is my 2nd home besides usa

We left Marina Pez Vela in Costa Rica on Dec 16 and arrived in Panama Canal Area, Marina La Playita on Dec 22 (Playita de Amador) near Flamenco Marina. Nice sail, stops in Panama at 1/ Isla Jicaron (north of the island/North Jicaron, fantastic), 2/ Isla Coiba (southeast anchorage, just east of south bahia damas, 81’31 – 07’24) at 10 ft depth, sand. Low tide is fantastic with many exposed beaches, covered at high tide, be cautious of sand bars/corals), 3/ lunch stop Isla Bona, north west anchorage. 4/ overnight Isla Taboga (anchored north of ferry dock, near moorings, well protected and was very calm at night, nice restaurant in a hotel with patio overlooking the bay and views to panama city/canal.
5/ arrival at la playita marina on 12/22, and now waiting for hopefully a Dec 28 canal crossing.We had a great time, good 6 to 25 knts wind conditions, a bit rougher seas once we passed Punta Mala going north east…Fyi, Our Panama clearance and crossing agent is Roy Bravo (cell: +507-6678-6820), very night guy, seems very well established and +connected and effective. Wishing you all following seas and fair winds, Enjoy!



2) SERAFINA  – El Salvador – Mexico

Hi -please share that we met a great guy who is an uber driver and does other driving. His name is Salvador and he grew up in LA but has returned to San Salvador. 

He will take you shopping, on tours, speaks English and has a very clean new car. We paid him $60 to take us from San Salvador back to the marina and stop for shopping twice. Uber rates were$35-45. It's a great safe alternative to the bus. His local number is 7012-5237. 

It is with a heavy heart but a ton of relief that we are letting you know we are turning around. Travel has taken its toll on both of us. We miss family.

So, we are now officially part of the Counter Posse and will be heading to Chiapas tomorrow to check back into Mexico.

Eliza & Ted  
3) Dad'd Dream  - Golfo de Fonseca 

As we sit here  (at a nice out of the wind anchorage near Playa Grande, Isla El Tigre) 
licking our wounds after getting hit hard by waves while exiting Bahia 
Del Sol.  The bow light was ripped off and bent the bracket.
The entire bow rail was bent and broke a weld on one of the mounting stanchions.
All  four kayak racks were bent to crap. In fact all the lifeline stanchions
 along with the aft railing and dingy davits bent 2” backwards.
The dodger tore at a couple fastener points.
And to make it a complete shitcan sail, the main tore in the night and 
autopilot stripped gears in the motor forcing hand steering from about 0200 to noon 
when we arrived at Isla Meanguera just about 24 hours after taking on those crushing waves.
So we’re looking now for a stainless welder guy, maybe in Puesta Del Sol? 
And maybe a seamstress could patch the crap out of the sail until we get
 a new one.

Rick and Brenda

( note 1 – anytime you are at anchor take a picture write down your lat, long and depth and tell us about your approach )
( note 2 – we have put Rick and Brenda in touch with Puesta de Sol )

4)  JULIA MAX – Costa Rica

Julia Max

The Resplendent Quetzal was truly magnificent, posing for us at a private farm early yesterday morning.
Guides took a number of us to see it. Sue took this photo of the male.
Julia Max sits peacefully at the Pez Vela Marina, awaiting our return tomorrow.
We expect to check out and depart on Monday 2/19 for an anchorage along the way to Golfito.

Sue & George 



Something to remember in your Tehuantepec crossing


Jim & Susy


6) CARINTHIA – Nicaragua – Northern Costa Rica

the Papagayos (Jan – Feb) bring these little gems with them – look below –  these ” presents” come from the Caribbean side of Nicaragua and are weaponized by Lake Nicaragua – on the Pacific side these gusts can get to 50 knots in minutes – nasty little buggers – just ask around  …needs to be a consideration for the timing of next years posse – “they are of triple black diamond rating” – with one of these squalls our main halyard separated from the mainsail dropping it straight down into our stack-pack and our mainsail ripping  a tad – the papagayos are not to be trifled with – so from the Golfo de Fonseco forward proceed with caution – gusts are 2.5 x sustained winds wait them out if you can or hug the Nicaraguan and Costa Rican  shore – Papagayos are seasonal and subside a bit  in March. – Ask Liquid / Easy / Respite / Carinthia – on the other hand it’s a good shakedown and you will find your weak points …


Suzanne & Dietmar


Respite just arrived in San Juan Del Sol! The wind decided to do its usual gusts of 35 when we were anchoring but getting sort of used to it!
Had a decent trip down from El Astellero. Beautiful houses all along the coast with lovely beaches.
Now to find the port captain.


Janet & Chris

We highly recommend you come to San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua!

It’s a super cute backpacker town with loads of bars, restaurants and shuttles to places inland. There is a farmers market on Saturday morning and a regular market with some fruits and veggies all other days. We have had delicious bread and chocolate croissants from the German baker. I have seen signs for live music, Texas hold ‘em and cribbage nights in town. There is a water taxi for 100 Córdoba ($3ish) round trip which is helpful in the high winds of the Papagayos. There is a secure floating dock for your dingy which is 57 Córdoba with a security guard there 24 hours (We still lock our dingy to a cleat). It can be a pretty wet ride in, so be prepared. We have seen lots of laundry services around and will check one out soon.

Checking into the country here…
it’s been a hassle and we now need to go to the border for customs.
If we had to do it again, we would stop in Puesta del Sol. They make the process easy and it seems to be cheaper as well.

Lastly, the winds here are no joke. We have had great holding and are down to weather the winds, but they kick up a few hours after sunset every day and don’t really let up until late morning. The afternoons seem to mellow out and at times seem downright reasonable. The good news… in town the winds seem like nothing. If you are feeling good about your boat and down to Hang in town, it’s a great place to hang out!

Looking forward to seeing many of you again and connecting the Posse folk we have yet to meet!



San Juan del Sur – NIcaragua check in map.


Laura & Marc

Interesting developments in Panama. May be worth following. It seems like the mariners visa has been eliminated along with its fees of $105 per person. Not sure how this affects length of stay. See the comments.


Good afternoon Sailors,

It is a pleasure to announce that finally, with the support of our Panama Maritime Chamber and associates, of which I am a proud member.

The Mariners visa process for sailors has been suspended.

Panama President has signed the amendment and now is published and in effect as of today.

Finally, the sailing community is consider as what they are, a friendly visitor.

Please relay to your good fellow friends.

Best regards

Erick Galvez

Centenario & Co.S.A.”

Laura & Marc


9) SV AGÁPĒ – Costa Rica
WELCOME TO THE POSSE vessel number 59 – whoop whoop

Joshua & Rachel




Easy’s Voyage from Del Sol, El Salvador to San Juan Del Sur. Departing El Salvador, 7:30 bar crossing. Sailed East toward the Island in Golfer De Fonseca. Wind was up and down. I ended up with a triple reef in the main, the staysail witch is a hank on and the Jib witch is a roller furling. Close hauled most of the time the Jib can be adjusted for wind. Much of the sail was just Main and stay sail. Was nice to be able to add and reduced the jib as needed. As I tacked up night fell upon me. At one point late in the night I was tacking in a fleet of what seemed like barges but i believe they were large fishing boats. They kepted shining their spot lights at me. From that point a course was set to cross the opening to Fonseca. By morning we were off the coast of Nicaragua. Sailed till the wind died. Then drifted most of the day where I caught up on some sleep. Only 5 miles north of Corinto. A breeze kicked in and sailed about 5 miles south, to the other side. Once again bobbing w aiting for wind. Don’t remember what time but it came and came with force. On the nose too. Tacking my way toward San Juan Del Sol. Still long off. With the wind fierce and on the nose with the tightest course set it took me offshore a little before merging with land again. It was important to stay within a half of mile from shore. Fetch built quickly and making way was slows. Some how I was about 7 miles from El Astillero when Neptune set out the challenges ahead. Tacking getting nowhere winds building found myself pulling the triple reefed main and reeling the staysail. It was time, fired up the iron Jeanie. Put the staysail away. Was motoring to El Astillero now 6 miles @ 2 knots at cruising power. It was possible to make anchorage before dark. The wind turned a little was able to get the staysail back up. It improved the speed with the engine pushing. We pulled into anchor at 3. Boy was I happy to be here. Jumped in for a swim and burrr it was a chilly 70 degrees! After a good nights rest Pulled anchor and motored to San Juan Del Sur. Of course the 9 am winds piped up. By Noon the anchor was set behind Carinthia and Liquid. They came and helped me check in, showed me around and was awesome to be with them again. I have been sitting at anchor in San Juan Del Sur all week and the winds are insane. Must say the Tehuantepec is serious, they are no joke. Now the Papagayos are mean. They don’t pause long and if your heading south they are a bit to on the nose for Easy who is a full keel, an Ingrid 38 cutter rigged. She goes well to weather but not quit enough for the Papagayos. Would love to get wind numbers however the birds took My Garmin wind off the boat in Acapolco.



11) SV Pineapple, MV Wildest Dreams, SV Gadabout, SV Patricia Belle, SV Toccata, SV Waponi Woo, SV Colmena

Posse member meet-n-greet in Zihua this morning… Here comes the next wave!
SV Pineapple, MV Wildest Dreams, SV Gadabout, SV Patricia Belle, SV Toccata, SV Waponi Woo, SV Colmena


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