FLEET UPDATE 2018-02-25

1) FIREFLY – Mexico

Firefly still undergoing and electronics upgrade in LaCruz, Banderas Bay, MX.  We foresee a possible run to Hualtulco Chiapas by June.  We have never such an abundance of valuable info  for this route as we are now seeing now from those of you blazing the trail on the Posse!  Giddyup!  Ted and I are loving your posts. 
Just a bit jealous⚓️😜….fair winds!
S/V Firefly


Brenda and Ted

2) JULIA MAX – Costa Rica

Hi Everyone, First, when approaching Quepos and Marina Pez Vela from the north, about seven miles out, there are snapper fish pens/fish farm right in your way. There are several barges and a few support boats anchored in this area to avoid.
Use these waypoints:
09 25.33N/084 17.08W
09 25.43N/084 16.27W
09 25.28N/084 13.45W

Our report on Quepos is as follows:

1. Expensive rates for transient moorage: $3/foot/day; longer rates available: monthly, annual
2. Big surge at all docks. In one week one of our new 1″ lines was chafed 1/2 way through while we were gone for 4 days! Boats were actively moving at the docks during the four tidal changes.
3. WiFi was poor. We had to search around to get enough of a signal.
4. Services include: fuel dock, haul-out and repair, potable water at the dock, electricity 50/30amp, trash, excellent security
5. 3 Restaurants, marine chandlery, hair salon
6. Concierge: rental car, excursions, etc.
7. Staff very helpful, and speak English. Quepos is a charter fishing marina built in the last few years, and doesn’t see many cruisers. Cruising Guides talk about anchoring outside the marina; don’t think about it! Second, Golfito is our check-out port for Costa Rica going south to Panama. We are staying at Fish Hook Marina, one of four marinas and we think the best. The facility is new. The staff very helpful and thoughtful, and speak English. Electricity 50/30amp, potable water, trash, laundry, restrooms/showers, restaurant/and sports bar, and GREAT WiFi: the best we’ve seen. Golfito is a small town with few services. There is a fuel dock. There is a Mega Grocery Store. And the paper cha-cha isn’t too bad, meaning the Port Captain, Customs, Immigration and bank are reasonably close. We will be checking out Thursday, Feb 22, and leaving the country on Friday, Feb 23.


George and Sue  3) AVANT – CHiapas – MEXICO
Update and notes for those coming to Chiapas. 
Marina Chiapas is a great stop off on the way south. They offer discounts to Panama Posse members (one day a week free). 
Entry is straightforward, and the marina is never full (right now there are 17 boats in the 75 slips). If entering at night, stay center channel. The buoys shown on the charts for the final dogleg entrance are only partially in place, but the channel is clear and offers 12-14’ depths center channel at low tide. 
While staffed 24/7, outside office hours (and sometimes during office hours) the staff only have hand held vhf radios so they will not hear your hails until you are well within the breakwater. 
Upon arrival the marina staff will call the appropriate authorities and your check in will be done entirely on board if you are coming from the north. If you are coming from the south, you will need to visit immigration (marina staff usually arrange this and give you a ride), and go to the Guatemala border to get your TIP (Temporary Import Permit) if you don’t already have one. For the TIP, they can arrange a car and driver to get you there and back for ~$700-1,000 pesos. The arrival and departure inspections are full service, with machine guns and sniffer dogs. 
In the immediate vicinity of the marina, you will see a restaurant (Baös, open ~1000 to 1800hrs, mains ~180-300 pesos, quality commensurate with price), the marina office (nominally open 0900-1700, more realistically 0945-1600), the washrooms and showers (solar heated water for the showers is nice and warm in the late afternoon, other times not so much), Punta Modelo (a convenience store with cold beer, ice, cigarettes, potato chips and ice cream, all the cruising necessities, 0800-1800). If you are without pesos, both Baös and Punta Modelo take credit cards. The garbage drop off is to the left end of the white concrete block building in the dry yard, and there is an oil drop there too. Ronnie, one of the yard staff, does laundry, just ask for him. 
Water on the docks is pretty close to potable as is, with solids reported at ~130ppm. It is from a well on the property, and many cruisers do drink it with no apparent ill effects. The marina staff recommend adding bleach if used in your tanks. Purified Water can be purchased in garafons for 20 pesos each (5 gallons), delivered to your boat. 
The fuel dock is a bit rough, so jerry jug if you can. Memo in the office can usually do this in a day or two. He will also get propane refills as required. 
To buy supplies, you can catch a collectivo taxi to puerto madero (green taxi northbound at the marina entrance, ~18 pesos per person each way, 10-15 minute trip). Puerto Madero has an Oxxo and a number of smaller tiendas, suitable for a small stock up. There are no banks, cambios or atms in Puerto Madero. You can also go to Tapachula (25 kilometres away, 30 min trip) if you want a larger provisioning run by catching the collectivo bus (white with a dolphin logo, 25 pesos) also at the marina entrance. At the south end of Tapachula just as you enter town there is a Sam’s Club, a Walmart, a Home Depot, and an Autozone. A couple of kilometres further in there is a Chedraui (Mexican supermarket). There are atms near the entrance to both the Walmart and Chedraui. It is very difficult to exchange US dollars here due to government currency exchange regulations, but you can spend them at Walmart or Home Depot and get change in pesos. To return, you can catch another collectivo bus (make sure it has the dolphin logo) or get a taxi (250 pesos) if you are really loaded up. Alternatively, you can arrange a car and driver or have a taxi called, see any of the marina staff. 
If you need specialty items, check in the office. Tapachula is a regional hub city of some 400,000 people and most things can be found here. There is no chandler in the area. 
The dry yard is fine for doing work, but you may not live aboard when on the hard. Lifts are $10/foot. There are some resources available for boat work, but marine trades are limited. Mechanics, simple fibreglass work or welding/metal work can be arranged, but there is no rigger or sailmaker. Bottom painting is no problem, and the marina can have paint delivered for $200/gal (Comex ABC 3). There are a variety of hotels in the area, with rates from ~200-700 pesos per night depending on location and amenities.
While here I highly recommend taking an inland trip to see the natural beauty and Maya history in Chiapas. While you can see this in a four day trip, the distances make a seven to ten day trip much more comfortable. You can rent a car at the airport, or the office can arrange a car and driver. We rented a car and had no troubles making the trip last year.




4) DAD’S DREAM – Nicaragua
Another little setback as a 47 kt gust blew out or main (while double reefed) on the way to SJDS. A real bummer as Amanda (from S/V Sea Glass) and I spent hours repairing the nighttime rip/shred that occurred during Bahia Del Sol to Puesta Del Sol. Guess it’s time to dig deep into the cruising kitty and buy a new main. Any suggestion where to get one or where to have it shipped to? R&B Dad’s Dreams .


Approach from north into El Astillero. Watch for nets!


S/.V Sea Glass in the background. Hiding from papaguyos. Gusting in the 40’s but still fairly comfortable.


Anchored in El Astillero bay. N 11.30.399 W 086.10.240.

        & Brenda
        & Brenda

Rick & Brenda

5) CROSSROADS – Costa Rica

 We anchored at Isla Parida at 08 08.340N 12 19.584W about 18′ of water. We are currently underway from Isla Carvada to Bahia Honda. We expect to be in Panama City by Tuesday or so. After we get measured and in queue for a transit, we’ll go back out to cruise the Las Perlas Islands.

We left Golfito early this morning and did a fast and easy 80 nm run to Isla Pardida. We’re anchored in the NE corner of the island. It’s beautiful here but will probably move on to Isla Carvada tomorrow to avoid the $120.00 national park fees! Saw Julia Max briefly yesterday but left them in Golfito. We are still missing the Posse! Cheers, Stan & Diane M/V CrossRoads

Device Name: CrossRoads Spot
Latitude: 8.13921
Longitude: -82.32114
GPS location Date/Time: 02/23/2018 06:51:40 CST

        & Diane
        & Diane

Stan & Diane

6)  NEW Panama Posse Net Frequency and times 

New net times are 13:00 UTC (currently 7:00 AM local time)

We will start our calls on 8297 (8B) and fallback to 4417 (4C) USB.

Big thanks to Mike from SV Easy for all the testing and support.

The following are confirmed net control operators – we need to fill a few slots please confirm if you can help.

Monday – 
Tuesday  – ANNAPURNA   – Confirmed
Wednesday – EASY – Confirmed
Thursday – CARINTHIA – Confirmed
Friday – 
Saturday – 
Sunday – 


7)  CARINTHIA – MYLA – ANILA – Costa Rica

Maya and Cartinthia are working with a local Playa de Cocos fisherman, Henry and his son, to provide water taxi services,
delivery of water fuel and laundry.  He charges 2,000 colones
( ~ 3.50 US ) . His number is +506 8849 1607 Spanish only but his son speaks English and it takes about 30 minutes
if he is not around for him to pick you up.


If you do take your dinghy on the beach lock it up to a tree or post and remove any treasure.

Important info from Henry, there is a group of young kids on the beach and malecon who steal wallets
and valuables. They make small items from coconut fronds and try to sell them as a diversion. Keep valuables protected.


(image stitched together for enhanced photographic results)

            & Julie
            & Julie
Dave, Satin, Camille & Kyra
Dave, Satin, Camille & Kyra
Dave, Satin, Camille & Kyra
Dave, Satin, Camille & Kyra

Posse Boats Myla, Anila & Carinthia in Playa de Cocos

8) LIQUID – El SalvadorBahia del Sol
We finally organized our notes from our stay in Bahia del Sol – El Salvador

Currently Costa Rica Latitude: 10.91636
Longitude: -85.78915
GPS location Date/Time: 02/25/2018 05:29:52 PST

        & Laura
        & Laura

Marc & Laura

(note awesome and detailed port report !!! HINT HINT )

9) BERTIE – Mexico

BERTIE is in Huatulco … who else is here? Is there still a cruiser’s net happening at 8 am on channel 22? Anyone gearing up for crossing Tehuantepec early to mid next week? Favorite sources or people to use for T-pec weather?

Also, we are looking for medical care – any recommendations for excellent English speaking doctors? Thanks very much!!

ps – we are supposed to fumigate the boat before we arrive in the Galápagos … not looking forward to it!! For anyone who has done it, where did you get it done, and how much did it cost?


Peter & Heidi

            & Susy
            & Susy

10) OCTOPUS GARDEN  – Mexico
We on Octopus Garden are planning on leaving Sunday 2/25
and we are going to have our own TPecker Net at 0800 local time 4159 USB. Let’s all tune in

Jim & Susy11)  RAVEN – Mexico
Raven is on the move again. Currently in Las Hadas. 19-06.104N, 104-20.625W.
Depth is 19 feet. We are heading toward Zihuatenejo on Saturday.

        Tally, Jan
        Tally, Jan

Neil, Tally, Jan

12) ANNAPURNA – Nicaragua

Annapurna just arrived at marina Puesta del Sol, Nicaragua. This is a nice marina and a nice looking hotel.

Debbie took a fall Thursday due to a wave on the beam while she was preparing lunch. She got knocked around and will be very sore for a while.

The winds can build quickly here. I found myself heading for shoals but couldn’t tack because I had too much sail up to turn into the wind. I got the idea that I could turn on the engine and power through a tack. We were heeled so far that the engine cooling thru-hull was exposed and we sucked air, which quickly destroyed the impeller. Oops. Better to run downwind to reduce pressure on the sail and Furl the jib. We sailed a lot of extra miles beating into 20-30 kts all night. After a rest, I changed the impeller while we drifted about in the swell. I can tell you that is an unpleasant job.

We will restock food and diesel and be on our way soon, weather permitting.

          & Debbie
          & Debbie

Robert & Debbie

13) WILDEST DREAMS – Huatulco

Wildest Dreams just arrived in Huatulco and is parked near Pineapple and Gadabout.
We will be here at least a few days and are waiting for a weather window also. Let’s meet up if we can.


Michelle & Grant

14) Waponi Woo

Waponi Woo is leaving Zihuatanejo today for Acapulco. We anticipate arriving there tomorrow.

Is anyone south of us going to or from the States in the near future?  contact cspott@cspott.com

Ryan, Caroline & India
Ryan, Caroline & India

Ryan, Caroline & India

15) Picture of the week by Tony on VOLANTE III

          Lagoon which is located in a Mexican National Park. Behind the
          lake in the first picture is Guatemala.

Cinco Lagoon which is located in a Mexican National Park. Behind the lake in the first picture is Guatemala.



16) Please email us pictures, port/trip reports and stories 

Panama Posse