FLEET UPDATE 2018-03-11

1) SV GEORGIA – Mexico
SV GEORGIA still has transmission issues (that dang cooler) but we are able to motor short periods at low RPMs. We are currently about 8 miles out of Cabo Corientes on our way to La Cruz.  Family visits and the Banderas Bay Regatta follow.  We will get a bimini and new stern pulpits installed plus a few other pieces of new gear before we head south.   (There is a chance our recalled Volvo engine will be replaced in PV this summer too.) Plenty of turtles and dolphins along the way.  Whales elude our gaze. 


Lucie & Ben


Please email us your lovely pictures.



We contacted a small cruise ship that goes through the canal both ways while we were in Bahia Baleena and asked them for tips on Panama Crossing.
This is the info they sent:
Here are a few good websites on the transit:



The agent we use for Panama is Associated Steamship Agents (ASA) http://www.shipsagent.com/

They do a very professional job. You can contact them at: +507-211-9400  /  asa@shipsagent.com
Meanwhile, we are in Golfito. Just a really cool harbor. We went on a loooong mangrove trip this morning with another couple from a boat waiting to do the puddle jump. We started at 5:30. Other than some egrets and not so distant howls from howler monkeys, we didn’t see a lot, but it was a great way to start the morning.
Meanwhile, starting to get paperwork in order, laundry gathered, and will go to shore in a bit to get set to depart beautiful Costa Rica for Panama. From the boat, it appears that this is a really great town, so we’re planning on dinner ashore. We will let you know how the check-out process goes.
Cheers, Myla


John & Julie

4) Marina Puesta del Sol – Nicaragua
sent us a very nice “post” card


David & Marcia
31 years at seas

6) MYLA – Costa Rica – Golfito

We are anchored in Golfito, just off Land & Sea, or locally known as Tierra y Mar. Unfortunately, Tim, who usually handles the boat aspect of the business, is in the states, but Katie is handling things along with a pal named Michael from Sweden. We have use of the dingy dock, clubhouse, laundry service, wifi, and local advice. We are anchored at N 08’37.316 and W 083’09.180 in 17 ft. under our keel. We are just off the green houseboat (Land & Sea) and the bright yellow marina (Banana Marina). Anchoring has been fine for us, and we’ve felt quite safe.

The check-out process at Golfito went smoothly, just as described on page 167-168 in the Sarana Guide. In case you don’t have it, and even if you do, here are some additional details.

1)      Walk to the copy center which is about two-three blocks from Land & Sea. It’s a pink store, and they sell phone sim cards, too.


ETH 61503760

Leidy Abarca – Golfito. The gal who helped me – her phone number is 88891200.

I had 4 copies made of everything I’d received in Playa de Coco, plus additional copies made of our passports and boat documents. Didn’t need all of it, but figured better safe. Only need to have three. No need to collate as the Migracion (immigration) officer will do it for you. Just have the stacks of documents on hand.

2)      Just a little further down, across from the Samoa del Sur Hotel is Immigration. It is on a corner and next to an engine repair place. There were cars parked in the office, so it is difficult to see the long window inside. There are seats and a long counter, which helps when you have all the paperwork out. The coordinates are 08’37.729N, 083’09.446W. The officer will ask for particular documents, give you the crew document forms (three of them) that you have to complete, and then he made collated packets of paperwork for himself, one for the Aduana, and one for the Capitania de Puerto. He kind of told us rather than asked whether we were going to check into Panama in Balboa, so that’s what we indicated on the crew list form as our next port. The Immigration officer then told us to take a cab, and to not pay more than $2.00 ea to get to the Aduana’s office.  Good advice not to walk as it was a good 15 minute drive and VERY hard to find. This process took about 15-20 minutes.

3)      The Aduana (Customs) office is in a bustling open market area. Its is where people go to buy large ticket items like TVs, plus there were open air stalls selling other things. The office you’re looking for is back a row in from the street inside the maze. You can’t see it from the street and advise you to ask someone there where it is. Coordinates are 08’38.796N 83’10.727 W. We actually thought the cabby had dropped us off in a random place until we walked into the open air market and asked. If you arrive at lunchtime, you’ll have to wait. The gals directly across the Aduana’s office have a thriving lunch counter going, and the food was delicious. This took about 20 minutes once the officer returned from her lunch.

4)      In the same area is a bank office – just a short walk. It is in an area further into the open market area past the large ticket items. Once again, ask someone for directions to the Banco National. We handed over a copy of the boat documentation, so they could see the length, and we explained that we were paying for an International Zarpe. There was some confusion about what to charge. We are listed as 42.7 ft, but they kept saying it was $50.00 USD, not $25.00 for under 50ft as is written in the Sarana Guide. They said there was a new law. We had a kind fellow customer help with some translation, and after some conferring with managers, the teller decided to charge us $25.00. May be wise to ask at the customs office what the charge is and have them write it, or perhaps not. Regardless, our paperwork, including a copy of the bank receipt, all went through at our next and final stop, the Port Captain’s office. The bank process took about 20-30 minutes.

5)      There’s a bus stop right out from the front of the open-air market area with lots of cabs. We took a cab for a couple of bucks to the Capitania de Puerto’s office, which is near the new mega yacht marina. The door, with a sign saying “Reception” will most likely be locked, and they have to buzz you in. There we presented all the documents, he asked for our Costa Rican National Zarpe, and then asked when we were going to leave. In the Sarana Guide, it indicates that you only have 24 hours after checking out to leave, but we said two days and he was cool about that. This took about 15-20 minutes. We asked our taxi to wait and he took us back to our boat.

We met an ex-pat guy who was dealing with paperwork right along with us. He has a business in town handling boat paperwork for boats coming and going. There’s a large sportfishing business here, plus lots of boats coming and going from Panama. He said he handles the paperwork for at least five boats a day. Anyway, he was very helpful and well known amongst all the offices we visited. We mentioned that we have about 30 plus amigos in the Panama Posse coming down behind us and up from Panama in the counter group. He offered his card and said to have anyone call him if they have any questions. Bruce Blevins at +506-8729-2224 www.BBSEAS.COM  He charges $200 to do all the paperwork for you, if you like. I also heard he’s very helpful getting boats lined up for boat transport, if anyone wants to have their boat sent on a ship. 

There is a small, but decent grocery store on the way to the copy place that you can walk to, plus a gas station a little further down the main drag where we filled up our jerry cans with diesel. We brought our dinghy to shore near the gas station (just off a blue wharf near the red and white cell station, and walked up to the gas station on the main drag. There is a gas dock there, too, and there’s another gas dock at the new mega yacht marina. Prices change, but the marina/gas docks and the gas station charged the same price.

We went out to an excellent restaurant last night called Luna Mar. It was a short cab ride away from the the town center, and was quite nice. All locals, many celebrating special occasions. I ordered a fish/shrimp dish that was fabulous. We each had a glass of wine and the bill came to about $50 USD. Heard the restaurant at the Banana Marina isn’t great and is overpriced. The same was said about the one in the new mega-yacht marina. Heard the food and prices were okay in the blue building, opposite side of Tierra y Mar/Land & Sea, the Fish Hook Marina. They have a great happy hour from 4-8 everyday.  Banana Marina’s happy hour is 5-7, and the mega yacht marina has an outdoor beach bar happy hour, too. Tierra Mar has a great deck where you can bring your own, get off the boat, and gather. Sitting here right now and loving a sunset.

Tons of great boat services here. There’s a white ketch in the Banana marina that’s been here for a bit – Bill is the owner, Bob is crew. They’re getting some work done and have some good referrals. The boat name is Second Summit. Also, Katie has great resources and has been here since about ’93.
Cheers, Myla


John & Julie

7) JULIA MAX – Panama
Having a Canal Transit Date of March 25th, we have left La Playita Marina for the Las Perlas Islands. Tonight we are at Isla Contadora at anchor, enjoying a gentle breeze. While at La Playita Marina, we met a potential crew member for someone needing crew to go across the South Pacific and beyond. His name is Janis Idler, 24 year old, German, speaks English/Spanish/German well. He is very good with computers! He says: “I’m looking to crew a boat crossing the South Pacific Ocean in direction French Polynesia/Fiji or even further west.” His e-mail is Jan12id@aol.com. His phone number is +49 151 539 836 22. Very well-mannered and helpful. I stopped him and asked if he could help me with a computer problem which he was pleased to do. There is also a German woman (22-24 yrs) who is looking to crew as well in La Playita Marina. From Julia Max,


 George and Sue

8) SV LIQUID – Costa Rica

This message serves as our one of our traveling check ins. Just letting you know all is ok 🙂



Marc & Laura

Costa Rica – Samara

Puerto Samara
9’52.04N 85’30.70
15 feet very nice calm anchorage
Watch for reefs both sides of the entry very visible at low water not at high water.
Anchor behind Isla Chora
S/V Respite


Interlude and Carinthia on the sail to Samara – gusts to 32 knots – drops to 12 knots within 10 minutes


The name of the best restaurant in Samara town ( Carinthia and Easy )

Mama Gui
10° 09.800 N   085° 31.959 W
what a great Italian Restaurant – simply amazing.

          Gui and port intel

Are there any fellow Posse boats traveling with pets? (we only know of one besides us so far)
If you have a pet on board, how has the check-in/check-out experience outside of Mexico been?
Have there been any surprises? Rover says, “Hello!”


Response from SV SEAGLASS  – meet Axlelina



We are on a 5 day tour of Chiapas. Day 1 was an 8 hour bus ride from Tapachula to
San Cristobal de las Casas. Day 2  – we went to Agua Azul, Mishol Ka – high water in Mayan and Palenque …


Jim & Susy


Grant & Michelle

( note: this tour is very spectacular – so many amazing sights and places to explore )

12) SV SEA GLASS – Protrero Bay – Costa Rica
When anchored off Playa Flamingo in Protrero Bay – Costa Rica you can get a strong Wi-Fi
signal without an extender from the 1st restaurant off the beach “pleamar” password is flamingo.


Chris & Amanda

          Glass and the Fuel Dock

(Sea Glass leaving the fuel dock at Marina Papagayo to make room for “MY SAVANNAH” a 2015 – 274 ft Feadship)

13) FRED AGAIN III – El Salvador

Fred Again III is happy to share that after a 4 week unexpected stay in beautiful Costa Del Sol, El Salvador (mechanical) we are heading out tomorrow morning for our sail to Playa del Coco, Costa Rica. We are leaving a great country and wonderful new friends, but very happy to be where our hearts call us (to sea!!!).


Robert, Michael & Laura


14) CARINTHIA – Costa Rica – Bahia Brasilito

 – aka Playa Conchal

Anchorage Position
10° 24.3461´ N 85° 48.9451´ W
12.00 ft
3.68 m
Bottom Composition
S – Sand


Nice Spot before Tamarindo, the reef effectively blocks mayor S – SW swell, but the bay shallows to the SW

To land take the dinghy towards the Jet Skies (careful there are small surface balls to guide the jet skies in) @
10° 24.1183 N 85° 48.3083 W – steep sleeping beach – Erik the Manager of the operation and his crew will monitor your dinghy for a small fee and help you drag it up the beach and back down – or alternatively you can head to 10° 24.12833N 85° 49.2066 W near a local eatery


This whole beach is where the Westin has a resort so it’s quite nice and no Pangas
– but you do need to tolerate the tourist tossers using your boat as target practice for their 80 USD x hour jet-skies.


Locals love this beach and drive their cars to get there on the edge of the beach. The Parking lot has a whole ecosystem of coconut(s), water, local fruits, beach towels, ice , beer – you name it.

From the dinghy landing walk north towards Playa Brasilito – lots of fun small local restaurants and a bus stop – once you get off the beach, you can take a bus or head to Tamarindo or North to Flamingo – Many taxis and and several small stores at the intersection with the 160 road @ 10° 24.4416 N 85°47.805 W
Tamarindo has 2 supermarkets for provisioning the upscale AUTO and a MEGA. Taxi was 7,000 colones back to the beach ~


Dietmar & Suzanne

Affordable Marinas on the Pacific coast of Panama ?

We are currently at Vista Mar Marina. 40 NM sw if Panama City. $.40/ft/day $.35 if you pay for a month. Brand new marina
Marina is new, and is very nice.  The people who work there are very nice and helpful.  The marina is a distance from shopping but marina drives you to it.  There is a bar/restaurant and mini market at the marina property.  
We are told there are winds and surge in all panama marinas in March and maybe some of April but it’s supposed to be nice and calm after that.  Car rentals pick up at marina and are about $42-$45/day or pay 6 days for 7 days.  And it’s about an hour drive to Panama City.  Marina is too far away for daily sight seeing in Panama City in my opinion but good value for a rest or extended stay while heading home.
We are doing sight seeing around Panama by car and are doing some boat work so marina is great for us at $25.00/ Day!!!!

Marina Manager/Dockmaster: Cesar Ramos
Phone:  507 640 03354
Location: 8° 28.985′ N 79°56.5783′ W


Stan & Diane

surf & tourist town Tamarindo – Costa Rica


Mike Joyce – Amante – trying out a local bird whistle


17) Picture of the week – SV RESPITE
Puerto Guacamaco – Costa Rica


Keep em coming –