FLEET UPDATE 2018-09-26

1) Welcome to the 2018-2019 Panama Posse!

We are excited to welcome back …


Dad’s Dream

Rick & Brenda

(Counter) Panama Posse Seminar for those heading
N/NW currently in Panama

THIS Saturday Sept 29, 2019 at noon 12:00

at Vista Mar Marina in the AC Cruiser’s Lounge
– route planning
– recommended stops
– weather

– provisioning
– points of interest
– OpenCPN ( bring your laptops )
– a.m.o.

We also Welcome 2 new Marina Sponsors
(with substantial seasonal discounts for all 2018-2019 Panama Posse participants)
Marina Puerto Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta – Mexico

Red Frog Marina IGY, Bocas del Toro – Panama

4) Several vessel on the Panama (counter) Posse  will aim to make it the Panama Posse send-off
party in Barra de Navidad and will provide us with the latest updates and intel over the next few weeks.

Save these dates

Meet in Barra  (week after thanksgiving ) Seminars and Kick-off Party will be held
at the official HQ & Sponsor Marina Puerto de la Navidad Barra de Navidad, MX

Route Overview                           Monday Nov 26, ’18       
Weather and Safety                     Tuesday Nov 27, ’18      
Provisioning & anything else        Wednesday Nov 28, ’18  
Kick of Party                               Thursday Nov 29 Nov, ’18


5) Here are several soft dates to help you with your forward planning
Turtle Release Parties                                         Zijuatanejo, MX (Mid Dec’ 18)
New Years Eve in Acapulco                                 Vicente’s Moorings, Acapulco MX
Mayan Adventures & Pot Luck Party                    Chiapas,  MX (Dec-Apr)
Bar Crossing Celebration – Drinks on Dock         Bahia del Sol, El Salvador (Dec-Apr)
Flor de Caña Rum Tour                                       Puesta del Sol, Nicaragua – (Dec-Apr)
Papagayo Survivors Party                                    Coconutz , Playa Cocos, Costa Rica (Feb’19)
Golfito Village Marina an IGY Destination           Golfito, Costa Rica (~May 1st ’19)
Rally Completion Award Event                            Vista Mar Panama (Middle to the end of May ’19)

Acapulco New Year's Eve

Acapulco as seen from SV Easy / Mike – last year – Fireworks all around the bay

6) Reminder – Check your document expiration dates – this is a 6 month rally.


Be sure to check all your passports – vessel registration papers, credit cards,
Drivers licenses for expiration dates (have at least 180 days+ on them) 

7)  Official Panama Posse Marina Sponsors – 10 places to relax and enjoy !

  • Marina Puerto de La Navidad – Barra de Navidad – Mexico
  • Marina Puerto Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta – Mexico
  • Marina Chiapas – Mexico
  • Marina Bahia del Sol – El Salvador
  • Marina Puesta del Sol – Nicaragua
  • Marina Papagayo – Costa Rica
  • Golfito Village Marina (an IGY Destination) – Costa Rica
  • Vista Mar Marina – Panama
  • Shelter Bay Marina – Panama
  • Red Frog Marina – Panama

8) Good news – cell towers are almost everywhere …


Jim of SV Octopus Garden testing local “comm” gear in Central America

9) Wildlife and other encounters to come


A lovely Rufous Motmot as per SV Julia Max – Costa Rica

10) Plenty of Fuel docks along these 2,000 nm.


Here is picture from SV Sea Glass after a little chat with a super yacht to get off the fuel dock …

11) Keep ’em coming


Dietmar & Suzanne

SV Carinthia