Fleet Update 2018 – 12 – 01

AHOY Panama Posse !

1) A big heartfelt thank you for all of those who made it to the seminars and the kick-off party at
Marina Puerto de La Navidad, MX and the generosity of Secundino and Juan Carlos for hosting the
second Panama Posse kick-off Party ! We are at 58 vessels already !

Group Pictures 19 vessels of both Posse and Counter Posse in attendance

New Panama Posse Tags are flying over the top shelf off bar at Marina Puerto de La Navidad – Barra de Navidad !
Remember to tag your pictures and impromptu get together !

Lead Vessel SEAGLUB with Chris and Monica ( and Penny)
– thank you for stepping up and supporting the 18-19 Panama Posse !

Even thought the weather had traces  left from a lat season tropical depression (sprinkles) a good time was had by all.
Louis & Patrice SONAMARA & Bob & Maureen – SV PARADISEA 

This Panama Posse starts a few new rituals- light up your vessels and Barra de Navidad !

Getting your shirts a little wet is the least of our worries – let the adventure begin.
Ken & Linda – SV LINDA MARIE and  George & Suzanne – SV EPIPHANY

Eric – MV Sprezzatura, Catherine – SV SIMPLE LIFE, Cris & Vince – SV PEREGRINO
and Eamonn – SV SIMPLE LIFE 
not letting a little rain getting into their glasses !

Isla Navidad’s GM Juan Carlos – Dietmar & Chris … of course we are discussing improvements.

The Panama Posse is in their slips !

Michael – SV FOOTLOOSE , Cheryl & Bryan MV – FLOATING STONES &  Jessica & Adam SV VOLARE

(we’ll post more pictures on the Panama Posse site – stay tuned )

2) Welcome to the 18-19 Panama Posse  and the PICTURE OF THE WEEK !!!
  Catherine & Eamonn – SV SIMPLE LIFE

3) Chiapas, MX

To the Panama Posse and my friends

Here is to a new season with the Panama Posse. “Knot Right” started out last year and made it down to Puerto Chiapas Mexico. We went on the hard in the third week of March. We came back to splash her on the second week of November. It was a big mistake leaving her here without a surprise visit. The “care taker” was not up to the task. We had shade made to cover her, but that appeared to retain moisture underneath, so my BRAND NEW Semark bimini, and my convas doger have mold on them that I cannot describe.

Anyhow, we splashed her on the 13th of Nov and we washed all of the running lines and checked all of the mechanical, changed all of the filters. You all know the procedure. Now we are ready to leave the Marina.

Memo, is the Manager at the Marina, he is awesome. I sometimes think his english is better than mine. When you enter the Marina, whether from the north or the south, you are always boarded by customs ant at least three Mexican Marines with their dog. We are looking forward to seeing them again 1-Dec at 7:30 am, then we will set sail (or motor) right after that. Today tasks was with Memo driving to four different locations for us to get out of Mexico. Believe me, pay for the slip for a day or two, and the assistance you get is well worth it.

We are heading to Bahia Del Sol in El Salvador. We hear conflicting stories on that location, but most have been great from the friends we have met going north. We should get there during the high tide Monday 3-Dec around 11:30. We have contacted Bill & Jean via emal (ElSalvadorRally@aol.com) for scheduling a pilot to come over the bar. When close we will hail them on 16.

Coming into Marina Chiapas, contact them on 16, but an email as a heads up would be helpful (do not expect a response though). Memo’s number is +52 962-1118291, email is memogarcia@marinachiapas.com.mx. His assistant (also great English) is Rolf +52 962 210-4558. They do have discounts for the Posse, but I thin it starts at one week.

There is a Pemex, on the way in, but fill up at high tide, the dock there does not float. The WiFi at the Marina needs GREAT improvement, BUT the high end restaurant (about $10 USD per entre) is better. It can be reached from the Marina office and maybe from the boat with an extender. The restaurant is Baos, which is their network name. They require a signon with Facebook. But if you don’t have an account, then click on the link to use the code instead which is lower case “baos”. At least as of  today. Most waiters have no idea, fortunately our first day we had a helpful one.

Provisioning in Chiapas is Sam’s Club, huge Walmart, Schadria (sp), Home Depot, Auto Zone, Searn (electrical), Office Depot. If you need LP gas, you can not have the safety valve for the US on your tank. They will not fill it (near Office Depot). But Memo is the man you need to see right away and he will get it accomplished. But I think it is a gravity fill where as the other fill will be pressure. Memo also know of a machine shop not far from the marina

A tour guide and a taxi driver and a good guy to Know is Luis. For 100-900 pasos, he can handle your needs. He will drive you for provisioning or he will retrieve individual items (if you are specific). He learned his English in Rhode Island. His number is +52 962 216 6611.

So my crew is my girl friend Jeariene, Dennis (his boat is in Maztlan) and his significant other Geri, they will be going through the Canal with us around the second week of January. Any body want to be a line handler? We could use some. Let me know. After we are through, we are then just the two of us. Could also welcome someone wanting to do a little Caribbean sailing with us.

Walt and Jeariene

s/v “Knot Right”,  Benetaeu 473

4) Good Nautical is now an official 501(c)3 and holds the detailed links for route info

Scroll down for stops – and  there is also the link to all the Sponsor Marinas and services at

just follow the link (icons) enter your membership credentials which have been emailed to you

if you need help login in or how to use the site  just send an email to dietmar@goodnautical.com

5) …and then there where 12 Marinas – Costa Rica – Golfito

We welcome the newest Marina to the ever growing list of sponsors

Banana Bay Marina – Golfito

Contact: Claudia Barrantes
Cel: (506) 85-887504
Office: (506) 2775-0255
email: claudia@bananabaymarinagolfito.com


It’s a new way of doing things – please download and install LINE  https://line.me/en-US/ 
Works on Android / ios / Windows / MAC OS

– Register using your vessel name as the USERNAME ie     SV SEAGLUB

– Next
search for panamaposse or SV Carinthia or Seaglub and befriend us –

– wait and accept your PANAMAPOSSE GROUP INVITE

Connect every Monday at 16:00 UTC and send us your position via the message system and listen to the vessel check ins
(all free as long you have IP connectivity which we now know is pretty much all along the coast)
The LINE system allows for up to 200 live conference call participants.

Check in tomorrow at Monday Nov 12th, 2018 at 16:00 UTC
( that’s 10 AM Panama Time -but  check your local time )

We have over 32 vessels in LINE and the calls are great and very efficient !

(Diane last season actually called every number)

    Rescue Coordination Center:  (510) 437-3701.  This is the number for group receiving EPIRB emergency beacon distress signals.  They will coordinate with local country Coast Guards if boater is outside of the U.S. and they have translators, as the numbers at the local country Coast Guards in Central America will speak Spanish.  They said it would be ok to call them in emergency.

    These numbers were given to me by the U.S. Coast Guard Rescue Coordination Center.  The individuals from these local Coast Guards will speak Spanish when you call them.  If you cannot communicate with them, the Rescue Coordination Center can call them, but that will take more time.

  El Salvadore Coast Guard:  (505) 22500210,   Extension 5103
    Nicaragua Coast Guard:      (504)22342507
    Costa Rica Coast Guard:      (506) 22314924
    Panama Coast Guard:           (507) 60451197

CALIFORNIA COAST GUARD OFFICES WHO COULD BE  called if you cannot reach rescue coordination center, however the local coast guards will likely just go through the Rescue Center:
    Coast Guard Sector LA/Long Beach:  310 521-3815
    Channel Islands office:  805 985-9822


MHZ                     UTC time
4.125        2300-11
6.125        24 hr.
8.290        24 hr.
12.290        1100-2300


World wide emergency Ham net:  14.313    24 hr.
Pacific Seafares Net 14300 @ 0300 UTC 
Central America Ham net:  7.083   UTC time 1300

CENTRAL AMERICA EMBASSY CONTACT INFORMATION.  Go to www.usembassy.gov/ for further information.  For Central America embassies, emergency number is +1-202-501-4444, and press “0”,  from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. EST.  When dialing embassy numbers below probably start with “ +” depending on phone service.   

    +506 2519 2000
    Calle 98 Via 104, Pavas,     San Jose, Costa Rico

    +503 2501 2999
    Final Blvd. Santa Elena,     Antiguo Cuseatlan, La Libertad,     San Salvador   

    +502 2326 4000
    Avenida Reforma 7-01, Zona 10, Guatemala Cuidad, Guatemala

    +504 2238 5114 (after hours X4100)
    +504 2236 9320 (per embassy website, but not communications received:  011-504 2236 9320)
    Avenida La Paz,     Tegucigalpa MDC, Honduras

    +52 55 5080-2000
    Paseo de la Reforma 305, Colonia Cuauhtenoc,     06500 Mexico, DF

    +505 2252-7100
    Kilometer 5.5 Carreter Sur, Managua, Nicagagua

    +507 317 5000
    Bldg 783, Demetrio Basilio Lakas Ave, Clayton, Panama


GLOBAL MARINE DISTRESS SAFETY SYSTEM:      1-888-407-4747, press “0” for overseas citizen emergency services.


They provide information on piracy and safety and security, and you can sign up for alerts by going online.
    Emergency:  1-202-501-4444 (8-8 EST, M-F)

Stan & Diane 

8 ) Songs – music – what keeps us going and makes you untie the lines on the dock
– we are going to compile THE PANAMA POSSE Songlist of all vessels 
so please email us the name of your favorite song to sail to or launch on this adventure to
.And as soon as we have another gathering we’ll play them all ! Each vessel’s crew gets to pick one

OK I’ll go first – watch this list grow  !

CARINTHIA – Dietmar- Are You With Me – by Lost Frequencies –
here is the link to check it out

9) Acapulco – MX
Quick update for Acapulco.

Mooring Balls – $300 MXN per Night
Laundry was – $200MXN for one bag.
Water $25 MXN per Garafonne
Shuttle to shore still free

Vicente is still super nice and will help you sort anything you need.

Diesel prices in Acapulco

We had Vicente deliver 250 liters directly to the boat. It arrived in 5 x 50l Jerry cans that his boys lifted onto the deck for us

I siphoned it in myself since I wanted to run it through a filter but I’m sure you could get them to do it for you for a few bucks.

Total cost for
250l = $5600 MXN
Or $22.4 MXN per liter

Call or SMS
‭+52 1 (744) 439 8184‬

Try without the “1” if it doesn’t connect.

WhatsApp via Alfredo
‭+52 1 (744) 373 6162‬

Send messages in Spanish

Alfredo doesn’t work everyday but can relay a message.

Use google to translate into Spanish if needed.

Marc & Laura
SV Liquid

10) Please reply to this email with any  updates – contenders for picture of the week
and we’ll include it in the next Fleet Updates

Dietmar & Suzanne
SV Carinthia

11) opt-out from the Fleet Updates simply reply with “REMOVE