young crew


1)  Officially we treat kids and pets as crew in the Posse but you can easily see kids boats by their CREW listings – so most yachts with more than 2 pictures have kids or pets or both here is the list

2) Only some of the fleet shares or submits their tracks and locations – to see where they are go to

3) Once you are part of the Posse we communicate via a 24/7 live comm tool called LINE  so you can communicate with yachts directly and you also get everyone’s email and cell # – LINE is the preferred comm channel and we also have weekly LINE calls where we go over weather – and anything else.

4) We operate under intl. maritime law – your vessel your crew your responsibility
While we can not guarantee that they will have kids to hang out with, it it seems reasonable to assume that there will be ways to meet up with other boat kids.