Here is a list of documents you will either need to bring or provide upon arrival in a new country – since we leave from Mexico you will already have been trained in bureaucracy.

1) Original Vessel Documentation ( up to date )
2) Valid and unexpired Passport(s) – – some countries may refuse you entry if the expiration date is in less than 6 months
3) Download – print sign and scan the the captain / owner / master waiver (coming soon)
4) Download – print sign and scan the crew Waiver (coming soon)
5) Download – print and submit your crewlist (coming soon)
6) Download – print and sign the media waiver (coming soon)
7) Most marinas will require insurance – best to get some
8) Zarpes – Clearances and other bona fide’s
9) Your Mexican T.I.P.
10) If you sail with pet’s – all the docs you can muster plus more – vaccination certificates – chips under their skin . etc etc
11) a.m.o. (coming soon)