Notice of a rally

Notice of a rally - for all west-coast sailors and adventurers - free to sign up - - Starts in Barra de Navidad, MX - November '17 - June '18 - 6 Months - 7 Countries - 30+ Vessels - 100+ Anchorages ~ 2,000 nm -


We are distributing the organization of the posse via committees. If you can help in any of these areas please post your name on the bottom of this page.

1) Neil - Merchandising 

2) Tally - Documents

3) Clearing, Immigration, Customs - Dietmar

4) Website - Dietmar

5) Communications - Robert

6) FAQ or General Questions - email us or listne to the NET !

7) PR and MEDIA - Suzanne - email suzanne at panamaposse dot com

8) In Country Activities - Parties - Laura


How is the Panama Posse organized ?

Hello - first question - who does what here and how are we organized ?

We are self organized - your ship - your crew- your show - your responsibility - we help each other out if it's safe to do so !

We operate under International Maritime Law only.


gestalt 👻 /ɡəˈSHtält/ noun

We use the Gestalt theory for communicating with each other IN THE FLEET

[ GESTALT in modern German to mean the way a thing has been “placed,” or “put together.” There is no exact equivalent in English. ... “Form” and “shape” are the usual translations; in psychology the word is often interpreted as “pattern” or “configuration.” ]

Hold on it's not a cult thing it's a communication protocol.

Here is how this protocol works:


Speak from your own experiences rather than giving advice or opinions

Use “I” statements instead of “You” statements – 
IE: We sailed from A to B and … this is what happened to us
DON’T: “you should sail from A to B and you could do this … ” 

Don’t speak in generalities  be specific share a relevant past experience - both good and bad.




Why do we use GESTALT ?

Everyone who is a skipper, captain, admiral, crew or master of his or her ship has a high level of authority, independence and leadership.

When opinions come to the surface there is a natural instinct to doubt, feel threatened, judge and to question "advice / opinions".
As an example and to make this point look at how many FB postings, or comment sections on websites or even news sites
 become a runaway freight train leading to huff and puff, figthclub, bruised egos and unanswered questions and arguments.

So since we are not a social media company and our KPI is not looking for screen time spent, we try to avoid getting sucked you into "discussions"


Panama Posse is about facts and experiences

Your experiences are important for the fleet and  vessels  will make decisions on your factual reports.

Advice given ( solicited or not ) by it's very nature is tainted,  not validated, skweed and may even have an unforseen angle that has little actual informational value.

Even if you have made a mistake and are sharing that experience - that is valuable.


Yes it's hard - after all FB has trained you to have opinions -  but this protocol is how you can help another vessel.
This way no one is judged and everone's ego stays intact.

 The Gestalt Language Protocol is core to the Panama Posse  everyday communication strategy.


What is a Posse ?

noun: posse; plural noun: posses


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the posse is forming

Ahoy ! Welcome to the Panama Posse - we are looking for a few more boats - join up !
There are currently 8 vessels registered and another 6 have expressed interest.
We are looking for a rally eco-system of 20 to 30 vessels.

If interested send us an email