Notice of a rally

Notice of a rally - for all west-coast sailors and adventurers - free to sign up - - Starts in Barra de Navidad, MX - November '17 - June '18 - 6 Months - 7 Countries - 30+ Vessels - 100+ Anchorages ~ 2,000 nm -

Costa Alegre Net

Tomorrow, Friday May 26 and Monday, May 29 (US Memorial Day) I will run the Costalegre Cruisers Net at 0900 Local time.

Please tune in, and let your neighbors know too.


SV Georgia

Memorial Day Posse Meeting in Barra de Navidad

Dear fellow posse - we are going to have a memorial day BBQ get together here in Marina Puerto de la Navidad - Barra de Navidad this Monday -  starting at 3 PM come join up on Dock C and have fun.



We are distributing the organization of the posse via committees. If you can help in any of these areas please post your name on the bottom of this page.

1) Neil - Merchandising 

2) Tally - Documents

3) Clearing, Immigration, Customs - Dietmar

4) Website - Dietmar

5) Communications - Robert

6) FAQ or General Questions - email us or listne to the NET !

7) PR and MEDIA - Suzanne - email suzanne at panamaposse dot com

8) In Country Activities - Parties - Laura


How is the Panama Posse organized ?

Hello - first question - who does what here and how are we organized ?

We are self organized - your ship - your crew- your show - your responsibility - we help each other out if it's safe to do so !

We operate under International Maritime Law only.

What is a Posse ?

noun: posse; plural noun: posses


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the posse is forming

Ahoy ! Welcome to the Panama Posse - we are looking for a few more boats - join up !
There are currently 8 vessels registered and another 6 have expressed interest.
We are looking for a rally eco-system of 20 to 30 vessels.

If interested send us an email