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Civil War Era Submarine in Panama?

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Did you know that there is a rusting hulk of a submarine on a beach in the Las Perlas Island that’s been there since the 1860’s! How cool is that? Check it out on San Telmo Island. Read all about it here: Cheers, Stan M/V CrossRoads (more…)

Panama Posse Launch Party

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And we are off.  After a wonderful and stunning  Panama Posse Launch Party the fleet is heading south. We will post Pictures of the Party here and in our Facebook group for all to see !    See you down the coast !   (more…)

Open CPN

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We held our opencpn seminar yesterday and shared ( thanks to Marc from Liquid )
most satellite kap files of the coast between Barra de Navidad and Panama !

  1. If you missed it you can download opencpn for free from     ( mac / pc / android  versions  )
  2.  Download Google earth pro up to version 7.1.2
    ( use license key GEFREE )



        3. Here is how to get satellite image chartlets into open CPN

  • the satellite images are now on the server – 
    download them all  (it’s  4.74 GB !! please be patient )
  • additional 62.02 GB mbtiles can be found here
  • place them into their own directory – create a directory  (folder) with a unique name
    example (c:\charts\sat_charts ) on a Mac  Documents Charts
  •  launch / open OpenCpn
  • and add the charts –
    click on Options ( little wrench) -> Charts -> Add Directory -> Select the Folder you just created ->  example (PC c:\charts\sat_charts  or  MAC Documents/Charts/Stelllite-Charts)
  • Click [x]  Scan Charts and update Database – Apply  – wait and voila !
    Open Cpn with Satelit Images        

    And here are some raw charts for reference printing
     Raw Charts >>

  • We searched and found a dropbox with CM93/2  chartlets
  • Seminar attendance in Barra de Navidad
    Volante III

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So it’s time to start our long range planing and regardless of when you and your vessel plan on crossing the Tehuantepec – it is best to proceed with caution – Here are the Pilot Chart excerpts – for December – January and February. This Post will evolve over time to give everyone a good overview and document best practices and lessons learned from fellow mariners. First – here is how pilot chart’s wind roses work. Tehuantepec’s historical data for December Tehuantepec’s historical data for January Tehuantepec’s historical data for February   And here is windy’s current state of affairs . More to come – so ponder away ! Below is an image of  – Quetzalcoatl, the Aztec god of wind and learning  – let’s learn to respect this area     (more…)

Save the date

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Dear Panama Posse participants;   Below are the dates for seminars here in Marina Puerto de La Navidad and the Panama Posse Launch Party. Tuesday 21st at 3 PM – OpenCPN – Free route planning and navigation tool –   2 hours* Monday 27th at 3 PM   – Route planning & Weather  – 2 hours* Tuesday 28th at 3 PM  – Weather – concepts and best practices  – 2 hours* Wednesday 29th 3 PM  – Q&A Wednesday29t following the Q&A  the official launch party – (stay tuned for details – for panama posse participants only) *in the air conditioned marina office confrence room at Marina Puerto la Navidad / Barra (more…)

SSB Radio Net Script

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PANAMA POSSE NET 8.294  MHz USB @ 15:15  UTC  ( 09:15 Panama Posse Time ) Is this frequency in use? Is this frequency in use? This is  [YOUR VESSEL NAME] _____  [YOUR CALL SIGN] _________ This is the PANAMA POSSE NET for today   [WEEK] day, [NUMBER] of [MONTH]  201[7/8] Before we open the net, is there any emergency, medical, or priority traffic? Are there any relays for emergency, medical, or priority traffic? Once again this is the PANAMA POSSE NET Operating on this frequency, 8.294  MHz USB (which may move to 8.297  mhz in case of interference) We meet daily at 09:15 local (Panama Posse) time or 15:15 UTC Let’s start with Check ins of vessels underway Please respond with: POSITION COG SOG WIND SPEED WIND DIRECTION % overcast if at anchor or marina please respond with: POSITION – WATERDEPTH – WIND SPEED WIND DIRECTION % overcast Weather forecast (NW to SE) – Tide Report  (NW to SE) Lost, Found or Services Needed or Offered Local Report Fish Report Mishaps of the Day Announcements Vessels with Traffic, please come back now THANK YOU This completes today’s PANAMA POSSE Net. This is VESSEL NAME ___ CALLSIGN ____ Tomorrows net control will be _________ Many thanks the Panama Posse Net is now closed. This frequency is now clear for traffic Days and NET HOSTS Monday – Volante III Tuesday  – ANNAPURNA Wednesday – EASY Thursday – CARINTHIA Friday – INTERLUDE Saturday – CROSSROADS Sunday – RESPITE (more…)

First Burgee is flying

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Dear fellow Panama Posse vessels ! SV Carinthia is proudly flying the Panama Posse Burgee. Please pick up your burgee or drop by SV Carinthia. Our tentative schedule for deliveries is Sun 11/5 – Wed 11/8 in La Cruz, Nayarit Mon 11/13 -> forward in Barra de Navidad   (more…)