Papagay winds are designed to test you and yoru gear

Downwind Marine Kick off Party Invite

Dear Panama Posse !

If any of your Rally participants are passing through San Diego in October 2017 - have them stop by our store near the harbor and/or attend any of our Fall Cruising Events - see attached.

We have a big Party planned for anyone cruising or interested in cruising - to be held Saturday, October 21 -
Find more info on our Cruising Season Kick-Off Party at our website:

It would be an honor to have the Pamana Posse represented at the party too!
Just let me know ahead of time if possible - but if not, any participant
for the Posse can just show up that day and we'll find room for them.

All the best from the Crew at Downwind Marine
Marcia Hilmen
Cruising Events Coordinator
Cell - 619-818-7009

Los Roques

los roques

Los Roques


Covering a total area of 40.61 km2, the Los Roques archipelago comprises more than 350 uninhabited cays, islands, and islets and is situated about 128 km to the north of the La Guaira in Venezuela. Los Roques is scarcely populated, having about 2,000 permanent inhabitants mostly in its main Island, El Gran Roque. It is very safe, clean and popular among foreign tourists and Venezuelans alike. Colorful lodges and private houses are the main constructions. No cars and streets of sand, is part of its charm.

All are welcome to visit but US citizens are subject to extra fees and scrutiny. If you are active or retired military best to avoid the place.

to enter contact an agent +573168529048



Los Roques Los Roques Los Roques Los Roques Los Roques

Marina Chiapas update

There was a tsunami related to the September 7 8.1 magnitude earthquake. It lifted the floating docks free of the piling system and caused significant damage to the marina, however it is operating on a best efforts basis. None of the boats in the marina seem to have suffered any damage, and none of the cruisers or staff there were injured.

Marina Chiapas

Marina Chiapas
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