SAN FRANCISCO, CA - Feb 25 2020


Sevenstar is proud to be the logistics partner of choice for
the PANAMA POSSE fleet, and will be providing tailored
solutions from Golfito in Southern Costa Rico, Manzanillo, La
Paz to Ensenada, Mexico and Victoria,Canada.  They also
provide services in Papeete/Tahiti,  Auckland/New Zealand,
Sydney/Australia as well as East Coast ports and the

Sevenstar Yacht Transport is the world’s leading provider of
yacht shipping services, with a global network of destinations
and a fleet of over 100 independent carriers. The company is
headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and runs a
worldwide network with offices in the United States, the UK,
Monaco, Australia and Turkey, together with agents in Germany,
Russia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia,
Mexico, Gibraltar and the Caribbean. In October 2013 Sevenstar
assimilated with DYT Yacht Transport which manages two
semi-submersible vessels dedicated to float-on, float-off
yacht transport, making it a complimentary fit with
Sevenstar’s specialization in lift-on, lift-off yacht

The Panama Posse, started in 2017, has grown from 15 boats to
a fleet of 170 motor and sailing vessels from North and South
America, South Pacific and Europe.  The fleet, that travels to
seven countries between Mexico and Panama, has an online
network that receives 24/7 updated info on weather,
anchorages, marinas, check-in and clearing processes, boat
services, fuel stops, provisioning, cultural shore excursions
and group events.

“Our partnership with Sevenstar Yacht Transport adds a
tremendous options for the Panama Posse fleet in Mexico and
Central America who want to ship their boats back to their
home ports or to their next dream destination. For example if
you have sailed from Seattle, WA all the way down to Panama
you can now ship your vessel back to Victoria, BC and avoid a
long uphill beat.” says Dietmar Petutschnig, a founding member
of the Panama Posse.

Supporting the PANAMA POSSE locally is Sevenstar’s San Francisco representative Kris Caren, “We are excited to add the Panama Posse fleet to our rooster of partners including TransPac and other vessels interested in moving around the world aboard our transport ships.   We will provide Panama Posse members the top-level service that we are known for. “

For more information about how Sevenstar can help your extend your plans or return you back to home base for the transport of your yacht, please contact Kris Caren & mention the Panama Posse and you'll get your discount as well

For more information about PANAMA POSSE and Sevenstar Yacht Transport BV please visit the below websites: