FLOR DE CAÑA - Sustainably Produced Flor de Caña Rum

Major Provisioning Spots

Below are the major provisioning stops along the way 

  • If you rent a car be certain to remove the Rental Car frame around the license plate 
    to avoid corrupt local officials from stopping you over others and thieves which look for rental cars to break into.
  • Park close to the entrance of the supermarket where there is a lot of foot traffic.
  • LOCK YOUR CAR  and if you can keep an eye on your car.
  • With taxis always pre-negotiate the total fee in the local currency
  • Ask for the drivers name and text the license plate to yourself or your buddy boat.
  • If you get stopped by a traffic police ask for the ticket
  • Do not pay a bribe.
  • Corrupt cops will do everything possible to delay you in order to get their bribe- so tell them you are not in a hurry and plan on staying months in the area with a local gringo
  • Simply ask for the ticket !
  • If they ask for your passport let them know that it is with the Marina Office and that you request their official ID for verification and to please call the Marina office.
  • Always Write down the official's name, station, telephone number and address of the station
    (have the official write it down for you so you have proof)

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