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  • Country Updates 
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  • Hurricane and Lighting Season
  • Shelter Bay Marina - to Twinn Dolphin Marina Bradenton, Florida
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“all that is true is rare and difficult”
― Unknown

We want to thank the 39 vessels which have already
signed up for the next 2020-2021 Panama Posse Season

( to do so reply with "sign me up again" )


1) As a affirmation to LIFE, the camaraderie with fellow seaman
and as a demonstration that we shall overcome this virus as a species
please join us and fellow Panama Posse vessels in your area
at 17:00 LOCAL TIME and emit 3 prolonged (4-6 seconds) blasts know as "show blasts"he 3
      prolonged blasts given by cruise ships are called the "show
      blast"he 3
      prolonged blasts given by cruise ships are called the "show
      blast"he 3
      prolonged blasts given by cruise ships are called the "show

A special thank you to
Ho'Okipa, Joy and Dragonfly here in Barra for participating


3rd party  Panama Canal update:
Our boat Lazy Travels, with Ohana and Nutmeg just crossed the Panama Canal from Atlantic to Pacific
Here are the details for how it happened for us:
We were allowed to use 4 line handlers for the entire 3 boat raft. Each boat had a transit advisor provided by the canal.
We were not allowed to use Canal line handlers, we had to find boats to transit with us that in combination would provide us with enough crew for the raft (4 line handlers, 3 captains, and if any children onboard someone separate to look after them. Seriously you need all 4 line handlers to be able to give their undivided attention at all times).
We were also unable to rent lines, fenders or tires to reduce contamination. We had to make sure that we had enough to meet the requirements (4 long lines, plus enough fenders for the raft and canal. Personal recommendation is to have a lot of fenders, and a few big round ones).
It seems like you must use an agent at this time, although we only used one to process our payment and paid a reduced fee ($150 USD, name Roger, organized by Shelter Bay Marina).
Shelter Bay Marina with the help of cruisers themselves organized the measurement of the boats. There is currently an excel spread sheet that lists all boats that want to cross the canal with their information. This is not an official document, but makes it easier to coordinate with all the yachts.
Basically we had to organize our own: measurement, crew, lines and fenders. The most difficult part was finding 3 boats who together meet all the requirements and were ready to cross. 
Our transit advisor said HIS OPINION is that the canal will continue to stay open for small vessels.  I think this is based on need, and how smooth everything went using reduced line handlers.

Serious thank you to all the cruisers and staff at Shelter Bay Marina who basically made this happen.

To many more happy canal crossings !!

Posted from FB Panama Cruisers by SV Singularity


3) Country Updates

Mexico    4,219    273†
- border closings between USA and Mexico but commercial entry permitted - outbound and inbound vessels still possible
- certain ports are closed or locking down and exit zarpes are issued electronically for a fee via agents if required this
includes Puerto Vallarta and Areas of the Sea of Cortes      
Mexico has implemented temperature-screening measures at all airports and many road checks.  Reduced flights and Capacity.
Passengers with abnormal temperatures and travel to high-risk areas might be subject to additional health screening.


A little bit more color on what is occurring in Mexico (from our perspective of being in Huatulco):

  1. There was some slowing of the town a month ago (Cruise ships and tourists stopped coming then) but everything has got much tighter in the last week.
  2. Restaurants, bars, hotels are all closed. Just the supermarkets, gas stations and Oxxo’s are open.
  3. A very few restaurants have switched to take-aways but that is comparatively rare. The city is a ghost town.
  4. The mayor has posted municipal police in road blocks at multiple points across the city, questioning the purpose of any trip.
  5. The airport is now also closed to domestic flights, with the exception of one single flight a week to/from Mexico City.
  6. The Federal Highway remains open but many (if not most) exits are blocked off -  by municipal police in the case of organized towns and by groups of locals (unarmed, so far as we can tell) in the smaller communities – refusing entry to outsiders. That seems to now be the norm, everywhere.
  7. It would therefore now be difficult to get out of here by either air or by road (unless you drive non-stop - you would likely find no hotels on route).  
  8. The “social distancing” thing seems to be misunderstood – not all police wear face masks when they question you (up close). Moreover, these local groups (they can feel more like mobs) blocking roads are congregating in groups of 20, 30 or more, missing the entire point of the lock down.   
  9. The Navy has stationed a vessel at the entrance to the harbor (at least during daylight hours). We haven’t actually seen any boat attempt to leave the harbor (not even one single panga), to know what the navy’s orders are – but we understand the harbor master is instructing vessels not to leave (although we have heard there is an exception for foreign vessels leaving the area or the country but do not have first-hand knowledge on that).
  10. While there seems to be no actual restriction on 3rd party contractors, working on boats, the reality is that many of the local workers voluntarily stopped work. Our mechanic reported that his employees simply abandoned him, some ten days ago, making it hard to continue offering any service.  
  11. On a personal note, we are still working on the rebuild of the engine. Getting the parts across the US: Mexico border was challenging (we had to find someone with an essential job who was authorized to travel in both California and across the border). Nonetheless, provided no new restrictions are implemented, we are hopeful it will be complete within a few weeks / a month max. Provided we successfully get away, we will head to Bara Navidad. Please note, however, that we spoke to Miriam today and she advised that she is not certain she can accommodate us, as the marina is nearly full.    

Stephen & Ana Veronica


Guatemala  155   5†
- full lock down - no entry permitted  - Curfew extended to April 28th

El Salvador    125      6†
-  full lock down - no entry permitted †
Honduras    393    25†
Honduras - full lock down - no entry permitted
Nicaragua -  9   1†
Check in with Marina Puesta del sol ahead of time - they will coordinate to send a health inspector out - after which customs, immigration will clear you in

Costa Rica    577  3†
- full lock down - no entry permitted - Curfew extended to end of April

Health Alert – U.S. Embassy San Jose (8 April 2020)
Location:  Costa Rica – Level 4: Do Not Travel
Event: Costa Rica has now confirmed 502 cases of COVID-19 in the country.  Costa Rica today announced that the borders will remain closed to non-citizens and residents until April 30, an extension of the previous closure announcement. 

NOTE:Just to let you know that today (6th April) the Costa Rican government announced that they will keep the border closed until 30th April.

The U.S. Embassy will be closed Thursday April 9 - Monday April 13, due to observance of local holidays.  If you have an emergency requiring Consular assistance, please call 506-2519-2000.

The U.S. Embassy in San Jose and the U.S. State Department have coordinated with United Airlines to offer a commercial flight from Juan Santamaria Airport (SJO) in San Jose, Costa Rica to Houston, Texas (IAH) on Friday, April 17.  The flight will depart SJO at 11:30 am and arrive at IAH at 4:30 pm.  This flight is open to public booking; you are encouraged to book ASAP as seats are limited. 

We have received reports of social media notices purporting to provide assistance in receiving COVID-19-related checks from the U.S. government.  These notices claim immediate support and contain a link which requests personal information. Do NOT provide personal or financial information to businesses you don’t know or haven’t verified.  For official information regarding economic impact payments, see the websites of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Department of Treasury (DOT). 
As always, Americans who need assistance can contact us at the numbers or email address below.  
Actions to Take: 
-    Follow instructions of Costa Rican authorities. Not doing so could result in arrest and potential fines.
-    Visit the Costa Rican Ministry of Health's Facebook Page for updated information.
-    Visit our Embassy COVID page for information on conditions in Costa Rica.
-    Visit the Department of Homeland Security’s website on the latest travel restrictions to the United States. 
-    Consult the CDC website for the most up-to-date information on COVID-19. 
-    Visit the COVID-19 crisis page on travel.state.gov for the latest information. 
-    Work with your airline, travel provider, or hotel/lodging directly regarding any updated information about your travel plans and/or restrictions.
-    Call Costa Rican emergency number 911 or COVID hotline 1322 right away if you believe you may have COVID-19 (or similar symptoms) or were exposed to someone who may have COVID-19 in the last six weeks.
 U.S. Embassy San Jose
State Department - Consular Affairs
888-407-4747 or 202-501-4444


Panama   3,234  79†
Panama -  no entry permitted   14 day quarantine has been obtained by some in internal movements
- curfew w/ 1 hour movement x certain day for with 30 minutes based on ID number and day and gender - no alcohol sales -

This was posted via email by Marina Pez Vela:

Pursuant to Administrative Resolution DM-RM-0852-2020, issued by the Ministry of Health on April 2, from April 3 at five in the afternoon and until April 12 at midnight, the marina will be closed to the public.
During this period there are to be no offered services including, but not limited to: issuance of zarpes, issuance of floats plans, repairs, haul out or launches, among others.
After April 12, it is expected to be able to return the Marina to operations and therefore apply the following protocols until the Government declares the state of Emergency ended.
We appreciate your understanding and we ask you to abide by the regulations to avoid sanctions and above all in support of this campaign for the health of all concerned.

Marina Pez Vela is a company and a family, which has always distinguished itself by its solidarity and commitment to the social, cultural and environmental causes of the surrounding community. In the past few weeks and foreseeable future, this general commitment also must include meeting the standards of prevention and containment of the global pandemic known as COVID-19. The project not only has a commitment to the health and security of our clients, contractors and staff, whom we care for in all aspects, but also to fulfilling our National Responsibilities as a Marine Concession.  Our concession requires that  we must comply with a series of general provisions, legal parameters old and new, such as those established on March 10, 2020 by the Executive Decree number 42221-MP_S  as well as the National Law on Emergencies and Risk Prevention, Law 8488 of November 22, 2006, both of which outline our legal responsibility to support in the prevention of pandemics and any other health risks, and specifically in reducing the contagion curve of COVID-19.
Therefore, we respectfully request and urge you to take the following steps:
- Minimize and avoid, if possible, the use of your boats for unnecessary purposes, and that the boat remains docked to your respective slip or dry dock (as the case may be). These measures of limited use have been suggested by the Costa Rican Health Ministry in relation to asking everyone to stay home so that the presence of the workers, captain or owners of the boat is only for the purposes of required maintenance, care, and security.

- For all boats that are for private, recreational use: In the event that you are required to navigate due to an emergency, required maintenance, provisioning, or other reason that is of absolute necessity, all navigation must  be done  in accordance with the float plan.  Boat capacity will be restricted to half the normal number of people (including captain and crew) No navigation plans will be authorized to any other port of landing or marina as a point of arrival, except in cases of emergency.

- Always request your due Float Plan at the main office, in the event you are stopped by the Coast Guard, it is important for them to know what your port of Origin is.

- We urge vessels that maintain their operations within the marina (tourist fishing vessels, catamarans, diving vessels) to minimize their operations for a reasonable period, until the authorities remove the national alert and restrictions. Also, please abide by the rules of distance between one person and another to avoid potential exposure to one another, and decrease the number of guests, clients or persons on board by at least 50 percent of the boat's capacity.

- Extreme basic hygiene measures inside your boats should be taken, insuring that any and all aboard can wash with antibacterial soap, alcohol gel, disposable paper towels, and trash cans with lids for disposal.

- In the case of vessels that are under temporary importation, have the National Zarpe issued by the Port Captain Office.

- Additionally, we urge all clients and visitors, workers or collaborators of the Marina to rationally use public services, especially water, since this is a resource that is of utmost importance for sanitary reasons and is already being rationed in many parts of Costa Rica.

- As a Marina, we cannot deny the use of your boats, however, we urge you to stay at home to avoid the spread of the virus.
We are always at your disposal to assist you.

Best regards,
Carter Ludwing TakacsCédula # 18400124735Administrador Marina Pez Vela

From the Panama Canal Authority effective 09 April:

TO :
SUBJECT: Temporary Procedures for Small Craft Transits during COVID-19 Pandemic
Due to the current outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the Republic of Panama and around the world, through the Ministry of Health (MINSA), the Panamanian government has imposed a total quarantine in the Republic of Panama. Consequently, the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) deems it necessary to implement strict measures to reduce the exposure to COVID-19 and protect the health of its employees, the Panamanian people, as well as vessels’ personnel, in order to prevent further spread of the virus. Therefore, the following procedures will be implemented for all small craft below 20 m (65 feet) in length overall (LOA) effective April 09, 2020:
1. Upon arrival at Balboa Anchorage or Cristobal Breakwater, the small craft shall contact the corresponding signal station announcing its arrival and requesting anchoring instructions, if applicable.
2. All crew and passengers arriving in Canal waters on board pleasure yachts are required to remain aboard under observation and surveillance by Panamanian authorities for a period of not less than 14 calendar days, regardless of port of origin or amount of days at sea.
3. Uponcompletionofthis14dayperiod,theywillbeevaluatedbytheMinistryofHealth (MINSA) to determine if there is any risk of contagion. Likewise, the master/skipper shall report to Canal and Panamanian health authorities if any passenger or crewmember on board shows virus-related symptoms or any other sickness.
4. In order for personnel on board to properly maintain quarantine, all transit arrangements shall be made by a representative ashore, such as a local agent or the corresponding marina where the small craft is anchored or moored.
5. The small craft representative shall call the ACP Admeasurement Unit (tel. 272-4577) in order to provide all the required information.
6. Inaddition,thesmallcraftrepresentativeshallsendtoNTOT-AS@pancanal.comthe following information:
- Yacht SIN number, name, flag, length (m), beam (m), arrival date confirmation (provided by the representative or the marina)
- Arrival crew list
- Yacht’s register
- Profile picture of the yacht
- Signed Release form
- Completed Handline Lockage Request form
- Copy of all crew passports
7. Theagentorrepresentativeshallmakearrangementsforplacementofthetransit guarantee, or payment in cash, which shall include tolls and other maritime services, as well as the buffer.
8. Once the guarantee has been confirmed, the representative or marina shall call the ACP vessel scheduler, at 272-4202 to coordinate their transit date.
9. In addition to the master/skipper, the small craft shall have at least four line handlers available, as required by ACP regulations. These linehandlers must have already been on board the small craft during the quarantine period mentioned in (2) above.
10.All other transit requirements remain the same and are available at:
11.On the day of transit, only the ACP transit advisor will board the small craft and disembark once his assignment has been completed. Only ACP personnel will be permitted to board or disembark the small craft.
The ACP is continuously monitoring the current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic and will announce any changes to these measures in a timely manner.
Ilya R. Espino de MarottaActing Vice President for Transit Business

(other destinations)
French Polynesia    51            1 critical case
- full lock down

Colombia    2,709         100†   
- full lock down - Colombia under 19-day nationwide quarantine

Ecuador    7,466         333†    
- full lock down ""

Belize    14       3†  
- full lock down

Cayman Islands    53        1†
- full lock down - able to get fuel and provisions via q dock

Cuba    669       92†

Bahamas    46         8†    
- full lock down

Hawaii  486     8†  
- 14 day Quarantine for US flagged Vessels

Florida 19,347   452†
- reported entry possible via Key West with health checks for US flagged Vessels
For those heading to Key West USA, on return from your Panama adventures, the Stock Island Marina took us in as a temporary safe harbor from overseas on arrival, until we were ready to safely leave in a bit over a week having done our fixes, provisioning, and weather window. A five star facility. Not cheap. But great help in the face of a county government that shut down the Florida Keys.MV ANGELIQUE

California 22,424  634†
- reported entry possible via San Diego t with health checks for US flagged Vessels

4) Pictures of the Week

Ho'okipa - Still Life with Strawberries Kosher Bilge Kosher

Lisa & Lucky

Jean Anne

Steve & Chelsea
Michael & Vicki



Bob and Margie


Dietmar & Suzanne


Nick, Gema & crew


PILIALOHA,Rick & Maria

Rick & Maria


Dan & Marlene


Dietmar & Suzanne


Mast Exercises - vertical social distancing

Bob and Margie

Jessica & Adam



Brenda & Ted

5) Location of vessels

1 BAJA FOG Barra de Navidad, MX   took a flight on alaska airlines till may 30th  2/3 full - 5 people jet 
John & Monique
2 ANGELIQUE OF VANCOUVER vessel is in mazatlan - currently back in Canada   mom passed 
  Mike & Jacquie
4 THISLDU Puesta del Sol, Nicaragua      
  Garrett & Audrey
5 LUNA Mexico      
  Bob & Kris
9 CARINTHIA Barra shelter in place    
Dietmar & Suzanne
10 SEAGLUB Marina Los Cabos      
11 BONZER Barra      
  Michael & Vicki
12 JEAN ANNE Chiapas, MX      
  Steve & Chelsea
13 SINGULARITY Vista Mar, Panama  shelter in place for 3 more months   our home - do some toolling around 
Robert & Carol
14 SLOW DANCER Bocas del Toro       
Dale & Kenneth
16 © ENJOY red frog marina - sheltering in place -  weathe ris rainy    
  Don & Nina
19  ©  KNOT RIGHT Vista Mar Marina, Panama all is well    did not anounce - curve has not reached apex
Walt & Jeariene
20 ©  COMPROMISE chiappas - copy heading north ensenada port captain closes at 1 PM        
Ronald & Karen
23 TOP CIDER Zihuatanejo      
Chuck & Sharon
25 HALF MOON Puesta del Sol      
Brain & Elizabeth
26 MADELEINE Vessel in El Salvador - we are in the Netherlands      
Huibert & Maaike
27 ANGELIQUE Florida      
Dan & Angela
29 DELTA SWIZZLER tenecatita - watermaker issues        
Mark & Cindy
30 FIREFLY las hadas - 4 boats today  sheltering in place    
  Brenda & Ted
34 ONE LIFE No change in barra - pandemic  staying in place     
Doug & Mary
37 WISHLIST las hadas bay  stay and boucne around - settle down     
40 AVANT Shelter Bay, Panama day patrol - able to go out  IN CANADA - glasd to help     
Rob & Debra
43 RHAPSODY vista mar  - walking the golf course  sheltering in place   eyeing french polynesia 
Sarah & Bob
50 ANDURIL Chiapas, MX -  In Vancouver    
Alice & Greg
51 GREEN FLASH San Clement California  getting stuff down at home vessel is vista mar    
Bob & Joan
52 BONZAI isla mujeres - carrebeen  good market nearby -    free to to do anything  still issueing zarpes - 2 week quarantine - 
53 GARGOYLE Puesta del Sol Nicaragua       
Kevin & Carla
54 STAND DOWN Vista Mar Marina Panama      
Richard & Nancy
59 RAVEN Barra de Navidad      
  Neil, Tammy, & Jan
60 BLUE OASIS blue oasis - came to fuel dock - fueld up - arrived in Tamap      
Barry & Kathy
61  © WILDEST DREAMS Puntarenas, CR      
Grant & Michelle
64 SECRET WATER La Paz      
  Annie & Chris & Crew
67 CHIMERA bana bay CR - able to walk into town - shelter in place      
Dennis & Margaret
69 ALIZANN Red frog marina bocas de otoro doing well  plan to stay here - until we have to move - not necessary to move so hoping every one is down - canal is open to small vessel 65 feet - 3 boats went though yesterday successfully - they are slowly alowing boats to transit - requirements  
Martin & Suzanne
70 FLOATING STONES Bahamas       
Bryan & Cheryl
74 MAISON DE SANTE staing in barra  working     
Keenan & Nicole
81 AY CARAMBA ! Florida      
Juan & Michelle
82 BULA Mexico      
  Kenny & Cari
85 FOLLOW YOU FOLLOW ME san jose de cabo - victor gives great service all done - U$ 250 digital zarpe       
  Allan & Rina
86 CONTEXT We are in So- Califoria - record rains here      
John Jan 
87 EL GATO Mexico       
  Jules & Jeff
88  © SEA LARKS Banana Bay Marina, CR      
  Jeffrey & Paula
95 WAVE DANCER Vessel fishhook - golifito we are in Florida      
  Vladimir & Galinda
99 HO’OKIPA Barra de Navidad, MX      
  Lisa & Lucky
100 VOLARE las hadas, 8 boats anchored  motored the holes     
  Jessica & Adam
117 PILIALOHA Vessel is in Marina chahue - we are in Oahu Hawaii - happy to help any vessel en route     q 14 days strict inter island curfew in effect - 11 - 5 AM 
  Rick & Maria
119 © TRANCE Shelter Island San Diego      
  Dan & Marlene
121 ANKYRIOS Barra de Navidad, MX      
Dennis, Brandy & Crew
124  © INDEPENDENCE barefoot cay in roatan honduras  extendend the lockdown to the 19th of  groceries stores are full of supplies  police chief came back to the island with 12 officers with navy personell and got shipped back to  - civil unrest - had extra security 
  Larry & Jamie
125 LILY ROWAN chahue in marina all is well got fuel - next bay - a cat was thieves - next bay - impossible dream -       local supermarket is open well stocked - 
Jim & Zyanya
128 © AMANDLA Marina Pamleira in La Paz  here for the future  port restrictions - in la paz - 96 lock down is a rumor - stores   
Lisa & Captain Fabio
129 © NESHUMA on the hard at mazatlan marina      
  Carl & Cynthia
131 MAR Y SOL Marina Vallarta, MX      
Bob & Marisol
133 BIG CITY FISH Barra in Navidad      
Rick & Linda
138 BLESSED LIFE Bahia Herradura, CR      
Bob and Margie
143 ©  SEA GLASS rich boren - cruise hro - was news of a lockdown - lined up with easter weekend  preventing travel  have had problem in the mainland   home depot is open -
strictly adherence to the rules
147  GRASSHOPPER chiappas marina - plan to shelter in place pool concrete foundation    local supplies -
walmart - and home depot
Jeffrey & Cheri
150 MILAGRO I'm still at Bahia Ballena CR with no crew planning to stay here for now      
Robert & crew
152 © SUSIMI Barra  sheltering in place      
Paul & Hazel
155 © LEILANI  in shelter bay marina - locked down for easter weekend - well secured -       
Richard & Tracy
161 ©  SPREZZATURA solo again crew left - left for florida - bocas del toro - stay for season      slight wrinkle - boat movement - they are relaxing the movement to allow anchorage to marina 
171 GenM san blas - mexico      weather window - story from milo - 
Marvin and Laurie
172 © AMEKAYA red frog marina - panama down the dock from alizann planing to stay - had plans to go back to the states     
Maris and Linda
173 © BISOU anchored inbocas del toro town  planning to stay unitl Monday morning     
Robin and Tad
176 REEF DANCER Barra  sheltering in place dive sites in the area    
Jerry & Debra
178 HAPPY DANCE Leaving Panama - En route to Nicaragua       
Sue & Marty      

These regular Monday call will stay active until May 31st, 2020

We have over 140+ vessels in LINE and the calls are great and very efficient and the Chatroom is open 24/7
It's a new way of doing things - please download and install LINE  https://line.me/en-US/ 
Works on Android / ios / Windows / MAC OS

How to use it ....

- Register using your vessel name as the USERNAME
Search for dietmarpetutschnig or SV Carinthia and send a message-
- wait and accept your PANAMAPOSSE GROUP INVITE
- join the group chat

7) Hurricane and Lighting Season

From a long-term planning standpoint you now have 7 -12 weeks
before the begging of the North Pacific Hurricane season
- which typically does not have mayor storms starting until the end of July
- and runs through early November

For details and links please visit

8) Update departure from Panama , Shelter Bay Marina - to Twinn Dolphin Marina Bradenton, Florida

Tuesday morning we initiated exit paperwork from Panama with SV Litha(also Seattle flagged).
( we had pre-prepped for this push)
Our plan- get our exit paperwork from Panama and sail to Florida.
Step 1.  Quarantined in place minimum of 14 days at Shelter Bay Marina. We did not leave the Marina premises. Although we did walk around the Marina using social distancing protocols.
Step 2. After the quarantine period, Marina manager requested and received a health certificate from the government.
Paraphrasing- it states we have been in a supervised quarantine at SBM in our named vessel, with no c-19 symptoms at any time or at present.
Step 3 - obtain a Zarpe, which required the health certificate.  To get the Zarpe we were in a bit of a quandary. The Colon Port Captain said we needed to go to Colon to obtain the Zarpe. We did not want violate the quarantine so took that option off the table.
Since we had transited the canal, we had an agent Erick Galvez who had all our paperwork. We had previously contacted Erick and he said he couldn’t help us. The port captain suggested that Erick could use a VUMPA ( not sure but this appears to be an electronic request for Zarpe from a system canal agents have access to) Anyway, agent still claimed it was a two day process including a trip to Flamenco. After some additional inquiries and gentle proding and providing all paperwork again and the new health certificate. We received a Zarpe electronically.
Step 4.  Print your Zarpe and present it to immigration. Fortunately SBM has an immigration office and again the SBM marina manager was a hero and requested that immigration return to the office for a second time in the same day to stamp our passports with the marine exit stamp.
Step 5. Now armed with our paperwork and an extra copy in case we are stopped by Aeronaval or other CG entity. Again JuanJo went to discuss our exit with the aeronaval station watch ( at the entrance to SBM) and advised that 2 vessels would be departing the marina and exiting the Canal Zone breakwater. ( there was a patrol at the canal/colon breakwater)
Step6. Execute the departure from the breakwater and head North. ( this was Tuesday 3/31 mid afternoon).


We are grateful and indebted for all the help from JuanJo at SBM for helping Blue Oasis and Litha get out of Panamá officially in one day.

Next Chapter the sail North, Blue Oasis covered 600nm to Grand Cayman arriving last evening 4/4 .
This was our personal longest non-stop double hand. But wait there is more.


Port of Caymans is closed for clearance. We knew this but they are providing fuel to private vessels in transit. The very nice port security also asked if we needled groceries. Barry plans to ask for Beer, Rum and ice!


Of course today is Sunday, no fuel til tomorrow morning Monday.
We plan to top up and proceed to the Yucatán straits then arc north on the gulf loop current towards Tampa. Next update in about a week. Thank you to fellow posse members for support through our satellite comms enroute. You know who you are. We are humbly appreciative.. will be sharing beer, rum, tequila when our paths cross again.


Our buddy boat Litha is out here too, they didn’t need to stop for fuel top up. So we’ll be chasing them tomorrow to the straits.
All the best to everyone on this uncharted journey we are all on.
Be patient, but focused, be kind, smile it goes a long way.


 1400nm 11 nights 12 days at sea. Shelter Bay Marina Panama to Twinn Dolphin Marina Bradenton Florida. Amazing weather windows, nothing significant broke! All our repairs held. We carry 90gal diesel(including Jerry cans) sip it at 1 1/3 gal/ hour. Topped up fuel in Grand Cayman (closed port, but port captain was happy to have us hang on a mooring ball overnight and as long as we stayed on leave our vessel,Saturday the 4th) no fuel on Sunday. Saturday we scrapped our bottom free of barnacles from 5 weeks at SBM.

Monday the 6th we topped up. After a good mix of wind and current between Colon and Grand Cayman,600nm, there was only 4-5 knots directly behind us up to the Yukatan straits. Motor on. So we wanted to make sure we had enough fuel to cross the Gulf of Mexico if the wind continued to be uncooperative.
We swung into Isla Mujeres for literally a 1 hour stop at the fuel dock. Our great buddy boat Bonzai arranged for us to get fuel (va & ven) and few much appreciated fresh fruits and veg.


From Isla Mujeres we caught the emerging Gulf Stream North into the deep part of the Gulf. 10 hour spinnaker run, followed by a fast 13 hour reach. Almost 24 hours with no engine at all. Tremendous. Due to a cold front from south US we angled to Ft Meyers, to foot the knock. We were 3nm from the coast waiting for the knock.... 1am Saturday, there it was , like we ordered it. The wind clocked right around to the North to North East off shore. Tack to the Mark!!!! The rest of the night was a beautiful off shore sail 15-20 app Kts, close reach, with the din of USA starboard. Sunrise over longboat key! We made it!

Barry and Kathy
Blue Oasis

9) Uninvited Visitor of the Week

Barry and Kathy

Blue Oasis

10) Reply to with any updates or pictures /

Dietmar & Suzanne

11) opt-out from the Fleet Updates simply reply with "REMOVE"




01 ® ☸️ DELOS DELOS BrianDELOS KarinDELOS Crew Seattle, WA 🇺🇸 Amel 53'
San Diego, CA 🇺🇸 Cal 46'
03 ® ☸️ CALICO SKIES CALICO SKIES WIlliamCALICO SKIES Grace New York, NY 🇺🇸 Sabre 36'
04 ® 🦜 STRAY CAT STRAY CAT PhilSTRAY CAT Mary Seattle, WA 🇺🇸 PDQ 34'
05 ® 🌿 ☸️ DELTA SWIZZLER DELTA SWIZZLER MarkDELTA SWIZZLER Cindy San Francisco, CA 🇺🇸 Vantare 58'
06 ® 🦜 NAVIGATOR NAVIGATOR Dave Kona, HI 🇺🇸 Nordhavn 46′
07 🌿 ELEUTHERA ELEUTHERA BarbaraELEUTHERA Hew Auckland, NZ 🇳🇿 Fountaine Pajot 59'
08 ® 🍹 🦜 TOKETEE TOKETEE DarTOKETEE DianeTOKETEE Kimberly Gresham, OR 🇺🇸 Skookum 53'
09 ® 🦜 🌺 CARINTHIA
DietmarCARINTHIA suzanneCARINTHIA Maxi Las Vegas, NV 🇺🇸 Lagoon 44'
10 ® ☸️ 🦜 KNOT RIGHT KNOT RIGHT WALTKnot Right Jeariene Annandale, VA 🇺🇸 Beneteau 47'
11 ® 🌿 PISCES PISCIS-Mary China Spring, TX 🇺🇸 Antares 44'
12 ® ☸️ 🌿 RUM TRUFFLE RUM TRUFFLE GinaRUM TRUFFLE Mark London, UK 🇬🇧 Moody 49'
13 ® 🥥 🦜 
RED ROVER Seattle, WA 🇺🇸 Nordhavn 55'
14 ® 💰 SEA ANGEL
SEA ANGEL Bo Destin, FL 🇺🇸 Sparkman Stevens 88'
15 💰 TERRAPIN TERRAPIN JimTERRAPIN Sandy Morehead City, NC 🇺🇸 Nordhavn 58'
FICKLE BenFICKLE MurandaFICKLE Yolanda Marina del Rey, CA 🇺🇸 Hunter 42'
17 🥥 🦜
CERCA TROVA NO REGRETS BruceNO REGRETS Lynette Portland, OR 🇺🇸 Manta Mk IV 42'′
18 🥥 EPSILON EPSILON CherrylEPSILON Bill Morgan Hill, CA 🇺🇸 Island Packet 41'
19 💰 ISIDORE Whitehorse, Canada 🇨🇦 Tashing Tashiba 36'
21 🥥 ® KATMANDU KATMANDU Terry Boulder, CO 🇺🇸 Lagoon 42'
22 💰 DESTINY Palmetto, FL 🇺🇸 Hatteras 56'
23 ® 🦜 TULUM5 TULUM V Crew 29 Palms, CA 🇺🇸 Chung Hua 51'
24 ® 🌿 ACQUA Messina, ITALY 🇮🇹 Alliage 50'
25 💰 HONU KAI HONU KAI DoraHONU KAI BrianHONU KAI Crew Toronto, CANADA 🇨🇦 Nordhavn 47'
26 🦜 PTF-26 PTF-26-FishmanPTF-26-Kempton Port of Paducah, KY 🇺🇸 Sewart Seacraft (Swiftships) 95'
27 ® 🦜 SEA TRIAL
SEA TRIAL DavidSEA TRIAL ToniSEA TRIAL Solo Laguna Beach, CA 🇺🇸 Nordhavn 55'
29 ® 🦀 SOLMATE SOLMATE AdamSOLMATE Jen Green Cove Springs, FL 🇺🇸 Fountaine Pajot 45′
30 ® ☠️ AVANT AVANAT Debra
Vancouver, BC 🇨🇦 Beneteau 43.5'
31 ☸️ ® EMMY KATE EMMY KATE EricEMMY KATE Sharon Sanibel, FL 🇺🇸 Lagoon 40'
32 💰 EASY ONE EASY ONE AndreaEASY ONE Ingo Würzburg, GERMANY 🇩🇪 Bavaria 46'
33 ® 🦜 GREEN FLASH GREEN FLASH Bob GREEN FLASH Joan Long Beach, CA 🇺🇸 Beneteau 35'
34 ® 🦜 🌵 SAPHIRA SAPHIRA JenniferSAPHIRA Peter Georgetown,
🇰🇾 Goetz Composites 70'
35 ® 🦜 🍹 JUNGLE JUNGLE Jim
Tacoma, WA 🇺🇸 Sea Horse Mandarian 52'
36 ® 🦜 MAGIC CARPET Magic Carpet Captain Jack San Diego, CA 🇺🇸 Custom Dutch Built 60'
37 🦜 PELERIN Shirley PelerinMike Pelerin Victoria, BC 🇨🇦 Alubat 43'
38 ® 🦜 L EXCURSION I EXCURSION PatrickL EXCURSION Isabelle Victoria, BC 🇨🇦 Fountain Pajot 37'
PATHFINDER Jean-PhilippePATHFINDER Nicole North Oaks, MN 🇺🇸 Lagoon 39'
40 ® 🦜 RAMBLE ON ROSE  RAMBLE ON ROSE Rosalind RAMBLE ON ROSE Don San Francisco, CA 🇺🇸 Caliber 40'
41 🌵🍹 SEEKER SEEKER TammySEEKER John Omaha, NE 🇺🇸 Selene 62'
DANCING ON THE EDGE DanDANCING ON THE EDGE Melissa Oriental, NC 🇺🇸 Island Packet 53'
43 ® 🦜 KYRIE KYRIE JoeKYRIE KristenKYRIE Crew KYRIE Crew KYRIE Crew Juneau, AK 🇺🇸 Prout 37'
44 ® 🥥 🦜 AKIA AKIA RickAKIA Judy Anacortes, WA 🇺🇸 Jensen Marine 46′
45 🌵 🦜 ® MAPACHE 2.0
MAPACHE RobertMAPACHE Sarah Portland, OR 🇺🇸 Hans Christian 462'
46 🌿 ® WHITE WINGS WHITE WINGS SoniaWHITE WINGS Stuart Annapolis, MD 🇺🇸 Leopard 48'
47 ® LORIEN LORIEN ChrisLORIEN Julie LORIEN crew Portland, OR 🇺🇸 Garcia 48'
48 🥥 🦜 SANS CLÉS SANS CLES Andrew Boca Raton, FL 🇺🇸 Passport 43'
49 ®  ☠️ SHEARWATER SHEARWATER PatiSHEARWATER Eric Santa Cruz, CA 🇺🇸 Formosa 50'
50 ® 🌿 ☠️ SEA FOREVER SEA FOREVER BrianSEA FOREVER Debbie Palmetto, Fl 🇺🇸 Catlina 42'
51 💰 ROSAMARIA ROSAMARIA Captain RobROSAMARIA Joey Seattle, WA 🇺🇸 Downeaster 38'
52 ® 🌵 🦜 MARY ARLENE MARY ARLENE Jeff San Diego, CA 🇺🇸 Formosa 41'
53 ® 🦜 MANGO MANGO Colt Pensacola, FL 🇺🇸 Bristol 27'
54 ® 🦜 SAIL FISH SAILFISH BrianSAILFISH Joanna Truckee, CA 🇺🇸 Beneteau 39'
55 🌿 🏝️ TUDO BEM Tudo BomTudo BomTudo BomTudo Bom Cook Islands 🇨🇰 Hallberg Rassy 43'
56 ® 🦜 BRIGHTNEST BRIGHTNEST MichaelBRIGHTNEST Jennifer Seattle, WA 🇺🇸 Island Packet 38.6'
57 ☸️ BLUE BAMBOO BLUE BAMBOO John Grand Junction, CO 🇺🇸 Maine Cat 38′
58 ® 🦜 MAKE ME LAUGH AGAIN MAKE ME LAUGH AGAIN Renee Cedar Rapids, IA 🇺🇸 Island Packet 45'
59 ® 🌵 🦜 RHUMBLINE RHUMBLINE - Terry Tarpon Springs , Fl 🇺🇸 Cheoy Lee 44'
60 ® 🥥 🦜 AEGIS Aegis IanAegis Mary Victoria, BC 🇨🇦 Nordhavn 40'
61 ® 🦜 PILIALOHA PILIALOHA Rick PILIALOHA Maria Kaneohe, HI 🇺🇸 Beneteau '37
62 🥥 🦜 DA MMAD CAT DA MMAD CAT DannyDA MMAD CAT AndreaDA MMAD CAT Chloe Mashpee Neck, MA 🇺🇸 Lagoon '42
63 ® 🦜 XENIA TaraMike Honokohau, HI 🇺🇸 Gemini 32'
64 💰 ☸️ LEMA West Barnatable, MA 🇺🇸 Amel 54 '
65 🦜 TRIUMPH TRIUMPH JosephTRIUMPH Lynn San Diego, CA 🇺🇸 Cabot 36'
66 🦜 🥥 🌵 VIA Seattle, WA 🇺🇸 Caliber 40'
67 🥥 🌵 🦜 VIAGGIO VIAGGIO JustinVIAGGIO Angela San Diego, CA 🇺🇸 Gulfstar 43'
68 ® 🦜 SECOND WIND SECOND WIND Laurin Portland, OR 🇺🇸 Tayana 37'
69 🦜 🥥 VANCHANG VAN CHANG JenVAN CHANG LukeVAN CHANG Jake Denver, CO 🇺🇸 Lagoon 38'
70 🦜 🥥 QUESO GRANDE II QUESO-GRANDE II -LanceQUESO-GRANDE-Sherri Semiahmoo, WA 🇺🇸 Seawind 41'
71 ☸️ ® ENJOY ENJOY NinaENJOY Don Annapolis, MD 🇺🇸
72 🥥 ® SONHO Oceanside, CA 🇺🇸 Baba 35'
73 🥥 🦜🍹 FREEDOM FREEDOM-DavidFREEDOM-Sheri Dana Point, CA 🇺🇸 Beneteau 55'
74 🦜 🏝️ ALMA FEROZ ALAMA-FEROZ-JoseALAMA-FEROZ Alice Pagosa Springs, CO 🇺🇸 Dufour 42'
75 🌿☠️ LADY BLUE LADY BLUE Horst Hamburg, DE 🇩🇪 Feltz 46'
76 🌿 ☸️ CAT TALES CAT TALES Taylor Miami, FL 🇺🇸 Privilege 37'
77 🦜 HYPNAUTIC II Victoria, BC 🇨🇦 Navigator yachts 63.5'
78 ® 🦜 YO-D-YO YO-D-YO DavidYO-D-YO Mary RENO, NV 🇺🇸 Hunter 45'
79 🦜 PAPAHOBO PAPAHOBO KayPAPAHOBO Plymouth, UK 🇬🇧 Mason 40'
80 ® 🥥 🦜 🍹 RAINBOWS END RAINBOWS END ChrisRAINBOWS END Vicki George Town, Cayman Islands 🇰🇾 Nordhavn 60'
81 🦜 🏝️ BRIZO X BRIZO-Brooklyn Vancouver, BC 🇨🇦 Trintella 42'
82 ® 🥥 🦜 BOHEMIA BOHEMIA Peter BOHEMIA Tom San Francisco, CA 🇺🇸 Beneteau 36'
83 ® 🦜 STAND DOWN STAND DOWN NancySTAND DOWN Richard Polson, MT 🇺🇸 Fleming 53'
84 ® 🦀 💰 JUPITER 2 JUPITER 2 JamieJUPITER 2 Princess Brisbane, AUSTRALIA 🇦🇺 Mumby 48'
85 ® 🥥🦜 BOUNDLESS BOUNDLESS Julian BOUNDLESS Colin San Francisco, CA 🇺🇸 Passport 42'
86 ☸️ ® CARPE DIEM Carpe Diem JohnCARPE DIEM Trish San Diego, CA 🇺🇸 Franchini 47'
87 🥥 🦜 🍹 LONG WINDID LONG WINDID DanLONG-WINDID Marla San Diego, CA 🇺🇸 Jeanneau 42'
88 🦜 🍹 ® CODA MattCODA BarbaraCODA Steve Seattle, WA 🇺🇸 American tug 45'
89 ® 🦀 💰 ROSIE 2 ROSA-LEE Gary Italy, TX 🇺🇸 Antigua Sloop 49'
90 ® 🦜 KARUNA KARUNA AnnaKARUNA Doug San Diego, CA 🇺🇸 Ta Shing Panda 40'
91 🦜 DOS ROJOS DOS ROJOS BobDOS ROJOS Debora Portland, OR 🇺🇸 Kadey-Krogen 53'
92 ☸️ ® BISOU BISOU RobinBISOU Tad Port Stephens, AUSTRALIA 🇦🇺 Fountaine Pajot 44'
93 ® 🦜 LAST ARROW LOST ARROW VincentLOST ARROW LindaCrew Vancouver, BC 🇨🇦 Nordhavn 65'
94 ® 🦜 🥥 MAR Y SOL Long Beach, CA 🇺🇸 Downeaster 38'
95 ® 🦜 GITANA II GITANA Michelle Vancouver, BC 🇨🇦 Nordhavn '
96 ® 🦜 🍹 LOLA LOLA DouglasLOLA Washington, WA 🇺🇸 Catana 47 '
97 ® 🦜 AZURE AZURE Forrest
Sultan, WA 🇺🇸 Cheoy Lee 61'
98 🌵 🦜 HULA KAI HULU KAI RickHUKU KAI Kathleen Blaine, WA 🇺🇸 Tayana DS 48'
99 🌵 🦜 JUBEL JUBEL KyleJUBEL Leah Victoria, BC 🇺🇸 Gulfstar 44'
100 ® 🌿 ☸️ MIRA MIRA PamelaMIRA GLenn Atlanta, GA 🇺🇸 Antares 44'
101 ® 🌵 🥥 🦜 TITS PIERRE TITS PIERRE CrewTITS PIERRE TinaTITS PIERRE Ken San Perdro, CA 🇺🇸 Bayliner 45'
102 ® ☠️ PACIFIC RAVEN PACIFIC RAVEN Scott Reno, NV 🇺🇸 Hunter 40.5'
103 ® 🏝️ WONOMA WONOMA ChristopherWONOMA Jessica Montreal, CANADA 🇨🇦 Dufour 37'
104 ® NAO SANTA MARIA NAO NAO NAO Huelva, SPAIN 🇪🇸 Fundacion Nao Victoria 92'
105 ® ☠️ ONE LIFE ONE LIFE DougONE LIFE Mary Boise, ID 🇺🇸 Nordhavn 46'
106 ® 🌿 ☸️ 🌵 STELLA BLUE STELLA BLUE KimberlySTELLA BLUE Larry Green Cove Springs, FL 🇺🇸 Hunter 46'
107 🌿 REMEDY Remedy Jerry Annapolis, MD 🇺🇸 Pacific Seacraft 37'
108 ® 🥥 🦜 SOULMATE
SOULMATE SunnySOULMATE RobynSOULMATE Stu Carefree, AZ 🇺🇸 Hatteras 63'
109 ® ☠️ 🍹 HOPE HOPE PatrickHOPE Sandy Bristol, RI 🇺🇸 Hylas 49'
Victoria, BC, CANADA 🇨🇦 Custom 67'
111 ® 🌵 TEMPTRESS TEMPTRESS CarolyneTEMPTRESS Kim Newport Beach, CA 🇺🇸 Ocean Alexander 85'
112 🌵 🦜 QUE VENDRA QUE VENDRA- MaciekQUE VENDAR Olena Seattle, WA 🇺🇸 Outbound 46'
113 ☠️ 🍹 WANDERFUL WANDERFUL Kylie Houston, TX 🇺🇸 Beneteau 49'
114 🥥🦜 TIDEWALKER TIDEWALKER Alan Vancouver Island, CANADA 🇨🇦 Nordhavn 57'
115 🦀 💰 ☸️ 🌊 LADY SLIPPER lady slipper katieJohn Dunmire, Lady Slipper Racine, WI 🇺🇸 Dufour 41'
116 ☸️ ROXXY
ROXXY - KellyROXXY Dennis Friday Harbor, WA 🇺🇸 Beneteau 52'
117 INDUSTRY Bellingham, WA 🇺🇸 Nichols 40'
118 ® 🥥 TESORO Bikini , Marshall Islands 🇲🇭 Nordhavn 55'
119 ® 🦜 BELLA SIRENA BELLA SIRENA Byron San Francisco, CA 🇺🇸 Pacific Seacraft 45′
121 🦜 BELA JUJU BELA JUJU Rei Marina Del Rey, CA 🇺🇸 Jeanneau 64′
122 ☸️ LA PAZ La PazLa Paz San Diego, CA 🇺🇸 Lagoon 45′
123 🦜 SEAS THE DAY 11 seas the day iiseas the day ii Heritage Pointe, BVI 🇻🇬 Prestige 72'
124 🦜 🌵 AIR BENDER AIR BENDER COLEEN AIR BENDER Mike Honolulu, HI 🇺🇸 Lagoon 42′
125 ☸️ LAZYDAY Alliance, NE 🇺🇸 Kirie Feeling 44′
126 ☸️ GALATEA GALATEA SarahGALATEA Mark Milwaukee, WI 🇺🇸 Morgan 46′
127 ® 🌵 CAYENNE Green Cove Springs, FL 🇺🇸 Kingdragon Passport 40 ′
128 🦜 AUDREY MAE II AUDREY MAE II LibbyAUDREY MAE II Alec Edmonton, CANADA 🇨🇦 Nordhavn 57′
129 🌿 ® JETWAVE AVALON JETWAVE AVALON SharleenJETWAVE AVALON Andrew Fremantle, WA 🇺🇸 Peter Wormwood Designs 55'
130 ® 🦜 🌵 STRAY CAT 2 STRAY_CAT STRAY_CAT Vancouver, BC, CANADA 🇨🇦 Lagoon 38'
131 ® 🌿 WIZARD WIZARD John GUERNSEY, UK 🇬🇬 Elan Marine 40'
132 ® MOOMBA MOOMBA JamieMOOMBA Kyle Seattle, WA 🇺🇸 Seamaster 46'
133 🦀 💰 ORENDA ORENDA abbyORENDA Scott Richland, WA 🇺🇸 Nordhavn 55'
134 💰☸️ SALPARE SALPARE JeffSALPARE Fran Kapolei, HI 🇺🇸 Fountaine Pajot Orana 44'
135 ® 🦜 🌵 HUAKA'I HUAKA'I - Kevin
Seattle, WA
🇺🇸 Beneteau 42’
136 ® 🦜 KIANA KIANA PaulKIANA Lynn Ketchikan, AK 🇺🇸 WAUQUIEZ 41'
137 🌿 ZEPHYR ZEPHYR LauraZEPHYR Chris Snowmass, CO 🇺🇸 Lagoon 45'
138 ☠️ 🍹 MESHUGGA Road Harbour, BVI 🇻🇬 Lagoon 62'
Channel Islands Harbor, CA 🇺🇸 Catalina 44'
140 ® LOPAKA Lopaka AngelaLOPAKA Glenn Kona, HI 🇺🇸 Catana 47'
141 🌿 ☠️ PACIFIC BLUE Groningen, NETHERLANDS 🇳🇱 Breehorn 44'
142 💰® WILDHOOD WILDHOOD DirkWILDHOOD JenniferWILDHOOD CrewWILDHOOD Crew Kingston, Ontario 🇨🇦 Perry Catamarans 43'
143 ☸️ ALU'EVA ALU'EVA Holstein, GERMANY 🇩🇪 Dufour Nautitech 48'
144 🦜 C-YA CY-A Glenn Sedro Wolley, WA 🇺🇸 Island Packet 38.8'
145 🦜 ® CURANDERA CURANDERA DarrynCURANDERA Sheri Minneapolis, MN 🇺🇸 Nordhavn 43'
146 🦜 IT'S ABOUT TIME It's about time John
It's about time Christalit's about time Crew
San Diego,CA 🇺🇸 Hunter 42'
147 🦜 WE NO KEA Costa Mesa,CA 🇺🇸 Irwin 38'
148 ☸️ ® NEW HORIZONS San Diego,CA 🇺🇸 Tayana 55'
149 🦜 DEJA' VU Chelan,WA 🇺🇸 Hunter 49'
150 ☠️ ® COOLRUNNINGS COOLRUNNINGS Donald Panama, PANAMA 🇵🇦 Catalac '30
151 🌿 EMANUEL IV EMANUEL IV - HannaEMANUEL IV - Oded St. Thomas, USVI 🇻🇮 Manta '40
153 ☸️ ® SPILL THE WINE ChrisNancy ZAP, ND 🇺🇸 Jeanneau 42′
154 ® 🍹 ☠️ ® AZIMUTH AZIMUTH Oakland, CA 🇺🇸 Pearson 36.5 ′
155 ☸️ DO THE THING AHOY DO THE THING FrancoisAHOY DO THE THING - Marjolaine Montreal, CANADA 🇨🇦 Dufour 43'
156 🥥 🦜 SERENITY_ SERENITY KathrynSERENITY - mARK Boise, ID 🇺🇸 Antares 44'
157 🥥 🦜 DAZE DREAM Brewster, WA 🇺🇸 Islander 41'
158 🌵 🦜 PASARGADA PASARGADA - Rachel PASARGADA - Nojan Seattle, WA 🇺🇸 Hallberg-Rassy 36'
159 ☸️ 🌿 AMAROK Lake Tahoe, CA 🇺🇸 Nordhavn 40'
160 🌿 FULMO FULMO FrankoFULMO Rostock, GERMANY 🇩🇪 Hallberg Rassy 42'
161 🌿 HIRONDELLE Hirondelle - Stuart Dartmouth, UK 🇬🇧 Dufour 37'
162 ® ☸️ GADABOUT GADDABOUT Paula GADDABOUT "Waggs" Anacortes, WA 🇺🇸 Tayana 48'
163 🌿 ADEL Horn Bad Meinberg, GERMANY 🇩🇪 Lagoon 39'
164 🌿 MORGANE OF SARK MORGANE OF SARK HercoMORGANE OF SARK Elvira Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS 🇳🇱 Hallberg Rassy 46'
165 🌿 FLIP FLOP Karlsruhe, GERMANY 🇩🇪 R & C Leopard 37'
166 🦜 AVOGATO AVOGATO KatherineAVOGATO CrewAVOGATO Richard Albany, CO 🇺🇸 Amel 53'
167 🥥 🦜 ORCA ORCA GretchebORCA John Nederland, CO 🇺🇸 Tayana 42'
168 ® YAHTZEE   Seward, AK 🇺🇸 Grand Soleil 39'
169 🌿 ALAMEA Wismar, GERMANY 🇩🇪 African Cats 43'
170 🌿 MARIA NOA MARIA NOA BrigittaMARIA NOA Hannes Hamburg, GERMANY 🇩🇪 Lagoon 39'
171 🌿 🧭 DIVERGENT Gary Sequim, WA 🇺🇸 Lagoon 420F'
172 🌿 COPEPOD Inverness, SCOTTLAND 🇬🇧 Hallberg Rassy 43'
173 ®🦜 BEATA San Diego, CA 🇺🇸 Beneteau 45′
174 ® 🦜 IMPULSE IMPULSE Scott Portland, OR 🇺🇸 Selene 53'
175 ® 🥥 🦜 JO JO JAYJO Kelly San Diego, CA 🇺🇸 Island Packet 40'
176 🥥 🦜 MARTINI Liberty Hill, TX 🇺🇸 Nordhavn 64′
177 🌿💰 DRAGONFLY DRAGONFLY - RyanDRAGONFLY AddisonDragonfly Renee Captiva, FL 🇺🇸 Leopard 46′
178 ® 🌿 🏝️ PAREM PAREM BethPAREM Randy Ocean Springs, MS 🇺🇸 Lagoon 44'
179 🥥 🦜 ROCHAMBEAU ROCHAMBEAU - BeverlyROCHAMBEAU - Rolf Los Angeles, CA 🇺🇸 Lagoon 39′
180 ® 🌿 ☸️ BELUGA BELUGA TyroneBELUGA Lyn Durban, SOUTH AFRICA 🇿🇦 Charter Cats 38'
181 🥥 🦜 🏝️ HOPTOAD HOPTOAD Margie
Seattle, WA 🇺🇸 Moody 46'
182 ☸️ MONARA MONARA Jan Antwerp, BELGIUM 🇧🇪 Delft 65'
183 ®


184 ® 🦜 GLADIATOR GLADIATOR EricGLADIATOR Kim Portland, OR 🇺🇸 Beneteau 45'
185 🌿 PANGAEA Hamburg, GERMANY 🇩🇪 Amel 53'
187 ® 🦜 VAGABUNDO DOS VAGABUNDO DOS DonnaVAGABUNDO DOS Grant Fairbanks, AK 🇺🇸 Island Packet 38'
188 ® 🦜 NAKAMAL NAKAMAL JohnNAKAMAL Elinore Tucson, AZ 🇺🇸
189 🌵 🦜 LA VIDA GYPSEA LA VIDA LindaLA VIDA KurtLA VIDA Rigby Kemah, TX 🇺🇸 Catana 47'
190 ® 🌵 🦜 WILD WILD MargieWILD Joe San Antonio, TX 🇺🇸 Beneteau 42'
191 ® 🌿 ☠️ MEDEA MEDEA - Darryl Brisbane, AUSTRALIA 🇦🇺 Bavaria 46'
192 ® 🌿 NEW BEGINNINGS NEW BEGINNINGS GraemeNEW BEGINNINGS Simoné Cape Town, SA 🇿🇦 Robertson & Caine 48'
193 ☠️ MILVINA Montreal, CANADA 🇨🇦 Garcia Aluminium 47'
194 ® ☸️ SCOUT SCOUT DebbieSCOUT Doug Austin, TX 🇺🇸 Robertson & Caine 48'
195 ® ☸️ MACH3
Mach 3 Scheveningen, NETHERLANDS 🇳🇱 Hallberg Rassy 49'
196 💰 ☸️ INTREPID Reno, NV 🇺🇸 Islander 36'
197 🌿 ☸️ ICAROS
ICAROS BevICAROS Bob Townsville, AUSTRALIA 🇦🇺 Catana 43.1'
198 ®🍹 ☠️ FOOTLOOSE FOOTLOOSE Lisa FOOTLOOSE Michael Roy, NM 🇺🇸 Catana 47'
199 🦀 💰 🏝️ SOLACE JERSEY 🇯🇪 Lagoon 42'
200 🦀 💰 EDELWEISS Gloucester Point, VA 🇺🇸 Hunter 45'
201 🥥 🦜 SJ Seattle, WA 🇺🇸 Tartan 48'
202 ® 🦜 KATHLEEN KATHLEEN RobertKATHLEEN Karen Seattle, WA 🇺🇸 Cal 39'
203 🌿 KATINKA KATINKA GabrieleKATINKA - Rolf Stuttgart, GERMANY 🇩🇪 Sparr 41'
204 🌿 🏝️ MANATEE MANATEE AndreMANATEE Hanna Bonn, GERMANY 🇩🇪 Carter 33'
205 ⛯ ® SEPHINA SEPHINA JoshSEPHINA Sheila Boca Raton, FL 🇺🇸 Custom build 52'
206 🦜 ® FIREFLY Firefly Brenda Firefly Captain Ted San Francisco, CA 🇺🇸 Catalina 47′
207 🦀💰🏝️ CLOUDY BAY CLOUDY BAY GlenCLOUDY BAY Ioana GIBRALTAR 🇬🇮 Hallberg Rassy 54′
208 🌿 🏝️ TRANQUILLITY Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS 🇳🇱 Scanmar 33′
209 🌿 🏝️ ALLONZEE Chichester, UK 🇬🇧 Amel 46'
210 🍹🦀 ZEN AGAIN ZEN AGAIN ZEN AGAIN Fremantle, AUSTRALIA 🇦🇺 Yamazaki Yachts 34'
211 ☠️ 🍹 ® CHIMERA

CHIMERA MargaretCHIMERA Dennis Santa Barbara, CA  🇺🇸 Beneteau 47'
212 💰 ® AEESHAH AEESHA JohnAEESHA CrewAEESHA John Hamilton, BERMUDA 🇧🇲 Gulfstar Hirsh 45'
213 🦜 ® BONZER BONZER Michael BONZER Vicki Ventura, CA 🇺🇸 Chris White 44′
214 🦜 🥥 SYNCHRONICITY Synchronicity DaveSynchronicity Mary Vancouver, CANADA 🇨🇦 Fraser 41'
215 ⛯ 🌿 WORLDWIND Milford, CT 🇺🇸 Maverick 44′
216 🦜 🥥 HALCYON Los Angeles, CA 🇺🇸 Hans Christian MKII 38′
217 ® 🥥 🦜 WILD BLUE WILD BLUE CrewWILD BLUE ED WILD BLUE Kathleen San Diego, CA 🇺🇸 Island Packet 45'
218 🥥 🦜 PEREGRINE HEART PEREGRINE HEART Michael Encinitas, CA 🇺🇸 Ericson 30'
219 ® 💰 🌿 MAJESTIC MAJESTIC DougMAJESTIC CindyMAJESTIC CrewMAJESTIC CrewMAJESTIC Crew Annapolis, MD 🇺🇸 St. Francis 44'
221 🌿 🏝️ CALYPSO
Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS 🇳🇱 Bavaria 30'
222 ® CAPRICORN CAT CAPRICORN CAT Sue Brisbane, CA 🇺🇸 Shaw Boat Works and Blair Grinols 45′
223 ® 🦜 ARCANE ARACNE JeanARCANE Jacinthe Montreal, Québec, CANADA 🇨🇦 Aura 40'
224 🌿 🏝️ © CHANTEY Opua, NZ 🇳🇿 Pearson 42'
225 ☠️ 🏝️ MALA NZ 🇳🇿 Fountain Pajot 43'
226 🌿 🏝️ SONG OF THE SEA Song of the Seasong of the seasong of the seasong of the sea Newport, RI 🇺🇸 Lagoon 49'
227 🥥 🦜 OZ OZ SusanOZ Steven Seattle, WA 🇺🇸 Catana 40'
228 ☠️ HARMONIUM CAYS HARMONIUM CAYS KristaHARMONIUM CAYS Phillip Toronto, CANADA 🇨🇦 Island Packet 38'
229 🌿 💰 FREEFALL Molalla, OR 🇺🇸 St. Francis 50′
230 🥥 🦜 VINGATHOR Ptuj, SLOVENIA 🇸🇮 Tayana 42′
231 🦜 ® NAMO NAMO IanNAMO Laurie Vancouver,BC 🇨🇦 Dix 43'
232 🥥 🦜 TASI TASI _ RodTASI Shelly San Diego, CA 🇺🇸 Island Packet 38'
233 🌿 🏝️ DUE DUE SARA
DUE Mark
Bayfield, WI 🇺🇸 Voyage 44'
234 🍹 RECESS  RECESS Crew RECESS Crew RECESS Crew RECESS Crew RECESS Michelle Wilmington, DE 🇺🇸 Outremer 51'
235 ® 🌵 TENNIE ANN TENNE ANN Michael Austin, TX 🇺🇸 Grand Alaskan 64'
236 🥥 🦜 🏝️
COMMITMENT COMMITMENT -ZacharyCOMMITMENT -Karina San Diego, CA 🇺🇸 Transpacific Marine 49'
237 🌵 🦜🍹
238 ® 🌵 🌊 AMANDLA AMANDLA Captain Fabio AMANDLA Lisa London, UK 🇬🇧 Beneteau 48′
239 ® 🦜 KASTAWAY Alameda, CA 🇺🇸 Hunter 44'
240 🌿 🏝️ DANCEME DANCEMEDANCEME Antwerp, BELGIUM 🇧🇪 Breehorn 41'
St. Augustine, FL 🇺🇸 Endeavour 52'
243 ® ☸️ OCEAN DREAM III OCEAN DREAM III DonOCEAN DREAM III KevinOCEAN DREAM III Brent Nanaimo, BC 🇨🇦 Hallberg-Rassy 40'
244 ® ☸️ LIBERTY VENTURER London, UK 🇬🇧 Whisstocks 57'
246 🏝️ 🌿 VIRIDIAN VIRIDIAN JanVIRIDIAN - Greg Portsmouth, UK 🇬🇧 Northwind 50'
247 🌵 🦜 CHAOS Anchorage, AK 🇺🇸 Beneteau 47.7'
248 ® 🦜 HO'OKIPA HO’OKIPA Lisa HO’OKIPA Lucky San Diego, CA 🇺🇸 Selene 43'
250 🦜 STRANGE BIRD Ventura,CA 🇺🇸 Tartan 37'
251 ☸️ ® KJALOHA KJALOHA CatherineKJALOHA Juergen Basel,Switzerland 🇨🇭 Amel 39'
252 ®🦜 🥥 REVERENCE REVRENCE MikeREVERENCE Leah Kansas City, MO 🇺🇸 Tayana 58'
253 🌿 FREEDOM Gorda Sound, BVI 🇻🇬 Fountain Pajot 47'
254 ® 🥥🦜🍹 SALACIA SALACIA PeterSALACIA Donna San Francisco, CA 🇺🇸 Santa Cruz 50'
255 ® 🌵 NO MORE GAMES NO MORE GAMES RobertNO MORE GAMES Cyndi Bass Lake, CA 🇺🇸 Ocean Alexander ’62
256 🦜 DEEKN BLEWS Bowen Island, BC, CANADA 🇨🇦 Morgan 46'
257 🌿 MEERLA Basel,Switzerland 🇨🇭 Allures 45'
258 🌿 🏝️ YEBO London, UK 🇬🇧 Leopard 48'
259 🌿 🏝️ LEVANTE Bikini, Marshall Islands 🇲🇭 Xquisite 50'
260 🌿 🏝️ WADURA wadurawadura Sete, FRANCE 🇫🇷 Outremer 48'
261 ☠️ ® KATA DEL MAR Panama, PANAMA 🇵🇦 Lagoon 45′
262 ® ☸️ SONG OF THE SEA SONG OF THE SEA MaudSONG OF THE SEA Tore Gothenburg, Sweden 🇸🇪 Najad 46'
263 🦜 LYRA LYRA LYRA LYRA Bikini , Marshall Islands 🇲🇭 Nordhavn 60'
264 🦜 BASIK BASICBASICBASIC CompassBASIC 🇺🇸 435 Catamaran'
265 ® 🦜 INVICTUS INVICTUS LindseyINVICTUS Jeff Charleston, SC 🇺🇸 Simpson 60'
266 🌿 RAVEN Seacliff, CA 🇺🇸 Leopard 45'
267 💰 ☸️ ET CETERA San Diego, CA 🇺🇸 Catana 47'
268 🦜 EVER AFTER Ever AfterSAILING EVER AFTEREver After Lake Oswego, OR 🇺🇸 Jeanneau 44'
269 🌿 ® LA MUNI La Muni Carlos Panama, PANAMA 🇵🇦 Beneteau 34'
270 ® 🌵 🦜 AO AO DougAO Tamara Chagrin Falls, OH 🇺🇸 Seawind 41'
271 🌵 🏝️ WANDERLUST Fort Lauderdale, FL 🇺🇸 Seawind 52'
272 🌵 🦜 ☠️ MANXI Edmonds, WA 🇺🇸 Marples 35′
Constellation - Stella
Anacortes, WA 🇺🇸 Freedom 45'
274 🌵 🦜 FELICITÀ felicita felicita San Diego, CA 🇺🇸 Catalina 42'
275 🍹 ARIES Copenhagen, DENMARK 🇩🇰 Sparkman & Stephens 49'
276 🌵 🦜 GATO MAL GATO MAL - Mike Baltimore, MD 🇺🇸 Malcolm Tennant Power Catamaran 53'
277 ® 🦜🍹 BUSY BEE BUSY BEE DanBUSY BEE LoriBUSY BEE Jake New Castle, DE 🇺🇸 Lagoon 40'
278 ☸️ SORCERESS San Francisco, CA 🇺🇸 Cal 39'
279 🦜 🍹 AVEMARINA Danville, CA 🇺🇸 Hatteras 72'
280 🌿 🏝️ JOSEPHINE JOSEPHINE - DianaJOSEPHINE Blake Ft Worth, TX 🇺🇸 Ericson 38'
281 💰 🏝️ YASIDA Marmaris, TURKEY 🇹🇷 MARTI YAT TURKEY 40'
282 ® 🌵 🦜 🍹 🥥 SAUVAGE SAUVAGE CedarSAUVAGESAUVAGE Crew SAUVAGE Crew Seattle, WA 🇺🇸 Hanse 50'
283 💰 🌿 🏝️ FREYA FREYAFREYA USA 🇺🇸 Pacific Seacraft 40'
Basel,Switzerland 🇨🇭 Hallberg Rassy 42'
285 🍹 ® KRISTINA MARIE KRISTINA MARIE KenKRISTINA MARIE KristieKRISTINA MARIE Matt Slaughter Long Beach, CA 🇺🇸 Hudson Force 50'
286 🌿 🏝️ VOODOO VOODOO - Stephen
VOODOO - Gabriella
Loveland, CO 🇺🇸 Hylas 70'
287 🌿 PRIMULA PRIMULAPRIMULA Victoria, BC, CANADA 🇨🇦 Fountaine Pajot 43'
288 🌵 🦜 DELPHINA Rapid City, SD 🇺🇸 Waterline 55'
290🍹 EARENDIL II Jamestown, RI 🇺🇸 Lagoon 56'
291 💰 TEMIS Cayman Islands 🇰🇾 Catana 46'
292 🌵 🦜 RESOLUTE Jamestown, RI 🇺🇸 Beneteau 50'
293 ® ☸️ MIDNIGHT BREEZE MIDNIGHT BREEZE CarolineMIDNIGHT BREEZE Richard Southampton, UK 🇬🇧 Sweden Yachts 43'
294 🪸 JOURNEY Jacksonville, FL 🇺🇸 Hatteras 48'
295 🦜 🍹 SIDONIA
SIDONIA - Janus San Francisco, CA 🇺🇸 Hans Christian 40'
296 ☸️ 🌊 1MAGIC Camden, ME 🇺🇸 Lyman-Morse 44'
297 🌿 🏝️ KARMA

KARMA JenKARMA Bryan Portland, OR 🇺🇸 Catana Bali 39'
299 🌿 ☸️ 🌊 ASTA ASTAASTA Gothenburg, Sweden 🇸🇪 Bowman 45'
300 🌿 🏝️ FRIENDSHIP Falmouth, UK 🇬🇧 Broadblue 38'
301 🪸 ISLAND BOUND Seattle, WA 🇺🇸 Kelly Peterson 44'
302 🌿 PIJAMA REPUBLIC Panama, Panama 🇵🇦 Leopard 58'
303 🦜 SHIP FACED SHIP FACEDSHIP FACED St Croix, USVI 🇻🇮 Nordhavn 60'
304 🦜 SARAH SARAH Anacortes, WA 🇺🇸 Circa 68'
306 ⛯ 🌿 MOVING 2 Vienna, AUSTRIA 🇦🇹 Lagoon 450F'
AMAZING GRAZE III Kim Seattle, WA 🇺🇸 Island Packet 44′
308 🌿 🏝️ JACK IRON JACK IRON KentJACK IRON Michelle St Petersburg, FL 🇺🇸 Valiant 42′
309 🌿 🏝️ ALISSA Oslo, NORWAY 🇳🇴 Beneteau 50′
310 🥥 🦜 SPLINTERS SPLINTERS KimSPLINTERS Eric San Diego, CA 🇺🇸 American Marine
Grand Banks 42'
311 🦜 VIVA VIVAVIVA Portland, OR 🇺🇸 Amel 52'
312 ☠️ BLOWN AWAY BLOWN AWAYBLOWN AWAY Key West, FL 🇺🇸 Robertson and Caine 44'
313 💰 MITHRIL OF NEWHAVEN Newhaven, UK 🇬🇧 Prout 46'
314 🌵 🦜 TASHI Marina del Rey, CA 🇺🇸 Island Packet 44'
315 🌵 🦜 TYPHOON Bloody Bay, CAYMAN ISLANDS 🇰🇾 Custom 60'
316 🌿 ☸️ MRS. CHIPPY
Lake Tahoe, NV 🇺🇸 Beneteau 49.2'
317 ☸️ 🏝️ CARPATHIA Montreal, CANADA 🇨🇦 Beneteau 47'
318 🦜 SANDRO Sydney, AUSTRALIA 🇦🇺 Beneteau 41'
319 🌿 BALLERINA St. Thomas, USVI 🇻🇮 Outbound 46'
320 🦜 CATSBY Philadelphia, PA 🇺🇸 Fountain Pajot 42'
321 🌿☸️ LOVELIGHT Ettersburg, PA 🇺🇸 Fountain Pajot 47'
322 🦜 MORGEN Seattle, WA 🇺🇸 Tashing 38'
324 ☸️ TUI TUI - Peter Redwood City, CA 🇺🇸 Bavaria 46'
325 🦜 🏝️ EYONI Eyoni - Cynthia
Eyoni Ethan
Eyoni Frida and ManchaFrida and Mancha
Ya Ta Hey, NM 🇺🇸 Alubat, Ovni36'
326 🦜 SANCERRE Victoria, BA CANADA 🇨🇦 Hylas 45'
327 🦜 OLE SARA Discovery Bay, CA 🇺🇸 Beneteau 37'
328 🌿☸️ VOLARE San Diego, CA 🇺🇸 Neel 51'
329 🦀 💰 VALENTIN valentin
Dortmund, NRW, GERMANY 🇩🇪 Robertson&Caine 40'
330 🌿 WICKED WICKED JohnWICHED Michelle New Smyrna Beach, FL 🇺🇸 Lagoon 50'
331 🥥 🦜 LUCIA AETERNA Houston, TX 🇺🇸 Cavalier 36'
332 🌿 🏝️ SAIL LA VIE Stuart, FL 🇺🇸 Fountaine Pajot 46'
333 🪸 💰 AQUILA AQUILA GradyAQUILA Monica Key West, FL 🇺🇸 Pearson 36'
334 🦜 SELAH Newport Beach, CA 🇺🇸 Jeanneau 54'
335 🪸 PRIVATE ISLAND Portland, OR 🇺🇸 Formosa 60'
336 🌿☸️ STINGRAY 7 Portland, OR 🇨🇦 Leopard 42'



Florida / Bahamas / Turks and Caicos / Windward Passage / Jamaica / Panama / South Bound Gold Runners


Colombia / Caribbean Panama  Via Jamaica / Cayman Islands / Cuba / Yucatan / Florida Keys / North Bound Rum Runners


Lesser Antilles via Colombia –-> Panama Canal Bound - East to West Spice Runners


Bocas del Toro –-> Cayman Islands / Roatan / Rio Dulce / North Bound Pirate Runners


San Diego / Ensenada / Cabo / La Paz / Mazatlan / PV -–> Barra de Navidad - South Bound Cocount Runners


Pacific Panama / Costa Rica –-> North Bound Counter Posse


Barra de Navidad -–> Panama Canal South Bound Original Panama Posse


Barra / Cabo / La Paz / PV --> San Diego / LA / SFO - North Bound Bashers


Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia & Florida Bahamas– north or south bound, coastal or via the ICW Crab Posse


La Paz / Mazatlan / Sea of Cortez - North and South Bound Cactus Posse


Panama - Jamaica - South Coast of Cuba - South Coast of Haiti - South Coast of Dominican Republic - South Coast of Puerto Rico - to the Virgin Islands - East Bound Hibiscus Posse






Pacific Coast --> Galapagos --> Marquesas / French Polynesia - South Pacific Bound south pacific posse


Spain - Greater Antilles Atlantic Posse
  1. AIS SHIP TRACKING >> https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/home/centerx:-86.7/centery:7.5/zoom:4

  2. FCC LICENSE SEARCH >> https://wireless2.fcc.gov/UlsApp/UlsSearch/searchShip.jsp

  3. USCG PSIX  SEARCH >> https://cgmix.uscg.mil/psix/psixsearch.aspx

  4. FLEET MON >> https://www.fleetmon.com/

  5. IMO >> https://gisis.imo.org/Public/SHIPS/Default.aspx


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Thu, 6/10/2021

Fri, 7/9/2021
14:02 Captain Dietmar [Photo]
14:02 Captain Dietmar hi walt
14:04 walt knot right Don't forget the ask Jeariene to join the group

Sat, 7/10/2021

Wed, 7/14/2021
06:03 Captain Dietmar Trinidad to open sea borders July 17th

Thu, 7/15/2021
09:15 Captain Dietmar [null] Rampa Xicoténcatl 201, Cuauhtemoc, 22010 Tijuana, B.C., Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=32.541335,-117.026945&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14

Fri, 7/16/2021

Sat, 7/17/2021

Sun, 7/18/2021

Mon, 7/19/2021

Thu, 7/22/2021

Fri, 7/23/2021

Mon, 7/26/2021
00:28 Captain Dietmar tracking has started
have a look

Tue, 7/27/2021
09:45 Captain Dietmar from our friends the SSCA
The National Hurricane Center will be hosting their second annual live webinars on weather forecasting geared toward blue water mariners. These are available for up to 250 mariners with no cost to participants through GoToMeeting video conferencing. To sign up, register online at the links shown below.

“Hurricane Analysis and Prediction”

Noon-1 PM EDT, Wednesday, August 4

Dr. Mike Brennan, Chief of the Hurricane Specialist Unit at the National Hurricane Center

Register at: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/1007913929576201997

The Hurricane Specialist Unit (HSU) of the National Hurricane Center maintains a continuous watch on tropical cyclones and areas of disturbed weather within the North Atlantic and eastern North Pacific basins. The HSU prepares and issues analyses and forecasts in the form of text advisories and graphical products, issues coastal tropical cyclone watches and warnings for the United States and its Caribbean territories, and provides impact-based decision support services for federal, state, and local government partners.

HSU also coordinates with and provides watch and warning recommendations to other World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Region IV meteorological services. The HSU also conducts an extensive outreach and education program, training U.S. emergency managers, the media, and representatives from many other countries affected by tropical cyclones.

“Wind and Wave Prediction for the Blue Water Mariner”

Noon-1 PM EST, Thursday, August 6th

Dr. Chris Landsea, Chief of the Tropical Analysis and Forecast Branch at the National Hurricane Center

Register at: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/7528406009892549645

The Tropical Analysis and Forecast Branch (TAFB) within the National Hurricane Center makes forecasts of wind speeds/wave heights and issues wind Warnings year-round for 10,000,000 square nautical miles over the Atlantic Ocean north of the equator to 31°N and west of 35°W (including the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea) as well as the eastern North Pacific Ocean north of the equator to 30°N. These wind warnings include tropical storms and hurricanes as well as winter storms, tradewind gales, and severe gap-wind events (for example, the “Tehuantepecers” south of Mexico).
09:57 PP SV avant I’m in!
19:30 Captain Dietmar @Juliet-Charlie welcome to the Panama Posse !
19:30 SV Juliet-Charlie Thank you!
19:39 Aegis, Mary/Ian Hi everyone
19:39 Captain Dietmar @Aegis welcome to the Panama Posse !
19:39 Captain Dietmar @Sea Bella Scott welcome to the Panama Posse
19:39 Aegis, Mary/Ian Thanks!
19:45 Sea Bella Scott Thank You! Leaving California soon!
20:36 TOKETEE Dar Diane Kimberly Welcome to the Panama Posse Ian and Mary!
21:28 Aegis, Mary/Ian Toketee! Hey folks.
23:24 Captain Dietmar @Sea Bella Kathy welcome to the Panamá Posse

Wed, 7/28/2021
07:52 Sea Bella Kathy (Hello) Thank you for setting this group chat up. 805 610-2846
08:25 Captain Dietmar @No Regrets Bruce welcome to the 21▪︎22 Panamá Posse
08:35 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Thanks, Dietmar.
09:24 Captain Dietmar @No Regrets Lynette welcome
09:26 🍹☠️ TOKETEE Crew Thank you for the add Dietmar.
09:27 PP SV avant from our friends the SSCA
The National Hurricane Center will be hosting their second annual live webinars on weather forecasting geared toward blue water mariners. These are available for up to 250 mariners with no cost to participants through GoToMeeting video conferencing. To sign up, register online at the links shown below.

“Hurricane Analysis and Prediction”

Noon-1 PM EDT, Wednesday, August 4

Dr. Mike Brennan, Chief of the Hurricane Specialist Unit at the National Hurricane Center

Register at: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/1007913929576201997

The Hurricane Specialist Unit (HSU) of the National Hurricane Center maintains a continuous watch on tropical cyclones and areas of disturbed weather within the North Atlantic and eastern North Pacific basins. The HSU prepares and issues analyses and forecasts in the form of text advisories and graphical products, issues coastal tropical cyclone watches and warnings for the United States and its Caribbean territories, and provides impact-based decision support services for federal, state, and local government partners.

HSU also coordinates with and provides watch and warning recommendations to other World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Region IV meteorological services. The HSU also conducts an extensive outreach and education program, training U.S. emergency managers, the media, and representatives from many other countries affected by tropical cyclones.

“Wind and Wave Prediction for the Blue Water Mariner”

Noon-1 PM EST, Thursday, August 6th

Dr. Chris Landsea, Chief of the Tropical Analysis and Forecast Branch at the National Hurricane Center

Register at: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/7528406009892549645

The Tropical Analysis and Forecast Branch (TAFB) within the National Hurricane Center makes forecasts of wind speeds/wave heights and issues wind Warnings year-round for 10,000,000 square nautical miles over the Atlantic Ocean north of the equator to 31°N and west of 35°W (including the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea) as well as the eastern North Pacific Ocean north of the equator to 30°N. These wind warnings include tropical storms and hurricanes as well as winter storms, tradewind gales, and severe gap-wind events (for example, the “Tehuantepecers” south of Mexico).

09:28 Ho’okipa-Lisa Lucky & Longshadow are in
09:47 Captain Dietmar 🇪🇨 UPDATE ON CLEARING IN ECUADOR (Ecuador Mainland was previously closed )

We have the new entry requirements for Ecuador. At Puerto Amistad we are permitted to receive international vessels. The following are the requirements during the Pandemia.
1.Autografo - This will require contacting us 2 to 3 weeks prior to departing to get the pre-autografo. The cost is $200 but for Posse members it is a discount of 20%.
2. Impacted Port Fee $120 (This is to allow our port to receive vessels. during ports closed in Ecuador. This fee will end once they open all maritime activities.
3. PCR Test $20 per person given upon entry. (This too will end someday!)
4. Checkin International $180. (port Cap, Imigration, Aduanas, Health, all entities included.)
5. Pilot for entry $35


Marina Puerto Amistad, 🇪🇨


Thu, 7/29/2021
09:17 Sea Bella Kathy Great, thanks! We are all registered.
09:28 WildhoodDirk Hi Everyone, SV Wildhood here. We are a Canadian family of 4 (Dirk, Jennifer, Cedar, and Eden, plus pooch named Rudder) sailing on a Perry 43 catamaran. Currently in the Bocas area, we left Alabama in April...Happy to be here and be a part of the group!
09:29 PP SV avant Sigh. More Canadians. (Avant is a canadian crew too). ;)
09:29 Captain Dietmar all seafarers welcome here
09:29 WildhoodDirk Surprised anyone is left at home! Lol...
09:41 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Hellos all!

Here’s our intro: We’re a retired couple doing the Coconut Run to Barra and then down to Panama for a canal transit.

We sail on a 1980 Fast Passage 39 and cruised down the coast from Portland Oregon late last fall (2020). We are now passing the time doing repairs and projects (is there any time when not doing repairs or projects?) while at the Chula Vista Marina.

We’re looking to possibly buddy boat down to Barra in October if anyone is interested. Happy to be in this group and looking forward to the adventure.
09:58 TranquiloMike Greetings, we are Mike and Lori from Santa Barbara CA, sailing our Catalina 445 which is located in Channel Islands Harbor. We are recently retired. We will leave CA with the Baja Haha at the end of October, then plan to spend some time in the Sea of Cortez before heading further south.

We look forward to meeting and sharing this adventure with as many of you as possible.
10:04 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Forgot to provide our names. We’re Bruce and Lynette. Long story about our boat name so will leave that for rambling discussions over drinks. 🍺

Fri, 7/30/2021
09:05 Ho’okipa-Lisa m/y Ho'okipa is planning an adventure to the Cocos Island, Costa Rica in October-November. We will depart from either Quepos or Golfito. It's +/- 600 nm round trip. We cruise at 6.5 nm. We intend to do a week of so of scuba diving, s orkeling land hikes to the Island waterfalls. A permit is required and Ernesto will handle. Looking for a buddy boat (s)... ~Lucky Chucky & Lisa Longshadow
10:57 Captain Dietmar @HINA welcome to the Panamá Posse
10:58 AKIA Judy Thank you!
15:47 CuranderaDarryn Hello everyone

We are excited to welcome the Panama Posse and look forward to your arrival ! IGY MARINA AT ORTEGA LANDING is in the center of the marine world of Jacksonville, Florida

This offer extends the following benefits to the Panama Posse

5-for-1 Cruisers Provisioning Special. Five (5) nights dockage for the price of one Based on availability and 10% off first month’s dockage

15:51 Captain Dietmar [Photo]
15:51 Captain Dietmar [Photo]
15:51 Captain Dietmar [Photo]
15:51 Captain Dietmar [Photo]
15:52 Captain Dietmar THAT'S 80% off - pays for itself - controlling depth 6 feet a high tide !
15:55 Captain Dietmar @Curandera Darryn welcome to the Panama Posse !
15:55 SVAKIA-Rick Thank you. We are excited to be in the group.
15:56 Captain Dietmar @SVAKIA-Rick welcome to the Posse - next task drop a location pin into the chatroom - from yoru phone this is the sequence
15:59 SVAKIA-Rick Hmmm' where is the location pin found?
16:01 Captain Dietmar [Photo]
16:01 Captain Dietmar [Photo]
16:02 Captain Dietmar [Photo]
16:03 SVAKIA-Rick [Photo]
16:08 SVAKIA-Rick I am setting up my ICOM IC M802 radio for getting grib files over Winlink.
17:27 NAVIGATOR - Dave @Ho’okipa hi there, it’s a long shot as I’m bouncing around North Carolina and Virginia in a camper looking for a new land home with my wife while my boat molders in Nuevo Vallarta but I’ve wanted to go to Cocos ever since visiting my father in Zancudo(golfito) 20 plus years ago so keep me in the loop as your planning progresses.
17:28 NAVIGATOR - Dave Sorry all, I have intended that last for Ho’okipa but it slipped out to the group:)!
17:32 SVAKIA-Rick The crew of AK8A & JUNGLE are have a farewell dock party today in 30 minutes. We are getting everything ready for the bon voyage then we are off to Mexico. Pictures to follow.
17:34 SVAKIA-Rick The crew of AKIA & JUNGLE are have a bon voyage dock party today. We are making preparations for the get together. Then it is off to Mexico! Photos to follow.
17:35 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce [Chula Vista Marina] 550 Marina Pkwy Chula Vista, CA 91910 United States : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=32.623555,-117.102447&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
17:35 SVAKIA-Rick The crew of AKIA & JUNGLE are having a bon voyage dock party today. We are making preparations for the get together. Then it is off to Mexico! Photos to follow.
17:37 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Did the Chula Vista Marina show up as something I sent? It doesn’t from my end so was wondering if it does for others. If not, how do I share my location so it indicates my location?
17:48 AKIA Judy No Regrets it did show up
18:25 CuranderaDarryn Home in Vancouver but Curandera is in Loreto MX
18:25 CuranderaDarryn [Photo]
18:59 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Thanks!
19:08 Sea Bella Kathy [Photo]
19:09 SVAKIA-Rick [Photo]
19:10 SVAKIA-Rick Pic from Tacoma Wa. JUNGLE and AKIA'S potluck bon voyage party.
20:40 PP SV avant Pro tip: if you’re in the USA, buy some ‘Dinty Moore’ beef stew (1/2 dozen cans or so). When you get to la Cruz/ Puerto Vallarta area, present them to Kat, the cruising community social coordinator for la Cruz marina. You will be royalty in her eyes, and you will have a new friend for life.

Sat, 7/31/2021
00:31 ,☠️Delta Swizzler OMG I thought Katv was a vegetarian. But, cravings overrule diet.l 😂
07:12 Ho’okipa-Lisa Copy that. Will do. s/v Dreamer is also interested. We want to go there before the Posse kickoff in Barra de Navidad in early December which we plan on flying to from Golfito... Stay tuned...
09:26 YO-D-YO Dave Hello! Panama bound!
09:26 Captain Dietmar @YO-D-YO Dave & Mary welcome to the Panamá Posse
09:26 YO-D-YO Dave Thank you Dietmar!
10:41 YO-D-YO Dave Hi RoR(!)
13:23 REEF DANCER Jerry Hi Chuck cocos would be a nice trip but it's not in the cards we,are 100 miles from Aruba. So I'm guessing it's 1000 miles from here we are going to stop and dive aruba then wait for Hurricane season to be officially over wait for weather then off to the bvi will stay there for months diving there come on bye have,a pain killer or two reef dancer out

Sun, 8/1/2021
07:12 Ho’okipa-Lisa Thanks Jerry. Will do.
10:29 Captain Dietmar @🦜Ramble on Rose-Don @🦜Ramble On Rose-Roz welcome back
12:59 Captain Dietmar @DANCINGONTHEEDGE-DAN welcome to the 21•22 Panamá Posse
15:40 Captain Dietmar latest fleet update just went out via email
if you did not receive it please check your spam folder
16:32 DANCINGONTHEEDGE-DAN We didn’t get it and it’s not in our spam folder.
19:36 AKIA Judy We did not receive it either. Spam is empty. Possible to resend?
20:30 walt knot right Also did not receive and not in spam
20:32 TOKETEE Dar Diane Kimberly We did not receive it either.
20:32 PP SV avant I was feeling left out, but now I think I’m with the group. No update here either.
20:35 ,☠️Delta Swizzler We received the update.
20:53 SV Juliet-Charlie @🦜panamaposseDietmar received it in my Promotions folder
20:55 TOKETEE Dar Diane Kimberly We received it. Impressive!
21:11 PP SV avant Got it now.
23:04 Captain Dietmar jeariene.s a subscriber
23:06 Captain Dietmar you are a subscriber too
23:10 Captain Dietmar to get the fleet updates please confirm from

it's a proper double option
if you did not receive
pm me and be sure to subscribe and confirm

Mon, 8/2/2021

Tue, 8/3/2021
08:07 🥥🦜PathfinderJPNicole Hello we are Jean-Philippe Chevaillier and Nicole Hendrix from s/v Pathfinder. We have joined all of you to set sail from our home marina in Paradise Village Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico to Panama…as the winds wish. Our Pathfinder is a Lagoon 39 catamaran and our full-time home. Hurricane season has us couch surfing with our families on land in California, Minnesota, Germany and the South of France. We are vessel #96 and part of the 🥥🦜pod for the Panama Posse 21-22. Looking forward to sailing with all of you!
08:28 walt knot right Welcome aboard
08:56 Ho’okipa-Lisa Wonderful! Please attend the PP kickoff in Barra?
08:57 Ho’okipa-Lisa Is the Hurrican online seminar on for tomorrow?
09:07 ,☠️Delta Swizzler Hope to see you two next year.
10:03 PP SV avant Reposting for those who have just joined:

from our friends the SSCA
The National Hurricane Center will be hosting their second annual live webinars on weather forecasting geared toward blue water mariners. These are available for up to 250 mariners with no cost to participants through GoToMeeting video conferencing. To sign up, register online at the links shown below.

“Hurricane Analysis and Prediction”

Noon-1 PM EDT, Wednesday, August 4

Dr. Mike Brennan, Chief of the Hurricane Specialist Unit at the National Hurricane Center

Register at: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/1007913929576201997

The Hurricane Specialist Unit (HSU) of the National Hurricane Center maintains a continuous watch on tropical cyclones and areas of disturbed weather within the North Atlantic and eastern North Pacific basins. The HSU prepares and issues analyses and forecasts in the form of text advisories and graphical products, issues coastal tropical cyclone watches and warnings for the United States and its Caribbean territories, and provides impact-based decision support services for federal, state, and local government partners.

HSU also coordinates with and provides watch and warning recommendations to other World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Region IV meteorological services. The HSU also conducts an extensive outreach and education program, training U.S. emergency managers, the media, and representatives from many other countries affected by tropical cyclones.

“Wind and Wave Prediction for the Blue Water Mariner”

Noon-1 PM EST, Thursday, August 6th

Dr. Chris Landsea, Chief of the Tropical Analysis and Forecast Branch at the National Hurricane Center

Register at: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/7528406009892549645

The Tropical Analysis and Forecast Branch (TAFB) within the National Hurricane Center makes forecasts of wind speeds/wave heights and issues wind Warnings year-round for 10,000,000 square nautical miles over the Atlantic Ocean north of the equator to 31°N and west of 35°W (including the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea) as well as the eastern North Pacific Ocean north of the equator to 30°N. These wind warnings include tropical storms and hurricanes as well as winter storms, tradewind gales, and severe gap-wind events (for example, the “Tehuantepecers” south of Mexico).

10:44 🥥🦜PathfinderJPNicole Thank you everyone! What a warm welcome!
10:59 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Will this be recorded if we can’t make that time slot?
10:59 PP SV avant I don’t know.
11:00 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Who can I contact to find out?
11:05 PP SV avant Last year’s webinars were posted here.

11:06 PP SV avant You could check the nhc site for generic or public affairs contact info. The announcements don’t give a name.
11:06 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Ok. Thanks!
17:34 PP SV avant Travelling to Panama from Colombia by sea. According to Juanjo at shelter bay marina, The rules changed last week. Are you vaccinated? If so:
1. AG Covid test before departure.
2. Fill form on www.panamadigital.gob.pa
3. Provide copy of fully vaccinated certificate.
4. COVID test upon arrival.
17:37 REEF DANCER Jerry Reef dancer is curious whether there are other boats from ThE posse here in Santa marta? If so we would like to have a pot luck or some type of get together

Wed, 8/4/2021
13:07 🦜Ramble On Rose-Roz Thanks Dietmar! We are looking forward to this year
15:00 Captain Dietmar @PILIALOHA welcome back Rick and Maria
16:48 CuranderaDarryn May be a dumb question (my 1st year) but if we are not leaving PV area until mid/late February, is there likely a group or 2 we can tag along with?
17:05 Ho’okipa-Lisa No question is dumb!!! PV north or south?
17:13 🥥🦜PathfinderJPNicole Thank you for saying that about asking questions… we’re new too and trying to order everything we need while we’re still in the US. What cruising guide books should we get for Central America?
17:15 PP SV avant Sarana guides are the best I’ve seen. But the posse intel is far more up to date.

17:16 🥥🦜PathfinderJPNicole Excellent! Thank you!
17:36 Pilialoha Thank you, we are happy to be part of this group. This is our third season and we hope to start sailing again in November and we look forward to meeting new people and having new adventures.
Thanks Dietmar for all you do (ok)
17:39 REEF DANCER Jerry Reef dancer here in Santa marta staying safe from hurricanes for u divers a underwater park is a 30 minute dinghy ride
17:44 DANCINGONTHEEDGE-DAN When do we expect to see the official notification About passage between Columbia and Panama?
17:53 CuranderaDarryn We will be in La Cruz for a December haul out, then heading south in February
19:50 ,☠️Delta Swizzler We also used Charlie’s Charts for Costa Rica along with the downloaded Sarana Guide, Good Nautical and in Panama, the Eric Bauhaus guide. We even accessed Active Captain on our Chart Plotter.
20:10 PP SV avant Travelling to Panama from Colombia by sea. According to Juanjo at shelter bay marina, The rules changed last week. Are you vaccinated? If so:
1. AG Covid test before departure.
2. Fill form on www.panamadigital.gob.pa
3. Provide copy of fully vaccinated certificate.
4. COVID test upon arrival.

Thu, 8/5/2021
09:59 PP SV avant Worthwhile article in practical sailor on dock line failure. Three of the marinas many posse members often stay at on the route (El Cid in Mazatlan, Huatulco and Vista Mar in Panama) are notorious for busting dock lines.

13:14 Captain Dietmar [Photo]
13:14 Captain Dietmar https://panamaposse.com/tracking
is active and it's impressive to see everyone's tracks
to get added follow the links on the page


Fri, 8/6/2021
16:51 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce To have my track recorded on this site, do you need an Iridium GO! to work with Predict Wind? I looked at the signup page and it looked like a satellite phone number is required. I assume that means Iridium GO! or another sat phone.
19:36 Captain Dietmar you can use an email address only submission
ie manual submission too
please review the https://panamaposse.com/tracking-support page for details
19:51 PP SV avant Also, do download the sat chart collection while on first world internet in the USA. It’s painful once you’re across the border.
19:52 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley Roger Rob
19:52 Captain Dietmar @Orion 💰 welcome back !
19:53 PP SV avant Welcome back!
19:54 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley Thanks… it’s good to be here. Although here is Smokey Northern California. I’ll head back to Chiapas in early November.
19:58 Captain Dietmar us too which direction do you plan to go ?
19:59 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley North. I plan to attend the seminars in Barre Navidad, then explore the Sea of Cortez.
20:00 PP SV avant Do you have Sean and Heather’s cruising guides? Highly recommended.
20:03 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley No I don’t. But I got time. I’ll go ahead and get them on order.

Sat, 8/7/2021
08:33 Unknown Yes!!! Go Patrick & Lisa!!!
17:15 Captain Dietmar [null] Two Harbors Rd, Avalon, CA 90704, USA : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=33.442417,-118.496348&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
19:42 AKIA Judy Do you have a link to the marina for the classes in Dec?
20:40 PP SV avant https://islanavidad.com.mx/site/US/marina.php

Sun, 8/8/2021
09:48 Captain Dietmar all marinas are linked from this page with details

Mon, 8/9/2021
07:56 PP SV avant Posse line call starts in about 2 hours in this line group.
08:51 PP SV avant Posse call starts in about 1 hour in this line group. Please drop you location pins so we know where you are.
08:53 TOKETEE Dar Diane Kimberly [] Unnamed Road, Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=8.482201,-79.943692&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
08:58 🍹☠️ TOKETEE Crew [] Unnamed Road, Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=8.482319,-79.943610&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
08:59 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley [] 4220 Cherokee Rd, Oroville, CA 95965, USA : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=39.646751,-121.540618&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:04 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Not having done this before, can you post instructions for this call?
09:05 PP SV avant When I open the call, click join, and mute your mike unless you’re speaking.
09:05 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Ok. Thanks!
09:12 ,☠️Delta Swizzler [] 2168 Solano Way, Concord, CA 94520, USA : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=37.989227,-122.042694&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:44 PP SV avant test, can you read this message? getting strange LINE message errors here
09:46 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Yes
09:50 Captain Dietmar [null] 13800 Bora Bora Way, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292, USA : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=33.971732,-118.449638&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:51 walt knot right [] Unnamed Road, Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=8.482098,-79.943730&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:52 ,☠️Delta Swizzler [] Grant St, Concord, CA 94520, USA : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=37.988137,-122.040168&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:52 ,☠️Delta Swizzler Don’t think we will be on the call today.
09:53 PP SV avant @🦜panamaposseDietmar do you want to handle the call today?
09:57 PP SV avant Group voice call started.
09:58 Green Flash [] 231 Avenida Serra, San Clemente, CA 92672, USA : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=33.425837,-117.617645&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
10:28 🦜Knot Right/Jeariene Group call ended.
14:50 AKIA Judy Group voice call started.
14:51 AKIA Judy Group call ended.
14:51 AKIA Judy Group voice call started.
14:52 AKIA Judy Group call ended.
21:21 AKIA Judy [] 3003 Harborview Dr NW, Gig Harbor, WA 98335, USA : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=47.329563,-122.578361&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14

Tue, 8/10/2021
07:04 PP SV avant 070836Z AUG 21
NAVAREA IV 677/21(24).
LAST KNOWN POSITION IN 11-29.45N 075-37.60W.
22:27 Captain Dietmar @🌵🦜 Taku 🐳 welcome back to the 21•22 Panamá Posse

Wed, 8/11/2021
18:10 Captain Dietmar @Midnight Breeze welcome back
what are your cruising plans?
18:52 Skookum V - Erin&Stu Hola! We are Erin, Stu, Ellie and Lily on Skookum V, a 2010 40 foot Leopard catamaran. We are currently in the Sea of Cortez, and looking forward to connecting!
22:20 PP SV avant Welcome! Nice to see the canadian squad filling out.
22:47 CuranderaDarryn Hey Stu and Erin!!

Thu, 8/12/2021
01:17 Midnight B Richard Thank you Dietmar. We are Richard and Caroline, a British couple on Midnight Breeze, a Sweden Yachts 42. The boat has been tied up at Vista Mar marina in Panama during the pandemic while we have been in the UK. We intend to return to Panama in September and either make our way to the Sea of Cortez, or, depending on the Covid situation, set off across the Pacific. No doubt there will be lots of boat jobs to do first!
08:28 Skookum V - Erin&Stu Hi guys!!
08:28 Skookum V - Erin&Stu 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

* ORIGIN TIME 1833 UTC AUG 12 2021
* DEPTH 78 KM / 48 MILES


AUGUST 12 2021.



13:03 PP SV avant Follow here for updates: https://www.tsunami.gov
13:27 PP SV avant Stand down!


AUGUST 12 2021.


Fri, 8/13/2021
09:11 Captain Dietmar @O2 ☸️ welcome back

09:39 O2 ☸️ Thanks. Glad to join you again.
19:55 Unknown Luke & Vivian!!! Woohoo

Sat, 8/14/2021
08:12 PP SV avant 141341Z AUG 21
NAVAREA IV 702/21(26).
IN 18-36N 073-30W AT 141229Z AUG.
A. JEREMIE 18-36N 074-06W AT 1239Z.
B. JACAMEL 18-06N 072-30W AT 1318Z.
C. PORT AU PRINCE 18-30N 072-24W AT 1328Z.

No tsunamis outside Haiti
12:10 Pitou Hello all! This is sv Pitou new to the group. More about us: https://linktr.ee/Pitou
Hope to meet some of you soon. Currently in Santa Marta.
12:25 O2 ☸️ 🤛

Sun, 8/15/2021
00:49 Captain Dietmar @Pitou welcome how was your trip from the ABC's ?
07:20 Pitou Easy! Hardly any wind 👍
10:12 walt knot right Lightening strike in Vista Mar Marina. Dock 3 N12 Imel 52ft I believe. Sv Hanalei Owners are in Canada and the boat was closed up. Details are not available until fire department finishes the investigation. Electronics fired and started an internal fire. But it smothered because of oxygen deprivation. Currently appears no hull damage or any burn through. Not sure where it got struck. Or if it was from the power supply.

Pawsitive Latitude, a 2020- 21 posse boat, in the next slip N13 had a surge through his umbilical which fried at the boat end. Destroyed AC panel, DC to DC stabilizer and probably his converter.
11:25 Captain Dietmar Hanelei was part of last seasons posse
11:38 DANCINGONTHEEDGE-DAN DANCINGONTHEEDGE-DAN shared DancingontheEdge Mel's post.
14:17 Captain Dietmar @DancingontheEdge Mel welcome to the Panamá Posse
15:13 PP SV avant Today is 107th anniversary of the opening of the Panama Canal.
15:29 🦜Knot Right/Jeariene The first boat to transit the Panamá Canal was the SS Cristobal on August 3, 1914, and the official opening was indeed August 15, 1914 .
19:19 WildhoodDirk Very cool, we are looking to transit in about a month!

Mon, 8/16/2021
09:01 Green Flash 21-22 posse line call starts in 1 hour
09:03 Green Flash Please drop your location pins prior to the call
09:04 Green Flash [null] 231 Avenida Serra, San Clemente, CA 92672, USA : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=33.425854,-117.617635&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:05 TOKETEE Dar Diane Kimberly [null] Unnamed Road, Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=8.482316,-79.943636&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:06 🦜 sv GenM - Laurie [null] P.º A. Lopez Mateos 22, Centro, 23880 Loreto, B.C.S., Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=26.017184,-111.339003&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:06 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley [null] 4220 Cherokee Rd, Oroville, CA 95965, USA : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=39.646744,-121.540938&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:07 PP SV avant Walt, do you know if any extra measures were employed? Jumper cables to water, disconnected on board electrical systems and antennas, etc.?
09:08 Skookum V - Erin&Stu [null] Blvd. Rodger & Jeanett Clifton, 83560 Son., Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=31.331472,-113.562239&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:08 Skookum V - Erin&Stu Standing in line for dose #2 of the vaccine, hoping we can take the call, but may not be able to
09:08 Midnight B Richard [null] Vista Mar Marina Kilómetro 92, San Carlos, Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=8.482692,-79.945088&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:10 Pitou [Marina Santa Marta] Cra 1 # 22 - 93 Santa Marta, Magdalena Colombia : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=11.241149,-74.216123&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:13 PP SV avant You’re not doubting the veracity of my reports, are you? ;)
09:13 ,☠️Delta Swizzler [null] I-84, Middletown, NY 10941, USA : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=41.466832,-74.332620&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:13 ,☠️Delta Swizzler We are in route from PA to NH. Hope to be on the call
09:15 REEF DANCER Debbie [null] Cra. 2 #23-39, Santa Marta, Magdalena, Colombia : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=11.239642,-74.214805&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:47 Green Flash Group voice call started.
09:50 walt knot right None on either boat
10:17 🦜Knot Right/Jeariene Group call ended.
12:05 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce I have several insurance related questions. Currently we are in the USA and on Medicare and AARP (United Healthcare) supplemental. We’ve had several quotes and talked to some people doing only DAN repatriation insurance. What are others using?

Second, we are using GEICO (BoatUS) boat insurance. And have gotten several quotes to go outside of the US and Mexico. Also, I’m reading that offshore insurance is getting really hard to come by these days. What are others doing for boat insurance? Full coverage or liability only?

I’d certainly like these what the group has to say about their experiences with insurance and what they are currently doing. Thanks!
12:13 ,☠️Delta Swizzler Pertaining to medical insurance , we use Cigna for out of the country. We also self insured our first few years. Which you can deduct on your taxes.
Geico wouldn’t cover us further south than Acapulco. We switched to a Jackline policy with Markel ins our agent is Susan Waters. Her email is susan@marineinsurance.cc (yes cc not com) we did have to get a survey.
13:38 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Thanks. We’ve looked into both of these. Jack line seems to be the best option for boats. Did you get hull replacement or just liability?
14:44 TranquiloMike Is there a schedule for when calls will be? I’d like to join it always seem to be late seeing the announcements
14:54 🦜Knot Right/Jeariene Off-season Line calls are at 1600 UTC every Monday
14:58 SONHO - Edmund & Laura Lee We are working with her now. She’s great!
14:59 🦜Knot Right/Jeariene Definitely not- just adding the trivia of the name of the boat. We just had that Canal discussion on our Trivia Nite here at Vista Mar .
15:02 🦜Knot Right/Jeariene [null] Unnamed Road, Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=8.481605,-79.943487&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
17:24 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce That’s so we’ve been emailing with. Glad to know she’s good. Thanks!
17:28 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Who, not so.
17:29 walt knot right If we follow last year's schedule, when the season starts, 1530 UTC for Caribbean, 1600 UTC for Pacific. Usually starts with chitchat 15 minutes earlier.

Tue, 8/17/2021
Beokp cm
07:11 walt knot right But next Monday we will combine the two groups to the 1600 UTC time slot
09:06 DancingontheEdge Mel Testing. Is this hello on line
09:06 PP SV avant Five by five.
09:07 DancingontheEdge Mel Thanks
12:45 ,☠️Delta Swizzler We did buy full coverage. Not, sure if it was hill replacement or not. We aren’t on the boat now, to check it out.
12:46 ,☠️Delta Swizzler That’s great to hear.
12:52 REEF DANCER Jerry Reef dancer. We have novamar we heard that they weren't insuring any longer but they are just more selective we needed,a separate policy for panama Canal that was alotvof money for the few hours your in canal but they were very careful to check that when we signed up to transit we moved up to Santa marta to get out of cartegena surge but now have wind many days but diving has been good
15:14 Unknown Jerry, did you score the transit insurance from a local company in Panama City?

Wed, 8/18/2021

Thu, 8/19/2021
20:09 REEF DANCER Debbie @🦜 Ho’okipa we got the canal insurance via a rider to our regular policy with Novamar

Fri, 8/20/2021
19:00 Ho’okipa-Lisa Debbie, now that's what I'm talking about!!! Love the RIDERS. Miss you, Jerry and mister Duff...
19:04 REEF DANCER Jerry We miss our fellow posse members we,are along up here in Colombia. The insurance is pretty steep for 8hrs of transit ours was 1000 dollars I guess they had seen my driving skills

Sat, 8/21/2021
10:39 Captain Dietmar [Photo]
10:40 Captain Dietmar 21 vessel tracking
to sign up
13:58 Unknown [null] Brooklyn Bridge Park Greenway, Brooklyn, NY 11201, USA : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=40.703781,-73.996363&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
16:05 Captain Dietmar are you selling a bridge ?
16:05 ,☠️Delta Swizzler 😂
16:38 Ho’okipa-Lisa As your Ambassador, I',m making way to connect the route to NYC
17:02 PP SV avant Eat pizza. Send photos.
18:51 Captain Dietmar copy that for each Marina
it takes an average of 10 phone calls over 2 months and 7 emails plus 4 hours of programming to get a discount for the Panamá Posse

Sun, 8/22/2021
08:51 walt knot right Tomorrow, Monday morning will be the group call. Last week the call was on the 21-22 group instead of the 20-21 group. I will do both groups. 20-21 at 1530 UTC and 21-22 at 1600 UTC. The information will be the same, so you only need to join one (unless you are a glutton for punishment). We will ask for volunteers for the 8/30 date call. Dietmar will start in September on the 21-22 group only.

Mon, 8/23/2021
08:15 Ho’okipa-Lisa Commander, I'm going to need your help. The marina's monthly rates here are $146.00 per foot in the summer and $63.00 per foot in the winter. I'm speachless...
08:18 Pitou Well here in Santa Marta the discount of 35% is now for everybody regardless pose member or not
08:20 ,☠️Delta Swizzler You May find cheaper rates out on the island. You are in Prime Real Estate near NYC. It may also be hard to find any slips. The US went crazy buying boats during the pandemic,
09:03 walt knot right The group Line call will be started for this group in one hour at 1600 UTC
09:08 Captain Dietmar there is a reason I left NYC back in 2003
09:54 walt knot right Group voice call started.
09:56 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley [null] 1105 Del Monte Ave, Monterey, CA 93940, USA : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=36.599848,-121.881986&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
10:26 TOKETEE Dar Diane Kimberly Group call ended.
10:55 🦜Maison de Sante [null] San Diego Bay, San Diego, CA, USA : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=32.714958,-117.230536&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
11:25 YO-D-YO Dave Hello Maison de Sante. We are almost neighbors. America's Cup harbor.
11:42 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce We’re not quite as close. We’re at Chula Vista Marina.
11:45 Sea Bella Kathy Ooops, I thought UTC was 7 hours ahead of PST. My bad, I missed the call, was out suppin'. (happy face)
11:47 Sea Bella Kathy @YO-D-YO Dave & Mary Hi, we are headed to SD tomorrow mornin. How's the weather?
12:30 YO-D-YO Dave It's San Diego. The weather is always perfect!
12:34 Captain Dietmar For those coming to the seminars in Mexico the resort has a special rate of 109 x night
reserve via email mention Panamá Posse reservations@islaresort.com.mx
there are also airbnbs in town
16:39 Captain Dietmar @SV Chimera welcome back !
are you still in Greece?
18:40 ,☠️Delta Swizzler [null] 5 Gaslight Ln, Kensington, NH 03833, USA : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=42.905783,-70.944629&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
20:37 SV Chimera Yes we are . Back in couple months

Tue, 8/24/2021
08:04 VitesseCatherine Hi all. Jeff, Cat and Tilly Russell aboard Vitesse a 55’ Lagoon. Originally from Ft. Pierce, Florida and now located in Bocas del Toro, Panama. We bought Vitesse in 2009 and spent 10 years refitting her. We retired Dec last year and left Florida April 2021. Sailed thru the Bahamas then to Linton Bay. Did a bottom job and now are in Bocas til end of hurricane season. Then we shall see where we head. Happy Tuesday to all.
09:31 Unknown Hope to see you at the Posse kickoff in Barra!!!
12:13 INVICTUSjeff [Photo]
12:17 INVICTUSjeff Hi
We are Jeff and Lyndsey aboard our power catamaran Invictus.
We are currently in Linton Bay, Panama to do some work on our vessel before transiting the canal and heading home to where we live in Playa Potrero, Costa Rica. If any of you travel that way, please stop in to see us at our place on the beach - Costa Rica Sailing Center.
Pura Vida and we look forward to meeting up with some of you and sharing our experiences.
Pura Vida!
Jeff & Lyndsey
12:26 VitesseCatherine And they are super sweet
12:51 INVICTUSjeff Thanks Catherine!
Sorry we missed you guys for dinner. 😊
12:54 Pitou Nice! We might next year. Cheers from Pitou
12:55 INVICTUSjeff Awesome! 😎
13:02 Aegis, Mary/Ian Anyone having issues trying to download the sat charts?
13:55 Captain Dietmar FYI the resort hotel in barra has a special rate for the Panamá Posse for deluxe rooms $109 tax included for those not coming via their own vessel

14:49 PP SV avant 241918Z AUG 21
NAVAREA IV 749/21(25).

ADRIFT IN 14-45.26N 061-51.61W AT 241500Z AUG.
2. CANCEL THIS MSG 271918Z AUG 21.
15:53 Ho’okipa-Lisa Hello! We're in Quepos and will be heading to Papagayo in November. Will definitly ping you. Welcome to the Posse and I hope you'll make it to the Posse kickoff in Barra...

Wed, 8/25/2021
05:30 INVICTUSjeff We look forward to seeing you! :)
08:56 Captain Dietmar @No More Games - Bob welcome to the 21▪︎22 Panamá Posse
09:04 No More Games - Bob Thank you!
14:02 WildhoodDirk Oh funny, Invictus, pretty sure we just shared an anchorage with you a few nights ago in Escudo Veraguas...we were the other sailing catamaran. Sorry we didn't get to meet, you guys left quickly....cheers!
14:04 REEF DANCER Jerry Just reset my 90 in Colombia though I went over by ten I departed was a bit of a showdown but Mr imigration man let me pass. Entry stamped 90so I'm go thru the huricane season. Now just customs in Santa marta
14:14 INVICTUSjeff Thats too bad. We had an amazing lobster ceviche and huge crab claw dinner thanks to the local Indian paddling around in the dugout canoe.
Next time.
If you are heading South, I highly suggest Rio Chagras the fresh water river leading 6 miles up to Gatun lake. An amazing stop with rainforest and crocodiles. Plus added benefit of all your hull’s marine growth dying and falling off. 😊
14:16 WildhoodDirk @INVICTUSjeff we were just in Chagres last night!
18:56 Captain Dietmar @Wind Drift - Blair welcome back to the 21•22 Panamá Posse what are your cruising plans this season?
21:04 WIND DRIFT - Blair and Jodi Thanks, glad to be a part of it again. Just like a lot of people, our plans are up in the air. Currently in Barra and thinking about making a run to PV to get some work done. After hurricane season, Probably one of three options. South Pacific if something major happens or go through the canal or head to South America.

Thu, 8/26/2021
06:38 Ho’okipa-Lisa You're a charmer Jerry!!!
10:19 Captain Dietmar @Gargoyle welcome back °
which way will you sail this season?
10:57 INVICTUSjeff Hi POsse
We are looking for a new insurance carrier. Any suggestions or experiences are appreciated. Please private message us.
Jeff & Lyndsey
12:32 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Susan Waters is great at Jackline. It’s now part of Gowrie group.
12:42 PP SV avant The new edition of Pub. 153, Sailing Directions (Enroute) West Coasts of Mexico and Central America (19th Edition 2021) has been announced in Notice to Mariners 36/2021.

The publications can now be accessed on NGA's Maritime Safety Web site (https://na01.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fmsi.nga.mil%2FPublications&data=04%7C01%7C%7C4e0ad211297b4ce9a94a08d968c06a01%7C84df9e7fe9f640afb435aaaaaaaaaaaa%7C1%7C0%7C637655997886361831%7CUnknown%7CTWFpbGZsb3d8eyJWIjoiMC4wLjAwMDAiLCJQIjoiV2luMzIiLCJBTiI6Ik1haWwiLCJXVCI6Mn0%3D%7C1000&sdata=Nc0aed%2Fuh5zjXAjo4Oe9Evzs1gr5lo3q6dHBNA36S9o%3D&reserved=0 ).
15:58 Unknown I think Susan Waters a Panama Posse sponsor? Can someone confirm…
18:15 Aegis, Mary/Ian Can someone tell me what the posse discount is for Predictwind. Its renewal time at the end of the month. Thanks
18:28 🦜Ramble On Rose-Roz It’s 20% off of your Predictwind subscription
18:29 sealarks jeff & Paula Howdy, Sea Larks in Santa Barbara for the rest of the summer. Headed to Mexico in the fall. Cheers. Jeff
18:32 SONHO - Edmund & Laura Lee We are working with her now and she is fabulous.
18:34 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce I agree!
19:12 No More Games - Bob Is there an Iridium Go discount?
19:31 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce I checked and there isn’t.
19:33 Captain Dietmar there us a predict wind discount 20%
19:34 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce When I specifically asked about a PP discount on the GO! they said there wasn’t.
19:39 Captain Dietmar go has no discount
19:55 Captain Dietmar We use the Gestalt theory for communicating with each other.
Hold on it's not a cult thing it's a communication protocol.
Here is how this protocol works:

Speak from your own experiences rather than giving advice or opinions

Use “I” statements instead of “You” statements –
IE: We sailed from A to B and … this is what happened to us
DON’T: “you should sail from A to B and you could do this … ”

Don’t speak in generalities be specific share a relevant past experience - both good and bad.


*Why do we use GESTALT ?*

Everyone who is a skipper, captain, admiral, crew or master of his or her ship has a high level of authority, independence and leadership.

When opinions come to the surface there is a natural instinct to doubt, feel threatened, judge and to question "advice / opinions".
As an example and to make this point look at how many FB postings, or comment sections on websites or even news sites
become a runaway freight train leading to huff and puff, figthclub, bruised egos and unanswered questions and arguments.

So since we are not a social media company and our KPI is not looking for screentime spent we try to avoid getting sucked you into "discussions"

The Panama Posse is about facts and experiences

Your experiences are important for the fleet and vessels will make decisions on your factual reports.

Advice given ( solicited or not ) by it's very nature is tainted, not validated, skweed and may even have an unforseen angle that has little actual informational value.

Even if you have made a mistake and are sharing that experience - that is valuable.


Yes it's hard - after all FB has trained you to have opinions - but this protocol is how you can help another vessel.
This way no one is judged and everone's ego stays intact.

The Gestalt Language Protocol is core to the Panama Posse everyday communication strategy.

20:25 Captain Dietmar just to claify @No Regrets Bruce this was not directed at you or any prior comment(s) but going forward anyone can type GESTALT in case opinion creep happens ( I'm guilty of this too and find it hard to not have opinions )
20:31 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Good to know. Thanks.
20:33 PP SV avant You have opinions? (Surprised)
20:33 sealarks jeff & Paula Love that at 66 years if age still leaving new words.. .(gestalt) Thanks Dietmar. Went to tech school and missed that class (love)
20:34 sealarks jeff & Paula Learning, not leaving. Sigh
20:57 Captain Dietmar ITS CHERMAN :-)
21:51 Aegis, Mary/Ian Thanks for letting me know about the Predict wind discount. Good night.

Fri, 8/27/2021
09:06 INVICTUSjeff 🙏
10:55 Captain Dietmar @Lisa Hotchkiss welcome back say hello pls and let us know your cruising plans ⛵⛵⛵
22:31 Captain Dietmar for those of you on the pac side of Mexico please report any adverse conditions due to the TS
22:38 Fickle Muranda We are on close watch from La Paz since we are also in the path .

Sat, 8/28/2021
05:22 ,☠️Delta Swizzler I do t believe she is a Sponsor. But, we used her last year and I have referred her to several other Posse members and friends. I haven’t heard a complaint yet.
11:26 WIND DRIFT - Blair and Jodi Weather update from Barra. Very heavy rain and gusts have been reported up to 69kn. 40kn sustained right now
11:28 ,☠️Delta Swizzler Good luck. We were there last year for the tropical storm that first took out the road into the marina. Hope everyone is safe.
12:05 O2 ☸️ Good luck!
12:07 REEF DANCER Jerry Beautiful day in colombia. We too were in barra when road washed out
19:19 WIND DRIFT - Blair and Jodi Hurricane update from Barra. It was a very eventful day. Everyone is safe. A few sails got destroyed, a few dock cleats got ripped out, some canvas damage to some boats and even a few dock fingers got destroyed. I heard of some gusts in the 80s. I was told the hurricane went a bit easterly and we got hit with a bit of the eye. Much nicer now and I hope PV gets through it ok
19:24 🦜Ramble On Rose-Roz Glad to hear you guys are ok
19:55 ,☠️Delta Swizzler That’s great to hear. Glad you’re ok.
19:58 O2 ☸️ Trouble
19:58 O2 ☸️ This is La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Banderas Bay. It is valling down now. A boat got its genua ripper and 2 anchored vessels got in serious troubleshooters: one is stranded and the other one is swaying in the surf near the breakwater. But it is calming down now and everybody Deens to be safe.
23:44 AKIA Judy [null] Newport, OR 97365, USA : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=44.596347,-124.015750&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14

Sun, 8/29/2021
07:49 Unknown ATTENTION POSSE:
Monday morning line call will be on the 2021/2022 thread and combine both Pacific and Caribbean groups @ 1600 UTC.

Mon, 8/30/2021
08:56 Captain Dietmar [null] Dock G, Chicago, IL 60653, USA : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=41.836773,-87.601947&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
08:57 ,☠️Delta Swizzler [Orlando/Florida] Orlando, FL 32825 United States : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=28.512630,-81.249899&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:00 TOKETEE Dar Diane Kimberly [null] Unnamed Road, Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=8.482302,-79.943625&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:01 Ho’okipa-Lisa LINE CALL WILL START IN ONE HOUR @ 1600 UTC...
09:14 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce [Chula Vista Marina] 550 Marina Pkwy Chula Vista, CA 91910 United States : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=32.623555,-117.102447&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:18 VitesseCatherine Dropped pin
09:23 AKIA Judy [Oregon Coast] Oregon United States : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=44.531064,-124.071320&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:25 TAKU Bob & Etta [null] Del Abulón 421, Caracol Turístico, 85506 San Carlos, Son., Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=27.947569,-111.056579&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:31 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley [null] 2065 W Lake Blvd, Tahoe City, CA 96145, USA : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=39.135848,-120.155679&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:32 WIND DRIFT - Blair and Jodi [Marina Puerto de la Navidad] La Barra de Navidad, Jalisco Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=19.195816,-104.683121&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:32 INVICTUSjeff [Linton Bay Marina] Colón Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=9.613186,-79.578762&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:35 VitesseCatherine See my real-time location on Maps: https://maps.app.goo.gl/tdHFjWCGqFN9QgSQ9
09:43 Ho’okipa-Lisa That's wonderful...
09:49 Captain Dietmar
to drop a pin tab the > then the + then location and tab the location grey box if it matches you location
09:50 Ho’okipa-Lisa Group voice call started.
09:51 🦜Ramble On Rose-Roz [null] 3699-3601 Centinella Dr, North Highlands, CA 95660, USA : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=38.688228,-121.382117&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:57 Green Flash [null] 4417 S Farr Rd, Spokane Valley, WA 99206, USA : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=47.613081,-117.273008&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
10:04 Skookum V - Erin&Stu [null] C. 10 1845, El Carcamo, 83553 Puerto Peñasco, Son., Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=31.308741,-113.525046&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
10:39 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Group call ended.
10:39 Skookum V - Erin&Stu Muchas gracias!
10:40 Ho’okipa-Lisa Room rates in December at the hotel are $109 including taxes To make a reservation between Nov 30 and Dec 10 email; reservations@islaresort.com.mx and reference the PP group rate.
16:43 walt knot right Chuck good job on the call. Lost connectivity before it ended. But I wanted to say thanks.
16:46 Ho’okipa-Lisa Thank you Captain. It was a pleasure to contribute to the Posse...

Tue, 8/31/2021
08:07 walt knot right Long but good news from Panama

COMMUNICATION # 552 Internal mobility measure is repealed Through Executive Decree No. 832 of today August 30, 202, the obligation of Covid-19 tests to mobilize within the entire national territory is eliminated. This measure is adopted due to the low incidence of cases in the country and the advanced nature of the vaccination process, which allows the aforementioned provision to be made more flexible. The objective is to achieve greater speed in the boarding of passengers at airports, sea ports (cabotage, river and lake) in order to avoid crowds of people and possible sources of contagion. New regulations for travelers Executive Decree No. 833 of August 30, 2021 was also issued, which establishes that any traveler who enters the national territory by air, land or sea by private or commercial means, will be exonerated from carrying out any type Covid-19 test upon arrival in Panama and preventive quarantine as long as the vaccination card with the complete vaccination schedule has been digitally registered or physically present.
The last dose must be at least 14 days old and the vaccines recognized in Panama are those approved by the WHO, FDA or EMA. If the traveler comes from countries classified as low epidemiological risk and does not have a complete vaccination scheme, they will need to present a negative test result, either PCR or antigen, for up to 72 hours of validity and will be exonerated from the 72-hour preventive quarantine. Regarding quarantine, the Decree indicates that, if the person comes from high-risk countries and does not have a complete vaccination scheme, they will be able to complete the 72-hour quarantine at their home or in an authorized hotel at their own cost and at the end, they must perform a test, either by PCR or antigen and whose negative result will end the quarantine. The Decree also includes provisions for minors under 12 years of age who would be exonerated from any type of test and quarantine, if their parents, caregivers or guardians meet the requirements established according to the level of epidemiological risk of the country of origin.
08:07 walt knot right They say now: HIGH RISK COUNTRIES: The United Kingdom, India, South Africa, Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, Paraguay, Ecuador, Guyana and Surinam

Thu, 9/2/2021
10:34 ,☠️Delta Swizzler I saw a post on the FB Boccas page that Panama is changing their tourist visa to 90 days. This down from 180 days. Has anyone else heard or read about this?
10:44 TOKETEE Dar Diane Kimberly One came through the Vista Mar group too. Fact checked it with the Panama Government site and could not find anything about it. Plus, the post did not have a government Link like it usually does. But going to be watching closely to see if it changes.
10:46 ,☠️Delta Swizzler I found one posted in Ex-Pats Panama and they posted three official pages in Spanish. I haven’t translated it yet
11:01 TOKETEE Dar Diane Kimberly Okay. Good to know
11:17 Rick https://goo.gl/maps/bqh62wfzPznPfQ3v5
12:49 Outventure juergen and Iris [Photo]
12:50 Outventure juergen and Iris It is official. I saw the official communication.
For all entries into the country from october on only 90 days tourist visa.
12:51 Outventure juergen and Iris [File]
12:51 Outventure juergen and Iris The pdf is the official version.
14:05 WildhoodDirk Is there an "effective from" date? I'm assuming if you cleared in prior to this notice you'd still be good for the 180 days?
14:07 Outventure juergen and Iris I understood it is for entries from october onwards.
14:08 WildhoodDirk Interesting, thanks. Will have to check into that and confirm....
14:08 Outventure juergen and Iris Very glad i did my residency 2 years ago..

Fri, 9/3/2021
16:47 Sea Trial Toni My husband David and I own Sea Trial a 55’ Nordhavn. The boat is presently in Puerto Vallarta. We are looking forward to transiting the Panama Canal this season and exploring the Caribbean.
16:53 Unknown Welcome! Hope you can make the Posse kickoff week in December at Barra de Navidad
16:53 Sea Trial Toni We plan on it.
16:58 Unknown Cool👍

Sat, 9/4/2021
14:09 Captain Dietmar @Chris Bulleit welcome back

Sun, 9/5/2021
07:58 Captain Dietmar please check your email inbox / spam / promotions / folders for the latest fleet update
09:01 Unknown [null] 586 BC-3B, Windsor, ON N9A 1B7, Canada : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=42.314408,-83.036318&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
20:42 Sea Trial Toni @🦜 Ho’okipa @🦜 Ho’okipa

Mon, 9/6/2021
08:28 INVICTUSjeff Hi all.
We are looking for advice on quality bottom paint that can be bought in Panama and where. Please post here or feel free to PM us. Thank you!!
08:41 Outventure juergen and Iris I have leads for Sigma Ecofleet 530 and Jotun
08:41 Outventure juergen and Iris Sigma: Felipe Serrano +507 6542 4400
08:42 Outventure juergen and Iris Jotun OCEANCO SAFETY & SUPPLY (PANAMAX),S.A.

Mob: +507 6677-3575|
08:45 Outventure juergen and Iris This was my quote for jotun
08:45 INVICTUSjeff Thank you!
08:46 Outventure juergen and Iris [Photo]
08:47 Outventure juergen and Iris I ended up with sigma, also put epoxy primer
08:50 Ho’okipa-Lisa DIETMAR, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR COMMANDER, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU...AND MANY MORE!!!(moon heart eyes)(cony shocked)(big grin)(face with sunglasses)(heart eyes)(hearts)(thumbs up)(clapping hands)(tongue)
08:50 ,☠️Delta Swizzler [null] Unnamed Road, Orlando, FL 32803, USA : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=28.541503,-81.334777&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:09 Captain Dietmar REMINDER WEEKLY LINE CALL STARTS IN 45 Minutes
09:46 SMALL WORLD III -Karen & Darren Group voice call started.
09:46 SMALL WORLD III -Karen & Darren Group call ended.
09:46 SV Second Wind Group voice call started.
09:47 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley [null] 199 Marina Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94123, USA : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=37.806005,-122.435404&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:49 O2 ☸️ [null] Del Mar 4, La marina, 63732 Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Nay., Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=20.749232,-105.376816&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:51 Sea Bella Kathy [null] De La Villa 10, Villa Cortez, 22860 Ensenada, B.C., Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=31.862313,-116.662520&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:52 Skookum V - Erin&Stu [null] 9932 Gowland Point Rd, Pender Island, BC V0N 2M3, Canada : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=48.734695,-123.190085&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:53 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce [Chula Vista Marina] 550 Marina Pkwy Chula Vista, CA 91910 United States : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=32.623555,-117.102447&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:57 REEF DANCER Debbie [null] Cl. 20 #2A-20, Santa Marta, Magdalena, Colombia : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=11.242050,-74.213559&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
10:02 🥥🦜PathfinderJPNicole 536 E Cypress Ave
10:02 Skookum V - Erin&Stu Dietmar, while I’m thinking of it, and further to your comments on activities for kids, I asked the marina in Barra whether they had any suggestions for childcare as both Stu and I (Erin) want to be able to attend the seminars. They said they had two different people in mind, so if you hear of anyone wanting some help with the same, we should be sure to connect! We have a 3 year old and 4 year old.
10:11 Skookum V - Erin&Stu Just FYI this is what our screen looked like despite you saying we weren’t muted:
10:11 Skookum V - Erin&Stu [Photo]
10:11 Skookum V - Erin&Stu (You can see it is muted so 🤷‍♀️)
10:16 Sea Bella Scott Sorry, we have poor connection.
10:43 SMALL WORLD III -Karen & Darren Group call ended.
10:43 nicole maison de sante Hi Rick (in Lake Tahoe). If you haven’t already done so for your wife, I would look into vestibular therapy as a possible solution
12:00 RED ROVER-Alison Hello all! Alison and Kevin on M/V Red Rover here. Looking forward to meeting everyone and to a great adventure.
12:12 Captain Dietmar @Red Rover welcome to the Panamá Posse
12:16 NAVIGATOR - Dave @Red Rover hi guys. Just read your blog post this AM. Made me pine for Escondido.
12:48 🦜🍹Kyrie [Marina Puerto de la Navidad] La Barra de Navidad, Jalisco Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=19.195816,-104.683120&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
21:05 Unknown Welcome!!! How you can make it to the Posse kickoff in Barra. Where is your ship?

Tue, 9/7/2021
08:54 REEF DANCER Jerry @🦜 Ho’okipa. Where are you heading this season chuck? Wondering if our paths will cross again?
14:56 Unknown Costa Rica, Cocos islands in October, Panama pacific side until January, cross the canal in January. Maybe Columbia and Santa Marta, the Bocos del toro?
14:58 RED ROVER-Alison Thank you! We will be at the kick-off. We are spending the summer based out of Marina Puerto Escondido by Loreto, Mexico in the Sea of Cortez. Looking forward to meeting you and everyone!
15:05 Unknown We had a super time in Loreto. Marina crew: Javier, diana, janella, lupe, Oscar, Fernando are just wonderful people. Please tell them Lucky Chucky sends good wishes to them…
15:06 RED ROVER-Alison It is a wonderful place with really great people. I will tell them!
18:48 Captain Dietmar [null] 3400 S Gateway Blvd, Sioux Falls, SD 57106, USA : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=43.514406,-96.783730&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
20:47 ,☠️Delta Swizzler [Photo]
20:47 ,☠️Delta Swizzler Found this diagram of Panama’s current Covid rules.
21:12 Captain Dietmar tsunami alert ACAPULCO

Wed, 9/8/2021
03:02 Unknown Costa Rica is requiring a return flight out of the country if you’re flying into Costa Rica. How long has this rule been in effect?
03:07 Unknown Unknown added a note.
08:21 walt knot right Same as Panama. Don't know how long that has been in effect. Two tricks. 1st buy round trip refundable and cancel when you get to CR. 2nd buy with a different "unassociated" airline, print the ticket, then cancel immediately.
09:51 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce What are most people doing for medical insurance while outside the US? I have a friend who only has DAN repatriation insurance and self insures while outside the US. I’ve looked into some international medical insurance and it can be quite expensive, so thought it would be good to get feedback from the group. TIA.
09:56 ,☠️Delta Swizzler We self insured the first 4 years. Medical is very inexpensive in Mexico and points South. When Mark finally qualified for Medicare, we did get a policy with Cigna Global. It does get quite expensive when you add on coverage in the US though.
We self paid for a knee and hip replacement and a rotator cuff surgery in Guadalajara. They have very good medical up there.
10:00 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Thanks for the quick response. We checked int Cigna Global and it is quite expensive. If you don’t mind me asking, why did you stop self insuring when Mark got Medicare? Just asking as we both have Medicare now.
10:01 REEF DANCER Debbie Good morning. Does anyone know a freight forwarder in Miami? We need to pick up a part that would be shipped there. We don’t have reliable shipping here in Colombia. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
10:19 ,☠️Delta Swizzler We did have a catastrophic policy for two years thru Best Doctors.com. But, it was a group policy that we obtained in Guadalajara. Once we left Mexico, they no longer covered us. We never needed that policy. But, had it for emergencies. This year we decided to go to the US for a few months also. I wanted insurance for myself while up there. Medical seems to be a bit more expensive in Panama too.
10:21 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Good to know. Thanks!
10:21 ,☠️Delta Swizzler Any time.
10:34 VitesseCatherine We have IMGlobal. Have not needed it yet. Does cover the US also. When it starts you must be out of the United States. They have several plans and we’re very easy to work with but as I said we have not needed it yet. Hopefully never.(content)
10:37 INVICTUSjeff [Photo]
10:42 nicole maison de sante We have Kaiser Permanante and my partner had to have emergency surgery in Mexico in June. For a surgery that would be $40k+ in the states, it costed about 3k and Kaiser actually reimbursed us after the fact. Ask your current insurance provider if they cover “overseas” reimbursement. We also have DAN but have not used them for anything.
11:03 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Thank you for the information!
11:03 MV Stand Down No problem!
11:06 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Thank you for the information. We have Medicare and a Plan G supplemental policy with United Healthcare. I believe they only cover 60 days outside the country, as that is what Medicare does. Really only for vacation coverage and not for extended coverage for cruisers. :(
11:32 Unknown Thanks Walt. We ended up buying a refundable return ticket at the delta checking counter. We just landed in Costa Rica!!! 🙏
11:42 REEF DANCER Debbie @INVICTUSjeff is oswaldo perez in Miami?
12:43 Unknown Debbie my dear, yes he is and we have been successfully using his services for 6 months👍
12:44 Unknown [null] Salidas, Provincia de Alajuela, Alajuela, Costa Rica : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=9.998497,-84.204079&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
13:13 DancingontheEdge Mel Newbie question. We’re not familiar with Good Nautical. Is there a source for information about it on line? Could someone give me a bit of information? TIA
14:45 Captain Dietmar @its inyour welcome email
best used with a proper webbrowser
17:25 Unknown Great question!!! We had success attending the Posse seminar last year in Barra de Navidad where there’s a whole seminar on good nautical and CPM. Are you coming to this year’s posse kickoff in December?
18:02 Unknown [null] Unnamed Road, Provincia de Puntarenas, Quepos, Costa Rica : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=9.426952,-84.168198&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14

Thu, 9/9/2021
11:00 WildhoodDirk @INVICTUSjeff Good to hear, timing is perfect...we having been having issues with our current freight forwarder and are looking to change up ..
11:03 Dreamer Dreamer is still in storage at Shelter Bay marina Panama, i just got my first monthly checkup report if anyone wants to see it, I’ll post here. We are back in California and hope to be back in Panama in Jan to make the 2022 Pacific crossing season.
11:03 INVICTUSjeff I have used them for about 20 years. Always been pretty easy and straightforward. Mainly US to Costa Rica
11:03 INVICTUSjeff [Photo]
11:41 REEF DANCER Jerry Thanks. It's an easy flight for us colombia to Miami I'll just go pick it up
13:25 Gargoyle Question on Costa Rica. Flying in with spare parts, smart or not a good idea?
13:43 REEF DANCER Jerry I had a suit case full no issues,they are not keen on boat cleaning products brite boy in particular though label says only eye irritant I brought in several expensive parts no issue. Thank u Mr imigration man. Mr irritation man
15:45 Unknown left the chat.
16:09 ☸️SV Enjoy-Don/Nina [null] Butner Street 30, Fort Sherman, Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=9.367494,-79.951702&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
17:53 Ho’okipa-Lisa We just flew into San Jose with 2 suit cases full of boat parts and had no problems
22:08 Gargoyle Thank you for the info, will need to bring in some electronics.
22:09 Gargoyle Thank you will limit it to two....hopefully LOL
22:10 REEF DANCER Jerry Have the receipts and if asked it's for your boat and you're in transit
22:26 Gargoyle 👍
22:55 Jetlag Gerald Hi everybody!
Stil in Switzerland right now
Planing to fly to Grenada to join our boat by Oct 7…

Fri, 9/10/2021
07:38 Captain Dietmar Copy that welcome, when do you plan on heading west ?
13:35 Jetlag Gerald Hehe first get from Switzerland to Grenada…
Then launch the boat and if possible sail to Martinique to have some serious maintenance done…
Could be January when we steer towards the ABCs😏
18:10 Captain Dietmar @SephinaJosh welcome back
18:12 Last Arrow Vincent [Photo]
18:12 Last Arrow Vincent Ok it’s Vincent Cummings from Last Arrow saying hello from the beautiful shores of Vancouver Canada
18:13 Last Arrow Vincent [West Vancouver Yacht Club] 5854 Marine Drive West Vancouver BC Canada : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=49.356561,-123.272361&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
20:06 Captain Dietmar Ahoy Welcome to the 21•22 Panamá Posse when do you plan on heading south ?
20:07 Last Arrow Vincent Heading Pureto Escondio October 13th with plans to be in Barra Dec 1st
20:08 Eliana - Warren I'm currently in Virginia. Will be heading south from here Early November. Ultimately to San Francisco.
20:09 ,☠️Delta Swizzler Welcome aboard
20:10 Last Arrow Vincent May we cross each other’s wake
20:11 Dreamer Elena, my buddy boat is also at shelter bay panama and will also be heading to SF. We plan to head back to shelter bay in Jan, I’m heading across the pacific he’s heading to Ca, if you are in panama in Jan let’s meet up
20:12 Dreamer Oops eliana i meant
20:13 Eliana - Warren Not sure when i will get there, but will be on the lookout. Route and timeline is in flux right now.
20:20 Dreamer Of course, it always is, we went to Florida, then Mexico, roatan, and San Andres then panama, if you are doing this route, hit me up for contacts and stops.
20:20 Dreamer We left from South Carolina

Sat, 9/11/2021

Sun, 9/12/2021
11:20 Brizo Beth Hola Panama Posse! We’re excited to get this party started! Looking forward to meeting everyone in a few months 🤙
11:21 Dreamer Welcome Brizo Beth
13:09 Ho’okipa-Lisa Brizo Beth Welcome! May I ask is that a Bernese Mountain Dog in your profile photo?
13:21 Brizo Beth @Ho’okipa Hello & thanks! That’s Bella, she is the MVP of the boat & is an Australian Shepherd.
13:40 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila Hi all! Sheila and I are docked at Driscoll's Boat Works on Shelter Island. Looking forward to meeting and making friends with the Posse when we shove off for Ensenada mid-October. If anyone's in the 'hood, please stop by, we're (almost) always open! 😁
18:28 YO-D-YO Dave SephinaJosh - we are 0.3 nm from your location. Expect a visit from YO-D-YO. Ensenada bound Oct 22.
18:29 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila Looking forward!
18:30 YO-D-YO Dave Great happy hour at Bali Hai on your side of AC Harbor.
18:31 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce We’re at Chula Vista Marina heading south to Barra de Navidad possibly sometime in October or early November.
18:31 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila If your coming by water, tie up right next to us; if by land, I'll have to run up and let you in the gate
18:32 YO-D-YO Dave We'll put up lanterns - one if by land...
18:35 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila 😂
18:45 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila Hey there Bruce! Look forward to meeting at some point
18:55 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Maybe a happy hour at the Bali Hai with YO-D-YO, so we could all meet, or some other close watering hole.

Mon, 9/13/2021
09:24 Captain Dietmar Weekly Panama Posse line call starts at 16:00 UTC ~ 30 minutes
09:25 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila Okay
09:45 Captain Dietmar Group voice call started.
10:19 Outventure juergen and Iris [null] Boca Chica, Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=8.216066,-82.206278&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
10:20 🥥🦜PathfinderJPNicole [null] 549 N 6th St, Burbank, CA 91501, USA : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=34.188931,-118.308767&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
10:20 Sea Bella Kathy [null] P.º Olas Altas 96, Zona Centro, 22800 Ensenada, B.C., Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=31.860890,-116.629335&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
10:39 ☸️SV Enjoy-Don/Nina We're back on the boat in shelter Bay, if anyone is coming through we'll be here for a couple of months, please stop by and say hi. Contact us if you have any questions.
10:45 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley @Aegis Greetings. With a name like that, I assume you’re former Navy? I’ve recently retired, as a civilian Navy employee working on Aegis for 36 years.
10:55 Aegis, Mary/Ian @Orion Lol, no not Navy. We picked the name before we knew the US military use. It also means Zeus’s shield, which was why we picked the name. US Coast Guard loved us as we transited the coast 2 yrs ago. 😎
11:23 Captain Dietmar Quick alert if you plan to be at the kick off event in Barra de Navidad please make your marina reservations NOW for the lowest rates

Dear Panama Posse
the docking rates for this Panama Posse 2021/22, will be,
daily $ 0.92dlls / ft / day plus tax;
monthly $ 17.64usd / ft / mo plus tax, and you must be registered by October 1, 2021, and are valid in November and December 2021, in 2022 according to availability until October 30, 2022.
Greetings to all
Ing. Secundino Alvarez V
Marina Puerto de la Navidad
+52 314 337 9014
11:23 Captain Dietmar [Photo]
11:25 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley Ah yes. Aegis Ships are “the shield of the fleet”.
11:32 🥥🦜PathfinderJPNicole If we can’t make it to the seminars in Barra where can we find the link to last year’s seminar videos? Thank you!
12:17 DreamCatcher Henri Group call ended.
18:00 Ho’okipa-Lisa Great question Nicole!!!

Tue, 9/14/2021
08:54 Captain Dietmar @SOIRÉE - Steve welcome to the Panamá Posse
20:10 YO-D-YO Dave An update - hopefully following the gestalt forgive that I was raised american - a quorum of 'panama posse san diego' met at Bali Hai (proximity) we all have vessels that float (similarity), we look fwd to all venturing southward (continuity), our bar tabs were paid (closure) and we shall meet again to share and support similar dreams and expected challenges as we all ventures forth into the bright unknown (connectedness). Cheers!
20:13 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce We’ll put. I couldn’t have said it better! We certainly enjoyed the time and are looking forward to future rendezvous.
20:29 Sea Trial Dave This is Dave Solo. My wife Toni and I plan to head south from Paradise Village where out Nordhavn 55 is currently docked to Central America and hopefully through the canal this season.
20:45 🦜Knot Right/Jeariene I’m returning by air today to San Diego from Panamá (Vista Mar Marina ) so hope to join you in another Happy Hour soon. I can give latest news & status from that area 🇵🇦⛵️ Knot Right has been in Panamá for two years now !
21:07 Ho’okipa-Lisa Looking forward to seeing you Dave & Toni. Give my regards to Matt!

Wed, 9/15/2021
08:23 Captain Dietmar thank you
I hope to meet you all in San diego
in Wed
Oct 20th at Downwind Marine
Oct 21st SDYAC dinner at SWYC
Oct 28th at the Ullman Sails Party
17:47 🥥🦜PathfinderJPNicole Hi everyone… so my sailing partner and captain has not been able to be on our weekly calls and he has a big question about the visa sailing strategy for Costa Rica and Panama. I know things are changing as I type but can anyone ease his worried mind?
From Jean-Philippe:
Help! We do not understand what is going on in Panama and Costa Rica for cruisers (west Coast). Our intention was to spend two or more cruising seasons between Panama and Costa Rica.

One of the strategies was in year 1 enter Costa Rica from the North with the Posse, sail until June/July, Bond the boat in a marina for 3-4 months, Sail again in CR 2-3 months, sail to Panama 3-4 months, and reenter CR, sail a bit, bond the boat again, and restart the process for year 2.

Alternatively, was to use Panama as a base with a 1-year TIP for the boat, TIP we can try extend another Year if necessary. 90 Days personal visa are less an issue as we needed to exit the country 72 hrs only. There was also the possibility of a mix of both strategies …. But ….

We heard that Panama does not anymore issue 1 year TIP and that CR does not accept anymore bonding!

Renting a yearlong slip at a marina in CR to obtain a long-term TIP is out of the question because of cost. So, what to do? Does all the sailors of the Posse plan to leave the area CR/Panama after 6 months?? Or does one of you know a better strategy?
17:51 Dreamer Hi Nicole, I’ve found Panama slip rates very reasonable, and would diff use panama as a home base. I haven’t been to Costa Rico, but my research into slips at Costa rico says it’s expensive. You can get slips in panama for $300 to $400 a month plus electricity, shelter bay being a little more.
17:52 Dreamer Oh, $300 to $409 is for a 40fter
18:56 walt knot right Group video call started.
18:56 walt knot right Group call ended.
18:57 walt knot right Group voice call started.
19:43 Unknown Group call ended.
21:07 Captain Dietmar you have the option of bonding in CR for 2 years and get a good rate as well @Ho’okipa did that
22:10 🥥🦜PathfinderJPNicole Thank you for the info, it’s very helpful and appreciated!
22:11 🥥🦜PathfinderJPNicole That’s fantastic news! Thank you so much.

Thu, 9/16/2021
07:45 Captain Dietmar most countries including Mexico will have different restrictions of time incountry for your VESSEL and for Persons . All these rules will have some sort of a bypass using MONEY TIME AND PAPERWORK + AND A LOCAL AGENT
07:50 INVICTUSjeff Hi. Wondering if you have the contact info for Richard, the young South African, on a Leopard 45. The boat, “Drifter”, is there in Vista Mar. Any help is appreciated. :)
08:45 Ho’okipa-Lisa [File]
08:45 Ho’okipa-Lisa Funny, I was just discussing this very issue with another Posse boat! Nicole, It's a 2 year cruising permit and allows us to go from port-to-port and mareina-to-marina without any additional port-captain stamps. The marinas, which are somewhat a "cartel" here have a diffrent opionion on this document's gravity and still want to throw their weight around with permissions and paperwork, but we were told both by the Port Captain here in Quepos and our agent Ernesto that it is not necessary and tell the marina that the port captain said it was not necessary. Anyhoo, Ernesto can do all the paperwork for you. Essentially, you can cruise Costa Rican waters without any zarpe, due to you having special permission issued by MOPT to remain 2 years at national waters. Just you have to notify each marina regarding your navigations plans. Attached is a copy of the permit. I paid Ernesto $750 for it.
08:47 DreamCatcher Henri

On Thu, 16 Sep 2021, 15:42 Henri Schongut, <hschongut@gmail.com> wrote:
DreamCatcher, will cross the Atlantic and is planning to arrive in Grenada by end of january. From Grenada we would like to join the Aruba, Bonaire island. In between there are a couple of Islands like the Aves or Los Roques ... Are these islands safe for us yachties, or should they be avoided for securuty reason ? What would you advice for stopping over between Grenada and the San Blas Islands ?

08:53 Ho’okipa-Lisa PS - the 2 year permit doesn't mitigate the need for your 90-day visa, which you still need. I've heard from people that have exited CR to Panama, swung around the flagpole for 24 hours and returned without issue...and I've heard there may be a 72-hour time laps before you can re-enter CR...
08:57 🥥🦜PathfinderJPNicole I can’t thank you enough for all of this information and the document too. Wow! If we have more questions may I contact you directly? Again, thank you!
09:08 walt knot right When you say swung around the flagpole oh, do you mean that you have to prove that you've checked into Panama? Or do you have to just be missing from Costa Rican waters for that time frame?
09:09 walt knot right I have a contact number for the boat.
09:09 Ho’okipa-Lisa yes, of course! One more important thing...when your CR 90-day visa expires and you leave the country via air, with the intention of returning via air, you still need to return to CR with a round trip airticket in hand. Immigration at the CR airport may not accept the 2 year cruising permit as a substitute for a return ticket. Of course your return ticket will be 90-days out from your CR arrival date and refundable. Flash forward: so now you're back in CR with a 90-day visa & your 2 year cruising permit hosting a bunch of Posse people with Flor de Cana drinks and fancy dinners!!!
09:58 Dreamer Hi dreamcatcher, no advice on route, but make sure you have the opencpn charts for San Blas by bauhaus, other charts leave a lot to be desired.
10:57 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Who should we use to easily navigate the paperwork and checkin for Mexico in Ensenada?
11:00 Aegis, Mary/Ian All 3 marinas have staff that walk you through. They are all good.
11:02 Sea Trial Dave In Ensaneda there is one person we all use Fito Espinoza at Marina Coral fito.espinosa@hotelcoral.com (646) 175-0085 or (866) 302-0066. Fito will walk you through the process including getting g your TIP.
12:54 walt knot right Opps I put the contact in the wrong group
12:54 walt knot right [File]
14:04 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Thank you!
14:04 INVICTUSjeff That would be great.
14:08 Rick Knot Right,
Can you repost or email me the info on the surveyor you used.
Muchas gracias,
Dad’s Dreams
18:18 PP SV avant 162350Z SEP 21
NAVAREA IV 846/21(24).
PERSONS ON BOARD, ADRIFT IN 11-27.03N 066-20.07W
18:19 PP SV avant We used cruiseport, they were great. Naval can be rolly, and coral is further out of town. From cruiseport you can walk to tacos.
18:28 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Thanks!
18:30 Eliana - Warren Who is the preferred Agent for the canal? Email?
20:06 TOKETEE Dar Diane Kimberly @Eliana - Warren Erick Galvez info@centenanoconsulting.com
WhatsApp +507 6676-1376
21:47 WildhoodDirk @INVICTUSjeff they just showed up in Las Brisas, Panama City. I can pass on a message if you want...

Fri, 9/17/2021
04:59 Eliana - Warren Thank you!
09:35 Captain Dietmar Info
US and Canadian Citizens Panamá Visa is back to 180 days
marinas are lobbying hard for the rest of the flag states
09:36 ,☠️Delta Swizzler That is great info. Thanks so much
09:37 nicole maison de sante Great news Dietmar!
09:44 Ho’okipa-Lisa YES!!!
09:50 TOKETEE Dar Diane Kimberly Yea! Thank you Dietmar.
10:13 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce That’s a relief. Thanks for the update!
10:27 fickle - Ben Cruiseport Marina will do this for you, for free.
11:20 AKIA Judy Great news!
11:44 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Ah, that’s convenient. Thank you.
12:14 Ascension-Scott Hello from San Diego! Glad to join the group! We are Scott and Kenia sailing SV Ascension, a FP Mahe 36 catamaran. We bought our boat a few years ago and have been sailing in the Caribbean. We were planning to head to Panama last year but we got stuck in Martinique due to COVID, and we eventually headed to Chesapeake Bay to store the boat. This year I am planning to move the boat to the West Coast to get her closer to home as we are expecting our first child! So I'm looking forward to meeting the fleet and learning more about best routes to Panama as well as Pacific side sailing North. I plan to attend the San Diego kickoff party in October so I hope to meet some of you!

12:28 Captain Dietmar Welcome to the Panamá Posse
please join the Monday live line calls at 16:00 UTC
19:20 Captain Dietmar @🍹Slow Dancer 2 Welcome Back - we have a new emoji for those on the east coast - the LOBSTER for the LOBSTER POSSE ;-)
19:20 Captain Dietmar @AgapeLoveDominates welcome back !
19:21 Captain Dietmar Happy to announce a great deal in the Chesapeake for the Panama Posse with York River Yacht Haven, Virginia a Suntex Experience !
Great deal- "book one night stay one free deal" to discover all there is to see and enjoy in this historic area !
#suntexexperience #yorkriver #yachthaven #panamaposse
19:21 Captain Dietmar [Photo]
19:21 Captain Dietmar [Photo]
19:21 Captain Dietmar [Photo]
19:22 Captain Dietmar [Photo]
19:22 Captain Dietmar [Photo]
19:22 Captain Dietmar [Photo]
19:22 Captain Dietmar [Photo]
19:22 Captain Dietmar [Photo]
19:34 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Where do we get all try emojis?
20:03 Captain Dietmar @🦜Delta Swizzler copy them from the bottom of the fleet listings
20:16 ,☠️Delta Swizzler Ok, now how do I change my emojis?
20:21 Captain Dietmar @🦜Delta Swizzler copy it from the page - and paste it into the fron of your LINE display name ( gear icon )
20:22 ,☠️Delta Swizzler Ok I'll try that....
20:29 ,☠️Delta Swizzler Ok be think.i got it is changed
20:29 ,☠️Delta Swizzler I think I got it changed...
20:29 Captain Dietmar @,☠️Delta Swizzler YEAH !!!
21:10 Ora 2 CraigandKaren Hi everyone. We are Craig and Karen Bishop-Everett from SY Ora 2 thanks for having us on board.

Sat, 9/18/2021
07:22 PP SV avant Yay!
09:47 Captain Dietmar welcome to the Panamá Posse
09:51 Captain Dietmar thanks to SY Ibex we now have Intel on getting into Los Roques
in Venezuela 🇻🇪 . stay tuned for procedures and fees . not recommended for current or retired US military

Sun, 9/19/2021
13:54 Captain Dietmar we just sent out a fleet update pleade be sure to check receipt
of it
20:22 AKIA Judy Dietmar, instead of mailing Burgees to our address, can it be picked up once we arrive?
20:28 AKIA Judy [Schoonmaker Point Marina (Kayak Beach)] 85 Liberty Ship Way Sausalito, CA 94965 United States : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=37.863695,-122.489683&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14

Mon, 9/20/2021
08:11 Captain Dietmar yes . where ?
08:17 ☸️SV Enjoy-Don/Nina Dietmar - in the fleet update you mention needing 360 days left on your passport. Is there a specific country requiring this? Or is this leeway to add on top of the 6 months some countries require?
08:51 Captain Dietmar It's leeway - passports have 10 years of validity so if you are near the renewal mark add some extra time considering delays in processing
08:52 Captain Dietmar @SilhouetteL welcome to the Panamá Posse
08:52 SilhouetteL Hi everyone,
I’m Liana and my husband, Steve and I have a 50’ Gulfstar waiting for is to come back and take her out:)
08:53 SilhouetteL Not sure how all this works so please forgive my ignorance
09:00 Eliana - Warren @🦜panamaposseDietmar How do I "join" the counter posse and the lobster posse? I will be sailing from Norfolk, VA to San Francisco this season. Also, I won't be able to make the official events to pick up a burgee, so I will need one mailed. ty
09:11 Captain Dietmar copy and paste the icons
please email registration@panamaposse.com your address for the burgee
09:13 Captain Dietmar REMINDER WEEKLY PANAMA 🇵🇦 POSSE pre season call starts in 50 minutes
please drop your location pins into this chatroom
09:17 🦜Knot Right/Jeariene [null] 14613 Colony Way, Poway, CA 92064, USA : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=32.979335,-117.064176&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:21 INDEPENDENCE - Richard Independence....
Vista mar marina, panama. We are still in CT.
09:28 TOKETEE Dar Diane Kimberly [null] Unnamed Road, Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=8.482298,-79.943629&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:29 TOKETEE Dar Diane Kimberly Marina Vista Mar.
09:35 AgapeLoveDominates [Photo]
09:35 AgapeLoveDominates SV Agape
09:42 🥥🦜PathfinderJPNicole [null] E Walnut Ave, Burbank, CA 91504, USA : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=34.204666,-118.305612&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:44 Unknown [null] Unnamed Road, Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=8.481457,-79.943303&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:45 DANCINGONTHEEDGE-DAN [Port Louis (Camper & Nicholson) Marina] Lagoon Road St. George's Grenada : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=12.044748,-61.749665&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:46 SilhouetteL Dropped pin
09:46 REEF DANCER Debbie [null] Cra. 1c #2334, Santa Marta, Magdalena, Colombia : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=11.239744,-74.216143&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:48 Ho’okipa-Lisa [null] P.º del Mar, Provincia de Puntarenas, Quepos, Costa Rica : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=9.425753,-84.168777&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:48 DANCINGONTHEEDGE-DAN Group voice call started.
09:50 DANCINGONTHEEDGE-DAN Group call ended.
09:50 DreamCatcher Henri Group voice call started.
09:50 walt knot right [null] Unnamed Road, Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=8.482113,-79.943499&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:51 walt knot right Also in Vista Mar Marina
09:51 INVICTUSjeff [Linton Bay Marina] Garrote Colón Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=9.613186,-79.578762&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:51 DreamCatcher Henri [Marina Deportiva - Puerto de Santa Cruz] 38002 Santa Cruz de Tenerife Canary Islands Spain : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=28.468022,-16.245246&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:52 🥥 🦜Tennie Ann / MJ [null] Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=27.876711,-110.970016&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:53 Last Arrow Vincent [West Vancouver Yacht Club] 5854 Marine Drive West Vancouver BC Canada : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=49.356561,-123.272361&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:54 Unknown [null] San Carlos, Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=8.475666,-79.946945&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:56 PP SV avant Avant patiently awaits us in shelter bay, Panama. Rob and Debra are *still* in Vancouver, Canada.
10:57 nicole maison de sante Group call ended.
12:39 Captain Dietmar @BAJA FOG welcome back
12:41 BAJA FOG Good to back was trying to get to SD for the party, but flights were a hassle, see you in Barra!
12:42 REEF DANCER Jerry Welcome from colombia. Reef dancer
12:50 BAJA FOG Hey Jerry, hope all is fine aboard, last we heard was that John was down helping you through the Canal!
12:52 REEF DANCER Jerry All good yes John was great help he and sue were onboard thru canal. They went home we went on to Santa marta and we've been around here for huricane season leaving for aruba in a few weeks
14:02 Ho’okipa-Lisa Yeah John & Monique!!!
15:16 360 - Deb Hello Panama Posse! We are sailing vessel 360, Louis and Deb. We are current enjoying beautiful Bonaire with plans to head to Columbia and then Panama.
16:17 REEF DANCER Jerry Well hellosailing vessel 360 we are deb and Jerry aboard the mv reef dancer in Santa marta heading toward Aruba eta Oct 20 perhaps we will meet or go past each other we've been in Colombia for a few months wIting out the h season
16:33 Ora 2 CraigandKaren Hi, please let me know if this is not the right forum for this but we are wanting to buy a Sailrite LSZ-1 sewing machine, should anyone in The Posse have one they're prepared to give up! Ph Craig/Karen 16193985002 SY Ora
18:55 Captain Dietmar This article is reprinted by permission from NerdWallet.

If you’re a procrastinator and your passport is set to expire, hopefully you don’t have an international trip planned within the next four months (at least). The U.S. Department of State is warning of massive delays in turnaround times both for issuing new — and renewing existing — passports.

If you’re renewing an existing passport
Passport renewal applications can be done in person or by mail. Either way, the State Department suggests leaving at least 18 weeks (that’s more than four months) between the time you submit your passport application and the day you receive the actual passport.
19:21 TOKETEE Dar Diane Kimberly @🦜panamaposseDietmar I renewed my passport here in Panama through the US Embassy by DHL mail. The website said it would take 6 to 10 weeks. I had my new passport in 3 weeks! Diane
20:16 AKIA Judy Dietmar, I need to get back to you on the where? Is it possible in Ensenda?

Tue, 9/21/2021
09:47 Captain Dietmar please email registration@panamaposse.com
09:56 TAKU Bob & Etta [File]
09:57 TAKU Bob & Etta 180 day visas back for us and Canada
10:12 TAKU Bob & Etta Panama
10:34 ☠️ Pacific Raven https://www.gov.ky/news/press-release-details/border-reopening-phase-3-paused
10:35 ☠️ Pacific Raven Cayman Islands paused phase 3 reopening
10:36 ☠️ Pacific Raven 😢
11:42 Captain Dietmar arghh
16:14 Ho’okipa-Lisa [Photo]
16:14 Ho’okipa-Lisa [Photo]
16:14 Ho’okipa-Lisa Replacing the old Gunert 120v Deep Freezer with a fancy new Frigoboat system that is super light weight and energy efficiant. The new system is 24v and will pay for itself within 1 year!
17:55 Ho’okipa-Lisa Reef Dancer won this week's award for most tonnage replaced on a PP vessel @ 1600 lbs of batteries, but I came in second for most energy efficicant upgrade?
17:57 REEF DANCER Jerry Well I have 3200ahours of storage we are gluten for amps
17:58 Ho’okipa-Lisa Now that's what I'm talking about!!! Love you man!
17:59 REEF DANCER Jerry But we did go to 2 do.etic freezers that are energy efficient. Maybe pen day the dove compressor will run on batteries. I need another 1600 lbs plus another 5 feet of boat so not going to happen thanks chuck
19:32 Katmandu - Terry [null] Blvd. Nayarit 2, Flamingos, 63735 Nuevo Vallarta, Nay., Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=20.691540,-105.292555&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14

Wed, 9/22/2021
08:31 PP SV avant 6.5 magnitude earthquake off Nicaraguan coast. No tsunami warning issued. Please pray for our friends at Puesta del Sol and the flor de cana rum plants, hoping there is no damage.

08:37 SilhouetteL 🙏
10:15 Captain Dietmar @Leilani - Tracy welcome back
10:16 Captain Dietmar @SVBoundless welcome to the 21▪︎22 Panamá Posse
13:23 Ho’okipa-Lisa Marina Pez Vela - Quepos, Costa Rica dock water today tested at 056 PPM / 6.50 PH(thumbs up)(thumbs up)(pouring water)(pouring water)
17:05 Captain Dietmar @LEILANI - Bud&Tracy welcome back
17:06 LEILANI - Bud&Tracy Ready for some fun this year!
18:13 AlohaToa-Tim Ahoy ! Just introducing myself . This is Tim from “Aloha Toa” (renamed) a Wharram Tiki 30 currently at Puerto Vallarta Mexico. . My sailing was mostly on windsurfers in my youth in Australia in the 1970’s / 80s .. but somehow got land locked for decades before recent lockdowns kind of landlocked me miles across the Pacific. … alas .. it was time to learn the ropes again .. and so I’ve just been kind of camped down here in the Hurricane Hole thinking about where to sail next … I know absolutely nothing about these waters , modern nav tools etc and so grateful to learn and share what I can . Thanks again .. cheers!
21:24 Captain Dietmar Welcome to the Panamá Posse

22:31 Captain Dietmar

Panama Posse


Meeting ID: 880 5762 7371
Passcode: 20212022




OpenCPN and satellite chart setup instructions.


This session will be a quick video seminar overview of how to create satellite charts from Google Earth and other sources. You can watch and try to get the general idea, or you can set up your own PC (Windows PC 8.1 or 10, there is no Mac Version) and follow along while doing it yourself. I will not be able to assist with ‘debugging your install’, so you will need to ensure it’s all there and working before the seminar begins.


Allow an hour or two for the install(s) ahead of time, as the software comes from different places
and due to its niche character, some installations will be blocked by Windows, your anti-virus software, etc.


Be aware: Bandwidth is an issue with this process. If you’re not on a high speed internet connection I doubt you will be able to watch the seminar and download images, etc. at the same time. I have pretty good internet here, so I will probably be able to download at a greater speed than any Posse member south of San Diego or Key West. If you’re in a marina with bad internet and other Posse members, consider gathering to watch on a single screen to avoid over taxing the internet bandwidth. Turning off your camera will help too.


You need to install the following software:


OpenCPN, latest version, from OpenCPN Download Directory (while you’re there, may as well grab some other stuff. I highly recommend the weather stuff, especially the Climatology module (https://www.opencpn.org/OpenCPN/plugins/climatology.html ) and the Pilot Charts (Pilot Charts (opencpn.org)) for seasonal look-aheads at the weather and longer term planning)

Google Earth Pro (Version or above) from Earth Versions – Google Earth

SAT2CHART (Version V13.0.4.0) from http://www.gdayii.ca/Downloads/Sat2Chart_Install.exe

SASPlanet (Version 200922.10096 Nightly) from http://gdayii.ca/Downloads/Sasplanet.zip (note that this is NOT a ‘program’ under Windows that you ‘install’, rather an ‘executable file’ you ‘run’ on windows. After you unzip the files to an appropriate directory [such as C:\SasPlanet], right click on the SASPlanet.exe file and create a shortcut, and then copy or move the shortcut to somewhere you can find it again, like your desktop.


After you have downloaded all four components and verified that they run, make some popcorn and get ready for our session Sunday. See you then!



Rob on Avant


Thu, 9/23/2021
08:26 PP SV avant A cautionary tale from Richard, the Grand Poobah of the Baja Haha (posted on Facebook yesterday)


I was in Aisle 11, trying to find safe boxes of all things, when a middle-aged Mexican fellow alerted me to the fact that my shoulder bag had a glob of some stinky brown substance on it.

Like I had rubbed it against something greasy.

Helpful guy, he produced a couple of napkins and started wiping it off for me.

"Gracias," said Mr. Oblivious, taking a few napkins to help out.

Then another guy behind me on the other side said, "Wow, there's a whole bunch more on the back of your shirt."

Like a diarreah streak about a foot long.

So he began cleaning me off, too.

What a coincidence that both the gentlemen had shoulder bags with nothing in them but napkins.

After doing their good deed for the day, the men both slipped away, leaving me to finish cleaning.

Slipped away, that is, with my beloved iPhone, which had my driver's license and my two primary credit cards in it.

Shit! Shit! Shit!

It took me about a minute for me to realize what had happened.

My phone had actually been in my left front pocket, as I had been taking it in and out to check my list of things to buy. So getting me to twist around to the right was the perfect move for the pickpockets.

These guys were smooth. And they were gone.

I tried to lock and track the phone as quickly as I could, but I couldn't because I didn't — duh — have a phone.

By the time I tried to lock the phone it had been shut down.

My two credit cards were quickly been used in attempts to buy maybe $10,000 worth of stuff. All of which was declined.

Sheeeeet! I'd feel less naked without clothes than without my iPhone. Gawd I loved that thing. It has 40,000 photos on it, almost all of which are also floating around in the cloud.

The credit card companies are rushing new cards that should arrive at my son's place on Friday.

Normally I'd have him run down to the dazzling new Apple store in downtown L.A. tonight and pick me up a new phone.

But the new Apple 13 is coming out on Friday, so I have to wait for that.

Which means I'm desperately seeking someone in the L.A. area who will be flying down to Vallarta on Saturday, Sunday or Monday, and would be willing to bring a phone and a couple of credit cards down for me. Can anybody help this victim of a despicable crime?

By the way, the various forums in the Vallarta area are alive with reports that this kind of pickpocketing is running at an epidemic rate at places such as Costo, Home Deport, Wal-Mart and elsewhere. So be on your toes.

To put things in perspective, this is the first time my person has been a victim of a crime in Mexico in something like 45 seasons. So do we careful and aware, but don't freak out.”

He further reported that the stains would not come out of his shirt, so it had it to be binned, as well.

Do be cautious and aware.
09:21 Ho’okipa-Lisa Thanks Rob.
10:01 Unknown Old pick pocket scam also used in Ecuador big time on city streets. They tried same thing on us. Tell em to get lost no matter how nice. they are acting.
10:44 nicole maison de sante Rob - this happened to our boat neighbor last year in marina Puerto Vallarta.
10:58 PP SV avant If you’re planning to attend this online seminar, please reply to this message. Knowing how many are planning to attend will help me better prepare.
10:59 TOKETEE Dar Diane Kimberly We are planning on attending.
11:02 Katmandu - Terry I plan on attending.
11:07 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce We’re planning on attending. That’s two of us.
11:21 SilhouetteL We are also planning on attending
11:22 ☠️ Pacific Raven Planning to attend
11:35 Green Flash Green flash will attend
11:45 YO-D-YO Dave YO-D-YO will attend.
11:47 Ho’okipa-Lisa Ho’okipa Lisa and Lucky will be in attendance.
11:49 Aegis, Mary/Ian Planning on attending.
11:55 AKIA Judy planning to attend.
12:15 NAVIGATOR - Dave Planning to attend.
12:28 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce How many boats are in San Diego now?
12:35 Ascension-Scott Attending.
14:01 Pilialoha Pilialoha, Rick and María Lucía are attending.
Thank you Rob for doing this (ok hand)
15:15 AlohaToa-Tim I’m attending , thank you (Thanks)
17:24 SV Chimera Will attend
17:43 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila Plan to attend
17:56 SV Juliet-Charlie @Fickle Muranda planning to attend
20:39 Captain Dietmar Anyone in San Diego interested in meeting up next Tuesday Sep 28 evening ?
20:43 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Sure. There was a small group of us planning to go out for drinks at an Irish pub in Ocean Beach, but we haven’t set a day or time. Would that work, or do you have other ideas?
20:46 Ascension-Scott Count me in! I live near Bankers Hill
20:49 Ora 2 CraigandKaren Hi SD people. We are in the cruisers anchorage #9, we would love to meet up with fellow cruisers. Craig and Karen
20:58 BAJA FOG Sunday is our only day off , we need to go pickup our new mppt’s for our solar and deliver 2 new kayaks to the Bay Area… sorry we’ll miss the presentation but we’ll see you all in December!
21:03 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila Regrettably, this Tuesday night doesn't work for us...but have great time
22:57 Captain Dietmar works for me
22:58 Captain Dietmar I'll have a rental can pick u up

Fri, 9/24/2021
07:13 Outventure juergen and Iris Insurance…
I have a chance to change my insurance in the next 4 weeks and am looking for one that would insure my boat (Lagoon 440 2008) also during Hurricane season on the Pacific side of Central America (including Mexico).
The boat is Panama flagged, i‘m a German citizen & Panama resident.
Any ideas or leads are highly appreciated!
07:24 DreamCatcher Henri I will attend the seminar, probably, as I might have sequels from an surgical intervention ( hopefully not ) (Moon aww)
08:32 Ora 2 CraigandKaren Thanks so much, Dietmar, that'd be brilliant! Let us know time etc and we'll be there
09:14 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce It’s called The Harp at 4939 Newport Ave. They serve Irish pub food if that is ok with everyone, and of course Guinness. 🍺

For small parties they offer a reserved section of the restaurant. If we can get a time and head count for next Tuesday I can try to get the reserved section, if that works for you.
09:16 YO-D-YO Dave Count us in for two.
09:20 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila We've been a couple of times; very laid back, blue collar vibe, billiards table, and, as mentioned above, Guinness on tap
09:29 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce It would be nice if Sephina could make it. Are you firm on Tuesday or would Sunday or Thursday be an option? Those are the days Sephina could make it.
10:26 Ho’okipa-Lisa Try JACKLINE
10:55 Captain Dietmar I wish I.m in town only one night
10:57 Katmandu - Terry Im looking at purchasing a new 20 HP outboard in San Diego area for my dingy. Any recommendations also looking for someone to bring it down to Paridise or Barra!?!
10:59 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila We're leaving for Panama from SD late October, if you can wait that long I'd be happy to deliver
11:03 Captain Dietmar if you come to the party in SD you may be able to get it on board another vessel

13:56 Ora 2 CraigandKaren We just bought a new 15 ho Yamaha from west coast marine. They were great https://www.wcmsd.com/
14:00 REEF DANCER Jerry The dinghy doctor is in point loma they are part of southcoast yachts Barrett candied is the owner and he and dietmar have met. Maybe a posse discount?
14:37 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Understood. Not a problem. My schedule just changed. I have surgery scheduled for 1pm on Tuesday, so probably won’t be able to make the meetup. I can still schedule the room if I get a head count and time.

Sat, 9/25/2021
08:06 DeNovo Is the Open CPN seminar online? Is it too late to get in?
09:11 PP SV avant Still open. Coordinates for attending in a post above.
10:46 Captain Dietmar *SPECIAL INVITATION*
*OPEN CPN SEMINAR THIS SUNDAY @ 19:00 UTC | 15:00 EDT | 12:00 PDT*

Meeting ID: 880 5762 7371
Passcode: 20212022




OpenCPN and satellite chart setup instructions.


This session will be a quick video seminar overview of how to create satellite charts from Google Earth and other sources. You can watch and try to get the general idea, or you can set up your own PC (Windows PC 8.1 or 10, there is no Mac Version) and follow along while doing it yourself. I will not be able to assist with ‘debugging your install’, so you will need to ensure it’s all there and working before the seminar begins.


Allow an hour or two for the install(s) ahead of time, as the software comes from different places
and due to its niche character, some installations will be blocked by Windows, your anti-virus software, etc.


Be aware: Bandwidth is an issue with this process. If you’re not on a high speed internet connection I doubt you will be able to watch the seminar and download images, etc. at the same time. I have pretty good internet here, so I will probably be able to download at a greater speed than any Posse member south of San Diego or Key West. If you’re in a marina with bad internet and other Posse members, consider gathering to watch on a single screen to avoid over taxing the internet bandwidth. Turning off your camera will help too.


You need to install the following software:


OpenCPN, latest version, from OpenCPN Download Directory (while you’re there, may as well grab some other stuff. I highly recommend the weather stuff, especially the Climatology module (https://www.opencpn.org/OpenCPN/plugins/climatology.html ) and the Pilot Charts (Pilot Charts (opencpn.org)) for seasonal look-aheads at the weather and longer term planning)

Google Earth Pro (Version or above) from Earth Versions – Google Earth

SAT2CHART (Version V13.0.4.0) from http://www.gdayii.ca/Downloads/Sat2Chart_Install.exe

SASPlanet (Version 200922.10096 Nightly) from http://gdayii.ca/Downloads/Sasplanet.zip (note that this is NOT a ‘program’ under Windows that you ‘install’, rather an ‘executable file’ you ‘run’ on windows. After you unzip the files to an appropriate directory [such as C:\SasPlanet], right click on the SASPlanet.exe file and create a shortcut, and then copy or move the shortcut to somewhere you can find it again, like your desktop.


After you have downloaded all four components and verified that they run, make some popcorn and get ready for our session Sunday. See you then!



Rob on Avant
10:52 DreamCatcher Henri [Sticker]
10:55 DreamCatcher Henri Sorry I will not be able to attend the seminar. Are you planning to record it on video ? Let me know
11:54 Captain Dietmar we will record it
11:55 Captain Dietmar [Photo]
11:56 Captain Dietmar basic nmea 0183 gateway for opencpn and data logging
189 usd
18:13 Captain Dietmar REMINDER
Meeting ID: 880 5762 7371
Passcode: 20212022
OpenCPN and satellite chart setup instructions.
This session will be a quick video seminar overview of how to create satellite charts from Google Earth and other sources. You can watch and try to get the general idea, or you can set up your own PC (Windows PC 8.1 or 10, there is no Mac Version) and follow along while doing it yourself. I will not be able to assist with ‘debugging your install’, so you will need to ensure it’s all there and working before the seminar begins.
Allow an hour or two for the install(s) ahead of time, as the software comes from different places
and due to its niche character, some installations will be blocked by Windows, your anti-virus software, etc.
Be aware: Bandwidth is an issue with this process. If you’re not on a high speed internet connection I doubt you will be able to watch the seminar and download images, etc. at the same time. I have pretty good internet here, so I will probably be able to download at a greater speed than any Posse member south of San Diego or Key West. If you’re in a marina with bad internet and other Posse members, consider gathering to watch on a single screen to avoid over taxing the internet bandwidth. Turning off your camera will help too.
You need to install the following software:
OpenCPN, latest version, from OpenCPN Download Directory (while you’re there, may as well grab some other stuff. I highly recommend the weather stuff, especially the Climatology module (https://www.opencpn.org/OpenCPN/plugins/climatology.html ) and the Pilot Charts (Pilot Charts (opencpn.org)) for seasonal look-aheads at the weather and longer term planning)
Google Earth Pro (Version or above) from Earth Versions – Google Earth
SAT2CHART (Version V13.0.4.0) from http://www.gdayii.ca/Downloads/Sat2Chart_Install.exe
SASPlanet (Version 200922.10096 Nightly) from http://gdayii.ca/Downloads/Sasplanet.zip (note that this is NOT a ‘program’ under Windows that you ‘install’, rather an ‘executable file’ you ‘run’ on windows. After you unzip the files to an appropriate directory [such as C:\SasPlanet], right click on the SASPlanet.exe file and create a shortcut, and then copy or move the shortcut to somewhere you can find it again, like your desktop.
After you have downloaded all four components and verified that they run, make some popcorn and get ready for our session Sunday. See you then!
Rob on Avant
20:55 Sea Bella Kathy We are attending SD event
21:01 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce I have OpenCPN on my Mac, or is it the other apps you are referring to?
21:03 PP SV avant The ability to create satellite charts is yet to be developed on the Mac platform. You can use them after they have been created on a PC platform.
21:05 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Ah, got it. Thanks for the quick clarification. Luckily we have both Mac and Windows onboard. :)

Sun, 9/26/2021
08:57 PP SV avant Satellite chart seminar starts in approximately four hours.
09:24 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce I can’t find the pilot charts. Do you have a link?
11:10 AgapeLoveDominates Did I miss the cpn zoom call. Im in Panama. Is it at 3pm?
11:18 Ho’okipa-Lisa OPEN CPN SEMINAR THIS SUNDAY @ 19:00 UTC | 15:00 EDT | 12:00 PDT

11:24 Captain Dietmar panamaposse.com/weather
and under each country
11:33 PP SV avant pilot charts are available for download here: https://www.opencpn.org/OpenCPN/info/pilotcharts.html
11:34 PP SV avant opencpn satellite chart seminar begins in about 90 minutes. oooh oooh i cant wait!
12:11 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Thanks
12:11 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Thanks
12:12 PP SV avant opencpn sat chart seminar begins in about one hour. im so ecxcited!
12:33 PP SV avant thirty minutes to the sat chart seminar. make your popcorn now!
12:34 Captain Dietmar REMINDER
Meeting ID: 880 5762 7371
Passcode: 20212022

13:13 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila Having trouble downloading Zoom app on my phone...I'll join as soon as possible
13:14 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce You can join via a Mac or Windows computer as well.
13:15 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila No WiFi here, gotta use data
13:15 Green Flash It seems that the link requires an email address for login and since the invite was not emailed I get an invalid email or password error when I log in.
13:16 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Can you create a zoom account and log in?
13:16 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce That’s what I did.
13:17 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila I'm downloading the app from the Zoom website, seems to be working...Google Play I just got the spinning serpent of doom
13:18 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Good. I believe you will have to create an account and log in. Or type in the meeting link from Line.
13:20 Green Flash 👍
14:02 PP SV avant Link to article on how to create sat charts: https://currents.bluewatercruising.org/articles/mbtiles-for-opencpn-a-huge-step-forward-for-satellite-charting/
14:04 Last Arrow Vincent Rob are you in Vancouver?
14:04 PP SV avant Yes
14:08 PP SV avant Yes
14:10 Last Arrow Vincent Yes out by Horseshoe bay, are you good for coffee or lunch next week or so ?
14:13 PP SV avant @Last Arrow Vincent sure, we’re near Oakridge in vancouver
14:14 Last Arrow Vincent Sounds good I’ll reach out to you early next week and dial in time and place, look forward to meeting you.
14:37 PP SV avant Thanks all who attended the seminar this afternoon! Reach out on LINE if you have any questions. Glad to help.
15:14 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Thanks, Rob for taking the time. Excellent job!
17:26 walt knot right Yes awesome job
22:00 Captain Dietmar REMINDER

Mon, 9/27/2021
09:09 Captain Dietmar REMINDER WEEKLY PANAMA 🇵🇦 Posse line call starts in about 45 minutes
09:25 Captain Dietmar @Hope - Patrick welcome to the Panama 🇵🇦 Posse
09:46 Captain Dietmar Group voice call started.
10:14 Scott AnimalCracker [null] Salida Concha, Caracol Turístico, San Carlos, Son., Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=27.948335,-111.056073&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
10:31 Ho’okipa-Lisa AGM Lifeline Batteries – (Andrew) – 909-599-7816 ext #1
10:46 PP SV avant Re: copper canyon train.

I don’t know where the washout is, but the Avant crew took the bus to el Fuerte and trained it up from there.
10:48 SV Blessed Life Group call ended.
10:52 🦜Knot Right/Jeariene Knot Right is excited to have @Hope in the group! We enjoy being Vista Mar neighbors.
11:01 🥥AngeliqueofVancouve Thanks Dietmar
11:15 WildhoodDirk Anyone know where to get Yellow Fever shots in PC? We just went to the government clinic and they wanted $100/person for non nationals....that seems like a lot. Hoping for something a little more reasonable.
11:54 PP SV avant Just for reference, it’s over $150 CAN (~$115 USD) in Canada. So maybe that’s not so bad . . .
11:59 WildhoodDirk Ha, I guess it's all relative...used to be $5 here.... inflation 🙄
12:02 Katmandu - Terry Anyone have recommendations for upgrading my 2002 Lagoon 470 fuel and water gauges and measuring device. I no longer have visibility on what I actually have in my tanks. I’m in Nuevo Vallerta Nayarit Mexico.
12:04 Dreamer Dirk, we paid $180 here in California for the yellow fever shot
12:04 Outventure juergen and Iris I got KUS sensor and gauge from amazon. Lagoon 440. works well.
12:05 Outventure juergen and Iris (For water tanks)
12:06 WildhoodDirk Yikes....I'm pretty sure they were way cheaper before we left Canada, they just didn't have them....oh well, will keep looking and could just be what it is....
12:06 Katmandu - Terry 2 water tanks and 2 fuel tanks
12:09 SVAKIA-Rick Group voice call started.
12:10 SVAKIA-Rick Group call ended.
12:12 PP SV avant FWIW, no one has asked for our proof of yellow fever vaccination (Mexico -> Panama), and the last outbreak was in Brazil in 2018 (https://www.who.int/news-room/fact-sheets/detail/yellow-fever). There is some risk to going without, but it’s pretty minimal these days.
12:15 Katmandu - Terry Group voice call started.
12:15 Katmandu - Terry Group call ended.
15:04 ,☠️Delta Swizzler You may want to invest in Heather and Shawn's cruising guides. They have one for the mainland and one for the Baja peninsula. That's a start.
15:22 Hope - Patrick Thanks Walt and Jeariene. Happy that we joined.
21:12 Ora 2 CraigandKaren Hi Dietmar and friends, Is the Tues 28th get-together in San Diego (Oceanbeach ??) still happening? We're still keen if so - Craig & Karen S/Y Ora

Tue, 9/28/2021
06:52 Captain Dietmar yes but we are meeting at the brigantine on shelter island @ 5 pm
all are welcome !!!
06:53 Captain Dietmar [null] 2727 Shelter Island Dr, San Diego, CA 92106, USA : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=32.720795,-117.228508&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:25 Ascension-Scott @Dreamer see you there. If anyone needs a pickup, I have a car.
09:55 🦜Ramble On Rose-Roz [Photo]
09:55 🦜Ramble On Rose-Roz [Photo]
09:57 🦜Ramble On Rose-Roz Contact info for the marina in Alicante Spain
10:56 Captain Dietmar thankyou very much
12:56 🦜Ramble On Rose-Roz You’re welcome
16:17 Sea Trial Toni Confused ? Is the kick off in San Diego Tuesday the 26th or Thursday the 28th
17:18 Ho’okipa-Lisa [null] Bahía Ballena, Provincia de Puntarenas, Pérez Zeledón, Costa Rica : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=9.151877,-83.757089&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
17:56 Ora 2 CraigandKaren Darn it, not able to make it after all, have a great get-together and we hope to catch up another time. Cheers, Karen & Craig, SY Ora

Wed, 9/29/2021
08:18 Captain Dietmar next time
13:31 SV Blessed Life When we get to that point we will be sailing away from Panama. Can we clear out of Bocas Del Toro?

14:57 Captain Dietmar [null] 13800 Bora Bora Way, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292, USA : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=33.971918,-118.449588&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
19:22 PP SV avant Yikes.


“A single handed yacht on passage from Curacao to Brazil having passed well north of Margarita Island, Venezuela, was boarded at 0830HRS by Spanish speaking pirates 15 miles offshore the Paria Peninsula at position 10-58.744N 062-38.279W along the north eastern coast of Venezuela.

Initially two (2) open boats with multiple large, new outboards and twenty (20) men took control. The pirates were all armed with automatic weapons and handguns. They beat the captain and forced his yacht close to shore in this remote and sparsely populated area. There was a well established house/camp and other armed men visible ashore. Two (2) additional boats (total 4) and men (total 40) then spent four (4) hours threatening the captain with their weapons and ransacking/searching the yacht while he was forced to circle close to shore. The pirates repeatedly demanded cash, which was surrendered. They also took all alcohol/beverages and food, as well as clothing, shoes and sunglasses. The pirates took the yacht’s liferaft, but had no interest in the dinghy or outboard, laptop, the yacht’s electronics, the captain’s credit cards or his cell phone. The pirates did take the phone charger. They were fairly well organized and under the control of “the boss” who communicated with his men and the captain by VHF.

Eventually the pirates were satisfied they had taken all they wanted, and the captain asked the pirate boss for some small food and diesel so he could depart and continue his voyage. It was provided with a proviso to go and never look back. The yacht proceeded and made safe harbor in Chaguaramas, Trinidad. Assistance was provided by a cruiser who noticed the distressed state of the captain.”

21:21 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce With the conversations about lightning strikes I’m wondering what people are doing for lightning “protection” if anything.
21:36 WildhoodDirk @Rob Murray We are going to Ecuador...lots of areas there where the yellow fever vaccine is recommended...
22:37 PP SV avant Understood. Risk is low, but it’s a risk.
22:45 PP SV avant I wrote something up a season ago, here it is.

Lightning protection on boats in general.

Grounding. Most vessels are poorly grounded, and their grounding is ineffective when hauled. You can ground your boat quickly and simply with a set of jumper cables. If in the water, buy a set of cheap jumper cables. Separate into two wires. Remove one clamp from each wire, strip back a couple of inches and ‘fray’ the end or clamp to a 1’x1’ metal plate (to make a better ground connection with the water). Attach remaining clamp to a top shroud or other bit of metal that connects to near the masthead and throw the frayed/plated end in the water. One cable port, one cable starboard. If on the hard, separate cables and attach one to the top shrouds and Jack stands on the port side, the other to the same points on starboard. The cables will be trash at the end of the season, as they are not designed for continuous or outdoor use. Brushing clamps with wax, Vaseline or any other topical protectant helps them look better longer. Even if you *think* your boat might be/is well grounded, these jumper cable tricks will ensure it.

Lightning dissipators. Anecdotal evidence says they *might* work. Science says they *shouldn’t*. They *will* help keep birds off of the masthead. Avant has one, just in case they work. They aren’t that expensive.

Location: being close to a boat with a taller mast would in theory see them struck first. Catamarans are lightning magnets, being close to a catamaran would (again in theory) see them struck first. Choose your neighbours carefully.

Lightning detectors. A cheap AM radio (think dollar store cheap), tuned between stations, will crackle with static when lightning approaches. When it approaches you can disconnect antennas from electronics to disrupt the path of lightning, place portable electronic items in a boat’s oven or microwave (faraday cage protection), stand away from anything made of metal, and clutch a bible while praying loudly.


Some additional reading here: https://www.kp44.org/LightningProtection.php

The app “WeatherBug” has local lightning ‘alerts’

Thu, 9/30/2021
09:12 Captain Dietmar good news for you in the 🦞lobster pod
Tidewater marina in Virginia just approved a 15% off dockage and 5 % off fuel
stay tuned for the link and full write up
09:19 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Thanks, Rob. I’ve read a few articles on hanging battery cables (jumper cables) over the side to ground the boat. Do you only attach them to the cap shrouds? What about grounding of other deck metal and the mast directly?
09:23 PP SV avant I figure other deck metal is usually low enough to ignore. I suggest the shrouds, because from what I understand lightning doesn’t like to make sharp turns, so the cap shroud concept makes a more direct path.

Avant has yet to be hit by lightning (touch wood), so I can’t offer personal experience/anecdotes on the effectiveness of the advice.
09:54 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Good enough for me. Thanks again. Grounding seems to be the most common topic when it comes to lightning protection.
09:55 PP SV avant Don’t underestimate the power of prayers. I figure that’s what’s gotten us through our 8 years in lightning rife regions. ;)
09:56 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Good point.
12:17 GypseaBLU- John/Kim Hello Panama Posse
We are John and Kim on s/v GypseaBLU, Leopard 45 cat. We are currently in Bonaire.
On our pervious boat we sailed up and down the Eastern Caribbean chain for 6 years then took a break. Getting back into sailing want to explore Panama, San Blas, Bocas, San Andrea, etc eventually making it to the Pacific.
12:21 Captain Dietmar @GypseaBLU- John/Kim welcome to the Panama 🇵🇦 Posse
12:41 360 - Deb Welcome John and Kim!!!
12:41 360 - Deb @GypseaBLU- John/Kim
13:18 DancingontheEdge Mel We are looking for names of marinas or yards on the Pacific side of Panama or Costa Rica that bottom paint. If question is not appropriate let me know and I will delete. Thanks. Melissa and Dan
13:22 REEF DANCER Jerry Pez vella costa rica possibly the best yard on the west coast they are incredibly organized clean and professio al. Also perhaps the priceless but you know what they say you get what you pay for
13:39 Last Arrow Vincent Any recommendations where to order country flags from ?
13:42 Last Arrow Vincent Any recommendations where to order country courtesy flags from ?
13:56 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila We bought ours on Amazon, they sell all the Central/South American flags as a bundle
13:56 Last Arrow Vincent Thanks
14:14 ,☠️Delta Swizzler You may want to try Shelter Bay. It's right outside the Panama Canal. We are waiting for the lift in Bocas del Torro. They are installing a new pump today. Testing it tomorrow.
14:23 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce I bought mine from yachtflags.com. The come in bundles and are made of knitted polyester with thick seatbelt webbing and stainless eyelets on the hoisting side. Very well made and the poly lasts in the UV according to their website.
16:09 PP SV avant SEP 21
16:12 PP SV avant Costa Rica similar to USA prices, but quality of work is good. I was quoted $5K for a bottom job on Avant, a 45’ monohull. Friends have used Flamenco, just outside the pacific entrance to the canal, to good effect and more reasonable $$$.
16:12 PP SV avant SEP 21
A. BOSTON (F) 41-42.8N 070-30.3W.
B. CHARLESTON (E) 32-50.7N 079-57.0W.
C. MIAMI (A) 25-37.4N 080-23.4W.
D. NEW ORLEANS (G) 29-53.1N 089-56.7W.
E. PORTSMOUTH (N) 36-43.7N 076-00.6W.
18:10 Captain Dietmar WE NOW HAVE A PROPER VENUE FOR OUR SAN DIEGO KICK OFF EVENT AT TEH MAGIFICENT CALIFORNIA YACHT MARINA PAVILLION AND SPECIAL EVENT PLACE - so scratch Harbor Island and head to this new venue - you can take yoru dinghy / the trolly / car for free parking or an uber / lyft 640 Marina Pkwy, Chula Vista, CA 91910

18:10 Captain Dietmar [Photo]
18:11 Captain Dietmar Reportetly the best sunsets in San Diego and a great venue with a dinghy dock for us !
18:11 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Great! That’s right next door to our Marina, Chula Vista Marina.
18:12 Captain Dietmar [null] 642 Marina Pkwy, Chula Vista, CA 91910, USA : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=32.622161,-117.099918&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
18:12 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce I’ll second that! It’s along dinghy ride from Shelter Island though.
18:12 Captain Dietmar perfect !!!
18:13 Captain Dietmar good test and you get to review the US Fleet along the way
18:14 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce So true. Making lemonade out of lemons. 😁
18:15 Captain Dietmar just you wait - this is (champagne and glasses) ! and holds everyone with a great outdoors and indoor space !
18:18 Last Arrow Vincent Thank you
18:19 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce It is a very nice space. I can attest to that.
Message to U.S. Citizens:  New Online Payment and Mail-In Program for Adult Passport Renewals for U.S. Citizens Resident in Mexico.
Launch of an online payment and mail-in program for adult passport renewals for U.S. citizens resident in Mexico.  Beginning October 1, eligible applicants will pay the renewal fee online and mail their documents to one of five locations throughout Mexico.  Processing time will be approximately 4-6 weeks.  See our website for full details.
23:33 Captain Dietmar @CAPRICORN CAT - Sue welcome to the Panamá Posse
where are you heading this season?
23:34 Captain Dietmar @BISOU Robin And Tad welcome back !
23:55 SV Blessed Life @🦜panamaposseDietmar
Hi to dock master Andy and his crew!
Plus Checkout downtown Chula Vista for cool pubs, and pizza, and much more. West Marine 1/4mi away. Not to mention the dive next door with live music on Friday’s.

Fri, 10/1/2021
07:28 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Live music on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays! 😮
08:41 PP SV avant From the blue latitude press Facebook page:

“Due to the shipping and supply chain issues going on around the world, our shipment for our new Sea of Cortez - 4th Edition has been repeatedly delayed (now mid-November).

As a result, we’ve decided to get an initial shipment coming via FedEx air next week. You can get your signed copy in at: www.bluelatitudepress.com. If you know anyone else who is interested in an early copy of the new edition, please let them know. Thanks for helping spread the word, it helps to offset the extra expense of the expedited shipment.

Limited supplies will also be available from our vendors a couple of weeks into October (until the main shipment arrives).

Thank you for your patience, it’s been very frustrating!

Buen Viaje!”

The ‘Sean and Heather’ Sea of Cortez has been the cruisers bible for the area for years now (as has their companion volume, Mainland Mexico.

12:18 LUMOS - Jeremiah Hello everyone! I'm Jeremiah from SV Lumos. My wife Carrie, and our two sons Oliver (age 9), and Carter (age 7) are cruising full time on our 2005 Fontaine Pajot Lavezzi 40. We bought the boat in September of 2020 in Grenada and spent last season cruising the Eastern Caribbean and USVI before heading to the ABC Islands before hurricane season. We are currently in Cartagena Colombia and are planning to head to Panama soon.
12:19 LUMOS - Jeremiah We are hoping to cross the canal and head north through Central America and Mexico.
12:20 Captain Dietmar @LUMOS - Jeremiah welcome to the Panamá Posse
16:45 Captain Dietmar [Photo]
16:45 Captain Dietmar *TIME TO SHOW YOUR TRUE COLORS*

The Official 21·22 Panama Posse Burgees are here !

To get yours please email registration with your delivery preference

"The phrase show one's true colors is derived from nautical jargon. The colors of a ship are its flags. Sometimes, a ship would lower its colors or even fly the enemy's colors to gain the advantage in a naval battle."

17:54 BISOU Robin And Tad Thank you! Happy to be here even though we’re landlocked atm!

Sat, 10/2/2021
08:25 PP SV avant [Photo]
08:27 PP SV avant What looks like a very bad fire on bonacca cay, bay of islands Honduras this morning. No more details available (from me, anyways). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guanaja
10:18 Ho’okipa-Lisa I agree with Jerry on REEF DANCER. we had a great experience with Pez Vela. It's getting to be high season for all the yards...
10:26 Ho’okipa-Lisa Welcome. Heading that way from our current position in Quepos, Costa Rica. Please tell us where in Cartagene you are and how it is there...good/bad/indifferent...
11:20 LUMOS - Jeremiah Thanks! We are in Marina Club de Pesca. It's alright. I looked at Club Nautico and Pesca is definitely the nicer of the two. Previously we were in Santa Marta, and the marina there is much much nicer. Our favorite things about Colombia so far have been the trips we've taken into the interior of the country.
11:40 360 - Deb Hello @LUMOS - Jeremiah We are currently in Bonaire and plan to sail to Columbia later in October. Based on your comments, would you have preferred to stay longer in Santa Marta instead of going to Carthegena and Club de Pesca? We plan to be in mainland Columbia only about 1month before heading to Panama.
11:48 AKIA Judy Any recommendations for marina close to airport for crew pickup, and to get to pur Kickoff psrty in Chula Vista on 28th?
11:49 LUMOS - Jeremiah Hey Deb. Personally, yes in retrospect we could have stayed in Santa Marta and done all our mainland traveling from there. Several cruisers in Santa Marta that had come from Cartagena advised me to do this, but I figured Cartagena is on the way to Panama and I wanted to check it out. I now understand why people reccomended staying in Cartagena. The marina experience is much more comfortable and low key than Cartagena. That being said, there are cruisers who have been here a long time and love it. Be warned, both Cartagena and Santa Marta are HOT 🥵. We have found it difficult to do much during the days besides sit in front of fans or in AC. It is a big difference from the Caribbean Islands we came from, and a lot of fun things to do. Just be prepared to sweat 😅
12:08 nicole maison de sante Akia Judy- Shelter Island Marina, Kona Kai Marina, Bay club resort and marina, sunroad resort marina are all close to downtown San Diego/where the airport is. Also, if you are part of a yacht club, you may have reciprocal benefits to stay at a guest slip at SDYC, SWYC, Silver Gate yacht club - all close to downtown/airport
12:50 Hope - Patrick Does anyone from the US remember what the customs documents on air flights into PTY say about dollar amount of duty free items brought to Panama is?
13:43 NAVIGATOR - Dave I based at Chula Vista Marina and even though it seems way far out from San Diego it was easy to get to the airport and into town. Uber was very cheap and the feeeways made it fast. Plus there is light rail a short walk from the marinas that goes into San Diego and, even more fun, to Tijuana. That was pre-COVID of course.
15:23 🥥AngeliqueofVancouve @Katmandu-Terry @🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce we also bought our courtesy flags at yachtflags
16:00 AKIA Judy @Maison De Sante checked with them, nothing available, but sounds like what we need. Thanks for the info.
16:01 AKIA Judy @Maison De Sante Checked all these as well. Seems Baja HaHa has everything tied up until 11-1.
16:27 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Excellent! What did you think? Good service? Good quality?

I got Western Caribbean that didn’t have El Salvador and via email they said they’d include an El Salvador flag for free. I didn’t want to also get the Pacific Latin America set that duplicates all the flags I was already getting. The St. Marteen flag had a bad grommet so they replaced it with no issues. Great service from my POV.
16:29 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce What about California Yacht Marina? They are a PP sponsor with a discount and that’s where the party will be held.
16:42 PP SV avant OCT 21
NAVAREA IV 895/21(26).
IN 10-17.92N 077-11.05W ON 30 SEP.
17:10 🥥AngeliqueofVancouve @🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce we got them a couple years ago and have had no issues with them I think that we got the western Caribbean it had Panama, Nicaraguan, El Salvador flags
18:27 360 - Deb Thank you much for the information! Appreciate it!
18:40 REEF DANCER Jerry Thanks Chuck. They are effective
18:44 REEF DANCER Jerry They tend to plan for slips in San Diego a year out we still have a slip in San Diego. But it is sublease to a boat thru the yacht club guest slips are hard to come by that time of year there is,an anchorage by the yacht clubs called la playa it's often available but if not. There's no anchorage short of Coronado or the Mexican islands
21:15 AKIA Judy @REEF DANCER Jerry Thank you.
21:18 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce 👍
21:18 AKIA Judy @🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce I do not have their number. Do you by any chance? And that's the party on the 28th correct?
21:19 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce 👍
22:11 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce (619) 597-7456

Sun, 10/3/2021
05:45 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Yes, party in the 28th.
09:29 nicole maison de sante @AKIA Judy FYI- you can only anchor at la playa during the weekend (unless there’s a storm you can stay longer.) You can anchor at glorietta bay by Coronado (up to 3 days- and go online to reserve), and up to 3 days at Mariner’s basin in Mission Bay. There are some unsavory boat people who use this circuit. Maybe things have changed.??? We used to have a private slip at La Playa and would often see/hear them and it wasn’t pleasant.
09:38 AKIA Judy @Maison De Sante Thank you for the info. Much appreciated.
09:58 DreamCatcher Henri Group voice call started.
10:04 DreamCatcher Henri Group call ended.
10:05 DreamCatcher Henri Group voice call started.
10:05 DreamCatcher Henri Group call ended.
10:05 DreamCatcher Henri Group voice call started.
10:06 DreamCatcher Henri Group call ended.
10:06 DreamCatcher Henri Group voice call started.
10:08 DreamCatcher Henri Group call ended.
10:08 Katmandu - Terry Group voice call started.
10:08 Katmandu - Terry Group call ended.
10:10 DreamCatcher Henri Group voice call started.
10:11 DreamCatcher Henri Group call ended.
10:20 Katmandu - Terry Group voice call started.
10:20 Katmandu - Terry Group call ended.
10:30 DreamCatcher Henri Group voice call started.
12:35 AgapeLoveDominates Group call ended.
15:59 Captain Dietmar Latest fleet update went out via email
please check your inboxes
17:06 CAPRICORN CAT - Sue Hi Dietmar, I have not received any new email messages from you today. Any suggestions?
17:10 Captain Dietmar spam folder or promotions folder
17:47 Captain Dietmar https://panamaposse.com/subscribe-2
u must confirm your subscription

Mon, 10/4/2021
04:47 DancingontheEdge Mel Group voice call started.
04:47 DancingontheEdge Mel Group call ended.
07:13 PP SV avant Honduras bay island fire update.

08:02 Zephyr II - James Hello All -
Thanks for having us in the PP. We are James & Nats in Zephyr. Hopefully crossing pacific in early feb. Cheers
08:36 Captain Dietmar [null] Marina Chiapas Ln, 30830 Chis., Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=14.698781,-92.392592&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
08:36 ,☠️Delta Swizzler [Orlando/Florida] Orlando, FL 32825 United States : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=28.512630,-81.249898&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:03 Captain Dietmar Weekly Panama Posse ine call starts in about hour please mute your mikes when you join
09:03 🥥AngeliqueofVancouve [null] 1604 Townsite Rd, Nanaimo, BC V9S 1N2, Canada : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=49.182258,-123.974808&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:03 🥥AngeliqueofVancouve Thanks for the reminder
09:05 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley [Mammoth Lakes, CA] CA 93546 United States : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=37.646727,-118.975199&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:11 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce [null] Avenue Del Mundo, Coronado, CA 92118, USA : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=32.675178,-117.171806&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:12 nicole maison de sante [null] 2301-2431 Cowley Way, San Diego, CA 92110, USA : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=32.784800,-117.187401&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:12 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Rain coming to San Diego tonight!
09:14 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila How does one drop a pin?
09:15 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Can we try a meetup this week for those of you in San Diego? When, where, if possible?
09:16 PP SV avant Click the ‘>’ to the right of the text entry box, then the ‘+’, then select ‘location’.
09:17 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila Brilliant, thanks!
09:18 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce I don’t have a > to the right. Just a + below. FYI. 😮
09:19 TOKETEE Dar Diane Kimberly [null] Unnamed Road, Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=8.482298,-79.943613&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:20 DancingontheEdge Mel @🦜panamaposseDietmar @Eliana - Warren
09:20 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce My bad. After I typed that I had a > to the LEFT of the chat box. When I clicked that the other options showed up to the left (not below). I stand corrected.
09:21 REEF DANCER Jerry [Marina Santa Marta] Cra 1 # 22 - 93 Santa Marta, Magdalena Colombia : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=11.241149,-74.216123&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:21 PP SV avant My bad. It’s left for the >. Now applying more caffeine. My advice is always worse in the mornings.
09:26 DancingontheEdge Mel [Dive Friends Bonaire] Bonaire : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=12.160232,-68.281866&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:34 Green Flash [null] 4000 Majestic Pines Dr Ste 1110, Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546, USA : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=37.636085,-118.990285&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:34 Ho’okipa-Lisa Do it on your cell phone...go to PLUS sign at bottom of screen then push LOCATION and voila!
09:35 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila Perfect thanks!
09:36 LUMOS - Jeremiah [Club De Pesca] Bolívar Colombia : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=10.414880,-75.544769&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:38 ☸️SV Enjoy-Don/Nina Do folks still find value in the covid updates by country as part of the line call?
09:40 nicole maison de sante @☸️SV Enjoy-Don/Nina yes, especially if there are specific quarantine and/or testing protocols for entry
09:41 INDEPENDENCE - Richard [null] 21 CT-160, Rocky Hill, CT 06067, USA : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=41.660949,-72.679728&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:42 INVICTUSjeff [Linton Bay Marina] Garrote Colón Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=9.613186,-79.578762&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:42 VitesseCatherine [Red Frog Marina] Bocas del Toro Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=9.340738,-82.178652&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:42 INVICTUSjeff Still here… ugg. Cant wait to get back in the water!
09:42 PP SV avant Yes.
09:43 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Agreed!
09:47 Captain Dietmar @Jetlag Gerald don't touch the monkey please
09:48 Captain Dietmar Group voice call started.
09:54 INVICTUSjeff Sorry. Had to leave. Too loud where Im at. Next week.
09:55 Pathfinder NicoleJP [null] Blvd. Nayarit 2, Flamingos, 63735 Nuevo Vallarta, Nay., Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=20.691179,-105.293127&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
10:07 PP SV avant Oil pipeline leak in SoCal. Posse boats transiting should check local sources for up to date information to avoid a messy situation.

10:08 ,☠️Delta Swizzler Would love to join the call. But, father in law is sleeping in his recliners
10:37 AgapeLoveDominates Please hand my burge to Juanjo and tell him its for Tamara S/V Agape
10:44 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley @Green Flash Hey, when this call is over, can you send me a message to (805) 509-6305? I’d like to discuss activities here in Mammoth.
10:45 Green Flash 👍
10:57 DreamCatcher Henri Sailing from Aruba to Cartagena, what would you advic,e as in-between stop?


11:02 YO-D-YO Dave Group call ended.
11:02 PP SV avant Everyone who stops in Santa Marta speaks highly of the marina and community there. Stops before there are somewhat suspect from a security point of view due to the situation in Venezuela.
11:20 SVAKIA-Rick [Stearns Wharf] Stearns Wharf (at State St & Cabrillo Blvd) Santa Barbara, CA 93101 United States : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=34.409798,-119.685518&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
11:22 SVAKIA-Rick AKIA is off Stearns Wharf in Santa Barbara Ca.
11:51 DancingontheEdge Mel Dream Catcher Henri. We did not stop on the passage due to safety concerns. Choosing the weather window is most important.


11:54 DancingontheEdge Mel We did not stop on this passage b /c of safety concerns. Anchorage choices are poor of you want to stop. Choosing the right weather window is most important for this trip. Dancing is m the Edge
12:05 Ho’okipa-Lisa Patrick, we love the hot springs south of town...as I recall, you turn off the 395 south of town at the little church and drive back on a dirt road for about 10 minutes..
12:48 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila To all Posse vessels and crews in the San Diego area: we are planning another get together this sometime week...we are aware of only four boats at this time. Are there others in town? Please make yourselves known and join us!! We can promise bad jokes and warm beer
12:56 Ascension-Scott Hello! I am in San Diego and would like to join.
12:57 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila Wonderful! We have a SD chat group on Line so we'll be sure to add you!
13:06 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Thank you for sending out the chat blast.
13:12 🦜Ramble On Rose-Roz [null] Paso de las Jaibas, Ranchito Campestre, El Caballito, Son., Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=27.951151,-111.051861&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
13:28 Jetlag Gerald @panamaposseDietmar ooops sorry I goofed
13:50 SV Blessed Life [null] 2333 Beach Dr, Rio Vista, CA 94571, USA : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=38.138528,-121.695816&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
13:51 WIND DRIFT - Blair and Jodi [Marina Puerto de la Navidad] La Barra de Navidad, Jalisco Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=19.195816,-104.683121&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
13:55 SV Blessed Life @☸️SV Enjoy-Don/Nina yes definitely. Entry updates are appreciated.

Does anyone have intel on San Blas islands for covid entry requirements?
13:56 ☸️SV Enjoy-Don/Nina If you are already in panama, nothing special to go to San blas. And the road is open as well, so it makes it easier for visitors and other traffic.
13:58 SV Blessed Life So tourism is wide open ? Not asking for any additional documentation re covid tests n vaccination?
13:59 LUMOS - Jeremiah We really enjoyed Santa Marta. Great Marina. Also Puerto Velero just south of Barranquilla is a good anchorage and there is a marina there people speak highly of. We anchored there 1 night between Santa Marta and Cartagena. Very peaceful.
14:08 LUMOS - Jeremiah I've heard some boats coming into Panama from the east will stop and spend time in San Blas without checking in with Panamanian Port Authority and immigration. Then upon arrival to arrival to an official port of entry like Linton or Shelter Bay do the official check in and clearance. Anyone have experience with this or know boats that have done this without getting in trouble?
14:21 INVICTUSjeff I think you could get away with this no problem. Just my opinion here in Linton Bay
16:23 Captain Dietmar
don't touch the monkey :-)
17:54 PP SV avant @🦜panamaposseDietmar is very fussy about his monkey. Very.
18:03 Ora 2 CraigandKaren Hi, we are in the cruiser anchorage and would be keen to join in
18:12 PP SV avant The ‘all quiet on the pacific coast’ has ended. Possible formation a few days out.

23:09 Captain Dietmar INFO:

Edited down from wiki.

The Papagayos are strong intermittent winds that blow approximately up to 100 nm north of the Gulf of Papagayo in Northern Costa Rica and Southern Nicaragua / after which they are named. This gusting jet wind travels southwest from the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean through a pass in the Cordillera mountains at Lake Nicaragua. Due to a unique combination of meteorology and topographic relief ( lucky us and the sailmakers neaeby ) of mountains the jet winds reach much greater speeds than their trade wind counterparts ( tradewinds go to about 26 knots ) . These winds occur when cold high-pressure systems from the North American continent meet warm moist air over the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico, generating winds that are then funneled through a mountain pass and over the lake of Nicaragua. There are two other breaks where this same phenomenon occurs, one producing the Tehuantepecer and the Panama jets respectively.

Most prominent in the winter months because the pressure gradient is largest between the two air masses at that time. The greater the difference in temperature between the two air masses, the faster the air will flow peaking in February gusting up to 50+ knots. We hav an award each season for highest wind recorded ...
23:09 Captain Dietmar [Photo]

Tue, 10/5/2021
05:53 Outventure juergen and Iris Vista Mar Marina Panama / Rates for Panama Posse
I remember having seen a spreadsheet with actual rates for PP, but cant seem to find it. I differed from the rates -25%.
Could anyone guide me to the actual rates? We‘re in our way there and i‘d like to avoid discussions with the marina staff..
07:13 TOKETEE Dar Diane Kimberly [Contact]
07:15 TOKETEE Dar Diane Kimberly We are in Vista Mar and Jackie is the person we contacted when we came in for pricing. She is very helpful!
07:17 TOKETEE Dar Diane Kimberly Make sure you tell her you are with the Panama Posse.
10:45 Captain Dietmar vista mar as all marinas are increasing their rates every season - please let us know their current rates so we can make a note of it
10:48 Captain Dietmar At the entrance to the Chespeake
🇺🇸 🇲🇽 🇬🇹 🇸🇻 🇭🇳 🇳🇮 🇨🇷 🇵🇦 🇪🇨 🇨🇴 🇯🇲 🇰🇾 🇧🇿 🇹🇨 🇧🇸 🇨🇺

Tidewater Yacht Marina
Enjoy our town and our 15 % discount off slip fees

10:49 Captain Dietmar [Photo]
10:49 Captain Dietmar [Photo]
10:49 Captain Dietmar [Photo]
10:49 Captain Dietmar [Photo]
10:49 Captain Dietmar [Photo]
10:49 Captain Dietmar [Photo]
11:39 TOKETEE Dar Diane Kimberly @🦜panamaposseDietmar I only know our rate for a 64' LOA with a 3 month commitment is $719 per month. One month was around $100 more. Electric seems to be less expensive than Mexico and Costa Rico. I hope that helps!
12:43 Zephyr II - James Road to san blas is closed again.
12:47 PP SV avant Covid related or washout?
17:47 Zephyr II - James Covid’ish and bureaucratic issues between Guna Yala regions.
17:47 Zephyr II - James The road closure changes one minute to the next.
17:50 PP SV avant Understood. It’s been a dithering closure all pandemic. Washouts get fixed and reopen relatively quickly. ;)
23:33 Captain Dietmar happy to report just got my booster shot

Wed, 10/6/2021
02:13 Pilialoha (ok hand)(ok)(Great)(!!!)
08:40 Captain Dietmar @Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky the hawaii store has confirmed another little piggling for the red cup pot luck in Barra - we got another piggly !!!!
09:28 Ho’okipa-Lisa Woohoo!!! On it. I'll ask Pancho to pickup a couple bags of charcoal and some wire to wrap the pig...
09:54 Alamos 👍
14:25 CAPRICORN CAT - Sue Hola All! I am sitting at my PC in Davis, Ca trying to figure out what size diesel supply and return line fittings to purchase for my 44-hp Volvo Penta model 2003-T engines. I bot a one-off cat that is equipped with Nauta flexible tanks for water, waste and diesel. I think they are decades old and have repaired some leaks, so I am ordering replacement tanks. Boat is at Marina Puerto Escondido. Of course I didn’t note the specifics of the diesel supply and return lines and am hoping someone more experienced could assist. They offer tank drawing nipples with 1/4, 1/2 and 5/8 inch hose barbs. Anyone have any recommendations on which size to order for the diesel supply and return lines? Also, Any recommendation on whether it’s cheaper to purchase new hoses for the new tanks here or just pickup in La Paz? I am driving to the boat this trip, so plan to carry boat equipment. Thanks, Sue
14:32 CAPRICORN CAT - Sue Barra de Navidad question: we plan to arrive in time for the December seminars. May want to leave the boat unattended for a couple weeks to travel over Xmas. Are there any good, safe places to moor in this area, or is a Marina slip the only option? Thanks!!
14:37 BAJA FOG Sue, the marina will be doing a great discount for slips, we will be there and can keep an eye on her, the Lagoon is a great anchorage but leaving a boat unattended is always a
Little risky . You can check with others that will be in the anchorage, my guess is we can find someone. Good ground tackle is the best insurance.
14:41 BAJA FOG PS…I’m looking for someone heading to Barra from La Paz to bring a battery down from Rich at La Cruz Cruisers supply, had a couple offers but they might not stop in La Paz. Baja Fog
14:46 CAPRICORN CAT - Sue I will definitely stop in La Paz, and am glad to bring your battery. I am still seeking crew to get across, so will let you know when I am fully staffed up to get there!
14:50 Dreamer @CAPRICORN CAT - Sue hi Sue, i can’t see a 1/2 or 5/8 ID line for fuel, those would be huge. Mine are ID 3/8 fuel lines, and i think that’s the most common. I would think 1/4 would be too small. Good luck. If they don’t have 3/8 barb, i would go with 1/2 and step down at the tank.
17:14 Ho’okipa-Lisa Sue, having been in Barra over an entire season, we had a great experince in the Marina. Pancho and his gang take care of the boats like they are priceless. Out in the Lagoon, there's nada but maybe some other temprorary crusiers. If a freak storm hits, your on your own there...
17:20 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce I have 1/4” hose on my boat and it seems fine. No issues with either my old Perkins 4-108 (50hp) or my new Beta (Kubota) 43hp engine. FYI.
17:21 Ho’okipa-Lisa Sue, Puerto Escondido has very limited resources versus La Paz. For an important job like you're talking about...well, I've had good success in using Rich at Baja Crusier Supply for sourcing parts and next door to his office, Rob Cross at Cross Marine works to do the work. They are super busy and scheduling their services...I've experienced to book early and avoid disappointment:) FYI, Rob's wife Kim does the scheduling and is awesome, but she's downright cranky...
17:26 Outventure juergen and Iris I just got a message from Vista Mar stating Catamaran Rates for PP:
Catamaran 30 days at 0.52 / per foot….$734.45
Catamaran 90 days at 0.41 / per foot….$1737.25
17:39 brian Plus power @ 0.26 per Kwh
17:40 brian Water is included in slip rate
17:40 PP SV avant 062322Z OCT 21
NAVAREA IV 908/21(26).
CHART 26080.
17:55 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky Marina Pez Vela, Quepos, Costa Rica has propane refill and delivery service!!! Gotta go through the vender but they do it!!! Nice people and speak English!!
17:55 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky [Photo]
18:22 Alamos Downright cranky is a little understated😂😂😂
Gotta love her though!! 👍
19:28 Captain Dietmar new charts mbtiles added for turks and caicos and Jamaica
about 8 gigs
to download and test w opencpn please go to
use new access password posse2021 to access

Thu, 10/7/2021
09:04 PP SV avant 071501Z OCT 21
A. BOSTON (F) 41-42.8N 070-30.3W.
B. CHARLESTON (E) 32-50.7N 079-57.0W.
C. MIAMI (A) 25-37.4N 080-23.4W.
D. NEW ORLEANS (G) 29-53.1N 089-56.7W.
E. PORTSMOUTH (N) 36-43.7N 076-00.6W.
09:22 ,☠️Delta Swizzler Pancho was our go to guy. He speaks great English. If you contact him before getting into the marina he will be there to catch your lines. He has found so many parts for our boat. He has been such a great help. His phone number is +52-315-104-3289. Tell him Delta Swizzler says Hi.
09:38 PP SV avant Lightning. Here is the USMC response to nearby lightning strikes. What they do not mention is what he did inside the White House (I’m guessing he changed his underwear, that would have been my immediate need!).

13:05 Gargoyle Rates for Vista Mar
13:06 Gargoyle [File]
13:31 Aegis, Mary/Ian Am I reading this right? $1.50 per foot per day for a powerboat vs $0.56 per ft per day for a sailboat?
16:20 Gargoyle Not sure, I would reach out to the marina.
17:15 TOKETEE Dar Diane Kimberly I posted on here for Jackie at Vista Mar. She is the owner's daughter and the person I communicated with on WhatsApp before arrival. If you can't find it and need the number, let me know.

Fri, 10/8/2021
07:46 PP SV avant New ID requirements for Mexican Buses.

10:37 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky Big swells in Costa Rica today!! 10’ every 8 seconds. And crazy rip tide 3’ breakers 1 mile offshore. Never seen that before!!
11:41 DancingontheEdge Mel Question about Vista Mar rates. Posse promo fees says valid until 10/14. Do these rates apply all season? TIA
15:02 Captain Dietmar some marinas will have annual price increases. ask them directly and let us know

Sat, 10/9/2021
10:45 Last Arrow Vincent Question. How long can you leave a foreign flagged boat in Costa Rica or Panama before triggering and taxes etc?
11:05 WildhoodDirk Panama is a year....
13:15 Captain Dietmar you can bond it with a marin in CR for 2 years @Ho’okipa-Longshadow did that last season and can shed light on it
immigration is another issue
14:56 Captain Dietmar @Niniwahuni-Travis&SJ welcome to the Panama 🇵🇦 Posse
14:57 WIND DRIFT - Blair and Jodi Yeah! Welcome Niniwahuni⛵️🙂
18:32 Katmandu - Terry Good day to all . I’m in Paridise Marina Nuevo Vallerta…..anyone have any experience with 12kW Espar Diesel heater?
19:00 DreamCatcher Henri Web data.
What are you guys usine to get internet during your trip?

Is there a possibility of having one subscription for various countries through phone f.i ?
19:07 Captain Dietmar SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT

YOUR SHOPPING CARTS ARE FULL ... It's Saturday night a (non gestalt) AWESOME
picture , story , location SUBMITTED THIS WERKEND
wins a bottle of Flor de Caña 12 year old

19:11 Captain Dietmar [Photo]
19:11 PP SV avant Google FI works. But some cruisers have reported being cut for being out of the USA for too long (YMMV). Some carriers offer pan Central America coverage (getting a claro cell sim in El Salvador or further south will cover the region, but you ‘fall off’ the network when you go east from Panama).
19:13 Last Arrow Vincent [Photo]
19:13 Captain Dietmar @Last Arrow Vincent socks:-!!
19:15 PP SV avant [Photo]
19:15 Last Arrow Vincent [Video]
19:15 PP SV avant Debra enjoying a Chiapas waterfall.
19:15 Last Arrow Vincent Here why the socks
19:19 Captain Dietmar looks like I'm out a good bottleof rum come Monday 1600 utc

19:20 Captain Dietmar 😀
19:20 Last Arrow Vincent Cheers eh ?!
19:20 Captain Dietmar salut
19:23 Captain Dietmar salud
19:26 Aegis, Mary/Ian @Katmandu-Terry I’ve got too much experience 😂with a Webasto hydronic furnace if you need some help. I’m in Paradise Village. Ian
19:27 Katmandu - Terry Ian that would be awesome …making hot water is an issue .
19:27 Katmandu - Terry Im at B16 SVKatmandu
19:28 LUMOS - Jeremiah We left the US with Google Fi and it works great, but our data was cutoff after 6 months of not having the phone in the US. Then we entered the USVI and the phones started working again and haven't stopped since (5 months ago). Maybe we found a loophole?! Digicel SIMS from the French Islands have good Caribbean wide coverage. Otherwise most people I know have unlocked phones and just pick up prepaid SIMS from whatever countries they are cruising in. Most data based apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger continue to work seamlessly regardless of what SIM you pop in the phone.

Sun, 10/10/2021
07:42 REEF DANCER Jerry Pirates
07:44 REEF DANCER Jerry Can someone tell me where the posting was and who from that claimed they had been boarded by pirates off of curacao? This is reef dancer
07:46 REEF DANCER Jerry I'm in communication with the curacao coast guard and the captain assures me that no such activity has taken place this last year did we get some misinformation? Curacao coast guard patrols the aruba bonaire islands as well
07:55 PP SV avant I posted an incident between the abcs and Trinidad a while ago. I haven’t heard of anything more than dinghy or petty theft between Colombian waters and the abcs (ever).
07:56 360 - Deb This is a good source for reports https://safetyandsecuritynet.org/
07:57 PP SV avant Here’s the one I posted. https://safetyandsecuritynet.org/incident-2689-2/

And you should look at cssn of course. The last couple of years have been pretty quiet, so do dig in the older posts there.
08:02 REEF DANCER Jerry Thank you. The captain's comment was that dinghy often approach with undocumented persons onboard towards their islands they are keenly aware of all vessels in their waters they asked me to notify them once I leave Colombian waters
09:50 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky Jerry, I may have mentioned this to you before, but Turtle Reef on the windward side of Bonaire is my favorite dive site in the world so far. It is a drift dive and requires hiring a Zodiak boat on Kite City to get you past the reef and drop you on the point…
11:38 360 - Deb We went out with East Coast Divers and did the Turtle City dive, definitely recommend.https://www.bonaireeastcoastdiving.com/
please mute your mics when joining the group call
13:06 Last Arrow Vincent [Photo]
13:06 Last Arrow Vincent Almost ready to head south.
13:25 Alamos Now that’s proof!!😁😁👍
14:00 REEF DANCER Jerry We will check it out we will have with us the famous bill severs of literary fame and diver extroinaire so we can be the dinghy captain and pick us up we have been to bonaire a,few,times so we,are looking forward to some diving in the abcs and make this trip memorable from there it's grenada
17:08 Ho’okipa-Lisa Thank you Jerry! Please drop a pin on the dive site in Good Nauticle if you have time:) I'm so happy for you and Deb!!! FYI, we leave for the Cocos Islands this Thursday for 10 days of diving and the weather there is forcasted to be outstanding. All our equipment is ready, just hope my ears clear to get down to 120' to see the hammerheads at the cleaning stations!!! Remember, we only have 70 dives under our belt and compared to you and Debbie, we're not as experienced as you two love birds!!!
17:13 REEF DANCER Jerry But being on a liveaboard for a week will add to your dive experience tremendously. Have fun we,are off to Aruba Thursday we think
17:17 Ho’okipa-Lisa That's so cool you made contact with the ABC Coast Guard. I heard they are very good...
17:19 REEF DANCER Jerry So my advice is,always to go down slow take it easy going down yours ears will like it better clear,often. It's not a timed,event
17:20 REEF DANCER Jerry The coast guard sent me a message on messenger very cool nice guy. We chatted it up and he said no issues lately but keep them informed of where we,are,and they will keep an eye on us cool

Mon, 10/11/2021
06:34 Unknown [null] Pedro González, Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=8.423232,-79.112290&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
06:43 DANCINGONTHEEDGE-DAN (super angry)(moon amused)(moon amused)
07:02 TOKETEE Dar Diane Kimberly [null] Unnamed Road, Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=8.482302,-79.943612&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
08:04 Green Flash [null] Unnamed Road, Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=8.483560,-79.943963&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
08:05 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley [null] 4220 Cherokee Rd, Oroville, CA 95965, USA : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=39.646808,-121.540661&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
08:08 Green Flash Orion, hope you enjoyed your ride at mammoth lakes! Unfortunately it was a bit smokey that day. We stopped at some places along 395 south that I have always passed but not taken the time to stop. Had a great trip home!
08:08 Outventure juergen and Iris @HINA how‘s the weather in the Perlas these days?
We‘re thinking about coming over for a couple pf weeks (in Vista Mar at the moment)
08:10 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley Yes. Smokey for us too, but we had a good time at Mammoth. Hiked at the Devils Pilings, around Lake Convict and Obsidian Done. A good little trip…
please mute your mic when joining
09:37 Sea Bella Kathy Group voice call started.
09:37 Sea Bella Kathy Group call ended.
09:38 REEF DANCER Debbie [Marina Santa Marta] Cra 1 # 22 - 93 Santa Marta, Magdalena Colombia : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=11.241150,-74.216124&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:45 Sea Bella Kathy [Hotel Coral y Marina] Carretera Tijuana-Ensenada Km.103 #3421, Zona Playitas 22860 Ensenada, Baja California Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=31.865242,-116.662270&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:46 Captain Dietmar Group voice call started.
09:58 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila [null] 2700 Shelter Island Dr, San Diego, CA 92106, USA : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=32.721753,-117.226965&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
10:05 WIND DRIFT - Blair and Jodi [Marina Puerto de la Navidad] La Barra de Navidad, Jalisco Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=19.195816,-104.683121&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
10:05 PP SV avant I have found http://eebmike.com useful for tracking hurricanes. YMMV.
10:06 LUMOS - Jeremiah I won't be joining the call. We are running around Cartagena preparing for our passage to Panama.
10:37 PP SV avant Smuggling tip: its ’camping equipment’ not ‘boat parts’.
10:44 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley My water pump and zinc anodes are for camping?
10:46 PP SV avant Worth a try. Assuming you have other stuff, it can work. YMMV.
11:00 Dreamer @CAPRICORN CAT - Sue hi Sue, I’m in Sacramento and would be happy to show you opencpn if you have a laptop or Samsung tablet. It’s really not difficult. If your going to San Blas, opencpn is a must as navionics is very sketchy. Feel free to text me at +19162703607.
11:04 PP SV avant We succeeded with solar panels, failed on a new autopilot. ;)
11:12 Dreamer When my buddy got called, it helped that nothing was in the original box, he said old stuff, they let him through, he had two tiller autopilots, but not in the box so they had no idea what they were. Everything was just a jumbled mess in bags 😂.
11:16 BAJA FOG Group call ended.
11:22 BAJA FOG $2 suitcase from goodwill
11:23 BAJA FOG [Photo]
11:34 ,☠️Delta Swizzler [Orlando/Florida] Orlando, FL 32825 United States : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=28.512630,-81.249898&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
11:46 PP SV avant Those will be hard to ‘sell’ as camping equipment. ;)
12:39 LUMOS - Jeremiah I want to share an experience for any boats going westbound towards Panama and interested in stopping in San Blas before checking in at Linton, Shelter, or Bocas. I reached out to Erick Galvez, the official Panama Canal Agent of the Panama Posse, and he was able to request and procure our Panama Cruising Permit for us, and we haven't even left Colombia yet. He emailed me a PDF scan of the permit. So we can print that out, and if anyone stops us or asks for paperwork while in Guna Yala before we officially check in, at least we will have the cruising permit to display. It's a nice layer of comfort for a rule follower like me who has never been very comfortable living in the gray area. Erick's fee for obtaining the permit is $50USD.
12:42 Captain Dietmar @LUMOS - Jeremiah - thank you - great outcome
13:07 Dreamer Yes Erick is great 👍, his instructions are detailed and precise down to how much yup is expected 😂
13:27 Captain Dietmar For those of you heading to San Andres Colombia - Julian Watson has become our official agent there with a50 % off his fees for powerboats and 35 % off sailboats - so clearing in is $ 50 with him - he also get's the 41 $ pp tiourist card fee waved if you notify him of your arrival aheead of time - here is his info - marina / wifi - laundry / fuel etc etc

Providencia ( Just north of it ) will open Dec 1st - the delay is due Hurricane damage from last season

13:27 TOKETEE Dar Diane Kimberly [Photo]
13:32 TOKETEE Dar Diane Kimberly This is the weather station I was talking about on the line call this morning. It has a lightning sensor that will detect (lightning) lightning within 22 miles of our boat. It is made by Acu Rite. Available on Amazon.
13:34 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Which model is this and does it require 120vac?
13:44 TOKETEE Dar Diane Kimberly AcuRite Iris. Works with both A/C and battery. On battery, the back light only comes on when you push a button. When plugged in to A/C the backlight stays on all the time.
13:48 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Thanks👍
13:48 Captain Dietmar Here is the latest opencpn seminar by Rob from Avant - hwo to create .mbtiles using SAS Planet - we had soem audio issues during recording so forgive soem max headroom spikes
pleas use document password posse2020 or posse2021 to access this
13:50 TOKETEE Dar Diane Kimberly Thank you Rob and Dietmar.
13:50 Captain Dietmar download the sasplanet version used in this video from here http://gdayii.ca/Downloads/Sasplanet.zip
13:54 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Ah, found it at Amazon. It has a complete instrument package that has to be mounted somewhere on the boat, right? Where did you mount yours?

FYI, I just found that AcuRite has a portable lightning detector (AcuRite 02020) on Amazon for $26.87. It’s self contained.
13:58 TOKETEE Dar Diane Kimberly Mounted the weather sensor on our radar arch. The lightning sensor in the cockpit behind our fire extinguisher.
14:04 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Makes me wish I had more room on our boat.
15:04 AlohaToa-Tim Group voice call started.
15:37 Katmandu - Terry Group call ended.
17:04 SV Blessed Life @🦜☠️🍹 TOKETEE
Will it deter the lightening, or is that an extra piece of hardware…
17:05 SV Blessed Life @🦜panamaposseDietmar
Awesome- we really wanted to go, but…
So has anyone been there lately?
17:08 SV Blessed Life @🦜panamaposseDietmar
I can’t do open cpn with my MAC- right?
17:09 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce There’s a Mac version, but you can’t make charts with it. You can open charts with the Mac version though.
17:51 PP SV avant Looks like the coast guard isn’t paying the electric bill again.

112045Z OCT 21
A. BOSTON (F) 41-42.8N 070-30.3W.
B. PORTSMOUTH (N) 36-43.7N 076-00.6W.
C. CHARLESTON (E) 32-50.7N 079-57.0W.
D. MIAMI (A) 25-37.4N 080-23.4W.
E. NEW ORLEANS (G) 29-53.1N 089-56.7W.
18:03 TOKETEE Dar Diane Kimberly @SV Blessed Life it just detects lightening and beeps when it is within a few miles.
21:16 Outventure juergen and Iris Following up on the call this morning, here my infos regarding:

Antifouling and freight forwarding Panama

In the beginning of 2020 we put Sigma 530 Ecofleet on our Lagoon 440. It is an ablative Antifouling. Before that, we sanded the old antifouling down and put Epoxy Primer.
We got 20 liters of Antifouling and 20 (16+4) liters of Epoxy Primer, which lasted for about 3 layers each.

I cannot give a long term durability test as we just put it this year. However, after leaving the boat for 2.5 months on a mooring in Boca Chica, we did have hardly any growth, just a layer of green stuff and sealies/plankton(?) that was easily scraped off. We also put Propspeed on the sail drives and that didn’t perfom that well.

We bought it with Felipe Serrano who is based in Panama City, but also delivers to places like Linton (he has a boat in Linton).

Felipe also does freight forwarding to Panama and somehow has a contact to the customs agent to get things into Panama free of import duties. Rates are comparable to other freight forwarders. I would personally recommend to use him if you have expensive or heavy items. We used his service ie. for our Lithium batteries, new mainsail and watermaker.

Felipe Serrano contact: +507 6542 4400

We got an offer for Jotun hard Antifouling. I have heard that a lot of people here are happy with it, including long term Panama cruisers Alli & Gerti Bauhaus. You get it in colon, free zone at

Mob: +507 6677-3575| Off: +507 430-5233 | Fax: +507 430-0564
France Field, Colon Free Zone, Rep. Of Panama,
4th street, 1st avenue, Bldg. 61 B | P.O. BOX 0302-00708
info@oceancopanamax.com www.panamaxmarine.com | GMT -5:00

We got it offered for 20l 650 usd.

Others mention Hempel hard antifouling as working well and that you would get it at Centro Marion in Panama City, but I do not have more info that this.

Hope that helps 😉

Tue, 10/12/2021
06:47 PP SV avant 120929Z OCT 21
NAVAREA IV 924/21(24).
12-25.80N 072-08.83W, 12-25.84N 072-03.80W,
12-23.68N 072-03.63W, 12-23.64N 072-08.79W.
2. CANCEL THIS MSG 152100Z OCT 21.
09:47 Green Flash I am planning on transiting the canal from Pacific to Caribbean in early November. If anyone is in Panama at that time, and wants experience transiting as a line handler prior to doing it themselves, let me know and I will keep you updated on our schedule as it firms up.
11:21 Last Arrow Vincent FYI just got this reply regarding the CBX boarder crossing in Tijuana
Dear Customer,

Thank you for contacting Cross Border Xpress. Restrictions for “non-essential” travel continue until further notice for non-U.S. citizens and non-residents. Proof of a negative COVID-19 test is not required for CBX passengers
11:35 WIND DRIFT - Blair and Jodi We’ve done it many times. Best way to fly back to the US
12:32 TOKETEE Dar Diane Kimberly [File]
12:33 SV Blessed Life @🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce
12:33 TOKETEE Dar Diane Kimberly Here is the rates for Vista Mar Marina from Jackie.
12:44 Captain Dietmar [null] 9083 Orlando International Airport Tram, Orlando, FL 32827, USA : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=28.435393,-81.314637&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
14:46 CAPRICORN CAT - Sue What actions does one take when the lightening detector beeps?
15:23 TOKETEE Dar Diane Kimberly @CAPRICORN CAT - Sue it is just a information tool. It gives temperature, amount of rain, wind direction with speed and lightening strikes.
17:10 PP SV avant Aboard Avant, we pray. If it’s a big storm, we pray more earnestly.

And we disconnect antennas and put mobile/portable electronics in the oven, and make a point of staying clear of the mast until the lightning passes.
17:54 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky Sue, excellent question! I will address lightning prep/strike/evac in our Self Rescue seminar in Barra at the Posse kickoff. I need a few volunteers to simulate a situation…can we count on you as a volunteer?
18:59 CAPRICORN CAT - Sue Certainly!
20:29 Captain Dietmar MARINA la paz canceled their discount they are full
anyone with a good connection to another msrina down there to set up a ca ?
20:29 Captain Dietmar call ?

Wed, 10/13/2021
12:15 SONHO - Edmund & Laura Lee Marina Palmira. Ask for Fernanda. Let me know if you want an introduction via email
12:32 CAPRICORN CAT - Sue Group video call started.
12:41 PP SV avant 131826Z OCT 21
NAVAREA IV 927/21(24).
08-00.70N 057-02.85W, 08-03.47N 056-53.06W,
07-58.62N 056-53.42W, 07-08.39N 057-40.16W,
07-05.19N 058-00.19W, 07-00.88N 058-03.51W,
07-01.73N 058-04.24W, 07-06.12N 058-00.75W,
07-08.83N 057-44.54W.
12:42 Dreamer Group call ended.
13:27 Captain Dietmar yes please email intro to dietmar@panamaposse.com
15:30 CAPRICORN CAT - Sue Thanks to David of Dreamer who I visited in Sacramento yesterday for a tutorial on Opencpn!

Thu, 10/14/2021
12:01 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky David is awesome!!!
12:02 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky [Location]
12:05 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky [null] Carr. Esparza Puntarenas, Provincia de Puntarenas, Chacarita, Costa Rica : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=9.980638,-84.788147&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
12:14 Dreamer @CAPRICORN CAT - Sue @CAPRICORN CAT - Sue anytime Sue, hope it’s working great now 👍
13:12 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce We’re in the process of getting Mexican liability insurance. Who does PP recommend and what are people’s experience?
13:16 TOKETEE Dar Diane Kimberly We used Novamar for Mexican liability.
13:18 WIND DRIFT - Blair and Jodi We use Novamar also
13:18 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Thank you!
13:19 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Thank you!
13:20 walt knot right I also used Novamar for Mexico. But they canceled me when I spent my time in Central America. Double check with them for your cruising restrictions before you commit to any thing
13:23 PP SV avant We bought Mexican liability for our first year in Mexico, but didn’t renew. We found marinas accepted our main policy liability and didn’t require additional liability from a Mexican carrier. We cruised 5 years without the additional Mexican policy.
13:24 Dreamer When we we’re in Mexico, no one cared about insurance. Actually no one cares in Roatan, San Andres, and Panama either, I’m starting to believe it’s a USA thing 😂.
13:27 PP SV avant They cared in PV and Mazatlan. Other places not so much.
13:30 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Thanks to everyone who responded. Much appreciated!
14:02 walt knot right Vista Mar Marina in Panama is now more insurance oriented because of the lightening strike recently.

Fri, 10/15/2021
10:41 Captain Dietmar [Photo]
10:43 No More Games - Bob [Photo]
10:52 PP SV avant Where’s my rum?
12:32 VitesseCatherine [Photo]
12:37 CAPRICORN CAT - Sue Anyone have a street address for the Mexicali 1 immigration office to drive to Mexico from California? I’m not finding it readily online.
15:45 CAPRICORN CAT - Sue We’ve a couple 44 hp Volvo Penta engines and 1 quit working on our last trip from La Paz to PE in June 2021. When we changed the oil we found clots/clumps and after a call with Rob Cross decided at that time that we should not run the engine until he can look at it. We can readily get to La Paz w/ 1 engine, but now I am wondering if I could just change the oil again in PE and use it from there. My engines are situated so that oil must be extracted out with a vacuum pump. Just wondering if someone more knowledgeable than I could offer any guidance on this situation.
16:03 SONHO - Edmund & Laura Lee Are you on PE presently? Lucho with Alex Seal is amazing and we highly recommend he and his crew.
16:04 SONHO - Edmund & Laura Lee Rob is great too and we recommend him as well but if your in PE, Lucho is awesome as well
22:12 Dreamer @🦜Knot Right, SV/Walt ah ok, thanks for the update
22:14 Dreamer @Rob Murray thanks Rob, heading across the pacific now, marinas are going to be few and far between.
22:18 CAPRICORN CAT - Sue My boat is on a mooring ball at PE. Lucho is awesome at what exactly? Are you talking about Lucio that works for Carlos?

Sat, 10/16/2021
06:43 PP SV avant 160906Z OCT 21
NAVAREA IV 940/21(24).
CHART 24480.
11-06.73N 074-51.18W.

(Chemical tanker aground at entrance to Bancarilla, Colombia)
07:39 Gargoyle Has anyone sailed into Costa Rica in the past two weeks, wondering about the current requirements?
10:18 SONHO - Edmund & Laura Lee Yes Carlos works for Lucho and they replaced an engine on our friends boat and rebuilt the carb on our outboard.
10:19 SONHO - Edmund & Laura Lee I believe they are full service
11:50 CAPRICORN CAT - Sue Thanks!
11:53 CAPRICORN CAT - Sue Any suggestions on getting back to La Paz from Barra de Navidad via public transportation? Is this readily doable?
12:23 TOKETEE Dar Diane Kimberly Airplane or bus via ferry.
13:04 TOKETEE Dar Diane Kimberly 5 hours by plane. With one stop. Don't know about the bus.
14:06 walt knot right [null] Terminal, Vía de la Juventud Ote, Aeropuerto Abelardo L. Rodriguez, 22435 Tijuana, B.C., Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=32.545237,-116.974569&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
14:07 walt knot right Waiting to board a plane to Puerto Vallarta for some R&R.
14:11 Alamos [null] 921 Ponderosa Dr, Camarillo, CA 93010, USA : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=34.223625,-119.057022&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
14:12 Alamos Looking forward to get back to Vista Mar 😁👍
14:36 REEF DANCER Debbie [null] Unnamed Road, Oranjestad, Aruba : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=12.517170,-70.037994&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
14:59 Captain Dietmar [null] 110 Compromise St, Annapolis, MD 21401, USA : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=38.976808,-76.486428&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
14:59 Captain Dietmar [Photo]
15:00 Captain Dietmar new marina added in the Dominican Republic
$1 x foot includes a cold welcome beer
17:13 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce 👍
17:16 CAPRICORN CAT - Sue What is the password to access charts on the Panamaposse website? The one in my Ahoy email is not working.
17:17 Dreamer Sue. Try posse2021
17:32 nicole maison de sante [Costa Baja] Carr. a Pichilingue 23000 La Paz, Baja California Sur Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=24.217791,-110.301026&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
17:32 CAPRICORN CAT - Sue Thanks!
18:01 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce What are people doing for necessary prescription drugs? Can you use a script from a US doctor outside the US?
18:08 TAKU Bob & Etta We have been able to fill most prescriptions, from empty scrip bottle or packages in Mexico, Costa Rica and Panama.
18:09 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Excellent! Thanks.
18:51 Green Flash If anyone needs a mechanic when they get to panama, we highly recommend wikus marine auto. He has a shop by Vista Mar marina but also goes to Shelter Bay on Occasion. He fixed things my previous mechanic messed up, did major work on Green Flash's bottom when we were on the hard and took care of our girl in the water for 1 year during Covid. Leaving for a 2 week stint in the Pearlas Islands tomorrow morning, then the Canal. Yay!!!!

19:28 PP SV avant @Green Flash Debra and I are heartbroken we’re not there to crew for you through the canal. Sniff.
19:49 Green Flash Yes, we were talking yesterday how much we would have enjoyed having you guys along! We will have e to settle fora cervesa with you in shelter bay when you get back down!
19:50 PP SV avant Indeed, looking forward to it!

Sun, 10/17/2021
07:14 Green Flash [null] Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=8.500514,-79.846560&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
07:15 Green Flash Green flash sailing for isla Bona
08:02 SONHO - Edmund & Laura Lee Have a great sail you two. Nice to meet Joan last night! 😊
08:09 REEF DANCER Debbie [Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino] L. G. Smith Boulevard 82 Oranjestad Aruba : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=12.519199,-70.037774&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
08:55 PP SV avant @REEF DANCER Debbie yay!
08:58 ,☠️Delta Swizzler While in Mexico, we were able to walk in with just a written list of our prescriptions. But, needed prescriptions in Costa Rica and Panama. It didn't matter that my Paperwork for the prescriptions were 5 years old.
09:04 YO-D-YO Dave [null] 1220 Rosecrans St, San Diego, CA 92106, USA : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=32.724345,-117.225446&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:04 YO-D-YO Dave There will be a little meet-up for anyone in the area at the Harp in Ocean Beach on Tuesday evening for any other posse crew in the San Diego area.
09:06 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce 👍 Thanks
09:36 Green Flash
Thanks Eddie! We may cross paths again at the end of the year or early next.
09:39 No More Games - Bob Hola
Anyone hear from Baja Fog recently? I don’t have any other contact info and they aren’t responding to my Line message

10:20 Captain Dietmar @ChangeUp welcome to the Panamá Posse
10:20 ChangeUp [null] 144 Compromise St, Annapolis, MD 21401, USA : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=38.977400,-76.486822&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
10:21 Dreamer Dietmar, would it be ok to post a hotel for sale here, it’s on the pacific side of panama, not mine, just a fellow cruiser
11:21 Captain Dietmar no not here but in the Facebook group
12:14 nicole maison de sante I highly recommend Luis +52 612 157 7606 for bottom cleaning if anyone is in La paz, Mexico. He and team are not only professional and thorough but will give you percentages of all of your zincs, alert you to any paint/blister issues, and actually clean more challenging items like bow thruster and folding propeller.
12:14 Dreamer Kk thanks Dietmar
14:53 🥥AngeliqueofVancouve https://cliffmass.blogspot.com/2021/10/a-superstorm-of-tropical-origin-will.html?fbclid=IwAR3xY4TvAclQ95nP1KxzsbL9y19hDd1MV7Kl30Zy1YiGanzDKTnaUvUhHvY&m=1
14:54 🥥AngeliqueofVancouve A super storm scheduled to hit northern latitudes on Thursday..we fly to Mexico on Monday
15:09 Captain Dietmar REMINDER WEEKLY PANAMA posse line call tomorrow 16:00UTC
16:23 PP SV avant From the rio dulce cruisers Facebook page.

“Attempted piracy

38' Catamaran Fidelio 2 traveling from Bay Islands off the Honduras coast was approached on the port stern by 3 launchas. The captain was sleeping in the cockpit, a crew member stepped into the cockpit, saw the launchas approaching appprox. 50 yards off and alerted all hands. The three crew presented themselves on deck with what appeared to be a rifle, and a barking dog. The lead launcha fell back, matched speed on the starboard side for a couple of minutes, then turned and left on a beam run, followed by the other two. The first launcha had 3 men, the second had 5, and the third 3-5.

Date/time: Monday Oct 11, 9:30 am
Approximate coordinates were: 15⁰ 41.020` N and 082⁰ 40.975' W.”
17:16 🦜Ramble On Rose-Roz I will second that about Luis in La Paz for bottom cleaning! He does a great job!

Mon, 10/18/2021
08:00 ,☠️Delta Swizzler [null] 9.334434, -82.178202, Bastimento, Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=9.336259,-82.177871&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:01 🍹☠️ TOKETEE Crew Panama Posse Line Call starts at 1600 UTC. In one hour.
09:05 Midnight B Richard [null] Unnamed Road, Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=8.483900,-79.943610&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:17 Gargoyle [null] Unnamed Road, Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=8.482215,-79.943685&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:18 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce [Chula Vista Marina] 550 Marina Pkwy Chula Vista, CA 91910 United States : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=32.623555,-117.102447&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:19 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley [null] 4220 Cherokee Rd, Oroville, CA 95965, USA : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=39.646763,-121.540626&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:34 walt knot right [The Grand Mayan] Mayan Palace Resort (Av. Paseo de las Moras s/n) 63735 Nuevo Vallarta, Nayarit Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=20.685316,-105.284046&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:35 walt knot right Obviously not on the boat
09:37 ,☠️Delta Swizzler Group voice call started.
09:38 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila [Driscoll Boat Works] 2500 Shelter Island Dr San Diego, CA 92106 United States : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=32.719813,-117.225716&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:39 SONHO - Edmund & Laura Lee Group call ended.
09:39 SONHO - Edmund & Laura Lee Group voice call started.
09:40 SONHO - Edmund & Laura Lee Group call ended.
09:42 🍹☠️ TOKETEE Crew Group voice call started.
10:02 Sea Bella Kathy Mornin all, newbie here. Hubby and I have a silly question about the San Diego Kick off party. Are many Pacific PP cruisers also in the BajaHaha? Trying to schedule our days. Thnx
10:04 TranquiloMike Hi Kathy- Tranquilo is doing the haha and Pacific PP. We are planning to arrive in SD in time for the PP kickoff
10:38 SMALL WORLD III -Karen & Darren Group call ended.
10:50 AKIA Judy Just an update on Mexico thier holiday is Nov.2 not Nov 1 as stated in our line call this morning. Per the Coral Marina office. See you all there on the 1st of Nov.
10:56 Captain Dietmar @🦜☠️🍹 TOKETEE thank you very much for hosting the weekly call and welcoming and informing the fleet !!!
11:40 🍹☠️ TOKETEE Crew You're welcome
12:49 AlohaToa-Tim I’ve been asked by the Barra Isla resort Marina for insurance papers .. as well a big list of papers (paper) I’m struggling to get as I’ve only recently purchased my boat at Paradise Marina Puerto Vallarta .. any ideas appreciated .. here is the email list of papers (paper)from Barra … Good afternoon
I am very sorry for the late response to your request,

I have your reservation in our books, your slip assignment is E 29/30 arriving NOV 1st departing DIC 31 2022

Please attach the following documentation
Boat Insurance
Boat Documentation (Certificate)

You can bring me your Zarpe from your last port when you arrive
13:44 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Thanks. Never too late for information. Much appreciated!
14:15 INDEPENDENCE - Richard Hi, applying for a TIP.... does anyone know the "Point of Entry" closest to Chiapas for the TIP form ?? Thanks, Rick
14:52 Dreamer @AlohaToa-Tim did the seller you bought the boat from have a TIP, if i remember, any boat staying over 14 days needs a TIP and it’s cheap. The marinas i stayed at offered to do it for me. Ask the seller is they have it, it follows the boat, not the owners I think, if not email the marina back and ask if they will help you secure the TIP.
15:00 TOKETEE Dar Diane Kimberly Chiapas will be your port of entry for Mexico from the south. The marina will have someone help you with all of your paperwork including TIP.
15:02 PP SV avant It’s at the border crossing for the Guatemala border. You’ll need to hire a car and driver, cab it, or get a taxi to get there. They also have the bank there to pay the fee. Memo in the office can assist. You can see the form on line at https://www.banjercito.com.mx/registroVehiculos/# to see the required information (but don’t do it there, that complicates things).
15:02 INDEPENDENCE - Richard Ok, thanks. The marina at Isla Navidad is asking for it for the reservation....
15:04 PP SV avant If you’re not in Mexico yet, just tell them you don’t have a tip yet because you’re not in Mexico yet.

When you get to Chiapas plan on losing a day to the process of getting your tip.
15:05 TOKETEE Dar Diane Kimberly @Independence i believe if you purchase a boat from someone, they must cancel their TIP first. Then you can get your own.
15:05 INDEPENDENCE - Richard Ok, great. It would be too easy to do online, LOL !!
15:06 INDEPENDENCE - Richard Our boat is at Vista Mar....
15:09 PP SV avant Here’s and article on how to get one. https://www.bdoutdoors.com/boating/boating-tips/temporary-boat-importation-permit-mexico/

Doing it online can work if you have all the numbers (engine(s) and hull) and are in the USA. The shipping part is pretty rudimentary and can’t really handle out of USA addresses, and because they’re keyed to the boats HIN, a failed attempt ’locks up’ the system for that HIN making it impossible to do it in person.
15:10 REEF DANCER Jerry [Renaissance Marina] Oranjestad Aruba : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=12.518983,-70.037987&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
15:11 REEF DANCER Jerry [Photo]
15:12 REEF DANCER Jerry [Photo]
15:13 REEF DANCER Jerry Reef dancer in aruba.
15:14 REEF DANCER Jerry Looking to go to curacao or bonaire next depends on that weather thing then wait for it then bvi the motherlode
15:24 🍹☠️ TOKETEE Crew You are going to need Mexican Liability Insurance. Purchase online through Novamar. Boat Documention should be your USCG document or Your Country of registry. The TIP, Velma's Yacht Service in PV can help you with that. She has a great service close the Marina.
15:43 DreamCatcher Henri somebody here where to find the COVID Statistics of the number o days to reach 70% vaccination, for all countries.
15:44 DreamCatcher Henri Hello
15:46 DreamCatcher Henri Is there somebody here knowing the internet address for the estimation of number of days to 70% COVID Vaccination ?
15:52 BISOU Robin And Tad You can look on worldometers.info for cases etc. for vaccination rates look here. https://ourworldindata.org/covid-vaccinations?country=OWID_WRL
15:54 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce What are people doing for intruder protection on hatches and companionways?
16:01 Katmandu - Terry I have a crew mate from Mexico that would like to join Katmandu sailing south to Panama. She is on a waiting list to get vaccinated. We are concerned that we are running out of time. We are in Nuevo Vallarta . Does anyone one have any advice where she good for and be vaccinated. She is willing to travel for a sure thing?
16:01 Dreamer @🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce at night, you can make a custom rod to keep your hatch from being opened from the outside. As for inside the boat, we have wasp spray, spear guns and a machete. All are easily explained when you reach port. I’m sure others have other methods.
16:03 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Thanks!
16:05 INDEPENDENCE - Richard We have Custom Stainless Steel drop in hatch boards... 1/4" rod. We can lock up the boat and get air, or lock ourselves in...
16:06 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Cool. Where did you have them built?
16:06 INDEPENDENCE - Richard We made them at home in Connecticut before we left...
16:08 DreamCatcher Henri @BISOU Robin And Tad
16:09 DreamCatcher Henri We could not find the statistics on amount of days untill 70% fully vaccination.
16:09 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce 👍
16:42 LUMOS - Jeremiah [null] Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=9.314939,-78.234976&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
16:43 AlohaToa-Tim Thank you so much , I am learning the ropes of paperwork lol (laugh). I’m in contact with Vilma now and looking at a re title for the boat as I am an Australian who bought a boat in Mexico with Californian papers .. I may not have it all in time for Barra .. but will try … I’ll definitely use Novamar … thank you (Thanks)
16:52 WIND DRIFT - Blair and Jodi Novamar is instant, pay online and it’s emailed to you
For boat docs, she’ll give you travel papers that are good until you get your permanent docs. Might take 6 months or more.
Tip should be handled by the same person doing your boat docs. That will be printed out immediately too. The tip does not follow the boat
19:27 AlohaToa-Tim Great (Awesome) ok, sounds like my best bet . I guess I will see y’all in Bara then . Super grateful thanks again (Thanks)
20:51 Katmandu - Terry Anyone know a fuel polish service in Nuevo Vallerta Nayarit Mexico ? I got freash water into one of my diesel fuel tanks . Probably 2-3 gallons of water with 60 gallons of diesel.
20:55 Last Arrow Vincent Water type of boat do you, do you have a day tank? Reason asking is water will sink to the bottom of the tank and can be drained out. Don’t ask me how I know. Let me look for the company I was going to us in NV but didn’t have once I learned about draining out the water.
21:00 Last Arrow Vincent Fuel polishing

Lance C. Lage, MD

O- +52.322.221.3543
M- +52.1.322.109.6430 MX
M- +1.619.993.1610 US
21:03 Last Arrow Vincent As the water will sink to the bottom of the tank see if you can drank the water off. Don’t ask how it happened to me but I was going to have the fuel pumped out and polished but was able to drain off the water and have never had an issue….. won’t make that mistake again LOL

Tue, 10/19/2021
01:35 DreamCatcher Henri We have a stainless steel bars across the hatch. It would prevent an adult from entering (a child can). We are looking for a simple infra red cell at 2 ft height with delayed strong alarm. Delay the alarm to prevent the localisation of the triggering device.
06:05 Captain Dietmar @Road Less Traveled welcome to the Panamá Posse
06:30 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Did you have the bars custom made?
06:37 Road Less Traveled Hello all, I am Jeff, my Lagoon 421, Road Less Traveled, is undergoing a major refit in La Paz, Mexico. I plan to set sail for Panama mid November. I have never sailed the Pacific side of Central America and would appreciate any words of wisdom as well as hooking up with others making the transit.
06:50 Road Less Traveled [null] La Paz, BCS, Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=24.147327,-110.369047&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
07:04 Road Less Traveled Jody is my partner in crime but still works so she flys in and out to join me. On this Posse journey I will have Irv, a very crusty old sailor, and Ryan, a young eager newbie, joining us for the transit.
07:06 Road Less Traveled [null] Playa SN-S LA MARINA DEL PALMAR, Zona Central, 23000 La Paz, B.C.S., Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=24.153180,-110.328092&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
07:09 DreamCatcher Henri No, it is a standard 1 inch round s/s bar with a terminal as thiis

07:09 DreamCatcher Henri [Photo]
07:19 LUMOS - Jeremiah Buenos días! Has anyone here had good luck with a Mechanic and Electrician in Linton Bay, Panama? We are limping west through San Blas and need to address some issues before we go back out to the islands. Thanks in advance!
08:05 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Thanks!
08:07 DreamCatcher Henri Obviously, thebterminal is permanentlyscrewed to the hatch frame.
08:12 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce As for alarms aqualarm.net has some systems. Not sure if they have a delay though.
08:14 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Understood. My concern would be in using the hatch for an emergency escape. It would be nice if the bar(s) could be unlocked and removed.
08:19 Aegis, Mary/Ian
@🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce A Youtuber called Sailing Project Atticus did a great job on removable bars for the hatch and conpanionway. I’m pretty sure they had them made in Panama. I’m sure the episode is still available
08:51 PP SV avant On Avant we do nothing. We have motion activated solar powered lights we put up at anchor, and simply lock the boat up when we’re away. In our 8 years of cruising we don’t know of a boat on the pacific side that’s as boarded with I’ll intent when the crew was aboard. Here’s an article we wrote a while back on security.

09:22 walt knot right Great article Rob
09:25 PP SV avant Thanks Walt!
09:33 Sea Bella Kathy Did I miss the answer about Zarpe papers? Who? What? Where?
09:36 PP SV avant

I would suggest rethinking the wasp spray as a self defense tool.
Please check out the video here. I haven’t done a personal test, but I’m dubious about it’s effectness.

09:39 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Thanks!
09:40 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Thanks. I did see that video.
10:03 BEATA Billy & Ruth Hi Rob. This is a great article. Thank you for sharing. Definitely rethinking a few things.
10:19 Dreamer @Rob Murray it’s just for the eyes, just like bear spray. I’ve used it one wasp nests, i can get bear spray instead, but this also doubles for wasps lol. The honest truth, if professional come on board, you are outgunned and outmanned. Hand over all you have and hope they don’t kill you.
10:23 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce I just finished reading your article. Excellent!
10:27 ,☠️Delta Swizzler Thanks for the great article. Some new stuff for us to try.
10:28 Dreamer @Rob Murray lol, ok watched the video, I’ll get a few cans of bear spray, they are cheap and easy to carry. Thanks 👍
10:35 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Agreed. I just found this video that looks interesting. YouTube.com/watch?v=c5mKEZwXZUs

I emails and found that Abus never followed through with a final product, but the do have telescoping window bars in several sizes. Slight modifications needed, but nothing too difficult to do.
10:36 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Amazon has them from the UK. I ordered two and will keep all posted.
12:20 Midnight B Richard [Photo]
12:21 Midnight B Richard See photo above - we had hatch and companionway guards made in Cartagena, Colombia
12:22 PP SV avant Maybe if you bring the wasp spray to the Barra kickoff we can do a posse test. I’m sure someone will drink enough rum to volunteer! ;)
13:55 Dreamer @Rob Murray lmao, your too funny. I wish i can be there.
15:19 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Very nice. Thanks
15:19 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce 👍😳
15:24 Captain Dietmar new marina in the Dominican Republic fee reduce from 1,75 x ft x night to 1 x ft plus a free welcome beer
15:24 Captain Dietmar [Photo]
15:25 Captain Dietmar MARINAPUERTO BAHIA
15:49 Captain Dietmar for vessels in Panamá
Juan Boschetti in Shelter Bay Marina s in posession of your burgee , please email registration a
to pick up yours
17:14 Dreamer Thanks Dietmar
17:22 Road Less Traveled Any discounts on Panama Canal crossing?
17:24 Dreamer @Road Less Traveled yes, the preferred agent gives you a discount and shelter bay marina also gives a discount, as for the crossing itself, nope.
17:25 Road Less Traveled Who is the preferred agent?
17:26 Dreamer @Road Less Traveled Erick soemthing, it’s on the list somewhere. Let me look up his email and I’ll post.
17:27 Road Less Traveled Thanks
17:27 Dreamer [Photo]
17:27 Dreamer @Road Less Traveled info@centenarioconsulting.com

17:28 Dreamer Here you go, if you inquire, he’ll send you a list of everything you need. He’s really good and had his associate meet us the minute we arrived panama.
17:29 Road Less Traveled Did you wait in a cue to cross?
17:31 Dreamer My plans changed when i realized the heavy weather did damage to my boat. I had to have work done and shelter bay is doing more work before i arrive in Jan next year. I’m assuming I’ll need to cue as I’ll be crossing during the busy season. When i was there in July, cir was only a few days.
17:32 Dreamer Cue not cir
17:35 Road Less Traveled I will see what Erick says. I should be crossing early December.
17:37 Dreamer Are you crossing pacific to Atlantic? If so, pacific marinas like vista mar also gives discounts. If you stop in shelter bay to rest in Jan we can say hello. I’ll be getting my boat ready to cross the other direction.
17:37 Road Less Traveled I might stop at Shelter Bay. The Hollower Monkeys there are really creepy sounding, lol.
17:38 Dreamer Lol, it’s not bad at all, safest place in Panama, military base right there.
17:39 Road Less Traveled Yes, crossing Pacific to Atlanta. I am in La Paz right now in middle of major refit.
17:40 Dreamer Seems like everyone is always fixing something. Let’s chat before you leave, we might cross paths
17:40 Road Less Traveled I am hoping to depart La Paz around Nov 18
17:44 Dreamer Awesome 👍
17:46 Remedy-Karl [null] 1 de Junio 13, El Puerto, 83554 Puerto Peñasco, Son., Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=31.303566,-113.551340&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
17:54 IBEX - Florian Hello, I am Florian, with my wife Vicky (who will join soon here as well), we are on SY Ibex, we are Austrians, currently in Grenada, planning to leave towards the west / Central America in the next 1-2 weeks.
17:55 Road Less Traveled Hi Karl, we are in La Paz, on the Baja
17:56 Remedy-Karl Hi Jeff. We just arrived today. Can't wait to see Remedy tomorrow for the first time in 6 months!
17:57 Road Less Traveled We doing a major refit, hope to splash in a few weeks
17:57 BISOU Robin And Tad I don’t think anyone can accurately count the days until 70% vaccinated but if you look at the graphs for the countries listed you can pretty much work it out. I do think individual countries probably have their own predictions but you’d have to Google those separately.
22:30 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce What time is the seminar at Downwind Marine on the 20th?
23:14 Captain Dietmar tomorrow 6-8 pm

Wed, 10/20/2021
08:05 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce See you there!
08:36 IBEX - Florian Does anyone happen to have any up to date info on the situation on / entering Los Roques?
@Dietmar: were you in contact with Hoanna, somehow, she does not respond to us anymore.
08:41 IBEX - Vicky Hi Everyone, I am Vicky from SY IBEX and together with my husband Florian we plan to sail from Grenada westwards. We look forward to crossing routes with some of you and to a good exchange on lime! (sail)
09:32 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce That’s the place in Canon St, right?
09:49 🥥AngeliqueofVancouve Is there a deal/rate for car rentals in Mexico I seem to recal that Dietmar had something worked out with Hertz
10:13 🦜Yahtzee -Jill/Andy [Photo]
10:53 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley I seem to recall a link on the Panama Posse website that list various Insurance providers for Mexico, but now I can’t seem to find it. My insurance premium is coming due soon, and I’d like to shop around for a better deal.
11:30 Captain Dietmar I spoke with her last month
11:37 IBEX - Florian Great thanks - Hoanna obviously lost her phone, that’s why she was not as responsive recently, we keep trying 😉
12:07 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila Anyone in recent contact with Fito Espinosa in Ensenada? Emailed and called with no response
16:54 YO-D-YO Dave We spoke to a person in the marina office and looks like they are ready for our arrival. Did not talk to Fito directly, we think.
16:59 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila 'Keedokee
17:59 No More Games - Bob Anyone have a recommendation for a diver and someone to watch our boat while we are away at Costa Baja in La Paz?
18:49 Road Less Traveled Hey Bob, is your boat at Marina Costa Baja?
19:08 nicole maison de sante Costa Baja is a great marina!
19:10 nicole maison de sante I have a bottom cleaner/diver for costa Baja Luis +52 612 157 7606. A marina worker can watch your boat for you. Unfortunately I don’t have a specific recommendation for that but you can talk to the marina about it
19:11 Road Less Traveled My boat was at Costa Baja before I put on hard for work and will return there before heading out… super secure and safe.
19:13 No More Games - Bob @Road Less Traveled yes
We have been here several times but only short stays. Likely we will leave the boat here for a couple of weeks before heading to PV
19:14 No More Games - Bob @Maison De Sante thank you

Thu, 10/21/2021
08:46 ☸️SV Enjoy-Don/Nina Two questions re western panama - we are looking at heading northbound in January. How much will northern winds affect anchorages? 2) are there towns that have 4g cell coverage (does Boca Chica) or anywhere else that has a good Anchorage?
08:56 PP SV avant We loved western Panama, and we were there in January two years ago. There are enough sheltered anchorages but cell service is spotty. Boca chica is a great anchorage with cell coverage, many of the others are completely off the grid.
09:12 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce How many of you are using Iridium GO!’s?
09:12 Remedy-Karl We are
09:12 No More Games - Bob We do
09:12 TranquiloMike We do also
09:13 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley Yep
09:14 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Wow! That was quick. Thanks for the speedy replies. Are you happy with them? Any issues, besides slow speed?
09:15 Remedy-Karl It was easy! 😁
09:16 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce It looks that way. How do you power yours? PredictWind has spare batteries, but I was hoping it could be hard wired to the boat 12vdc.
09:17 No More Games - Bob We went through PredictWind and they provide great support and flexibility to downgrade or suspend service
Had it 2 years - no issues
Have a US phone # for $10 per month extra for inbound calls at no cost
09:17 Remedy-Karl Hard wire
09:18 No More Games - Bob External antenna and hard wire
09:19 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce My finger is hovering over the Place Order button right now. 😀 Thanks
09:19 TranquiloMike Got mine thru PW, 12V hardwired, external marine antenna. It feels like a throwback to 80’s dialup tech, but I think it’s the best currently available for a reasonable price. I’m looking forward to starlink for marine use
09:19 Road Less Traveled Use zoleo here
09:21 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Thanks everyone. From my reading it seems the antenna wire is rather thick and not very flexible. Meaning I probably can’t hide the wire in the pushpin tubing, right? How are people mounting the antenna?
09:22 Hope - Patrick On the Go q’s. Our experience…..They are great for texting, predict wind data and graphics. Email, was pretty good but we did have some transmit and receive emails not arrive. So-So on telephone calls, Do Not expect to do internet searches or links. This was our experience in the past. We suspended our account with predict wind (our provider) close to two years ago using a prior rev software. We also have an external antenna.
09:23 No More Games - Bob The antenna cable is thick coax
Probably 5/8”

09:24 No More Games - Bob Mounted the antenna to a stainless mast. Used the provided clamp
No elegant but works
09:24 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Can you get GRIB files for PredictWind with the Zoleo?
09:25 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Ok, thanks. That was my concern (the mount looks a bit funky).
09:36 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce I just chatted with a Zoleo rep online and it doesn’t currently support downloading GRIB files, but he did say, “It might be included on a future update.” That would be a great addition as the Zoleo is way less expensive than the Iridium GO!
09:46 PP SV avant Zoleo is more like an inreach or a newer gen spot than a go. It might do gribs in a future upgrade sounds a bit sketchy to me, it is a messaging/sms/tracking device.
09:49 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Understood. Those were my thoughts as well.
09:51 No More Games - Bob There is an option to thread it on a mast and skip the clamp. Just be careful as the antenna housing is plastic so over tight could be an issue
10:03 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila FWIW we use Zoleo and have had good experience with it. The only drawback is that it doesn't notify you when you have messages, you have to manually download them. Could break a settings issue, IDK. But yes, it is strictly a messaging device. I have a shoreline weather forecaster who will be sending me daily weather updates based on our GPS position
10:04 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce 👍 Thanks.
10:04 Road Less Traveled Cannot get GRIB files on Zoleo. I use FastSeas and that works via email on Zoleo
10:30 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Good to know. Thanks.
11:58 🥥AngeliqueofVancouve @🦜Yahtzee -Jill/Andy thanks for the info
14:31 Gargoyle Wondering if anyone knows of a rigger in Costa Rica?
15:48 SONHO - Edmund & Laura Lee Let me check with our friends on Nirvana. They had a ton of work done in Quepos and am pretty sure they know someone there.
15:57 Gargoyle Thanks!
16:44 CAPRICORN CAT - Sue Hola Amigos! We just parked the car at Marina Puerto Escondido. Any Panama Posse peeps around that could dink us out to our boat in about an hour?
17:21 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Thanks! Who are you using and how much, if I may ask?
17:37 NAVIGATOR - Dave I have a friend in the trade who has lived in Golfito part-time for many years. If there is a rigger there he should know. If Golfito would work for you I’d be happy to inquire.
17:57 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila Anyone have any experience hooking up an AIS receiver to display in OpenCPN? New unit for me, unsure if the problem is on the software side or the hardware side or maybe a cabling issue???
17:57 PP SV avant Often the baud rate. Fuss with that and see how you do.
17:59 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila Ok, I'll look at that. Is that a manual setting in OCPN?
18:00 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce I have mine working with OpenCPN. I might be able to help, but not absolutely sure. Let’s discuss. Give me a call on my cell.
18:06 PP SV avant Yes. Also, it’s a bit fussy to get a gps antenna and an AIS working at the same time, so try without the gps and see how that goes.
18:08 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Doesn’t AIS require a GPS?
18:10 PP SV avant Yes, to calculate various stuff. But not to display. I’m not suggesting that as an end point, but as a troubleshooting step.
18:10 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila Interesting...I'll unplug my Puck GPS and see if that does anything, thank you
18:11 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Understood.
19:16 Remedy-Karl My dive person in Puerto Peñasco that was supposed to arrange hydros on my scuba tanks left us high and dry, literally. Does anyone know if a place further down the Sea of Cortez that could help us out?

Fri, 10/22/2021
07:08 GypseaBLU- John/Kim Has anyone been hauled and had major fiberglass work done on their hulls in Shelter Bay, Panama? Was it a good experience, if so may I have their name? Thanks
09:48 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce What are people doing for web and blog hosting services?
10:09 YO-D-YO Mary We use WordPress for our website and blog. You can also get a blog site only.
10:25 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Who do you use as your provider?
11:30 IBEX - Florian We also use WordPress, easy and straight forward, no need for a separate provider, they also do host and you can directly pick your desired URL with them when setting up
11:43 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Ah, good to know. Thanks.
12:02 Rick ATTENTION THE FLEET… I spoke with manager Angel E Becker of Max Industrias (marine products store) in Millenium Plaza, Colon, Panama. He will give Posse members a 10% discount. He also said he believes he is cheaper than Abernathy’s.
12:04 Rick That was from me Rick on Dad’s Dreams.
12:09 walt knot right Great job Rick
13:10 Captain Dietmar awesome thank you please email his info to dietmar @ panamaposse.com so we can add him to the discount list?
14:43 YO-D-YO Dave YO-D-YO and crew is checked into Ensenada, Mexico. Hotel Coral offered a service to move papers and payments at the consolidated check in office. Immigration, port captain, customs, TIP all done in one stop. Took just under two hours. Parks pass purchased at the Marina office. We have a crew member joining us before we leave so will need to visit the port captain again to clear all three of us out. If we had no additional crew we could have checked out w/o another visit. Credit card accepted for all fees.
14:45 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila Great intel, thank you! If I may ask, what did it all come to to check in?
14:49 YO-D-YO Dave Cost? We have lots of receipts. No idea quite yet. Must take a break and try to sort out all the papers The park pass at 1500 pesos each was the biggest bite.
15:09 YO-D-YO Mary I think this is what we paid Cost in Pesos
TIP = $1139.61
Immigration $1188.00 (total for 2)
Port Captain $483.00 (total for 2)
Park Pass- (Pasaporte de la Conservacion) $1500.00 (per person)
15:27 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila Very helpful, merci beaucoups mes amis
15:36 Captain Dietmar did you get a fishing license too ?
15:37 YO-D-YO Mary We already had our fishing licenses. I'm not sure how much they were.
15:42 TOKETEE Dar Diane Kimberly You can purchase the Mexico fishing license online for $35 per person for a year. At least that is what it cost us last year.
16:26 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce 👍
16:29 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce What paperwork did you have completed prior to leaving San Diego?
16:32 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila A buddy of mine who's coming down for the Baja Haha wants me to drive down to the border with him next week and get all the paperwork done before we shove off for Ensenada. Seems like that might be unnecessary based on Dave & Mary's seamless experience clearing in. Thoughts?
16:34 PP SV avant Ensenada is the easiest clear in or out on the posse route. Any of the marinas will drive you over, or you can get a taxi. I would do it in Ensenada.
16:36 PP SV avant If you’re on a USA cruising licence (i.e. you’re a non-USA boat), you should cancel your cruising licence before you leave the USA. If you reach the USA east coast before it expires, or decide to come back to California, you can’t renew it.
16:44 Last Arrow Vincent Just to add to cancel the US cruising permit, also if you had any non US crew on board or join you on your boat check them out of US with customs as well. My wife got sent to US secondary 6 months later when we were returning to Canada with a night over in LA, see wasn’t impressed with me. LOL
16:56 Midnight B Richard We didn't want the hassle of wiring a fixed antenna, so took the risk of using only the built-in one, with an option to mount the device high on our bimini. As it turned out, the Iridium Go worked perfectly across the Atlantic from right inside the cockpit. Pacific coverage might be a different story however.
16:57 Gargoyle Yes, please! Hoping we can get the work done in Costa Rica
17:07 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce That’s interesting. Thanks for the info.
17:11 IBEX - Florian The way the Iridium satellite system is set up, there is no difference in coverage wherever you are on the globe, so Pacific is no different than Atlantic coverage. We do the same, ie no separate antenna, just have the device in the cockpit (we use the handheld instead of the GO but same story). In addition we do have an _active_ USB cable long enough, that the computer can stay down below in particular in bad weather.
17:14 YO-D-YO Dave @SephinaJosh Ensenada check in... The agent we had was checking in four or five boats. I understand the Haha has nearly two hundred. Don't know how many will be checking in, but it will likely more than four in line with you in Cabo.
17:18 TranquiloMike I used Wix. I’d never done web design and got something limping along reasonably easily

svtranquilo.org if you want to take a peek. I have tested more on computer than phone.
17:22 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Thanks. It looks nice, even on my phone. Great job!
18:34 Captain Dietmar [null] Terminal 1, 3225 N Harbor Dr, San Diego, CA 92101, USA : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=32.733346,-117.198356&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
18:41 Medea-Darryl Hello to all and fair winds
Not sure what or how I’m supposed to introduce here but here goes
56yr old Australian who decided to stop work and sail
Onboard my Bavaria 46 full time for 2 years now, bought the boat in Greece and now in Cartagena Colombia
I will be heading north to Bay Islands Honduras mid November and was hoping to find a buddy boat or 2 to do the trip with
Looking forward to meeting some of you along the way
18:50 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Looking for a good anchorage between Ensenada and Turtle Bay to break up the passage. Thoughts?
19:02 PP SV avant Mag bay is just about it.
19:06 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce That’s south of Turtle Bay. I’m looking for a good anchorage north of Turtle Bay to break up the trip from Ensenada.
19:12 TOKETEE Dar Diane Kimberly We stopped at San Quintin on our way down from Ensenada before Turtle.
19:15 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce How was it?
21:15 GenM Do big @🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce @YO-D-YO Dave hello , there is an option, not readily known, of getting a park pass for the vessel, with the crew names listed for around 1200 P , ask a broker
21:17 Captain Dietmar plenty of spots loginto goodnautical and see details and comments on 5 to 6 of them
21:19 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce I did and found there weren’t really good comments on the ones I was looking at.
21:26 Aegis, Mary/Ian @🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce San Quintin, San Carlos, Playa Maria, Cedros.
21:27 Aegis, Mary/Ian @🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce oops forgot Bahia Colnett. 1st one after Ensenada
21:29 Aegis, Mary/Ian Loved that stretch. day hopped to Turtle Bay
21:31 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Yes, I looked at those on goodnautical, but felt they were all represented in not very favorable light. Have you any experience with any of those, and if so, do you have one that stands out over the others as a good anchorage?

Maybe I’m just being picky, but would like to get feedback from personal experience.
21:31 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce 😁
21:33 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Good to know, so it was a good way to break up the passage to Turtle Bay?
21:58 Aegis, Mary/Ian Those were the anchorages we stopped at. We day hopped from Ensenada to Turtle Bay. As I mentioned we loved that section. I will dig through my notes tomorrow to provide you more details. Its a beautiful coast widely ignored because the Haha “says so”.
22:00 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Good one. 😁 Sounds worth taking our time down to Turtle Bay. If you do find some notes, that would be great. Thanks for the info.
23:03 Medea-Darryl [Cholon] Isla Barú Cartagena, Bolívar Colombia : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=10.164320,-75.668813&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14

Sat, 10/23/2021
07:19 ,☠️Delta Swizzler When we came down with the CUBAR, they arranged for the officials to came to the marina. Everyone was able to check in right there. Rather than going to the office.
09:22 PP SV avant [Photo]
10:40 Aegis, Mary/Ian @🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Hi Bruce. I’m sure I have more comprehensive notes stashed somewhere but can’t find them. These notes are from my log.

Bahia Colonett - 66 nm from Ensenada. Anchored in front of the gorge in the cliff. 27 ft of water. A little rolly, but comfortable. Caught a Yellowtail just outside of the anchorage while underway.

San Quintin - 47 nm from Colonett. Anchored in 25 ft. Nice anchorage, great views of the volcanos. Very little roll. Should have stuck around longer.

Bahia San Carlos - 61 nm from San Quintin. Anchored in 26 ft of water. Open Road anchorage, minimal swell.

Bahia Playa Maria - 69 nm from B. San Carlos. Anchored in 21 ft. Very low gradient bottom. Really nice spot, A little bit of swell got in. Great beach. Among our favourite spots.

Isla Cedros - 61 nm from Maria. Anchored in 40 ft, north of the village. Steeper gradient. pick your spot based on sea conditions and wind. Open road, but nice and calm. Big nuggets on the beach also in the anchorage. Our chain wrapped around one.

Turtle Bay - 37 nm. from Cedros anchorage. Time your passage through Dewey Channel carefully. Tidal currents are strong. Watch for fishing floats.

10:57 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Thank you so much! This is very helpful information!! ❤️
13:05 Wild Blue-Ed Hello fleet! Wild Blue (previously Plan Sea) is an Island Packet 45 built in 1999 that we bought in 2019. The prior owner sailed her from San Diego with the HaHa and later the Pacific Puddle Jump as far as New Zealand before shipping the boat back to the West Coast. We’ve completed two seasons in Baja, returning to the US to cruise the California central coast. This year we’re determined to break out of this pandemic associated rut. The boat’s ready to go and so are we. When we get to Panama we’ll decide which way to go—Atlantic or South Pacific. We’re a husband and wife crew (Ed and Katie) that follows orders from Rigley, our British Pit/Rottweiler mix who tells us how long we can stay at sea! Right now we’re in Ensenada, leaving 11/7 and looking forward to meeting up in December.
13:13 IBEX - Vicky Hi Wild Blue, welcome and great to see that we are not the only ones who have not decided on Carribean vs South Pacific for this season. We, Florian and Vicky on IBEX, are currently in Grenada and will start moving west soon.
13:15 Wild Blue-Ed Thanks for the welcome. Yes, watching and waiting to see what covid does before we commit.
13:37 Papasierra - Keith Hola PanamaPosse. I am Keith on PappaSierra, a Morgan 382 currently in San Carlos, Mexico. I just bought the boat in March and have been sailing around here over the summer season but we'll be heading across to the Baja mid-December and then south. Look forward to meeting and sailing with you all soon.
16:07 SilhouetteL Hi Papasiera, we are also in San Carlos. Silhouette is on the hard in the work area now. We’ll be diligently working for about 10 days but would love to meet up while we’re here.
16:08 SilhouetteL Anybody else in San Carlos, MX?
16:09 Remedy-Karl Not yet, but hopefully in a couple weeks.
16:15 Papasierra - Keith I know there are some but there's probably more than the ones I know of. Is there a way to see what boats have listed as their current location? The ones I know of are satori, taku, lokani - all on A dock at Marina San Carlos, which is where I am. Actually, I'm currently anchored in algodones Bay but I will be back tomorrow
16:21 Captain Dietmar start your tracks
16:22 Captain Dietmar to be added to tracking follow the instructions on the bottom of that screen
alternatively drop your location pin into the chat
16:45 SilhouetteL Marina Seca San Carlos
16:47 Papasierra - Keith [null] Unnamed Road, 85503 Son., Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=27.965161,-111.112843&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
16:47 SilhouetteL Getting our new lithium batteries in and other boat stuff. When we splash we’ll turn on tracking and satellite phone.
16:48 Papasierra - Keith With luck I'll be driving up to Tucson next weekend to pick up my satellite phone
16:50 Dreamer @Wild Blue-Ed Hi Ed, our boats in Panama, Shelter bay on the hard. We plan on heading back in Jan and heading across the South Pacific. If you stop by Shelterbay eastbound, say hi. Or maybe we will both be heading west with the Trades.

Sun, 10/24/2021
06:30 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky [null] C. 7, Provincia de Puntarenas, Puntarenas, Costa Rica : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=9.979884,-84.835400&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
06:32 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky Cocos Island, Costa Rica - ORGASMIC!!! (!!)(!!)
08:07 REEF DANCER Debbie Hi. Reefdancer heading to BVI from Aruba later this week. Anyone with recent experience checking in there?? Appreciate any help as websites offer some conflicting information. Thanks
08:18 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky We use PredictWind
08:26 Outventure juergen and Iris We use siteground, have wordpress installed.
Id wait for black friday week, there will probably be a deal out there.
Www.sailingoutventure.com (just starting)
11:40 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky After 10 days 300 nautical miles from Puntarenas, Costa Rica to the Cocos
Island, we are back on our boat in Quepos.

We saw hundreds of hammerhead sharks, numerous Galapagos sharks, many Whitetip sharks, and probably a dozen tiger sharks!!!

There were many cleaning stations with cleaner fishes like angels, barbers, triggers, parrots, etc. it’s amazing to see the big sharks and other large pelagic fish be cleaned by the smaller fish!!

We saw a few Mamoth Groupers the size of a VW Bug. They hunt small sharks, but we didn’t see that…

The yellowfin tunas were 7-10’ / 500-2000 lbs. Seriously! I love to see how fast they move when hunting. Spectacular display of a predator pelagic!!

Toss in a few big ass 6’ moray eels, a couple of cute octopuses and a lonely turtle…

Before you die, cocos island will reward you a new sense of how lucky we are.

~Lucky Chucky
15:02 Sailing Bohemia Greetings all. We are Tom and Pedro from Sailing Bohemia and are ao excited to be traveling south towards Panama this year. Currently in Puerto Vallarta. See you all out there.
15:30 SilhouetteL Sounds amazing!! What is the permitting process and cost for the Cocoas?
15:45 Papasierra - Keith Looks amazing. Interestingly remote location for a theme park??
16:10 Sea Trial Toni @No More Games - Bob
16:35 Captain Dietmar

The Autoridad Maritima de Panama / Panama Maritime Authority has issued instructions that vessels arriving Panama with an US State registration such as Delaware, Calidornia and Florida can not do check in, check out, port clearance or crusing permits unless a proper International registration is presented. So USCG documentation is the new norm for PANAMA.

17:40 Ho’okipa-Lisa Our PP man in Costa Rica is Don Ernesto. He can do it for a few hundred dollars?
17:40 Ho’okipa-Lisa Think Michael Criton's Jurassic Park
17:58 TAKU Bob & Etta You went on a live aboard boat, may I ask which one.?
18:27 Eliana - Warren Hi all. My last day at work was last Friday, and I am in full get ready mode. I should also hopefully be able to make the Monday call now. I am hoping to contact other boats headed south from the Chesapeake outside Hatteras. I am currently in Norfolk, and will be sailing to Puerto Rico.
18:28 TranquiloMike I like your YouTube videos!
18:58 Papasierra - Keith (Congratulations) congratulations

Mon, 10/25/2021
07:29 Mira - Glenn [null] 34 Kaya J. N. E. Craane, Kralendijk, Caribbean Netherlands : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=12.155699,-68.279330&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
07:33 Mira - Glenn Hello. We are Pam and Glenn aboard sv Mira, Antares 44 cat. We going from Bonaire to Sea of Cortez this season and will be pleased to connect with all particularly those heading that direction
07:36 LUMOS - Jeremiah Hey all, I asked the other day and didn't get any responses. Thought I'd try one more time. Does anyone know a Yanmar mechanic that could work in Linton Bay, Panama? Thanks!
07:54 ,☠️Delta Swizzler [Bocas Condo] calle D (Calle 4ta y calle 5ta) Isla Colón Bocas del Toro Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=9.338708,-82.241799&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
07:58 ,☠️Delta Swizzler We are in Bocas del Toro. But Delta Swizzler Is up on hard. In the Bocas Service Yard in Almarante
07:58 ,☠️Delta Swizzler [Photo]
08:02 No More Games - Bob Group voice call started.
08:03 Last Arrow Vincent Group call ended.
08:03 Road Less Traveled Group voice call started.
08:03 walt knot right Two more hours before the call
08:04 Road Less Traveled Group call ended.
08:39 🥥AngeliqueofVancouve [null] C. B SN-I, La Península, 85480 Heroica Guaymas, Son., Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=27.897911,-110.890238&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
08:39 🥥AngeliqueofVancouve [null] C. B SN-I, La Península, 85480 Heroica Guaymas, Son., Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=27.897281,-110.890567&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
08:42 Dreamer @LUMOS - Jeremiah call shelter bay, the mechanic is based in Colon i think and they come out. I don’t have the contact info on me, but they might be willing to travel to Linton for you.
08:58 LUMOS - Jeremiah Thanks
08:59 Ho’okipa-Lisa Howdy Glenn & Pam! We are in Quepos, Costa Rica heading south. Please keep track of us and ping me if we cross paths for we spent 2 seasons in the Sea of Cortez and have a lot of info to share with you...
09:00 Ho’okipa-Lisa Agressor
09:03 PP SV avant Walt, are you doing the call this week?
09:03 Remedy-Karl It's scheduled for an hour from now
09:12 Green Flash [null] Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=8.672117,-79.145127&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:13 Green Flash Green Flash on roite from Pearlas Islands Panama to isla Taboga in the Canal Zone
09:14 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley [null] 5104 Neptune Square, Oxnard, CA 93035, USA : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=34.186374,-119.240324&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:33 TOKETEE Dar Diane Kimberly [null] Unnamed Road, Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=8.482309,-79.943695&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:38 Hope - Patrick [null] Unnamed Road, Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=8.482926,-79.943161&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:40 Hope - Patrick Still learning “Line”. The last Panama location was sv Hope. I don’t see our contact info with my post.
09:41 Hope - Patrick ????? Ok now I’m confused as I didn’t want that post to be a response to Sephora-Josh. Hahaha
09:42 Papasierra - Keith If you're near Toketee it came across just fine. Shows that it came from Hope and did not come across as a reply to anybody
09:47 SV Early Bird- Peter Group voice call started.
09:52 walt knot right [Government Center Cafeteria] 12000 Government Center Pkwy Fairfax, VA 22035 United States : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=38.854041,-77.356510&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:52 Hope - Patrick Thanks Keith
09:53 walt knot right Just got my third shot. Waiting the obligatory 15 minutes
09:59 ☸️SV Enjoy-Don/Nina I believe galvez who works for delta Mike marine comes out to linton
10:05 SilhouetteL [null] SON 124, Ranchito Campestre, El Caballito, Son., Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=27.955937,-111.051147&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
10:07 🥥🦜PathfinderJPNicole [null] Paseo de los Cocoteros, Flamingos, 63735 Las Jarretaderas, Nay., Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=20.707486,-105.302100&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
10:10 🦜Ramble On Rose-Roz [Marina San Carlos] Manlio Fabio Beltrones SN 85506 Guaymas, Sonora Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=27.947933,-111.054224&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
10:25 PP SV avant Please know that weather models (gribs, windy, many weather sites) tend to underestimate storm and stronger wind events.

Pacific curated nhc/noaa forecasts can be found here: https://www.nhc.noaa.gov/marine/offshores_eastpac.php

Caribbean curated forecasts can be found here: https://www.nhc.noaa.gov/marine/offshores.php
10:42 PP SV avant Following up on ‘Lucky Chuckies’ comments on checking in and out of Costa Rica, you can check in and out yourself (without an agent) and the actual government fees are low (as I recall zero check in, and something like $20usd checkout). Takes about 1/2 a day on each end. Agents, while convenient, are not required. They were required at the height of covid19, but can now be done by the captain again.
10:44 PP SV avant That’s for the 90 day permit. For the two year permit, get an agent. The papers for that are Kafka-esque.
10:45 DreamCatcher Henri @🦜Knot Right, SV/Walt
10:46 nicole maison de sante FYI- for people with state registered boats wanting USCG registration, your boat cannot be owned by an LLC or a trust, it must be in your name only.
10:47 DreamCatcher Henri Is there someone here who can give me an idea of marina prices in Santa Marta Colombia . I read here 2 USD per foot plus water and electricity. Is that correct ?
10:49 DreamCatcher Henri Is there someone here who can give me an idea of marina prices in Santa Marta Colombia . I read here 2 USD per foot plus water and electricity. Is that correct ?
10:50 Road Less Traveled Group call ended.
11:11 SAN Those of you from last year will remember me as anchor chain enthusiast. :) I can now report that I have made available a lite version of my iOS / Android anchorchaincalculator app available as a free online web app. It allows you to calculate the anchor load, the required minimal chain length and a few other things as a function of weather data and vessel characteristics. This is the link to the lite version: http://anchorchaincalculator.com . Comments as always welcome! Cheers, Mathias
11:14 LUMOS - Jeremiah Hi Henri. I am a 40 foot Cat and we paid .78 cents a foot a night at Santa Marta Marina. Their prices break significantly the longer you stay. Their big deal is if you pay for 30 days you get 10 days free...so 40 for the price of 30. That's what we did.
11:32 Ho’okipa-Lisa FYI - Costa Rica 2 year cruising permit. Agent: Ernesto Andrade Conejo
email: paramares@hotmail.com
Ernesto handled everything. Wasn’t complicated. Just our LLC docs (Certificate of Good Standing, and Articles of Organization that needed to be Apostilled) that made it more of an issue. Took a few days to arrange and cost about $90. Then just needed to provide the signed 2 year slip agreement with the marina and sign two docs for agent to rep us to gov. Of the $750 we paid half was to translated the documents to Spanish. The cruising permit is only for the boat. Our visas as tourists is for 90 days so we must leave CR and return to get a new visa. Having the contract with the marina also gave us a discount on our slip. Marina Pez Vela is great and the Yard is excellent. It is run by an American who has put together a very professional team. We highly recommend this yard for any work.
11:39 Ho’okipa-Lisa Coming from the north, Nicarauga to Costa Rica, we checked in at Marina Papagayo whereby agent extraoridaire Don Ernosto made our landing soft and all the immigration & custom officials came to us. Ernesto had all the paperwork ready and we just got the officials to stamp the documents. Whereas, if you do a self checkin, at least in northern Costa Rica, we believe that a ship has to achor outside Playa Cocos, tender into shore, tie up, and make your way to the various offices and whatnot. This is all BEFORE, Marina Papagayo, Marina Los Suenos or Marina Pez Vela will allow you to tie-up for fuel and/or at a slip. Did I get that right Rob???
11:45 PP SV avant Yes, that’s correct. You anchor, land, land via dinghy, and visit port captain and immigration in town, then the airport for the 90 day permit. Takes about 1/2 day. Saves ~$350.

If (like many posse members) you’re transiting Costa Rica for a few weeks or a month, using an agent is a pretty big bite budget wise.
11:51 Ho’okipa-Lisa Factor in the $100 roundtrip taxi ride to the airport in Liberia?
11:59 Tulum5- Michele/Chad What’s a total checkin cost if you’re only in CR for a month?
11:59 PP SV avant In a normal season, you can usually spit that with other cruisers (we did with two others), or grab the bus (runs every ~30min, costs $2).

The convenience of an agent is undeniable. So is the cost. My proud Scots heritage denies me the ability to splash out when budget diy options are available.
12:01 Tulum5- Michele/Chad What’s the cost for an agent in CR?
12:04 SAN there is no need for a taxi to go to airport liberia. a much cheaper bus is starting from playa del coco downtown with destination liberia that can drop you off at a junction where the airport is. it is then about a km walk.
12:13 PP SV avant If I recall correctly, DIY, about $20 plus transport fees (free in, about $20 for the exit zarpe). If you use an agent, agent fees are significant (north end it’s ~$350, south end somewhat less, ~$250 last I heard.

It’s a convenience vs $ trade off.
12:15 PP SV avant We took a cab so we could ‘make it’ in one day. (We started checkin later in the day). The bus would have worked for us if we started earlier. ;)
12:18 DreamCatcher Henri Thank youfor the info . Is marina Santa Marta same as Santa Marta Igy ?
12:20 Ho’okipa-Lisa Berte, you're in way better shape than me!!
12:22 SAN wasn’t too bad, actually, but yes, the walk is in blistering sun with no protection...
12:27 SAN when you approach the liberia airport, by foot or cab, use the first entrance. this one is closest to the customs office. there are no signs - you need to ask somebody that customs sends an official out to you.
12:31 Hope - Patrick @SAN interesting App on anchor chain length. Is there a price break for PP members?
12:35 SAN unfortunately not - it is too difficult for me to program that financial side above the very basics. But for Apple devices, the way Apple charges in different countries, the US customers have already a bargain of a couple of $... policy of Apple.
12:47 Tulum5- Michele/Chad Does anyone know a good (fast) place to get chain re-galvanized?
12:47 PP SV avant Which country?
12:48 Tulum5- Michele/Chad Mexico/ Panama?
12:59 Captain Dietmar thank you !!!
13:01 Captain Dietmar galvanizadora rubigal gualdalajara
Google it
did mine 4 years ago
hot dip ask for cleaning and double hot dip takes 2-3 weeks
13:11 Tulum5- Michele/Chad Thanks very much for the info-
15:41 Katmandu - Terry Does any know if the Copper Canyon train (train) is back up and running from/to Chihuahua
16:13 🥥AngeliqueofVancouve Sorry missed the call again busy working on the boat in the yard 😩
16:28 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila Who in Ensenada works with CAT diesels? I have a CAT D330 as my main propulsion, although it runs fine, engine operating temp varies with RPM; in other words, even though I've replaced the thermostat twice it isn't regulating temp. Off the record, the parts manager at the local CAT dealership recommended that I wait until we get down to Mexico, as they're MUCH more familiar with the D330/3304 series. Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks.
19:24 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce What are people using for digital logbooks as opposed to traditional paper logbooks?

I’ve been doing some research and have found a few but don’t want to put out the bucks just to try.

20:24 Hope - Patrick Interesting question.
21:26 Sailing Bohemia If you're comfortable getting geeky, I love https://saillogger.com/. It's all automatic, route, wind speed/dir, etc. you can just add notes afterward... or not if you're lazy like me :-)
21:38 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Interesting. Is it a app for your computer? I couldn’t find much info on the website. Mac and/or Windows?
21:51 Sailing Bohemia It will take some hacking. It needs a some computer you can leave on at least throughout the sail (possibly 24x7) and can connect to your instruments. Most folk including us use a Raspberry Pi for this. It gets seriously geeky from this point so I'll spare the group, but happy to chat more just DM if you're interested. More at https://saillogger.com/faq/
21:54 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce I found the FAQ page. Some good info but not complete.
21:57 PP SV avant OpenCPN has a log book plug-in. Price is right (free).

22:14 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Interesting. I’ll check it out. An experience with it?
22:15 PP SV avant Never used ‘seriously’. Seemed to work ok when I played with it.
22:17 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Ok. Thanks.

Tue, 10/26/2021
08:05 Captain Dietmar we use a physical logbook but it's a printed excel sheet so you can always use excel as a digital version
additionally we log NMEA 0183 via opencpn to a file
08:06 Captain Dietmar works great
09:04 Gargoyle Hola Tom and Pedro!!
09:35 Captain Dietmar
🇺🇸 🇲🇽 🇬🇹 🇸🇻 🇭🇳 🇳🇮 🇨🇷 🇵🇦 🇪🇨 🇨🇴 🇯🇲 🇰🇾 🇧🇿 🇹🇨 🇧🇸 🇨🇺

11:02 Remedy-Natalie We registered our almost 3 years ago and it is owned by a LLC. Have the rules changed?
11:06 nicole maison de sante My apologies; LLC is ok but a trust is not
11:07 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley @🦜panamaposseDietmar How do I get the rental car discount in Chiapas. Last time I had to cancel my reservation and make a new one while I was at the counter. I would like to get the Panama Posse discount upfront.
11:08 Captain Dietmar https://hertzmexico.com/?accion=renta-auto-hertz&oferta=renta-un-auto-con-posse

11:08 Captain Dietmar all sponsors and deals are linked from the sponorship page
11:08 Captain Dietmar https://panamaposse.com/hertz
11:08 Captain Dietmar https://panamaposse.com/sponsors
11:20 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley @🦜panamaposseDietmar Got it. Thanks!
11:46 WIND DRIFT - Blair and Jodi This is not true, my boat is coast guard documented and owned by my trust. Although, I have heard of problems checking into countries when the boat is owned by a trust or an LLC. Even Mexico
12:41 nicole maison de sante @Wind Drift - Blair ok thanks. Our broker had told us otherwise when we purchased our boat a couple years back. I appreciate the clarification
13:30 YO-D-YO Dave Any alternative for diesel in Ensenada? The rain broke the pumps at Hotel Marina Coral. Viva Mexico!
18:52 Captain Dietmar there is a yard and another marina in downtown ensenada
20:00 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce So, back to the hatch security bars topic. I received the Abus window bars today. They were only $59 on Amazon and are perfect for the job. They aren’t stainless but have a corrosive protective layer. I’ll just watch them and take care of any rust that will develop.
20:03 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce There are a couple of modifications I need to do. 1. Enlarge the mounting holes so they will fit over 4 studs I will screw into the hatch opening walls. 2 purchase 4 tamper proof screws and spacers to act as studs to hold the bars in place. 3. Drill a hole in one of the bars for a lock.
20:03 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce [Photo]
20:03 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce [Photo]
20:05 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce The assembly telescopes to adjust to the hatch opening and the lock will prevent it from being removed.
23:01 PP SV avant Iirc, Baja naval in Ensenada has a fuel dock. Ask coral to call ahead and make sure the pumps work there.

Wed, 10/27/2021
07:29 O2 ☸️ Good morning everybody. Any advice which shop in SAN Diego has Garmin CCU ‘s (Reactor 40) in stock? We fly across the border from PV and we hope to buy one. Our autopilot has a data attitude problem and after diagnosis, we need a brand new CCU( whereas the one that’s broken is only 3 years old) Thanks!
07:29 O2 ☸️ 2 years
13:10 No More Games - Bob We are looking to cross from Baja Sur ending up in PV in the first 10 days or so of November. If anyone with a MV is interested in a buddy boat setup let us know.
13:13 WIND DRIFT - Blair and Jodi West marine in shelter island is probably your best bet
17:59 Ho’okipa-Lisa If WestMarine doesn't have it try: Shelter Island Electronics (Ed Hanson/ shay ) – 619-223-2182; • Explorer Marine Service (Peter) – 619-223-2158; Revolution Marine Outfitting (Brian) – 619-403-1148. Good luck!!!
18:17 TranquiloMike Has anyone had problems connecting to their iridium go after the recent firmware update? Suddenly I can’t connect - getting a msg “cannot connect communicate with iridium go”
18:18 No More Games - Bob I did have a problem
Got a weird message so I did the update and all is well now.
19:27 Captain Dietmar [Photo]
19:28 Captain Dietmar Panama Posse Latin Kick off Party tomorrow
Thursday Oct 28th
16:00 - 23:00 At California Yacht Marina - We got a full house !!!
See you there !
22:33 O2 ☸️
Thanks Wind Drift andHo’okipa. ! The CCU has been found with Shelter Island Eletronics. Happy about that!

Thu, 10/28/2021
08:13 Tulum5- Michele/Chad NMG - Bob- we’re not a M/V but we will be going from Frailes direct to La Cruz in the next 10 days, coming down from Escondido.
08:51 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley [Ayres Hotel Chula Vista] 1710 Millenia Ave Chula Vista, CA 91915 United States : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=32.617960,-116.969032&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:00 No More Games - Bob Chad
Well I’d love to understand your plans and see if going together makes sense
We need to clear out of Costa Baja before the 15th and have a res at Marina Riviera. In Back in California as of last night, but looking for a window to return to the boat
16:40 Captain Dietmar [Photo]
16:40 Captain Dietmar yep
16:41 PP SV avant Looks light. Have more in the rental car? ;)
16:44 Salacia / Peter Anyone headed over from Glorietta Bay?
16:56 Ho’okipa-Lisa Gracias Don Mario Suazo!!!
17:40 ,☠️Delta Swizzler Make sure both the App and the Iridium have been updated.
17:43 TranquiloMike I just figured it out. I had enabled a VPN on my phone and the Iridium doesn’t play well with a VPN. Thank you.
17:43 ,☠️Delta Swizzler Good to know. Thanks for that tidbit of info.
17:57 No More Games - Bob I learned that the hard way as well
23:31 SVAKIA-Rick Had a wonderful time at the Panama Posse meet and greet in Chula Vista tonight. Thank you Dietmar for putting this together!

Fri, 10/29/2021
11:46 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Ditto that! Fantastic time. Than you!
11:56 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila Thank you Dietmar my Gestalt inspiration
15:56 Ho’okipa-Lisa Lessons learned…after 3 years, we just did a Barnacle Buster back flush on our main Cummins engine. Boy it was filthy with barnacles and whatnot!!! We last did the flush in Marina Del Rey, California 3 years ago. We learned that in warmer waters, we should back flush the engine annually or every 1000 hours. Thank goodness we didn’t break down at sea!!! Lesson learned…
18:11 YO-D-YO Mary Sounds like we missed a great time. YO-D-YO is in Turtle Bay!
18:14 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce It was good. We missed you. Glad you made it to Turtle Bay. Did you overnight along the way or go nonstop?

Sat, 10/30/2021
10:15 Captain Dietmar can you drop a location pin and take a picture of the Anchorage please ?
12:58 Captain Dietmar if you have your burgee please take pictures with it and let us know where you are
13:11 TranquiloMike [Photo]
13:11 TranquiloMike Here are in San Diego waiting for the haha to take off on Monday.
13:29 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley [Photo]
13:30 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley Orion and crew in Mexico City, on the way to Chiapas.
13:47 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce [Photo]
13:48 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Docked at Chula Vista Marina.
13:54 WIND DRIFT - Blair and Jodi Sitting in Barra waiting for ours to show up
16:37 Last Arrow Vincent [Photo]
16:37 Last Arrow Vincent Just finishing off the last of the annual maintenance in La Paz, Barra bound !
16:48 Last Arrow Vincent [Photo]
16:48 Last Arrow Vincent uno mas
16:50 Road Less Traveled Still have a couple more weeks of refit in LaPaz before heading south
18:04 Ho’okipa-Lisa Wonderful Patrick!!! Are you heading south?
18:06 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley Nope… Heading North.
18:06 PP SV avant I have heard drinking margaritas makes them arrive sooner. YMMV.
18:06 Ho’okipa-Lisa I got a jug of Canadian Maple Syrup!!! Do you have any good recipes?
18:08 Remedy-Karl 1 part maple syrup, 4 parts whiskey. Candied bacon garnish.
18:10 PP SV avant 2 parts maple syrup 2 parts Canadian (rye) whiskey 1/2 part low salt soy sauce. Brush on bbq ribs.
18:11 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Good grief. Now you are making me hungry!
19:37 Papasierra - Keith 1 part maple syrup, 4 parts bourbon. Keep the syrup on board for bartering with Canadians, drink the bourbon.
19:48 Captain Dietmar the burgees have arrived at the marina . pls ask in the office
20:03 Captain Dietmar anyone in San diego still ?
I got some 5 micron water filters which arrived late !
20:05 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce We’re here until mid-November.
23:05 Captain Dietmar thank you very very much !

Sun, 10/31/2021
06:25 WIND DRIFT - Blair and Jodi It must’ve worked!! Burgees are here!
08:22 Second Set -Chip Hello Panama Posse fleet! We are Chip and Kristina on the catamaran "Second Set." This is our first Panama Posse rally. Our homeport is Eugene, Oregon, USA. Currently, we are in Shelter Bay Marina, Colon, Panama. Our plans are to sail the San Blas islands, then through the canal after the new year, and north up to Mexico on the Pacific side. We hope to meet many of you on our journey.
09:13 Sea Bella Kathy [Photo]
09:14 Sea Bella Kathy Leaving Ensenada for the Haha tomorrow 9am!
09:30 walt knot right Safe journey and have fun
09:40 PP SV avant Glad I could help. :D
10:22 Ho’okipa-Lisa Ahoy and welcome!! Please track your position on Predict Wind so we can cross paths:)
10:40 🦜Knot Right/Jeariene Hopefully you can stop by Vista Mar Marina to see Knot Right after you cross the Canal. Panamá has some scenic country.
10:41 Ho’okipa-Lisa Jeariene, what are your thoughts about Boca Chica as an achorage for 2-4 days?
10:41 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce 👍
10:43 Medea-Darryl Interested to hear more about your planned route up to Mexico
Planning to do that myself next year
10:48 walt knot right Chucky, Jeariene and I haven't traversed the canal yet, so no personal info. But others in this group have said nothing but good things (other than excessive rain during the rainy season which is soon to end).
15:47 Captain Dietmar REMINDER WEEKLY PANAMA 🇵🇦 POSSE LINE call tomorrow morning Monday 15:30 UTC for ATLANTIC / CARIBBEAN and 16:00 UTC for the PACIFIC
16:42 OCEAN DREAM III -KB Group voice call started.
16:43 OCEAN DREAM III -KB Group call ended.
18:32 Captain Dietmar Please check your inbox and make sure you got your fleet update
here is a direct link

19:28 LUMOS - Jeremiah Hey Chip. We are also in Shelter Bay, we just arrived today. Perhaps you saw us trick or treating down the docks with out two boys 😁 Would love to meet!
20:48 Road Less Traveled Those Howler Monkeys are extra creepy on Halloween 😂

Mon, 11/1/2021
08:03 YO-D-YO Dave [null] Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=24.774021,-112.258172&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
08:03 YO-D-YO Dave We are anchored in Bahia Santa Maria for a couple days. A little bit of sailing, but mostly motoring or motor sailing to get here. Very quiet,, and only a few boats in our neighborhood
08:05 BAJA FOG You’re ahead of the HaHa fleet!
08:06 Green Flash [ShelterBay Marina] Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=9.369785,-79.950847&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
08:09 TAKU Bob & Etta [Playa Santo Domingo] Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=26.868396,-111.845196&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
08:09 Second Set -Chip Hi Jeremiah, we are in slip charlie 12. Second Set a leopard 45 cat. Come on by and say hi, when this rain dies down.
08:10 YO-D-YO Dave Cell service: 4g in BSM. 2g in Turtle Bay.
08:15 walt knot right [Annandale Community Park] 4030 Hummer Rd Annandale, VA 22003 United States : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=38.836818,-77.211135&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
08:17 walt knot right Jeariene and I are in Virginia celebrating my Granddaughter's 2nd birthday today. We will be on the call later
08:37 Captain Dietmar PANAMA 🇵🇦 POSSE LINE starts in an hour at 15:30 UTC for the ATLANTIC / CARIBBEAN and at 16:00 UTC for the PACIFIC
08:47 TOKETEE Dar Diane Kimberly [Ventura at Boca Raton] 2301 S Ocean Blvd Boca Raton FL 33432 USA Boca Raton, FL 33432 United States : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=26.327535,-80.075937&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:08 PP SV avant @Green Flash , how was your transit?
09:14 Green Flash It was very good, but had to spend the night on Lake Gatun. Toasted cheese would not work for 5 meals for the line handlers or they would have mutinied!!! Joan had to get creative in the galley.
09:21 YO-D-YO Dave You could almost hear the hangovers being cured from way down here!
09:28 Captain Dietmar Group voice call started.
09:54 PP SV avant Lightning density ‘pilot charts’ can be viewed at https://panamaposse.com/lightning-density

Any feedback?
09:55 Salacia / Peter Leaving the call as we have Baja haha nets this morning!
10:01 🥥🦜PathfinderJPNicole [Moon Valley Park] 502 W Coral Gables Dr (at 7th Ave) Phoenix, AZ United States : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=33.627853,-112.078542&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
10:03 PP SV avant https://vesselvanguard.com/. Maintenance program mentioned on this am’s call by @Last Arrow Vincent
10:04 WIND DRIFT - Blair and Jodi [null] Unnamed Road, Jalisco, Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=19.195048,-104.682579&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
10:10 BAJA FOG First one in Barra
10:10 BAJA FOG [Photo]
10:14 ☸️SV Enjoy-Don/Nina Shelter Bay - I will be running an opencpn seminar Thursday from 4pm. Please try and load opencpn on your device before the session. I'll have copies of charts for Pacific mostly, so you don't need to download then ahead of time. It's around 50gb, so make sure you've got room on your computer, or a large thumb drive. If you have an Android phone as well, bring that too.
10:17 YO-D-YO Mary [Photo]
10:17 YO-D-YO Mary Non stop. There were 3 of us so we did 3 hours on 6 off. It worked well. We had a buddy boat to follow as well.
10:17 YO-D-YO Mary This is the anchorage at Bahia Santa Maria. Swimming and snorkeling on the agenda today.
10:19 PP SV avant Careful you don’t peak early. You need to save energy for sundowners.
10:22 YO-D-YO Mary Definitely!
10:22 SVBoundless [null] Carr Escénica, Lomas de Palmira, 23010 La Paz, B.C.S., Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=24.182642,-110.302998&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
10:22 Dreamer [null] Butner Street 30, Fort Sherman, Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=9.368800,-79.951411&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
10:23 Last Arrow Vincent [Marina Cortez] Márquez de León 2415 (esq. Topete) 23060 La Paz, Baja California Sur Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=24.155903,-110.324385&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
10:24 SV Early Bird- Peter [ShelterBay Marina] Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=9.369786,-79.950848&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
10:24 Medea-Darryl [I'm On A Boat] Colombia : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=10.415862,-75.547659&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
10:28 Mira - Glenn [null] calle 26a # 1b- 36, Santa Marta, Magdalena, Colombia : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=11.242240,-74.218238&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
10:29 Road Less Traveled If No More Games is out there, give me a shout…. Jeff
10:31 ,☠️Delta Swizzler [null] 8QM3+XG4, Bocas del Toro Province, Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=9.335050,-82.245947&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
10:32 🦜Knot Right/Jeariene Group call ended.
10:45 Second Set -Chip [Shelter Bay Marina] Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=9.368382,-79.951435&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
11:05 BAJA FOG [Photo]
11:06 Sea Bella Kathy [Photo]
11:06 BAJA FOG First one in Barra on Baja Fog
11:08 BAJA FOG [Photo]
11:08 BAJA FOG Barra
11:09 BAJA FOG Baja Fog got to unbox them!
11:12 No More Games - Bob I’m here
11:12 Road Less Traveled Hi Bob, Jeff here
11:13 No More Games - Bob Hola
11:15 No More Games - Bob Hola
11:22 Road Less Traveled Doing refitvin LaPaz, in Marina del Palmar on the hard and moving to Marina Costa Baja in a week or so. Plan to head to PV around the 18th, then headed to Panama
11:26 No More Games - Bob Our boat is in Costa Baja now. We will come down on the 9th and hope to cross in the week following
Hope to get to PV and then go to Barra in December
11:27 No More Games - Bob Was hoping to buddy boat across to PV but we are a MV so cruising speed has been an issue finding a buddy
11:37 AKIA Judy SV AKIA finally crossed into Mexico this morning. Will be in Encenada for ~ 2 weeks.
11:39 SVAKIA-Rick Sorry! We were out of cell phone coverage this morning for the group call. We are just past Rosario heading to Marina Coral in Ensenada. Should arrive around 4pm.
11:43 PP SV avant Ensenada has the best fish tacos in Mexico. Enjoy!
11:44 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Is that a gestalt statement? 😁
18:13 PP SV avant Bald-faced declaratory opinion, albeit formed from our personal experience and years of dedicated research.
18:37 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce LOLROTF! 😁 Great answer.
20:36 AKIA Judy Thanks Rob, we will definately find some.
20:37 AKIA Judy [Hotel Coral y Marina] Carretera Tijuana-Ensenada Km.103 #3421, Zona Playitas 22860 Ensenada, Baja California Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=31.865242,-116.662270&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
20:46 WIND DRIFT - Blair and Jodi [Photo]
20:46 WIND DRIFT - Blair and Jodi [Photo]
20:47 WIND DRIFT - Blair and Jodi Barra de Navidad
20:49 BAJA FOG We beat ya, ours went up during the morning line call… Baja Fog F dock
22:25 Captain Dietmar yeah
22:39 WIND DRIFT - Blair and Jodi You must’ve been in such a hurry you put your flag and burgee up on the wrong side. Good to have you guys back, I’ll stop by and say hello tomorrow afternoon
Wind Drift D dock

Tue, 11/2/2021
10:38 DreamCatcher Henri Can you recommend a good local insurance for my Hunter 44. I am a Belgian resident sailing under Belgian Flag.
10:40 DreamCatcher Henri in carribean and Central America
10:40 Dreamer @DreamCatcher Henri are you in Mexico and want just liability? If so, any Novamar? Agent can help you. Just google the one nearest your port, or I’m sure your marina will have a contact.
12:44 Captain Dietmar anyone in barra who is going to the Hawaii store in the next 2 weeks ?
14:31 S/V Satori - Benj. Hello all! We’re SV Satori lying at anchor in San Carlos. We’ll be crossing the Gulf of California mid-November and working down BCS to Los Muertos and crossing to PV shortly before the New Year. Interested in meeting those of you we can along the way. Benj. Sheila and Bodhi.
15:31 REEF DANCER Debbie [Nanny Cay] Tortola British Virgin Islands : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=18.397130,-64.635555&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
15:41 REEF DANCER Debbie Reefdancer finally arrived in BVI today! Word to the wise, this is the first port that has taken bringing a pet in seriously. They require a special blood test for rabies that can only be analyzed in Kansas i think. Results take 30 days. We had all documentation for Duffy’s rabies shots but they still require the blood test. So plan ahead if you are coming here with a pet! We were able to get some “special “ dispensation from the government vet for a $280 fee. So there you go - always a way around 😫
16:14 ,☠️Delta Swizzler We use Susan Waters
Susan@marineinsurance.cc ,( yes cc, not .com)
Phone number is +1 (443) 569-3700
16:17 Medea-Darryl Has anyone on here heard of or used Edward Williams insurance ?
Initial quote is very favourable
16:23 Unknown [Mogo Mogo] Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=8.631588,-79.037133&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
16:45 Tulum5- Michele/Chad [puerto escondido] Puerto Escondido, Baja California Sur Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=25.814095,-111.311101&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
16:55 DreamCatcher Henri No liability is not a problem for me, I am not going to Mexico. What I would like is to insure *MY* boat itself. I am actually in Canary Islands, but have difficulties to insure a sailing yacht by european insurance company for Central America. They adviced me to go local. I will go to Grenada, St Vincent, Colombia, Panama, Guatemala (not Mexico) and am looking for a local insurance company, ready to insure a "foreign" boat.
16:57 Dreamer @DreamCatcher Henri good luck, I feel your pain on Insurance, very hard to come by nowadays, impossible for me and crossing the pacific
16:57 DreamCatcher Henri Pls read : No, liability is .....
17:00 Dreamer @Medea-Darryl Edward Williams is a scam insurance broker who has a scam insurance underwriter. They take your money and never pay. The UK address is a PO Box with no one there, and UK has issued a warning against the company and tells everyone not to purchase insurance from them, not worth the paper it’s written on. If your USA flagged, try gowrie group, jackline insurance for blue water, I think they are only ones left.
17:01 Ho’okipa-Lisa well said young man, well said!
17:01 DreamCatcher Henri Unfortunately I am no american but Belgian.
17:01 Dreamer @Ho’okipa-Longshadow lol, I wish I was a young man 🤣
17:03 Dreamer @DreamCatcher Henri correct, that why I wished you luck and didn’t recommend jackline.
17:04 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila Susan Waters treated us well, can recommend her unreservedly. After a great deal of moaning, wailing and gnashing of teeth, we ultimately purchased a liability only policy from Concept Security through Jim Oberg, Douglas K Smith Insurance in San Diego. Very thorough and professional.
17:05 DreamCatcher Henri Liability only is not a problem for me. It´s the own risk which is a pb.
17:08 LUMOS - Jeremiah I had good luck finding a policy through TopSail Insurance. Global Yacht Cover is the underwriter. They covered me for Colombia, Central America, and Mexico. Also will cover South Pacific I believe.
17:10 LUMOS - Jeremiah Laura Clothier was the agent out of the UK that sold me the Policy.

Phone. + 44 (0) 1273 573 727

Email. laurac@topsailinsurance.com

Website. www.topsailinsurance.com
17:10 LUMOS - Jeremiah We are a USCG flagged boat
17:12 DreamCatcher Henri Tks Laura, I will check on that
17:32 Medea-Darryl Thanks for the heads up
The quote seemed a bit too good
19:43 Captain Dietmar yeah free duffy !! how was the passage?
20:10 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky Think - how fun it would be to make up some “FREE DUFFY” t-shirts for the kickoff😱

Wed, 11/3/2021
07:44 PP SV avant A post on the ‘southbound group’ this morning had this nugget:

“Over the last year we have noticed that some Mexican ATM's now display a new option page when withdrawing pesos.

The page displays the amount of pesos you requested, shows a conversion rate, and asks if you are willing to accept it. You can select "No", and not accept the conversion. You will still receive your pesos at a much better rate than what that page displays.

It appears to be a new intermediate step by the bank that owns the ATM to get you to agree to an exchange rate that is worse than the current daily market rate. Simply decline the conversion and the machine will still disburse your pesos at the more favorable rate offered by your US/Canadian insitiution.”

Apparently this is Santander ATMs, perhaps others. YMMV.
09:23 Captain Dietmar also on HSBC ATMS
13:02 Captain Dietmar Uploaded into panamaposse.com/charts
Dominican Republic mbtiles
US and British Virgin Islands mbtiles
Puerto Rico mbtiles
Florida Keys mbtiles
use posse2021 to access
15:33 Papasierra - Keith I can confirm that this is true in San Carlos at the local CiBanco. An old sailor who has lived here 20 years told me about it. I never would have guessed. I don't remember for sure but I seemed to remember with 5,000 pesos, or 250 US dollars, the difference was about 15 bucks
16:33 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila Does anyone know how to overlay satellite images and charts in OpenCPN? Or perhaps I mean vice versa
16:52 PP SV avant I have never been able to get that to work well. I switch between chart groups - one group for ‘charts’ one for ‘satellite charts’ the colour tabs at the bottom let you choose which chart is displayed.
16:55 Alamos Agreed, I spent last year in La Paz. (Now in Panama) Half the banks Atms would offer a conversion rate hoping to get you to except their conversion rates instead of your banks better option...adds up 😁👍
16:56 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila Thanks Rob, yes, I've organized my charts into groups, and can toggle between then no problem...I just wasn't clear in how to overlay that data into a single screen. Toggle it is.

Thu, 11/4/2021
07:13 SV Chimera @🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce TG mmmmmmm
08:22 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce ? Not sure I understand.
09:17 RED ROVER-Alison Good morning from the shipyard at La Cruz! I am wondering if anyone knows if/what the customs restrictions for frozen meat and cheese might be for El Salvador, Costa Rica and Panama? Planning a trip to Costco since we are in Banderas Bay and I want to be sure I am not over-shopping! Gracias! I am seeing conflicting information online so thought I would see if anyone who has visited these countries could reflect on their experience. Much appreciated.
09:20 PP SV avant When we went through, we were not checked for anything, anywhere.

Pro tip: Make sure the rum locker is stocked, liquors are cheaper in Mexico than any point south. Beer is similar in price throughout Central America, so that can be procured locally.
09:22 RED ROVER-Alison Thanks Rob! Appreciate the pro tip too! The liquor cabinet was another concern...🤣
09:25 Dreamer @Red Rover Mexico checked for alcohol, Roatan, San Andres, and panama didn’t check at all, just had the hand out for $$$ 😂. I would bring whatever you want, including alcohol, just have it out of site just in case. Though i didn’t find alcohol expensive, but canned goods and good steaks sure were.
09:40 Remedy-Karl We travel with 50 gallons or so of liquor and lots of wine. Narry a problem anywhere. Only the Galapagos cared at all about anything in the freezer and we had eaten it all by then.
09:50 Alamos Columbia has lifted the PCR requirement for entry for now...
09:52 RED ROVER-Alison Thanks everyone!! Really appreciate it. :)
11:16 SVAKIA-Rick [null] De La Villa 10, Villa Cortez, 22860 Ensenada, B.C., Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=31.862079,-116.661745&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
11:26 ,☠️Delta Swizzler We stocked up at Costco as well. Besides Rum, if you have a certain tequila you like, bring it with you. Tequila is hard to come by further South. Also, better wine selection at Costco. Stock up.
11:28 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila Whats the availability of boubon south of the border? (Sorry, we'll never be respectable pirates; we don't drink rum)
11:30 Remedy-Karl We've seen some bourbon in Panama, but not the high send stuff. We haven't looked in Mexico.
11:31 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila Sounds like a "stock up" recommendation
11:32 Remedy-Karl It's why we carry so much! Probably 6-8 gallons of Makers Mark, plus some bottles of sippin' whiskey.
12:06 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila A man after my own heart
12:07 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila Maker's Mark is wonderful, we also like Woodford Reserve, and in homage to the old country, a little Jameson's never goes amiss
12:07 Dreamer @Remedy-Karl now everyone will be looking for Remedy at port and anchor 🤣
12:13 🦜🍹Kyrie Lots of Scotch available in Mexico. Some burbon, but very lacking in variety there.
12:13 Remedy-Karl Come on by! We share.
12:14 Remedy-Karl At least the Makers! 😆
12:16 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila Drop a location pin 🤣🤣
12:17 Remedy-Karl Hopefully in the water in two weeks
12:18 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila Its probably a blasphemy, but I've heard that people drink on the hard, too
12:18 Remedy-Karl True. But that's usually gin. 😄
12:20 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila Tragic really
12:51 RED ROVER-Alison Ha! Ok, Costco liquor is on the list. We drove up to the US from Loreto this summer and brought back six half gallons of Woodford Reserve. But I am afraid the supply is depleting faster than one would think. Happy to share with fellow Posse members who find us in an anchorage or marina! Note - we have been in Mexico for 2 years. Finding good bourbon is a challenge!
12:51 Dreamer @Remedy-Karl my boat is in shelter bay panama, I’m planning on heading back in Jan, where are you?
13:00 Remedy-Karl Currently Puerto Peñasco. How to head to San Carlos shortly.
13:01 PP SV avant Evaporation in tropical climates is frequently underestimated.
13:03 Dreamer @Remedy-Karl nice, if you make it to panama before we leave let’s say hi 👍, but i am planning to dive cost rica before heading west
13:05 Remedy-Karl You got it, @Dreamer ! Our plans were totally scuttled last year so this year it's weeks ahead at best.
14:08 Captain Dietmar https://panamaposse.com/provisioning

all the big stores along the route

14:39 LUMOS - Jeremiah @🦜panamaposseDietmar is there an index of all the different pages within the website like /provisioning, /charts, /open-cpn...or a member login that lets you browse through all that's offered there?
14:45 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila Haha I've asked El Jefe that question, but he plays his cards very close to the vest...explore the site yourself, he says 😆 hysterical
16:20 Captain Dietmar there is a search box ...
16:21 Captain Dietmar there is also a long list under MORE
16:52 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Ah, that would be no fun. 😁 I like mysteries.
17:32 Ho’okipa-Lisa Easy my friend...easy... Our Commander works his tail off and he does a fantasic job. Nuff said.
18:05 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila No criticism intended or implied...his response just tickled my funny bone - besides everything else and all his hard work, he's a genuinely funny guy. Hats off to Dietmar
18:17 PP SV avant November 5th is ‘tsunami awareness day’. Celebrate by subscribing to tsunami warnings at this link.

18:24 Aegis, Mary/Ian Just a heads up. someone in Guaymas hacked into my Line Account today.
22:05 YO-D-YO Dave [Puerto Los Cabos] Paseo de Los Pescadores 23400 San José del Cabo, Baja California Sur Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=23.062121,-109.676131&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
22:05 YO-D-YO Dave We are definitely not in America anymore.

Fri, 11/5/2021
20:40 Captain Dietmar @ChangeUp how was your passage ?

Sat, 11/6/2021
07:30 ChangeUp @🦜panamaposseDietmar

Thanks for asking. We had an outstanding trip on SV ChangeUp from Virginia to Bahamas. The kids saw bigger seas than they’d seen before, but they did great and even helped with shifts. We reeled in 5 mahi, too!
08:49 Captain Dietmar congrats please email us a 📸 of the Mahi Mahi as your first entry into the biggest fish caught entry
11:48 🥥🦜PathfinderJPNicole [Photo]
11:48 🥥🦜PathfinderJPNicole Did you get your Burgee?! We did! Soon to be with Pathfinder!
12:36 ☸️SV Enjoy-Don/Nina For those that don't know it, on a desktop, you can display two opencpn images side by side. Make one a chart and the other a satellite. Each uses the chart groups and can be controlled independently. Setting is under options/display/general and is canvas layout.
12:46 PP SV avant I did try that, but found the side by side images were getting smallish (I use a smaller notebook) and I went back to toggling. YMMV.
13:23 ,☠️Delta Swizzler [Photo]
13:23 ,☠️Delta Swizzler Before I forget. I need to post this for Most Unwanted Visitor in board. Open our door to go down the stairs. Darn near stepped on this Boa. 😆
15:05 REEF DANCER Jerry Reef dancer left aruba. Straight to bvi decent weather ran about 73 hours. Here tonight in the night next to Willie ts
15:05 REEF DANCER Jerry [Photo]
17:05 ChangeUp [Photo]
17:06 ChangeUp [Photo]
17:06 Alamos Nice!👍
17:06 ChangeUp That’s last Sunday in the Gulf Stream off Cape Hatteras!
17:15 Dreamer @ChangeUp @ChangeUp wow, almost as big as your kids, nice catch 👍, BTW, cute kids
17:28 Hope - Patrick Great catch!
18:11 Ho’okipa-Lisa Selene!!!
18:16 Ho’okipa-Lisa I have to say since we closed the last season of Panama Posse, it seems like it’s been a nonstop effort about maintenance and what not…
And now, we kick off the new 21/22 season of the Panama Posse, I’m so ready to run my yacht into the wind, challenger her engineering, and party like a rockstar…responsibly of course.
Looking forward to seeing all the Posse friends in Barra at the kickoff and making new friends along the way. God Bless our Commander Dietmar!!! Music cue....

18:29 walt knot right Last time I was at Willie Ts was 2007. I'm glad to hear that it is still there.
19:12 No More Games - Bob No more games getting started
19:13 No More Games - Bob [Photo]
19:59 Captain Dietmar I am not your commander but
a fellow watersoul
20:14 Captain Dietmar [Photo]
20:14 Captain Dietmar last supper in the USA 🇺🇸
20:16 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce 👍 Great to see both of you this evening. Safe travels.
20:21 Captain Dietmar thank you !!!

Sun, 11/7/2021
07:17 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley @Rob Murray @🦜panamaposseDietmar Please remind me again of the battery tech in La Paz… I’m hoping he can get me some new batteries down here in Chiapas. Seems my AGM house batteries will not hold a charge. I need to replace them here before heading out across the Tehauntepec.
07:20 PP SV avant We got new batteries via jorge Servin at Servin yacht services in PV (paradise village marina). He runs a truck to San Diego about once a month. Most local casa de batterias can order many types of batteries you need on pretty quick delivery times, but they often don’t know that and you have to get them to do the research. ;)
07:34 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley Thanks @Rob Murray . I’ll check with Casa de Batteries in Tapachula. I went by there yesterday, and unfortunately, they tried to sell me the wrong type of batteries. Seems they don’t deal much with AGM’s.
07:41 PP SV avant LTH is a big supplier in Mexico. They make many sizes of AGMs. There are others as well. If you use a browser like chrome, it will translate the website.

Usually they don’t deal in AGMs and don’t really know they can get them, and try to sell what you know. Tell them you’re a crazy American (loco americano) and want to buy these really expensive ones they can get for you. It’s hard to get lifelines or other ‘American brands’.

Most of the batteries sold in the USA are made in Mexico.

07:44 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley Ok… thanks. Rolf at the Marina Chiapas has given me the local LTH distributor info. I’ll give them a call.
07:54 🦜🍹Kyrie Another option if he has some in stock would be Rich Boren with his lithiums. We have a pair on Kyrie and they are fantastic!
07:55 🦜🍹Kyrie You would need someone to carry them soith for you though.. hard to ship.
07:57 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley Is Rich Boren in La Paz? I was considering upgrading to Lithium’s in La Paz, but don’t think these batteries will get me there (from Chiapas).
08:00 🦜🍹Kyrie Yep. La Paz Cruisers supply. If you can find someone who can carry them soith for you (very possible this time of year) he is happy to drop them off with another cruiser for you.
08:05 ,☠️Delta Swizzler We bought our Lithiums directly from China. We had them shipped into Manzanillo. But, it was a two month process. It was worth it though. We paid 1/3 the regular price ordering direct from the supplier.
08:41 Sauvage - Ali Hola! Does anyone have a recommendation for 316 stainless stern arch builder in Panama or Costa Rica (or even the Caribbean)? (I tried to search for a similar topic and didn’t see anything, but not sure if I did that right.) We realize 316 is not usually available outside of US but thought we’d try.
08:51 Alamos Walt-knotright, is that 316 on yours here in Panama?
09:53 walt knot right Yes it suppose to be. I'm not an expert, so I don't know how to verify. Jesus said it was
09:58 Sauvage - Ali 😅 Where was yours done? You are happy with it?
11:32 Captain Dietmar @Sauvage - Ali under
https://panamaposse.com/panama there is a 63 page resource guide avail
11:35 Dreamer Linton bay panama used 316 on my boat when i had my bowsprit done. Let me know if you want the shops number. Don’t know if he can get it in tubing, but I’m sure if you give him enough advance notice he can.
11:36 Dreamer @Sauvage - Ali ☝️
12:05 Sauvage - Ali Will check it out! (And the Panama Posse page @🦜panamaposseDietmar sent.) Thanks!
12:32 ☸️SV Enjoy-Don/Nina He's been doing a good bit of solar platforms at linton, so may we'll have tubing around.
13:01 walt knot right It was done in my slip in Vista Mar Marina. Jesus (who does not speak English but got very good with translate apps) did the work. His brother in law is Jose who is at the Vista Mar pool 2 or 3 times a week doing the exercise class. He speaks English better than me sometimes. So if I had a great deal to communicate, he would be my translator. Jesus did a huge project for me, a smaller one for Toketee. The price was VERY reasonable and I am VERY happy with the work.
16:24 Dreamer [Photo]
16:25 Dreamer If anyone wants a backup chart plotter for opencpn, sale starts the 15th of Nov. I have one and will pick up a spare, it works.
18:15 Hope - Patrick Great price
18:32 CAPRICORN CAT - Sue Hanging at Telecote beach while getting some work done on the engine in La Paz
18:40 Papasierra - Keith Hola Posse. My 24 year old son is meeting me in Puerto Vallarta in a few weeks and he wants to charter a fishing boat and catch a marlin. His words, "I know they can't guarantee anything but I want to put ourselves in the best possible position". Anyone have recommendations for an awesome charter boat in PV. (Note: I'm flying down from San Carlos and won't be there in my boat until January, so charter is our only option.)
20:39 Captain Dietmar Chris on Seaglub and myself chartered a panga with an Italian friend who took us out to a spot about 50 nm out west called el Banco passed Islas marietas on a 29 ft covered panga with mediocre results near 20 57 n 106 09 w timing is everything so look for the local fishing charters for best season tide lunar position and blue water quality

21:13 Captain Dietmar yeah

Mon, 11/8/2021
08:01 360 - Deb Does anyone have a link to information regarding registering your vaccination for Columbia? We are headed there next and read that they will be requiring electronic vaccination proof for restaurants, bars, etc
08:18 PP SV avant “If you got vaccinated in Colombia, in theory, you can download an electronic copy of your vaccination certificate from Mi Vacuna. Though it’s worth saying we couldn’t make it work.

If you got vaccinated abroad, there’s not yet any information about what proof will be accepted. But things will probably become clearer in the coming weeks.”

08:38 PP SV avant The site to register non Colombian vaccinations is:


It’s unclear to me how this will work for foreigners, but likely it will be more functional in a week.
08:43 🥥Angelque Of Van Mik Have limited cel service what time is the call
08:46 PP SV avant In 0h 45m Caribbean, 1h 15 pacific.
09:06 Captain Dietmar WEEKLY PANAMA 🇵🇦 POSSE CALL starts in 25 minutes for the Atlantic and Caribbean and 55 minutes for the PACIFIC
09:24 Captain Dietmar Group voice call started.
09:34 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce The current call is for Atlantic and Caribbean boat only?
09:35 PP SV avant First 30 min Caribbean, pacific starts on the hour.
09:35 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Got it. Thanks!
09:37 ChangeUp [Abaco Beach Resort And Marina] Abaco Bahamas : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=26.545746,-77.046931&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:38 Tulum5- Michele/Chad [null] Puerto Pichilingue, Baja California Sur, Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=25.815658,-111.312182&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:39 ,☠️Delta Swizzler [null] Macca Hill Loma Espino, Bocas del Toro Province, Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=9.335219,-82.246772&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:46 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley [null] Marina Chiapas Ln, 30830 Chis., Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=14.698803,-92.391771&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:47 PP SV avant [Photo]
09:48 PP SV avant Traffic lineups at USA / Canada border this am.
09:52 🦜Ramble On Rose-Roz [Marina El Cid] Av. Camaron Sabado 82110 Mazatlán, Sinaloa Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=23.268115,-106.463565&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
10:00 🥥Angelque Of Van Mik [null] Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=26.021245,-111.163768&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
10:12 LUMOS - Jeremiah [Linton Bay] Colón Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=9.611660,-79.586934&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
10:17 LUMOS - Jeremiah Can't join call, cell service is bad here in Linton Bay. Cell service in Panama is the worst we've seen so far in the Caribbean!
10:18 PP SV avant On the Atlantic/ Caribbean side it sucks. On the pacific side it’s much better, particularly near Panama City.
10:22 🦜🍹Kyrie Group call ended.
10:25 Dreamer @LUMOS - Jeremiah yeah, it’s horrible. I bought a wifi router that takes the Sim chip, TIGO, got a month of unlimited data for $40, i think the device was $60? Well worth it if you going to stay in panama a while. Worked even in San Blas for us.
10:26 PP SV avant What device did you get?
10:27 LUMOS - Jeremiah Cool, thanks! We have Google Fi which works intermittently, and I bought a Tigo Sim for a third iphone, it has has worse signal than our Google phones 🤷🏼‍♂️
10:28 Dreamer @Rob Murray i don’t know lol, is was a small black box, maybe 2 by 3 inches? Let me look and see if i can find a photo. We needed it because there is three of us that wanted data 😂
10:29 Dreamer @LUMOS - Jeremiah oh if tigo sim is not working the hotspot won’t help you 😂
10:31 LUMOS - Jeremiah @Dreamer did you buy that device in Panama?
10:33 Dreamer @LUMOS - Jeremiah yes, at that hug market/center where Shelter bay bus takes you, I’m trying to see if I took a pic of the device. I’m not on my boat now.
10:40 Dreamer [Photo]
10:40 Dreamer Sorry can’t find pic, but it looks a lot like this
10:42 LUMOS - Jeremiah Thanks
10:50 SMALL WORLD III -Karen & Darren Group voice call started.
10:50 SMALL WORLD III -Karen & Darren Group call ended.
10:50 SMALL WORLD III -Karen & Darren Group voice call started.
10:50 SMALL WORLD III -Karen & Darren Group call ended.
10:53 Alamos [null] Manzana 130901 9-229, San Carlos, Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=8.474691,-79.951811&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
10:59 AKIA Judy Is there a line call this morning?
11:01 Dreamer @AKIA Judy yes, was an hour ago, 8am pacific
11:01 AKIA Judy Well shoot! We missed it then.
11:01 Dreamer This time change I almost missed it 😂
11:02 AKIA Judy What was todays topic if you dont mind us asking.
11:04 CAPRICORN CAT - Sue Anyone know if I can get dingy chaps made in Barra de Navidad? Doesn’t seem likely here in La Paz.
11:04 AKIA Judy [Hotel Coral y Marina] Carretera Tijuana-Ensenada Km.103 #3421, Zona Playitas 22860 Ensenada, Baja California Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=31.865242,-116.662270&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
11:04 Dreamer @AKIA Judy just the normal meet and greet, weather, a lot of bad weather off western coast of Mexico, and papagaya? Winds on Atlantic. Was pretty short call, maybe 30 minutes. Oh and bahaha in full force heading south.
11:05 AKIA Judy Thank you Dreamer, appreciate the info.
11:05 AKIA Judy We've been watching the Bahaha on Marine Traffic. Wow!
11:06 nicole maison de sante @CAPRICORN CAT - Sue Vincente does chaps and other canvas work in barra. Ask the net there for his number.
11:06 Dreamer I’ve always wanted to do the bahaha, but my boats always at the wrong place
11:06 Road Less Traveled Group voice call started.
11:08 CAPRICORN CAT - Sue Thanks for the info!
11:09 BAJA FOG Hey Sue, Baja Fog, did you make it to La Paz?
11:10 CAPRICORN CAT - Sue Yes!
11:10 INDEPENDENCE - Richard Group call ended.
11:12 BAJA FOG I’ve got a message to No More Games, there on their way to their boat and I think it’s in Costa Baja, right by La Paz Cruisers Supply, I’m waiting for info from Rich about if my battery is ready, how long are you in LP?
11:13 Road Less Traveled Good stainless arch maker in LaPaz. Just made mine
11:13 Road Less Traveled Group voice call started.
11:14 CAPRICORN CAT - Sue Several more days. I left a VM with Rich Boren when we arrived. Hadn’t heard back. Shall I connect with him to pickup your battery?
11:15 Road Less Traveled Group call ended.
11:16 BAJA FOG He told me it came in, I’m just bugging him for the invoice and info if it’s ready… should know today. Did you have a question about canvas work?
11:16 CAPRICORN CAT - Sue May be here another 10 + days. Keep me posted on your battery status. Glad to bring it to Barra
11:16 Road Less Traveled Group voice call started.
11:17 Road Less Traveled Group call ended.
11:17 BAJA FOG Group voice call started.
11:17 INDEPENDENCE - Richard Sorry, missed the call this morning due to time changes. Update on vista mar trailer is that it is back in service and they have hauled or launched 4 boats!!
11:17 CAPRICORN CAT - Sue Looks like I have a contact in Barra, not finding anyone here in La Paz
11:19 BAJA FOG We had a full cover made for our sink, it came out great, plus I’ve seen 2 other sets of chaps, pretty nice
11:20 BAJA FOG Dingy not sink lol
11:25 CAPRICORN CAT - Sue John, in Barra? Who did you use?
11:25 Road Less Traveled Group call ended.
11:26 CAPRICORN CAT - Sue Group voice call started.
11:26 CAPRICORN CAT - Sue Group call ended.
11:30 WIND DRIFT - Blair and Jodi Vincent was a no show for a few of us here all summer. Doesn’t seem like he wants to do boats anymore. I would stop in banderas to get the chaps made
11:35 Road Less Traveled Group voice call started.
11:35 nicole maison de sante @CAPRICORN CAT - Sue , Hector does canvas work in La Paz. +52 612 100 8790
11:36 Road Less Traveled Group call ended.
11:52 walt knot right Did they add safety chains on the trailer and tractor?
13:30 NAVIGATOR - Dave Hello all. Anybody have a good experience getting an inflatable repairs done in Puerto Vallarta??
13:32 BAJA FOG Vincent, I’ll keep an eye out for him, he’s a little tough to get ahold of, doing lots of canvas repairs since the hurricane came thru here and ripped stuff up.
13:33 BAJA FOG That was for sue, canvas
16:37 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky [null] Camino de la playa, Costa Rica : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=8.690640,-83.665641&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
17:22 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky Coasts Rican coast guard boarding Sergey Brin’s mega yacht Dragonfly here in Bahia Drake 😱
17:22 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky [Photo]
17:40 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky Bahia Drake, Costa Rica - Any info on who and how to contact a guide to take us to the ranger station and into the Corcovado National Park?
18:19 TAKU Bob & Etta Last December we did a tour with Angie. +506 8368 9927 their picked us up at the boat. Had a great time. About a half hour boat ride.
18:19 TAKU Bob & Etta Ride to the park.
18:20 PP SV avant We dealt with/through a guy named Miguel and another named Alonso who worked at the dive centre close to the beach. They set us up for a snorkeling trip and a land tour. They worked at osa divers. It’s a pretty small community and everyone is in the tourism business, best to ask around.
18:46 Captain Dietmar IN THE LATEST FLEET UPDATE

*PANAMA POSSE “PORT SAFETY” courtesy of Safe Esteem*

If you rent a car be certain to remove the Rental Car frame around
the license plate to avoid corrupt local officials from stopping you
over others and thieves which look for rental cars to break into.

Park close to the entrance of the supermarket where there is a lot of foot traffic.

LOCK YOUR CAR and if you can keep an eye on your car.

With taxis always pre-negotiate the total fee in the local currency. Use Uber/Lyft if available.

Ask for the drivers name and text the license plate to yourself or your buddy boat.

Carry ID (copy of passport) with you at all times.

If you get stopped by traffic police ask for the ticket !

Do not pay a bribe. YOU are training them !

Corrupt cops will do everything possible to delay you in order to get their bribe – so tell them you are not in a hurry and
plan on staying months in the area with a local gringo. DO not tell
them that you are trying to catch a flight or late for it – stay calm
and act with no worry and no hurry.

Simply keep asking for the ticket – do not pay anything on the spot.

If they ask for your passport let them know that it is with the Marina Office and that you request their official ID for verification and to please call the Marina office. Show them your photocopy.

Always Write down the official’s name,
station, telephone number and address of the station and location –
(have the official write it down for you so you have proof)

If you are on the road or walking in a busy area and you think / feel, you are being followed make 3 left turns – if the car or person is still behind you – you are not paranoid- you are being followed !

Make your way as quickly as possible to a 4 or 5 star resort –
think Marriott, Sheraton, Hilton and got to the front desk and ask to
speak with the chief security officer and inform them of you being

Do not visit the capitals, presidential palaces or universities – especially when there are protests planned.

going through locations with security (e.g. transportation, large
events), it is safest to move through security versus remaining outside a
venue or remain in public areas.

Where possible, use public transportation at off-peak times and be efficient; do not linger in terminals or boarding areas longer than necessary.

If someone tell you that you have some stain or liquid on your shirt turn away from them immediately – they are pick pocketing you – go towards a wall and face outward fending of anyone coming near you.

18:47 TAKU Bob & Etta [Photo]
18:49 TAKU Bob & Etta
Sunset Santo Domingo, Bahia Conception
18:49 Captain Dietmar @🦜🍹 Taku beautiful
19:12 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky Copy!!! Thank you
19:14 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky Thank you!!

Tue, 11/9/2021
09:53 Captain Dietmar @Anduril welcome back
19:27 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley We’ve got 2 of 3 house battery replacements from Casa de Batterias in Tapachula. The 3rd will be shipped to Barre de Navidad. We’ll depart Marina Chiapas for points North, in the morning.
19:28 Captain Dietmar congrats !

Wed, 11/10/2021
06:22 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky Look at you all “MacGyver”!!! Good job Patrick
06:33 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley LOL… It was either that, or miss this weather window to cross the Gulf of Tehuantapec. I like Chiapas and all, but it’s time to move on!
08:14 PP SV avant Glad the battery problem worked out. Fair winds!
08:22 Medea-Darryl Does anyone know if there is a La Paz cruisers Facebook or WhatsApp group?
Thank you
08:33 ,☠️Delta Swizzler Yes, you can look up Sea of Cortez Sailors, Loco La Paz ex Pats ir just do a search on the top of your home page for La Paz. I have found a FB page for almost every town we have stopped in
08:34 ,☠️Delta Swizzler [Photo]
08:35 ,☠️Delta Swizzler Getting ready to out up our burgee. Thought I would get a picture of all of our together.
08:51 🦜🍹Kyrie @Medea-Darryl search Facebook for Club Cruceros. They're the local one..
08:53 ,☠️Delta Swizzler We have been gone do long I forgot about the Clubs website. It has 20 pages of important phone numbers for all cruisers
08:54 Medea-Darryl Thank you very much
09:06 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce I had some cockpit cushions made by C Cushions and the were cut wrong. They were great about owning the problem and will be fabricating new ones for me. Unfortunately they won’t be ready to ship until after we leave San Diego, and C Cushions said they have been having difficulty shipping internationally. Any ideas on how to get 3 cushions delivered to Barra in December? Or is anyone traveling south from the States that could transport them down? Thanks.
09:08 PP SV avant We have had best luck with DHL for shipping to Mexico. Good luck!
09:09 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Thanks. I’ll let them know.
10:26 walt knot right I'm going to direct message you. We might be able to help
10:34 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Ok. Thanks.
11:03 brian I suspect it’s been discussed before but does anyone have any info/details on costs and logistics of buying larger ticket items (paint, AC unit, and refrigerator) in the US and have them shipped to a marina in Mexico? Along with that, a good marina to do the bottom job. (45 tons 9 ft draft)

Or is it best to but the paint thru a distributor in Mexico ?
14:19 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky @DreamCatcher Henri , @Dreamer - may I ask you two captains what you ended up with for insurance? Please reply ASAP
14:23 Dreamer @Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky I’m currently self insuring but i have a inquiry in with laura at topsail as recommended. It’s been over a week and nothing so I’m assuming they are not interested. I’ve tried everyone including numerous brokers, but seems no one is interested.
14:27 RED ROVER-Alison Laura moved to another position. Try Lewis Parker - lewis@topsailinsurance.com I found that I had to pester a bit at first.
14:53 Dreamer @Red Rover well, that would explain it 😂
14:55 RED ROVER-Alison She is still at Topsail (well she was this past spring) but I bugged her and she sent me to Lewis who I then also needed to bug. Good luck!
15:04 RED ROVER-Alison We have used Carlos at Deko Marine in San Diego to deliver items to us in Mexico. He brought us eight 8D batteries (a long and sad story) as an example. Carlos is reasonable and reliable. We used him quite a bit over the last year when we were in the Sea. We are hauled at the moment in La Cruz (Banderas Bay) and have been very pleased with the yard and Peter Vargas' team. We brought our paint from the US so I can't comment on the price difference as we wanted a very specific paint that we understand is challenging and expensive to come by here. We are approx 70 tons, 18 foot beam, 6.5 foot draft. No problems hauling us.
15:20 brian Fantastic just the info I needed. I will reach out to him.
15:21 Captain Dietmar do you have carlos' contact info ?
15:21 brian No. Was going to look on the web unless you have it handy ?
15:22 RED ROVER-Alison Yes uno momento!
15:23 RED ROVER-Alison [Photo]
15:23 brian Thanks
15:24 Aegis, Mary/Ian Deko is great, but mainly for the Baja side. For big ticket items you can also use an agent to run it through your TIPS. Juan Arias in Banderas Bay is good for that. You need to price out both options.
15:25 brian Ok will do
15:36 CAPRICORN CAT - Sue I bot bottom paint in La Paz at Comex. Comex.com.mx. I am told that one can buy longer lasting less environmentally friendly paint in Mexico. We used Abaroa marine yard.com. For haul out and painting. You may have more options if you have a monohull.
15:39 CAPRICORN CAT - Sue Also had AC installed in La Paz by Hector Refrigeration
15:40 Dreamer @CAPRICORN CAT - Sue omg, heading south, living without AC is torture. But some places charge a lot for electricity
15:45 Last Arrow Vincent Talking about AC Check out these 12 volt power smart systems https://mabrustore.com Has anyone have any experience with them ? The power usage and performance numbers look really good.
16:15 🦜🍹Kyrie Is anyone leaving La Paz headed to Barra that is willing to carry a water maker membrane for me?
16:40 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky Drake’s Bay and Isla Cano
16:40 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky [Photo]
19:08 Last Arrow Vincent I’m in La Paz until 14 th will be in Barra Dec 1 all going well. Thanks m at the Marina Cortez marina. If Hector is supplying your membrane he know me and where my boat is. Let me know how O can help
19:10 Last Arrow Vincent I’m in La Paz Marina Cortés until November 14 th plan on being in Barra Dec 1st all going well Let me know if you want to get the WM membrane to me.
19:18 🦜🍹Kyrie @Last Arrow Vincent thanks, PM'd you.

Thu, 11/11/2021

06:59 Captain Dietmar One WAY flights to Mexico
took some explaining . I may consider buying or reserving a fully refundable flight back next time to avoid check in delays
07:05 VitesseCatherine We just did a visa run to Costa Rica via Caribe Shuttle here from Bocas del Toro to Puerto Viejo. Upon return to Panama they required a ticket showing we were leaving Panama even though we had our cruising paperwork. We bought a one way refundable ticket on Priceline and canceled as soon as we got done. Easier than the hassle of trying to explain and they were not going to let us in otherwise.
07:21 Hope - Patrick [Photo]
07:22 Hope - Patrick Toketee in the background and us sv Hope at anchor in Isla Pedro Gonzales, Las Perlas -Panama
07:24 Hope - Patrick [Photo]
07:25 Hope - Patrick Mahi to add the the nice sailing day yesterday with 12-20 much of the day on the beam.
07:30 Road Less Traveled I have 3 good 8D batteries in La Paz available. Switched to lithium.
10:26 PP SV avant https://safetyandsecuritynet.org/incident-2704-2/

10:31 Ho’okipa-Lisa We also tried flying into Costa Rica with a one way ticket. Wasn’t possible. Had to buy return ticket at airport and cancel later. N.B. be sure return ticket is for 90 days later the max allowed as Costa Rica stamps your passport and number of days allowed in country based on date of your return flight back to the states or wherever. We didn’t do that and had a lot of explaining to do to get them to give us the 90 visa.
10:39 PP SV avant We have had good luck using some of the free fake ticket generators on the internet to make fake return tickets. You can Google for them, they change all the time. Apparently using an alternate airline to your inbound flight is a good idea, it’s harder for them to check the ticket. YMMV.
10:41 Dreamer Just FYI, i just booked tickets back to Panama on United in Jan, prices are unbelievably cheap. We got business class for only $350. If you thinking about booking, check it out. I’m hoping it wasn’t a glitch and my tickets gets cancelled 😂.
10:49 ,☠️Delta Swizzler I believe we bought phony tickets through bestonwardtickets.com
10:49 Ho’okipa-Lisa They will sell you a one way ticket on line but when you’re at the airport they tell you Costa Rica won’t let you fly in without a return flight. It was no problem buying a refundable one way return flight and cancel later just wish we had know BEFORE we arrive to check in.
11:08 walt knot right When I flew into Panama earlier in the year, I was able to find a business class round trip for about $850, which at the time was about twice as much as coach but I needed 140 lbs of luggage. So I would have paid about $350 for 3 fifty pound bags. But business allows 2 free 70 pound bags. It was a no brainer. Plus free food and drinks. Also, I knew I was going to travel back to the US, so I did buy a round trip, six months out. Also made it easy when they stamped my passport.
11:10 Dreamer @🦜Knot Right, SV/Walt yes Walt, since I’m taking the boat out, i bought a cheap refundable ticket for the proof of round trip. I was just expecting 1 to 2 thousand was all, so I’m like heck yeah 😂.
11:20 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky Thank you. Please keep me posted as we are dealing with the annual insurance shenanigans with Spheric aka Novamar
11:22 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky Henri, may I ask what you ended up doing for your insurance…please reply
11:38 Dreamer @Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky laura at topsail just got back to me, they gave me a fair underwriting quote, but I’m asking some clarification questions now. I’ll go with them if they will issue the policy.
11:39 Dreamer @Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky premium is a little over 2% of the insured value with huge named storm deductible, 20% but i can live with that, most companies won’t even cover named storms anyway.
11:41 ,☠️Delta Swizzler For coverage where ? On the insurance

11:41 Dreamer @,☠️Delta Swizzler this will cover me from panama to Australia
11:41 ,☠️Delta Swizzler Wow good for you
11:46 Dreamer @LUMOS - Jeremiah thanks for the heads up on topsail, working for us hopefully
12:00 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky Thanks for letting us know!
12:01 Captain Dietmar just got confirmation of a 10% off discount at oasis marina fernandina harbour in Florida plus 5c off fuel
this was pullas teeth but at least we got a deal
15:45 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky David, every year it seems the insurance biz changes and moves the goal post to their advantage, not ours!!! We’ve experienced so much last minute shenanigans that tips the scales to higher premiums, less coverage and more loopholes. In fact, it feels like going to war.
Anyhoo, we’ve made a list of last minute bear traps that have come up in the last 4 years. Should we post them on the open forum or take it private between us?
16:49 Captain Dietmar [Terminal 1] Aeropuerto Internacional de la Ciudad de México 15620 Venustiano Carranza, Mexico City Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=19.435514,-99.082539&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
18:12 Dreamer @Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky i think everyone here would benefit from your experience, post here, if they don’t want to read, they can simply scroll by. But i think insurance is on a lot of people’s minds.

Fri, 11/12/2021
00:10 Captain Dietmar [null] Marina Chiapas Ln, 30830 Chis., Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=14.698633,-92.392758&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
00:10 Captain Dietmar finally onboard Carinthia
hi honey I'm home
07:08 Ho’okipa-Lisa Hurray!! How is she?
07:17 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley [null] C. Pedro Sainz de Barranda 240, 70902 Oax., Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=15.664707,-96.493859&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
07:17 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley 45 Hour transit, Chiapas Marina to Puerto Angel. Anchored in 35’ of water, with sand.
07:18 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley [Photo]
07:58 SVBoundless @🦜🍹Kyrie Randy on Restless Soul is heading over here in a week. If we had seen this before our crossing we would have.
08:10 SVBoundless SVBOUNDLESS is pleased to be back on the pacific mainland of Mexico. Great crossing from BCS. In Banderas Bay for a week then start on our way south.
09:02 PP SV avant https://safetyandsecuritynet.org/cssn-news-november-7-2021-cruisers-harassed-in-panama/
09:07 Dreamer @Rob Murray secondset was boarded at anchor also, stole some Jerry cans i think but fled when the owners woke up. I think they were anchored off Bocas ddl Toro, Chip from Secondset can give more details, he’s part of the posse.
09:09 PP SV avant Please report incidents to the cssn. Ask secondset to do so!
09:32 DreamCatcher Henri @Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky
09:36 DreamCatcher Henri [Sticker]
09:37 DreamCatcher Henri @Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky We will settle with ¨Preuss¨ a German insurance broker. Because the insured zones are wide enough for us (something like Atlantic lat 40N and lat40S. Also price is correct. If you contact them please recommend you from me DreamCatcher .... who knows, maybe I´ll get an extra smile or so
11:23 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky Well done Captain
11:25 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky Thank you Henri. What was the percentage of the hull value the agreed to?
11:28 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley 👍
11:34 DreamCatcher Henri I don´understand the question. My boat is insured at purchased value. I had to prove the value and that´s all. I have a 4000€ own risk.If you want my annual insurance premium compared to the insured value, it is less than 2%.
16:16 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky Less than 2% is great Henri
16:16 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky [null] Costa Rica : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=8.542723,-83.294893&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
17:08 Last Arrow Vincent Just thought I would put it out there. I just got a new Achilles HB-240AL Aluminum Hull Inflatable (RIB) 7' 10", Hypalon, 2022 and with a 6hp more it gets up on plane with one person. I’m wanting a small tender(already have a 15 ft) that can get up on plane with two people. I’ll going to see what it’s like with 9.9 hp if that doesn’t work I would like to sell off this tender. If anyone could be interested let me know.
17:09 Last Arrow Vincent [Photo]
17:17 SVBoundless [Paradise Village Marina Residence Hotel Puerto Vallarta] Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=20.692116,-105.294130&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
17:21 Dreamer @Last Arrow Vincent where is it, i know early bird would be interested
19:20 Tulum5- Michele/Chad @SVBoundless
19:42 Katmandu - Terry [Photo]
19:43 Katmandu - Terry Anyone in Paridise marine Nuevo Vallerta have experience setting up Telcel me casa .
20:03 Epsilon-Bill Heading south from San Diego Saturday morning. Our maiden voyage to Ensenada on our Island Packet SP Cruiser-Motorsailer. Any tips on staying at the marina? Anything we should be aware of?

20:04 Epsilon-Bill Marina Coral that is.
20:04 Medea-Darryl For those using Windy here in Colombia and the Caribbean which model are you using GFS or ECMWF?
20:19 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky Telcel ripped us off when our contract was up, they automatically renewed it without our consent and billed our credit card.
20:21 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky We should have gone to the Telcel office when we left Mexico and terminated the contract
21:40 IBEX - Florian Arrived in Bonaire, after two truly amazing weeks on Los Roques (Venezuela). Formalities took us 2-3 hours, all very friendly and helpful people on Grand Roque. The rest was mere bliss on the many beautiful islands, endless sand beaches, reefs, snorkelling, relaxed sailing etc etc and we had it basically to ourselves - but no connectivity, hence we missed the Line calls 😀
21:40 IBEX - Florian Harbour Village Marina
+599 717 7419
21:42 IBEX - Florian Dropped pin
22:27 Captain Dietmar congratulations

Sat, 11/13/2021
01:15 Last Arrow Vincent @Dreamer I’m in La Paz be in San Jose Cabo 16 th La Cruz 23rd Barra 1st the tender is on my boat deck
02:55 Dreamer @Last Arrow Vincent ah ok, probably won’t work, he’s in Panama
08:45 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky That is impressive. Very impressive!!
09:08 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley [Photo]
09:10 nicole maison de sante [Costa Baja] Carr. a Pichilingue 23000 La Paz, Baja California Sur Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=24.217791,-110.301026&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:13 SVBoundless @Tulum5 - Chad where are you at ?
09:32 Ho’okipa-Lisa David,
Gestalt, Gestalt, Gestalt…Here’s are some of my thoughts:
1. A refund of a % of the policy if there are no claims
2. Zero surcharge if paid by credit card
3. 5 year or less Survey industry standard and acceptable
4. We are full time live-aboard and don’t require a full time pre-approved named caretaker
5. Boat resume and ownership years pre-approved and acceptable
6. Policy warrants and covers yacht inside hurricane zone w/o additional premium or higher deductible
7. Spare Parts covered as part of hull value
8. Want a 1 year policy with automatic renewals for an additional 2 terms
9. Annual Premium is not Fully Earned and prorated for any cancellation.
10. Policy covers any/all Panama Posse routes and sponsoring marinas.
11. Our designated 3rd party Captain is named and pre-approved in an emergency
12. Disputes and claims adjudicated in USA courts (not Mexico!!!)

Also, I’m tracking these players as the key for our needs:
• Peter Ricks – Novamar/Spheric
• Gowrie. Markle & Jackline are same - Cindi Ray broker
• Concepts Special Risks – Diane Meyers @ Brown & Brown
• Marine Insurance – Susan Waters
• Top Sail UK – Laura Clothier
• Concept Security in San Diego – Jim Oberg, Doug Smith Insurance
• Edwards Williams - scam

09:49 Captain Dietmar ORION IS NOT IN DISTRESS
from Patrick -
"Just got pulled over by the Mexican Coast Guard. They said they received a call from the USCG that they received an SOS from Orion. As far as I know, we never sent it.

I assume somehow that my Iridium Go inadvertently activated the SOS?

Any idea who we can call at Iridium or USCG to try and see what happened?

We’re currently a couple hours North of Huatulco. Going to get some fuel and hang out at the Chahue Marina for the weekend.

Patrick McWherter"

09:51 LUMOS - Jeremiah Sure thing! Happy to help!
09:56 PP SV avant If it was your iridium go, it would contact GEOS with the sos. See this page towards the bottom. https://help.predictwind.com/en/articles/2884486-how-to-make-phone-calls-send-sms-messages-and-sos-with-the-iridium-go

09:58 PP SV avant You should check any EPIRB s or PLB s as well, in case one of those ‘went off’.
09:58 Alamos Na, nice place. Couple extra spring lines maybe. Gets a little surge inside👍
10:05 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley Hmmm…. I just installed a new SIM Card two weeks ago, and hadn’t activated the GEOS SOS feature yet. So it most likely wasn’t from my Iridium Go. I have an EPIRB, and it hasn’t been activated. I’m baffled about where it may have come from…
10:10 PP SV avant You can look up JRCCs (joint rescue cooperation centers) here, then try the Mexican one and the west coast USA one (alameda) to ask.

10:16 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley Thanks…. I’ll look them up once we get to Chahue in a couple hours. The local Coast Gaurd said they would contact the USCG with verification that we were all ok.
10:22 PP SV avant Check cell phones too. If someone pocket dialed 911 it might have reached the Mexican rescue centre. ;)
10:25 Aegis, Mary/Ian Is anyone going back up to Banderas Bay after the Posse events in Barra? We have had to cancel our run down to Barra, so we are hoping someone can pick up our burgee.
12:08 Dreamer @Orion i read that when batteries run low on epirbs, they sometimes goes off, but on your iridium go, it should have what you did and when you did it. Also, we’re you behind schedule? Did a family member call the USCG to keep a eye out for you??
12:59 Dreamer @Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky I’ll respond only to what i can, i sent you the disclosures in a private IM, I’ll respond here so other can see if they are interested.
1, paper work says premium is 90% earned, so I’m assuming there is no refunds, even if you sell the boat.
2, credit card surcharge is 2%, pretty normal outside USA
3, didn’t ask me for a survey
4, no mention
5,assumed so since it was on application they approved
6named and number stormed deductibles goes to 20% instead of 3500
7. No mention
8, renewal is year on year
9, 90% earned, don’t expect a refund
10each country and island is listed, any deviation i need to call and add
11, none mentioned
12,courts England and Wales

I can live with all mentioned, as i stated, this is the first non scam company that has actually agreed to underwrite a policy for me. I did a check of the parent company and reinsurer, they are huge, wrote 5 billion is policies, parent is Munich TE reinsurer and owner of Great Lakes insurance.
15:49 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky David, you’re so sharp!!!
16:07 IBEX - Florian Last time I checked with Preuss (~3 months ago) Preuss did not insure for named storms. Other than that, Preuss comes with a high reputation, one of the largest boat insurers in Germany. We are Austrians, Austria registered boat, live on Germany, boat is insured with Firmenich, quite similar to Preuss, bit smaller but they insure named storms, hurricanes with specific T&Cs. From a European perspective we are always astonished big time about the challenges to get a yacht insured m the US …
16:39 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky Agreed! Florian, the devil is in the details. Hopefully if we share information in this forum, we will benefit!!!
16:51 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley It’s not likely my Iridium Go, as the SIM Card isn’t registered for SOS yet. It may be the EPIRB, as it’s 4 years old. But I did a self test on the unit and that passed.
17:26 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky Costa Rica, Puerto Jimenez - a nice stop
17:26 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky [Photo]
17:26 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky [Photo]
17:26 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky [Photo]
17:26 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky [Photo]
17:28 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky [Photo]
17:29 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky [Photo]
17:29 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky [Photo]
17:35 Tulum5- Michele/Chad Does anyone have info/recommendations for getting chain galvanized in Panama?
18:14 Dreamer @Orion I’m
Sure the USCG can tell you what the received
18:15 Dreamer @Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky thanks, but i don’t think so 😂

Sun, 11/14/2021
05:52 Alamos I’ve got a contact in the city I’ll check with next week👍
08:08 Midnight B Richard I am looking for a new Hypalon-Alu tender, but around 9' (we are in Vista Mar Panama). I too would like it to get on the plane with two people, so interested to hear the results of your experiment
08:27 Midnight B Richard Happy to hear any recommendations for suppliers of such a tender, either based in Panama, or who will ship to Panama
08:33 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley I contacted the JRCC in Alameda this morning. They told me there was a US registered EPIRB signal received from the Huatulco area yesterday, but confirmed it wasn’t mine.

Thanks everybody for the assistance.
08:44 PP SV avant 141426Z NOV 21
NAVAREA IV 1032/21(28).
CHART 28210.
ISLA CONTOY LIGHT 21-32.49N 086-48.29W UNLIT.
08:58 Tulum5- Michele/Chad @Alamos thanks, appreciate it-
09:34 WildhoodDirk Those look decent...they don't show up on Amazon when I search Abus window bars...and more of a detailed name? Thanks....
09:37 WildhoodDirk Also, we are looking at leaving Ecuador shortly and making our way back to Panama and then North...we think...and recommended sea of Cortez guide books?
10:15 RED ROVER Kevin [Photo]
10:16 RED ROVER Kevin There are a few other books out there but this is the best one by far. You can also download their waypoints to your chartplotter... a big help!
10:53 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley [Photo]
10:55 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley Santa Cruz Harbor, Huatulco. As far as I know, this is the only operational fuel dock between Chiapas and Acapulco. Very Surgy. Be prepared with lots of fenders as you’ll be bouncing off the concrete wall.
11:28 Ho’okipa-Lisa Yes, we shredded one of our lines at that fuel dock! But the good news is they have thousands of gallons a day going through there for all the big fishing ships and the fuel is super clean:)
11:28 walt knot right Is the fuel dock in Marina Chahue not operating anymore? Of course if they haven't been dredging then only shallow draft can get in there.
11:29 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley The fuel dock at Chahue Marina has been out since last May. Not sure when it be working again.
11:29 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley 👍
11:30 walt knot right 😫
11:32 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley Although, we did get an offer from a local to haul some fuel via jerry cans. But this was after we topped off at Santa Cruz.
11:35 Dreamer Except for Mexico, our diesel fills have all been Jerry cans, and we hold 212 gallons, I remember San Andres we did three runs with 7 cans each time.
11:52 ,☠️Delta Swizzler We topped off in Chiapas. It was very convenient.
13:03 Remedy-Karl They have a new version that's only been out a couple weeks.
15:19 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley Additional information on the EPIRB Activated in the Huatulco area yesterday… the EPIRB was registered in the US, but the registration data was incomplete. I.E. No boat name or boat registration number tied to it. The activation was only seen once, and hasn’t repeated. I have the EPIRB Registration number if that would help…
15:43 RED ROVER Kevin Thanks for mentioning it... I forgot to!
16:16 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Does anyone need a couple of immersion suits? We have two to get rid of.
16:33 Ho’okipa-Lisa This was posted last season...is this info still good for entry from Cosa Rica to Panama @ Boca Chica?

"Carlos is the go-to guy here in Boca Chica. He has a dock, boat ramp, and a few moorings. He can also coordinate the officials from Pedregal. Carlos is a get things done kind of guy and as ethical as the day is long! His cell/whatsapp # is+507 6600-6191

Our rowing dinghy can’t handle the current through the channel, so Carlos picked us up just before 8am and brought us to his place where the officials were waiting.

There were four officials. Port Captain (Moises), Health inspector, Customs, and Immigration.

The fees totaled $167 because it was a festival holiday. Non-holiday would be about $30 less.
The cruising permit is $185..." Walt? Rob? David? Others?

16:37 Dreamer @Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky can’t help you there. I used the panama agent recommended by the posse at shelter bay. He did everything for us including the cruising permit for $50, the cruising permit was $185. It was all disclosed in his email to me when i contacted him. Very professional and i can’t wait to use him to cross the canal.
17:09 walt knot right Chucky, I can't help here. When I came in (3 years ago) I went up the west entrance of the river to Pedregal. The port captain was going to fine us for not letting him know we were coming. Also I wouldn't suggest it if you draw 6.5 or more.
19:19 PP SV avant Haven’t heard anything changed, but it’s been pretty quiet. Carlos runs the marina there (owner / operator, family business) so I think he’s pretty established.
19:27 Katmandu - Terry Good evening all. I know it is kind if late to ask but Is there anyone in San Diego that can pick up and bring down a new 20 HP 15 inch outboard engine either to Nuevo Vallerta or better Barra de Navida where we are heading for the PP meet up?
19:41 Katmandu - Terry I will make it worth your time an effort whoever can bring it down.
19:46 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila Hi Terry, I'm still in SD, planning to cut lines this week. I'm happy to help, we have plenty of room, but there are two issues: (1) we don't have a vehicle. We're tied up at Driscoll Boat Works on Shelter Island Drive. (2) It is unlikely that we'll make the Barra event, we'll probably arrive a few days later. But we're going to try.
or online at
20:59 PP SV avant Changes in Mexican FMM Visa possible.

21:25 Salacia / Peter Does anyone have information on slips or particularly anchoring in San Jose Del Cabo? We’re not getting any response from the marina with the holiday. Thanks for any advice!
21:48 Last Arrow Vincent We are in route there tomorrow from La Paz, we booked 5 months ago, we asked if we could change our dates to arrive a couple days later and leave a couple days later, they said impossible as the marine is fully booked and are now taking reservations with deposits for next year ! Not sure about the anchorage space.
22:40 Epsilon-Bill Hi we’re Bill and Cheryl aboard Epsilon. We’ve had her for less than a year most of the time has been fixing her up and now we’re ready for some adventuring. We just sailed into Ensenada from San Diego. We’re at Marina Corral. We’d love to hear from anyone nearby or sailing the pacific coast southward. We’re excited to join the group
22:43 Epsilon-Bill [Hotel Coral y Marina] Carretera Tijuana-Ensenada Km.103 #3421, Zona Playitas 22860 Ensenada, Baja California Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=31.865243,-116.662270&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
22:45 Dreamer @Epsilon-Bill welcome, boy i think we all know the feeling of boat work lol. Can’t help you on your trip down, we can the opposite direction, just wanted to say congrats and wish you a smooth voyage. If you make it to panama before we leave in Fed or March, look for SV Dreamer and say hello.
22:47 Epsilon-Bill Well thank you. So you’re aiming for March?
22:48 Dreamer I have flight booked back to Panama at the end of Jan, it’s all a matter of if i can get my boat ready to set sail. It’s going to be a long trip across the pacific so I have to make sure all systems and backups are go.
22:50 Epsilon-Bill Best of luck hope all goes smoothly for you. We understand the need for back up system LOL
22:51 Dreamer @Epsilon-Bill the stories i could tell 😂
22:53 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce We are planning to leave San Diego this Wednesday evening so might catch up to you on the way toward Barra de Navidad. How long will you be in Ensenada?
22:55 Epsilon-Bill As it stands, because of the holidays-looks like we will be here until January 15th.
22:58 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Ah, that’s quite a spell. We are only planning to be there overnight.
23:01 Salacia / Peter Wow! A few boats on the haha went a few days ago, with confirmed reservations, and ended up in the anchorage. I’m really hoping to find out if anyone has information about the anchorage, because there’s nothing listed in the website.

Mon, 11/15/2021
05:08 Captain Dietmar the Anchorage info is in good Nautical plenty of room bit swelly and noisy
20 nm further is san José del cabo with another marina
08:02 ,☠️Delta Swizzler We spent several weeks going from Costa Rica to Panama. We didn't check in until we got to Panama City. We used Eric he was very efficient.
08:13 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila Hi Bill and Cheryl, we are leaving SD in a few days as well. Our plans are to get the the Canal around mid-January . Would love to meet up.
08:39 Salacia / Peter Specifically wondering about anchorage in San Jose Del Cabo. We’re anchored in Cabo San Lucas now.
08:40 BAJA FOG Group voice call started.
08:41 BAJA FOG Group call ended.
08:46 Captain Dietmar Weekly Panamá Posse line call starts in 55 minutes for the CARIBBEAN and ATLANTIC and at 16:00 UTC FOR THE PACIFIC

08:53 WildhoodDirk Great, thanks...that's the one I was looking at.
08:54 Alamos If your stopping by Vista Mar in Panama, I have several for you to choose from👍
09:01 WildhoodDirk We will be in Vista Mar the middle of December....or at least that's the plan.
09:03 PP SV avant There is a shelf off the river to the west of San Jose del Cabo where you can anchor. It tends to be very uncomfortable as the swell and wind rarely align, but the holding is ok. Friends who have used it took to the marina the next morning.
09:03 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley Underway from Chahue Marina to Alcapulco. Will likely miss this morning’s call.
09:04 Salacia / Peter Ok, thanks. Hoping to find something a bit more sheltered. Apparently no slips available in Cabo San Lucas or San Jose Del Cabo for love or money.
09:12 DreamCatcher Henri Group voice call started.
09:12 Tulum5- Michele/Chad [null] Puerto Pichilingue, Baja California Sur, Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=25.815566,-111.312287&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:16 Captain Dietmar @DreamCatcher Henri please close the call out so I can intiate
09:20 Alamos 👍
09:21 ,☠️Delta Swizzler [null] 8QM3+XG4, Bocas del Toro Province, Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=9.334834,-82.245970&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:36 Green Flash [Corazon De Jesus] Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=9.445254,-78.583995&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:42 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila [Americas Cup Harbor] San Diego, CA 92106 United States : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=32.718811,-117.223089&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:49 🦜Ramble On Rose-Roz [Location]
09:54 Gargoyle [null] Drake Bay, Costa Rica : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=8.694710,-83.666092&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
10:00 DreamCatcher Henri How do you send location ?
10:00 🥥🦜PathfinderJPNicole [null] 1600-1898 Bardale Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90731, USA : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=33.760392,-118.300196&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
10:01 PP SV avant Click ‘+’ to left of chat entry box, select location, and you’re done.
10:02 Salacia / Peter [null] Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=22.890629,-109.896486&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
10:03 IBEX - Florian [Harbour Village Beach Club Resort Bonaire] KAYA GOBERNADOR N DEBROT 71 Bonaire Bonaire : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=12.163865,-68.286186&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
10:13 DreamCatcher Henri @Rob Murray Probably not "plussing" the right spot
10:30 Salacia / Peter Can anyone recommend a good marina in La Paz? Considering Marina de La Paz, but would love to hear experiences.
10:31 🦜🍹Kyrie Marina La Paz is excellent, bit everything is full.
10:33 Last Arrow Vincent @Epsilon-Bill We are just leaving Marina Cortez, we loved it, nice views of La Paz two restaurants at the marina, short walk to many good restaurants. Try out Olivia for Italian. Oh and the wife liked the shopping LOL
10:34 NAVIGATOR - Dave My first choice is marina Palmira for various reasons. However, I didn’t need to use the grimy showers and I have a bike so the distance from town was a plus rather than a minus.
10:35 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila General question to the fleet: does anyone have recent experience transiting the Windward Passage between Cuba and Haiti?
10:44 IBEX - Florian Question to crews in Panama/the Panama experienced: When sailing from Santa Marta Colombia , what’s the best location for landfall in Panama, in two scenarios:
1) if we would just want to go for the Canal - I assume this would just be Shelter Bay then?
2) If we would want to sail a bit in the San Blas and then go for the Canal? I assume this is more tricky, have heard it is currently not possible to clear in in San Blas (?)
10:49 CAPRICORN CAT - Sue Group call ended.
10:57 Katmandu - Terry [Paradise Marina & Yatch Club] Nuevo Vallarta (Riviera Nayarit) Jarretaderas, Nayarit Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=20.693157,-105.293770&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
11:03 PP SV avant Sailing totem had some blog posts on that (pre Covid)

11:16 SAVA - Melinda "Mel" Hello. I am Melinda from S/V Sava new to the group. Currently in Bocas del Toro, Panama
11:17 Dreamer Hi Melinda, welcome 👍
11:21 Dreamer @IBEX - Florian shelter bay is awesome. You’ll love it there. As for San Blas, when we went, no one cared, i know a lot of boats that simply enjoyed San Blas for a few days before checking in at Shelter Bay or Linton. I don’t think this is what Panama wants you to do, but if there is no way to check in??
11:27 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila Welcome S/V Sava!
11:39 SAVA - Melinda "Mel" [null] Bocas del Toro District, Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=9.301676,-82.222226&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
11:41 ,☠️Delta Swizzler SV Sava welcome, we are in the Marina at Bocas De Toro, welcome to the neighborhood, join the morning net call at 7:45 ch 68
11:41 SAVA - Brian Hi, I'm Brian from SV Sava. Happy to be part of the group. Heading towards Bocas town right now.
11:41 SAVA - Brian We tuned in the morning from Ferro Cay, but could only hear parts

11:47 SAVA - Melinda "Mel" Now we're closer, we'll tune in for sure. Thank you!
11:48 Medea-Darryl Hi Brian and Melinda
Are you heading north ?
I’m departing Wednesday
11:48 ,☠️Delta Swizzler If you are around the south anchorage,stop by The cantina at the Bocas marina, always good food and music
11:49 ,☠️Delta Swizzler We are on the long dock by the gas dock stop bye and say hi
12:02 🦜Ramble On Rose-Roz [null] Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=20.955580,-105.503090&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
12:54 Gargoyle We sailed through in May.
13:05 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila We'll be running from Jamaica north. Any observations to share? What are the prevailing winds/currents? Political instability in the two countries? Any harassment from Cuban or Haitian authorities? Boat people and other refugee issues? Thanks in advance!
13:15 Gargoyle Heading North is going to be an upwind slog but the good news is it will be a short one. There are currents through the channel so favor the Haiti side of the passage. We did not have any issues with Cuba and Haiti officials. There are cargo ships moving through regularly so wach out for them as well. We did not see any local boats at all just the smaller freighters.
13:19 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila Thank you, very helpful!
15:04 IBEX - Florian Thanks!
15:24 Ho’okipa-Lisa We had a wonderful time at Costa Baja. Fancy. But their facilities are super nice. And the Marina staff are awesome. Security is 1st rate. They have a golf course wit a great club house. 2 pools. Several first rate resturants. Fuel dock with excellent quality.... The other marinas may be closer to town, and we seen them all, but Costa Baja is primo. Actually, the best chef in La Paz is Christina and she has a resturant there and her gringo husband fishes every day for fresh caught. She's an amazing chef and her mama is the manager. Nice people and super beuatiful setting. Added plus, they are closer to the sea and you don't have to monkey getting out of the the long channel!
15:31 CAPRICORN CAT - Sue Which restaurant is hers?
15:33 CAPRICORN CAT - Sue At costa Baja?
15:33 ,☠️Delta Swizzler Agree with most of what Chucky said, but it is abit pricey and far away from town. If you can get into Marina LaPaz that is the best in town. Family run for 40plus years. Close to everything. Don’t miss what the town and cruisers in LaPaz have to offer. You can get any work done there you want at very reasonable prices, and a ton of good restaurants and shopping. Walking the Malacon is not to be missed, it is beautiful and all the families walk it. There is also a great music venues and a cruiser club, with darts league.

Part of the problem with staying out at Costa Alota is you find yourself staying there, might as well be in San Diego. Get into town and enjoy the people
15:40 Ho’okipa-Lisa Mark, agreed. We have a moto so trasporttion to town was no issue. Also, we should mention Club Crucerios? I got an email they just opened. Fun Yacht club and good place to meet
15:42 ,☠️Delta Swizzler Thanks, agree it is a beautiful resort and golf course, but it is a funky big/little city motto be missed.
17:29 Ho’okipa-Lisa copy. costa baja treated us like royality. everyone knew our name and our boat. in my opinion, the other 3 marinas are a bit run down, don’t have good water or are long in the tooth. nuff said
19:34 ,☠️Delta Swizzler Marina LaPaz has excellent drinking water with their own plant on site and managed by a guy who has build these sites for the US i
20:56 Gargoyle 👍

Tue, 11/16/2021
09:34 Ho’okipa-Lisa Peter, here’s our experiences with marina’s in LA PAZ:

COSTA BAJA – look on a chart and you’ll see they have the best access from the Sea Of Cortez. Great, clean place and Gabriel runs they place with grace and everything is clean. Nothing run down. Good fuel and amenities. $10 taxi ride into town.

PALMIRA – run down and the water is not drinkable. We could not go barefoot on the docks because they were not clean. Also, one of the larger boats has a drunk Captain that causes havic there. Cross Marina Works and Baja Cruiser Supply is there and great.

MARINA CORTEZ – it’s ok, but there’s a lot of aging boats out in the harbor that discharge their waste. We came in at low tide and there was a funky smell…and it wasn’t the great taco stand Rancho Vijeo down the road. There’s a nice marina chandlery within minutes.

MARINA LA PAZ – this place is aging and filled with many boats that I didn’t think were seaworthy. We had to wear shoes when walking the docks. The marina is next to several working yards that discharge toxic stuff in the air – we were there and seen it. The sea water tidal flow leaves a stink at low tide in our experience. Club Cruceros Yacht Club is there and worth the price of admission. The laundry lady is very reasonable.

Good luck!!!

09:49 PP SV avant I would add that during ‘northers’, Marina Cortez is very uncomfortable.
09:55 RED ROVER-Alison We have stayed at Marina Cortez multiple times. The team is great and the access to the malecon and downtown is terrific. The views of downtown are also super fun. The marina does have some movement on a windy afternoon but it did not bother us. We were last there in October and we were told that they, and all of the marinas are pretty booked for the year ahead so give a call to each of them. La Paz has been packed. You may find that availability will make the choice a simple one. :) Enjoy La Paz, the city is great fun! If you find yourself in the area in February don't miss Carnival. Incredibly fun! It has been cancelled due to COVID but maybe it will happen again this year.
09:58 Salacia / Peter Thanks for all the great tips!
10:37 bryon Macdonald Hola amigos: Bella Sirena here, we sailed Ensenada to Oaxaca in Panama Posse 2019 and then headed to Puerto Vallarta MX Feb 2020 to get through covid and hurricane seasons safely. Still here in Puerto Vallarta at Marina Vallarta. The beat goes on. Bella Sirena, A Green Cruise Ship, we try to manage her without spilling anything harmful in to the water that keeps her mast afloat.
10:43 bryon Macdonald [Photo]
10:48 bryon Macdonald That is Bella Sirena at El Faro Marina Vallarta 6pm evening Hurricane Nora skirted by us, we lucked out that time with only 35 knot winds at this well positioned Marina for foul weather. We worship the mountains to our south.
12:03 Captain Dietmar @Bella Sirena welcome back to the Panama Posse - we are happy you made it through that storm unscathed ! How did you prepare yourself and the vessel ?
12:11 bryon Macdonald 1) Monitoed several wx sources NOAA and others 2) Tied down and check anything on deck that can move including lazy ends of halyards in use etc. 3) two dock lines wherever possible and dock lines Port and STBD secured. 4) Monitor two local VHF channels and offer to help nearby vessels at marina if needed. Marina Vallarta area is the most protected and nearest to the southern mountains, this was a major factor for the wind direction of this event.
12:13 bryon Macdonald PS You might wonder why I left the covered wagon looking shade tree up at all. I had JUST spend two days the week before putting it up and adjusting it and gambled. It is welll designed and built and made it thorugh.
14:40 Ho’okipa-Lisa [Banana Bay Marina (Bahía Banano, S.A.)] Km 2, Casa Amarilla (Main Street) 192-60702 Golfito Costa Rica : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=8.622924,-83.152421&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
15:06 Ho’okipa-Lisa PS - Costa Baja has a free trasport shuttle into town every half hour. They also have a nice beach to swim and it's clean....
15:35 Sea Trial Dave O @🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce

Deco Marine Export in San Diego
19:04 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce What? I don’t understand.
19:05 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce What brand is it, or is it a custom one?
19:06 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce What brand is it, or is it a custom one?
22:46 SV Chimera [Banana Bay Marina (Bahía Banano, S.A.)] Km 2, Casa Amarilla (Main Street) 192-60702 Golfito Costa Rica : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=8.622924,-83.152421&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14

Wed, 11/17/2021
13:07 bryon Macdonald New to LINE so hope I am writing this in correct place; shade cover on Bella Sirena is custom made by SHADE TREE, vendor in Elberta Alabama that should get you what you need on google, superb craftsmanship and dureable and waterproof for nost oart,,,,
13:41 bryon Macdonald @🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce http://www.shadetreefabricshelters.com/index.htm there ya go
13:44 🦜Ramble On Rose-Roz We have a shade tree awning too! They are very nicely made. We love it
13:54 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley [Club de Yates de Acapulco] Gran Vía Tropical S/N 39390 Acapulco, Guerrero Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=16.837446,-99.906970&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
14:24 PP SV avant Pub. 125, Sailing Directions (Enroute) West Coast of South America (15th Edition 2017) has been updated to 6 November 2021.

Pub. 148, Sailing Directions (Enroute) Caribbean Sea - Volume II (17th Edition 2017) has been updated to 30 October 2021.

The updated publications can now be accessed on NGA's Maritime Safety Web site
(https://na01.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fmsi.nga.mil%2FPublications&amp;data=04%7C01%7C%7Ce7885c26c43949ca649208d9aa058035%7C84df9e7fe9f640afb435aaaaaaaaaaaa%7C1%7C0%7C637727762889820284%7CUnknown%7CTWFpbGZsb3d8eyJWIjoiMC4wLjAwMDAiLCJQIjoiV2luMzIiLCJBTiI6Ik1haWwiLCJXVCI6Mn0%3D%7C3000&amp;sdata=anYBVv4EDdBobAQ0UhT4Ia8Gb1qEWKd1o%2FsSKlghEcw%3D&amp;reserved=0 ).
16:17 HAPPY DAYS Hola, we are a family of six from Australia onboard Happy Days. We are currently in La Paz finalising our rigging before we head across to mainland Mexico. We look forward to meeting many of you and exploring this part of the world 😊
16:21 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila Welcome!
16:24 Ho’okipa-Lisa Awesome! Ask any and all questions as they are all good!!! HAPPY DAYS safe passage...the crossing is great. So peaceful. Careful of the long lines and whatnot. A stop to see the Boobie Birds is fun at Isla Maria...
16:43 Remedy-Karl Anyone know if someone in San Carlos that can do wet sanding for oxidized fiberglass?
16:55 SilhouetteL Hector Morales did a great job waxing our boat. Very conscious. You can ask for him at Marina Seca. Also Carlos Pereda who is a rigger does other boat work when he has time. You can get ahold of him on WhatsApp +52 622 101 4386. Very good rigger
17:11 Remedy-Karl 👍🏼
19:47 S/V Satori - Benj. [Photo]
19:48 S/V Satori - Benj. Isla Coronados on a blue and white feather squid.
20:33 Dreamer @S/V Satori - Benj. Wow, what a fish
20:55 S/V Satori - Benj. He was a brute. Sheila’s first Dorado. Thanks @Dreamer.
22:20 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Thank you. I was hoping it was them. I’ve heard really good things about their product. We gave them dimensions and got a quote last year, but ran out of money. :( Do they ship internationally?

Thu, 11/18/2021
08:19 Last Arrow Vincent [Photo]
08:21 Last Arrow Vincent First Marlin ever ! Cruising down from La Paz to Los Cabo’s Caught and released
08:21 Remedy-Karl Beautiful!

08:22 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila Amazing
08:23 PP SV avant “Relaxes entry restrictions to El Salvador

The General Directorate of Migration and Foreigners informs the entire Salvadoran and foreign population that, as of this day, El Salvador eliminates the sanitary requirements for entering the national territory related to the presentation of negative tests and vaccination cards in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic for travelers entering the country.”

08:24 PP SV avant That’s easy.
09:00 Ho’okipa-Lisa @Last Arrow Vincent Well done! what a catch!
09:52 Captain Dietmar thumbs up
just came across 2 yachts who left el Salvador
wild ride exits
11:20 Epsilon-Bill Looking for a recorded route from Ensenada to La Paz
12:07 Ora 2 CraigandKaren Kiaora Team Happy Days from Team Ora
14:23 Ho’okipa-Lisa [Photo]
14:27 Ho’okipa-Lisa This ship hunts illegal poachers in Costa Rica. We've met two bad ass mercinary types from Austraila and their very well train Belgian Shepherd. They're paid for by the Costa Rican government to hunt down wild life poachers and illegal gold prospectors in Corcovado National Park...
19:00 Dreamer [Photo]
19:01 Dreamer When i was in the Galapagos, a huge navy ship and two smaller ships were there making sure no one breaks the rules. They we out patrolling daily. These three were tied together that day.
19:01 Syzygy-Beth Hello everyone! Beth and @Syzygy - Sasha here. We own a Caliber 40 and are planning to take it from Georgia to San Diego this winter. We are excited to be a part of this network!
19:01 Dreamer @Syzygy-Beth wow, another Caliber owners in the posse, welcome 👍
19:02 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila So just curious...are any of the Posse left in San Diego, or should we turn out the lights when we shove off??
19:11 REEF DANCER Jerry [null]
19:12 REEF DANCER Jerry Bvi reef dancer
19:35 PP SV avant [Photo]
19:35 PP SV avant If you’re in Banderas bay, it is indeed a blast.
20:30 Syzygy-Beth Can anyone recommend cruising insurance brokers or companies that they like?
20:39 SAVA - Brian Anjo in Antigua. We moved our insurance to them and it's been good. (Although no claims) The underwriter is Massey. Big eastern Caribbean company

20:40 Syzygy-Beth Thank you!
20:48 PP SV avant 190235Z NOV 21
NAVAREA IV 1044/21(26).
ADRIFT IN VICINITY 12-58.310N 081-37.093W
AT 190030Z NOV.
2. CANCEL THIS MSG 220235Z NOV 21.
21:49 Captain Dietmar panamaposse.com/tracking

22:17 🦜Knot Right/Jeariene Knot Right & Context are going for Happy Hour Friday afternoon at Karl Strauss. Are you up for a beer?
23:22 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce [null] Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=32.413090,-117.207704&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
23:23 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce We finally cast off the dock lines! Heading south.
23:31 Epsilon-Bill We can see you on AIS (No Regrets), Epsilon, hanging out in Ensenada-Marina Coral.
23:45 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce We’re going to Cruiseport as it was recommended by a few PP people in this group.
23:49 Epsilon-Bill Sounds good! We will be heading south around mid January. Maybe we can follow your tracks.
23:50 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Certainly. And we can follow yours as well.
23:51 Epsilon-Bill Just a day layover in cruise port?
23:54 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Almost ran into some sort of floating wall or barricades floating in 100 ft of water on the de side of south Coronados Islands. No aid target or radar target. It had some lights on it and the charts showed nothing. Kind of spooky in the dark.
23:58 Epsilon-Bill This was our first trip to Mexico. We arrived at the California Yacht Marina in the dark from Long Beach. After missing our turn, we briefly went aground. Scary enough for me to avoid night passages whenever I can. Be safe.

Fri, 11/19/2021
00:03 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Totally understand. I enjoy night passages, but don’t want to go into a port at night, especially if I’ve never been there before. This is our first trip in our boat to Mexico. We’ve been doing repairs and improvements for a year at the Chula Vista Marina. Our home port is Portland, OR. We came down in late fall last year.

It was kind of interesting navigating San Diego
Bay in the dark today. Quite a few ships coming in. Nice they were on AIS, unlike most of the smaller boats that zipped by us.
00:15 Epsilon-Bill After the autopilot installation, we installed the AIS shortly thereafter. We purchased our 41’ Island Packet SP Cruiser last December (2008). After all the work we put into it the last six months, our Chartplotter and autopilot went out-the same day we were in route to join the Baja Haha. So we decided to join the Panama Posse and travel at our leisure instead. Ultimately, we want to go through the Panama Canal and sail the Caribbean.
00:28 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce We’ve been working on our 1980 Fast Passage since 2005. It’s been a very long refit , with lots of surprises along the way. We’re still not finished, but getting close.

We had plans for the Haha last year, but when it was cancelled we decided to do our sown thing. We didn’t find out about the PP until we walked over to California Yacht Marina and talked with the dock master. We immediately joined and feel it was a great decision.

We too plan to transit the canal and redo the Caribbean.
00:46 Epsilon-Bill Wow, we found out about it from the poster in the window at the office and then followed up the conversation with Andy the dock master. It sounded just right for us, lots of info and a professional organization with a wealth of knowledge shared by lots of sailers.
We actually chose the Coral Marina because there’s a daily discount for the Panama Posse here. Coupled with the safe and outstanding facilities, it’s a great deal. Use of the hotel pool, spa, shuttle to CIS for checking in-just made it so easy for us newbies 🤪.

It looks like you will be arriving around sunrise, based on your current speed on the Bridge Traffic app. Coupled with a nearly full moon and an incoming tide (high at 7:58 a.m.), you picked a great night to sail. If you have time, look us up before you leave. Hotel Coral and Marina, Dock E-slip #46. 669-255-3399
Bill & Cheryl. “Epsilon”
01:48 Epsilon-Bill Not Bridge Traffic App, Marine Traffic 🤪
01:49 Epsilon-Bill Lunar eclipse tonight!
02:05 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Yep. 12 to 4 I believe.
02:05 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce We’ll give you a shout when we get checked in. We leave in the morning as we are a day behind schedule. I know, shouldn’t have a schedule. It’s hopefully our last as we are trying to make it to Barra for the meetings and fun. After that there is no schedule!
02:13 Epsilon-Bill Sounds good! 👌
02:15 Epsilon-Bill We won’t leave until mid January, maybe 🤔 we will catch up with you somewhere along the way. Stay safe.
09:02 Epsilon-Bill Welcome to Ensenada 🇲🇽🎉
09:03 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Thanks! Kind of foggy.
09:07 Epsilon-Bill It has been, last three days
09:13 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce 👍
09:48 BEATA Billy & Ruth Hello Bella Sirena. We have a Shade Tree as well. It stayed up most of the summer while we were in Nuevo Vallarta. It is well made and withstood the storms that came through. Glad your made it through the storm too.
11:56 Captain Dietmar [null] Capitanía de Puerto Chiapas SCT, CALZADA ESCOLLERA S/N, PUERTO CHIAPAS, CHIS., C.P. 30830, Emiliano Zapata, 30830 Puerto Madero, Chiapas, Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=14.704063,-92.408006&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
11:57 Captain Dietmar check out chacha leaving sunday AM directly to Marina Papagayo
12:09 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce [null] Cruiseport Village, Bahia Ensenada, Ensenada, B.C., Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=31.856301,-116.622007&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
12:22 Epsilon-Bill 😉👍🇲🇽🙋‍♂️
12:34 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila Yay!!
12:38 bryon Macdonald bryon Macdonald added a note.
12:39 bryon Macdonald bryon Macdonald added a note.
12:52 YO-D-YO Mary @🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce glad you made it to Ensenada. Enjoy. Looking forward to seeing you soon.
12:53 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Thanks. Likewise.
14:09 Ho’okipa-Lisa YEAH!!!!
17:08 Ho’okipa-Lisa Golfito, Costa Rica – the Duty Free Zone is only 10 minutes away from the Banana Bay Marina. We were skeptical of the value of going there cuz we don’t need a refrigerator or stove. But there’s a ton of other very useful stuff like booze, electronics, pumps, brand name electric, pnumatic and hand tools, bed sheets, towels, and whatnot that made this worthwhile. We saved a boatload!!! All you need is to present a passport, then they record it electronically and all the stores have access that you have registered. Pretty easy 5 minutes registration. Tip – we went around noon and it wasn’t crowded. 2 hours later it is packed. We were sweating bullets by the time we left with a 100 lbs of merchandise, but the best thing was the lady selling ice cold coconuts to drink at the exit which gave us good hydration!
17:13 Ho’okipa-Lisa Hope you have a great crew!!!
21:27 Captain Dietmar we will see

Sat, 11/20/2021
06:07 Captain Dietmar [Photo]
06:07 Captain Dietmar Marina Chiapas
09:21 Katmandu - Terry Good morning all, Terry on Katmandu here in in Paridise Marina Nuevo Vallerta Mexico. I need to sign a Vehicle Texas power of attorney and have it notarized by an American Notary . Anyone know of an American Notary in in the Banderas Bay Area?
09:30 Medea-Darryl [null] Cra. 1 #9-115, San Andrés, San Andrés y Providencia, Colombia : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=12.575903,-81.698085&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:30 Medea-Darryl Just arrived in St Andres from Cartagena
09:31 PP SV avant How was the passage?
09:32 Medea-Darryl Was very good trip
Straight shot 290 degrees
Good wind NNE-NE
09:51 PP SV avant You need to go to the consulate. Notaries can’t notarize unless on USA ‘soil’. Due to COVID-19 I think you will need an appointment.
09:52 PP SV avant https://mx.usembassy.gov/puerto-vallarta-consular-agency/
09:58 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce We are heading to the fuel dock at Coral. Be there in 20 minutes or f you want to come by and say hi.
10:28 🥥🦜PathfinderJPNicole Dietmar, I am very interested in the next leg of your voyage from Marina Chiapas to Marina Papagayo, Costa Rica. As a newbie I would love to hear about some of the details of sailing that distance, checking into a new country, how long it will take you, how far in advance you make reservations at the marina, etc. I have only sailed in Mexico so I’m very curious about everything outside of there. Safe and smooth sailing starting tomorrow ⛵️🤞Muchísimas gracias!
10:48 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce [null] De La Villa 10, Villa Cortez, 22860 Ensenada, B.C., Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=31.864042,-116.661235&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
10:48 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Getting fuel for the jump to Turtle Bay.
11:03 Captain Dietmar will do

11:09 PP SV avant After a while in Costa Rica, it’s amazing the deals at duty free there. Even paper towels and cornflakes are cheaper because of Costa Rica’s high import duties!
11:27 Epsilon-Bill Good luck “No Regrets”
11:27 Gargoyle Any boats in North or Central Costa Rica heading to Vista Mar in Panama? We have a small package we want delivered there
11:27 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Thanks. Sorry we missed you at Coral.
11:37 🦜Yahtzee -Jill/Andy @Gargoyle we are in Northern CR now heading toward Panama. Happy to help if we can.
11:38 Epsilon-Bill No worry, safe travels!
13:34 🦜Ramble On Rose-Roz I’m interested too Dietmar
13:55 Captain Dietmar a lot of the stops are covered in the online seminars
14:16 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce [Photo]
14:16 Remedy-Karl What's the password?
14:18 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce South of Ensenada flying the spinnaker. 4 knots and a few days to Turtle Bay!
14:28 Epsilon-Bill Looks like great sailing ⛵️
14:29 Captain Dietmar posse2021 or posse2020
14:54 PP SV avant Multiple weather warnings issued in mexico. Cold, wind and/or rain, depending on the location.

15:42 Ho’okipa-Lisa We have fpimd that Sarana's Guide to Cruising Pacific Costa Rica & Panama, amd Charlie's Charts for Costa Rica are good resources as well. But the Panama Posse on-line seminars, augmented with Good Nauticle are the best.
15:42 Eliana - Warren Hello all. It's been a couple weeks since i have been online. I'm going the wrong way. Have made it to St. Thomas from Norfolk. Next stop is San Jaun. Not sure where from there. Suggestions? Is Jamaica a good stop? Where should i go there? Marinas are not in my budget, so if thats required i need to skip it.
16:27 ☸️SV Enjoy-Don/Nina [Balboa Yacht Club] Causeway de Amador (Cl Miller) Panama City Panamá Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=8.939790,-79.554676&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
17:19 WildhoodDirk Looking for anyone for has insight/experience hauling out at Vista Mar.... wondering how the experience was etc, maybe type of boat you hauled. Trying to decide to haul there for a bottom job etc, or wait until we are in Sea of Cortez. We are a 43' cat....
17:48 walt knot right Dirk PM me. I've hauled out there
22:03 LUMOS - Jeremiah We sailed from Cartagena to Isla de Pinos, San Blas then took 2 weeks working our way west to Linton Bay and checked in there. Nobody in San Blas cares about your immigration or customs status, some towns won't let you in if you can't show proof of Covid vaccine, and officials at Linton Bay didn't bat an eye at our exit Zarpe that was 2 weeks old.
22:08 Salacia / Peter Hey Yo-D-yo! Didn’t we just see you pulling into Los muertos yesterday?
22:16 Salacia / Peter There are online notaries - I used one with some coast guard documents. You need to have a good net connection though because you have to use their videoconference app.
22:17 Salacia / Peter There are aquaculture pens close in to the Coronados - the ones just south of San Diego
22:17 Salacia / Peter Does anyone have recommendations for a good yank at mechanic in La Paz? We seem to have a slow oil leak.
22:17 Salacia / Peter *yanmar

Sun, 11/21/2021
07:49 Captain Dietmar [null] Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=14.675545,-92.416899&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
07:49 Captain Dietmar ETA Marina Papagayo Thursday
08:13 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Ah, so that’s what the are. It would be nice if the had AIS. Thanks.
08:14 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce *they
08:28 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley [Zihuatanejo] Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=17.640741,-101.555165&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
08:34 WIND DRIFT - Blair and Jodi Welcome to Mexico, very few things have lights, let alone AIS, including shrimp boats, pangas, long lines and drift nets.
08:36 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley [null] Adolfo Ruiz Cortines, Centro, Zihuatanejo, Gro., Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=17.635738,-101.556506&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
08:36 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley [Photo]
08:37 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley Anchored in Sand, and 15’ of water.
09:03 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce So I’ve noticed. Reminds me of the BVI’s.
09:24 Ho’okipa-Lisa Enjoy!!! We had a super time there. PM if you want a comprehensive rundown...
09:27 Salacia / Peter [null] Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=24.009397,-109.791767&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:27 Salacia / Peter Just leaving Los Muertos
10:14 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley Thanks. But one of my crew (Nicholas) is from here and has the inside scoop
13:05 Captain Dietmar blue corn tortillas at restaurante ANY's
15:11 Captain Dietmar [null] Guatemala : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=14.166983,-91.848854&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
15:11 Captain Dietmar SOG 6.2 COG 140t
15:12 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley 👍
15:13 Captain Dietmar black flags with loneliness
pangas and commercial fishing trawlers
cell towers every 10 nm
15:16 Epsilon-Bill [null] P.º Olas Altas 1317, San Marino, 22870 Ensenada, B.C., Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=31.864526,-116.657439&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
16:28 Ho’okipa-Lisa Golfito, Costa Rica – our Honda 20hp tender was sputtering at high RPMS. With zero deferred maintenance, I honed into a fuel problem. Sure enough, the fuel smelled moldy and was yellow…not pink. We last got fuel in Nicaragua in March 2021. We believe gasoline goes bad very fast in Central America but had no idea how fast it goes, even with a fuel additive/stabilizer. Also, the octane here is 91% and burns too darn hot – not good for an outboard engine whose rating is for 86% octane. Lesson learned – change the fuel often and make sure it’s pink, not yellow!!!
16:50 PP SV avant You’re not showing up in the Posse tracker. It still has you in Chiapas.
17:10 Dreamer @Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky i gave all my gas away when i left panama, not worth the risk for me
17:14 SV Juliet-Charlie Rob at Cross Marine in Marina Palmira did some good work on our Yanmar. He’s usually pretty well booked though.
18:26 Captain Dietmar predict wind manual submission has a lag
18:28 Captain Dietmar [null] Guatemala : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=13.992651,-91.536144&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
20:08 Remedy-Natalie Had anyone has their gel coat wet sanded in the Sea of Cortez? San Carlos area? La Paz?
21:02 PP SV avant Troubles in Guadeloupe !


Mon, 11/22/2021
03:33 Captain Dietmar [null]
05:38 VitesseCatherine [null] Caiman Trail, Bastimentos Island, Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=9.335572,-82.178088&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
05:51 Alamos Palmira marina has a good guy that works the docks there. Javier is his name. The office can find him for ya. Does a stand up job on gel coat👍
08:31 PP SV avant Line call starts in about one hour. Rob will be guest hosting for Dietmar, who is on passage off El Salvador this morning.
08:41 🍹☠️ TOKETEE Crew [null] Balboa District, Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=8.479298,-78.844396&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:16 PP SV avant Weekly line call in about 15 minutes Caribbean, 45 minutes pacific.
09:17 PP SV avant I’ll open the call for chit chat, and mute while I review the weather.
Talk amongst yourselves, smoke em if you have em.
09:17 PP SV avant Group voice call started.
09:17 PP SV avant Please post a location by dropping a pin.
09:21 walt knot right [null] 104 Victoria St, Santa Fe, NM 87505, USA : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=35.676980,-105.921260&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:21 walt knot right Spending Thanksgiving with my daughter
09:22 Green Flash- Joan [null] Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=9.562108,-78.863035&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:23 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce [null] Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=28.214555,-115.102373&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:29 SAVA - Melinda "Mel" [null] Bastimentos Island, Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=9.331958,-82.179151&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:33 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce My phone keeps telling me I’m driving.
09:34 ,☠️Delta Swizzler [null] 8QM3+XG4, Bocas del Toro Province, Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=9.335086,-82.246003&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:34 ,☠️Delta Swizzler [Photo]
09:34 RED ROVER-Alison [null] Pampano 18, 63734 Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Nay., Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=20.750858,-105.379469&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:35 ,☠️Delta Swizzler The World, cruise ship parked by the Bocas del Toro, Panama Anchorage. This is the ship, that cruisers stay on full time. Each year they choose where they want to go.
09:37 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Interesting. I didn’t know which a ship existed. Must be quite expensive.
09:39 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce *that a ship like that…
09:47 Epsilon-Bill How’s the sailing “No Refrets”? Noticed you’re near Cedros Island now, just a couple of hours from Turtle Bay.
09:50 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila [null] 2420 Shelter Island Dr, San Diego, CA 92106, USA : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=32.719580,-117.225267&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:53 Salacia / Peter [null] La Paz, BCS, Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=24.321274,-110.331617&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:55 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Mostly motor sailing as we are going dead downwind and only about 6 knots. We aren’t well equipped for light air dead downwind sailing. Off the wind a bit is fine with the spinnaker up, but otherwise not so much.

We finally have our sea legs and are felling well. Not so well up to this point though. Turtle Bay this afternoon.
09:56 Mira - Glenn [null] Cl. 25 #10B-58, Cartagena de Indias, Bolívar, Colombia : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=10.416031,-75.544711&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:56 🦜Ramble On Rose-Roz [Paradise Village Beach Resort & Spa] Av. Cocoteros 1 (Paradise Village Marina) 63731 Nuevo Vallarta, Nayarit Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=20.690820,-105.294565&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:56 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley [Cancha Municipal] Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, Guerrero Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=17.638434,-101.557834&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:58 🥥🦜PathfinderJPNicole [null] 1100 E Walnut Ave, Burbank, CA 91501, USA : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=34.200680,-118.302653&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
10:01 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce My call in was dropped due to a poor connection so I’m going to miss this call. 😟
10:02 Epsilon-Bill At least you can take a little rest soon. I have been copying your tracks daily for our departure from Ensenada in mid January. Couldn’t find any recorded tracks on this particular route.
10:04 Epsilon-Bill Welcome Firefly!
10:05 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Yep. Much anticipated! We were originally going to stop in San Quintin, but with leaving a day late we’re trying to make up some time. This is a long trek to Turtle Bay, that can easily be broken up into several day trips.
10:08 Epsilon-Bill I was planning on San Quintin from hear, just a day sail if we motor at 8 knots. Trying to ease my wife into the longer days until we ultimately do the night sail 😉
10:12 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce I can understand that strategy. I can only imagine motoring at 8 knots. 6 is about all I can get without motor sailing. I can usually sail faster than motor is the wind is on the beam and it’s over 12 or 13 knots.
10:18 ChangeUp [null] The Bahamas : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=26.370574,-76.982971&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
10:25 Epsilon-Bill If the wind is right, I’ll try to sail as much as possible. The IP cruiser likes at least 12 to 16 knots before she responds well. Excited about trying out our new quantum main. We haven’t had to working sails since we bought the boat in Long Beach last December.
10:26 Epsilon-Bill Two, not to 🤪
10:31 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Ah, I’ve chartered an IP in the USVI before. Nice and roomy, but I didn’t like how she handled downwind. Could have been me though.

What are you using for weather? We have an Iridium GO! and PredictWind. PredictWind has been very good for us. We’re new to the Iridium GO. I was holding out for Elon to get the mobile SkyLink up and running but that looks like a ways down the road. That will be a game changer.
10:33 Remedy-Karl That would have been the perfect way to spell that boat name! 🤪😆
10:33 Captain Dietmar [null] El Salvador : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=13.489464,-89.898567&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
10:33 Captain Dietmar 3g only
10:34 Epsilon-Bill [null] De La Villa 10, Villa Cortez, 22860 Ensenada, B.C., Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=31.862345,-116.662353&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
10:36 BAJA FOG Group call ended.
10:43 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce 3G is horribly slow from what I’ve been experiencing down here.
10:43 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce I saw your typo, and figured it was just a typo. At least it’s not spelled No Regerts. :)
10:46 Epsilon-Bill 😉👍🤪
10:47 Sv Firefly Brenda Ted Primera plus info
I took the 12:30 bus and you get to Melaque around 5pm. So it is still daylight. I think its 360 pesos.
10:52 Sv Firefly Brenda Ted Keep in touch with me in the timing and reach out to Poncho. She will not know the date til they finished but they just started her cushions Sat. and expect to complete them in two weeks Poncho +52 315 104 3289.
11:05 WIND DRIFT - Blair and Jodi [null] Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=19.095849,-104.437170&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
11:07 WIND DRIFT - Blair and Jodi Ensenada Carrizal. Very secluded with great snorkeling over live coral. Anchored in 35’ with sand bottom
11:11 Sv Firefly Brenda Ted Ty Epsilon!
11:11 ☸️SV Enjoy-Don/Nina I looked at dockside radio - are any of these active, and reach south?
11:12 Epsilon-Cheryl @🦜panamaposseDietmar @☸️SV Enjoy-Don/Nina
11:13 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley Thanks. We’re considering a stopover on the way to Barra de Navidad.
11:42 ☸️SV Enjoy-Don/Nina Thanks.. looking for active ssb or ham nets.
13:15 walt knot right Thanks for the info
14:03 ,☠️Delta Swizzler We met up with a couple in town from the ship. They own their residence. It's 1100 sq ft. They have a kitchen, 2 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths. They even have a washer and drier. They are heading to the canal tomorrow.
You can also buy a studio or one bedroom.
14:55 YO-D-YO Mary [Marina El Cid] Av. Camaron Sabado 82110 Mazatlán, Sinaloa Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=23.268115,-106.463565&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
14:55 YO-D-YO Mary @Salacia / Peter We were in Muertos on Friday night then Frailes Saturday. We are now crossing to Mazatlan!
16:01 CAPRICORN CAT - Sue Anyone near Marina de La Paz who could drop by today to provide us a quick tutorial on using our new Iridium Go and PredictWind to assess when to cross the Sea to Mazatlan? We plan to depart early tomorrow. Thanks, Sue. We are on A dock.
16:18 WildhoodDirk Had some great feedback regarding hauling out at Vista Mar. Next question, anyone with comments or experience in hauling in the Sea if Cortez? We might put it off until then if it makes sense....43' cat with 22' beam. Found one yard but they max out at 21.5' beam....
16:23 Salacia / Peter We were the boat coming into Muertos from the south as you were entering! Hi! We’re in La Paz now.
16:41 CAPRICORN CAT - Sue To WildhoodDirk: we used Abaroa in La Paz who is just large enough for our 26’ wide cat.
16:58 Epsilon-Bill Welcome to Turtle 🐢 Bay “No Regrets” 😉👍🙋‍♂️
17:09 Ho’okipa-Lisa Golfito, Costa Rica – for those who have no luck or are not interested in fishing, we found the best fish processing market. They have Yellowfin Tune, Dorado, Mackerel, Snapper, Pargo, Snook, Conch, Squid, and gorgeous fresh shrimp we saw being processed. All local caught, processed and deep freezed. Although, I didn’t see any Wahoo, lobster, or Turtle. But, this is the real deal fish market and prices are very reasonable. World Class.
17:13 Captain Dietmar la Cruz near Puerto vallarta
8 meter width
17:13 Captain Dietmar FLAMENCO MARINA Panamá city
17:34 Ho’okipa-Lisa Coomander, I've requested a marching band for your arrival at Marina Papagayo. Please give me an ETA so I can arraign everthing for your arrival...
17:40 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce What’s a good price for diesel in Turtle Bay?
17:49 PP SV avant Is that a trick question? There is no good price for diesel in turtle bay, you just get hosed.
17:49 Captain Dietmar we'd night / Thursday am
with Portuguese Mexican and Israeli crew (great mix :-)
17:54 Epsilon-Bill We have heard a few stories that you need to be cautious of your purchase, that is, confirming some how that you get all that you asked for. (From an earlier conversation we heard of on this site)
17:57 Outventure juergen and Iris We‘ve hauled put in Vista Mar. Lagoon 440. it was ok, but also heard of a lot of people that had issues, cracks in hulls etc and of course the boat that fell from the trailer recently.
Id also consider what you want to get done there and if you need external workers / mechanics. Those are rare, to say it in a polite way.
You can contact me directly if you like more info.
18:13 Remedy-Karl [null] C. Recinto Portuario 101, Recinto Portuario, 83554 Puerto Peñasco, Son., Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=31.304021,-113.545660&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
18:13 Remedy-Karl First time in the water in 10 months! Woo hoo!!
18:15 Captain Dietmar yeah !!!
18:35 WildhoodDirk Thanks, assuming you were happy with the whole process? Can you do your own work on the boat there?
18:36 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce They said 32 Pesos per liter, so I asked for their best price. They put me on the phone with Enrique and he gave me 28 Pesos per liter. Not a huge difference, but everything helps.
18:38 WildhoodDirk 👍 Thank you....have looked into Flamenco too....
18:40 WildhoodDirk Thanks, I might pick your brain a bit later ... starting to lean away from Vista Mar.
18:41 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila Bruce: is that a typo? There are 20 MX pesos to the dollar...and what us the quality of fuel they're bringing you out?
18:45 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila Actually that's right, 28 pesos/L works out to 5.32/gallon
18:46 YO-D-YO Mary @Salacia / Peter hi Peter, two ships passing. Hopefully we will be in the same port sometime.
19:09 WIND DRIFT - Blair and Jodi Thank you for the good laugh tonight. Never get fuel there
21:13 GenM @Remedy-Natalie this may be pretty far off for you, but the sand blasting off of bottom paint at Cabrales has been pretty good , then stop at the gel coat layer
21:16 Captain Dietmar [null]

Tue, 11/23/2021
03:45 Captain Dietmar [null]
07:17 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Not a typo. Turtle Bay is known for jacking the price up on fuel as they are the only game in town, and we needed fuel. That was delivered from our boat price by their boat. I paid 21 Pesos per liter in Ensenada. That’s $3.99/gal.
07:19 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce We’ll, when you need fuel, you need fuel. Most of our trip down Baja has been motoring or Moto sailing with not much wind.
07:23 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Is there a place with Wi-Fi in Turtle Bay? One of my books said Enrique’s Cafe might.
07:23 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce So I’ve heard. I didn’t get to see the meter, so am hoping a got what I paid for. My fuel gauge indicates I got about what I asked for.
07:46 IBEX - Florian [Photo]
07:46 IBEX - Florian Kind of ugly fellow 😀 - frogfish - spotted at Klein Bonaire
08:44 Remedy-Karl Au contraire! Quite attractive I think.
08:51 Remedy-Natalie Thanks. Wet sanding or color sanding is a way to get the oxidation off the gel coat. They use superfine sandpaper to strip the oxidation layer and then polish is done. It is much more intense than using a compound. We just splashed yesterday from Cabrales boatyard. Thanks for the reply though. I appreciate it.
09:58 Captain Dietmar [null] Nicaragua : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=12.678636,-87.507029&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
10:24 Ho’okipa-Lisa He/she is gorgeous!!!
10:28 PP SV avant It’s pretty common in Mexico to get less than you pay for. Many operators rig the pump meters in their favour. Our milspec jerry cans magically grew to hold 21-22 litres in Mexico (nominal capacity to plimsoll line 20 litres), but awkwardly only hold the specified 20 in other jurisdictions.
11:15 Ho’okipa-Lisa Casa Orquideas in the Golfo Dulce, Costa Rica is closed and should be removed as a PP cruising destination. The property sold in June and the new owner is not offering private or self guided tours. The beautifully landscaped private tropical garden showing off hundreds of species of ornamental and edible tropical plants that have been collected and cared for by U.S. citizens Ron and Trudy McAllister, who have lived in this remote region since the 1970s is sadly a thing of the past:( No longer available to the PP are the most beautiful and interesting plants and flowers of Costa Rica, which are a magnet for dozens of different kinds of birds, butterflies, insects and other wildlife...
12:28 Captain Dietmar copy that
12:29 Captain Dietmar [Photo]
12:29 Captain Dietmar hello Nicaragua
12:52 🍹☠️ TOKETEE Crew [null]
13:00 TOKETEE Dar Diane Kimberly [null] San Miguel, Panamá Province, Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=8.510790,-79.023998&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
13:36 walt knot right Have fun Toketee
15:26 Gargoyle Anyone have a recommendation for freight forwarder in Costa Rica? Thanks!
15:27 Gargoyle Anyone have a recommendation for a freight forwarder in Costa Rica? Thanks!
16:27 Niniwahuni-Nicolets [Photo]
16:28 PP SV avant I don’t, but Dan Eaffaldano, Operations Manager at Marina Papagayo, Costa Rica might.
O (506) 2690-3600 | C (506) 8338 3620
E dan.eaffaldano@marinapapagayo.com
W http://www.marinapapagayo.com/

They have a pretty good chandlery too.
16:40 Sea Bella Kathy [null] Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=24.105558,-109.878912&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
16:47 Sea Bella Kathy I thought our pin location would show more. We are just north of Muertos after an excellent week at Isla Pardita!
16:50 Ho’okipa-Lisa American Export in Miami: 786-282-0756
Oswaldo - customerservice@amexpusa.com

17:15 Sea Bella Kathy Need to get my Sailrite serviced soon, its just not doing well on my boat projects. Somewhere in Mazatlan or Barra, any ideas??
17:59 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky Barra has a guy named Hogan Sails, but I can't attest to his...well, ask Brenda on Firefly!!!
18:00 🥥AngeliqueofVancouve We made it to Maztalan with no engine a 5 day crossing …no wind drifted for 3 days
18:02 🥥AngeliqueofVancouve North sails Mike in La Cruz maybe
18:02 🥥AngeliqueofVancouve Last I heard Hogan sails retired
18:09 Gargoyle Thank you, will reach out to Dan
18:13 Ho’okipa-Lisa Indeed, but last I heard he's still operating on the morning call and is alive:) Brenda?
18:15 Sv Firefly Brenda Ted Hogan did retire. Never heard of Mike doing service in LaCruz but he may. He just gets super busy this time of year. Rodrigo at ONE Sails may have a recommendation and he is a Posse sponsor from LaCruz area. I serviced my own sail rite using the videos and even timed it with improved performance great success. Just takes patience and time!
18:18 Gargoyle Thank you!!
18:19 Ho’okipa-Lisa Frieght Forward in Costa Rica is challenging! Papagayo is sooo challenging...Ask Berta on SAN since she went down a rabbit hole there!!! In our experience, most everything ships into San Jose and then trucked to destination. San Jose to Quepos via American Export was the low hanging fruit. Not perfect, but good.
18:27 SAN American Export to Quepos worked quite well. They do NOT serve Papagayo as a regular service they told us. would have cost an extra almost 100US. In the end we used a local address of a friend in Playa del Coco, but it was still very painful. Took the delivery truck three times to find the house...
19:37 🥥AngeliqueofVancouve The royal we meaning my hubby Mike serviced our Sailrite just from the manual we got when we bought it in 2006. He replaced the bovine retaining spring, reset the timing and oiled it
19:38 🥥AngeliqueofVancouve Bobbin retaining spring
20:21 PP SV avant That’s sucks!
20:23 PP SV avant Well, you wouldn’t want the bovines falling out either. ;)
21:43 INDEPENDENCE - Richard Sailrite has a ton of videos online...I re-tunes my timing after watching the video (maybe 5 times) and sandes the burrs off the hook with 600 sandpaper... not rocket science, but tedious percervierence!

Wed, 11/24/2021
03:39 Captain Dietmar [null] Nicaragua : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=11.435565,-86.156935&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
03:45 Captain Dietmar this is Carinthia's 3rd time along this stretch of the coast encountering excellent and favorable seastate conditions with very light winds < 8 knots coming from 60 °apparent no mayor swell or windwaves to report
20 nm to go through Papagayo land keeping our fingers crossed
05:16 REEF DANCER Jerry [null] British Virgin Islands : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=18.352592,-64.619786&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
05:17 REEF DANCER Jerry Currently diving wall next to the Indians diving everyday it's exhausting lol
05:17 REEF DANCER Jerry Reef dancer
05:18 Medea-Darryl [null] Av. Juan XXIII #10-162, San Andrés, San Andrés y Providencia, Colombia : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=12.578295,-81.703593&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
05:18 Medea-Darryl Departing St Andres for Roatan this morning
05:25 Hope - Patrick [Location]
05:27 Hope - Patrick Buddy Boating with Toketee…..beautiful anchorage. Now hopefully some clear sky’s today
06:08 Captain Dietmar copy that
safe trip
06:08 Captain Dietmar [Photo]
08:10 🥥AngeliqueofVancouve That’s saying it
08:11 Hope - Patrick [null] San Miguel, Panamá Province, Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=8.507496,-79.022019&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
08:12 Hope - Patrick Correction to location…..still learning “ Line”
08:35 Gargoyle Thank you, expecting the process to be challenging but will allow a lot of extra time.
09:09 Ho’okipa-Lisa Well done Jerry & Debbie, well done...
10:43 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila [null] De La Villa 10, Villa Cortez, 22860 Ensenada, B.C., Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=31.862897,-116.661597&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
10:46 Arcane - Jean & Jace Hi to all Panama Posse flotilla! We are Jacinthe and Jean on S/V Arcane. We been cruising most our time since 2004. We then left from the Thousand Islands at the end Lake Ontario. Played on the East Coast for a few years. Since 2009 we have been on the other side of the Continent. We have sailed down to Mexico in 2012. We have spend our last winters up and down mostly between Mazatlan and Zihua. Looking forward meeting you on our way. Friendliness regards to all.
10:53 Dreamer @Medea-Darryl smooth sailing, enjoy diving at Roatan, wonderful
11:31 Arcane - Jean & Jace Thanks! It's on the list.
11:45 Remedy-Karl Other than La Paz, where would you be able to find services like stainless working, sails, electronics and so on?
11:46 Remedy-Karl Mexico, of course. 👍🏼
11:47 ,☠️Delta Swizzler Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, puerto Panesco
11:49 Captain Dietmar [null]
11:52 Arcane - Jean & Jace [null]
11:56 Arcane - Jean & Jace Now in PV. 20.4 - 105.17. Moving in the next days.
11:57 PP SV avant Mazatlan has a better reputation for shorter waiting times and perhaps slightly better prices. Sail work PV is your best bet. PV is better for parts than Mazatlan. Penasco is great to get work done, close to the USA for parts runs, but perhaps less pleasant to spend time in than the other three (cold in winter, docks famous for bugs, town less tourist-y). I don’t think there is a sail loft in penasco.
12:11 Remedy-Karl We are in Peñasco now after 8 months. You're right, it's not particularly pleasant to hang out a long time and the work available is pretty basic.
13:38 Captain Dietmar [null] Andaz Rd, Guanacaste Province, Culebra, Costa Rica : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=10.641238,-85.654086&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
13:39 Captain Dietmar home sweet home
3.5 day passage
13:40 Ho’okipa-Lisa WELCOME!!!
13:45 Alamos Nice 👍
13:46 PP SV avant No pictures of the welcoming band?
14:43 Captain Dietmar waiting for government officials...
15:19 ,☠️Delta Swizzler Congratulations.
16:01 Captain Dietmar 😀
16:17 🦜Yahtzee -Jill/Andy We must have just missed you @🦜panamaposseDietmar ! We left the fuel dock at 2 after an amazing week in the marina, gotta love the amenities! Enjoy!
16:33 Remedy-Natalie When buying an annual national park pass for Mexico in order to anchor and go ashore in the National parks do I need a pass for everyone on the boat or just one for the boat?
16:57 PP SV avant The passes are per person. They aren’t personalized so a single pass can be used for multiple sequential visitors.
16:59 Remedy-Natalie Thanks. So I'm on the website will not take my money. Did you do yours online or at an office
17:20 Aegis, Mary/Ian The annual Mexican parks passes are personalized. They have your name and photo on them.
17:21 PP SV avant Oops I guess that changed. My bad.
17:21 Remedy-Natalie Thank you. I'm having a hard time paying online. I keep getting an error. Did everything work when you did it?
17:33 Salacia / Peter Ours don’t have photos. They do have unique ids, and our names, handwritten.
17:58 Aegis, Mary/Ian I did ours the last 2 yrs on their website with no problems. I used a tablet. It prompted us for a selfie.
18:02 Sv Firefly Brenda Ted Dietmar! Nice passage. Glad you r there before dark!
18:03 Captain Dietmar yes literally
do you need a burgee ?

19:29 Captain Dietmar [Photo]
19:29 Captain Dietmar Here is our entry into highest wind recorded - 31.2 ( saw up to 34 ) at the Murcielagos Islands just passed Cabo Santa Elena
20:19 LUMOS - Jeremiah @🦜panamaposseDietmar how long are you staying there?
20:21 Remedy-Karl Excellent! Natalie docked us in simulator winds in Santa Marta.
20:24 Last Arrow Vincent [Photo]
20:27 Last Arrow Vincent Hole shot Los Cabo to La Cruz 35 hrs on our way to Barra
20:45 ,☠️Delta Swizzler @🦜panamaposseDietmar 31.2 hell we see that at anchor over in Red Frog
21:46 Captain Dietmar 😀

Thu, 11/25/2021
10:01 VitesseCatherine Happy Thanksgiving (thanksgiving) to all! May you have a great day no matter where you are!!!
10:11 Captain Dietmar vessel will stay here at least one month
10:31 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Thank you and same to you!
10:38 Captain Dietmar Happy turkey day ! Iets see all those feasts on board everywhere
10:45 Conversations Hi all! Glad to be newly a part of the PP!
We are Cress and Irene aboard s.v Conversations now just around the corner from Barra de Navidad in Tenacatita Bay. We are bound for Panama and New York over the next 9 months. This is our first time down this coast, and our second time through Panama Canal, this time in the opposite direction we look forward to meeting many of you. We will be at the Barra kickoff!
10:58 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce We have turkey sandwich meat, so will have turkey sandwiches at Bahia Santa Maria. 😀
10:59 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce [Bahia Santa Maria] Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=24.781592,-112.252672&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
14:10 Alamos [Photo]
14:14 walt knot right Good burgie
14:20 WIND DRIFT - Blair and Jodi Vacuum sealed previously, currently thawing🦃👍
14:21 WIND DRIFT - Blair and Jodi [Photo]
14:32 Epsilon-Bill Happy Thanksgiving “No Regrets” been following you on Marine Traffic 😉👍🙋‍♂️
14:46 LUMOS - Jeremiah Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We have a problem on board, and I'd love any thoughts or suggestions as i figure out how to fix it. We have a 2005 Fontaine Pajot, Lavezzi 40. The aluminum post that houses the rudder shaft in our port engine room, fell victim to some galvanic corrosion and now has a hole the size of a quarter that is leaking sea water. I discovered it in the remote San Blas Islands so I plugged the hole with butle tape, and wrapped the pipe with vinyl emergency tape. That patch job is currently working and I no longer have water intrusion. We are now in Linton Bay waiting for a welder to see if he could potentially weld a fix, but he's busy, it's raining, and it's the Caribbean so we'll see when he gets to us.

I feel like the "correct" thing to do would be to haul the boat out, disassemble the rudder, remove the aluminum pipe, and either order a replacement or have it repaired while the boat is out of the water. The problem is, we have a Panama Canal transit scheduled on December 11th with family flying down to do it with us. Then only 6 months left in our cruising itinerary until we haul the boat out in Mexico for hurricane season or get it back home to SoCal. So I'd rather find a fix that could last 6-12 months until we haul the boat anyways and not do a haul out just for this. There is no pressure from the water coming in, and if my butle and vinyl tape patch is holding well enough, surely there is something I can do that can get me to the next haul out...Here are my thoughts and options so far:

See if a welder can weld a patch or a sleeve onto the aluminum pipe without hauling the boat.

Fill the hole with Flex Paste or some kind of water proof epoxy.

Wrap the affected area with some sheets of fiberglass (a few people have recommended this)

Maybe an epoxy fill AND fiberglass wrap

Leave my current patch job and see how long it lasts (not really considering this)

Separately, i do plan on having an electrician come and see why the pipe suffered electrolysis to begin with and help me figure out the stray current and anode situation so it hopefully doesn't continue corroding or happen elsewhere on the boat.

Thanks in advance!!
14:46 LUMOS - Jeremiah [Photo]
14:47 LUMOS - Jeremiah [Photo]
15:03 Ho’okipa-Lisa Jeremiah, is it possible to cut the aluminum post where the rupture is and splice in a rubber coupling that is available at most hardware stores.

15:03 Ho’okipa-Lisa [Photo]
15:05 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Same to you. A better site is https://forecast.predictwind.com/tracking/display/SV_NoRegrets/
15:06 Salacia / Peter Or just use the suggested coupling on top of the existing tube without cutting it
16:34 Epsilon-Bill Thanks, I’ll have to check it out. Been using “Windy.”
16:37 LUMOS - Jeremiah Oh that's interesting. I just wouldn't want to accidentally cut my rudder shaft!!
16:45 Remedy-Karl We had way too often, like 7 times in the first two years for one thing or another. After crossing the Pacific with a leaking rudder bearing and being kept above water by a $50 bilge pump I know I'd feel more comfortable getting it fixed. But of course, AFTER determining the cause.
16:53 🥥AngeliqueofVancouve @Arcane - Jean & Jace so glad to see you in the Posse and looking forward to meeting up again
18:07 SilhouetteL Jeremiah,
In the Navy we would take a siliar size pipe cut a quarter section out along with a piece of quarter inch thick rubber and apply it rubber patch first metal pipe quarter and two hose clamps that should get you to Mexico safely. The galvanic corrosion is caused by stray current, look for green corrosion on all wire connections somewhere you have a short.
Google strong back pipe patch for illustrations.
Fair winds
18:11 LUMOS - Jeremiah Thank you so much!!
18:14 Dreamer @LUMOS - Jeremiah Stanley at Linton Bay should be able to braise a piece over it, and maybe fill it, esp if you only want it to last 6 months. I would buy some more emergency tape and maybe some underwater putty or sealant that will set wet in case you have a issue under way. I’m assuming your already talking to Stanley, if not, let me know if you want his number.
18:15 LUMOS - Jeremiah Yes, he was supposed to come today but he was very busy, and then it started raining. Hopefully tomorrow. I'm curious his opinion.
18:17 Dreamer @LUMOS - Jeremiah he’s a good guy, did great work for us. He could prob also heli arc aluminum, if you want to make it a more permanent fix, but i would guess the entire pipe is compromised, i would be wanting to replace it myself.
18:17 SilhouetteL Jeremiah - batter place for patches
Jubilee marine pipe patch
18:18 SilhouetteL Jeremiah,
Check out jubilee marine pipe patch
18:19 LUMOS - Jeremiah Will do! Thanks so much!
18:31 PP SV avant My 2 cents worth.

The pipe may be compromised other than the spot that’s gone all through.

I wouldn’t suggest epoxy, it shrinks when it cures and could crush the pipe.

A spiral wrap of Fiberglass tape or two would make an external pipe over the existing suspect one should make it pretty safe, and you could cut it off with a dremel like a cast on a broken arm when it’s time to replace it.

When you do replace it, you could look into using a Fiberglass pipe and never face an electrolysis problem again.
18:55 Katmandu - Terry [Punta Perula] Punta Pérula, Jalisco Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=19.588553,-105.126098&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
18:59 Katmandu - Terry Anyone in or passing through La Cruz marine Nayarit on there way to Barra De Navida wouldn’t mind picking up my overnight letter at the La Cruz Marina Office and bring it to Barra De Navidad ?
19:04 Last Arrow Vincent I’m here in La Cruz and will be leaving tomorrow 4 pm to be on Barra 29th Let me know the details and I’ll get your letter
19:51 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Anyone coming down from the US to Barrs over the next couple of weeks we have a box of new cockpit cushions that could get to us before we left and need to get them to Barra. The manufacturer will ship to whoever can bring them down. We’ll be in Barra from the 3rd through the 17 of Dec. Thanks.
19:51 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce *Barra

Fri, 11/26/2021
12:03 Green Flash Can anyone recommend a boat watcher/bottom cleaner at Shelter Bay in Panama? We will be leaving Green Flash at the marina for a few weeks during Christmas and new years.
12:38 ☸️SV Enjoy-Don/Nina Spencer on Gabriel can watch and 0rganize bottom cleaning with Jesus.
12:47 RED ROVER-Alison Hey all, sorry I am in La Cruz (leaving this afternoon). Wish I could help with the Panama question!
12:52 CAPRICORN CAT - Sue We are finally off the dock and out of La Paz. Heading to Muertos for tonight. Any input on crossing to Punta Mita departing tomorrow? Also, we intermittently see a low voltage alarm on our B&G plotter we have never seen before. Batteries are at 12.5. Any suggestions?? Gracias, Sue
13:05 Green Flash- Joan Thank you!
13:22 Hope - Patrick Capricorn Cat. Check the conn cation right at the chart plotter if possible. Could be corrosion at the connector. Do both a visual check and a voltage measurement at that connector.
14:11 RED ROVER Kevin Does the low voltage coincide with any other higher power user that is connected to the battery bank? If something else comes on, the startup of that may draw the voltage down temporarily and the plotter potentially will see that and provide the alert...
14:16 Remedy-Karl Someone will actually dive with the crocodile?
14:17 Dreamer @Green Flash they will do all that at the marina. They charge around $50 a month to watch it and send you a report. I’m sure they can also arrange a detail before you head back.
14:19 Dreamer @CAPRICORN CAT - Sue usually a connection issue, take all connector off and spray electronic cleaner and corrosion preventer. If you are lucky, that will solve it.
16:56 Green Flash Thanks Dreamer. I talked to them and it seems like the way to go. They will even rent me a dehumidifier for a month.
16:58 Dreamer @Green Flash yes, i had my own, but my buddy rented one from them, don’t know if mold will grow in a month, but 3 to 6 months and you could have a mess when you get back.
17:11 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley [null] Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=19.096746,-104.436703&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
17:12 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley Ensenada Carrizal. Last stop before Barra de Navidad tomorrow. Anchored in 30 feet, with sand. Good snorkeling here.
17:12 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley [Photo]
17:16 Last Arrow Vincent [null] Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=20.630586,-105.483797&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
17:17 Last Arrow Vincent Underway La Craz, Tenacatita, Barra , see you all there
17:17 Road Less Traveled @🥥Angelque Of Van Mik hxx ccc z)
17:17 TOKETEE Dar Diane Kimberly [null] Contadora, Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=8.635101,-79.037853&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
17:18 Last Arrow Vincent Underway La Cruz Tenacatica, Barra, see you all in Barra
17:19 Hope - Patrick [null] Ferry lines, Saboga, Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=8.634836,-79.035981&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
17:27 RED ROVER Kevin Underway right behind Last Arrow!
17:52 WIND DRIFT - Blair and Jodi @🥥AngeliqueofVancouve yes! Be careful where you drop the dinghy anchor. So much live coral.
17:56 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley Not using the dingy here. We just jump off the side of Orion and swim to the cool spots.
18:47 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley [Photo]
18:47 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley My crew from Chiapas to Barra de Navidad will be departin Orion in Barra. Nicholas (from Zihuatanejo, and Alice (from the UK), have bern a great asset onboard, but Lisa (from last season) is returning, and I no longer have a need for crew. So Nico and Alice are looking for another boat to crew. The are both hard working and good cooks. Nico speaks fluent Spanish and English, which is very helpful. They make a good team. Let me know if there’s any Posse members that can use there services.
19:23 TOKETEE Dar Diane Kimberly [Video]
19:24 TOKETEE Dar Diane Kimberly Had a small pod of Dolphins come and play in the light from our underwater lights.
21:01 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky Sue, Lisa and I crossed the sea and did 4 hour shifts. We ran into long lines and some logs. We have FLIR which helped. The crossing was the most adventurous part of the Baja for is. Enjoy and call Dietmar if you have an emergency!

Sat, 11/27/2021
07:48 Katmandu - Terry [Marina Puerto de la Navidad] La Barra de Navidad, Jalisco Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=19.195816,-104.683121&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
07:53 Katmandu - Terry [Photo]
07:53 Katmandu - Terry [Photo]
07:53 Katmandu - Terry [Photo]
07:53 Katmandu - Terry Passage to Barra!
09:26 ,☠️Delta Swizzler [Photo]
09:26 ,☠️Delta Swizzler We had an hiccup with our Thanksgiving preparations. I had our turkey in the oven. Boat was all spic and span clean. Here I am thinking, how wonderful to be stress free. 😂 That's when our oven decided to quit cooking our turkey two hours in. 🤦 Well, we had an issue a month ago. We opened up the oven cleaned out the glow plug and burners. It started working again. No problem, we ordered a new glow plug just in case. You know how life decides to throw a little curve ball at you. The glow plug quit in middle of cooking our turkey. Ok, we pulled out the new plug and Tried to install it. The connectors were different from the original. Mark couldn't figure out how to hook it up. So, he reinstalled the old one, just in case it happened to work again. Well, of course, it didn't work. Luckily, we had to buy a new microwave last year while in Chiapas. I remembered that it's also a convection oven too! So, we popped the turkey in. It had 1/2 inch to spare on either end and two inches above. It saved the day. It actually cooked up a delicious turkey in less time than the oven would have.
Mark was able to install the new glow plug, the day after. It was a lot easier, when the oven had cooked down and he had a chance to view a YouTube installation.
All in all it was a great Thanksgiving. We had nine other cruisers on board. It one for the memory books lol
09:26 ,☠️Delta Swizzler [Photo]
09:28 Dreamer @,☠️Delta Swizzler wow, I’ll bet you use the microwave more often now, esp when you have shore power
09:34 ,☠️Delta Swizzler Definitely, it will keep the boat cooler too.
09:36 PP SV avant Crossing the sea - is generally pretty easy. The one wrinkle to be prepared for is the traffic at night. Small boats like ours typically depart from the baja side and the mainland side at about the same time and cross on similar schedules, which results in a ‘traffic jam’ in the middle of the night when the westbound and eastbound fleets cross paths, so expect to see (and keep an eye out for) that traffic as you approach the 1/2 way point (eyeball, AIS and radar).

Commercial traffic is mostly north south and often crosses close by, but there is some east west, mostly the ferry.
10:06 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley [Photo]
10:07 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley Twice this week, as we were departing our anchorage, we were met by humpback whales. Today at Ensenada Carrizal, and a couple days ago at Isla Ixtapa.
10:07 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley [Photo]
10:07 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley [Photo]
10:15 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley [Photo]
10:15 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley [Photo]
10:15 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley [Photo]
10:15 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley [Photo]
10:15 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley [Photo]
10:15 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley And then there’s these guys….
10:16 Dreamer @Orion wow, nice pics
10:25 Ho’okipa-Lisa Cindy, you're always an inspiration!
11:20 nicole maison de sante Great pics @Orion!
12:34 ,☠️Delta Swizzler 😂
13:00 VitesseCatherine Wow… great pics
13:04 Tulum5- Michele/Chad [null] Pescador 21, Mesa Quemada, 63734 Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Nay., Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=20.748598,-105.384813&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
13:43 Captain Dietmar [Coco Nutz Sport Bar] Playas del Coco, Guanacaste Coco Costa Rica : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=10.549787,-85.696762&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
13:44 Captain Dietmar [Photo]
13:44 Remedy-Karl [null]
13:44 Captain Dietmar and all is well in the universe
13:45 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley [Marina Puerto de la Navidad] La Barra de Navidad, Jalisco Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=19.195816,-104.683121&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
13:46 Epsilon-Bill [null] Playa Plateada, Zona Playitas, 22870 Ensenada, B.C., Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=31.863618,-116.659409&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
17:01 O2 ☸️ Love it!
18:04 bryon Macdonald [Photo]
18:04 bryon Macdonald Hola Amigos: "I thought I'd ask Department" -- Bella Sirena lying Marina Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta, has 610 watts of electricity coming in from 4 solar panels mounted on board. She is a canoe stern Pacific Seacraft 40 with little no room left for the off the shelf rectangluar solar panels out there. Vessel is breaking even energy wise to needing engine on daily to maintain electronics all night etc. I've done lots of test of NEED more energy IN and want to avoid wind turbine. IF any in the voyage clan here have creative ways to add more solar in creative non traditional ways, If I had the jing I would have solar sails, I would.....
18:09 Dreamer @Bella Sirena I’ve seen people build a rack over the Windvane, it needs to be tall enough to clear the windvane sail. You can then fit huge panels back there. If you don’t want to do that, I’ve also seen people reinforce the bimini and put flexible panels with snaps, won’t last as long you could easily add 300 to 400 watts on top of the bimini.
18:20 bryon Macdonald [Photo]
18:22 bryon Macdonald A picture Bella Sirena, now the cabin trunk aft of the mast has the 4th solar panel, one and two port and STBD of cockpit, third over hard very hard built in dodger, bimini on board very basic rollup kind.
18:26 Road Less Traveled Road Less Traveled on way south out of La Paz on way to Huatulco . In Sea of Cortez passing the tip of BCS in a few hours. Anyone else making similar transit?
18:38 Dreamer @Bella Sirena you would need to reinforce the Bimini and basically have it permanent, then put the soft panels on it.
18:39 Dreamer [Photo]
18:40 Dreamer @Bella Sirena this gives you a idea what’s possible, not my boat, my buddies, i have a combo of hard and soft panels.
19:12 PP SV avant Avant has 4 100w rigid panels on a 4 bow Bimini over the aft cockpit. Works well, after the panels are attached to the Bimini it’s very rigid.
19:15 PP SV avant [Photo]
19:15 PP SV avant [Photo]
19:15 PP SV avant [Photo]
19:15 PP SV avant [Photo]
19:15 PP SV avant [Photo]
19:15 PP SV avant [Photo]
19:15 PP SV avant [Photo]
19:18 PP SV avant [Photo]
19:22 PP SV avant [Photo]
19:22 PP SV avant We added a plexiglass window in the middle
19:37 bryon Macdonald @Rob Murray --Brilliant job. Thanks so much to all for insights/input....

Sun, 11/28/2021
06:07 OCEAN DREAM III -KB Hello Posse. Ocean Dream is leaving Grenada this morning. Heading to Bonaire. Regards. KB
07:31 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce We will be in SJC tomorrow to rest overnight and then to PV and Barra by 12/3. I think we are a little behind you though time wise. Coming from San Diego so on the other side of Baja.
07:33 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce That’s today now. It didn’t send last night.
09:28 Captain Dietmar @TIME OUT - Dan welcome to the Panama Posse
09:29 TIME OUT - Dan Glad to be part of the group.
09:59 REEF DANCER Jerry @OCEAN DREAM III -KB. This reef dancer we left aruba a month ago went straight to the bvi a long but great passage 470 miles
10:21 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce [null] Callejon Pez Sierra 5, 23403 San José del Cabo, B.C.S., Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=23.062481,-109.673500&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
12:11 🥥AngeliqueofVancouve Thanks for the reminder
12:18 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley Orion at Marina Puerto de La Navidad
12:19 PP SV avant Check out the French baker in the morning. It’s worth it.
12:20 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley [Photo]
12:56 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce We’re going to be there on the 1st.
12:57 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley Where would I find this French baker?
12:59 PP SV avant They deliver.
13:00 PP SV avant [Photo]
13:00 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Mmmmm…that looks good.
13:42 WIND DRIFT - Blair and Jodi He comes by in his panga every morning. Listen for his bell as he drives through the Marina. Prices went up though. About 45 pesos for each thing now
16:26 PP SV avant Cruising seminar December 7th, 2:00 p.m. at Marina Riviera Nayarit - At la Cruz ⛵️ Free and open to all.

For all you Baja Ha Ha-ers Baja Ha-Ha Cruisers Rally...and those of you who just returned... Yes, we are seeing weather changes from Summer/Fall to Winter conditions.

Join us for Weather trends "in and out" of Banderas Bay 🇲🇽 Hosted by Michael Eric Danielson PV Sailing ⛵️ at Marina Riviera Nayarit - At la Cruz, December 7th. 2:00 p.m.

Mouth masks 😷 are required during seminars.
16:38 Ho’okipa-Lisa Captain, will you be at Barra for the kickoff?
16:39 Ho’okipa-Lisa What VHF channel does he announce his arrival?
17:08 PP SV avant I will not, sadly. I will be in Shelter Bay Panama.
17:15 Outventure juergen and Iris If you need an aluminum welder, look for eric bauhaus. (Yes, the one who wrote THE book ;) ). He should be around, has the equipment and can do that. Ping me if you need his contact.
18:04 PP SV avant I seem to miss all the ‘free rum’ events. Bad planning.
19:40 Captain Dietmar we need at least one designated driver
this is by design

Mon, 11/29/2021
05:50 Captain Dietmar [null] Andaz Rd, Guanacaste Province, Culebra, Costa Rica : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=10.640939,-85.653611&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
06:07 ☸️SV Enjoy-Don/Nina Panama, Isla coiba. Has anyone been there recently and know the fees for visiting? I've seen older info but nothing recent. Both for under 50' and over 61'. It also appears that there is a lower cost for panamaian residents.
07:38 🥥AngeliqueofVancouve [null] Sin nombre No. 900 1066, Cerritos, 82110 Mazatlán, Sin., Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=23.268932,-106.464230&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
07:52 TOKETEE Dar Diane Kimberly [null] Unnamed Road, Saboga, Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=8.626006,-79.030142&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
07:57 ☸️SV Enjoy-Don/Nina [null] San Miguel, Panamá Province, Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=8.456196,-78.994033&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
07:58 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Leaving SJC for PV. Will be there on the 1st in the late afternoon. Then on to Barra. See everyone on the 3rd in the afternoon.
08:00 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Not sure we will have cell service by 1600 UTC today, so might miss the call. 😟 We’ll be there if we can.
08:02 Medea-Darryl [Guanaja] Main Street Island, Islas de la Bahía 34101 Honduras : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=16.441381,-85.887394&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
08:02 Medea-Darryl 8hrs to Roatan
08:34 Captain Dietmar REMINDER WEEKLY PANAMA POSSE LINE CALL starts in about an hour for the Atlantic and Caribbean and in 90 minutes for the PACIFIC
08:35 REEF DANCER Debbie [Labour Department] British Virgin Islands : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=18.424398,-64.619737&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
08:36 REEF DANCER Debbie Will miss the call waiting in an all day line at immigration to get our visas extended 🤞
08:38 Hope - Patrick [null] Vía sin nombre, Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=8.481976,-79.943658&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
08:40 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce [null] Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=23.004749,-109.576828&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
08:55 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky [null] 3, Alajuela Province, Ánimas, Costa Rica : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=10.010801,-84.274057&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
08:57 🦜🍹Kyrie Does anyone have a freight forwarder from the US to Mexico they can recommend?
08:59 nicole maison de sante [null] Del Mar 31, Gaviota, 63732 Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Nay., Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=20.749758,-105.378749&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:00 REEF DANCER Debbie @🦜🍹Kyrie Deko marine - Carlos (619) 571-0700 in San Diego. Very reliable
09:02 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce No experience with them, but worth talking to Planet Express. They offer forwarding for packages coming from places like Amazon and other online me retailers. Again no experience, just sharing what exists out there. Hope this helps and is what you are looking for.
09:03 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky Yes, please send Eric's contact info
09:03 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce @🦜🍹Kyrie we’ll there you go, and a recommendation to boot. 😁
09:12 Green Flash [null] Butner Street 30, Fort Sherman, Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=9.367309,-79.951055&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:12 SV Jupiter² - Jamie Hi all… Jamie and Princess here… we’re currently at Isla Mujeres, MX…slowly finding our way around here with zero Spanish skills! Any advice for this area would be appreciated.
09:14 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Spanish for Cruisers is a decent book. We’re slowly working our way through it. They also have a website. Not sure if this is what you are looking for though.
09:16 Captain Dietmar Group voice call started.
09:17 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce I’m getting tired of the wind flogging our headsails when sailing downwind and it seems to be mostly downwind sailing for us. I see a whisker pole in our future. Any suggestions and/or recommendations?
09:22 Rick [Photo]
09:22 Rick [San Blas] Panama City Panamá Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=9.503243,-78.939514&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:33 Tulum5- Michele/Chad [null] Pescador 21, Mesa Quemada, 63734 Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Nay., Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=20.748598,-105.384819&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:35 RED ROVER-Alison [null] Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=19.273897,-104.838232&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:41 YO-D-YO Dave [Photo]
09:41 YO-D-YO Dave [Playa Chacala] Chacala, Nayarit Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=21.164352,-105.224756&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:41 LUMOS - Jeremiah [Shelter Bay Marina] Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=9.368382,-79.951435&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:42 YO-D-YO Dave Stern anchored, first time in 20 years. Swimming ashore for breakfast.
09:42 LUMOS - Jeremiah Lots of rain here in Shelter Bay.
09:42 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Sweet. Looking forward to some blue water.
09:49 🥥🦜PathfinderJPNicole [null] 603 E Grinnell Dr, Burbank, CA 91501, USA : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=34.190963,-118.310379&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:49 LUMOS - Jeremiah I tried speaking but i guess nobody heard me. Internet here isn't great.
09:50 PP SV avant Did you find the French baker?
10:05 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley Negative. Not yet.
10:24 Dreamer @SV Jupiter² - Jamie are you anchored there or staying at a marina, what are you trying to do? If you like good affordable food, try the marketplace where all the locals eat, most plates are $2 to $3 instead of the tourist places if $10 plus.
10:27 SV Jupiter² - Jamie Tks @Dreamer …anchored. Food no probs…we’re looking for a chandlery, Cancun I guess..but google doesn’t bring up anything. Any ideas?
10:28 Hope - Patrick Group call ended.
10:29 SV Jupiter² - Jamie @🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce …tks guys. Will work on that….tks
10:30 AKIA Judy [Cabo San Lucas Mexico] 23453 Los Cabos, Baja California Sur Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=22.888324,-109.903648&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
10:30 Dreamer @SV Jupiter² - Jamie oh, no chandlery there, only two small hardware stores. There is a Main boatyard where you get diesel, you can ask there where they think would be best to get what you need.
10:30 Gargoyle [Costa Rica Yacht Club] Costa Rica : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=9.981407,-84.796744&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
10:36 SV Jupiter² - Jamie @Dreamer yeah…will ask around..tks
10:38 Dreamer @SV Jupiter² - Jamie let me ask my buddy Maik who lives there, what do you need??
10:47 SV Jupiter² - Jamie Ah cool…just looking for some nonslip paint.
10:49 Dreamer [Photo]
10:49 Dreamer Ah ok, let me text him now, this place will have some, they do boat painting there, you can ask when you get fuel.
10:50 SV Jupiter² - Jamie Awesome…tks for that
10:52 Dreamer @SV Jupiter² - Jamie ok asked Maik, let’s see what he says, he owns that submarine company you see running around there 😂 http://www.submarinenemo.com
10:53 SV Jupiter² - Jamie Ah Nemo… he should know thanks
10:55 Last Arrow Vincent Group voice call started.
10:56 Last Arrow Vincent Group call ended.
11:04 Independence-Candy W Group voice call started.
11:07 Independence-Candy W Group call ended.
11:08 Independence-Candy W Is there a group called today
11:09 🦜🍹Kyrie Group voice call started.
11:10 🦜🍹Kyrie Group call ended.
11:10 Dreamer [Photo]
11:10 Dreamer [Photo]
11:10 Dreamer [Photo]
11:10 Dreamer @SV Jupiter² - Jamie @SV Jupiter² - Jamie here you go this is where he gets paint
11:11 Dreamer @SV Jupiter² - Jamie Tienda Comex
+52 987 877 0953
11:11 Dreamer [Photo]
11:13 🦜🍹Kyrie [null] Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=19.297744,-104.838351&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
11:14 CAPRICORN CAT - Sue We crossed from Muertos and are heading to La Cruz to re-fuel. Anyone know if they have diesel?
11:29 SV Jupiter² - Jamie @Dreamer that’s awesome help…thanks so much
11:29 TOKETEE Dar Diane Kimberly @CAPRICORN CAT - Sue yes we fueled at their dock last year.
11:32 Dreamer @SV Jupiter² - Jamie your welcome, anytime. If you head down to Panama, shelter bay, say hi, I’ll be there end of Jan until prob March before taking off. My route was isla mujeres, Roatan, San Andres, Panama if you have want any more info.
11:33 SV Jupiter² - Jamie Excellent…we may be that way in Jan…will buy you a beer. Cheers
11:45 Wild (Joe) Hello! Margie and I on Wild are currently in La Paz, about to leave for PV, we have 2 small boys with us, this is our 2nd year on the boat, and first time in Panama Posse. Looking forward to meeting folks!
13:16 Tulum5- Michele/Chad @Wild (Joe) we’re in La cruz leaving for tenacatita sat or sun. We have two kids-
13:17 Alamos And a horse 😁👍
13:37 Sv Firefly Brenda Ted “If i had a pony, id ride it on my boat” Lyle Lovett
13:38 nicole maison de sante @CAPRICORN CAT - Sue I see you at the la Cruz fuel dock. “Hi”
13:42 Tulum5- Michele/Chad @Alamos @Alamos just a grande chihuahua
14:22 Sv Firefly Brenda Ted Hi All! anybody in this group joining us or interested in the Adventure Scientist Coral Reef dive on Dec 6th. Please PM me directly!
14:31 Wild (Joe) We might see you before you leave then, we should be there by then
14:50 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley If I could figure out how to send you a PM, I would, and It would say “I’m always up for a Dive, are you in Barra De Navidad?
15:06 Sv Firefly Brenda Ted Yes. You?
15:08 🥥AngeliqueofVancouve [Photo]
15:08 🥥AngeliqueofVancouve [Photo]
15:42 CAPRICORN CAT - Sue Just fueled up at La Cruz fuel dock. They charge a 15% surcharge for “location convenience”. FYI
15:43 Wild (Joe) @CAPRICORN CAT - Sue I think we saw you in the marina in la paz last week
16:05 O2 ☸️ [null] Puente Nuevo Altata, 80363 Sin., Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=24.657628,-107.978723&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
16:16 CAPRICORN CAT - Sue Hola Wild Joe. We just crossed from Muertos to La Cruz arriving this morning and had an uneventful motoring trip. Welcome!
16:18 Wild (Joe) awesome, we just left the marina on our way across, maybe see you soon!
16:20 ,☠️Delta Swizzler [null] Bastimentos Island, Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=9.332156,-82.178604&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
16:49 walt knot right For those that want a private conversation. To send a PM select Panama Posse banner at top.expand and then select member list pick person and start chat
18:50 ,☠️Delta Swizzler I've done really well with Synergy Spanish. It gets you into conversational Spanish right away. It's also has a great approach of building on what you have already learned. It's doesn't go into verbs and conjunctions. Which makes it easier

Tue, 11/30/2021
06:52 RED ROVER Kevin [Photo]
06:52 RED ROVER Kevin Good morning from Barra...
08:09 Sea Bella Kathy [null] Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=20.747669,-105.372838&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
08:26 Sv Firefly Brenda Ted Good Morning and Welcome to Barra! Hailing is on Ch 22. Nets are MWF on Ch. 22 at 9am. And the french baker announces he is in the marina on 22 around 8:30ish. Taxi Aquatico is on Ch. 23
09:35 RED ROVER Kevin Looking for current diesel (general) prices between Barra and Panama. Any good resource pages or input from the fleet? Mainly curious if one country is much better on prices to fuel up in.
10:31 TOKETEE Dar Diane Kimberly @Red Rover Kevin Chiapas had the best price for us.
11:22 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky [Hotel Grand Isla Navidad Resort] Circuito de los Marinos s/n, Fracc. Isla Navidad. 28838 Manzanillo, Colima Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=19.194986,-104.684449&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
11:51 Aegis, Mary/Ian In Jan/Feb are hoping to stop at Marina Pez Vela in Guatemala. Has anyone been there recently?
12:06 PP SV avant 301753Z NOV 21
NAVAREA IV 1076/21(25).
18-00.0N 070-02.0W, 18-21.5N 070-01.7W,
18-21.5N 069-20.0W, 18-04.0N 069-20.0W,
18-00.0N 069-20.0W, 18-00.0N 070-02.0W.
12:50 Katmandu - Terry Quick request to anyone heading to Barra de Navida from LaCruz . I have a DHL letter at the office in La Cruz Marina . I’d love to get picked up and brought to Barra ….Letter is addressed to Terry Peck Katmandu. Thank you
13:11 DancingontheEdge Mel We are having trouble contacting Vista Mar Marina for a reservations. Any suggestions for contacting them? TIA
13:32 Captain Dietmar telephone or WhatsAp
13:36 DancingontheEdge Mel We have tried both repeatedly.
14:50 Tulum5- Michele/Chad @Katmandu-Terry Terry, we’re in La cruz and I’m happy to help. Wanna discuss in a private chat thing-
14:58 Katmandu - Terry Yes please
15:50 Katmandu - Terry Hi Chad , thank you for volunteering. The envelope is in the Marina
16:14 Green Flash I will PM you Cesar's personal whatsap number. He is the on site manager and is fluent in english
16:17 DANCINGONTHEEDGE-DAN Terrific, thanks a bunch. We’re headed there tomorrow.
16:25 🥥🦜PathfinderJPNicole We would also like to contact Vista Mar Marina in the near future. Is it possible to have Cesar’s WhatsApp number as well? We appreciate it!
17:03 TOKETEE Dar Diane Kimberly @🥥🦜PathfinderJPNicole the owner's daughter Jackie is who I contacted for Vista Mar +507 6611-8528 on WhatsApp.
17:06 DANCINGONTHEEDGE-DAN Thanks, for the info. we were able to contact both of them and we’re all set.
17:34 Captain Dietmar +507 6611-8528 jaqueline s number use whatsap
18:08 CAPRICORN CAT - Sue Does Barra have RO water at the dock? Any idea on dock water quality at the Marina?
18:23 TOKETEE Dar Diane Kimberly @CAPRICORN CAT - Sue it isn't RO water, but it is potable.
18:38 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky It's good water piped in from the mountains and stored in tanks then filtered for the fancy resort and docks. PPM and PH is 👍
18:48 Ho’okipa-Lisa Sue, here's my test records from last season- not perfect, nor anything close to Costa Rica's water, but definitly drinkable: 11/22/2020 Barra 334 ppm / 7.43 PH
5/29/2020 Barra 339 PPM/ 7.54 PH
5/24/2020 Barra 334 PPM / 7.36 PH
5/16/2020 Barra 354 PPM / 7.31 PH
4/15/2020 Barra 398 PPM / 7.34 PH
4/9/2020 Barra de Navidad 324 PPM / 7.5 PH
3/28/2020 Barra de Navidad 411 PPM / 7.27 PH
3/20/20 Barra de Navidad 324 PPM / 7.2 PH

18:48 Sv Firefly Brenda Ted Please run the faucet to ensure it is clear if you choose not to filter. We have seen brown water. We use a 3 filter system. Paper charcoal and uv. But. We have never tested. Welcome!
19:55 Ho’okipa-Lisa Update - Casa Orquideas may be closed but it's still a beautiful calm not to be missed anchorage!!! My understanding is that all beaches in Costa Rica are public...and there's a lotta beach to explore in this paradise...
20:51 Captain Dietmar yes all beaches are public

Wed, 12/1/2021
01:06 Captain Dietmar BORDER CONTROLS
The United States is moving to require that all air travellers entering the country show a negative COVID-19 test performed within one day of departure, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said late on Tuesday. read more

Currently, vaccinated international travellers can present a negative result obtained within three days from their point of departure. The new one-day testing requirement would apply to U.S. citizens as well as foreign nationals
06:25 Captain Dietmar connection time record in México city 95 minutes from arrival to getting to connecting flight
especially long lines bundled with bureaucracy and general anarchy.
barra de navidad here we come (maybe with luggage this time)
07:02 Fickle Muranda Hi Margie and Joe ! This is Muranda and Ben on SV Fickle . We were on your dock for the past 10 months and are now down in Chacala heading towards La Cruz . Nice to know that you guys are finally making it out . We will see you out here . Fair winds !!!
07:04 IBEX - Florian Leaving Bonaire for Santa Marta / Colombia, wrestling with the Puntas Gallinas & de la Vela on Friday and the Thunderstorms off the Sierra Nevada di Santa Marta thereafter 😀
07:06 Road Less Traveled RoadLessTraveled leaving Puerto Vallarta today, heading south
08:11 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley If you’re on the 8:20 flight to Manzanillo, you may be in the same flight as Lisa.
08:32 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce [null] Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=20.647226,-105.685729&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:28 Captain Dietmar [null] Aeropuerto Internacional de Manzanillo COSTALEGRE, 28219 Manzanillo, Col., Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=19.147687,-104.560334&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:30 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce [null] Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=20.623819,-105.389817&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:40 Epsilon-Bill Hope you had a great trip, “No Regrets”.
10:33 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce It was good. Some swells were a bit uncomfortable, but all in all a good trip. Note quite over yet. We overnight in PV and then on to Barra tomorrow. Be there on the 3rd. Hope all is well with you.
11:59 YO-D-YO Mary [null] Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=20.787721,-105.555610&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
12:16 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce @yo-d-yo are you in Banderas Bay heading to PV?
12:33 YO-D-YO Mary @🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce yes. We are going to La Cruz for fuel then we will be in paradise village
12:39 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Ah. We are almost to Marina Vallarta where we will overnight and then to Barra. Dang, so close yet so far.
12:44 YO-D-YO Mary @🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce we are driving to Bara. See you there.
12:44 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Yep. See you there.
13:13 IslaZ/Richard We are Dick and Peggy Koller. We are retired and spend 6 months a year on our Nordhavn 63. We brought the boat from Palm Beach Florida to Barra Navidad beginning last March. We are now considering the Pacific Posse and traveling to the South Pacific. In our time off the boat, we live in Tucson.

13:36 Captain Dietmar [Photo]
13:40 Captain Dietmar @IslaZ/Richard welcome to the Panamá Posse
14:42 No Regrets Lynette We are not driving sailing see you in two days
15:58 walt knot right Anyone on the Mexico City flight to Manzanillo at 16:20? Would love to hook up
16:14 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce [null] Mástil 267, Marina Vallarta, 48335 Puerto Vallarta, Jal., Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=20.665257,-105.250889&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
21:59 RED ROVER Kevin [Photo]
22:01 RED ROVER Kevin Found this guy when I opened up the pilothouse door earlier tonight (in Barra). When I went in for a closer shot, he jumped 10 foot down from his perch in to the water and swam away (underwater). Not sure who was more surprised!
23:28 walt knot right OMG

Thu, 12/2/2021
07:32 RED ROVER Kevin [Photo]
07:32 RED ROVER Kevin Today's sunrise over Barra's lagoon.
07:46 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Mexican Navy stopped us to see our Passports as we were leaving PV. All good.
07:50 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Beautiful!
08:02 🦜🍹Kyrie Where in the hotel are the seminars taking place? Do you have one of the ballrooms?
08:05 SVBoundless "Meet at Manuel Antonio de Mendoza Meeting room on the 3rd floor of the Resort
From the top lobby take the side elevator down to the 3rd floor"
08:10 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley At 10:00?
08:11 ,☠️Delta Swizzler Funny I thought we were meeting in the Tequila Bar at 5PM
08:18 SVBoundless This seems to be the location for some events .... The agenda is online: https://panamaposse.com/panama-posse-kick-off-week
08:40 🦜🍹Kyrie Thanks all!
08:46 🦜🍹Kyrie Question for anyone in Barra- we have a Yamaha 6hp outboard and last night the prop spun off when we put it in reverse. Seems the cotter pin came out at some time and the prop nut came loose. Thankfully I carried a spare prop, bit didn't have a metric thread stainless nut to hold it on, only a steel one which obviously won't last long. Anyone have a smallish metric thread SS nut in their parts bins (shaft is approx 3/8" diameter)?
09:19 Conversations I might have something, maybe!
09:35 ☸️SV Enjoy-Don/Nina Is there a way to download routes from good nautical as a gpx file? I assume there is, and I'm missing the button to do so?
10:04 Conversations Hmmmmm.. We are here.... At the Antonia de Medosa room.... Has the venue changed for our first session?
10:20 Sv Firefly Brenda Ted @Red Rover Kevin he’s a beauty. So odd i never even see them that large here!
11:14 walt knot right [null] C. Océano Pacífico 64, 48987 Barra de Navidad, Jal., Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=19.211044,-104.684109&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
11:15 walt knot right Sitting in the Seminar with alot of new cruising friends
11:17 PP SV avant The good part comes when they break out the rum!
12:05 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky Maybe Pancho can help you?
12:16 Captain Dietmar the 13:00 seminar has moved to the 3rd floor
Antonio de Mendoza room

12:16 Captain Dietmar [Photo]
12:16 PP SV avant Are you doing a zoom or video line call for any seminars?
12:17 Captain Dietmar from the lobby take the north elevadores to level 3 and when you exit
make a left
16:05 🦜🍹Matilda,Fiona&Matt Hola. This is Fiona and Matt aboard Matilda. Dietmar just added us to this group.
17:14 ,☠️Delta Swizzler [Photo]
17:14 ,☠️Delta Swizzler Sunset in Bocas del Toro.
17:24 PP SV avant I’ll take that as a ‘no’.
17:52 Sea Trial Dave [Photo]
17:52 Sea Trial Dave [Photo]
17:53 Sea Trial Dave Beautiful Barra
17:53 Sea Trial Dave [Photo]
18:19 nicole maison de sante [Photo]
18:19 nicole maison de sante [Photo]
21:27 Captain Dietmar recordings but Internet notbavail in conferencia room
will create a hot spot solutions tomorrow I hope
21:28 Captain Dietmar [Photo]
21:28 Captain Dietmar [Photo]
22:06 Gargoyle Try Jackie on WhatsApp or phone at 507 66118528

Fri, 12/3/2021
07:54 Sauvage - Ali Marina Vallarta: your reviews/thoughts from your recent stay? We are considering leaving the boat there for a week or two while we visit family.
08:37 🦜🍹Kyrie Ali-. Spent a week there last year and it was great. Great security and nice amenities (although that won't matter so much if you're away). The entrance is a bit narrow, bit easy enough to navigate as long as a big yacht isn't trying to come the other way.
08:41 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce And they stop all boating traffic when the cruise ships come I. Or leave. We got stuck for almost an hour as one was coming in. This seems to be a daily occurrence. There are 2 cruise ship docks. We were there only one night and the cruise ships that were there when we arrived were replaced by two different cruise ships the next morning.
08:41 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce *come in.
08:43 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce [null] Av. Veracruz 5, 48987 Barra de Navidad, Jal., Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=19.199011,-104.683756&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
08:43 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Almost there!
08:52 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila Great to hear!
09:11 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Thanks!
09:12 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce How is San Jose del Cabo?
09:25 ,☠️Delta Swizzler We stayed there. It was very nice. They used to have a great Farmers Market, Thursday nights. Not sure now with Covid. It's very convenient for the airport too.
10:02 Remedy-Karl [null] Blvd. Manlio Fabio Beltrones 1212, Ranchito Campestre, San Carlos, Son., Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=27.949011,-111.055289&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
10:03 Remedy-Karl Suggestions for a marine electrician in San Carlos?
10:06 PP SV avant An article I wrote for our cruising association (www.bluewatercruising.org) you may enjoy (or even find useful):

10:14 Sea Trial Dave Is anyone flying into Barra before the 7th and is willing to bring a small 120v dingy blow up motor (from West Marine or ?). Mine took a dive. Will of course reimburse.
10:15 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce [null] Vía sin nombre, Jalisco, Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=19.195307,-104.682748&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
10:16 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Estamos aquí!
10:16 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Final moments
10:40 Captain Dietmar Group voice call started.
11:01 PP SV avant Breaking up, can’t hear. I think it’s a mic thing.
12:08 ,☠️Delta Swizzler I heard absolutely nothing oh well.
12:09 PP SV avant There was some earlier. Might be out for lunch now.
12:09 ,☠️Delta Swizzler Okay
12:14 Captain Dietmar We have some Internet
maybe rob can chime in on the weather porción via line ?
12:14 PP SV avant I’m here.
12:15 PP SV avant Group call ended.
12:26 PP SV avant When is weather happening?
13:00 Captain Dietmar now
13:00 PP SV avant Ready, aye ready!
13:01 Captain Dietmar Group voice call started.
13:04 PP SV avant Ok, what’s up?
13:04 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila [null] Q Dock, Baja California Sur, Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=23.062571,-109.676506&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
13:05 PP SV avant Standing by!
13:09 ,☠️Delta Swizzler [null] Red Frog Beach, Bastimentos Island, Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=9.335677,-82.186148&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
13:20 Positivity John [Photo]
13:22 PP SV avant Note: if you have bad connectivity you can type q’s or a’s to participate in a line call. Uses much less bandwidth.
13:26 Captain Dietmar @Rob Murray thank you
13:27 PP SV avant Losing you.
13:30 ,☠️Delta Swizzler Dancing on Edge please mute your mike
13:34 Sv Firefly Brenda Ted @robmurray he going thru website marinas and sponsors, pods etc. nice to hear you!
13:34 PP SV avant Ok. Standing by for key next cameo. ;)
13:38 Sv Firefly Brenda Ted U up
13:39 PP SV avant Note: if you use the sat charts, beers are on you next we meet. Deal?
14:12 PP SV avant Tuantepec notes: 1. it’s vicious when it’s running. Go when it’s calm. 2. Forecasts underreport it, so a 20kf forecast often delivers 30+kn. 3. Be patient. It will pass.
14:14 PP SV avant Papagayo notes: 1. Again, model based forecasts underreport. Look at ‘gusts’ not ‘wind’. 2. Stay close to shore. Any fetch will make nasty waves. 3. Papagayos don’t shut off, they just ease a bit.
14:17 PP SV avant Punta Mala notes: the trip punta mala -> Panama City can be very uncomfortable, against wind and current for ~100 miles. Look for a weather window. Many cruiser doing the eastbound Posse described the trip as the worst on the pacific side. Reaching off to the perlas can be more comfy. Note that the water temp drops as you round the point as well, making it seem ‘cold’. Round the point just after a high tide for least current.
14:31 PP SV avant Are we done?
14:33 Last Arrow Vincent No
14:34 Last Arrow Vincent Just on a break
14:35 Gitana-Hugo Hugo and Michele on Gitana
14:37 Temptress Kim/Caroly Hello, very happy to join the group! Kim and Carolyne
14:41 PP SV avant Ok. Please get Dietmar to restart the call so we know what going on.
14:41 ,☠️Delta Swizzler Can you not rejoin?
14:41 ,☠️Delta Swizzler He is back on now.
14:50 PP SV avant Can’t hear anything
15:21 PP SV avant Let me know when I can stand down, ok?
15:30 ,☠️Delta Swizzler Hearing nothing here
15:30 PP SV avant Or here.
15:31 ,☠️Delta Swizzler We already started
15:47 Wild (Joe) Group call ended.
19:03 Captain Dietmar anyone in barra near their vhf
19:05 IslaZ/Richard Yes
19:06 IslaZ/Richard Isla Z
19:56 Make Me Laugh -Renee [Photo]
19:56 Make Me Laugh -Renee Bob’s steakhouse!
20:45 Captain Dietmar [Photo]
22:26 PP SV avant 040400Z DEC 21
NAVAREA IV 1091/21(GEN).
A. BOSTON (F) 41-42.8N 070-30.3W.
B. CHARLESTON (E) 32-50.7N 079-57.0W.
C. CHESAPEAKE (N) 36-43.7N 076-00.6W.
D. MIAMI (A) 25-37.4N 080-23.4W.
E. NEW ORLEANS (G) 29-53.1N 089-56.7W.
2. CANCEL THIS MSG 081400Z DEC 21.
22:27 PP SV avant This message until December 21. Looks like they aren’t paying the electric bill at the uscg.

Sat, 12/4/2021
07:02 Unknown What does the 5 conuts on burgee represent?
07:41 RED ROVER Kevin How many years the PP has been run...
07:42 Last Arrow Vincent @RED ROVER Kevin are reading Alison’s notes ?
07:42 RED ROVER Kevin For open cpn, confirming it was said that there is 150gb of sat maps... is that correct?
07:42 Last Arrow Vincent @RED ROVER Kevin that what I have in my notes
07:59 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce First sunrise for us in Barra
07:59 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce [Photo]
08:01 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Is there a shot with No Regrets in it. I know we were over in the right side (camera right) and we’re not in this one. 😟
08:35 Captain Dietmar 183 for mbtiles
225 gb with some videos
08:54 Unknown Gracias!
10:03 RED ROVER Kevin 👍
10:03 RED ROVER Kevin 👍
10:19 Last Arrow Vincent @Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky Hey lucky if you are done with our knife the wife is needling it to make her pot luck can you drop it off at the boat thanks
10:31 PP SV avant Article on some of the many ways to get data to your computer for OpenCPN and/or other logging uses. Using the sensors in an older iPhone or android dedicated to this purpose may allow richer data logging.

10:36 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky Ok. Be there shortly
10:42 Last Arrow Vincent @Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky thanks
11:24 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky I need to roast the pig and need a pair of leather gloves to work the hot grill. Does anyone have a pair I can borrow this afternoon for 4 hours?
12:50 WildhoodDirk Hey folks, anybody in Vista Mar currently know what the diesel price is? They are not responding currently...thanks...
13:08 Unknown Fyi...diesel at Flamenco today was $3.38 per gallon
13:16 WildhoodDirk Lol, yeah, that's where I am (Flamenco)....headed to Vista in a week or so...
13:29 Captain Dietmar Group voice call started.
14:15 PP SV avant Sounds like a good presenter. ;)
14:26 🥥 🦜Tennie Ann / MJ Salvador and his partner Jesus did fine job with electrical upgrades and troubleshooting for us in San Carlos this year.
14:27 Remedy-Karl Thanks MJ. I just called Jesus yesterday to schedule for next week.
15:19 PP SV avant Dietmar, should I be hanging on to the call, or am I free now?
15:35 IBEX - Florian 44.0 kts - our entry for highest wind recorded - this was some 30 miles off Punta de La Vela / Colombia
15:35 IBEX - Florian [Photo]
15:46 Captain Dietmar Group call ended.
15:48 BEATA Billy & Ruth [Photo]
15:48 BEATA Billy & Ruth [Photo]
15:48 BEATA Billy & Ruth The before, and the after!
17:11 Sea Bella Kathy I missed the memo about the potluck, do we need to bring utensils, plates, napkins...Also, it may be quite dark, bring a luci light or 2!
17:30 Captain Dietmar yes
18:30 Captain Dietmar [Photo]
18:54 RED ROVER Kevin [Photo]
19:59 Captain Dietmar lucky chucky wins again !
perfect scote on crackling piggy
top 10 galley God(ess) award
19:59 Captain Dietmar [Photo]
21:21 RED ROVER Kevin We have the opencpn files downloaded on to our PC onboard... if anyone needs the files, you can drop off a drive and we can copy them for you....
22:10 walt knot right Someone asked about the price of diesel in Vista Mar. Cesar told me $3.37/gallon USD
22:15 RED ROVER Kevin Anyone buy fuel in El Salvador or Costa Rica recently and have prices?
23:10 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky Allison & Doug, we took on 300 gallons of diesel in Quepos, Costa Rica @ Marina Pez Vela in May. I recall it was between $4 USD and $5 USD per gallon. Heading south from Barra, we had good success fueling up in Chiapas, MX and then Quepos, Costa Rica. We did not have good fuel experiences in other places

Sun, 12/5/2021
06:35 ,☠️Delta Swizzler Fuel in Panama was much cheaper Balboa Yacht Club on the Pacific side, it was less the $3 a gallon, here in Bocas it isn’t between $4.50-5 dollars a gallon
08:24 Ho’okipa-Lisa Thanks Mark!!! That is exactly the info I needed:)
08:27 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila Any recommendations for Caterpillar diesel mechanic in Puerto Vallarta? Having a minor cooling issue I'd like a consult on. Thanks
08:30 ,☠️Delta Swizzler This is Cindy now, it was actually $2.92 per gallon. But, that was May 5th. Before prices went up. But, still a lot less expensive on the Pacific side of the canal than the Atlantic side.
08:31 ,☠️Delta Swizzler We just paid $4.35 a gallon.
08:47 Captain Dietmar Session starts in 15 minutes for tge Adventure Scientist and University of Gualdalajara
08:48 Anduril Where is the session?
08:51 Captain Dietmar barra de navidad mx
08:51 Captain Dietmar 3rd floor
08:51 Anduril Great!
09:24 🍹☠️ TOKETEE Crew [null] Panama City, Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=8.908896,-79.525081&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:25 🍹☠️ TOKETEE Crew Getting measured in the morning for our Canal transit.
09:25 Captain Dietmar On December 6, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will implement a one-day COVID-19 testing requirement for travelers over age two coming to the United States. Regardless of vaccination status or nationality, any individual coming to the United States must show a negative pre-departure COVID-19 viral test taken the day before they board their flight to the United States. You must show your negative result to the airline before you board your flight.


If you recently recovered from COVID-19, you may instead travel with documentation of recovery from COVID-19 (i.e., your positive COVID-19 viral test result on a sample taken no more than 90 days before the flight’s departure from a foreign country, and a letter from a licensed healthcare provider or a public health official stating that you were cleared to travel).


These requirements are for all air passengers two years of age or older boarding a flight from a foreign country to the United States.
09:25 Kanake Dave How exciting (Excited)
11:11 🥥Angelque Of Van Mik What is the name we use at Home Depot for the contractor discount
11:54 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley Does anybody know who had the scuba fins for sale at the swap meet yesterday? I think we’d like to purchase them.
12:01 PP SV avant My nose hurts already.
12:34 TRAVELER - Tim Hello to the Panama Posse! My name is Tim and I am aboard S/V Traveler, a 40’ Steel Cutter. We recently joined the Panama Posse family and have enjoyed the past three days of information and events at Barra de Navidad. Our plans are to continue south through the Panama Canal and work our way up to Maine over the next 6 months. The information sharing we have already received has been very helpful, and we are certainly looking forward to meeting others along the way!
12:56 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky Panama Posse
13:27 Conversations Hi Tim, we aboard s. V. Conversations are also headed up the eastern seaboard this winter/spring. Look forward to comparing notes!
15:10 Make Me Laugh Neil Is there anyone in Barra near a VFH that can call a water taxi to F dock?
15:15 M/V One Life @Make Me Laugh Neil Done

15:15 Make Me Laugh Neil @M/V One Life thank you!
15:30 Brizo Beth Hey Kevin, would a 5GB drive be enough for those files?
15:31 Make Me Laugh Neil @Brizo Beth if you want all the files, it’s about 250 GB
15:34 Brizo Beth Ok, thanks!
15:35 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley What’s the process for hailing a water taxi on VHF?
15:36 Brizo Beth You can call the water taxi on channel 23
15:36 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley Roger….. thanks
16:11 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Did anyone get back to you with an answer to your question?
16:13 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila What's the procedure for getting National Park Passes in Mexico??
16:14 Wild (Joe) I'd be interested in that answer as well
16:26 Make Me Laugh Neil @🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce the answer is above “Panama Posse”
16:48 Captain Dietmar weekly panama posse line call tomorrow at 15:30 UTC for the CARIBBEAN and Atlantic and 16:00 UTC FOR the PACIFIC
16:49 Katmandu - Terry Tacos 🌮 @ 5:300?
16:50 Make Me Laugh Neil @Katmandu-Terry where?
16:51 Katmandu - Terry (downtown) Barra
16:54 Medea-Darryl Has anyone entered Belize recently from either Guatemala or Honduras?
Least expensive place for check in? Punta Gorda?

Who needs to be contacted for pre arrival?

Thanks for the assistance
16:56 Make Me Laugh Neil @Katmandu-Terry there was mention of a roof top bar/restaurant at 1730, but I didn’t catch where. We are in Barra now. Just waiting to find out where to go
17:01 walt knot right Dietmar will have to answer that one. But we are going to take the water taxi from the resort at 530. If you don't get an answer, hook up with us when we come ashore
17:01 Make Me Laugh Neil Ok
17:04 Medea-Darryl Group video call started.
17:06 Make Me Laugh Neil @Medea-Darryl butt dial?
17:10 Medea-Darryl Group call ended.
17:11 Medea-Darryl Yes sorry 😣
20:50 HAPPY DAYS Thanks for this… heading that way shortly

Mon, 12/6/2021
07:28 Alamos Sometimes can be a challenge to find locations. Ultimately you can buy the pass from the Park rangers if you ever see one.
07:32 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila Ok gracias!
07:36 BEATA Billy & Ruth Thank you Rob.
07:51 SV Juliet-Charlie @🦜panamaposseDietmar
Good morning Dietmar - LeeAnne is unable to write her drone files to the USB stick you gave her. Is there another way she can get the files to you?
07:54 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Not sure I understand. Could you clarify please.
08:00 Make Me Laugh Neil @🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce , the question was asked, for the name at Home Depot, the answer was given by Lucky Chucky as “Panama Posse”
08:01 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Ah. Got it. Thanks. Much appreciated.
08:07 PP SV avant Article I wrote for our cruising association you might enjoy. https://currents.bluewatercruising.org/articles/hillbilly-air/
08:27 Aegis, Mary/Ian @SephinaJosh Online annual parks pass: https://pasaportedelaconservacion.conanp.gob.mx/vistas/inicio.php
08:40 Captain Dietmar I can come by at 11 with a harddrive
08:41 Captain Dietmar Weekly Panamá Posse line call starts in 50 minutes for the Atlantic and Caribbean and at16:00 UTC gor the Pacific
09:05 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce [Marina Puerto de la Navidad] La Barra de Navidad, Jalisco Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=19.195816,-104.683121&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:08 ,☠️Delta Swizzler [null] 9.334434, -82.178202, Bastimento, Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=9.337113,-82.177745&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:11 Captain Dietmar [null] Vía sin nombre, Jalisco, Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=19.195292,-104.683236&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:14 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila [Marina Puerto Los Cabos] Puerto Los Cabos 23400 San José del Cabo, Baja California Sur Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=23.062923,-109.671733&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:20 Mira - Glenn [null] Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=9.565082,-78.858586&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:21 Mira - Glenn Group voice call started.
09:21 Mira - Glenn Group call ended.
09:22 Captain Dietmar Group voice call started.
09:25 Road Less Traveled Transiting Tehuanepek Bay headed south
09:41 Mira - Glenn [File]
09:41 Mira - Glenn Anchored in East Lemmon Cays in 22ft.
09:49 IBEX - Florian [Marina Santa Marta] Cra 1 # 22 - 93 Santa Marta, Magdalena Colombia : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=11.241150,-74.216124&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:50 PP SV avant USA Covid yesterday update. It is ‘one day’, not 24 hours.

09:51 Mira - Glenn Greetings all. We are flying from Panama to the US next week. Anyone have current information on COVID testing services at Shelter Bay? Thx
09:56 Aegis, Mary/Ian See my real-time location on Maps: https://maps.app.goo.gl/b1xvm3gS2t2oHCiBA
10:00 PP SV avant Juanjo has been arranging tests done on site. I think he needs a couple of days notice.
10:03 Mira - Glenn Thx Rob. Juanjo is our next call.
10:03 ☸️SV Enjoy-Don/Nina Yes, juanjo can set this up, or you can take the test at the airport. It's around 45 minutes to so that and they are open from around 5am to 9pm (as I recall). We've done both.
10:04 🥥🦜PathfinderJPNicole [null] 536 E Cypress Ave, Burbank, CA 91501, USA : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=34.188230,-118.309114&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
10:11 ☸️SV Enjoy-Don/Nina [null] Contadora, Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=8.621791,-79.035915&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
10:27 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila E-Chart question: Outside US waters I'm using OpenCPN with chart groups Cm93, Bing Sat, Google Sat & Navionics. I have also purchased the Navionics app for my phone and have downloaded all the relevant data. As I was approaching San Juan de Cabo, I was dismayed that Cm93 has no large scale harbor charts; I picked my way into the harbor with my cell phone. Just wondering what people are using for large scale charts in OpenCPN?
10:36 M/V One Life Group call ended.
11:02 Sea Bella Kathy [null] Vía sin nombre, Jalisco, Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=19.195236,-104.682760&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
11:09 Temptress Kim/Caroly From CDC Website: Required Testing before Air Travel to the US
Required for all air passengers two years of age or older boarding a flight from a foreign country to the United States

Updated Dec. 2, 2021
What You Need to Know
If you plan to travel internationally, you will need to get a COVID-19 viral test (regardless of vaccination status or citizenship) no more than 1 day before you travel by air into the United States. You must show your negative result to the airline before you board your flight.
11:53 Captain Dietmar satellite overlays
12:00 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila Yes but I've noticed the satellite overlays are also overzoomed at high resolution
12:37 M/V One Life FYI- Just paid $4.71 USD per gallon of diesel at Barra. Cash price.
12:41 DreamCatcher Henri Group voice call started.
12:41 DreamCatcher Henri Group call ended.
12:50 Captain Dietmar so let.s make a proper sat chart for that marina
13:50 PP SV avant The sat charts for most areas I stopped at level 18 zoom. Level 18 is ‘pretty darn good’ and *usually* offers almost the same detail as level 20. If you look at levels 18, 19, 20, 21, and 22 in sasplanet you will notice there is little if any additional detail of practical utility available in zooms above 18. However, each additional zoom level increases the file size 4X. So adding level 19 the mexico file quadruples in size. Adding level 19 & 20, goes up 16X.

Have a look in sasplanet and see if you think the file size shift is worth it for the additional detail, please let me know what you think.
13:51 PP SV avant Pub. 147, Sailing Directions (Enroute) Caribbean Sea - Volume I (16th Edition 2018) has been updated to 13 November 2021.

The updated publication can now be accessed on NGA's Maritime Safety Web site
(https://na01.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fmsi.nga.mil%2FPublications&amp;data=04%7C01%7C%7C1af6af66ee2a413bfca308d9b8f0e361%7C84df9e7fe9f640afb435aaaaaaaaaaaa%7C1%7C0%7C637744167010393092%7CUnknown%7CTWFpbGZsb3d8eyJWIjoiMC4wLjAwMDAiLCJQIjoiV2luMzIiLCJBTiI6Ik1haWwiLCJXVCI6Mn0%3D%7C3000&amp;sdata=dGFBSJIL2KWuPrUNQsJrOJGqXJR15LbvNpSDifWSYa8%3D&amp;reserved=0 ).
14:21 PP SV avant The other thing I think is worth mentioning is that you ‘fall off’ the WAAS augmentation system in the Posse operating area, so GPS is not as accurate in Mexico as it is in California. Your reliance on sat charts should be as a means to get within range of your primary navigation aid, the eyeball mk.1.

Without WAAS in place, the nominal optimum horizontal accuracy you see in the USA of +/-1m is reduced to about +/- 8m for Mexico and points south.
14:45 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila Thanks that's good information to have re GPS accuracy...in fact, we will arrive at Isla Isabella before dawn, so my plan is to hold station 10-15 miles off until daybreak and pick my way into the anchorage with "Eyeball Mk. 1"...on a related note, my favorite boat cleaner is called EG-2000, the "EG" standing for elbow grease 😅
14:45 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila Thanks again Rob
16:55 Ho’okipa-Lisa Barra De Navidad - someone ordered a box of cigars from Hector the Cigar roller in the lobby. Unfortunatly, the unnamed person is a no-show. The cigars are Robusto 60 ring mexican fill with a 5-year aged cuban wrap. Cost is 800 pesos. He's been a great supporter of the Posse during Covid and I'd hate to see him stiffed. Hector can be reached on what's app +52 315 104 7043
17:12 BEATA Billy & Ruth We can take them. I will contact him now.
17:29 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky He will deliver to the marina or meet you in Barra
17:36 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky Is anyone interested in going into Barra for dinner tonight?
18:03 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky I heard there's a good sushi place in Colima and we would be up for that as well
18:07 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce I think we were at that sushi place up on the hill and it was excellent!
18:08 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce They were very busy last night so the service was slow, but worth the wait.
18:09 Temptress Kim/Caroly The restaurant I believe it was El Pescador. We ate there last week. Terrific.
18:09 Temptress Kim/Caroly Kim Temptress
18:21 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce That’s the one!
19:20 Last Arrow Vincent Lucky I’ll meet you for dinner where are you ?
19:22 Last Arrow Vincent Group voice call started.
19:23 Last Arrow Vincent Group call ended.
19:23 Sea Trial Toni Group voice call started.
19:23 Sea Trial Toni Group call ended.
19:23 Last Arrow Vincent @Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky call me Vince 949 326-6769
19:33 Last Arrow Vincent @Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky call me 949-326-6769

Tue, 12/7/2021
06:55 Alamos Somebody asked about galvanizing chain here in Panama. By the time the chain is moved from boat to sand blasters to galvanizer locations and back, it is in the ball park of the cost of new chain here... Hope that helps👍
(Although it can be done)
06:57 Outventure juergen and Iris Thanks for the info. Would be great to get a breakdown of those costs involved and the suppliers. I have a secondary anchor that i‘d like to have galvanized.
09:34 REEF DANCER Jerry [null] British Virgin Islands : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=18.356138,-64.607375&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:34 REEF DANCER Jerry [Photo]
09:35 REEF DANCER Jerry From the beautiful British Virgin islands reef dancer
09:50 Tulum5- Michele/Chad [null] Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=19.299656,-104.836742&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
10:15 Medea-Darryl Has anyone checked into Cayman Islands recently?
Is travel insurance a requirement?
10:41 PP SV avant Haven’t seen a Posse member go in lately. Latest from noonsite here: https://www.noonsite.com/place/cayman-islands/formalities/#biosecurity-section
11:10 Ho’okipa-Lisa Sorry Vince, I just got this. Do I owe you a call, or are we good?
11:11 Ho’okipa-Lisa Mike @ PV Sails will have that info for you...
11:12 Last Arrow Vincent We’re good ! Cheers
11:31 Kanake Dave Anyone have a good used vhf handheld for sail in Bara ?
11:44 🦜🍹Matilda,Fiona&Matt Group voice call started.
11:44 🦜🍹Matilda,Fiona&Matt Group call ended.
12:14 Medea-Darryl Thank you
12:17 Katmandu - Terry I have a ICom m36 floating VHF available for coconuts 🌴
12:21 Captain Dietmar contact the barcadere marina listed at https://panamaposse.com/sponsors
they have up to date info
15:33 Ho’okipa-Lisa Thank you Kim & Caroly!!! BTW, do you know Dr. Royce? I saw him in Catalena a few years ago hunting Lobsters on an Ocean Alexander...maybe it was your boat?

Wed, 12/8/2021
07:06 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce That was including dock fee, right? What is the walk up price at the road? I have a small enough tank I can haul several jerry cans up the hill.
07:20 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky [null] 14, Pueblo Civil, Puntarenas Province, Golfito, Costa Rica : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=8.622493,-83.152478&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:40 Last Arrow Vincent @Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky
Hey Charles hope your trip home was inventful and the boat was in good shape when you arrived. I was trying to order the Panama Cruising Guide but can’t find it on Amazon, wondering if you new a place I could order it found. Cheers eh !
09:42 M/V One Life @🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce That was with docking surcharge.
09:42 Last Arrow Vincent @Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky hope your trip home was uneventful and your boat was in good shape. I can’t find that book on Amazon you recommend “Panama Cruising guide” Wondering if you had any suggestions where to order it ?
Cheers eh !
10:04 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce 👍
10:05 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Still not as expensive as Turtle Bay. 😳
10:09 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Anyone here a “expert” at diagnosing NMEA 0183 issues with a MUX involved?
10:37 Alamos The Alamos is a sport fisher, glad I had the Posse to enlighten me that turtle bay wasn’t a normal priced fuel stop...😁👍
Made sure in Ensenada.....
11:09 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce I’m in need of a short length of 1/2” pix tubing to finish my watermaker install. I’ve contacted Rich Boren in La Paz and if there is someone there who can bring it down to Barra, that would be great. He’s also has something for Baja Fog that needs to come down as well and mine could piggyback with theirs.
12:26 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce PEX
13:13 Brizo Damien How long of a PEX piece do you need? I think I’ve got some of the smaller size which is probably what you’d need. We’re in Barra marina
13:16 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce I need about 4’ of 1/2” OD PEX.
13:17 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce We are in Barra as well.
13:18 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Also someone is possibly coming down from La Paz soon and could bring me a piece as well as they are bringing something for Baja Fog. That’s not confirmed yet.
13:18 Last Arrow Vincent https://gcaptain.com/carr-great-circles-modified-great-circles-rhumb-lines-and-bucket-routes/?fbclid=IwAR03YCkORiW4pEH9NPok42TdxScYEmgOaeIr-6zyAGlbgI0qwgcklJHZiFo
14:27 Ho’okipa-Lisa Lisa doesn't remember, but the inside of the cover page sez: google PANAMA CRUISING GUIDE ERIC BAUHAUS, or email him directly: ebauhaus@gmail.com
14:29 Ho’okipa-Lisa What a brilliant idea!!!
14:46 Last Arrow Vincent Copy thanks
15:58 Tulum5- Michele/Chad @🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Bruce, I’ve got a 30ft roll of blue 1/2 PEX tubing here on the boat and would be happy to give you what you needed but we’re in tenacatita not planning to come into Barra. Not sure this helps-
16:04 Sv Firefly Brenda Ted We have some pex too. Just call me and we can cut you a piece. We on b20
16:05 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Chad, thanks. How long are you going to be there and how long would it take to get there from Barra? I might have some coming down from La Paz, but don’t have a final on that yet.
18:14 BEATA Billy & Ruth Thank you, Dietmar, for a terrific PanamaPosse kickoff. We appreciated all the great information and meeting a few of the other Posse members.
18:14 BEATA Billy & Ruth [Photo]
19:02 Ho’okipa-Lisa Golfito, Costa Rica - diesel is 649 colones per litro, or 1.02 USD per liter, or $3.85 USD per gallon...did I get that conversion right?
19:03 Ho’okipa-Lisa Miss you two love birds already!!! Looking forward to seeing you soon...
20:31 Ho’okipa-Lisa Lisa found it on Amazon!!! By Eric Bauhaus The Panama Cruising Guide 5th Edition (5th Fifth Edition) [Paperback]: Eric Bauhaus: 9789962056645: Amazon.com: Books

Thu, 12/9/2021
08:06 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce I’m doing research on places to stay in Panama on the Pacific side. Has anyone spent any time in Boca Chula? If so, comments, suggestions? Thanks.
08:22 Tulum5- Michele/Chad @🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Bruce, it’s only 11 miles from Barra but we’re leaving tomorrow to go to carrizal/manzanillo. Here if u need it-
08:25 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Chad, thank you. There is a boat coming down from La Paz with some stuff for Baja Fog and Rich Boren was able to get 4’ or so to them to bring to us. Thank you so much for reaching out. Much appreciated.
08:37 RED ROVER-Alison [Photo]
08:37 RED ROVER-Alison Thanks for the wonderful time in Barra everyone! So good to meet so many great people! See you out on the big blue watery highway!
08:39 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Likewise. We certainly enjoyed your generous hospitality. See you out there.
08:40 RED ROVER-Alison So great to meet you two. We look forward to sharing an anchorage with you!
08:55 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce That would be great!
08:56 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce That would be great. It’s a big ocean. You never know.
09:37 Second Set -Chip Could some please post the contact info for the Panama canal agent. I can't seem to find it. Thanks in advance!
09:52 DancingontheEdge Mel @DANCINGONTHEEDGE-DAN @DANCINGONTHEEDGE-DAN agent for canal is Eric Galvez. Centerario is the company. Phone is 507 6676 1376. We were pleased with his service
09:54 🥥🦜PathfinderJPNicole [Photo]
09:56 Second Set -Chip Thank you
13:23 RED ROVER-Alison [Photo]
13:23 RED ROVER-Alison About 10 nm south of Manzanillo, 5 nm offshore. Fish for dinner!
13:25 Katmandu - Terry [Sticker]
13:29 Brizo Damien Muy bueno!
13:34 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Wow!
13:38 Hope - Patrick Nice fish
13:38 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila What kind of rig are you using?
13:40 Kanake Dave Go Kev 😎‼️
13:45 RED ROVER Kevin Williamson Ballyhoo Combo Rigged, 10-Inch 15-Ounces, BHCR10NTB https://www.amazon.com/dp/B005Z83LJ4/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_fabc_H23C2BCHZH4TBGXZ7P13?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
13:46 RED ROVER Kevin suppers! Time running it...
13:54 RED ROVER Kevin First time running this lure
14:40 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Showing my fishing naïveté, what type of fish is that?
15:24 RED ROVER Kevin Bruce, it's a dorado... great for tacos and everything else!
15:49 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Ah, I looked at Mahi-mahi and Wahoo. Neither matched, but never thought of looking at dorado. Yum. Grilled fish tacos for dinner? We’ll be right over. 😁
15:51 Medea-Darryl @🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Dorado, Mahi and Dolphin fish are all the same
All the brilliant blue, gold and green colours drain after they die
16:05 Ho’okipa-Lisa kudos!!!
16:06 Ho’okipa-Lisa we love it shashimi style as well
16:06 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Darryl, thanks!
16:07 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Mmmmm
16:12 RED ROVER Kevin Fishing is good on Red Rover today... second Dorado..
16:12 RED ROVER Kevin [Photo]
16:21 Last Arrow Vincent muy bien!
16:38 nicole maison de sante @RED ROVER Kevin nice catch!
16:48 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Very cool! And the color is still there.
18:14 Ho’okipa-Lisa Well done Allison, well done...
19:39 Anduril Amazing!!
21:25 Captain Dietmar Panama Posse in good Company !
Yachting World Magazine issue 01/2022 | 09. Dec 2021

21:25 Captain Dietmar [Photo]
21:25 Captain Dietmar [Photo]
21:25 Captain Dietmar [Photo]
21:25 Captain Dietmar [Photo]
21:25 Captain Dietmar [Photo]
21:29 Last Arrow Vincent Excellent!
21:44 Wild - Margie Hello! We'llbe arriving in Banderas Bay early this coming week and are looking to connect with other kids boats. We have two boys, 8&5 who would love to play with someone besides each other! I'm already in touch with the Kid's Club in La Cruz but would like to meet others outside of that as well.
22:52 S/V Satori - Benj. Satori is in La Paz. Muertos to PV passage departing the 16th or so! Always interested in potential passage buddies if anyone is on the same time line. Hoping to stop at Isla Isabella for a day or two to dive.

Fri, 12/10/2021
10:50 RED ROVER-Alison [Photo]
10:51 RED ROVER-Alison [Photo]
10:52 RED ROVER Kevin Sailfish... just south of Lazaro Cardenas...
10:52 Wild - Margie We just came from La Paz! We are heading to La Cruz on Sunday. Maybe we'll see you there!
10:53 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce What are you going to do with all that fish? 😁👍
10:55 Last Arrow Vincent Is that a hoochie mama lure you are using ?
10:55 RED ROVER Kevin We released the sailfish... I should have e clarified that! The dorado we will eat! Ended up with 10lbs of cleaned fish from yesterday...
10:57 RED ROVER Kevin [Photo]
10:58 RED ROVER Kevin It is a Zukers brand lure. Have two with similar coloring... these are the 10" I think
10:58 Last Arrow Vincent @RED ROVER Kevin yip that’s as hoochie as they get !
10:59 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce 👍 Sweet!
10:59 Dreamer I wish more people will release billfish, they really need a break
11:02 RED ROVER Kevin Absolutely, we caught a striped marlin this side of LA Paz and released it... they are just to beautiful to eat. With that said, dorado is also beautiful but way too tasty!
11:04 Dreamer @RED ROVER Kevin yeah but dorado can multiply like crazy, billfish take a while. I’m sure I hooked a billfish on my way to Panama, stripped my reel within a minute and broke my 60lb line like nothing when i tried to slow the drag lol. Just sorry it has a hook in its mouth for at least a month until it rusts away.
11:14 RED ROVER Kevin I had the drag all the way up (but before sunsetting it) and it was still taking line for 90 seconds +... 80lb line...
11:25 Dreamer @RED ROVER Kevin you must have a larger reel than me, i just upgraded from my senator 4.0 to a 6.0 i just bought and will bring down. But i like smaller fish anyway, mahi, tuna, and king Mack are all i want. I release cudda no also, to dangerous to eat 😂.
11:27 RED ROVER Kevin No barracuda needed!
13:01 Dreamer [Photo]
13:01 Dreamer [Photo]
13:01 Dreamer These were tasty
13:04 RED ROVER Kevin 👍👍👍
13:31 Ho’okipa-Lisa David, is that wahoo or mackeral?
14:55 Dreamer @Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky those were three king Mack, no wahoo yet, I’m hoping for those as i cross the pacific
15:07 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley [Photo]
15:07 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley Anybody got any cooking recommendations for this Jack, caught yesterday just outside of Bahia Tenacatita?
15:08 Dreamer @🌵ORION, SV/PATRICK can’t go wrong with fish tacos, batter and fry and eat
19:46 Tulum5- Michele/Chad @Wild - Margie Come to Zihua for Christmas, several kid boats will be there including us- Tulum-5
21:23 🦜🍹Kyrie Bleed them immediately and ideally cook and eat the same day. Fillettes are amazing with just olive oil and Montreal steak seasoning. Flavor and texture both very reminiscent of a ribeye steak. Season like you would red meat.
21:31 Last Arrow Vincent [Photo]
21:31 Last Arrow Vincent [Photo]
21:31 Last Arrow Vincent [Photo]
21:35 Last Arrow Vincent For you new to Barra de Navidad FYI the Red Light at the port entrance is out of service and one of the green channel markers is also missing. Watch your charts and depth Sounders if you’re not not familiar with the port entrance and channel
21:50 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky Patrick, Kyrie is spot on. Also, eaten within hours of catching, shashimi style is excellent. A day after it tastes bad. Maybe freeze what you don't eat and use as bait or pet food? But, you caught a big one!!

Sat, 12/11/2021
06:41 ,☠️Delta Swizzler Hola, people in BOCAS DEL TORO. Dietmar asked me to head up a holiday potluck next weekend, Saturday at the Calypso Cantina. Please bring your own meat and a side dish. I'm attaching the links for the RSVP. Dietmar will be supplying some delicious Flor de Cana Rum.
06:41 ,☠️Delta Swizzler rsvp form will live under
08:31 TIME OUT - Dan To all, I just sourced a 256G memory card for my Samsung tablet. Is there anyone still at Barra Navidad I can download the open cpn files from?
10:07 Ho’okipa-Lisa Barra de Navidad - Hector the cigar guy in the hotel still has the box avaialable that one of the PP cruisers ordered but didn't pick up...
10:09 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Now I wish I smoked, as I don’t like to see him get stiffed. 😟
10:12 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce What is the best place to get pesos in Barra?
10:20 Captain Dietmar ATM in hotel lobby
10:20 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Better than going to a bank in Barra?
10:23 WIND DRIFT - Blair and Jodi No banks in Barra. Hotel gives horrible exchange and charges $170 fee. Best to go to Melaque Banco Azteca
10:24 Captain Dietmar Another way to pay in Mexico is with an app called remitly
this is a $4 x transaction transfer app between you and anyone in Mexico with an ATM card
I've used it to pay dockworkers divers companies and suppliers
all you need is a us bank account
link it with the remitly app
then on the payee side
the bank name
ATM card number
full name on the account
town of the bank
and recipient cell #

10:24 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Good info. Thanks!
10:25 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce More good info. Thanks!
11:37 RED ROVER Kevin On many ATM machines here in Mexico, the bank will offer you an exchange rate that isn't great. You DO NOT need to accept their exchange rate offer, DECLINE it and the atm will dispense your requested withdrawal amount at your own bank's exchange rate (which is typically the going internet posted rate). When we withdrawal $7000 pesos, declining the atm rate saves us about $20 usd.
11:42 Last Arrow Vincent [Photo]
11:43 Last Arrow Vincent Looks like the red entrance light into Barra harbor maybe back in action.
11:43 PP SV avant Jack makes great poke.
11:43 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Cool. Thanks, Kevin.
11:44 Last Arrow Vincent Anyone know the price of diesel in Barra or have any recommendations price wise for fuelling between Mazitlan and Barra ?
11:52 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce One Life recently paid $4.71 USD per gallon cash. There is diesel in PV, but I don’t know the price.
11:54 ,☠️Delta Swizzler San Blas is always the cheapest place to buy fuel in Mexico and they have no add on fees like most marinas
11:54 Last Arrow Vincent @,☠️Delta Swizzler copy thanks
12:08 SAVA - Melinda "Mel" Cool! Will have a look
12:09 ,☠️Delta Swizzler 👍
12:10 Captain Dietmar *PANAMA POSSE POT LUCK*


for details and to RSVP go to


12:10 Captain Dietmar [Photo]
12:11 Medea-Darryl [Playa Publica Livingston] Guatemala : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=15.826359,-88.749895&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
12:15 TOKETEE Dar Diane Kimberly [null] Butner Street 30, Fort Sherman, Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=9.368513,-79.950884&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
12:16 TOKETEE Dar Diane Kimberly We made it to Shelter Bay.
12:37 walt knot right Congratulations. We wish we were there with you
12:38 ,☠️Delta Swizzler Are you heading towards Bocas or San Blas?
12:45 🍹☠️ TOKETEE Crew @,☠️Delta Swizzler we are going to be at Shelter Bay for a couple of weeks to take care of a cooling problem. San Blas then Bocas.
12:46 ,☠️Delta Swizzler Good luck. Enjoy. We will see you when you get to Bocas
12:59 TOKETEE Dar Diane Kimberly [Photo]
13:01 TOKETEE Dar Diane Kimberly The line handlers through Agent Erick Galvaz was well worth the expense and experience going through the Panama Canal
13:11 Dreamer @🦜☠️🍹 TOKETEE I’ll be going the opposite way in a few months
13:36 TOKETEE Dar Diane Kimberly @Dreamer maybe we will cross paths and exchange information
13:42 PP SV avant [Location]
13:42 PP SV avant We’re here. Lots to do!
13:42 PP SV avant [Photo]
13:44 walt knot right Rob, really glad you made it.
14:10 Green Flash Welcome to Shelter Bay, Toketee! I see Junior was one of your line handlers....really great guy.
14:33 TOKETEE Dar Diane Kimberly @Green Flash thank you! That whole crew was great and made our experience better. We highly recommend them.
14:47 Dreamer @🦜☠️🍹 TOKETEE my boats in the storage yard there, they are doing work on it, you might be able to see her. Both Dreamer and Early Bird are on the hard waiting for next years crossing season.
18:59 Ho’okipa-Lisa Finally!!
20:20 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila PV fuel is 27.99/Liter, just checked
20:24 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Wow! That’s the same as I paid in Turtle Bay.

Sun, 12/12/2021
07:29 INDEPENDENCE - Richard Dropped pin
07:31 INDEPENDENCE - Richard Independence is on her way to Chiapas
09:22 Vagabundo Dos Independence, can I contact you about a possibility of picking up a small package in Marina Chiapas and dropping it off at a CA port?
09:30 Vagabundo Dos Ooops! It looks from your profile that you are coming from Panama! I’mlooking for someone going south from Marina Chiapas.
09:34 Vagabundo Dos Is there anyone who would be leaving Marina Chiapas in the coming weeks on their way south? Puesta del Sol ? , other ports?
09:37 Vagabundo Dos Feel free to PM Vagabundo Dos!
11:10 🦜🍹Kyrie Anyone have the current cost per foot at Marina Ixtapa with the PP discount?
11:13 Captain Dietmar 20% discount on daily rates
25% discount on stays longer than 14 days

Lic. Elsa Zuñiga Loeza
Marina IxtapaTel.

+52 755 553-0222
+52 755-553-2180
email ezuniga@marina-ixtapa.com
11:49 Captain Dietmar @🦜🍹Kyrie RATES

Not sure if these rates have increased 0 please let us know when you contact them
Available from January 1st through December 31st, 2020
Vessel Length \ Days 1 – 6 7 – 29 30+
30-59 ‘ $ 0.90 $ 0.80 $ 0.70
60-65 ‘ $ 1.50 $ 1.25 $ 1.00
66-75 ‘ $ 2.00 $ 1.50 $ 1.25
76+ $ 2.50 $ 2.00 $ 2.00

Electricity: $ 0.30 x kw
Water (potable) $ 7.00 x m3
Pumping out service $ 25.00
12:45 Captain Dietmar @☠️ Pacific Raven how was your Passage ?
12:45 Captain Dietmar @☠️ Pacific Raven how was your passage ?
16:02 Ho’okipa-Lisa Scott? Nacho? Que Pasa?
18:24 Captain Dietmar REMINDER WEEKLY PANAMA POSSE LINE CALL TOMORROW AT 15;30 UTC for the Atlantic & Caribbean
16:00 UTC for the PACIFIC

Mon, 12/13/2021
06:39 ☠️ Pacific Raven Passage was great - weather initially but cleared up as forecasted - and Thank God - NO PIRATES - Now for the season down the western Caribbean in Mexico, Belize and Guatemala - sailed almost the whole time
06:40 ,☠️Delta Swizzler Glad to hear it
07:16 Road Less Traveled [Photo]
07:17 Road Less Traveled [null] Andaz Rd, Guanacaste Province, Culebra, Costa Rica : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=10.642040,-85.653558&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
08:07 ,☠️Delta Swizzler [Photo]
08:07 ,☠️Delta Swizzler Beautiful Bocas Rainbow.
09:00 SVAKIA-Rick [Marina Riviera Nayarit] Riviera Nayarit Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Nayarit Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=20.748294,-105.380225&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:18 Captain Dietmar weekly Panamá Posse line call starts in 15 minutes for the atl/car and 45 minutes for the PACIFIC
09:18 ☠️ Pacific Raven Group voice call started.
09:18 ☠️ Pacific Raven Group call ended.
09:18 ☠️ Pacific Raven Group voice call started.
09:19 ☠️ Pacific Raven Group call ended.
09:20 Captain Dietmar Group voice call started.
09:29 PP SV avant [null] Butner Street 30, Fort Sherman, Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=9.369674,-79.951123&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:32 SVBoundless [null] Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=18.897531,-104.260063&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:34 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce [El Horno Francés] La Barra de Navidad, Jalisco Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=19.202481,-104.683876&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:39 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley [Paradise Marina & Yatch Club] Nuevo Vallarta (Riviera Nayarit) Jarretaderas, Nayarit Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=20.693157,-105.293770&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:47 Green Flash [null] Butner Street 30, Fort Sherman, Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=9.367162,-79.951031&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:47 WIND DRIFT - Blair and Jodi [null] Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=18.832221,-104.072155&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:49 RED ROVER-Alison [null] Las Palmas 5, Centro, 40880 Zihuatanejo, Gro., Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=17.641363,-101.554931&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:55 M/V One Life [null] Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=17.467088,-101.392077&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
10:02 Alamos [Location]
10:07 🥥🦜PathfinderJPNicole [Grand Solmar Land’s End Resort & Spa] Ave Solmar #1A Col Centro 23450 Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=22.875465,-109.903478&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
10:11 ☸️SV Enjoy-Don/Nina [null] Vía sin nombre, Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=8.481493,-79.943297&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
10:20 YO-D-YO Mary [Paradise Marina & Yatch Club] Nuevo Vallarta (Riviera Nayarit) Jarretaderas, Nayarit Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=20.693156,-105.293769&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
10:24 ,☠️Delta Swizzler Group call ended.
10:25 Last Arrow Vincent [Huerta paramo] Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=28.462824,-107.207075&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
10:49 SVBoundless We have a Posse posse heading south from Manzanillo towards Zihuatanejo. Dodging long lines, and waiting for the promised wind to fill in.
10:52 🦜🍹Kyrie Hey, only 3 of us caught the last one! 😆
10:56 SVBoundless In the group ... @Samadhi @SV Juliet-Charlie @🦜🍹Kyrie @Tulum5 - Chad and Ohana
11:03 HAPPY DAYS Sorry we missed the call… waiting in Huatulco to cross the gulf 😊
11:04 Epsilon-Bill Sorry we missed the call, drove home from Mexico 🇲🇽 yesterday for holidays
11:07 LUMOS - Jeremiah [null]
11:07 LUMOS - Jeremiah Crossed the Canal yesterday!
11:07 Samadhi Oh, man. That's too bad we are way out here and coming up another. Looks like you all are well east of it.
11:24 Ventana-Jim [null] Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=21.519381,-105.236434&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
11:24 Ventana-Jim [null] Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=21.519381,-105.236434&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
11:36 Ventana-Jim My name is Jim Lussier and I live in the San Francisco Bay Area when not cruising. I’m retired and sailing Ventana, our Beneteau Oceanis 46.1. Have been cruising Mexico since Nov 1. We did the Baja HaHa starting Nov 1 San Diego to Cabo. Fantastic wind, people and experience. Then worked way up the coast to La Paz arriving Nov 16. From there sailed the islands and anchorages north of LaPaz to Loreto and back through Dec7. Wonderful. Then on Dec 8 crossed Sea of Cortez to Mazatlan for a couple days and working way down the coast to Puerto Vallarta where Ventana will remain for the winter. Currently anchored in Bahia Matenchen just south of San Blas MX. From there it will be Chacala, Los Marietta and then Paradise Village in Nuevo Vallarta I will head home for Christmas and become a “commuter cruiser” going back and forth to PV a few times Jan-March. After that, who knows? 😉
12:19 ,☠️Delta Swizzler Welcome aboard, we left SF in 2015 , fulltime cruising now in Bocas de Toro
12:27 YO-D-YO Dave Welcome Jim. There are a couple of us posse boats here in Nuevo. Look fwd to meeting up!
12:37 Rick @🦜panamaposseDietmar

The USCG received a PLB activation at 0110 hrs UTC, 12 Dec 2021 from the S/V STARLIGHT II with singlehanded sailor Dan Cavers aboard in position 21-14.80N / 083-20.33W, or approx 20 NM SW of Cabo Pepe on the Isla De La Juventud, Cuba.

The Cuban authorities are said to be responding.

The S/V STARLIGHT II is a 38' sloop, registered in Canada, who departed Puerto Vellero, Colombia destined for Puerto Rico. He had alternator problems prior to getting underway and figured the voyage to be approximately 5 days. He was last heard from on 02 Nov 2021 via Iridium phone.

All vessels in the vicinity of Isla De La Juventud are requested to keep a sharp lookout and report any sightings to the USCG or any SAR authority
14:00 Wild (Joe) Welcome Jim, I think we were sailing alongside you part of that way!
20:51 RED ROVER Kevin [Photo]
20:53 RED ROVER Kevin Looks like @Samadhi is "winning" the trip to Zihuatanejo... come on everyone, step it up!
22:25 Katmandu - Terry Sorry I missed the call in Austin TX
22:27 Katmandu - Terry Will be heading south as soon as my new refrigerator arrives and is installed

Tue, 12/14/2021
07:37 SV Blessed Life Thanks Avant, Greenflash and all PP. we are cutting the dock lines heading to San Blas- back to plan A!!
08:54 Saphira Peter Anybody have any luck getting a reservation at Marina Los Suenos in Costa Rica? They say “no transients” including “no dinghy landing.”
09:19 RED ROVER-Alison Buenos dias! We are here in Zihua and a sailor has a package that was delivered by accident to Barra. Isabel in the office is holding it for them. Can anyone bring it down when they come? Very nice and helpful people who would appreciate the help!
09:39 Captain Dietmar this marina is not open unless you have a condo/ viking combo
10:00 Alamos That’s a fact. Even my sport fisher didn’t qualify without the condo.....👍
10:04 Saphira Peter Yes, that’s what they are saying. Just checking. Not too friendly🥴
10:09 SV Blessed Life @Saphira Peter last year when we pulled into the bay to check it out they said no. They are almost exclusively a big fishing yacht marina.
10:10 SV Blessed Life Pez Vela is a bit further south and they were very accommodating. Plus, Quepos is nearby for stuff.
10:12 SV Blessed Life If you anchor in the bay, you can dinghy in and have a nice lunch. Do some fancy shopping. Condos, and nice hotel nearby with golf course. Spent e couple of nights there. Quite decent.
10:20 Saphira Peter Thanks. Coming from Panama and in Quepos now. Fun town.
11:01 Ho’okipa-Lisa Hiya Margie!!! Can you please share that list of local contacts you have?
11:41 Orion - Lisa Thank you Dietmar, I look forward to following everyone here on Line.
I'm currently here in Nuevo Vallarta with Patrick on S/V Orion. This is our second season travelling together. We came down the east coast from North Carolina last winter, through the canal and up to Chiapas where we left the boat there for the summer.
I returned to my home and family in Vancouver 🇨🇦 for a short time before heading off to the Med and beyond for the remainder of the summer and fall.
Returning to meet Orion at Barre de Navidad for the week of Posse festivities.
It was great to see some familiar faces and make new acquaintances as we prepared to move further North.
We will continue up this coast making our way towards La Paz and the Sea of Cortez.
It's nice to be back on the west coast...
13:21 Captain Dietmar Welcome back
13:28 Ho’okipa-Lisa Welcome back!!! But I always felt you were always here in spirit and happiness my dear!!!
15:28 🦜🍹Kyrie Word on the street is that the Zihuatanejo port captain is charging nearly $500 pesos to check in/out. Can anyone verify? This doesn't seem legal?
15:44 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley Yes. That is true. I was there a couple weeks ago. Not only that, it took most of the afternoon, I ended up leaving and coming back while they processed the paperwork. When I asked why this process was different from other ports, I was told because Zihua actually followed all the rules, and the others didn’t.
15:46 ,☠️Delta Swizzler For 500 pesos I hope you got a picture with him, so you can report him. They charged us nothing last year.
15:49 DancingontheEdge Mel We are looking for information about weather sites that Posse folks use in addition to the “usual “ ones. Thanks

15:57 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley [Photo]
15:57 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley [Photo]
15:57 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley No pictures of the Port Captain, nor the two girls working for him, but here’s the documents they processed. It was a bureaucratic PIA. There was a line of commercial fishermen he was pulling through similar hoops, which is why it took me several hours to get through.
16:01 RED ROVER-Alison We also paid $483 pesos yesterday. And will pay another $483 when we check out. This may be scaled by weight, we fit in the 20 to 100 ton category. The Port Captain is a woman here in Zihua. It took us about 30 minutes but we have to go back to pick up the signed form. They are open 9 to 12, Monday thru Friday.
16:02 Last Arrow Vincent Good to know, thanks
16:02 RED ROVER-Alison [Photo]
16:02 ,☠️Delta Swizzler Other option, don’t check in there
16:03 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley That would be my recommendation!
16:04 Alamos 😁👍
16:06 IslaZ/Richard We spent a week there but never checked in. Didn’t seem to matter
16:21 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce I assume this is not the norm for port captains to do, right?
16:22 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Is this only happening in Zihua?
16:23 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Or is it a sign of the future?
16:27 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley This is not something I’ve seen, in my limited experience in Mexico. Usually it’s five minutes in, and out… and no charge.
16:29 Samadhi Samadhi was in the mood to stretch her legs! We're just outside Zihuatanejo now (36 hours from Manzanillo) but stopping at Isla Grande for tonight. Probably see you tomorrow.
16:40 Captain Dietmar [Photo]
16:40 Outventure juergen and Iris Found some squared fish?
16:41 Captain Dietmar the rum arrived in barra a little late
we.ll hold it for next season.s event
16:41 Dreamer @🦜panamaposseDietmar or we can come help you drink it lol 😂
17:13 Sv Firefly Brenda Ted Ted and i Are ready to accept a bottle. Hate to see it get lonely!
18:16 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Count us in on a bottle tambien.
18:17 PP SV avant There is a severe Posse rum shortage in shelter bay.
18:20 Ora 2 CraigandKaren Hi everyone, we are a New Zealand registered 43 ft catamaran SY Ora. Currently we are in the Sea of Cortez and headed south. We are after suggestions for moorings for hurricane season. We are looking at El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama or Equador. We would prefer a mooring over a marina berth. Any suggestions welcome. Thanks Craig and Karen Bishop-Everett SY Ora
18:30 WIND DRIFT - Blair and Jodi You were looking good. Couldn’t believe the wind angle up were carrying. Tried to get a pic but looked so far away.
18:37 Samadhi Thanks @Wind Drift - Blair we eventually lost your ais signal. How was your night?
18:45 WIND DRIFT - Blair and Jodi It was ok, pulled the main down after we saw you and it was much better. Quartering seas were rocking us a bit. We stopped in Caleta de Campo’s to surf for a few days. See you down there soon
18:52 SAVA - Melinda "Mel" So if we rsvped to the Bocas pot luck when should we expect confirmation? Cheers!
18:57 PP SV avant Will you be aboard and want amenities or leaving the boat?
19:26 Captain Dietmar @Ora 2 CraigandKaren at 250 x monthly rate Marina Chiapas MX - was a good option for us from June - Nov - check hurricane tracks in
about 1/2 way down the page
are the embedded historical track
19:28 Captain Dietmar @SAVA - Melinda "Mel" no conformation needed - you are in ;-)
19:30 Outventure juergen and Iris Have you anchored in caleta de campo? May i ask Where would be the surf and where would be the anchorage?
20:21 Sea Trial Dave @☸️ Outventure We we’re there last week. The bay is very small and very rolly. If you try to get in too tightly in behind the old cement dock you get hit by the shore break. Better to stay out a ways and ride the swell.
20:21 PP SV avant But a bit ‘quiet’ community-wise. Great inland travel opportunities there though.
20:27 Captain Dietmar @☸️ Outventure bay was fine on our cat ;-) 0 been there 3 times noe it's a gentle up and down Anchorage @
18° 4.4007 N -102° 44.9705 W
17.00 ft 5.80 m watch for debris 2.5 nm north coming out of the river
20:39 Outventure juergen and Iris Thanks guys! Trying to take notes of anchorages close to surfspots for our way up north next year 😉
20:52 SV Chimera Hi Margie, what’s plan A? Are you heading north?
20:54 SV Chimera Hi guys, is plan A heading north? I too would love that list Chucky mentioned
20:55 ,☠️Delta Swizzler We are in Bocas deToro Panama , we have no hurricane season
20:55 Ho’okipa-Lisa Dennis & Margret, a big cat came in at Banana Bay and they had to move your boat over one slip so now your next to me. I told Gabriella and the dock crew that they should have asked you for permission, but it's done. I watched them and took photos. No damage to your boat, but I was watching out for you...nuff said. When do you return?
20:58 Road Less Traveled I would recommend Costa Rica. Beautiful country, safe, and 6-8’ tide. Panama has 18’ tides and water not very clear.
21:03 SV Chimera Thanks for the heads up. I assume they just maneuvered without power? We are in Monteverde, heading to Fortuna/Arsenal tomorrow. Back at Banana Bay in about a week. Will Hookipa still be there?
21:08 ,☠️Delta Swizzler You are correct on the Pacific side on the Atlantic side the tide is about a foot

Wed, 12/15/2021
01:54 WIND DRIFT - Blair and Jodi @☸️ Outventure there’s Rio Nexpa just north, looks close but I’ll see tomorrow morning. There’s also some waves right in the anchorage that look like they have potential. Should be fun
08:36 RED ROVER Kevin [Photo]
08:37 RED ROVER Kevin The World cruise ship just pulled in to Zihuatanejo. This is the ship that you can buy your stateroom and cruise around the world. Much like the rest of us are doing!
08:39 ,☠️Delta Swizzler Thanks . I've got you added to my list. Dietmar has the full list.
08:40 ,☠️Delta Swizzler They were here about three weeks ago. Met two couples from the ship. They were heading to the canal the next day.
08:43 Ho’okipa-Lisa Yes, just by hand. We'll be cruising the Golfo, but we will maintain our slip...unless they relocate uS!!!
08:43 Sea Trial Dave @RED ROVER Kevin Do you think they were also charged $483 pesos?
08:44 RED ROVER Kevin I now remember seeing that somewhere...
08:45 RED ROVER Kevin It seems like the port has tonnage brackets... I'd guess that they are in the next one up...
09:10 Vagabundo Dos If anybody is planning to stop at Marina Chiapas on their way to Central America in the near future, Maby we could work out the delivery of a small package from there.
09:11 SAVA - Melinda "Mel" We are looking forward to it!
09:11 Vagabundo Dos Vagabundo Dos, feel free to PM me about that. Thanks!
11:29 ☠️ Pacific Raven Arrived in Isla Mujeres on Sunday and now Wednesday I am finally checked in

Marina, customs, immigrations, Navy inspection, health inspection, agricultural inspection, trip to the vet for more paperwork on my dog and finally one more visit from agricultural

Crazy, I am a resident of Mexico and have flown my dogs back and forth for 20 years and never have seen anything like this before -

I do very much like Mexico and now officially here

11:47 SV Chimera And thanks for keeping an eye on the move. I hope to catch up to get to download the charts from Lisa. Enjoy the gulf.
12:34 NOT ALL THERE - STEVE & LIZZY Hello all. Lizzy and Steve on Not All There. Currently in Mazatlan. No plans beyond the sea of Cortez at the moment.
13:11 Ho’okipa-Lisa Scott & Nacho, kudos!!! So proud of you two.
13:20 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley Welcome back Lizzy and Steve. Lisa and I will be heading your way in a few weeks. Mazatlan, La Paz and on up into the Sea of Cortez.
13:33 NOT ALL THERE - STEVE & LIZZY Hi there Lisa and Patrick! NAT is on the hard, hopefully splashing in a day or two. Bottom paint and saildrives service. Excellent Yanmar certified mechanic here. We'll keep an eye out for you.
13:34 Sauvage - Ali [Photo]
13:34 Sauvage - Ali Hello everyone! Sauvage has been out of range in the SOC, just pulled into Banderas Bay. We caught a good sized mahi-mahi on our sail (2 actually). And at the Anchorage this morning at Punta Mita, we saw 2 humpbacks with the baby hanging out amongst the boats! Also, we want to pick up our burgee, but couldn’t make it to Barra. Any other options? We head south in January (eventually to Panama).
13:35 Sauvage - Ali [Photo]
15:08 WildhoodDirk We just got back from 6 weeks in Ecuador...PM me if you want details...Cole's Notes version is great country, very expensive to clear in and out....
15:30 🦜Ramble On Rose-Roz Are you a Residente Permanente?
15:49 Ho’okipa-Lisa Yeah, is Nacho permante or can we adopt him?
15:59 Tulum5- Michele/Chad [Playa Caleta De Campos] Caleta de campos, Michoacán de Ocampo Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=18.074761,-102.752482&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
17:09 Gargoyle Is this destined for Costa Rica??
17:20 Captain Dietmar no next year in barra 8 year old rum :-)
17:28 ☠️ Pacific Raven I am
17:28 ☠️ Pacific Raven Nacho isn’t up for adoption
17:29 ☠️ Pacific Raven [Photo]
17:29 ☠️ Pacific Raven He has taken over
18:03 Ho’okipa-Lisa Ahhh, we miss him so much...

Thu, 12/16/2021
09:53 🦜🍹Kyrie Update for Marina Ixtapa -talked to them this morning. For 37' long boat, they quoted $39.00 US per night, with the PP discount, plus extra food r water and power. Also they stated they are dredging the entrance, and the only entry/exit today is between 1 and 2pm. Hope that helps someone else.
10:30 ALKA - Julius Hello from Alka from Starfish beach in Bocas, Panama. Currently enjoying surfing around the area but planning to cross to the Pacific at some point in January. Two Lithuanians, Ringailė and Julius, sailing on Beneteau First 375 under British flag ;)
10:34 Last Arrow Vincent Chepe Express Copper Canyon
10:34 Last Arrow Vincent [Photo]
10:34 Last Arrow Vincent [Photo]
10:35 Last Arrow Vincent [Photo]
10:41 Captain Dietmar welcome to the Panamá Posse
there will be a pot luck party in Bocas this Saturday so you can meet fellow Posse VESSELS
11:38 S/V Satori - Benj. La Cruz recommendations for someone to wash, wax, polish metal ? And a wood varnish guy? Gracias!
16:03 Ora 2 CraigandKaren Hi, we will be living aboard but plan some land travel as well. Cheers
16:04 Ora 2 CraigandKaren Awesome thanks
16:08 PP SV avant Bill and jean (el Salvador) posted this today:

For those thinking about heading for El Salvador this cruising season, here is a link to the Bahia Cruisers Guide. A small portion of the information is outdated, but we plan to rewrite it soon.

16:09 Last Arrow Vincent [Photo]
16:09 Ora 2 CraigandKaren @WildhoodDirk thanks for that. Do you have a specific mooring location you could recommend? Cheers
16:10 Last Arrow Vincent [Photo]
16:12 Ora 2 CraigandKaren Awesome thanks for the info, do they have moorings there? I heard lightening was a possible issue with Panama?
16:23 Ora 2 CraigandKaren @WildhoodDirk thanks so much, any info would be much appreciated.
16:25 Make Me Laugh -Renee S/V Satori…Julio would do a great job for you. I don’t have his # w/ me but can send it tomorrow.
SV Make Me Laugh Again
17:15 Ventana-Jim @Sauvage - Ali This is Jim on Ventana. We just pulled into anchorage at Punta Mita today. We saw the mama whale and calf just outside the bay. Like you, we also headed here from SOC so similar itin. How long are you going to be in PV.? Starting tomorrow we’ll have a slip in Paradise Village Marina here for the winter. Could be fun to meet up
17:19 Ventana-Jim @S/V Satori - Benj. Hi Benj. Jim of Ventana here. Saw you are in PV area also. Like you I’m looking for local resources to help with a variety of boat projects-battery/electrical, boat watching/care, some other stuff. Interested in comparing notes with you and others on the PP list knowledgeable about the area. We’ll be at Paradise Village through end of March. Would be great to meet up and compare notes, etc.
18:00 ,☠️Delta Swizzler You are funny, there is a chance of lighting everywhere except Maine.No mooring, anchoring is easy and the are a few great marinas.
18:20 Ho’okipa-Lisa Jim, if it's open, try getting on sources at the PV Yacht Club in Paradise Village. Good people and strong communtity there. Also, I had good experiences in walking the docks at Paradise Village and seeing who was good and not. Dick & Gina at the Paradise Village officina are good, but VERY opinated and often overlook good people, ostercize them and put them in a box...so take not of that. Good luck!!!
20:00 RED ROVER Kevin [Photo]
20:00 RED ROVER Kevin [Photo]
20:00 RED ROVER Kevin Merry Christmas from zihuatanejo!
20:07 PP SV avant Check with jorge Servin, he runs the chandler at paradise village. He knows who’s who, and does some work himself.
21:56 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky That’s inspiring. Paul Allen would be proud!!
23:21 HAPPY DAYS @🦜panamaposseDietmar
You just recently went from Mexico to Costa Rica right? How did you manage the 72hour health pass? Did you just do it before you left while you still had internet? Your advice would be appreciated 😊

Fri, 12/17/2021
07:00 DOCH DOCH - Tobias Suggestions for a rigger in Nassau? Had a mast track blowout and need to find replacement. Thanks!
07:37 SV Chimera Suggestions for rigger, yanmar work and stainless on pacific side of Panama. Need to pull the stick . 47 foot SV. Flamingo or Vista Mar for these projects?
07:55 Green Flash Not sure about Rigger, but I highly recommend Wikus Marine Auto (Ollie) for engine work at Vista Mar. Walt on Knot Right (Posse boat) had stainless work done at Vista Mar that I believe he was happy with, but you would need to get the contact from him.
07:57 Green Flash Ollie had a diesel maintenance and machine shop in South Africa for many years before coming to Panama. Lots of experience and reliable.
08:01 Positivity John [null] Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=19.095522,-104.438352&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
08:17 ,☠️Delta Swizzler That is one of our favorite anchorages in that area
08:21 Positivity John [Photo]
08:21 Positivity John Got it all to myself!!
Hoping to get “1” fish for the Solo Sailor!!⚓️
08:31 Make Me Laugh -Renee SV Satori- Benji- I’m no t back on the boat yet where Julio’s # is. Listen to the net- just started on ch 22 …ask there. I’ll get you the # later.
08:54 Captain Dietmar you are still very close to FL
where you can get parts
09:01 Ventana-Jim Anyone know of a good authorized Yanmar mechanic in Puerto Vallarta area. We will be at Paradise Village Marina starting today
09:08 ,☠️Delta Swizzler Whatever you do, do Not use Lance! He worked on a friend's boat. His engine had white smoke coming out. Lance tried a couple things. He finally made them replace the head in their engine. The problem still existed. Another cruiser cane over and removed one little hose. Cleaned it out. Problem solved.
Lance worked in our generator and Never fixed the problem.
09:11 Ventana-Jim @,☠️Delta Swizzler Thanks for the heads up re Lance!
09:43 WildhoodDirk The only one I really know of is Bahia Carequez, the "marina" there is Puerto Amistad. The boat is safe there on a mooring, subject to tidal swings, but watched over by the guys (mainly Ariosto) at the marina. Marina is a loose term, it's a small mooring field, with a bar, and a few other services, but not much....and could get boring there if you are there for a while. We left the boats for a month and travelled inland, which was great! But again, clearing in there and back out was very expensive. All in all to get in and out of the country was a little over $1000.00 USD! The best I can figure it is that the marina claims they are your agent, and everything goes through them, but pretty sure we were duped on that and that it may be possible on your own for less money...but then you wouldn't be on the moorings. There is Manta, a commercial fishing port further south, and Quayaquille even further south. It's a big city and not the safest place apparently....
09:44 WildhoodDirk I would think Costa etc would be more fun and "cruiser" friendly for hurricane season.... especially if you want to be on the boat and move around a bit....
09:45 Make Me Laugh -Renee [Photo]
09:46 Make Me Laugh -Renee Hello Benji - SV Satori
It’s upside down but here’s Julio’s info.
09:48 NOT ALL THERE - STEVE & LIZZY Not PV, but there is a fantastic Yanmar certified mechanic in Mazatlan. Rafa Serrano. automarinerafa@yahoo.es Send pm if you want more info. We splash today 😊
09:50 WildhoodDirk You're not too far from the Keys either, Curt Johnson at Keys Rigging is great! At the very least he may be able to help sourcing parts....tell him we sent ya and say hi if you speak to him...
13:59 Captain Dietmar Happy to announce our latetst PANAMA POSSE sponsor
Marina Palmira Topolobambo in the Sea of Cortez

$ x ft x month + taxes
up to 40 14.00
41- 50 15.50
51-60 17.00
61-70 18.50
71-80 20.50
91+ 23.00
Electricity KW 0.26
1,000 liters water 4.00
Example let's say is 43 foot boat for 7 days:
Month : 46 foot x $15.50 = $666.50 (30 days + taxes )
7 days = $155.54 dollars + taxes
with Panama Posse discount $139.99 dollars
13:59 Captain Dietmar [Photo]
13:59 Captain Dietmar [Photo]
13:59 Captain Dietmar [Photo]
14:00 Captain Dietmar [Photo]
14:00 Captain Dietmar [Photo]
14:00 Captain Dietmar [Photo]
14:00 Captain Dietmar [Photo]
14:03 Last Arrow Vincent If you check into Topolobambo you got the hole shot to the El Chepe Express train through Copper Canyon. My suggestion would be catch the train at El Furete book Premium class and make sure you book the Express and not the regional train. Well worth it.
14:21 SV Chimera Yes quite a trip. The indigenous people are fascinating. We did the trip some years ago from Mazatlan. They actually brought my then 10 year old son to the front of the train engine while travelling through the Canyon!
15:29 Sea Trial Dave Thoughts on La Marina Acapulco. I give the marina a 6 overall. Decent slips full of Azimuts and locals. Not many transient boaters. Nice pool but not much else. Small Walmart 100 yards away which is nice. They didn’t have my slip despite reserving 2 weeks ago (because we are there for 2 weeks) but they found one the next day. Nice folks though. On old side of town which is near cliff divers and old 50s hotels including Flamingo which is run down and a “must go” for Sunday brunch or Pozoli on Thursday. All a bit run down but interesting. Nothing to write home about but worth a short stay after Zwat. Also, they don’t answer the radio (unless you speak Spanish) so find an outside side tie and tie up. Marina manager is Luis 744-131-3007. Marina number 744 483-6143. They may even pick up the phone. Best to e mail: administracion@lamarinaacapulco. Com. Ray +52 744 587 8575 can drive you around (has car with no A/C and he talks a bit) and watch the boat for a few pesos. I am sure there are nicer places but it’s not bad.
15:49 ,☠️Delta Swizzler Great write on Acapulco, it’s best days May have been in the 60’s but still a nice stop on the way south for a few days
17:10 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky Golfito, Costa Rica
17:10 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky [Photo]

Sat, 12/18/2021
09:43 Ho’okipa-Lisa Thanks for the good posting Dave & Toni! If you're still there, the HOME DEPOT is a 5-10 cab drive and is well stocked, plus there's a Panama Posse discount:)
10:05 M/V One Life For anyone coming to Acapulco who would like a guide - we used Rudy for a private tour. He’s very knowledgeable about the area and showed us cool sites that we would otherwise not see. Very nice air conditioned van too. We booked him through Trip Advisor but if contact him directly he’ll give you a better deal. Rudy Rodolfo Fregosa, tourbyvan@gmail.com, +52 1 744 1104324. Highly recommended.
10:06 M/V One Life [Photo]
10:12 ,☠️Delta Swizzler We also used Temo Tours.
They brought us to sights around the whole bay.
10:12 RED ROVER-Alison Thank you! Where did you guys end up staying? Mooring ball, anchor? Gracias!
10:13 Samadhi Recommendation needed, please! Samadhi's batteries are going downhill quickly. We'd like to go with lithium this round. Is there a dealer in Acapulco that carries them? Or is it better to ship? Maybe to El Salvador, Costa Rica or Panama? And if we ship is an agent necessary?
10:21 M/V One Life @RED ROVER-Alison We stayed on one of Vicente’s morning balls. Highly recommend.
10:23 ,☠️Delta Swizzler We did too. The moorings were less rolly than being on the dock at the Acapulco Marina.
10:30 PP SV avant Try contacting rich Bowen in La paz. He’s mexicos lithium battery guru.
10:50 RED ROVER-Alison Thank you to both boats!
10:50 RED ROVER-Alison Did you try the island anchorage too? And thanks for the intel!
10:55 PP SV avant Damn auto correct. ‘Rich Boren’ in pa paz. He runs la paz cruisers supply. https://lapazcruiserssupply.com
11:02 M/V One Life @RED ROVER-Alison We did. We got there about 5:30pm as the tour boats were mostly leaving. It looks like it would be really busy anytime before that. We anchored on the east side of the cove in about 30’ of clear water with great holding and a nice, cooling breeze. We left before the tour boats came back. Shore landing would have pretty easy but we didn’t do it.
11:03 RED ROVER-Alison Thanks! I think we will head there as a first stop. Appreciate it!
11:23 Samadhi Thank you, we do know Rich just didn't think about contacting him as we're quite south of him and headed south. But I will ask him what options there are.
11:43 Medea-Darryl Has anyone checked into Cayman Islands or planning to?
I have written to the Cayman Travel authority with no response and no info available from the PP partner Marina

Looking for info on check in and Covid requirements, fees, health insurance required

Thank you
11:45 Sea Trial Toni Trying to figure out best options for internet/data as we travel south out of Mexico. What works best in Nicaragua/Costa Rica/Panama ?
11:54 TOKETEE Dar Diane Kimberly @Sea Trial Toni we use Tigo in Panama
11:59 Captain Dietmar all cell towers in cr are owned by the govt who leases them to mobile cos so no difference in Cr
I use Google FI and a local sim if I need extra data on a dual sim unlocked GSM android phone
13:09 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce That’s Rich Boren.
13:10 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Sorry didn’t see your correction before I posted mine.
16:08 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky Bahia Rincon, Costa Rica at the top of Golfo Dulce. Tranquil, nothing but vibrant jungle, a cool breeze from the north, and that’s it…PERFECT!!!
16:08 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky [Photo]
16:12 Alamos 👍
16:44 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky Miss you and Meg
16:46 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky And that generator problem you helped me with worked! All good. Thank you captain
16:57 Captain Dietmar what problem ?
23:13 RED ROVER Kevin In talking with @🦜🍹Kyrie this evening, we learned that as US citizens, we would be eligible for covid booster shots (or even an initial shot) in El Salvador. (unsure for those of other nationalities). Read down a few sections on this link fron the US State Department: https://sv.usembassy.gov/covid-19-information/

Sun, 12/19/2021
05:36 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila Question: is there a port agent for clearing out at Chiapas? And who is the agent for clearing in at Marina Papagayo? Thanks for the guidance!
05:40 PP SV avant In Chiapas, memo (marina manager) acts as agent. His fee is usually lunch. if you need to do TIP related stuff (get one or cancel one), you can arrange a cab or a driver to take you to the Guatemalan border (memo doesn’t do that).
05:41 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila Thanks Rob, I believe we were told that we have to cancel our TIP before we leave MX.
05:43 PP SV avant Optional. Can cause problems for subsequent owners if you don’t. But cancelling it isn’t a requirement. If you think you might see Mexican ports again, just as well to keep it IMO.
06:07 🦜Yahtzee -Jill/Andy We worked with Ernesto to clear into Costa Rica, very easy to work with. His WhatsApp is +506 8811 7290
06:10 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila Excellent info, thank you!
06:30 Alamos My pleasure, glad you are well😁👍
06:34 Alamos Minor fuel delivery issue, it was a good team effort😁👍
07:47 Samadhi If anyone is wanting to vaccinate their kids EL Salvador is vaccinating ages 6+ and it's FREE.
07:50 Last Arrow Vincent Thanks, Do you know which Vaccine are available in El Salvador?
Linda would like her booster and is looking for Phizer, any intel where available?
08:01 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila [null] Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=19.155418,-104.719309&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
08:03 TOKETEE Dar Diane Kimberly @Last Arrow Vincent we were able to get the phizer vaccine in Panama. You need to sign up for it online and it may be a month before they get back to you, but we stayed long enough in one place to get both shots.
08:04 RED ROVER Kevin Look at my link above 10 posts...
08:56 Samadhi Yes, there is a list in Kevin's link within it is another link for sign-up. Googling also gives you the information. I originally heard about this from Bill & Jean at Bahia del Sol. They can probably tell you the closest site to the marina/moorings.
08:56 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Under the heading of why do I always do this to myself, I put a nice gash in the side of our boat. I’m going to get a quick patch done here in Barra just to keep the water out, but as we move south I’m going to be in need of someone who can do a professional repair. What is the group’s experience with getting professional fiberglass hull repair done south of Barra? Best places and people to contact? Thanks!
09:25 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky I had a fuel flow issue and Dayton helped me think it through
09:32 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky Bruce, don’t beat yourself up. I did the same thing in Nicaragua when I clipped a channel buoy while going into Puesta Del Sol. It happened so fast and the tidal current was so strong I just got pushed. Anywho I had about a 4 foot long gash that I put a quick epoxy patch to prevent water intrusion into the hull. Then I did the haul out in Quepos, Costa Rica where they did a perfect job in patching it and painting it.
09:39 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila I got slammed into a steel dolphin leaving harbor in Petersburg AK, super strong current just outside the breakwater threw me on the the dolphin.
My steel rub rail took the brunt of it, so the worst of the damage was to my fragile male ego...
09:41 PP SV avant Workmanlike repairs in Chiapas (small $), deluxe in Costa Rica (USA type pricing).
09:47 ,☠️Delta Swizzler First Annual Bocas del Toro holiday potluck
09:47 ,☠️Delta Swizzler [Photo]
09:47 ,☠️Delta Swizzler [Photo]
09:47 ,☠️Delta Swizzler [Photo]
09:47 ,☠️Delta Swizzler [Photo]
09:47 ,☠️Delta Swizzler [Photo]
09:47 ,☠️Delta Swizzler [Photo]
09:47 ,☠️Delta Swizzler [Photo]
09:52 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Thank. I appreciate the fact that I’m not alone in the hull damaging business. 😁 may I ask what you had to pay for the repair? Mines about a 2 ft gash.
09:53 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce As always, thank you for the quick feedback.
09:53 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Thanks. 🙏
10:07 Ho’okipa-Lisa @RED ROVER-Alison
10:43 Tulum5- Michele/Chad Is Vincentes Moorings in Acapulco still a Panama Posse sponsor? Can’t find contact info on the website-
10:56 Captain Dietmar he is in Good Nautical
10:59 Captain Dietmar @Tulum5 - Chad https://goodnautical.com/mexico-pacific/mooring/acapulco-vicentes-moorings
11:00 Captain Dietmar @Tulum5 - Chad and on the panama posse site https://panamaposse.com/vicentes-moorings
17:52 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky Bruce, please don’t worry about the costs…you’re worth it!!!
17:55 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce 😁
18:29 VitesseCatherine Thanks @,☠️Delta Swizzler for a great job. Sorry we did not make it!!!
18:43 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Thanks, but on a fixed budget that is rather thin right now, costs are important.
18:44 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Thanks, but on a fixed budget that is rather thin right now, costs are important.
18:51 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce We’re experiencing ongoing refrigeration issues and Rich Boren ha offered to do some diagnostics if we turn around and go to La Paz. We’re seriously considering it as it might be the quickest and only way to diagnose the issue and put it behind us.

Any good yards and/or people if we go north to La Paz that could be recommended to do our fiberglass hull repair? Basically the same question I asked earlier for going south, but now for going north. Thanks!
18:52 ,☠️Delta Swizzler It was a good turn out. We all stayed till 8. We had fun meeting and getting to know everyone.
18:54 SV Juliet-Charlie I suspect Rich will recommend the Palmar boatyard in La Paz. I had a bottom job done there and was pleased. I saw them doing some good fiberglass work on very nice boats.
18:54 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky Golfo Dulce, Costa Rica (north end) – not sure what rum the authors of the Sarana Guide Book 2015 were drinking but it sure wasn’t from our fancy sponsor Flor De Cana!!!

We found 2 key waypoints way off for the north end of Golfo Dulce (Western Reef & Pargos Cove).

Anyhoo, there’s basically 2 small islands and 1 partially submerged reef. Viz sucks, so fuhgeddaboudit! No diving.

But, we discovered some underwater geothermal hot springs where the water temp goes from a balmy 82 degrees to a hot 106 degrees. Love this gift from God!!!

I nailed the GPS coordinates at 08.43.730 n /083.23.314 w

Visually, vector the small island sea cave with the slightly offshore rock formation and that’s where the thermals are.

Enjoy Friends and have a very merry Christmas

18:55 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated!
18:57 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce How was the cost? Reasonable?
19:03 SV Juliet-Charlie Yes… it was reasonable. Not cheap, but reasonable. Also, the job was completed on schedule and the final bill was exactly as quoted in the estimate. Very professional.
19:04 RED ROVER Kevin Bruce, if you are going back to LA Paz for refrigeration work Hector is hands down the best on the Baja.
[Name] Hector AC La PAZ
[Mobile] +52 612 141 8158
19:05 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Sounds great. If we decide to turn around and go to La Paz. We’ll certainly look into them. Thanks a bunch!
19:08 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Kevin, thanks. Good to know. We purchased our refrigeration from Rich Boren at Technautics, so would be getting some after sale support from him. But if he doesn’t solve the problem. I will certainly look up Hector.
19:10 SV Juliet-Charlie Do you have a Technautics fridge from Rich? We have one with two holding plates. Our expansion valve needed to be opened a bit for the second plate to freeze. We used Rich’s meters to monitor the temp and pressures to make the adjustments. Ours is working great now.
Hector is the guy if you have a different fridge though.
19:15 PP SV avant Budget and Costa Rica are incompatible. Hands down.
19:17 PP SV avant There are good yards in Mazatlan and PV for Fiberglass work. Ask around for who is available, it’s a busy time of year.
19:26 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Yes we do. Temp not staying much below 25 and the compressor is running all the time. Rich said he has a bunch of diagnostic tools, so I’m thinking it makes sense to let him do his magic.
19:27 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Understand. I’ll take a look into if we go to La Paz. Thanks!
19:28 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce True that. We were there a couple of years ago on a land trip and found it not to be inexpensive. Bearable, but not cheap.
19:38 SV Juliet-Charlie It sounds like you have the same issue we had. Adjusting the expansion valve is an iterative process and may take a couple of days to fine tune. Ours was in the 20s too and is not at -1.3F.
Good luck!
19:42 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Could be what the problem is. I’ll discuss with Rich before I make the track uphill. Thanks!
21:24 Captain Dietmar we gave added computer fans to pump the hot air away from our freezer compressor unit and have better results

22:35 Ho’okipa-Lisa @RED ROVER-Alison

Mon, 12/20/2021
06:18 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce That makes sense. Thanks.
08:33 SVBoundless Hi Jim, This is Julian (previously of Passage Nautical). We had a great experience with getting work done with Alvaro Bello at Opequimar in PV last year. Great guy, very reasonable, and fixed a long standing issue that KKMI in Sausalito couldn't figure out. I you are looking to get work done, I highly recommend him. It's good to see Ventana back in Mexico
08:51 ,☠️Delta Swizzler His friends call him Kinky, I second your recommendations. In the 11 years we have owned Delta Swizzler, his was the only yard where he matched his schedule and price. Very happy with all the work he and his crew did on our boat. At a Very Fair price.
08:52 Medea-Darryl [Paradise Resort] Placencia Village Placencia Belize : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=16.511519,-88.368358&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
08:52 Tulum5- Michele/Chad [null] Adelitas 34, Playa la Madera, 40894 Zihuatanejo, Gro., Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=17.638040,-101.555097&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
08:56 RED ROVER-Alison [null] P.º del Pescador 81, Centro, 40890 Zihuatanejo, Gro., Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=17.636970,-101.558976&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
08:59 IBEX - Florian We will miss todays call, we are sitting on a bus from Manizales to Medellin/Colombia
09:02 Last Arrow Vincent Group voice call started.
09:02 BEATA Billy & Ruth [null] Benito Juarez 43, 48854 Punta Perula, Jal., Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=19.590407,-105.125816&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:02 Last Arrow Vincent Group call ended.
09:03 Wild - Margie Group voice call started.
09:03 ,☠️Delta Swizzler [null] Bastimentos Island, Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=9.331276,-82.178822&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:03 Last Arrow Vincent Group call ended.
09:03 Last Arrow Vincent Group voice call started.
09:04 🍹☠️ TOKETEE Crew [Shelter Bay Marina] Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=9.368382,-79.951435&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:04 Medea-Darryl Group call ended.
09:05 Last Arrow Vincent Group voice call started.
09:06 Last Arrow Vincent Is the call for pacific happing now ?
09:07 ,☠️Delta Swizzler Starts in 25 minutes
09:07 Last Arrow Vincent Copy thanks
09:07 Last Arrow Vincent Group call ended.
09:09 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley [null] Del Mar 31, Gaviota, 63732 Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Nay., Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=20.749514,-105.377791&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:20 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley Unfortunately we’ll miss the telecon this AM, as we’re visiting with some of Lisa’s family.
09:20 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce [Marina Puerto de la Navidad] La Barra de Navidad, Jalisco Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=19.195816,-104.683121&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:22 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky [null] 245, Provincia de Puntarenas, Costa Rica : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=8.695107,-83.481239&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:26 Captain Dietmar Group voice call started.
09:29 Positivity John [null] Vista Hermosa 7, Península de Santiago, 28867 Manzanillo, Col., Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=19.101041,-104.344177&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:45 ☸️SV Enjoy-Don/Nina [Playa Venao] Pedasí Pedasí Los Santos Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=7.432470,-80.192858&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:49 🥥🦜PathfinderJPNicole [Grand Solmar Land’s End Resort & Spa] Ave Solmar #1A Col Centro 23450 Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=22.875465,-109.903478&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
10:21 ☸️SV Enjoy-Don/Nina Playa venao has great holding, around 6m of depth. However, can have lots of swell coming in. We had one day of bad swell, another day ok. Town is fun. There is a fruit and veggie store behind the tienda. Very nice owner.
10:22 walt knot right Group call ended.
10:57 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky Costa Rica - as of March 2021, clearing into Costa Rica on a vessel in an LLC, Trust, or both, here’s what is required for 90 Day TIP:

1-Copy Certificate of Documentation of the vessel
2-Crew List
3-Copy crew passports (front page only)
4-Name of the last five ports of call visited and date of visited, prior arrival at Papagayo Marina
5-Copy Power of Attorney or Letter of Authority, issued by owner’s vessel to his captain,
authorization to sailing trough international waters (copy notarized and mandatory)
6-Maritime Heatlth Declaration (no covid19)
7-ETA confirmation to clear customs and immigration at marina facilities, confirmation have to be sent at least 48 hrs prior arrival date (mandatory)

If, you are looking for a 2-year TIP, you will ALSO need to provide the following:

the requirements asked by MOPT (Ministry of Transports) for obtaining the permit to remain in national waters of Costa Rica for 2 years issued for HO'OKIPA, they are the following:

Please request the following documents before the Secretary of State on the month of your application duly APOSTILLED according to Hague Convention 1961 agreement signed by USA.

1-Certificate of Good Standing of LLC., original certificate has to be duly issued and APOSTILLED by the Secretary of State on the Month of Your application.

2-Certificate of Articles of Organization of LLC., original certificate has to be duly issued and APOSTILLED by the Secretary on the Month of application.

The MOPT will not accept any document that lack the stamp of the APOSTILLED seal issued by the Secretary of State of Oregon (Hague Convention Law 1961).


1-) ORIGINAL 90 days cruising permission, if you have one

3-) Non Commercial Slip Agreement signed between the Marina and vessel for 2 years issued.

3-) DEADLINE: there’s a deadline to fileapplications before Ministry of Transports at San Jose, so pay attention

4-) Ernesto the agent, will provide a CERTIFICATE OF LEGAL INCUMBENCY" and "POWER OF ATTORNEY" to acomplish with this kind of paperwork.

5. Some of the documents will have to be translated to Spanish and Ernesto will arraign

That’s what I know!!!
13:44 🦜Ramble On Rose-Roz [Paradise Village Beach Resort & Spa] Av. Cocoteros 1 (Paradise Village Marina) 63731 Nuevo Vallarta, Nayarit Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=20.690820,-105.294565&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
14:18 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky Costa Rica TIP - in addition to my prior post, the rules are changing to benefit cruises who want to stay more than 90 days. Attached is the most recent requirement s from the good folks in San Jose🇨🇷
14:18 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky [File]
16:01 Captain Dietmar great info
I also have a q into Ernesto regarding Trusts
16:05 Sea Trial Dave Is anyone using Windows 11 vs Windows 10 to run open CPN? Any issues?
16:27 M/V One Life Info - Marina Chahue.

We just came into the marina. The minimum depth we saw, mid-channel, was 6.75’, zero tide adjusted. We came in with a 2’ tide without a problem.

There’s no fuel dock here but Pedro and brother Enrique can deliver it to your boat. They have a large tank on a truck and go get it from Pemex for a nominal fee of course. Fee depends on the quantity.

The water here is said to be potable by marina staff and dock guy Enrique. TDS’s were 174. It comes from a nearby river and is purified. I could smell some chlorine.
16:30 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila Did you contact Ezekiel and Patricia? We are on our way to Chahue, will arrive Thursday. We have a brief reception window as we're just off Zihuatenejo. Contact info for them? Thanks
16:32 M/V One Life @Sea Trial Dave We run Open CPN on a Windows 10 PC w/o issues
16:37 M/V One Life @SephinaJosh We contacted Patricia on their office number - 958 587 2652. It took about 6 times to get through though. Lunchtime for them is 2-4pm
16:43 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila Thank you!
16:55 M/V One Life Pacific Water Quality:

How’s the water visibility where you are?

We ran from Zihua down to Acapulco in blue water. Anchored at Isla Roqueta in Acapulco and could see the anchor in 30’. We left Acapulco in blue water. Approaching Hualtuco it changed. Visibility here is MAX 4’. Lots of algae. The rays really like it though.
16:56 M/V One Life Water temp here is 78-79 F.

17:01 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky Let’s rope in captain solo @ sea trial in on this since he’s got a dog in this hunt?
17:32 LUMOS - Jeremiah Hi Posse. We are getting ready to sail from Panama City to Golfito, Costa Rica. Noonsite says that "Inbound yachts must dock in authorized marinas and register in advance with an agent to handle the arrival protocols"...can anyone who has entered recently confirm if this is accurate or not? Our plan was to just anchor and go to shore to clear in. Thanks in advance!
18:20 🦜Yahtzee -Jill/Andy We entered the other way from Chiapas to Marina Papagayo in November and despite wanting to clear in independently we were advised that we had to use a marina and agent as Noonsite advises. It was a super simple process, just had to pay for it, gotta love a (COVID-19?) policy!
18:27 LUMOS - Jeremiah Ok, thanks @🦜Yahtzee -Jill/Andy
18:28 LUMOS - Jeremiah My understanding reading Noonsite and VisitCostaRica.com is that the Covod Policy is only for unvaccinated folks. Anyone have any first hand knowledge?
18:50 🦜Yahtzee -Jill/Andy We are vaccinated, still had to use an agent and do the health pass through the govt website, just didn’t need additional health insurance. That was our experience this fall.
19:06 Captain Dietmar all vessels arriving in CR must use agent
we have a deal in golfito with marítima oceánica listed on the sponsorship page

you will also need to pay for covid insurance if you do not have 2 vaccines
19:44 Sea Trial Dave I just bought a computer that runs Windows 11. Unsure if I should return it for me that runs Windows 10. Sorry we missed you in Acapulco! Saw you moored just outside the Marina Acapulco before we departed home. How long are you in Marina Chahue?
20:14 LUMOS - Jeremiah Thank you! I've emailed Marítima Oceánica. A friend of mine just got a quote from an agent in Golfito (not sure what company they are from) for $700 for their agency services. That seems very high to me.
20:51 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky Hmmm…that doesn’t sound right. May I suggest you contact Gabriela @ Banana Bay Marina in Golfito…book a slip and let her clear you in…she’s crazy busy and very stressed out, but she will be a great asset for your entry into Costa Rica
20:52 LUMOS - Jeremiah Ok I'll reach out. Thank you.

Tue, 12/21/2021
06:28 SONHO - Edmund & Laura Lee Gabriela is amazing and so is her boss Jorge. We cleared out in Golfito. Get a slip at the neighboring Fish Hook Marina if Banana Bay is full. They are very nice there and the fees are very reasonable. They have a nice restaurant at the end of the dock with really great staff and food was decent and so were the prices. The managers name is Dave (i think) and he is a great guy too and I’ve been told from friends who cleared in with him that he did a great job too. We were there for emergency install of a new transmission and Gabi coordinated everything including a tow in and the mechanics were at the boat the next morning at 8am. Fish hook also did not charge us for water or electricity it was included in the slip fees. This was in May/June
08:47 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky Lolly & Ed!!! So nice to here from you two love birds. Where are you and what r the plans?
10:30 SONHO - Edmund & Laura Lee Hi Guys! We are in Vista Mar getting ready to schedule our canal crossing! We just got our new stove installed yesterday Woo Hoo! What are your plans? We’d love to cross paths again. Happy Holidays!
10:48 SANUK-Alex, Isa&Kids Good afternoon, we are a family of 4 soon crossing the canal from Atlantic to Pacific on our way to La Paz/San Diego by next summer.
10:48 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila [Club de playa- Marina Acapulco] Tambuco, Guanajuato Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=16.840973,-99.909250&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
10:49 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila Had to put in for a new galley refrigerator, ours died yesterday - and just learned that the Costco here closed down - haha on us
11:00 Busy Bee - Dan Hello group! Dan,Lori, and Jake(13) here on SV Busy Bee. Currently in Panama headed to Costa Rica soon. Nice to meet you all
11:07 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky Congrats on the new stove. We’re in Golfito area until mid January and then we’re heading south to Panama. Gonna do some diving and surfing in the north for a few months…
11:36 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce 😟
11:36 Road Less Traveled [null] Manzana 080814 156463, Panamá, Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=8.911880,-79.520980&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
13:21 SONHO - Edmund & Laura Lee Nice! Keep in touch!
13:23 ,☠️Delta Swizzler [Photo]
13:23 ,☠️Delta Swizzler Delta Swizzler dressed up for Christmas.
13:26 Dreamer @Busy Bee - Dan hi, welcome, there are a few of us with boats in the Atlantic that will cross to the pacific next year. I know a few are at shelter bay.
13:35 ☠️ Pacific Raven Very nice Mark and Cindy
13:36 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky Mark n Cindy, you continue to impress us with your artistry! Thank you
13:38 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky Posse Brothers & Sisters, I have a couple of boat parts in Quepos and would love a delivery to Golfito before January 15. Any takers?
13:38 Vagabundo Dos This is Vagabundo Dos. We are in Isla del Tigre, Honduras. We will be in Puesta del Sol, Nicaragua next week. I have some small Yanmar parts in Mexico that I would like to get in Nicaragua to Panama. The parts would be at Marina Chiapas. I can be reached at a personal Line message if anyone might be able, interested, or willing to do this for me. Thanks! Grant
13:54 Busy Bee - Dan @Dreamer for us we are targeting crossing early 2023. This season will be sea of Cortez
13:55 ,☠️Delta Swizzler Don’t sell the sea of Cortez short, we had planned 1 year…..spent five and loved it
13:56 Busy Bee - Dan @,☠️Delta Swizzler we've heard amazing things...my plans extend out 2 weeks...after that...who knows...heh
13:56 ,☠️Delta Swizzler You have Shawn and Heather’s guide book right ?
13:57 PP SV avant +1 on that. We were 5 years in Mexico.
14:11 Busy Bee - Dan @,☠️Delta Swizzler yes..we have that book
14:12 Samadhi Wait, Costco in Acapulco has closed down?
14:13 Ventana-Jim @Rob Murray. Thanks for pointing me to Jorge in Paradise Village. I spoke with him and he gave me a couple names. As you know, he has a nice shop right near marina office at Paradise Village. Nice guy. Good English. Does a lot of work himself but super busy so hard to get his time. Jorge referred me to Peter who is helping me with a battery issue. We’ll see how it goes.
14:13 Samadhi Googled for myself, yup permanently closed.
14:15 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila According to Luis at Marina Acapulco, they were subject to so much shoplifting, theft, smash and grabs that they just shuttered it
14:18 Ventana-Jim @Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky Thanks for suggestions re Vallarta Yacht Club. Visited there, talked to a few folks, had lunch and margarita, bought a shirt. Nice place. They are sponsoring Banderas Bay Regatta in March which I signed up for.
14:19 ,☠️Delta Swizzler They hd a fire a few years ago. Never reopened
15:15 Alamos Welcome! 👍
15:20 PP SV avant My experience was 100% positive. And he knows his stuff.
17:20 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky Peter is very good and his wife is one of the marina managers. Congratulations, you’re now dialed in!!!
18:51 BEATA Billy & Ruth [null] Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=19.299076,-104.835567&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
21:29 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky [null] Costa Rica : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=8.626934,-83.236885&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
21:33 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky Beata, that’s a nice anchorage!! Boss man Dietmar knows some pretty cool raicilla tequila makers there if you’re into that sort of thing😊

Wed, 12/22/2021
04:17 PP SV avant https://www.reuters.com/world/americas/panama-halves-rollout-time-planned-booster-program-2021-12-22/
06:47 PP SV avant How many Posse members in shelter bay now (in person, not just your boat here). Please chime in.
06:48 PP SV avant [Shelter Bay Marina] Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=9.368383,-79.951435&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:06 PP SV avant Pub. 140, Sailing Directions (Planning Guide) North Atlantic Ocean and Adjacent Seas (17th Edition 2019) has been updated to 18 December 2021.

Pub. 124, Sailing Directions (Enroute) East Coast of South America (15th Edition 2017) has been updated to 11 December 2021.

Pub. 126, Sailing Directions (Enroute) Pacific Islands (12th Edition 2017) has been updated to 27 November 2021.

The updated publications can now be accessed on NGA's Maritime Safety Web site
(https://na01.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fmsi.nga.mil%2FPublications&amp;data=04%7C01%7C%7Cac76b2a39eed4d69dedb08d9c55b8b7b%7C84df9e7fe9f640afb435aaaaaaaaaaaa%7C1%7C0%7C637757819241294017%7CUnknown%7CTWFpbGZsb3d8eyJWIjoiMC4wLjAwMDAiLCJQIjoiV2luMzIiLCJBTiI6Ik1haWwiLCJXVCI6Mn0%3D%7C3000&amp;sdata=WZw9nLRUWwenzNM0F28h%2F40J%2FKW4EQqVOrBZV5KrHNk%3D&amp;reserved=0 ).
09:07 BEATA Billy & Ruth Thanks Ho’okipa. It is beautiful here. We are going into the estuary this evening and we are most definitely interested in tequila.
09:08 SAVA - Melinda "Mel" We got our booster yesterday in Isla Colon! @,☠️Delta Swizzler did you see this?
09:09 ,☠️Delta Swizzler Yes thanks
09:13 Positivity John [Isla Ixtapa] Océano Pacífico Ixtapa, Guerrero Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=17.677616,-101.655377&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
10:28 SONHO - Edmund & Laura Lee Very nice we enjoyed our Christmas aboard Delta Swizzler last year 💜😘
10:40 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Looks like we are not turning around to slog it back up to La Paz. Charlie, Rich Boren’s partner, gave me info on the test instruments they use and I was able to order from Amazon.com.mx for a couple of hundred bucks. They will arrive next Tuesday and Charlie will help me over the phone to diagnose and adjust the expansion valve.

If all goes well, our plans are to leave Barra on Jan 1st and continue south.
10:43 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce We are still going to need the gash in our hull repaired somewhere as we head south. My preference would be a place that does great fiberglass work, and Lucky Chucky said, “I’m worth it.” 😁

I guess that means we wait until Quepos to get it done, or does anyone have experience at another place heading south that does excellent work?
10:45 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce What was the name of the yard and do you have a contact?
10:46 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Do you have any details regarding a yard in CR along with a contact?
10:51 ,☠️Delta Swizzler Funny I can’t think of more expensive place to get a repair done between LaPaz and Panama. There are a number of yards in LaPaz and in Puerto Vallarta. I’d recommend Opequimar(sp?) and use Kinky. He has a great team of people working for him
11:23 PP SV avant Quepos would be the one. We were quoted $5,500 to prep and apply two coats of ablative paint to our 45’ boat. Friends who had work done were pleased with the quality, but aghast at the price.
11:33 ,☠️Delta Swizzler Hello Pelican
11:33 ,☠️Delta Swizzler Welcome aboard
11:35 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Yep. That is a bit pricy. Did you get the work done there?
11:36 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce We’ll, I guess we could backtrack to PV, which is no way as far as La Paz.

What about Panama? Any quality places there?
11:37 PELICAN - Bryan Hello everyone! My wife, Anne and myself, Bryan, are on out Pearson 424 cutter. We are currently in the Bocas Del Toro area with a rough plan of doing the canal in March. We are both Naval Architects Marine Engineers so are happy to nerd out about boat systems. Looking to head to San Blas early in 2022 so will undoubtedly have questions.
11:37 PP SV avant Hell no! If you want a fix up that might not have great gel coat match etc., but is strong enough to get you by til you hit a yard what does ‘beauty salon’ work, Chiapas would be good. Workmanlike, strong, but you might not get pretty. Pretty is easy to do later.
11:39 PP SV avant Friends have had work done to a high standard at flamenco, but I don’t have contact information.
11:40 ,☠️Delta Swizzler Yes , in PV we had a bottom done, repaired cracks in rudder, replaced some through hulls, but we saw some fiberglass repairs they did to other boats. In Panama in Bocas they have a yard. Very reasonable rates, they hauled
us to replace replace two transducers that had gone out, so I had the bottom done again. No experience on their painting or fiberglass work. That said I may be having a hardtop build by them…so time will tell.
11:49 🦜Knot Right/Jeariene We’ll be there with you in spirit- Walt wants to make sure you enjoy that tequila 🍹
11:58 TAKU Bob & Etta @🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Have friends that someone hit there bow when at anchor in Las Brisas and put a big gash in it. They got repairs done at Flamenco in Panama.
They did a great job , can't tell it was ever hit. Contact Andrew Hansen, last year's PP
13:02 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky It’s marina pez Vela and Justin is boss man. He’s a fantastic man with a heart of gold. American. He runs a crew of 30 full-time people in the yard. These people are so proud of their work and Justin is reasonable with his pricing. I had a great experience with him paying what he asked, and he delivered everything he promised. Mini marinas in Mexico and south have one man band contractors juggling multiple jobs. Quepos doesn’t do that. When they set a timeline and a punchlist they stick to it hell or Highwater. Enough said. Here’s his contact:

13:26 ALKA - Julius Does anyone have experience on what docs are needed on the border of Panama-Costa Rica by land/air so that return flight tickets weren't required? Our allowances in Panama soon will expire so thinking to go by shuttle bus from Bocas del Toro to Puerto Viejo for 72 hours.
13:40 Captain Dietmar we always buy refundable tickets from Expedia the morning of checkin
and once through cancel in the 24 hour window
14:00 ALKA - Julius Great idea, thanks!
14:29 PP SV avant We’ve been using the free fake ticket generator s on the web. They seem to do the job fine.
19:04 LUMOS - Jeremiah [null] Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=8.511034,-79.667248&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
19:07 LUMOS - Jeremiah Left Panama City 5 hours ago and are heading around Punta Mala and planning to cruise up Panama coast to Golfito, Costa Rica. Beautiful conditions out here. 15-20 knots of wind out the NW. Hoping to stop in Benao tomorrow and check out the surfing!

Thu, 12/23/2021
05:58 PP SV avant Guatemala now requires visitors to be fully vaxxed and have a negative antigen test within 72 hours of entry.

06:19 Wild (Joe) from reading this, it seems to be related to air travel, can anyone confirm if it's the same arriving by boat? Also whether it applies to small children?
06:48 PP SV avant Unclear if it applies to land or sea borders, or children. All I know is in the link (sadly).
07:41 Aegis, Mary/Ian I received the information below from Marina Pez Vela, Guatemala:

Good afternoon, the necessary stationery to enter Guatemala is as follows,
Covid test, no longer than 72 hours
Valid passports of the entire crew
Complete stationery of the boat
Crew vaccination certificate
Last port departure
Not from South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Egypt and Eswatini. This must be greater than 14 days of having been in these countries, otherwise it enters a 14-day quarantine.
The stay of the ship is $ 3 dollars per day per foot
Electricity is charged for consumption
The cost of the entry procedure is depending on the number of crew members and the process of the ship is $ 250.00, official visit of the port captaincy, sat, migration and health ministry.

Any doubt as to the order,
07:51 PELICAN - Bryan We used Raul at Servamar as our agent when we spent hurricane season in Rio Dulce; he can be reached via WhatsApp at +502 5510 9104 and should know the answer as well.
08:09 DancingontheEdge Mel On a Rio Dulce website Raul Morales (Servamar) posted that PCR test would be required in addition to the vaccinations. Test can be obtained in Livingston upon arrival in Guatemala. I don’t know if there is an official notice but Raul responds electronically.
08:26 Papasierra - Keith Looks like I'm in la Paz till the morning if the 26th then over to Mazatlan for a quick stop before I head to PV on the 29th. All weather permitting of course. Anyone overlapping any part of that journey let me know.
08:27 🦜🍹Matilda,Fiona&Matt https://share.garmin.com/matilda
Take a look at our tracks from yesterday through the link above. We had to avoid twelve long lines set North-South in the last 50 miles to Z. We got tangled in two of them. Many were only a foot under water. Recommend staying at least 5nm South of our track before turning into Z.
08:55 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila Re: longlines - We ran down from Barra, planning a straight run to Huatulco, but our galley fridge died and we put in in Acapulco to replace. We were running 15-20 miles offshore, and encountered a literal minefield of long lines...some of the fishermen whose lines we crossed we quite aggressive about it. It seems to me that, since longlining is illegal, they're all out past the 12 mile limit. When we changed course to inside the limit, saw far fewer markers - FWIW
09:11 PP SV avant [Photo]
09:12 PP SV avant Major yard accident in shelter bay. A crane being positioned to lift a mast fell over and severely damaged two catamarans. No injuries, but severe damage to both boats.
09:14 🦜🍹Matilda,Fiona&Matt Our strategy after getting tangled twice was to head for every panga week saw. As we approached they would indicate a path to follow where they had sunk the line deep enough for us to pass over. Does anybody know if they longline fish after dark? I would hate to have to navigate through them at night.
09:17 TOKETEE Dar Diane Kimberly Yes they do at night and you can't see them. I caught one off Guatemala about 10nm out.
09:26 ,☠️Delta Swizzler Some of them have lights on one end. Some have none.
09:30 M/V One Life Courtesy flag for Nicaragua:

We’re in Huatulco and want to get a Nicaraguan courtesy flag.

Anyone heading north /west that would like to sell one? We’ll be here for another weekish , then head to Chiapas.

Conversely, anyone know where we could buy one along the way?
09:41 PP SV avant The ones with the lights are unicorns, they’re so rare.
09:45 Road Less Traveled I will be in Shelter Bay tomorrow night, the 24th
09:48 PP SV avant See ya soon!
10:50 Captain Dietmar amazon.com.mx ship to chiapas
or you can paint one on a white cuttingboard (in a pinch)
or alternatively print it on a color printer and glue to cutting board
10:53 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Can anyone recommend a good chiropractor south of Barra?
11:08 Ho’okipa-Lisa Golfo Dulce, Costa Rica -- PUNTA GALLARDO – gorgeous anchorage!!! A tad rolly, but worth it. Many Toucans in the trees. It must be great fishing cuz there’s a bunch of pangas cruising the point and coves in the morning. There are 8 dive spots nearby. We did 2. One was 60-80’ deep with a sunken pirate ship with a mast covered in soft corals of all different colors: pinks, orange, blue, green, yellow, white, etc.. It was straight outta a Tim Burton movie😊 Fish count and viz ok, but it’s a worthy dive. Contact me directly for the exact GPS coordinates…
12:39 M/V One Life Unfortunately the one one Amazon is unavailable. I will put my sewing skills to a test 😊
12:46 PP SV avant Felt pens and a dollar store tea towel.
14:57 walt knot right Finally got an Android tablet. I want to put opencpn on it. In the Google Play Store there are two open cpn's. One of them with 10000 downloads by Dave Register for $10. The other one by Maison automatique with 100,000 downloads that appears to be free. The free one has better Star count. So which one should I install?
15:02 PP SV avant Following advice on the OpenCPN forum, I spent the big bucks on the paid version. Apparently it gets updates and support, which the free version lacks. And I am notorious for being cheap. ;)
15:09 Captain Dietmar I use the 10 $ version
15:21 walt knot right Ok, there are some pluggins also available. Should they be installed?
15:48 IBEX - Florian [Photo]
15:48 IBEX - Florian We wish everyone a Merry XMas with our favorite pic from the award winning XMas Lights of Medellin / Colombia
16:52 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky [Photo]
16:54 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky Hang onto your hats!!! It’s getting busy here in Golfito. We got pirates, poacher hunters, rum runners and whatnot🤠
18:11 PP SV avant If you think you will use them, sure.
18:16 BEATA Billy & Ruth [null] Vía sin nombre, Jalisco, Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=19.195239,-104.681969&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14

Fri, 12/24/2021
11:25 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila Waem wishes for a Merry Christmas to the entire Panama Posse fleet...may your boats be filled with light and love!
11:43 ,☠️Delta Swizzler And keeping the water on the outside
12:20 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce @SephinaJosh thank you and warm holiday wishes to you and all the Posse.
12:21 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila A little bilge water is good for the soul...
12:24 BEATA Billy & Ruth Merry Christmas to the Fleet 🎄
12:24 BEATA Billy & Ruth [Photo]
12:26 BEATA Billy & Ruth [Photo]
12:27 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce 😏
12:30 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley [Photo]
12:30 ORION Patrick Lisa Shirley Feliz Navidad de La Cruz
13:40 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Beautiful!
13:40 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Nice shots of the parade!
13:58 nicole maison de sante @SephinaJosh you may find this useful: a google map of different anchorages and moorings along the East Coast. This came from someone from the women who sail group who recently completed a trip from St. Pete Florida to Boston.

14:05 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila Very cool! Thank you!
15:22 S/V Satori - Benj. Thanks!
15:29 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce I know this is a bit late in the day, but for those who are still in Barra, is there any interest in doing dinner or something tonight, or do most want to just do their own family thing?
15:31 Captain Dietmar the resort may have a special. heck with @firefly
15:32 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Roger that. Thanks
15:56 Medea-Darryl [Photo]
15:56 Medea-Darryl Merry Christmas to all from Medea
20:00 Captain Dietmar [null] Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport, Blvd. Aeropuerto S/N, Provincia de Guanacaste, Liberia, Costa Rica : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=10.600619,-85.535783&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14

Sat, 12/25/2021
06:41 Midnight B Richard Hi Jeremiah - Richard from Midnight Breeze here. We were anchored near you in Las Brisas a couple of days ago. We are intending to go to Costa Rica in the coming days and a Dutch couple we know were just charged $350 all-in by Gabriela at Banana Bay. Maybe we'll see you there.
07:15 LUMOS - Jeremiah Hey there @Midnight Brz Richard ! We are going with Gabriela at Banana Bay as well. $350 all in, and she said we could just anchor near the marina and use their dingy dock and facilities without having to pay for a slip. We are day hopping our way up and expect to be in Golfito on January 2nd or 3rd. Would love to meet you!
07:24 Road Less Traveled [null] Butner Street 30, Fort Sherman, Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=9.368170,-79.951058&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
07:25 PP SV avant [Shelter Bay Marina] Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=9.368383,-79.951435&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
07:25 Road Less Traveled Merry Xmas all, transited canal and arrived at Shelter Bay after dark.
07:27 PP SV avant Welcome!
Net @ 0730 on 77
Hail on 74
Xmas potluck at palapa ~1700 (come early to socialize)
Avant is on the hard, drop by to say hi.
09:25 🦜Ramble On Rose-Roz [Photo]
09:54 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Beautiful. Merry Christmas! 🎄
09:55 walt knot right This one just might take the prize. Merry Christmas to all.
11:08 ,☠️Delta Swizzler Are you headed to Bocas or San Blas?
12:07 Temptress Kim/Caroly Merry Christmas from our Granddaughter Maggie May. Smooth sailing this Holiday Season from Temptress, Carolyne and Kim.
12:07 Temptress Kim/Caroly [Photo]
18:28 Ho’okipa-Lisa [Photo]
18:29 Remedy-Karl [Photo]
18:30 Remedy-Karl Reminded me of this photo we got yesterday. Merry Christmas everyone!
18:54 SV Chimera Merry Christmas to all.
What are the transportation options for visiting family to meet us at Las Perlas from Panama City
19:07 Remedy-Karl By memory only, there's a very. Found a link: https://ferrypearlislands.com/
19:10 Road Less Traveled Headed to Cayman Islands from Shelter Bay
19:28 SV Chimera Thanks Remedy
19:28 Remedy-Karl I'm glad to finally be able to contribute! 😁
22:00 SVAKIA-Rick Hoping everyone had a very Merry Christmas from SV AKIA in La Cruz Riviera Marina Nayarit.

Sun, 12/26/2021
08:22 Unknown There is a small airport and ferry to Contadora. We sail back to city and Uber to airport to pick up family.
08:24 Tulum5- Michele/Chad Does anyone have info on dinghy repair in Acapulco?
08:55 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila We are shoving off from Acapulco today; I'll ask for a recommendation up at the harbor office. Are you here? Maybe I can help you with the patch/repair?
09:00 Wild (Joe) I thought this said "showing off" and clicked it hoping for a picture of something cool 😂
09:04 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila Sorry to disappoint 😅
09:06 Tulum5- Michele/Chad @SephinaJosh hi, thanks for the reply, we’ll be there Tues.
09:44 HAPPY DAYS Hey posse,
A few Panama questions…
1. Is an agent needed to check in, if so, recommendations please…
2. We plan to transit from the canal next month from Pacific to Caribbean, can we please have canal agent recommendations…
Gracias 😊
09:48 PP SV avant Agent not required for checkin to country
Canal agent https://www.centenarioconsulting.com/index.html offers Posse discount, we used them no issues at all.
09:49 TOKETEE Dar Diane Kimberly [Contact]
09:51 HAPPY DAYS Thanks. Any ideas on best check in town coming down from Costa Rica?
09:52 TOKETEE Dar Diane Kimberly @HAPPY DAYS Eric Galvarez is the agent for the canal. He uses WhatsApp and speaks English.
09:53 TOKETEE Dar Diane Kimberly @HAPPY DAYS we checked in at Vista Mar Marina that sponsors the Posse
09:56 HAPPY DAYS @🦜☠️🍹 TOKETEE thanks - did you require PCR test before departure or on arrival? Conflicting info online.
09:57 PP SV avant Armulles used to be the easiest, not sure if it’s reopened (closed during COVID-19). Check with the port captain, contact in link.

10:03 HAPPY DAYS Thanks @Rob Murray we will try contact them
10:08 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila Chad, Luis the harbormaster said the go to guy for inflatable repairs recently died, he's trying to find another person to help you. Reach out to him when you arrive
10:15 TOKETEE Dar Diane Kimberly @HAPPY DAYS the marina sends someone to your boat to do the PCR test, but if you have vaccines that may not be required. If you want the contact information for Vista Mar, I can send that.
10:20 PP SV avant If vaccinated 14 days before entry, testing no longer required.

“Entry Requirements for Vaccinated Travelers:

Effective August 31, 2021, travelers arriving in Panama who present a digital or physical full COVID Vaccination Certificate, showing that they received all required doses of a COVID vaccine approved by the WHO, FDA or EMA at least 14 days prior to their entry, are exempt from all testing and quarantine requirements to enter Panama.”

10:41 Tulum5- Michele/Chad @SephinaJosh josh, where do we find the HM and what’s his name? Thanks for all the info, appreciate it.
10:44 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila Marina Acapulco (they are PP sponsors) HM's name is Luis, you can find him in the harbor office, 744-131-3007 cell, 744-843-7744 office land line
15:56 Captain Dietmar REMINDER WEEKLY PANAMA POSSE LINE CALL TOMORROW AT 15:30 Utc for the Atlantic and Caribbean followed at 16:30 Utc FOR THE PACIFIC
16:02 ,☠️Delta Swizzler [Photo]
16:03 ,☠️Delta Swizzler [Photo]
16:03 ,☠️Delta Swizzler [Photo]
16:03 ,☠️Delta Swizzler [Photo]
16:03 ,☠️Delta Swizzler [Photo]
16:03 ,☠️Delta Swizzler [Photo]
16:04 ,☠️Delta Swizzler Christmas dinner in Boca del Toro, Panama,

Mon, 12/27/2021
05:38 REEF DANCER Debbie [Saba Rock] British Virgin Islands : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=18.502994,-64.358300&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
05:40 REEF DANCER Debbie Spending holidays at Saba Rock and Bitter End in BVI Beautiful here🎄
05:45 REEF DANCER Debbie [Photo]
07:16 ,☠️Delta Swizzler [null] Bastimentos Island, Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=9.331022,-82.178991&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
07:25 Captain Dietmar [null] Andaz Rd, Guanacaste Province, Culebra, Costa Rica : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=10.640966,-85.653701&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
08:25 Medea-Darryl [Placencia Pier] Belize : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=16.512877,-88.367717&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
08:28 TOKETEE Dar Diane Kimberly [Shelter Bay Marina] Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=9.368382,-79.951435&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:11 PP SV avant Guatemala Covid regulations non-clarification:

“Good Morning Rob,

I apologize for the delay, the health authorities specified that now travelers who want to enter Guatemala must present the card or a proof of the complete vaccination scheme against covid-19, and that the last vaccine must be at least two weeks after being administered.

For the moment that is te information, however it is subjetc to promt modifications.
Best Regards

Enviado: jueves, 23 de diciembre de 2021 6:27
Para: Pedro Jose Muñoz Moscoso <pmunoz@mspas.gob.gt>
Asunto: Do the new vaccination and testing entry requirements

Do the new vaccination and testing entry requirements

1) apply if arriving at a land border?

2) apply if arriving by boat from the sea?


09:11 PP SV avant [Shelter Bay Marina] Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=9.368383,-79.951435&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:13 DreamCatcher Henri Group voice call started.
09:15 SAVA - Melinda "Mel" [Photo]
09:15 SAVA - Melinda "Mel" Sloth spotted on our walk to the beach yesterday at Red Frog
09:15 SAVA - Melinda "Mel" I should say sloths mama and baby
09:16 SONHO - Edmund & Laura Lee [Vista Mar Beach] Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=8.485718,-79.948766&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:20 Captain Dietmar Atlantic and Caribbean warm up starts now
09:27 SAVA - Melinda "Mel" [Red Frog Marina] Bocas del Toro Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=9.340737,-82.178651&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:37 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce [Marina Puerto de la Navidad] La Barra de Navidad, Jalisco Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=19.195816,-104.683121&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:58 🥥🦜PathfinderJPNicole [Medano Beach (Playa El Médano)] C. Playa el Médano 23453 Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=22.887415,-109.904798&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
10:21 RED ROVER Kevin [null] P.º del Pescador 18, Centro, 40890 Zihuatanejo, Gro., Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=17.636451,-101.556755&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
10:25 Green Flash [null] 231 Avenida Serra, San Clemente, CA 92672, USA : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=33.425885,-117.617620&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
10:26 AgapeLoveDominates Awesome
10:26 IBEX - Florian [beiyu] Calle Del Guerrero Cartagena, Bolívar Colombia : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=10.421453,-75.545410&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
10:33 🦜🍹Kyrie [null] Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=17.570374,-101.546809&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
10:34 🦜🍹Kyrie Mini convoy (Boundless, Tulum V, and Kyrie) en route to Aucapulco.
10:54 INDEPENDENCE - Richard Independence is Marina Chiapas, and we are touring the waterfalls Cascade Azul....
11:20 Sea Trial Dave We may need to fly home to So Cal from Chiapas. It appears the airport is around 85 miles from the marina. Any recommendations on transportation?
11:25 IBEX - Florian Does anyone know the name of the freight forwarder in Miami for Shelter Bay Marina (I have the address, but need the name and Juanjo currently doesn‘t reply)
11:29 Sea Trial Dave Realize the airport (TAP) is 18km away not 85.
11:48 OCEAN DREAM III -KB Group call ended.
12:08 PP SV avant You send your packages to

Yacht in transit xxxx
6930 NW, 84th Avenue
PTY 361655
Miami FL 33166

Tel (786) 618-5090

And they show up here 4-5 days later, just like magic.

For larger/heavier stuff, apparently http://www.marinewarehouse.net/contact.html can work out better.
12:10 IBEX - Florian Thx!
12:12 PP SV avant The marina can organize a taxi, or you can take the combi bus to tapachula and ask the driver to detour to the airport en route. Taxi is the better bet IMO.
12:47 LUMOS - Jeremiah [null] Montijo District, Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=7.566056,-81.191717&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
14:04 Sea Trial Dave Thanks.
16:16 SVBoundless [Photo]
16:16 SVBoundless @Tulum5 - Chad under way to Acapulco.
16:37 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila Where are you guys? Left Acapulco yesterday midday, I'm about 10 miles offshore, approaching Puerto Escondido from the west, destination Huatulco/Chahue.
16:37 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila [null] Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=15.753033,-97.336706&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
16:39 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila Or let's try this: 15°44.9'N, 97°19.6'W
16:39 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila ...with a rare burst of cell service out here 😄
16:43 Alamos Who has a destination of Vista Mar down here in Panama?
16:56 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky Ho’okipa
17:07 Alamos 😁👍
19:24 🦜Yahtzee -Jill/Andy Yahtzee is working her way there! In Quepos now.
20:05 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky Jill, can you pick up 2 small packages in Quepos at American export in the marina and transport them to me in Golfito or vista mar?
20:10 Samadhi Thank you for posting, we are the boat that was reached out to. I messaged Dietmar directly but hadn't yet gotten a response.
20:10 🦜Yahtzee -Jill/Andy Of course! Pm me deets and we will be on it!
20:14 Captain Dietmar unless he issues a mayday or pan pan this is outside our mission
in which case anyone in the area will help him

Tue, 12/28/2021
08:15 Ora 2 CraigandKaren Good morning fleet. I am after some information on clearing in and out of Nicaragua. I thought I saw a previous message but can't find it. We are headed south from Mexico . Thanks in advance SY Ora
08:26 Captain Dietmar tapachula airport is 20 minutes from marina chiapas use miguel angel for 500 pesos punctual air-conditioned car
+52 962 133 6820
08:27 Captain Dietmar contact and clear in at puesta del sol marina listed on PanamáPosse website
08:29 Alamos Right on!😁👍
09:12 🦜Yahtzee -Jill/Andy Juanita is the contact, she is super helpful +505 8880 0013
09:17 Ora 2 CraigandKaren Cheers for that. Do you have any idea of current clear in costs?
09:51 Ora 2 CraigandKaren I have emailed Juanita, thanks for pointing me to the PP website. I forget about all the info there. Cheers Craig
10:01 Ho’okipa-Lisa Marina Puesta del Sol – Roberto & Maria Laura owners; Roberto built power plants in Nicarauga. Great guy. Maria is very graceful.

The entrance, as mentioned on the “approach” page is a bit nerve-racking but the Navionics chart is spot-on, at least through the entrance. After that, you just follow the marked channel. At high tide, the lowest we saw was 12’-3”. Do not cut any corners, especially that first one. The marina didn’t answer any hails until we were at the marina. So either they were away from comms or their antenna is very low.

Fees are very reasonable. $20/boat & $12/person - Immigration, $25 - Port capt, $10 customs. You need exact change or give up the excess as they don’t take CC and have no change to give. Exit is $30-zarpe, $20-boat, $2/person.

Marina for Posse members is $1/ft for the first two days and $0.64/ft after that. Includes electric when it’s on (see below) and well water at the dock.

Electric is run off a generator. Unless they have hotel occupants, the power is only turned on 0700-1300 and 17or 1800-2200.

10:34 Tulum5- Michele/Chad [null] Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=16.843453,-99.904013&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
10:46 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila [Marina Chahue] Santa Cruz Huatulco, Oaxaca Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=15.763930,-96.121350&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
10:47 Ora 2 CraigandKaren Thanks for the info, much appreciated
10:54 SVBoundless @SephinaJosh Just got into Acapulco this morning and hoping to be in Huatulco in a week or so.
10:55 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila Ok, weather permitting, we'll cross the Gulf for Chiapas tomorrow/Thursday
11:27 DancingontheEdge Mel Guatemala has published update to entry guidelines by land and sea. Effective January 3. Must be fully vaccinated 14 days before entry. Under 12 exempt. Antigen or PCR no more than 72 hrs prior to entry checkpoint. Under 10 exempt. Notice posted by Guatemalan Tourism Board and Ministry of Health Hope this is helpful to others.
11:30 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Does this mean PCR is required with full vaccination?
12:02 PP SV avant Or antigen. You MUST be double vaxxed, and you MUST have a neg test result within 72 hours of entry.
12:05 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Thanks for the clarification.
14:31 TIME OUT - Dan Caught a 21 lb. Pacific Jack Crevalle on Xmas on the way to Zihuatanejo from Manzanillo. I have a couple extra bags of filets that should be eaten soon. I am anchored in Zihuatanejo Bay if anyone would like some.
14:32 TIME OUT - Dan Caught a 21 pounder today about a third of the way from Manzanillo to Zihuatanejo.
17:39 Katmandu - Terry Quick question to the fleet. Would anyone recommend a bank for cruisers . Minimal fees, good exchange rates, international ATM, good responsive customer service ?
17:42 PP SV avant Your home country?
17:43 Katmandu - Terry US home address Austin TX
17:44 Katmandu - Terry I tried First Republic but my home address is out of there service area. I currently have a Credit Union that is failing me to many times
17:46 Captain Dietmar argh so sorry

17:48 ,☠️Delta Swizzler Try Charles Schwab, no transfer fee,ATM fee, conversion fee checking account
17:49 PP SV avant No personal experience, but if you’re a veteran the USA credit union has been spoken of highly to me by several cruisers.
17:49 nicole maison de sante I second Charles Schwab
17:53 WIND DRIFT - Blair and Jodi I could be wrong but was told Schwab requires you to set up the account in person and appointments are months out. This was 6 months ago when I checked on it. Please report back if I’m wrong. Would love to set one up
17:57 Katmandu - Terry Ok interesting
17:58 Katmandu - Terry I also have a Merrill LYNCH account but I’m not a big fan of there’s either …. So many institutions have lost touch with customer service .
18:00 PP SV avant USAA I mean.

Tuesday, January 4th – 4 PM – 8 PM

ONE OF THESE ITEMS ON THE LIST 6-10 SERVINGS with Serving Spoons -https://panamaposse.com/pot-luck
20:15 Dreamer Darn, won’t be there until the 28th
20:15 Captain Dietmar [Photo]
20:15 Captain Dietmar [Photo]
20:15 Captain Dietmar [Photo]
20:15 Captain Dietmar @Dreamer change your flight ;-)
20:16 Dreamer Lol, I’ll be in Egypt and Jordan
20:17 Dreamer BTW, shelter bay loves the posse, they see the $$$ lmao 🤣
20:23 Captain Dietmar I think they are a great partner for us all !
20:24 Dreamer Yes they are👍
21:48 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky David, I have friends in Abu Simbu and also Wadi Rum. Will you be there? If so, can you bring back some boat parts they are holding for me?
21:52 Dreamer [Photo]
21:52 Dreamer [Photo]
21:53 Dreamer [Photo]
21:53 Dreamer [Photo]
21:53 Dreamer @Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky
21:53 Dreamer [Photo]
21:53 Dreamer [Photo]
21:54 Dreamer @Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky i really have no idea where anything is lol, I’m just going along with the tour, I’ll be happy to bring small boat parts, but my bags are pretty full with my gear for the pacific crossing, I’m packing now as we speak 😂
21:56 Dreamer @Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky if I’m going to be close to them and they can drop off at my hotel, easy peasy. Let me know and I’ll IM you my email, line number and phone number so they can contact me when I’m there
22:00 Captain Dietmar @Dreamer we are about 5 years out from launching the Mediterranean Posse which will start in Isreal ;-)
22:03 Dreamer Nice, if i don’t sell my boat in Oz and decide to go all the way around, I’ll join. Only reason I’m not keen on going through the Diaz is all the freighters and bad press
22:03 Dreamer Suez
22:09 fickle - Ben I use Capital One 360. No monthly fees, no foreign exchange fees. No minimum balance. It’s all done online. Only thing I’m not sure about is customer service since I haven’t had any problems with it. You can deposit checks using the app. Cash can be deposited at CVS in the U.S. but I’ve never tried it.

Wed, 12/29/2021
00:23 🦜Ramble On Rose-Roz I’ll add another Vote for Charles Schwab. No foreign transaction fees, no monthly fees, they reimburse you for all ATM fees. the conversion rates seem to be very close to the current going rate as long as you decline the ATMs conversion.
00:26 Dreamer Yes, capital one, no foreign transaction fees and 1.5% cash back. But in usa, i use Citibank double rewards and Wells Fargo, both give you 2% on every dollar you spend.
07:52 SAVA - Melinda "Mel" Doubtful we will be in Shelter that soon
10:19 Captain Dietmar We have an opening for a volunteer communications monitor to keep this channel
flowing and in adherence to hge Gestalt protocol. Soft touch and diplomacy skills a plus.
If interested please email registration@panamaposse.com
11:59 UNORTHODOCKS - Josh Hello all. Tried to place a reservation today using our Hertz discount in Chiapas. Just before finishing the online reservation I called their head office to see if they could deliver the vehicle to the marina(since I couldn’t get a hold of the Tapachula branch) and not only did they say they couldn’t deliver, but that during the last two weeks of December our discounts were blacked out and not valid. Seems a bit hokey to me.
12:20 VitesseCatherine We use Capital One 360. It has been flawless.
12:45 Captain Dietmar copy that so what rate did you get ?
12:50 Katmandu - Terry Thank you all for your banking recommendations .Please DM me directly with further recommendations to avoid congestión on the main chat .
13:31 UNORTHODOCKS - Josh They quoted me 917 pesos per day, but the rep on the phone says that vehicle would be 5000 pesos per day.
13:43 🦜🍹Matilda,Fiona&Matt Does anybody have any input on checking in at Puerto Angel? Our Zarpe shows next port of Zihuatanejo but we blew that off. Trying to figure out the path of least resistance when checking into our next port. We are currently in Acapulco where Vicente advises against checking in.
14:10 🦜Yahtzee -Jill/Andy We checked in @puerto Angel last spring, super easy, Port Captain right in town there. No fuss, stamped us and we were good to go.
15:36 🦜🍹Kyrie Boundless just checked in here in Aucapulco. Sounds like it was painless and free, and they allow checkout via VHF.
16:47 HAPPY DAYS We have been using wise https://wise.com/ in USA, Mexico, and Costa Rica with our Australian dollars and it’s been awesome
16:57 HAPPY DAYS It was a late Saturday night when we anchored there and no one bothered us, left again Sunday morning no problem. Very cool watching them race their boats up onto beach. Our paperwork was Acapulco to Huatulco but didn’t find any port captain too concerned down that coastline.
17:28 🦜🍹Kyrie Any tips for.getting from Puerto Angel to Huatulco? I'd imagine it's nearly impassible if the Tehuanapec is blowing?
18:26 Medea-Darryl Has anyone checked into Great Inagua or Turks and Caicos recently?
Looking at Covid protocols and check in fees

20:01 HAPPY DAYS Just watch the 3 knot current coming around punta sacrificio but otherwise okay depending on the blow it doesn’t get all the way to huatulco 😊
21:19 Captain Dietmar @Gargoyle was there
contact south bend marina for latest
vaccine rates are over 70% with second jabs
21:37 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky Yes, make a plan and consult with the port captain. Port captain will tell you when to go, or not. It’s pretty easy.

Thu, 12/30/2021
06:22 ,☠️Delta Swizzler Check your winds and wait for a weather window, the safest way is to keep one foot on the beach. That means traveling really close to shore, in case the wind does blow up, you will have much less wave action. It really doesn’t take that much longer, but makes it a much safer trip.
06:32 SONHO - Edmund & Laura Lee We use our Schwab debit card. No foreign transaction fees
08:46 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce What are people doing for prescription medication while out of the US?
08:50 ,☠️Delta Swizzler A lot of it you can buy over the counter
08:51 ,☠️Delta Swizzler Or use Seaside Marine, they prescribe meds to your boat
08:53 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce I was at La Comer is Manzanillo yesterday and the three BP medications I take we not available in the doses intake and the prices were astronomical. We’re talking hundreds of USD per month to equal the doses I currently take.
08:56 ,☠️Delta Swizzler [Photo]
08:56 ,☠️Delta Swizzler In Mexico Walmart does a great job
09:03 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Thanks!
09:04 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce What does he do?
09:05 RED ROVER-Alison Hey Bruce, we were able to get our BP meds in La Cruz quite reasonably. We went to see Dr. Shukan who is the "fleet doctor" there and he wrote us new prescriptions to fill out the rest of 2022 and filled them, so we have everything on board for a year. We had at least 6 months supply from the US. You might try talking to a local doctor to see what options they can help you with. Also Costco in PV, might ask Pancho about when he is going to PV next and tag along. Give them a call first though.
09:05 ,☠️Delta Swizzler He can fill drug orders for you documented US boat at reasonable rates, also provide emergency first aid equipment you desire.
09:07 Medea-Darryl Thank you
09:10 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Thanks Alison. I was unable to get more than one month supply from my Dr. in San Diego before we left. 😟 So are you taking slightly different medication and doses than what you were taking in the US?
09:10 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Thanks. I’ll reach out.
09:13 RED ROVER-Alison Ugh sorry about that. I was able to get Walgreens to do a work around insurance. I went back four days in a row and they figured out how to get insurance to accept it. Clever folks. Yes, the dosages are in smaller amounts so I have to take 2 pills instead of 1. But it works. Just have a mess of little boxes!
09:22 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce I was surprised at the small quantities they sell them in, and the price. I guess we get used to having insurance that covers it in the US.
09:29 RED ROVER-Alison Just different. 😀
10:12 ,☠️Delta Swizzler Most locals can’t afford to buy a 3 or 6 month supply. They buy a 1-2 weeks supply.
10:15 ,☠️Delta Swizzler We have also been using the local supplier in Mexico for 5 years and in Panama for a few months…and we are still getting along just fine. We did use mainly Walmart in Mexico. They have a buy 3 boxes and get the fourth free for most meds.
10:23 COP - Brent & Debbie Hello, this is Brent and Debbie on Change of Pace (COP). Thank you for the addition as we are excited to learn from everyone's experiences and also to be able to share what we learn during our travels.
10:39 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Makes sense.
10:40 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Local supplier?
10:43 Ho’okipa-Lisa Welcome. Where are you? Where have you been on your boat?
10:47 COP - Brent & Debbie We are currently in Key West, FL. We have cruised up and down the East Coast of the US from Maine down to the Florida Keys. We also traveled throughout the Bahamas from Abaco to the Exumas. It seems that every area is beautiful in its own way.
10:48 Sv Firefly Brenda Ted @🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Farmacia Guadalajara xcross the street has great prices if you go back
10:49 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Across the street from La Comer?
11:10 Sv Firefly Brenda Ted Yes
11:11 Sv Firefly Brenda Ted Also they have an online site you can search fir prices as well
11:35 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Thanks. They had 2 of our 4 meds online.
12:52 PP SV avant For anyone who was following the rower in need of supplies and parts; traveling towards Panama. Vessel named “Smiles”.
here is status as of today:

The rower is ok. He got resupplied by a commercial vessel and is proceeding in the direction of Acapulco.
15:17 ,☠️Delta Swizzler Great news thanks
15:23 ,☠️Delta Swizzler https://www.facebook.com/234381159369/posts/10158770366499370/
16:20 BEATA Billy & Ruth [null] Vista Hermosa 7, Península de Santiago, 28867 Manzanillo, Col., Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=19.101143,-104.344494&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
20:00 Lexcursion I Good evening fleet
MV L'excursion I
We are Isabelle and Patrick, cruising on a 37 feet power catamaran.
We have cruised up to Alaska and down to Mexico where we currently are to start our next journey south.

20:01 Lexcursion I [null] Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=20.765426,-105.511242&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
20:18 SV Chimera [null] Puntarenas Province, Costa Rica : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=8.652602,-83.254357&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
20:25 SV Chimera Took us a month to get her seaworthy after 15 mos away . Oh but what a great sail today along Piedras Blanca National Park
21:08 Captain Dietmar Ahoy
welcome to the 21*22 Panamá Posse
22:31 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky The good doctor is “in”!!! Congratulations!!!
23:59 SV Chimera 😎👍

Fri, 12/31/2021
07:20 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila [Photo]
07:21 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila Newest members if the Panama Posse - about 5 miles outside Chiapas
07:22 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila [Photo]
07:22 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila Whoops! Missed one
11:11 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce 😁
11:55 RED ROVER-Alison Just checked in and out at the same time with the Port Captain. Easy forms, nice people, stamped and ready to go. No fees.
12:48 Remedy-Karl [Photo]
12:48 Remedy-Karl [Photo]
12:48 Remedy-Karl [Photo]
12:49 Remedy-Karl [Photo]
12:49 Remedy-Karl I thought I would share a few of the before and after photos of wet sanding of our heavily oxidized boat.
12:51 ,☠️Delta Swizzler Looks great
13:43 Remedy-Natalie We are considering Mazatlan for next Hurricane season. Any advice on this location during summer? El Cid marina or Marina Mazatlan? Thanks
14:39 PP SV avant We summered in Mazatlan a few years ago. Definitely marina Mazatlan or the little marina on the Isla. El cid has bad surge during the cruising season an horrific surge in the summer. There used to be (probably still is) a boat management service, which we used and we found worthwhile. They wash the boat, air it from time to time, have the bottom cleaned as appropriate and check the lines, etc. They used to offer a summer special on moorage rates with prepayment.
15:00 Remedy-Natalie Awesome. This is great advice.
15:11 PP SV avant The boat management service was called ‘Tony’s boat management’ and was owned and run by Grant (who bought it from Tony). Genuinely nice guy, good service. Not sure if he’s still running it.
18:40 Epsilon-Bill [null] De La Villa 10, Villa Cortez, 22860 Ensenada, B.C., Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=31.863662,-116.662107&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
19:01 RED ROVER Kevin I agree with the comments about the two marinas and how El cid is surgy. Marina Mazatlan is where we stayed twice in the past. If you are going to stay with the boat, there would be a valid reason to stay in El Cid... the pool... we spent last summer in Loreto and the pool was greatly appreciated then!
20:17 SV Chimera [null] Puntarenas Province, Costa Rica : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=8.676937,-83.325280&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
20:19 SV Chimera Can see the fireworks in Golfito from here. Happy New Year!
22:03 PP SV avant We had friends staying at the Fonatur, and used the pool there. ;)
22:41 Captain Dietmar HAPPY NEW YEAR (newyear) everybody

22:42 Katmandu - Terry [Photo]
22:42 Katmandu - Terry From Katmandu(!)

Sat, 1/1/2022
07:40 BEATA Billy & Ruth [Location]
07:41 BEATA Billy & Ruth Happy New Year to the Fleet.
08:15 IBEX - Vicky [null] Butner Street 30, Fort Sherman, Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=9.369002,-79.949922&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
08:16 IBEX - Vicky Happy New Year to all of you! We arrived in Shelter Bay a few hours before New Year and look forward to meeting some of you at the BBQ on Tuesday!
08:28 PP SV avant We’re on the hard across from the office - drop by and say hi!
08:49 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Happy New Year to you and everyone else!
08:50 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Haw was that anchorage? I’ve heard it can have quite a bit of swell?
08:56 OCEAN DREAM III -KB Ocean Dream III is now anchored in front of Panama City. Thanks again to Ibex for sailing instructions approaching Santa Marta. A big thank you to Rob and Debbie, Avant @ Shelter Bay, for sailing advice.
Agent for canal transit: Erick Galvez is excellent.
Happy New Year to ALL!
Kevin, Ocean Dream III
09:00 RED ROVER Kevin [null] Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=16.815885,-99.887407&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:02 RED ROVER Kevin After a wonderful show last night, Red Rover and crew are starting the new year with an overnight run to Huatulco!
09:02 RED ROVER Kevin [Photo]
09:08 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce How was Acapulco? Any tips? Did you anchor out or get a slip?
09:24 PP SV avant 010856Z JAN 22
NAVAREA IV 2/22(25).
INMARSAT-C: 422799024,
TELEX: 42912008,
PHONE: 5965 9670 9292,
FAX: 5965 9663 2450,
09:40 RED ROVER Kevin Hi Bruce, we were at La Marina for two nights. We went to see the cliff divers which we've heard about for years. Our only other stops were the port captain and Walmart (right outside the marina). We didn't stay long as we want to get into huatulco before the next tehuantepec blow starts tomorrow night. 4 other PP boats are on the moorings... I'm sure they will chime in too!
09:42 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Kevin, thanks. Much appreciated.
10:24 PP SV avant Enjoy the pacific!
11:17 TAKU Bob & Etta [null] Juan Álvarez 11, Centro, 40890 Zihuatanejo, Gro., Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=17.635937,-101.556066&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
11:52 Dreamer Happy New Years everyone
13:11 🦜🍹Kyrie We're on Vicente's moorings. He told us 300 pesos per night, and he can help with fuel, water, bottom cleaning, or other items if you ask, great guy. I think there's at least one mooring ball of his currently free. Not sure I'd recommend anchoring due to a very likely foul bottom here.
13:13 🦜🍹Kyrie The town itsself (Aucapulco) isnt that great. Crazy busy, dirty, and pretty run down. Lots of boat wakes all day at the moorings, but calm at night. Very pretty city lights at night though
13:20 HAPPY DAYS Happy new year! From the crew on Happy Days. Playas del Coco put on a lovely firework display last night.
Quick question as we begin to knuckle down our seasons plan… anyone else heading north from Panama? And if so what route are you planning? Similar to posse21 seminar or different? We are exploring our options
15:22 PP SV avant 011934Z JAN 22
NAVAREA IV 4/22(26).
10-11.73N 079-22.45W AT 011200Z JAN.
2. CANCEL THIS MSG 041934Z JAN 22.
16:40 BEATA Billy & Ruth [null] Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=18.071930,-102.747513&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
16:43 BEATA Billy & Ruth Hi Bruce. Yes, Cabeza Negra was quite rolly, but very pretty.
17:12 AKIA Judy [Marina Riviera Nayarit] Riviera Nayarit Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Nayarit Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=20.748294,-105.380225&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
18:08 LUMOS - Jeremiah Hey there. We are northbound along with our friends @Busy Bee - Dan and Lori. We are in our last anchorage in Panama tonight at Punta Balsa, and sailing to Golfito, Costa Rica tomorrow. We will spend a few weeks going north through CR then up to Mexico (if all goes to plan)

Sun, 1/2/2022
07:14 OCEAN DREAM III -KB Happy Days -thanks for info. How is the wind? On Windy.com it looks light and on the nose. Motoring?
10:06 SVBoundless @🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce we also are on a mooring in Acapulco. Noisy and busy during the day but quiet at night.
10:15 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila A very gestalt-liche New Year to all!
10:58 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Is there a dinghy dock to land at?
10:59 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce And to you as well!
11:57 SWINGIN' ON A STAR Ahoy, Randy and Nancy here aboard s/v Swingin' on a Star, 50' Saint Francisc sailing cat. Docked in San Diego, destined for Key West by June 2022. Just finishing final refit details and planning to head out later this month. Look forward too see y'all in the next harbor!
12:16 Sea Trial Dave @🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce One more Acapulco recommendation fairly close to the cliff divers is Hotel Flamingo. 70 year old, run down old movie star haunt. Go Thursday for Pizoli or Sunday for brunch (reservation required). Well worth it.
12:17 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Thanks!
12:40 🦜🍹Kyrie Kind of. A free one the guy who runs the moorings can point out, but it is a sea wall to tie to, so bring a stern anchor to hold your dinghy off the rocks. You can also use the dock at La Marina, but the dinghy dock fee is 300 pesos.
13:09 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce 👍
14:28 Captain Dietmar welcome

14:35 Alamos 😁👍
16:00 utc PACIFIC
17:01 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky [null] 237, Puntarenas Province, Costa Rica : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=8.784672,-82.958878&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
17:05 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky Las Cruces Biological Station, Costa Rica - set your hair on fire on fire. After the Cocos Islands, this is the best of Costa Rica we have seen.
17:11 Last Arrow Vincent [null] Blvd. Paseo Ixtapa #3299, Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, Gro., Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=17.666330,-101.616559&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
17:17 Sv Firefly Brenda Ted @Last Arrow Vincent hi you guys! did you have any trouble getting in? What is your draft?
17:19 Last Arrow Vincent No issues getting in had 4 ft under the keel, apparently they have been dredging
17:21 Last Arrow Vincent @Firefly sorry draft 6’ 8”
17:22 Sv Firefly Brenda Ted @Last Arrow Vincent. Thanks. Enjoy!
17:23 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce @Last Arrow Vincent where do you checkin with the port captain? Do you have to go to Zihua?
17:25 Sv Firefly Brenda Ted I think the marina port capt did it for us
17:25 Last Arrow Vincent Yes check in is with the port Captain in Zihuat, office is at the main pier easy to find. Marian office sent us to Zihuat
17:26 Sv Firefly Brenda Ted Good to know
17:28 Last Arrow Vincent Marina is ok, not much around but it’s quite and Zihuat is is a 20 peso bus ride or $140 peso cab ride in. Great bike trails here as well as bike trail between Ixtapa and Zihuat ( yea for ebikes)
17:29 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce We’ll I was going to resend as a reply but you already answered my question.
17:34 WildhoodDirk Where were you guys able to get Covid tests over in that vicinity of Panama? I'm assuming they are still needed to clear into CR?
18:12 🦜Yahtzee -Jill/Andy No tests needed if you are vaccinated, just the CR govt health screen 72 before arrival https://salud.go.cr/
18:12 BEATA Billy & Ruth [null] Escénica La Ropa 401B, Playa la Ropa, 40880 Zihuatanejo, Gro., Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=17.634865,-101.552629&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
18:13 BEATA Billy & Ruth [Photo]
18:14 Road Less Traveled I just needed my vaccination card to clear in from Mexico to CR.
18:14 BEATA Billy & Ruth Found this little guy after we anchored. I’ll call him Pancho.
18:15 🦜Knot Right/Jeariene Nice visitor!
18:15 Road Less Traveled Same for CR to Panama, just vaccination card.
18:15 BEATA Billy & Ruth Aren’t they good luck?
18:16 🦜Knot Right/Jeariene That’s what I was told!
18:18 Katmandu - Terry Very good luck (Lucky)and eat the unwanted insects.🕷🐜
18:42 LUMOS - Jeremiah As others have stated, no covid tests required as we are vaccinated. I had a visitor on board who flew home to the USA and got a Antigen test at the Tocumen Airport in Panama City before departing. PCR tests are done at labs I believe, but I don't have a specific reccomendation.
18:43 LUMOS - Jeremiah Hey could you share more info either here or in a private message to me? We just got to Golfito and I see it isn't too far. Thanks!
19:11 WildhoodDirk Awesome thanks, was under the impression we still needed tests, makes it easy, cheers!

Mon, 1/3/2022
06:52 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky [Photo]
07:02 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky [Photo]
07:02 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky The garden and hotel are part of a massive 806 acres owned by Las Cruces which is part of the ORGANIZATION FOR TROPICAL STUDIES. Lodging is super clean and food is very good. $90USD PP per day. We got here by our moto, but you will need to hire someone to get you here. Once you are here, you don’t want a car. If plants, flowers and birds are your jam, this is the place. The place even has research greenhouses and a research library! Decent WIFI. BYOB.
07:10 LUMOS - Jeremiah Excellent, thank you!
08:17 RED ROVER Kevin Marina Chahue entrance experience by Red Rover: we entered yesterday afternoon, tide was 1.6' above zero. We saw a low of 8.5' and 9' in two locations, our track and depth markup to follow. Red Rover draws 6.5' so we took it slowly. We wanted to arrive at 2pm high tide but were an hour late.
08:17 RED ROVER Kevin [Photo]
08:26 Last Arrow Vincent Geees that’s getting close. Any other options other than high tide?
08:26 Captain Dietmar [null] Andaz Rd, Guanacaste Province, Culebra, Costa Rica : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=10.640965,-85.653640&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
08:32 RED ROVER Kevin Yup, low tide, but you get less water... 😁 my post isn't to scary anyone but to let everyone know it's fine to come in. But may be good to plan to come in at a higher level if you are a deep draft boat. If you can't arrive at high tide, there are many anchorages within an hour before arriving that you can hang out at. This is not a large marina. Although there are only a handful of cruises boats here currently, there isn't a lot of empty slips. Especially for larger boats. Hope this helps!
08:35 Last Arrow Vincent Copy appreciate the intel. What time is the line call today or am I a day late and a dollar again ?
08:38 RED ROVER Kevin It's 1 hr 22 mins from now.. 👍👍👍
08:43 Last Arrow Vincent Copy (ok sign)
09:04 Captain Dietmar weekly Panamá Posse line call starts in 25 minutes for the CARIBBEAN and ATLANTIC and in 55 Minutes for the PACIFIC
09:07 Chinook - Nick [Shelter Bay Marina] Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=9.368383,-79.951435&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:07 PP SV avant [Shelter Bay Marina] Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=9.368383,-79.951435&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:08 WIND DRIFT - Blair and Jodi [null] P.º de La Bahía 73, Playa las Gatas, 40880 Zihuatanejo, Gro., Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=17.623979,-101.548531&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:12 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce [Marina Puerto de la Navidad] La Barra de Navidad, Jalisco Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=19.195816,-104.683121&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:13 Chinook - Nick Hi all! New to the call this week. Nick Newton on SV Chinook, currently in Panama at Shelter Bay Marina. We are sailing a FP catamaran and have my wife and I and our four children, G15, B12, G10, G6. Originally from Portland Oregon.
09:14 walt knot right [Photo]
09:15 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Brrrrr!
09:15 walt knot right Not quite sailing weather
09:16 Tulum5- Michele/Chad [null] Av Costera Miguel Alemán S/N, Zona Urbana 49, 39300 Acapulco de Juárez, Gro., Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=16.846801,-99.907989&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:17 Captain Dietmar when you join the group call please be sure to mute your mike (lower left . icon mike w line through)
09:17 Captain Dietmar Group voice call started.
09:18 walt knot right [Photo]
09:18 walt knot right This weather is for the birds
09:19 LUMOS - Jeremiah [null] Puntarenas Province, Costa Rica : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=8.618477,-83.155289&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:24 Remedy-Natalie I'm looking but I do not see a marina in Loreto. What is its name?
09:27 RED ROVER Kevin Hi Natalie, we stayed the summer in the Loreto area, home based out of Marina Puerto Escondido, which is 14 miles south of town. Hope this helps!
09:34 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila [Marina De Chiapas] Tapachula, Chiapas Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=14.698826,-92.393057&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:39 ,☠️Delta Swizzler [null] 8QM3+XG4, Bocas del Toro Province, Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=9.335119,-82.245901&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:54 Midnight B Richard [null] Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=8.139893,-82.321157&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:54 RED ROVER Kevin [null] Manzana 5 Lote 30 Sector P Marina Chahué, 70989 Crucecita, Oaxaca, Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=15.763583,-96.121163&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:56 🥥🦜PathfinderJPNicole [null] Av Centenario 1, Centro, 23400 San José del Cabo, B.C.S., Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=23.062937,-109.693852&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:59 ☸️SV Enjoy-Don/Nina [null] Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=8.253716,-82.811657&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
09:59 M/V One Life [null] Sta. Cruz 768, P Chahue, 70987 Crucecita, Oax., Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=15.763911,-96.122279&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
10:11 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila Line call dropped...cell service here at Marina Chiapas is spotty at best. Regards to the fleet. Provisioning and affecting a few minor repairs before leaving for Marina Papagayo on Sunday.
10:27 SilhouetteL We’re trying to decide on fold up bikes. Any suggestions?
10:27 🦜Ramble On Rose-Roz [Paradise Village Beach Resort & Spa] Av. Cocoteros 1 (Paradise Village Marina) 63731 Nuevo Vallarta, Nayarit Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=20.690820,-105.294565&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
10:28 Dreamer @SilhouetteL i had doohans? Before, good bikes but pricey. Costco has electric fold ups on sale now for $329, but i have no way to get it to Panama.
10:29 SMALL WORLD III -Karen & Darren Group call ended.
10:29 🦜🍹Kyrie [Isla de la Roqueta] Acapulco, Guerrero Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=16.822123,-99.905418&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
10:29 Sea Trial Dave @RED ROVER Kevin Thanks for the info. We just got underway from Acapulco at 9:30. We should be arriving tomorrow afternoon. Hi tide is around 4 pm.
10:30 Kanake Dave Brampton was my choice pricy but the can carry a lot 80lbs plus my 240 lb carcass 16lbs and fold up small
10:31 Last Arrow Vincent Check out https://gleebikes.com/
10:35 SilhouetteL Thanks, I’ll look into both bikes :)
10:43 PP SV avant Marine warehouse could do it.
11:09 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Well, I just got a quote for my hull repair at the Quepos Boatyard. $8362.00 USD! I was told it wouldn’t be inexpensive, but that’s a lot.

Did someone say they had good results at a yard in PV? Can I get some particulars, please. I need a second quote before I spend that much money. Thanks.
11:14 PP SV avant Sea Tek in la Cruz - I have heard many positive reviews (no personal experience).
11:16 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Thanks, Rob. My interest is in cored hull fiberglass repair, so if anyone has any experience in this specifically, that would be great.
11:22 NOT ALL THERE - STEVE & LIZZY We are in El Cid at the moment. Watch out for draught issues. We saw 2 vessels leave after being unable to get in yesterday. The two vessels next to us have been grounding with every tide, bows out of the water. (As an aside, I presume you are aware that there is a hurricane risk here? They had one late this past summer.)
11:23 PP SV avant Ask mike danielson in la Cruz (PV sails). He’s connected there.
11:43 SV Juliet-Charlie Check with Opequimar Centro Marino in Puerto Vallarta.
12:15 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Gracias
12:15 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Gracias
12:20 ☸️SV Enjoy-Don/Nina Just as a note, if you check in at Puerto Armuelles, they are also giving out vaccines and boosters in the gimnasio. In and out in 20 minutes.
12:22 Road Less Traveled Quepos is good but expensive.
12:24 Road Less Traveled If you can get to La Paz, Marina del Palmar is reasonable
12:47 Captain Dietmar peter at seatek is good have used him twice
has local crew and has resources as well
13:04 ,☠️Delta Swizzler Talk to kinky at opequimar he did a good job for us, tell him we said hi
13:17 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce So I have found out. Thanks.
13:18 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Unfortunately not planning to go back that far north, but thanks for the recommendation.
13:18 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Where is SeaTek?
13:18 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce On fiberglass work?
13:19 PP SV avant Usually works in la Cruz
13:23 🦜🍹Kyrie Peter Vargas runs SeaTek. He has a shop in the yard in La Cruz. We had him rebuild our outdrive and do some fiberglass repairs in spring of '20 and were very impressed. Food workmanship and reasonably priced. The La Cruz yard, however, was very expensive for the haul and work day fees.
13:24 🦜🍹Kyrie GOOD workmanship, not food.. fat fingers! 😁
13:25 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Thanks. Do you have a contact email or WhatsApp.
13:26 PP SV avant https://www.noonsite.com/business/seatek-la-cruz-de-huanacaxtle/
13:27 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Thanks
13:27 🦜🍹Kyrie 322 271 2245 is Sea Tek's # according to google. Only dealt in person.
13:27 PP SV avant Peter is good. So he’s busy. You may have to wait a while.
13:28 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Thanks
13:28 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Understood
13:39 Colibri David&Aska Hello Panama Posse! We are SV Colibri and we are just joining the conversations with Line. Currently at Shelter Bay, we are on a Fontaine Pajot Lipari 41 from Annapolis Maryland. We are a family of four: David, Aska, Natalia (13), Elena (11). We hope to cross the canal and make our way North to Chiapas by May. We ate thinking of exploring Bahia San Miguel and the Darien Gap area by river before leaving Panama, among other areas.
13:42 Busy Bee - Dan @Colibri David&Aska welcome colibri! From busy bee! 🐝 🐝 🐝. We are going the same direction. In costa Rica just now.
13:43 Colibri David&Aska A quick question on insurance for the canal: does anyone know of boat insurance sold just for the crossing? Our regular insurance quoted us a figure as an add on, but I'm hoping to get a quote to compare with. Maybe somebody sells insurance just for the crossing?
13:43 PP SV avant Did you ask your agent? They will know.
13:46 Colibri David&Aska I'll check with them just now.
14:38 Colibri David&Aska Saludos Busy Bee! Gracias!
15:55 Dreamer @Colibri David&Aska our boats there too, have you been to San Blas yet? We will be back on Dreamer a Caliber 40LRC by end of Jan.
16:37 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky Go to Punta Arenas and do it yourself? A Posse boat did it last year successfully
16:40 Colibri David&Aska Yes, we loved San Blas. We may see you here in Jan. We hope to cross in mid- Jan.
16:45 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Fiberglass is one of the few things I don’t know much about. Especially a cored hull where the core has been damaged.
16:52 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky WestSystem is a fantastic product and their do-it-yourself manual makes the impossible possible. If Lisa and I can do fiberglass repairs, anyone can!!! It just takes time and tools, but you’ll save a ton of money and have pride in ownership of the work. Good thing is if you don’t get it perfect, you can grind it down and redo. BTW, nobody is gonna see the cosmetic repair so it doesn’t have to be perfect, just “acceptable”. Once you carve out the damage part and fill it with epoxy and fiberglass sheets, it will be guaranteed waterproof. You can do it Bruce!!!
17:00 NOT ALL THERE - STEVE & LIZZY If you have Internet-tubes, search on YouTube for Parlay Revival. It is very doable if you are careful, conscientious and thorough. Mistakes are very fixable as well. The toughest part is making a good gelcoat finish, but you can get a more experienced person to do that in another place, and another time. Think about it and read around.you can do it!
17:27 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce I’ve used the west system products on a number of small projects. Non of which required gel coat though. Thanks for the pep talk and vote of confidence. I’ve done everything else on the boat including a repower. But they weren’t cosmetic projects.
17:45 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Thank for the vote of confidence. I’ll take a look on YouTube.
18:54 NOT ALL THERE - STEVE & LIZZY Parlay Revival will give you a pep talk. Then search for Boatworks Today, also on YouTube for a ton of good detail, from glass to resin to gelcoat. Good Luck!
18:54 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce 👍
19:37 HAPPY DAYS Yay another kid boat… what are your plans for the season?
SV Happy Days G12, B10, B8 & G7 😊
19:57 WildhoodDirk Hey guys, good info! We'll be doing our best to catch up shortly....any indication if they are giving shots to kids under 12 yet in Panama? Our girls just got their first shots in Phoenix, but would love to be able to do the second before leaving Panama....
20:11 HAPPY DAYS Did you manage to check in at puerto Armuelles recently? We’ve been told we need to head to vista mar or flamenco but would love to check in right there if possible 😊
22:00 🦜Yahtzee -Jill/Andy Hi from another kid boat - 2 boys 7 and 8. Are you guys heading north or south? We are in Quepos now, working our way south.
23:20 Epsilon-Bill [Photo]

Tue, 1/4/2022
02:31 UNORTHODOCKS - Josh We checked out of Puerto Armuelles a month ago. Easy anchorage, and all the offices you need to check in or out are right on the beach.
04:34 PP SV avant Panama announced the child vaccine program yesterday. I don’t think all details are out yet.

04:39 PP SV avant For a long time you could check out in armuelles but not check in there. Check with the port captain to be sure. Be aware the cruising permit takes a while (approval in Panama City) so you’re likely there all day if you start early in the morning, into the next day if you don’t.

05:29 SV Chimera If not checking in at Armueles where is the next available fuel or fuel dock?
05:35 PP SV avant Fuel at armeulles is by jug off the beach, even if you can’t check in you should be able to do that.

Boca chica has a fuel dock at punta San Lorenzo, or you can jerry jug fuel dock to anchorage there (you can arrange panga pickup and delivery with the marina)
06:11 SV Chimera Thanks
06:22 PP SV avant Carlos is the owner of the boca chica marina. You can WhatsApp him at +507 6600 6191 to make arrangements.
07:47 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky Bruce, I’ve found many people believe they have gel coat and actually just have a good primed-painted-polished job. It took me years to finally figure out my fancy hull paint job was paint not gel coat. Also, I’ve done topside repairs mixing paint into the epoxy with acceptable results and over time it fades where you need to look real hard to tell the difference. I see no reason why you can’t do the fiberglass repair, primer and paint it with several coats and polish it up so that it is is acceptable. Otherwise do it perfect and spend the eight grand at Quepos👍
07:55 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Haha. I hear you. It is definitely gel coat. I guess the bottom line is how good and how sound do I want the repair to be. You make very good points that I need to take into consideration. Thanks.
07:59 walt knot right Pre Covid (12/28/2018) I got my cruising permit for Panama in Pedregal. So maybe Armuelles uses that office.
10:39 Sea Trial Dave Peter Vargas in La Cruz +52 322 171 2245
10:50 Remedy-Natalie Thanks for the info. From other advice and yours El Cid isn't a good choice. Yes, realize a hurricane is a possibility but the only way to be pretty close to negate 100 percent risk is to haul out in Puerto Penasco and I really don't want to do that. We can get a slip in San Carlos, actually in that spot now, but it is on a rock wall which would be an insane place to be during a bad storm. Things are pretty limited due to being a cat.
10:54 Remedy-Natalie Okay, that is what I was wondering. Thanks for the info. We have contacted that marina too.
10:59 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Thanks. I reached out to him via email and he responded quickly.
11:08 UNORTHODOCKS - Josh [Photo]
11:08 UNORTHODOCKS - Josh Getting a little lonely at Chiapas. The only two other sailing vessels here are sailing out today. Any other Posse members planning on stopping by?
11:11 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila Hi Josh, I'm also Josh, and also in Chiapas. Swing by for a beer! Blue hulled trawler
11:11 PP SV avant All cruising permits go to Panama City for approval. Apparently by kerosene field fax machines or carrier pigeon, because it always takes a day to get approved.
11:13 UNORTHODOCKS - Josh Good to hear! We wanted to give you a day or two to settle in. Maybe we’ll swing by tonight for a beer.
11:13 SEPHINA Joxh & Sheila Always welcome!!
11:16 LUMOS - Jeremiah We are probably a month or so away 😎
11:23 UNORTHODOCKS - Josh Perfect!
11:28 🦜🍹Kyrie Kyrie is likely 2 weeks out.
11:32 UNORTHODOCKS - Josh My two teens are pretty excited to meet some new cruisers
11:35 TAKU Bob & Etta We are probably 2 weeks out.
12:00 RED ROVER Kevin I know one other will be leaving in a few days from huatulco and we will be there in a couple of weeks...
12:04 Chinook - Nick Has anyone has sailed from Bocas to San Andreas directly? I know conditions are not typically very good for this passage, but wondering if anyone has done it and has any advice.
12:26 Colibri David&Aska Has anyone sailed up the rivers near the Darien Gap? Any info is appreciated!
12:33 Busy Bee - Dan Travelling with Lumos so also about 1m out. 13yo on board
13:33 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky So they’ve upgraded since your prior posting of “…a drunken local with a crippled donkey…”
13:40 PP SV avant ‘Drunken burro with a bad leg’. Was employed widely in Mexico to lay out highways. Different system altogether. :)
14:43 UNORTHODOCKS - Josh Right on. We’re going to haul out in Chiapas so we’ll be here a while.
16:46 Last Arrow Vincent [Photo]
16:46 Last Arrow Vincent FYI myself and another Panama Posse boat got different responses within a day or two of each when asking the Ixtapa marina about the depth of water in the marina entrance.
One was told boat’s with draft of 7ft and over not allowed, we were told there was 4 meters of water, not a problem. We draft 6’ 8” and had 4 ft of clearance under the keel according to our depth finder.

The office has two persons working there, the manager is Elsa and speaks excellent English.

Would suggest checking direct with the marina manager Elsa who speaks excellent English. Also plan on entering and exiting the marina at high tide.

Another note is the marina water is not considered potable but local supply of bottle water is close by.
18:00 M/V One Life Croc’s in there are huge!
18:07 Katmandu - Terry Yeah…no body gets in the water there.
18:07 Katmandu - Terry Watch your small dogs!
18:32 Last Arrow Vincent Yea it’s been like when we were in Alaska every second person is warning you to watch your dogs because of the eagles. We’ve seen the croc’s here cruise right by the boat, kind of cool to see

21:50 Sea Trial Dave FYI Came into Marina Chahue today at high tide (1/4 @ 3:55). Water depth of 8’-9’ on a 2.1’ tide.

Wed, 1/5/2022
06:03 PP SV avant Thanks all for attending the Panama Posse event in shelter bay last night. Wonderful food, wonderful company, and sufficient rum was enjoyed by all.
06:32 PP SV avant There was interest in an OpenCPN seminar here in shelter bay. Please chime in if you are interested in attending one (likely next week).
06:41 IBEX - Florian @Rob Murray thanks Rob for organizing! We enjoyed the event very much!
06:42 IBEX - Florian Interested! IBEX with Vicky and Florian
07:01 SleipnirIII Ellen Hi all, apologies if I should know and not ask... I heard there is a group call for people heading to French Polynesia. Is there a calendar somewhere where i can find the date? Greetings Ellen
07:28 IBEX - Vicky If you are referring to the Pacific Posse seminar, this takes place today as a Zoom call starting at 1800 UTC
08:24 Captain Dietmar to be clear SPP is all about beyond bora bora
today's all day seminar will cover

08:25 Captain Dietmar here you go
probably in your spam
09:17 SleipnirIII Ellen Ok (OK) thanks
09:54 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky We’re interested depending on the dates
10:37 Make Me Laugh Neil @🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce I missed this earlier. We had keel work done by Peter Vargas last week in La Cruz.
Very satisfied.
11:16 AZIMUTH - Ash [null] Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=20.746220,-105.370886&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
11:17 AZIMUTH - Ash Ash, Scott, and Cypress the cat here from SV Azimuth. We left Oakland, CA in the spring and are headed to the Chesapeake aboard our Pearson 365.
11:17 Dreamer @Rob Murray won’t be there in time, but will you still be there end of Jan? I would love to get all your charts if your there. Thanks
11:22 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Excellent. How was the cost?
12:37 Chinook - Nick Will recordings of today's sessions be available to watch later?
12:38 Last Arrow Vincent Anyone else who is on the Pacific Posse zoom having issues connecting ?
12:42 Colibri David&Aska Interested in OpenCPN seminar in Shelter Bay. SV Colibri David & Aska.
16:10 BEATA Billy & Ruth [null] Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=17.268135,-101.055788&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14
16:46 Pelican - Anne H Ahoy! This is Anne on SV Pelican, a Pearson 424 currently anchored in Bocas Del Toro.
18:12 Make Me Laugh Neil See my real-time location on Maps: https://maps.app.goo.gl/kZUp5M2UX9hLkLVY7
18:13 Make Me Laugh Neil See my real-time location on Maps: https://maps.app.goo.gl/kmTaBpe8ti8M2PzT6
18:55 Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky Bruce, I’ve found it’s not what it costs, it’s what it is worth…
18:58 PP SV avant We should be here.
18:59 Dreamer @Rob Murray awesome, let’s have a few drinks also, I’ll buy lol, love Shelter Bay happy hour
19:02 PP SV avant You’re on!
19:04 Road Less Traveled @🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce aaaaa. Interested
19:40 🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Wry we’ll put. Thanks
20:10 IBEX - Vicky Thank you very much for the amazing seminar! A lot of information to digest, but I look so much forward to going through the Pacific!
20:11 Dreamer @IBEX - Vicky are you thinking ss out crossing?

11:59 Dreamer @S/V Satori - Benj. No, la play it’s is expensive, pacific side is very expensive compared to Atlantic. Mists Mar is reasonable on the pacific, but Shelter Bay is very reasonable on the Atlantic side, we stored our boat there 8 months, long term storage over 6 months was only about $400 a month paid in advance. Oh I’m in a 40ft sailboat.
11:59 Dreamer Vista Mar
12:03 Dreamer @SVBoundless that last island, San Jose? Is where we dove with 4 whale sharks, look for them, not hard to find
13:48 UNORTHODOCKS - Josh I hear Lynton Marina can be reasonable for long term.
13:52 UNORTHODOCKS - Josh Hello all Posse Members in Mexico!! Are there any tween/teen/young adult boats doing the summer in the Sea of Cortez? Iron Calculus will be up there and we have a 16 year old girl and an 18 year old boy who would love some company.
13:56 ☸️ Outventure The marinas in the city are crazy expensive.
Try vista mar or buenaventura on the pacific side.
13:59 Rob Murray If you want cheap in panama, mooring or anchoring in boca chica might work.
14:07 ☸️ Outventure It’s not me asking, we are in buenaventura if we’re in a marina in panama.
But we have already anchored in boca choca for a while. It is ok, but has it’s downsides as well (frequent severe storms). In the moorings, a boat was severely hit last year. The anchorage is a bit better protected, but a lot of current, changing obviously woth the tides so your boat will swing 180degrees 4 times a day.
17:07 CuranderaDarryn Wondering if anyone is stopping in Chiapas and headed to Shelter Bay in Panama in the next 5 months. Have a very small package.
17:36 RED ROVER-Alison Hey Ashley, we will be in Linton Bay tomorrow. I can grab your battery no proble.problem. will the office have it?
18:08 ALMAZUL Hello Posse, I am slowly finding my way around goodnautical - but wanted to ask you as well. Any recommendations for haul out and storage in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras or El Salvador? Looking at about. 6 months.
18:45 Rob Murray What type of boat?
19:21 ALMAZUL Hi Rob, a 47’ monohull
19:29 Rob Murray There are a couple of yards in Costa Rica that could do that, but tend to be expensive. I don’t know one in El Salvador (but you could do a marina or a mooring there), and I don’t know a yard in Nicaragua that could swing it (but you could do a marina there) Honduras, no go.

If it’s not too far, Chiapas (Mexico) is a good spot with great pricing.
19:38 ALMAZUL Thanks! 🙂
2022.05.11 Wednesday
07:14 Mango
Costa Rica : https://maps.google.com/maps?q=10.11939,-85.819667
07:15 Mango Fresh water pump on engine just seized up. Anyone heading towards quepos from marina papagayo?
11:38 Captain Dietmar 2 boats heading north not south
11:38 Captain Dietmar Photos
11:40 Mango Ok well sailing to tamarindo and figure out what to do from there
12:14 Captain Dietmar call the owner of tbe chandlery in cocos once you get there
he may help
+506 8575 5886

12:15 Mango Ok thank you!
15:02 PawsitiveLatitudeBC Has there been much of a Red Tide issue along coast of El Salvador a d southern Mexico ?

Pretty bad to down spots along Costa Rica
16:26 WildhoodDirk @PawsitiveLatitudeBC We saw a bit between CR and Mexico....a little past Chiapas but none since we've gone further north....
17:00 Captain Dietmar Captain Dietmar disabled joining via link or QR code.
19:11 Captain Dietmar COVID-19 update from the New Zealand Government

Wednesday, 11 May 2022

New Zealand's border to open fully from July 31

New Zealand’s international border will reopen to visa applications, including for visitors and students at 11.59pm on 31 July, two months earlier than planned, reconnecting families, businesses and migrant communities.

Airlines and cruise ship companies planning a return to New Zealand in the peak spring and summer seasons will have the certainty they need to plan as the maritime border will open to foreign-flagged vessels at 11.59pm on 31 July.
22:03 SAN When we stayed in the Banderas Bay in Mexico it was a big problem. It seems to have been worse this year than the previous years.
2022.05.12 Thursday
06:21 Sauvage - Ali We saw spots of red tide all the way south from Banderas Bay to Costa Rica (we left April 4). It was particularly bad near Zihuatanejo. Note we skipped from Chiapas to Playa del Coco.
07:47 Captain Dietmar no more mask mandates in Costa Rica except for hospitals
no company can require employees or customers to wear masks but individuals may of course choose to do so
08:19 RED ROVER Kevin Red Rover will head out from Linton Bay Panama within the next hour, destination Isla Mujeres MX. 862 nm, eta Tues morning. Our iridium tracking page, updated hourly. Looking forward to some 🌮 🌮 🌮! https://forecast.predictwind.com/tracking/display/RedRover/
08:21 Skookum V - Erin&Stu Hola! We have LOVED your description of this trip and are looking at something similar now that we’re finally in Chiapas. Can I ask, how many days did it take you to do this trip? Muchas gracias!
08:26 RED ROVER Kevin And we will be staying 135+ nm off of Nicaragua and Honduras...
08:31 Captain Dietmar have a great passage !
08:48 RED ROVER Kevin Absolutely!
09:58 Mango
Costa Rica : https://maps.google.com/maps?q=10.398725,-85.896557
09:59 Mango Well eventually making my way back to papagayo marina. Seems like I will have to fly to Miami and or drive far to get a new water pump
10:35 ☸️SV Enjoy-Don/Nina You can contact delts Mike marine in panama, and see, perhaps they can ship up here? Dominico is the yannar dealer.
10:36 Mango U think they will have westerbeke parts?
10:37 ☸️SV Enjoy-Don/Nina Sorry.. thought you were yannar. I'm trying to remember the westerbeke contact...
10:38 Mango All good. Just trying to figure out options. And trying my best to get up there with no engine. Wind is not cooperating at all
10:49 Maison De Sante Curious if anyone has had any medical procedures or hospitalization in Costa Rica or Panama? I’m curious from a cost standpoint (out of pocket) and how services compare to the USA? Looking into overseas medical insurance and if it’s worth it. Last year we had an emergency surgery situation in Mexico that was $2,500 (super cheap) and would have cost $60,000+ in the USA. Thanks in advance
11:54 Moken M&M Safe travels.
12:19 🥥🦜PathfinderJPNicole Fantastic! We travelled in total 8 amazing nights. 1 night in Chiapa de Corzo, 3 nights in San Cristobal, 1 night at Agua Azul, 1 night at Palenque and 2 nights at Rancho del Lago. Feel free to pm me with any questions! Enjoy!
12:35 🥥🦜PathfinderJPNicole Any suggestions on where to stop and do a little sightseeing from the airport in Panama City to Marina Vista Mar for the party? We’re going to rent a car and looking forward to making the most out of our land time in Panama. Gracias!
13:18 Captain Dietmar CASCO VIEJO PANAMA CITY - rooftop bars and restaurant and boutique hotels
13:20 Rob Murray Panama Canal visitors Center. See the canal in action.
14:14 🥥🦜PathfinderJPNicole Photos
14:14 🥥🦜PathfinderJPNicole Speaking of traveling, we have had some incredible trips here in El Salvador. We highly recommend a visit to Juayua on a weekend for the BBQ food festival and rappelling down the local waterfall. Stay at Hotel Anahuac http://www.hotelanahuac.com/
15:02 EXIT Clearing out of Costa Rica in playa del Cocos. Does anyone know if it can be done on weekends?
15:04 Mango Pretty sure port captain there is only open Monday through Friday. I don't know about immigration and customs.
15:08 EXIT Thanks!
15:09 PawsitiveLatitudeBC Since customs is done at airport it is likely they are open. Not sure about immigration. Port Captain is M- F 0700 to 1500
15:21 Captain Dietmar negative port captain is closed
15:21 Captain Dietmar plus bank will be closed too
15:40 kudra-simon I am flying to Miami Tuesday to get parts can help
15:49 kudra-simon way back in this thread someone mentioned a panamaposse member who manages moorings somewhere in nicoya… @Captain Dietmar do you remember who that might be and how to get ahold of them?
15:56 Mango Ok thankyou. I'll let you know. Still trying to locate one
15:57 Captain Dietmar it's jeff on invictus - look at the https://panamaposse.com/2021-2022-vessel-contact-sheet page for contact info (password is in your welcome email )
17:31 Bob Ritner El Valle de Anton, a village in the crater of an ancient volcano in the mountains just east of Vista Mar Marina
17:33 Bob Ritner Photos
17:33 Bob Ritner El valle de Anton
17:36 Bob Ritner Photos
17:39 Joan Chen North of Vista Mar, not east
17:57 Sea Trial Dave @RED ROVER Kevin Be safe out there!
18:05 Rob Murray Notice to mariners entering Puerto Escondido, in the sea of Cortez. Sailing vessel Spirit, located on the south east section of the mooring field has sunk. A small section of antenna from the mast is visible.
21:20 Sea Trial Dave
Los Santos Province, Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?q=7.409036694109219,-80.16859855502844
21:24 Sea Trial Dave Photos
21:24 Sea Trial Dave On the hook at Ensenada Benau about 10 nm from Punta Mala. Relatively calm anchorage in about 25’. Little surf town looks fun but unfortunately we won’t have time to check it out. Looks like a fairly easy dingy landing on the far right side of the town. Punta Mala at sun up.
2022.05.13 Friday
06:19 Alamos Yes cool spot if you had time..People are friendly the run snorkeling trips for land based tourists from there👍
08:20 REEF DANCER Jerry For a small bank deposit. 5000 you can be a,recipient of health care in Panama. Panama has good doctors many trained in Guadalajara and us. But so did many us doctors. I had some dental work done in Mexico I broke a filing diving and was very happy with the work the doctors credentials were on the,wall undergrad ucsd dental ucsd both top rated schools we looked into health care to travel and found it rather pricey. Health care insurance,at home was less costly for us but now Medicare so we either have to go home or pay out of pocket panama has good rates healthcare costa Rica no so much just some thoughts our trip is over in a few weeks regards Duffy says hi to jack
09:00 EXIT Cheers, copy that!
09:08 Maison De Sante Thank you @REEF DANCER Jerry! Give some pets to Duffy from us.
09:22 SV Rhumbline (Terry) Completely sunk now, no antennae, no markers.
12:18 REEF DANCER Jerry Welcome Duffy says thanks
14:29 S/V Satori - Benj. Can anyone shed some light on how I go about adding a crew person to the manifest in Costa Rica. They are coming in by plane.
14:30 S/V Satori - Benj. And going to Panama.
14:30 Captain Dietmar PORTCAPTAIN'S OFFICE
14:30 S/V Satori - Benj. That’s all? Cool. Thanks.
15:16 PawsitiveLatitudeBC Anybody checked in at La Union in El Salvador and left the boat there to go inland ? Does not seem to be a “marina” but there is a Naval Base there in the town. Really just wondering if there has been any recent issues with the locals and unattended boats
16:17 Captain Dietmar they may need a exit ticket to enter costa rica by plane - you can buy one from expedia the day of and return the ticket upon landing ( < 24 hours ) without beeing charged
17:01 Last Arrow Vincent Just for interest sake. We took on 1000 gallons of diesel fuel today in Paz Vale. For some reason I decided to do the math to figure out the cost actual cost per gallon.
In doing the math I took into account the fee of 40 colon per litre that was billed separately called “vessel safety docking service” By the time the dust settled from converting litres to gallons, colons to dollars it worked out to $5.96 per gallon. Fuel still works out to be the cheapest part of boating !
17:31 YO-D-YO Mary
Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?q=26.019146,-111.163992
19:56 S/V Satori - Benj. I’m sorry. But this isn’t clear. She entered by plane 3 days ago and will exit by boat the 30th.
21:31 Soulmate-Stu & Robyn Powered thru the bar at Bahia del Sol El Salvador today, thanks to Bill and Jean.
21:31 Soulmate-Stu & Robyn Photos
2022.05.14 Saturday
06:51 Captain Dietmar portcaptain
08:06 S/V Satori - Benj. I understand port captain. What kind of exit ticket are you referring to.
08:23 S/V Satori - Benj. Satori is heading SE today from Chiapas. Bound Costa Rica. Hope to meet many of you in Panama June 3.
08:32 Remedy-Karl Many countries won't let you in on a one-way ticket because they want to make sure you leave and they don't recognize the boat as your way out of the country. So, you buy a one-way ticket out to show to them and then cancel the ticket within 24 hours so that it gets refunded.
12:41 Captain Dietmar usually it's a crew list attached to a zarpe
13:12 Captain Dietmar Captain Dietmar invited Wild Spirit-Kev & Di to the group. Wait for them to join before chatting.
13:25 Tulum5- Michele/Chad Punta Leona
5 km norte de playa Herradura Tárcoles Costa Rica : https://maps.google.com/maps?q=9.701527466482988,-84.65841293334961
13:51 🥥🦜🍹No Regrets Bruce Crowne Plaza Airport Restaurant
Ah. Domingo Diaz Panama City Panamá Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?q=9.069716034635624,-79.39391639862521
15:23 ☸️ Outventure Photos
15:23 ☸️ Outventure Finally we caught a proper Tuna. On the westerly tip of Cebaco, on our way to Santa Catalina.
15:24 ☸️ Outventure Photos
15:24 ☸️ Outventure Photos
17:13 Wild Spirit-Kev & Di Wild Spirit-Kev & Di joined the group.
17:21 ☸️ Outventure Photos
2022.05.15 Sunday
07:23 Rosie2 Does The Cayman Islands still require Covid testing prior to arrival?
07:44 Rainbow’s End, Chris Photos
07:45 Rainbow’s End, Chris This big daddy took by bait, 58” 63 lb. Fish taco’s for the rest of the month. Quepos, CR.
11:20 Rob Murray It’s official. The 2022 hurricane season has opened (thankfully with a whimper, not a bang). The hurricane forecast will be updated daily at the national hurricane Center for both the pacific and Atlantic now.

17:26 Sea Trial Dave Buenaventura
Río Hato Coclé Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?q=8.339936724357045,-80.17365184229101
17:30 Sea Trial Dave Photos
17:30 Sea Trial Dave Marina Buenaventura gets a thumbs up. First night free then $1.00 ‘ after. Marina is small but surrounding ammonites are great. Hotel Buenaventura is a short ride away (marina has bikes to use) with beach club and pool, grocery, wine and liquor store, etc. 55 from Panamá City.
17:31 Sea Trial Dave Photos
17:31 Sea Trial Dave Photos
17:45 🥥🦜🍹No Regrets Bruce Nice. Vista Mar isn’t that good. Great docks, but the amenities haven’t been well maintained.
18:30 Rob Murray 160027Z MAY 22
NAVAREA IV 469/22(24).
LAST KNOWN POSITION IN 12-27.00N 071-14.00W.
18:39 BISOU Robin And Tad For the pescatorially challenged…what is it?
18:44 Rainbow’s End, Chris Mahi Mahi or dorado
18:44 fickle - Ben Or Dolphin fish
18:59 Rainbow’s End,Vicki @Ho’okipa-LuckyChucky a
21:30 Remedy-Karl Photos
21:31 Remedy-Karl Total lunar eclipse in Cabo
21:32 BISOU Robin And Tad That’s the biggest Mahi I’ve ever seen! Yum!
2022.05.16 Monday
05:08 Alamos It’s in the plans to change that soon👍
05:12 Sea Trial Dave Final word on Buenaventura Marina-enter/depart on high tide only. We departed about 3 hr after high tide through narrow channel and had only 8.5’. Monitor ch 10 or message on What’s App +507-6565-0709.
05:44 Last Arrow Vincent FYI we had problems yesterday with getting our dogs on a flight out of San Jose CR even though we had them booked on the flight in advance. The problem was documentation. In CR you need to get a certificate from the Ministry of Agriculture to permit the dogs to leave the country, and you have to get this in advance, this is beyond the health certificate and vaccine certs. Also CR does not let dogs over a certain size and no dogs can fly in the cargo. Today will be challenging to figure it all out as Linda had to catch the flight yesterday so I’m in San Jose with the two dogs.
06:29 Captain Dietmar
J8VW+2HP, Andaz Rd, Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica : https://maps.google.com/maps?q=10.642464,-85.653528
06:32 🥥🦜🍹No Regrets Bruce 👍
06:34 🥥🦜🍹No Regrets Bruce What a bummer. Sorry to hear that.
06:35 🥥🦜🍹No Regrets Bruce
11233 Pinestone Ct, San Diego, CA 92128, USA : https://maps.google.com/maps?q=32.9765090905437,-117.0859948733049
07:10 Soulmate-Stu & Robyn https://preview.app.goo.gl/maps.app.goo.gl/hGuv6eqEV2MamrrY7
07:13 Soulmate-Stu & Robyn Hotel Bahia del Sol
07:14 Sea Trial Dave @Last Arrow Vincent Possibly drive to David, Panamá and fly from there?
07:29 ☸️ Outventure Is anyone in Shelter Bay who may help me with something? There’s a cruiser who sells a small honda generator and i would like to buy it. However, it would need to get to the Uno express branch in Colon.
Is there anyone in Shelter Bay who is going to Colon one of these days and could drop it off there? I’d obviously pay for transport and a pack of beer ;)
07:32 Rob Murray Message from the panama government. Expect wet weather!

prevention notice
Due to displacement of Tropical Wave #1 over our region
The National System for National Protection (SINAPROC) informs the public that it maintains a Prevention and Monitoring Notice due to the displacement and evolution of Tropical Wave #1 in the coming days over the region.
The areas under notice until May 19, 2022 are: Bocas del Toro, Ngábe Buglé Comarca, Chiriquí, Veraguas, Los Santos, Herrera, Coclé, West Panama, Panama, Darién, Emberá Wounaan Comarca, Colón, Guna Yala Comarca, sectors mountainous and maritime areas of the Panamanian Caribbean and Pacific.
Currently, tropical wave #1 is located over Venezuela, moving at a speed of 28 KM/H immersed in a favorable environment for the development of clouds and storms towards Colombia and Panama. During the week, these conditions will increase the rains over the national territory, according to the Hydrometeorology Directorate of the Electricity Transmission Company, S.A, (ETESA). ETESA forecasts accumulated rainfall per day that could reach between 40 mm to 90 mm or liters of water per square meter.
SINAPROC warns to be careful in the event of sudden flooding of rivers and streams.
PREVENTION MEASURES Try to be aware of the updates of the prevention notices. Do not risk your life trying to cross streams. If it is raining, avoid driving at high speeds.
For emergency repos dial: S20-4429 / 911
Panama, May 15, 2022
07:37 Mira - Glenn Hotel Bahía del Sol
Costa del Sol Costa del Sol La Paz El Salvador : https://maps.google.com/maps?q=13.299095,-88.892988
07:56 ☠️🍹 TOKETEE
Vía sin nombre, San Andrés, San Andrés y Providencia, Colombia : https://maps.google.com/maps?q=12.573819,-81.699331
07:58 Rainbow’s End, Chris Marina Pez Vela
500 m sur del parque Quepos Costa Rica : https://maps.google.com/maps?q=9.426253927839513,-84.167107304836
08:20 🥥🦜PathfinderJPNicole Volcan de Santa Ana
El Salvador : https://maps.google.com/maps?q=13.8418374215165,-89.62755761160922
08:21 🥥🦜PathfinderJPNicole Photos
08:28 Sea Trial Dave @🥥🦜PathfinderJPNicole Loved that place. Hotel 1800 was amazing!
08:35 Captain Dietmar Today's weekly Panamá Posse line call starts in about 60 minutes for the CARIBBEAN and ATLANTIC and in 90 minutes for the PACIFIC
08:35 SAN
Costa Rica : https://maps.google.com/maps?q=8.698403919123763,-83.66578864872797
08:36 SAN Drake Bay
08:50 ☸️ Outventure
Soná District, Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?q=7.623605671459275,-81.27233402646308
08:56 UNORTHODOCKS - Josh Marina Riviera Nayarit
Riviera Nayarit Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Nayarit Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?q=20.74829523805901,-105.3802266820323
09:00 SV Chimera
Loreto 115, Cusco 08002, Peru : https://maps.google.com/maps?q=-13.51751765882961,-71.97771412619159
09:10 Beata
Butner Street 30, Fort Sherman, Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?q=9.36776372531392,-79.95074852276655
09:15 Captain Dietmar Group voice call started.
09:15 ☠️🍹 TOKETEE San Andres, Colombia.
09:18 SVBoundless
Panama City, Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?q=8.921962,-79.528553
09:29 SV Rhumbline (Terry)
Del Mar 31, Gaviota, 63732 Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Nay., Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?q=20.74983692287705,-105.3785514565937
09:34 Aegis, Mary/Ian
8424+4WG, El Zapote, El Salvador : https://maps.google.com/maps?q=13.30095636067131,-88.8931111336256
09:40 Midnight B Richard
Marina Chiapas Ln, 30830 Chis., Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?q=14.698592,-92.392411
09:43 DancingontheEdge Mel
8424+4WG, El Zapote, El Salvador : https://maps.google.com/maps?q=13.30121293199556,-88.89211222537689
09:45 Coddiwomple - Bram Isla Mujeres
77400 Isla Mujeres, Quintana Roo Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?q=21.23242222046539,-86.73328399658203
09:46 Coddiwomple - Bram Coddiwomple is at the Port Captain’s office @ Isla Mujeres - hence missing the call.
10:02 Samadhi Samadhi still in Cartegena waiting on fiberglass dodger & bimini project. Last week toured the Amazon river/forest via tres Fronteras (where Colombia, Brazil & Peru meet). Amazing! Will share details once we've sorted pictures & such.
10:03 Samadhi Oops, that wasn't supposed to be a reply to Reef Dancer... apparently I'm technologically challenged today
10:04 Samadhi Manzanillo Marina Cub
Bosque, calle málaga # 53-76 (Sector el Zapatero) Cartagena, Bolívar Colombia : https://maps.google.com/maps?q=10.388967,-75.525212
10:04 SV Rhumbline (Terry)
Pelícanos 4, 63734 Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Nay., Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?q=20.75214203131113,-105.3791900337122
10:07 kudra-simon are you aware if it’s true that mmc is full? I have sent emails and not heard back, someone on a whatsapp group i’m apart of mentioned they were full?
10:25 Samadhi I can give you the owner's # - he replies on WhatsApp very quickly. Email isn't his thing. Currently the marina looks full but I can't tell you for sure. I asked today if we could keep our slip longer and he said it was no problem. We are likely leaving next week and know of another boat leaving soon. No idea if the slips are already spoken for, though.
10:28 🦜🍹Kyrie Dietmar- you mentioned on the call the water tap location on Isla Cedros. Thanks!!
10:32 Sea Trial Dave
Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?q=8.679986363284923,-79.57032470971306
10:35 CODA Group call ended.
11:41 kudra-simon thanks for the info! if you can share me the whatsapp contact that would be wonderful
11:58 Small World - Darren Small World III crew is in Cartagena today.
Dropped pin
13:25 S/V Sonho Lolly & Ed
Av. 20 De Julio ##4-91, San Andrés, San Andrés y Providencia, Colombia : https://maps.google.com/maps?q=12.57988627529253,-81.69865429401398
14:45 ☸️ Outventure As an info in case anyone likes to get things from A to B in Panama:
A fellow cruiser posted a Honda Generator for sale in Sheler Bay. I am in Santa Catalina, will be in Boca Chica in a week or so. I wanted this generator.
I knew that Uno Express is a good and reliable way to send things within Panama.
I had a contact of a driver that took a sail for me from Vista Mar to Shelter Bay before and was reliable.
So i contacted him. He will pick up the generator tomorrow in Shelter Bay and take it to Uno Express Colon.
14:49 ☸️ Outventure As an info in case anyone likes to get things from A to B in Panama:
A fellow cruiser posted a Honda Generator for sale in Shelter Bay. I am in Santa Catalina, will be in Boca Chica in a week or so. I want this generator as a backup.
I knew that Uno Express is a good and reliable way to send things within Panama.
I had a contact of a driver that took a sail for me from Vista Mar to Shelter Bay before and was reliable.
So i contacted him. He will pick up the generator tomorrow in Shelter Bay and take it to Uno Express Colon.
I contacted Uno Express Colon, shipping it will be around 10-15 USD.
I will pay 25 USD to the driver for picking it up and doing the paperwork in Uno Express. The drivers name is Raul, his number is +507 6326-2335 . I pay the driver with my panama account, but this could have been through the seller as well (whom i paid with paypal)
Total cost for sending the generator across the whole country and pick up at the marina 40 USD.
Uno Express is very easy, you get a number for the pick up.
I will let you know once i have the generator in my hands.. :)

20:13 Samadhi Mauricio's contact info is +57 313 5378723
20:58 Captain Dietmar thank u very much
2022.05.17 Tuesday
06:56 RED ROVER-Alison
Puerto de Abrigo S/N Prolongacion Aeropuerto, Laguna Macax, Salinas, 77400 Isla Mujeres, Q.R., Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?q=21.235002,-86.737679
07:00 RED ROVER-Alison Red Rover arrived at Isla Mujeres, Mexico at 1 am last night after an 875 nm passage from Linton Bay, Panama. Looking forward to tacos today after we check in! Our closest point to shore was 150 nm and no pirates were spotted. Or any other cruising boats for that matter. We were delighted to have great conditions!
07:27 Captain Dietmar congratulations
07:28 Katmandu-Terry That is awesome 👏.
08:07 Alamos Nice👍
08:36 🦜Ramble On Rose-Roz Marina De Chiapas
Tapachula, Chiapas Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?q=14.69882759312813,-92.39305898335446
08:45 Rainbow’s End, Chris 👍
09:29 WildhoodDirk Nicely done....Isla was great! Patience is required for checking in.... somewhat comical actually. Took us four days last year to get fully checked in....free to roam around and enjoy tacos though during the process, so no big deal.
10:22 🥥🦜🍹No Regrets Bruce 👍 Congratulations!
10:27 RED ROVER Kevin In process of checking in now. We are staying at Puerto Isla Mujeres and German the harbormaster here. The marina charges $116 to clear in and $58 to clear out (plus government fees). He drove us to immigration and the rest happens at the marina/on the boat. Total time less than 4 hrs.
10:28 🥥🦜🍹No Regrets Bruce 👍
13:04 kudra-simon Hello fellow sailors. I am close to getting insurance, but now am being asked to provide some type of license (“licencia de navegar”) - of which I have none. What licenses do people have that meets the requirements of insurance companies for recreational / private vessels? I was asked for this when clearing out of Mexico and when I could not produce a document they somehow just worked it out and I am not aware how exactly. Am I the only one who does not have some
type of license?
13:25 Rob Murray What’s your home country/state/province ? Most countries have some forms of boating licence, and many can be obtained online, often for free.

Here’s one for USA / California https://www.boatus.org/california/
13:27 🥥🦜🍹No Regrets Bruce We have ASA certifications and Oregon boaters cards. Chiapas didn’t want the ASA info but did make copies of our Oregon boaters cards.
17:12 Tulum5- Michele/Chad Marina Pez Vela
500 m sur del parque Quepos Costa Rica : https://maps.google.com/maps?q=9.426253927839513,-84.167107304836
18:46 CuranderaDarryn Shelter Bay Marina
Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?q=9.3683837044169,-79.95143504260533
2022.05.18 Wednesday
06:45 SVBoundless Photos
06:46 SVBoundless Boundless transiting the Canal today.
07:09 RED ROVER-Alison Yaay Team Boundless!
09:02 Rob Murray Photos
09:02 Rob Murray And there you are!
10:43 Randonnée We are looking for someone to make chaps for our dinghy, either in Mazatlan or Guaymas. Any recommendations on a canvas-magician? :)
10:48 Dreamer @Randonnée hi, how are you, I think we met at Panama, shelter bay, we are in French Polynesia now, hope you two are having great time.
10:49 Randonnée Dave!! So great to hear from you and congrats on the successful passage! We saw Peter in Chiapas, he’s been in good hands with Moken too, haha. 😁 Sending hugs
11:30 Dreamer @Randonnée thanks, Peter left his boat in Matzalan and flew home lol, too tired to keep going.
11:38 EXIT Does anyone know of a water taxi available at Playa del Cocos, Costa Rica? Ok see a number on Good Nautical but to it's several years old. Want to clear out on Friday and would like to have the outboard and dinghy stored. Plus, to be honest, I'm tired of the surf dinghy landings lol 😆
11:43 Rob Murray The one that was listed didn’t survive Covid. But there are lots of active water tour operators in the bay, so calling one over and asking is likely your best bet.
11:48 EXIT Thanks Rob!
11:52 Rob Murray Also, fuel. If you want to get fuel at papagayos marina, do that before you clear out. After you clear out they won’t fill you up. ;)
11:57 EXIT Thanks, already fueled up 👍
2022.05.19 Thursday
07:08 Captain Dietmar Captain Dietmar invited Sea Angel -Bo to the group. Wait for them to join before chatting.
07:08 Sea Angel -Bo Sea Angel -Bo joined the group.
08:07 Rob Murray Anyone is Chiapas? It’s Memo’s birthday! Please wish him a happy birthday from Rob and Debra on Avant, and all of us at the Posse!
09:26 Sea Trial Dave In Panamá at Flamingos Marina with friends who flew in. Can anyone tell me if there is a dingy dock on Isla Contadora in the Las Perlas? Looks like one was being built. Any other suggestions for a couple of landlubbers we need to entertain? (Surprised)
09:45 ALMAZUL Hi Dave, we were at Contadora last week - and there is a bouncy floating dock that you can tie your dinghy for a fee of $30 p day.
A little further n east there are a couple of nice beaches, and you can beach your dinghy on the eastern most one and walk on a good path from there instead if you like. 🙂
09:50 Sea Trial Dave @ALMAZUL @ALMAZUL Thanks so much! Dingy dock contact info?
10:41 Midnight B Richard I've just seen Memo and wished him feliz cumpleaños from you and the whole posse. He really appreciated it and will be raising a glass to us all later. He suggested we do the same!
10:45 Rob Murray Thanks so much!
10:48 🦜KNOT RIGHT, SV/Walt I will definitely do that. Memo is good people
12:10 🥥🦜🍹No Regrets Bruce When entering Panama via airplane do you need to show the Panamanian officials a returns ticket, or just show it to the airport personnel in the US?
12:28 Dreamer @🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce i think it was just the airline, but it was month ago for us. I just bought a fully refundable ticket for the way back and cancelled the minute i got into Panama. I don’t think the officials ever asked to see it, but i had it just in case.
12:33 🥥🦜🍹No Regrets Bruce Thanks!
12:47 kudra-simon On this same topic - does anyone have experience entering costa rica with a one way ticket ?
12:48 kudra-simon or what work-arounds will get me in
12:48 kudra-simon just flew to Miami to get parts now looking at a one way back
13:36 RED ROVER-Alison Our friends flew in to Panama City to go through the canal with us, to San Blas and to Isla Mujeres. They didn't have return tickets. No issue at all. They also brought a large part for our stabilizers. No questions.
13:39 🦜KNOT RIGHT, SV/Walt Since it is the airline that enforce the policy, I think it depends on who you fly with
14:04 🥥🦜🍹No Regrets Bruce Thanks
14:04 🥥🦜🍹No Regrets Bruce Makes sense. Thanks.
14:29 Wild Spirit-Kev & Di We (and our crew) have various countries on a one way ticket. What has worked for us is to prepare a letter for each person arriving by air, stating captain’s details, boat registration details, boat location, the crew member’s name, passport number, position & length of stay. Also the letter should state that the captain assumes responsibility for the crew member and for their re-patriation. We attach a copy of boat registration, port of entry documentation, etc. We’ve never had any issues and have passed without question, most recently Costa Rica.
14:56 Alamos You can just roll up to the dock. There’s a guy there all the time. The beach just East of there also know as nude beach has good holding as well..just stay off the mooring buoy. One of the ferry’s uses it at night👍
15:56 Moken M&M Should anyone need or want work done in Puerto Vallarta please contact Isreal. He has done personally or orchestrated repairs/improvements on Moken. We are very happy 😊 with all of the work.
15:57 Moken M&M Photos
16:26 🦜Ramble On Rose-Roz I second that Israel has done good work for us and for our friends
16:30 ALMAZUL 👍🙂
16:38 Captain Dietmar buy ticket on Expedia 24 hour cancelation
so buy it first thing in the am and cancel after entry
immigration does ask and so do airlines
16:39 Captain Dietmar tel WhatsApp # for Israel?
16:56 PawsitiveLatitudeBC Does Israel work out of a particular marina or all of them in PV ?
16:59 SV Chimera We literally 30 minutes ago were asked for exit ticket from panama as we checked in for our flight to panama ( by the airline)
17:00 🥥🦜🍹No Regrets Bruce Good to know. What airline and what airport?
17:41 Captain Dietmar I have run out of rum @
Marina Papagayo any help would be much appreciated
18:32 Sea Trial Toni Plenty at Marina Flamenco in 🇵🇦 Panama
18:53 Mango San Clemente State Beach
225 Avenida Califia San Clemente, CA 92672 United States : https://maps.google.com/maps?q=33.404989,-117.601506
18:53 Mango Made it to California. New water pump for mango already came in so just a bit of r&r and I will be back and continuing heading south
19:27 Midnight B Richard Long shot but does anyone happen to have a controller for a Danfoss BD50/BD35 compressor that they no longer need? We're in Chiapas right now, and will be for some time.
19:30 RED ROVER Kevin Photos
19:31 RED ROVER Kevin Partial inventory on RR but we're going the wrong way...
19:33 Rob Murray Experienced cruisers like you, and you provision so lightly! Tomorrow’s Friday, and the weekend follows. You’ll have a dry boat Monday!
19:45 🦜Ramble On Rose-Roz Photos
19:47 🦜Ramble On Rose-Roz Israel did work for us out of Paradise Village. Not sure if he will go to other marinas as well
19:48 RED ROVER Kevin Please note the word "partial "... I didn't want to share uninteresting things...
20:26 Moken M&M Photos
20:32 Moken M&M We are leaving Paradise Village tomorrow. That is where we met him. Super job at detailing the boat plus had the toe rail varnished. Amazing! Plus he cleaned the bottom and checked the zincs. Such a great human being.
2022.05.20 Friday
12:01 Moken M&M Photos
12:04 Moken M&M Best tacos in Puerto Vallarta. Come see Sergio and he’ll fix you up. Short walk from Paradise Village marina. Boat tan for your dinghy.
12:38 🥥🦜PathfinderJPNicole Looking for a good time and off the beaten path in El Salvador?? Check out San Antonio Masahuat only 1 hour from the Marina Bahia del Sol! PM me for more details but you can arrange your own guide for the 10km round trip hike through the river and canyons for $10 on Instagram: https://instagram.com/sanantoniomasahuat?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

Parque De San Antonio Masahuat
12:38 🥥🦜PathfinderJPNicole Photos
12:51 🥥🦜🍹No Regrets Bruce You guys always find the best places and take the best photos!
15:38 Dreamer https://www.facebook.com/groups/bahamlandsea/permalink/2200040153511161/
15:38 Dreamer Photos
15:40 Dreamer Don’t usually share links, but this is important enough to make the exception. Make sure you don’t have any banned produce on board when you come back to USA. This was a $1100 dollar lesson, lucky they didn’t fine him, i think the fines are 10k.
16:13 DancingontheEdge Mel @Captain Dietmar @Rainbow’s End, Chris
16:24 Sea Trial Dave Isla Contadora
Archipielago de Las Perlas Panamá Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?q=8.631993302705453,-79.03537417013281
16:26 Sea Trial Dave Absolutely amazing location La Isla resort on Isla Contadora. Mooring balls in absolute middle of no where. Little bar with food.
16:26 Sea Trial Dave 45 min from Flamingo Marina.
16:27 🥥🦜🍹No Regrets Bruce Very cool. We might have to do that when we move from Vista Mar to Flamenco.
16:30 Sea Trial Dave Photos
16:30 Sea Trial Dave Photos
16:37 ☸️ Outventure Wow. Land of the free 😅
17:32 Dreamer @☸️ Outventure just so everyone knows
17:48 ☸️ Outventure Sorry, that wasn’t so gestalt.. being in a country with nearly no enforcement or consciousness of environmental regulations (if there are any) (in Pamama), i realize it’s actually good to have some. I guess it’s difficult to find a middle way.
Thanks for sharing; In case i ever make it to the US, i will remember to get rid of my basil & aloe vera plants amd eat all the meat i got in the freezer 😅
2022.05.21 Saturday
07:36 Captain Dietmar here is what you can expect to get rid off when arriving in New Zealand
07:58 SVBoundless Looking for a recommendation for a surveyor. We are in Shelter Bay Marina, and will be taking Boundless out of the water for a few months until we return in October. Its a good opportunity for us to get an updated survey for Insurance purposes. Does anyone have a recommendation for a surveyor close to Shelter Bay?
13:18 ☠️🍹 TOKETEE A little storm here in San Andres Colombia. Couple of boats dragged. Very wet and windy.
13:18 ☠️🍹 TOKETEE Photos
13:19 ☠️🍹 TOKETEE Actually got to 42.2 was not fast enough with the camera.
13:46 Rainbow’s End, Chris A shout out to Pez Vella Yard! Workmanship and team work is outstanding. Boat work completed on time and within the budget!
13:47 Rainbow’s End, Chris Photos
18:45 Sea Trial Dave @🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce They don’t own all of the mooring balls. We dropped the hook in the middle of little mooring field (where I am now sitting 😎). Calm little beach makes landing very easy. Make sure you are in 25-30’ at high tide as a 12-14’ tide.
19:03 Sea Trial Dave Photos
20:17 kudra-simon good evening

can anyone relay the monthly slip costs at any of the golfito marinas for posse members? has anyone left their boat there longish term
20:17 kudra-simon golfito costa rica
20:47 🥥🦜🍹No Regrets Bruce 👍
2022.05.22 Sunday
10:58 ALMAZUL Hi Walt,
We are in Vista Mar now. Hope we can catch up for a beer sometime. 😃
11:01 🦜KNOT RIGHT, SV/Walt Unfortunately I'm in the states for a long while. But there are some other PP ppls that might drink one or two with you
11:29 ALMAZUL Oh OK thx Walt.
Hope all is well 🙂
11:32 🦜KNOT RIGHT, SV/Walt Thanks
11:32 Gladan Giancarlo
11:35 🥥🦜🍹No Regrets Bruce We’ll be back on the 28th, and would enjoy meeting up. Which dock are you on?
12:34 M/V One Life I got this contact info from Vicki on Cinnamon Teal. She said they do great surveys. We may use them as well.

Tiger Snail Marine

Laura - 507 6398 2394

13:00 Alamos We have been blessed with the opportunity to take care of an estate here in Panama for a month however I’m in the marina nearly everyday regardless, if you have any needs or questions.
On dock 3, and there’s a cruisers net on ch 74 0830hrs.
13:18 S/V Satori - Benj. Does anyone know if I can clear into Panama at Boca Chica on the weekend?
14:39 S/V Satori - Benj. Also does anybody know if there is a place to haul out on the Pacific side in Panama?
14:40 🦜KNOT RIGHT, SV/Walt What beam, length, depth. Type of vessel
15:05 Dreamer @S/V Satori - Benj. Shelter, Litton, never been to bocas, but a lot of people here have.
15:05 Dreamer
8 Bd de la Reine Pomare IV, Papeete 98714, French Polynesia : https://maps.google.com/maps?q=-17.54046889698743,-149.5709202398662
15:16 S/V Satori - Benj. Pacific side.
15:17 S/V Satori - Benj. 37/11/6
15:23 🦜KNOT RIGHT, SV/Walt Not sure if Buenaventura is doing anything. Vistamar with their trailer did me 47/14/7. Cost for haul and splash was under $700. Down near the canal is Flamenco, I've been told more expensive for haul and yard.
15:24 🦜KNOT RIGHT, SV/Walt I'll PM you with a video if I can find it
17:13 S/V Satori - Benj. Cool. That’s what I needed to know. Thanks.
18:10 Dreamer @S/V Satori - Benj. @S/V Satori - Benj. Oops sorry lol
19:29 Sea Trial Dave @☠️🍹 TOKETEE @S/V Satori - Benj. Flamingo Marina has a big yard.
19:31 Sea Trial Dave @S/V Satori - Benj. There are big cats in the yard and a huge lift. Not sure if the maximum but I believe it to be over 100 ton.
19:33 ☸️ Outventure I’m pretty sure you can’t, but get in touch with Carlos who is the agent there: +507 6600 6191
19:35 ☸️ Outventure He will need to prepare things for you anyways, so it’s better to contact him early so you dont have to wait that long.
Afaik a lot of cruisers only check in in Panama City and take their time on yhe way up, though.
21:45 S/V Satori - Benj. Thanks.
21:45 S/V Satori - Benj. Thanks.
21:46 S/V Satori - Benj. Thanks.
21:46 S/V Satori - Benj. No worries.
2022.05.23 Monday
06:28 ALMAZUL @🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce Hi, we’re on dock 1, near the abandoned boat, not far from No Regrets actually! Look forward to a chat when you’re back 🙂

06:32 ALMAZUL Sounds nice! Thanks Alamos, we might see you around the marina sometime 🙂
08:13 🥥🦜🍹No Regrets Bruce 👍
08:23 RED ROVER-Alison Isla Mujeres
77400 Isla Mujeres, Quintana Roo Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?q=21.232422,-86.733283
08:27 Captain Dietmar
Andaz Rd, Guanacaste Province, Culebra, Costa Rica : https://maps.google.com/maps?q=10.641021,-85.653702
08:48 🥥🦜🍹No Regrets Bruce
11219 Pinestone Ct, San Diego, CA 92128, USA : https://maps.google.com/maps?q=32.97648089131068,-117.0861445416039
08:48 🍹☠️ TOKETEE Crew
Isla de, San Andrés y Providencia, Colombia : https://maps.google.com/maps?q=12.574628,-81.699407
08:56 Small World - Darren Photos
08:56 Small World - Darren Small World crew is in Bogotá
08:56 Alamos 👍
09:00 Beata
Butner Street 30, Fort Sherman, Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?q=9.367829432510197,-79.95082013626636
09:01 Rainbow’s End, Chris Makanda by the Sea Hotel Manuel Antonio
Main Road to hotel Parador2 kilometers on Right. Manuel Antonio Costa Rica : https://maps.google.com/maps?q=9.402935410687327,-84.1613093187622
09:03 Beata Photos
09:04 Beata Coco Cays, San Blas.
09:08 🦜🍹Kyrie
Costa Rica : https://maps.google.com/maps?q=9.555559,-84.622673
09:16 Captain Dietmar Group voice call started.
09:16 🦜Yahtzee -Jill/Andy Cambombia
Guna Yala Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?q=9.478551,-78.712289
09:18 Aegis, Mary/Ian
8424+4WG, El Zapote, El Salvador : https://maps.google.com/maps?q=13.30091149775343,-88.8928411515395
09:23 Mango
206 Avenida Montalvo, San Clemente, CA 92672, USA : https://maps.google.com/maps?q=33.408671,-117.603348
09:25 Sea Angel -Bo Water Island, USVI
Water Island, 00830 U.S. Virgin Islands : https://maps.google.com/maps?q=18.31640875297781,-64.95653265513437
09:26 AEOLIAN  - Jared
Central Ave, G8X3+JM6, Provincia de Guanacaste, Coco, Costa Rica : https://maps.google.com/maps?q=10.54901,-85.695866
09:30 Bob Ritner
231 Avenida Serra, San Clemente, CA 92672, USA : https://maps.google.com/maps?q=33.425849,-117.61752
09:30 Rob Murray
6688 Ash St, Vancouver, BC V6P 3K4, Canada : https://maps.google.com/maps?q=49.22439573239337,-123.1177194794942
09:32 🥥🦜PathfinderJPNicole
C. a Conchagua, Conchagua, El Salvador : https://maps.google.com/maps?q=13.30958003563942,-87.86360040307045
09:33 Katmandu-Terry
Marina Chiapas Ln, 30830 Chis., Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?q=14.69901146910951,-92.39154109715646
09:34 ☸️ Outventure Photos
09:34 ☸️ Outventure
Soná District, Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?q=7.62292713385669,-81.27190310508013
09:34 ☸️ Outventure Santa Catalina, Panama
09:36 Epsilon-Bill
6530 E Marina Dr, Long Beach, CA 90803, USA : https://maps.google.com/maps?q=33.75425634255356,-118.1116538906561
09:37 Medea-Darryl
Grenada : https://maps.google.com/maps?q=12.4566955768981,-61.4868262647253
09:59 SV Rhumbline (Terry)
Pelícanos 4, 63734 Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Nay., Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?q=20.75233444107781,-105.3794103431729
10:15 Soulmate-Stu & Robyn
8424+4WG, El Zapote, El Salvador : https://maps.google.com/maps?q=13.30067238607307,-88.89246528974584
10:15 🦜Knot Right/Jeariene Group call ended.
10:15 ,☠️Delta Swizzler
Manzana 010101 39-305, Bocas del Toro, Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?q=9.335156448557397,-82.24570560572367
10:17 EXIT Isla Meangura
El Salvador : https://maps.google.com/maps?q=13.198943,-87.695193
10:21 Gladan Giancarlo Group voice call started.
10:32 Gladan Giancarlo Group call ended.
11:16 🦜Ramble On Rose-Roz
Marina Chiapas Ln, 30830 Chis., Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?q=14.69818890799819,-92.39213146269321
14:11 SVBoundless
Butner Street 30, Fort Sherman, Panama : https://maps.google.com/maps?q=9.367386,-79.951011
14:15 SVBoundless Wonderful. Thanks.
2022.05.24 Tuesday
08:11 Captain Dietmar


Tropical Wave #2 of the season over territory, valid until May 27, 2022.

Tropical Wave #2 will enter the country on May 25 and 26, 2022, generating significant amounts of rainfall between 35 mm to 80 mm or liters of water per square

For emergency reports dial: +507 520-4429 / 911
09:32 YO-D-YO Mary Marina de La Paz
Topete s/n (e/ Calz. M. Abasolo) 23000 La Paz, Baja California Sur Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?q=24.154633,-110.325432
10:24 Sea Trial Dave Anyone know of a trustworthy individual in Panamá City (Flamingo Marina area) to hire to watch our boat while we are gone? Electric, wash, lines, etc?
11:38 🥥🦜PathfinderJPNicole Photos
11:38 🥥🦜PathfinderJPNicole Photos
11:38 🥥🦜PathfinderJPNicole So far so good! Volcano Conchagua!
11:38 🥥🦜PathfinderJPNicole Photos
11:39 🥥🦜PathfinderJPNicole Photos
11:42 🥥🦜PathfinderJPNicole This is Volcano Conchagua in El Salvador near La Union with a view of the Golf of Fonseca. We camped overnight and we highly recommend it!
11:45 🥥🦜PathfinderJPNicole Maravillas de Oriente Tours
+503 7484 9950
12:17 RED ROVER Kevin Photos
12:18 RED ROVER Kevin @Captain Dietmar during a squall between Panama and Isla Mujeres last week...
12:20 🥥🦜PathfinderJPNicole https://www.facebook.com/maravillasdeor
15:08 kudra-simon can anyone provide insight as to why one would see a sheen of petroleum in exhaust water on initial starting? yanmar 3GMF
15:09 Captain Dietmar sialdrive or shaft ?
15:10 kudra-simon shaft
15:12 kudra-simon Unknown if it is oil or diesel
15:14 Captain Dietmar @Mango will be back on the dock in no time a very experienced diesel mechanic
15:22 Mango Was there any excessive cranking when starting the engine?
15:37 kudra-simon no
16:22 🦜🍹Kyrie If it's a small amount that goes away within a few minutes, likely unburnt fuel when the engine is still cold. Could also be a tiny bit of engine oil that seeps past the valve seals when the engine is shut down. Regardless, if it rapidly clears up (gone in less than 3-5 minutes of starting) and the engine isn't smoking abnormally, nothing to worry about. My 3GM also leaves a tiny sheen on startup, but clears up within 30 seconds.
2022.05.25 Wednesday
07:24 kudra-simon Who has experience with their insurance company adding marinas as additional insured?
07:50 🥥🦜🍹No Regrets Bruce I’ve done this several times. Just contact your agent and give them the marina info. They will send you an updated insurance document stating the marina as an additional insured. Pretty simple, and it’s never cost me anything.
08:43 kudra-simon thanks. I’ve also done it in the past in the US. I’m working with Priscilla Mcloud - a contact I was recommended by a posse member - in Panama to get insurance and she thinks the insurance company will not honor this request. The insurance company is “La Regional de Seguros - Ramos generales”
08:43 kudra-simon does anyone else have coverage through them?
10:04 Captain Dietmar Photos
10:05 Captain Dietmar @CODA welcome to Costa Rica
10:32 AEOLIAN  - Jared QQ: I need to tune the rig on my boat and considering taking easy way with a rigger. But curious if there are any solid / cost effective options in costa rica / Panama? Currently in Playas del Cocos Costa Rica. Any suggestions on a shop someone has used and likes with rough cost details would be appreciated. Otherwise may try to buy/ship a tension gauge and see if I can sort it myself.
10:37 Dreamer @AEOLIAN  - Jared i borrowed a guage from a neighbor boat and did it myself. It’s pretty easy, get the tension is should be for your boat, adjust and make sure sides are the same. Depending on size of rigging, guage is $150 to $300, prob about the same cost as a tigger coming out for a few hours. Most marinas will have a rigger. Btw, i was just adjusting my front forestay a few days ago, loosened up after the long passage, so it’s not hard to do at all.
10:38 Dreamer @AEOLIAN  - Jared oh and i adjusted all my rigging before leaving Panama
10:38 Rob Murray Easy to do without a tension gauge. See the ‘folding rule method’ on page 32. You can use dollar store rulers taped to appropriate lengths of wood or pvc pipe if you don’t have folding rules on hand.

10:40 Dreamer @Rob Murray i was about to do this Rob when Joaqem came with the guage lol
10:42 🥥🦜🍹No Regrets Bruce @Dreamer I found out the hard way the the smallest wire setting for the large Loos gauge isn’t very accurate, even though the large gauge goes down to 1/4” wire. I was told by a rigger this was the case and I was able to verify this, so had to buy both the large and medium Loos gauges. Just an FYI.
10:43 AEOLIAN  - Jared Very cool. I will see if I can find a gauge. My rig definitely loosened on way south and needs some love. Worried I will need to adjust forestay and/or backstay in addition to shroud and I think neither has turn buckle so may need cut/redo the swage fitting. Bit nervous about that part heh
10:58 🦜KNOT RIGHT, SV/Walt I have coverage through them, but I have had no interaction with them other than annual renewal
12:20 Rob Murray One of them must have an adjustment. The forestay one might be butted in the furler.
12:33 Dreamer @AEOLIAN  - Jared i can’t see how it doesn’t have a adjustment?
12:34 Dreamer @🥥🦜No Regrets Bruce yes thank you, lucky for me, all my rigging is 3/8 or 5/16
12:36 AEOLIAN  - Jared Maybe it does but just can't see it with furler/sail up. Will check and follow up
16:31 Randonnée We just got violently intimidated by the yacht “Lobo de Mar” in Mazatlán. FYI, avoid this boat and its service

16:31 Randonnée Photos
16:33 WildhoodDirk @Randonnée Yikes....hope you two are well otherwise....never like hearing this stuff!
16:33 Randonnée Yeah it was pretty scary
16:34 Randonnée Photos
16:34 Randonnée They were telling Randy to slow down so they could kick his ass. This is after they cut us off and Randy yelled “Hey!” Whoops.
16:35 Randonnée We reported it to the marina (we were leaving) and will leave it at that. But wanted to alert this group to steer clear. The guy is not well.
16:54 Randonnée These numbers were shared with us, thought it might be helpful for those in MX.

17:37 Dreamer @Randonnée damn, so glad you two are safe. Hopefully you can store the boat and head home for a break soon.
17:39 Remedy-Karl Thinking ahead to next year, is there a place that can haul a catamaran for hurricane season around PV to Acapulco?
17:41 Sea Trial Dave @kudra-simon Marina Pez Vela in Costa Rica required it. It is a simple process and most insurers will take care of adding the marina with out issue. Call your agent. (FYI Our carrier Concept took two days to get the endorsement back to us and the marina let it slide).
18:13 kudra-simon thank you! I thought this was customary and was my experience in the US but the panamanian agent did not think it was possible.
18:42 AlohaToa-Tim Hi . I am looking to download the panamaposse.com/charts
Is there a different password to my normal login ? I can access the other parts of the member site ok . Thanks 🙏 so much
21:07 Captain Dietmar can you write up a report ?

21:37 Captain Dietmar 80 % chance of cyclonic formation
21:37 Captain Dietmar Photos
2022.05.26 Thursday
06:10 Rob Murray From NOAA

2022 Eastern Pacific Hurricane Outlook Summary

a. Predicted Activity

NOAA's 2022 eastern Pacific Hurricane Season outlook indicates a below-normal season is most likely (60% chance). There is a 30% chance of a near-normal season and only a 10% chance of an above-normal season. See NOAA definitions of above-, near-, and below-normal seasons. The eastern Pacific hurricane region covers the eastern North Pacific Ocean east of 140°W and north of the equator.

The 2022 outlook calls for a 70% probability for each of the following ranges of activity:

10-17 Named Storms
4-8 Hurricanes
0-3 Major Hurricanes
Accumulated Cyclone Energy (ACE) range of 45%-100% of the median.
The activity is expected to fall within these ranges in 70% of seasons with similar climate conditions and uncertainties to those expected this year. These ranges do not represent the total possible ranges of activity seen in past similar years. These predicted ranges are centered below the 1991-2020 averages of 15 named storms, 8 hurricanes, and 4 major hurricanes.

The eastern Pacific hurricane season officially runs from May 15th through November 30th. The peak months of the season are July-September (JAS).


07:49 Rob Murray From NOAA

2022 Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook Summary

a. Predicted Activity

NOAA’s outlook for the 2022 Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook indicates that an above-normal season is most likely, with a possibility the season could be extremely (aka hyper-) active. The outlook calls for a 65% chance of an above-normal season, followed by a 25% chance of a near-normal season, and only a 10% chance of a below-normal season. See NOAA definitions of above-, near-, and below-normal seasons. The Atlantic hurricane region includes the North Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, and Gulf of Mexico.

The 2022 outlook calls for a 70% probability for each of the following ranges of activity:

14-21 Named Storms
6-10 Hurricanes
3-6 Major Hurricanes
Accumulated Cyclone Energy (ACE) range of 115%-200% of the median
The seasonal activity is expected to fall within these ranges in 70% of seasons with similar climate conditions and uncertainties to those expected this year. These ranges do not represent the total possible ranges of activity seen in past similar years. These expected ranges are centered above the 1991-2020 seasonal averages of 14 named storms, 7 hurricanes, and 3 major hurricanes. Most of the predicted activity is likely to occur during the peak months (August-October, ASO) of the hurricane season. This season could extend the record of consecutive seasons with above-normal activity to seven consecutive seasons.

The North Atlantic hurricane season officially runs from June 1st through November 30th. This outlook will be updated in early August to coincide with the onset of the peak months of the season (ASO).

13:24 Captain Dietmar Panama Posse Dockparties
this Saturday in Chiapas MX
and Sunday in Marina Papagayo CR
stay tuned for details
17:48 EXIT Marina De Chiapas
Tapachula, Chiapas Mexico : https://maps.google.com/maps?q=14.698827,-92.393058
18:19 🥥AngeliqueofVancouve Photos
18:20 🥥AngeliqueofVancouve Angelique of Vancouver arrived in Vancouver on the PAUWGRACHT. Arranged by Sevenstar a Panama Posse sponsor
18:27 kudra-simon Anyone have contact info for a YANMAR mechanic in Costa Rica?
21:35 Tulum5- Michele/Chad @kudra-simon
colt on mango at marina papagayo is a diesel mech
21:40 kudra-simon yes, thank you. He’s back in the US for another couple of weeks.
22:11 Captain Dietmar bravo zulu
2022.05.27 Friday
11:17 Captain Dietmar Captain Dietmar invited ACQUA - Chris & Olga to the group. Wait for them to join before chatting.
11:17 ACQUA - Chris & Olga ACQUA - Chris & Olga joined the group.
11:24 ACQUA - Chris & Olga Hello all , thanks for the invitation in your group. Here is Christopher & Olga from Italy. We are at present in Santa Marta Colombia. We plan to spend next season in Central America including the Pacific side. Have a nice day .
11:30 Jetlag Gerald Looking for infos to enter Panama from Colombia in PUERTO OBALDIA
Any hints sre welcome
SY Jetlag
17:32 AlohaToa-Tim Hi hoping for some help to download the openCPN CHARTS. . Does anyone know the link and password to get these ? Many Thanks 🙏🗺️🗾
18:26 Captain Dietmar https://panamaposse.com/charts
18:59 Rob Murray Find good wifi and be patient. They’re big files.
2022.05.28 Saturday
08:10 DancingontheEdge Mel @Jetlag Gerald this is an open road stead anchorage. Even in calm the anchorage it is rough.
09:01 AlohaToa-Tim Thanks 🙏 so much Rob . Can you help me with the password for the Chart 🗺️ area for the Panama Posse website? I can not seem to use my standard Panama Posse Login. Thanks 🙏 so much , I'm very grateful for this work .
09:04 🥥🦜🍹No Regrets Bruce posse2021
11:42 Katmandu-Terry Chiapas adventure continues….we have a developing bee hive at the top of the mast inside. Anyone know of a beekeeper in Tapachula area that wouldn’t mind being hoisted to the top of the mast and taking on some aggressive bees 🐝? We discovered them while trying to mount a new radar dome…that project is on hold until the bee removal is complete as the two of us trying to mount the dome were attacked a stung.
11:47 Midnight B Richard Photos
11:48 Midnight B Richard Sun halo in Chiapas today
11:55 Katmandu-Terry I wish that sun halo would drive the bees 🐝 away from my mast.
12:00 Rob Murray Shop vac might do the trick. Some 2” pvc can get you some range away from them. Do at night when they’re more docile. Good luck!
12:08 Midnight B Richard Indeed. Your mast has an unwelcome bee halo.
12:11 Captain Dietmar here in marina papagayo they called the bomberos who came and squirted them with a soapy liquid and killed them all
12:58 AlohaToa-Tim 🙏🗺️🙇‍♂️
Thanks 👍 so much Bruce 😊
13:56 🥥🦜🍹No Regrets Bruce 👍
14:00 AlohaToa-Tim Any ideas on the difference between the zip file of the same name
5. MX_SeaOfCortez_South
And same file name
11. MX_SeaOfCortez_South
The first is 3.3 gig .. thanks again 🙏 super grateful
14:02 🥥🦜🍹No Regrets Bruce That I don’t know. Rob or Dietmar would be the the best people to ask that question.
14:04 AlohaToa-Tim Thanks 🙏 Bruce . Cheers 🍻
14:05 Rob Murray Can’t look for details here, but #11 is bigger, so I’d go there first. ;)
14:12 AlohaToa-Tim Thanks 👍🙏 Rob . Will do
Cheers 🍻
17:29 Rob Murray Photos
17:30 Rob Murray https://www.nhc.noaa.gov/?epac
18:46 ALMAZUL Hi and welcome!
We loved Santa Marta, including all the street food! We are in Panama ATM. 🙂
23:37 S/V Satori - Benj. 100 lb Pacific sailfish en route to Panama. Successful release.
23:37 S/V