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“all that is true is rare and difficult”
― Unknown

We want to thank the 39 vessels which have already
signed up for the next 2020-2021 Panama Posse Season

( to do so reply with "sign me up again" )


1) As a affirmation to LIFE, the camaraderie with fellow seaman
and as a demonstration that we shall overcome this virus as a species
please join us and fellow Panama Posse vessels in your area
at 17:00 LOCAL TIME and emit 3 prolonged (4-6 seconds) blasts know as "show blasts"he 3
      prolonged blasts given by cruise ships are called the "show
      blast"he 3
      prolonged blasts given by cruise ships are called the "show
      blast"he 3
      prolonged blasts given by cruise ships are called the "show

A special thank you to
Ho'Okipa, Joy and Dragonfly here in Barra for participating


3rd party  Panama Canal update:
Our boat Lazy Travels, with Ohana and Nutmeg just crossed the Panama Canal from Atlantic to Pacific
Here are the details for how it happened for us:
We were allowed to use 4 line handlers for the entire 3 boat raft. Each boat had a transit advisor provided by the canal.
We were not allowed to use Canal line handlers, we had to find boats to transit with us that in combination would provide us with enough crew for the raft (4 line handlers, 3 captains, and if any children onboard someone separate to look after them. Seriously you need all 4 line handlers to be able to give their undivided attention at all times).
We were also unable to rent lines, fenders or tires to reduce contamination. We had to make sure that we had enough to meet the requirements (4 long lines, plus enough fenders for the raft and canal. Personal recommendation is to have a lot of fenders, and a few big round ones).
It seems like you must use an agent at this time, although we only used one to process our payment and paid a reduced fee ($150 USD, name Roger, organized by Shelter Bay Marina).
Shelter Bay Marina with the help of cruisers themselves organized the measurement of the boats. There is currently an excel spread sheet that lists all boats that want to cross the canal with their information. This is not an official document, but makes it easier to coordinate with all the yachts.
Basically we had to organize our own: measurement, crew, lines and fenders. The most difficult part was finding 3 boats who together meet all the requirements and were ready to cross. 
Our transit advisor said HIS OPINION is that the canal will continue to stay open for small vessels.  I think this is based on need, and how smooth everything went using reduced line handlers.

Serious thank you to all the cruisers and staff at Shelter Bay Marina who basically made this happen.

To many more happy canal crossings !!

Posted from FB Panama Cruisers by SV Singularity


3) Country Updates

Mexico    4,219    273†
- border closings between USA and Mexico but commercial entry permitted - outbound and inbound vessels still possible
- certain ports are closed or locking down and exit zarpes are issued electronically for a fee via agents if required this
includes Puerto Vallarta and Areas of the Sea of Cortes      
Mexico has implemented temperature-screening measures at all airports and many road checks.  Reduced flights and Capacity.
Passengers with abnormal temperatures and travel to high-risk areas might be subject to additional health screening.


A little bit more color on what is occurring in Mexico (from our perspective of being in Huatulco):

  1. There was some slowing of the town a month ago (Cruise ships and tourists stopped coming then) but everything has got much tighter in the last week.
  2. Restaurants, bars, hotels are all closed. Just the supermarkets, gas stations and Oxxo’s are open.
  3. A very few restaurants have switched to take-aways but that is comparatively rare. The city is a ghost town.
  4. The mayor has posted municipal police in road blocks at multiple points across the city, questioning the purpose of any trip.
  5. The airport is now also closed to domestic flights, with the exception of one single flight a week to/from Mexico City.
  6. The Federal Highway remains open but many (if not most) exits are blocked off -  by municipal police in the case of organized towns and by groups of locals (unarmed, so far as we can tell) in the smaller communities – refusing entry to outsiders. That seems to now be the norm, everywhere.
  7. It would therefore now be difficult to get out of here by either air or by road (unless you drive non-stop - you would likely find no hotels on route).  
  8. The “social distancing” thing seems to be misunderstood – not all police wear face masks when they question you (up close). Moreover, these local groups (they can feel more like mobs) blocking roads are congregating in groups of 20, 30 or more, missing the entire point of the lock down.   
  9. The Navy has stationed a vessel at the entrance to the harbor (at least during daylight hours). We haven’t actually seen any boat attempt to leave the harbor (not even one single panga), to know what the navy’s orders are – but we understand the harbor master is instructing vessels not to leave (although we have heard there is an exception for foreign vessels leaving the area or the country but do not have first-hand knowledge on that).
  10. While there seems to be no actual restriction on 3rd party contractors, working on boats, the reality is that many of the local workers voluntarily stopped work. Our mechanic reported that his employees simply abandoned him, some ten days ago, making it hard to continue offering any service.  
  11. On a personal note, we are still working on the rebuild of the engine. Getting the parts across the US: Mexico border was challenging (we had to find someone with an essential job who was authorized to travel in both California and across the border). Nonetheless, provided no new restrictions are implemented, we are hopeful it will be complete within a few weeks / a month max. Provided we successfully get away, we will head to Bara Navidad. Please note, however, that we spoke to Miriam today and she advised that she is not certain she can accommodate us, as the marina is nearly full.    

Stephen & Ana Veronica


Guatemala  155   5†
- full lock down - no entry permitted  - Curfew extended to April 28th

El Salvador    125      6†
-  full lock down - no entry permitted †
Honduras    393    25†
Honduras - full lock down - no entry permitted
Nicaragua -  9   1†
Check in with Marina Puesta del sol ahead of time - they will coordinate to send a health inspector out - after which customs, immigration will clear you in

Costa Rica    577  3†
- full lock down - no entry permitted - Curfew extended to end of April

Health Alert – U.S. Embassy San Jose (8 April 2020)
Location:  Costa Rica – Level 4: Do Not Travel
Event: Costa Rica has now confirmed 502 cases of COVID-19 in the country.  Costa Rica today announced that the borders will remain closed to non-citizens and residents until April 30, an extension of the previous closure announcement. 

NOTE:Just to let you know that today (6th April) the Costa Rican government announced that they will keep the border closed until 30th April.

The U.S. Embassy will be closed Thursday April 9 - Monday April 13, due to observance of local holidays.  If you have an emergency requiring Consular assistance, please call 506-2519-2000.

The U.S. Embassy in San Jose and the U.S. State Department have coordinated with United Airlines to offer a commercial flight from Juan Santamaria Airport (SJO) in San Jose, Costa Rica to Houston, Texas (IAH) on Friday, April 17.  The flight will depart SJO at 11:30 am and arrive at IAH at 4:30 pm.  This flight is open to public booking; you are encouraged to book ASAP as seats are limited. 

We have received reports of social media notices purporting to provide assistance in receiving COVID-19-related checks from the U.S. government.  These notices claim immediate support and contain a link which requests personal information. Do NOT provide personal or financial information to businesses you don’t know or haven’t verified.  For official information regarding economic impact payments, see the websites of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Department of Treasury (DOT). 
As always, Americans who need assistance can contact us at the numbers or email address below.  
Actions to Take: 
-    Follow instructions of Costa Rican authorities. Not doing so could result in arrest and potential fines.
-    Visit the Costa Rican Ministry of Health's Facebook Page for updated information.
-    Visit our Embassy COVID page for information on conditions in Costa Rica.
-    Visit the Department of Homeland Security’s website on the latest travel restrictions to the United States. 
-    Consult the CDC website for the most up-to-date information on COVID-19. 
-    Visit the COVID-19 crisis page on travel.state.gov for the latest information. 
-    Work with your airline, travel provider, or hotel/lodging directly regarding any updated information about your travel plans and/or restrictions.
-    Call Costa Rican emergency number 911 or COVID hotline 1322 right away if you believe you may have COVID-19 (or similar symptoms) or were exposed to someone who may have COVID-19 in the last six weeks.
 U.S. Embassy San Jose
State Department - Consular Affairs
888-407-4747 or 202-501-4444


Panama   3,234  79†
Panama -  no entry permitted   14 day quarantine has been obtained by some in internal movements
- curfew w/ 1 hour movement x certain day for with 30 minutes based on ID number and day and gender - no alcohol sales -

This was posted via email by Marina Pez Vela:

Pursuant to Administrative Resolution DM-RM-0852-2020, issued by the Ministry of Health on April 2, from April 3 at five in the afternoon and until April 12 at midnight, the marina will be closed to the public.
During this period there are to be no offered services including, but not limited to: issuance of zarpes, issuance of floats plans, repairs, haul out or launches, among others.
After April 12, it is expected to be able to return the Marina to operations and therefore apply the following protocols until the Government declares the state of Emergency ended.
We appreciate your understanding and we ask you to abide by the regulations to avoid sanctions and above all in support of this campaign for the health of all concerned.

Marina Pez Vela is a company and a family, which has always distinguished itself by its solidarity and commitment to the social, cultural and environmental causes of the surrounding community. In the past few weeks and foreseeable future, this general commitment also must include meeting the standards of prevention and containment of the global pandemic known as COVID-19. The project not only has a commitment to the health and security of our clients, contractors and staff, whom we care for in all aspects, but also to fulfilling our National Responsibilities as a Marine Concession.  Our concession requires that  we must comply with a series of general provisions, legal parameters old and new, such as those established on March 10, 2020 by the Executive Decree number 42221-MP_S  as well as the National Law on Emergencies and Risk Prevention, Law 8488 of November 22, 2006, both of which outline our legal responsibility to support in the prevention of pandemics and any other health risks, and specifically in reducing the contagion curve of COVID-19.
Therefore, we respectfully request and urge you to take the following steps:
- Minimize and avoid, if possible, the use of your boats for unnecessary purposes, and that the boat remains docked to your respective slip or dry dock (as the case may be). These measures of limited use have been suggested by the Costa Rican Health Ministry in relation to asking everyone to stay home so that the presence of the workers, captain or owners of the boat is only for the purposes of required maintenance, care, and security.

- For all boats that are for private, recreational use: In the event that you are required to navigate due to an emergency, required maintenance, provisioning, or other reason that is of absolute necessity, all navigation must  be done  in accordance with the float plan.  Boat capacity will be restricted to half the normal number of people (including captain and crew) No navigation plans will be authorized to any other port of landing or marina as a point of arrival, except in cases of emergency.

- Always request your due Float Plan at the main office, in the event you are stopped by the Coast Guard, it is important for them to know what your port of Origin is.

- We urge vessels that maintain their operations within the marina (tourist fishing vessels, catamarans, diving vessels) to minimize their operations for a reasonable period, until the authorities remove the national alert and restrictions. Also, please abide by the rules of distance between one person and another to avoid potential exposure to one another, and decrease the number of guests, clients or persons on board by at least 50 percent of the boat's capacity.

- Extreme basic hygiene measures inside your boats should be taken, insuring that any and all aboard can wash with antibacterial soap, alcohol gel, disposable paper towels, and trash cans with lids for disposal.

- In the case of vessels that are under temporary importation, have the National Zarpe issued by the Port Captain Office.

- Additionally, we urge all clients and visitors, workers or collaborators of the Marina to rationally use public services, especially water, since this is a resource that is of utmost importance for sanitary reasons and is already being rationed in many parts of Costa Rica.

- As a Marina, we cannot deny the use of your boats, however, we urge you to stay at home to avoid the spread of the virus.
We are always at your disposal to assist you.

Best regards,
Carter Ludwing TakacsCédula # 18400124735Administrador Marina Pez Vela

From the Panama Canal Authority effective 09 April:

TO :
SUBJECT: Temporary Procedures for Small Craft Transits during COVID-19 Pandemic
Due to the current outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the Republic of Panama and around the world, through the Ministry of Health (MINSA), the Panamanian government has imposed a total quarantine in the Republic of Panama. Consequently, the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) deems it necessary to implement strict measures to reduce the exposure to COVID-19 and protect the health of its employees, the Panamanian people, as well as vessels’ personnel, in order to prevent further spread of the virus. Therefore, the following procedures will be implemented for all small craft below 20 m (65 feet) in length overall (LOA) effective April 09, 2020:
1. Upon arrival at Balboa Anchorage or Cristobal Breakwater, the small craft shall contact the corresponding signal station announcing its arrival and requesting anchoring instructions, if applicable.
2. All crew and passengers arriving in Canal waters on board pleasure yachts are required to remain aboard under observation and surveillance by Panamanian authorities for a period of not less than 14 calendar days, regardless of port of origin or amount of days at sea.
3. Uponcompletionofthis14dayperiod,theywillbeevaluatedbytheMinistryofHealth (MINSA) to determine if there is any risk of contagion. Likewise, the master/skipper shall report to Canal and Panamanian health authorities if any passenger or crewmember on board shows virus-related symptoms or any other sickness.
4. In order for personnel on board to properly maintain quarantine, all transit arrangements shall be made by a representative ashore, such as a local agent or the corresponding marina where the small craft is anchored or moored.
5. The small craft representative shall call the ACP Admeasurement Unit (tel. 272-4577) in order to provide all the required information.
6. Inaddition,thesmallcraftrepresentativeshallsendtoNTOT-AS@pancanal.comthe following information:
- Yacht SIN number, name, flag, length (m), beam (m), arrival date confirmation (provided by the representative or the marina)
- Arrival crew list
- Yacht’s register
- Profile picture of the yacht
- Signed Release form
- Completed Handline Lockage Request form
- Copy of all crew passports
7. Theagentorrepresentativeshallmakearrangementsforplacementofthetransit guarantee, or payment in cash, which shall include tolls and other maritime services, as well as the buffer.
8. Once the guarantee has been confirmed, the representative or marina shall call the ACP vessel scheduler, at 272-4202 to coordinate their transit date.
9. In addition to the master/skipper, the small craft shall have at least four line handlers available, as required by ACP regulations. These linehandlers must have already been on board the small craft during the quarantine period mentioned in (2) above.
10.All other transit requirements remain the same and are available at:
11.On the day of transit, only the ACP transit advisor will board the small craft and disembark once his assignment has been completed. Only ACP personnel will be permitted to board or disembark the small craft.
The ACP is continuously monitoring the current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic and will announce any changes to these measures in a timely manner.
Ilya R. Espino de MarottaActing Vice President for Transit Business

(other destinations)
French Polynesia    51            1 critical case
- full lock down

Colombia    2,709         100†   
- full lock down - Colombia under 19-day nationwide quarantine

Ecuador    7,466         333†    
- full lock down ""

Belize    14       3†  
- full lock down

Cayman Islands    53        1†
- full lock down - able to get fuel and provisions via q dock

Cuba    669       92†

Bahamas    46         8†    
- full lock down

Hawaii  486     8†  
- 14 day Quarantine for US flagged Vessels

Florida 19,347   452†
- reported entry possible via Key West with health checks for US flagged Vessels
For those heading to Key West USA, on return from your Panama adventures, the Stock Island Marina took us in as a temporary safe harbor from overseas on arrival, until we were ready to safely leave in a bit over a week having done our fixes, provisioning, and weather window. A five star facility. Not cheap. But great help in the face of a county government that shut down the Florida Keys.MV ANGELIQUE

California 22,424  634†
- reported entry possible via San Diego t with health checks for US flagged Vessels

4) Pictures of the Week

Ho'okipa - Still Life with Strawberries Kosher Bilge Kosher

Lisa & Lucky

Jean Anne

Steve & Chelsea
Michael & Vicki



Bob and Margie


Dietmar & Suzanne


Nick, Gema & crew


PILIALOHA,Rick & Maria

Rick & Maria


Dan & Marlene


Dietmar & Suzanne


Mast Exercises - vertical social distancing

Bob and Margie

Jessica & Adam



Brenda & Ted

5) Location of vessels

1 BAJA FOG Barra de Navidad, MX   took a flight on alaska airlines till may 30th  2/3 full - 5 people jet 
John & Monique
2 ANGELIQUE OF VANCOUVER vessel is in mazatlan - currently back in Canada   mom passed 
  Mike & Jacquie
4 THISLDU Puesta del Sol, Nicaragua      
  Garrett & Audrey
5 LUNA Mexico      
  Bob & Kris
9 CARINTHIA Barra shelter in place    
Dietmar & Suzanne
10 SEAGLUB Marina Los Cabos      
11 BONZER Barra      
  Michael & Vicki
12 JEAN ANNE Chiapas, MX      
  Steve & Chelsea
13 SINGULARITY Vista Mar, Panama  shelter in place for 3 more months   our home - do some toolling around 
Robert & Carol
14 SLOW DANCER Bocas del Toro       
Dale & Kenneth
16 © ENJOY red frog marina - sheltering in place -  weathe ris rainy    
  Don & Nina
19  ©  KNOT RIGHT Vista Mar Marina, Panama all is well    did not anounce - curve has not reached apex
Walt & Jeariene
20 ©  COMPROMISE chiappas - copy heading north ensenada port captain closes at 1 PM        
Ronald & Karen
23 TOP CIDER Zihuatanejo      
Chuck & Sharon
25 HALF MOON Puesta del Sol      
Brain & Elizabeth
26 MADELEINE Vessel in El Salvador - we are in the Netherlands      
Huibert & Maaike
27 ANGELIQUE Florida      
Dan & Angela
29 DELTA SWIZZLER tenecatita - watermaker issues        
Mark & Cindy
30 FIREFLY las hadas - 4 boats today  sheltering in place    
  Brenda & Ted
34 ONE LIFE No change in barra - pandemic  staying in place     
Doug & Mary
37 WISHLIST las hadas bay  stay and boucne around - settle down     
40 AVANT Shelter Bay, Panama day patrol - able to go out  IN CANADA - glasd to help     
Rob & Debra
43 RHAPSODY vista mar  - walking the golf course  sheltering in place   eyeing french polynesia 
Sarah & Bob
50 ANDURIL Chiapas, MX -  In Vancouver    
Alice & Greg
51 GREEN FLASH San Clement California  getting stuff down at home vessel is vista mar    
Bob & Joan
52 BONZAI isla mujeres - carrebeen  good market nearby -    free to to do anything  still issueing zarpes - 2 week quarantine - 
53 GARGOYLE Puesta del Sol Nicaragua       
Kevin & Carla
54 STAND DOWN Vista Mar Marina Panama      
Richard & Nancy
59 RAVEN Barra de Navidad      
  Neil, Tammy, & Jan
60 BLUE OASIS blue oasis - came to fuel dock - fueld up - arrived in Tamap      
Barry & Kathy
61  © WILDEST DREAMS Puntarenas, CR      
Grant & Michelle
64 SECRET WATER La Paz      
  Annie & Chris & Crew
67 CHIMERA bana bay CR - able to walk into town - shelter in place      
Dennis & Margaret
69 ALIZANN Red frog marina bocas de otoro doing well  plan to stay here - until we have to move - not necessary to move so hoping every one is down - canal is open to small vessel 65 feet - 3 boats went though yesterday successfully - they are slowly alowing boats to transit - requirements  
Martin & Suzanne
70 FLOATING STONES Bahamas       
Bryan & Cheryl
74 MAISON DE SANTE staing in barra  working     
Keenan & Nicole
81 AY CARAMBA ! Florida      
Juan & Michelle
82 BULA Mexico      
  Kenny & Cari
85 FOLLOW YOU FOLLOW ME san jose de cabo - victor gives great service all done - U$ 250 digital zarpe       
  Allan & Rina
86 CONTEXT We are in So- Califoria - record rains here      
John Jan 
87 EL GATO Mexico       
  Jules & Jeff
88  © SEA LARKS Banana Bay Marina, CR      
  Jeffrey & Paula
95 WAVE DANCER Vessel fishhook - golifito we are in Florida      
  Vladimir & Galinda
99 HO’OKIPA Barra de Navidad, MX      
  Lisa & Lucky
100 VOLARE las hadas, 8 boats anchored  motored the holes     
  Jessica & Adam
117 PILIALOHA Vessel is in Marina chahue - we are in Oahu Hawaii - happy to help any vessel en route     q 14 days strict inter island curfew in effect - 11 - 5 AM 
  Rick & Maria
119 © TRANCE Shelter Island San Diego      
  Dan & Marlene
121 ANKYRIOS Barra de Navidad, MX      
Dennis, Brandy & Crew
124  © INDEPENDENCE barefoot cay in roatan honduras  extendend the lockdown to the 19th of  groceries stores are full of supplies  police chief came back to the island with 12 officers with navy personell and got shipped back to  - civil unrest - had extra security 
  Larry & Jamie
125 LILY ROWAN chahue in marina all is well got fuel - next bay - a cat was thieves - next bay - impossible dream -       local supermarket is open well stocked - 
Jim & Zyanya
128 © AMANDLA Marina Pamleira in La Paz  here for the future  port restrictions - in la paz - 96 lock down is a rumor - stores   
Lisa & Captain Fabio
129 © NESHUMA on the hard at mazatlan marina      
  Carl & Cynthia
131 MAR Y SOL Marina Vallarta, MX      
Bob & Marisol
133 BIG CITY FISH Barra in Navidad      
Rick & Linda
138 BLESSED LIFE Bahia Herradura, CR      
Bob and Margie
143 ©  SEA GLASS rich boren - cruise hro - was news of a lockdown - lined up with easter weekend  preventing travel  have had problem in the mainland   home depot is open -
strictly adherence to the rules
147  GRASSHOPPER chiappas marina - plan to shelter in place pool concrete foundation    local supplies -
walmart - and home depot
Jeffrey & Cheri
150 MILAGRO I'm still at Bahia Ballena CR with no crew planning to stay here for now      
Robert & crew
152 © SUSIMI Barra  sheltering in place      
Paul & Hazel
155 © LEILANI  in shelter bay marina - locked down for easter weekend - well secured -       
Richard & Tracy
161 ©  SPREZZATURA solo again crew left - left for florida - bocas del toro - stay for season      slight wrinkle - boat movement - they are relaxing the movement to allow anchorage to marina 
171 GenM san blas - mexico      weather window - story from milo - 
Marvin and Laurie
172 © AMEKAYA red frog marina - panama down the dock from alizann planing to stay - had plans to go back to the states     
Maris and Linda
173 © BISOU anchored inbocas del toro town  planning to stay unitl Monday morning     
Robin and Tad
176 REEF DANCER Barra  sheltering in place dive sites in the area    
Jerry & Debra
178 HAPPY DANCE Leaving Panama - En route to Nicaragua       
Sue & Marty      

These regular Monday call will stay active until May 31st, 2020

We have over 140+ vessels in LINE and the calls are great and very efficient and the Chatroom is open 24/7
It's a new way of doing things - please download and install LINE  https://line.me/en-US/ 
Works on Android / ios / Windows / MAC OS

How to use it ....

- Register using your vessel name as the USERNAME
Search for dietmarpetutschnig or SV Carinthia and send a message-
- wait and accept your PANAMAPOSSE GROUP INVITE
- join the group chat

7) Hurricane and Lighting Season

From a long-term planning standpoint you now have 7 -12 weeks
before the begging of the North Pacific Hurricane season
- which typically does not have mayor storms starting until the end of July
- and runs through early November

For details and links please visit

8) Update departure from Panama , Shelter Bay Marina - to Twinn Dolphin Marina Bradenton, Florida

Tuesday morning we initiated exit paperwork from Panama with SV Litha(also Seattle flagged).
( we had pre-prepped for this push)
Our plan- get our exit paperwork from Panama and sail to Florida.
Step 1.  Quarantined in place minimum of 14 days at Shelter Bay Marina. We did not leave the Marina premises. Although we did walk around the Marina using social distancing protocols.
Step 2. After the quarantine period, Marina manager requested and received a health certificate from the government.
Paraphrasing- it states we have been in a supervised quarantine at SBM in our named vessel, with no c-19 symptoms at any time or at present.
Step 3 - obtain a Zarpe, which required the health certificate.  To get the Zarpe we were in a bit of a quandary. The Colon Port Captain said we needed to go to Colon to obtain the Zarpe. We did not want violate the quarantine so took that option off the table.
Since we had transited the canal, we had an agent Erick Galvez who had all our paperwork. We had previously contacted Erick and he said he couldn’t help us. The port captain suggested that Erick could use a VUMPA ( not sure but this appears to be an electronic request for Zarpe from a system canal agents have access to) Anyway, agent still claimed it was a two day process including a trip to Flamenco. After some additional inquiries and gentle proding and providing all paperwork again and the new health certificate. We received a Zarpe electronically.
Step 4.  Print your Zarpe and present it to immigration. Fortunately SBM has an immigration office and again the SBM marina manager was a hero and requested that immigration return to the office for a second time in the same day to stamp our passports with the marine exit stamp.
Step 5. Now armed with our paperwork and an extra copy in case we are stopped by Aeronaval or other CG entity. Again JuanJo went to discuss our exit with the aeronaval station watch ( at the entrance to SBM) and advised that 2 vessels would be departing the marina and exiting the Canal Zone breakwater. ( there was a patrol at the canal/colon breakwater)
Step6. Execute the departure from the breakwater and head North. ( this was Tuesday 3/31 mid afternoon).


We are grateful and indebted for all the help from JuanJo at SBM for helping Blue Oasis and Litha get out of Panamá officially in one day.

Next Chapter the sail North, Blue Oasis covered 600nm to Grand Cayman arriving last evening 4/4 .
This was our personal longest non-stop double hand. But wait there is more.


Port of Caymans is closed for clearance. We knew this but they are providing fuel to private vessels in transit. The very nice port security also asked if we needled groceries. Barry plans to ask for Beer, Rum and ice!


Of course today is Sunday, no fuel til tomorrow morning Monday.
We plan to top up and proceed to the Yucatán straits then arc north on the gulf loop current towards Tampa. Next update in about a week. Thank you to fellow posse members for support through our satellite comms enroute. You know who you are. We are humbly appreciative.. will be sharing beer, rum, tequila when our paths cross again.


Our buddy boat Litha is out here too, they didn’t need to stop for fuel top up. So we’ll be chasing them tomorrow to the straits.
All the best to everyone on this uncharted journey we are all on.
Be patient, but focused, be kind, smile it goes a long way.


 1400nm 11 nights 12 days at sea. Shelter Bay Marina Panama to Twinn Dolphin Marina Bradenton Florida. Amazing weather windows, nothing significant broke! All our repairs held. We carry 90gal diesel(including Jerry cans) sip it at 1 1/3 gal/ hour. Topped up fuel in Grand Cayman (closed port, but port captain was happy to have us hang on a mooring ball overnight and as long as we stayed on leave our vessel,Saturday the 4th) no fuel on Sunday. Saturday we scrapped our bottom free of barnacles from 5 weeks at SBM.

Monday the 6th we topped up. After a good mix of wind and current between Colon and Grand Cayman,600nm, there was only 4-5 knots directly behind us up to the Yukatan straits. Motor on. So we wanted to make sure we had enough fuel to cross the Gulf of Mexico if the wind continued to be uncooperative.
We swung into Isla Mujeres for literally a 1 hour stop at the fuel dock. Our great buddy boat Bonzai arranged for us to get fuel (va & ven) and few much appreciated fresh fruits and veg.


From Isla Mujeres we caught the emerging Gulf Stream North into the deep part of the Gulf. 10 hour spinnaker run, followed by a fast 13 hour reach. Almost 24 hours with no engine at all. Tremendous. Due to a cold front from south US we angled to Ft Meyers, to foot the knock. We were 3nm from the coast waiting for the knock.... 1am Saturday, there it was , like we ordered it. The wind clocked right around to the North to North East off shore. Tack to the Mark!!!! The rest of the night was a beautiful off shore sail 15-20 app Kts, close reach, with the din of USA starboard. Sunrise over longboat key! We made it!

Barry and Kathy
Blue Oasis

9) Uninvited Visitor of the Week

Barry and Kathy

Blue Oasis

10) Reply to with any updates or pictures /

Dietmar & Suzanne

11) opt-out from the Fleet Updates simply reply with "REMOVE"


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01 ® ☸️ DELOS DELOS BrianDELOS KarinDELOS Crew Seattle, WA 🇺🇸 Amel 53'
San Diego, CA 🇺🇸 Cal 46'
03 ® ☸️ CALICO SKIES CALICO SKIES WIlliamCALICO SKIES Grace New York, NY 🇺🇸 Sabre 36'
04 ® 🦜 STRAY CAT STRAY CAT PhilSTRAY CAT Mary Seattle, WA 🇺🇸 PDQ 34'
05 ® 🌿 ☸️ DELTA SWIZZLER DELTA SWIZZLER MarkDELTA SWIZZLER Cindy San Francisco, CA 🇺🇸 Vantare 58'
06 ® 🦜 NAVIGATOR NAVIGATOR Dave Kona, HI 🇺🇸 Nordhavn 46′
07 🌿 ELEUTHERA ELEUTHERA BarbaraELEUTHERA Hew Auckland, NZ 🇳🇿 Fountaine Pajot 59'
08 ® 🍹 🦜 TOKETEE TOKETEE DarTOKETEE DianeTOKETEE Kimberly Gresham, OR 🇺🇸 Skookum 53'
DietmarCARINTHIA suzanneCARINTHIA Maxi Las Vegas, NV 🇺🇸 Lagoon 44'
10 ® ☸️ 🦜 KNOT RIGHT KNOT RIGHT WALTKnot Right Jeariene Annandale, VA 🇺🇸 Beneteau 47'
11 ® 🌿 PISCES PISCIS-Mary China Spring, TX 🇺🇸 Antares 44'
12 ® ☸️ 🌿 RUM TRUFFLE RUM TRUFFLE GinaRUM TRUFFLE Mark London, UK 🇬🇧 Moody 49'
13 ® 🥥 🦜 
RED ROVER Seattle, WA 🇺🇸 Nordhavn 55'
14 ® 💰 SEA ANGEL
SEA ANGEL Bo Destin, FL 🇺🇸 Sparkman Stevens 88'
15 💰 TERRAPIN TERRAPIN JimTERRAPIN Sandy Morehead City, NC 🇺🇸 Nordhavn 58'
FICKLE BenFICKLE MurandaFICKLE Yolanda Marina del Rey, CA 🇺🇸 Hunter 42'
17 🥥 🦜
NO REGRETS NO REGRETS BruceNO REGRETS Lynette Portland, OR 🇺🇸 Fast Passage 39′
18 🥥 EPSILON EPSILON CherrylEPSILON Bill Morgan Hill, CA 🇺🇸 Island Packet 41'
19 💰 ISIDORE Whitehorse, Canada 🇨🇦 Tashing Tashiba 36'
21 ® 🦜 WILD SPIRIT Sydney, AUSTRALIA 🇦🇺 Jeanneau 54'
22 💰 DESTINY Palmetto, FL 🇺🇸 Hatteras 56'
23 ® 🦜 TULUM5 TULUM V Crew 29 Palms, CA 🇺🇸 Chung Hua 51'
24 ® 🌿 ACQUA Messina, ITALY 🇮🇹 Alliage 50'
25 💰 HONU KAI HONU KAI DoraHONU KAI BrianHONU KAI Crew Toronto, CANADA 🇨🇦 Nordhavn 47'
26 🦜 PTF-26 PTF-26 Kempton Port of Paducah, KY 🇺🇸 Sewart Seacraft (Swiftships) 95'
27 ® 🦜 SEA TRIAL
SEA TRIAL DavidSEA TRIAL ToniSEA TRIAL Solo Laguna Beach, CA 🇺🇸 Nordhavn 55'
29 ® 🦀 SOLMATE SOLMATE AdamSOLMATE Jen Green Cove Springs, FL 🇺🇸 Fountaine Pajot 45′
30 ® ☠️ AVANT AVANAT Debra
Vancouver, BC 🇨🇦 Beneteau 43.5'
31 ☸️ ® EMMY KATE EMMY KATE EricEMMY KATE Sharon Sanibel, FL 🇺🇸 Lagoon 40'
32 💰 EASY ONE EASY ONE AndreaEASY ONE Ingo Würzburg, GERMANY 🇩🇪 Bavaria 46'
33 ® 🦜 GREEN FLASH GREEN FLASH Bob GREEN FLASH Joan Long Beach, CA 🇺🇸 Beneteau 35'
34 ® 🦜 🌵 SAPHIRA SAPHIRA JenniferSAPHIRA Peter Newport, RI 🇺🇸 Goetz Composites 70'
35 ® 🦜 🍹 JUNGLE JUNGLE Jim
Tacoma, WA 🇺🇸 Sea Horse Mandarian 52'
36 ® 🦜 MAGIC CARPET Magic Carpet Captain Jack San Diego, CA 🇺🇸 Custom Dutch Built 60'
37 🦜 PELERIN Victoria, BC 🇨🇦 Alubat 43'
38 ® 🦜 L EXCURSION I EXCURSION PatrickL EXCURSION Isabelle Victoria, BC 🇨🇦 Fountain Pajot 37'
PATHFINDER Jean-PhilippePATHFINDER Nicole North Oaks, MN 🇺🇸 Lagoon 39'
40 ® 🦜 RAMBLE ON ROSE  RAMBLE ON ROSE Rosalind RAMBLE ON ROSE Don San Francisco, CA 🇺🇸 Caliber 40'
41 🌵🍹 SEEKER SEEKER TammySEEKER John Omaha, NE 🇺🇸 Selene 62'
DANCING ON THE EDGE DanDANCING ON THE EDGE Melissa Oriental, NC 🇺🇸 Island Packet 53'
43 ® 🦜 KYRIE KYRIE JoeKYRIE KristenKYRIE Crew KYRIE Crew KYRIE Crew Juneau, AK 🇺🇸 Prout 37'
44 ® 🥥 🦜 AKIA AKIA RickAKIA Judy Anacortes, WA 🇺🇸 Jensen Marine 46′
45 🌵 🦜 ® MAPACHE MAPACHE RobertMAPACHE Sarah Portland, OR 🇺🇸 Hans Christian 462'
46 🌿 ® WHITE WINGS WHITE WINGS SoniaWHITE WINGS Stuart Annapolis, MD 🇺🇸 Leopard 48'
47 ® LORIEN LORIEN ChrisLORIEN Julie LORIEN crew Portland, OR 🇺🇸 Garcia 48'
48 🥥 🦜 SANS CLÉS SANS CLES Andrew Boca Raton, FL 🇺🇸 Passport 43'
49 ®  ☠️ SHEARWATER SHEARWATER PatiSHEARWATER Eric Santa Cruz, CA 🇺🇸 Formosa 50'
50 ® 🌿 ☠️ SEA FOREVER SEA FOREVER BrianSEA FOREVER Debbie Palmetto, Fl 🇺🇸 Catlina 42'
51 💰 ROSAMARIA ROSAMARIA Captain RobROSAMARIA Joey Seattle, WA 🇺🇸 Downeaster 38'
52 ® 🌵 🦜 MARY ARLENE MARY ARLENE Jeff San Diego, CA 🇺🇸 Formosa 41'
53 ® 🦜 MANGO MANGO Colt Pensacola, FL 🇺🇸 Bristol 27'
54 ® 🦜 SAIL FISH SAILFISH BrianSAILFISH Joanna Truckee, CA 🇺🇸 Beneteau 39'
55 ® 🦜 ANIMAL CRACKER Queen Creek, AZ 🇺🇸 Hunter 46'
56 ® 🦜 BRIGHTNEST BRIGHTNEST MichaelBRIGHTNEST Jennifer Seattle, WA 🇺🇸 Island Packet 38.6'
57 🦜 JAMMA Vancouver, BC 🇨🇦 Hallberg Rassy 40'
58 ® 🦜 MAKE ME LAUGH AGAIN MAKE ME LAUGH AGAIN Renee Cedar Rapids, IA 🇺🇸 Island Packet 45'
59 ® 🌵 🦜 RHUMBLINE RHUMBLINE - Terry Tarpon Springs , Fl 🇺🇸 Cheoy Lee 44'
60 ® 🥥 🦜 AEGIS Aegis IanAegis Mary Victoria, BC 🇨🇦 Nordhavn 40'
61 ® 🦜 PILIALOHA PILIALOHA Rick PILIALOHA Maria Kaneohe, HI 🇺🇸 Beneteau '37
62 🥥 🦜 DA MMAD CAT Mashpee Neck, MA 🇺🇸 Lagoon '42
63 ® 🦜 XENIA TaraMike Honokohau, HI 🇺🇸 Gemini 32'
64 💰 ☸️ LEMA West Barnatable, MA 🇺🇸 Amel 54 '
65 🦜 TRIUMPH TRIUMPH JosephTRIUMPH Lynn San Diego, CA 🇺🇸 Cabot 36'
66 🦜 🥥 🌵 VIA Seattle, WA 🇺🇸 Caliber 40'
67 🥥 🌵 🦜 VIAGGIO San Diego, CA 🇺🇸 Gulfstar 43'
68 ® 🦜 SECOND WIND SECOND WIND Laurin Portland, OR 🇺🇸 Tayana 37'
69 🦜 🥥 VANCHANG Denver, CO 🇺🇸 Lagoon 38'
70 🦜 🥥 QUESO GRANDE II Semiahmoo, WA 🇺🇸 Seawind 41'
71 ☸️ ® ENJOY ENJOY NinaENJOY Don Annapolis, MD 🇺🇸
72 🥥 ® SONHO Oceanside, CA 🇺🇸 Baba 35'
73 🥥 🦜🍹 FREEDOM FREEDOM-DavidFREEDOM-Sheri Dana Point, CA 🇺🇸 Beneteau 55'
74 🦜 ALMA FEROZ Pagosa Springs, CO 🇺🇸 Dufour 42'
75 🌿☠️ LADY BLUE Hamburg, DE 🇩🇪 Feltz 46'


Florida / Mexico Caribbean / Rio Dulce / Roatan / Panama / South Bound
Gold Runners


Colombia / Caribbean Panama –-> Florida / North Bound
Rum Runners


Lesser Antilles via Colombia –-> Panama Canal Bound
Spice Runners


Bocas del Toro –-> Cayman Islands / Roatan / Rio Dulce
Pirate Runners


San Diego / Ensenada / Cabo / La Paz / Mazatlan / PV -–> Barra de Navidad
Cocount Runners


Pacific Panama / Costa Rica –-> North Bound
Counter Posse


Barra de Navidad -–> Panama Canal South Bound
Original Panama Posse


Barra / Cabo / La Paz / PV --> San Diego / LA / SFO


Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia & Florida Bahamas– north or south bound, coastal or via the ICW
Crab Posse


La Paz / Mazatlan / Sea of Cortez
Cactus Posse


Pacific Coast --> Galapagos --> Marquesas / French Polynesia
south pacific posse


Spain - Greater Antilles
Atlantic Posse




Lightning ‘pilot charts’ were created from the data at https://ghrc.nsstc.nasa.gov/lightning/data/data_lis_vhr-climatology.html


The data represents 16 years of satellite derived lightning observations from the Lightning Imaging Sensor (LIS) on the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) satellite. 


You can get more data and view other data sets at the site.were created from the data at https://ghrc.nsstc.nasa.gov/lightning/data/data_lis_vhr-climatology.html. 


The data represents 16 years of satellite derived lightning observations from the Lightning Imaging Sensor (LIS) on the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) satellite. 



These charts were created by Rob on SV Avant. If you find them useful, buy him a drink, eh?’


FLEET UPDATE 2020-05-31

  • BIGGEST FISH CAUGHT AWARD and runners up
  • PICTURE OF THE YEAR AWARD and runners up
  • Marina Puesta del Sol, Nicaragua, Panama Posse Dinners
  • Add you comments and findings to Good Nautical
  • A special thank you to our sponsors

Panama Posse virtual final party smashing success and below are the winners of this years fleet awards

Panama Posse



    PRIZE:  one free week dockage at Marina Pez Vela, Costa Rica  courtesy of MARINA PEZ VELA


Jeff & Paula


Runner Up



Runner Up

Jerry & Debra


Runner up

Hazel & Paul



PRIZE: One week of Dockage at Marina Papagayo, Courtesy of Marina Papagayo, Costa Rica

Panama Posse High Wind Award Winning entry
49 knots of wind recorded at Playa Cocos, Costa Rica

Bob and Margie



Panama Posse Captain Ron Award
PRIZE:  one month of free mooring in El Salvador courtesy of Bill and Jean El Salvador


For their ordeal in reaching Marina Chahue from South of Acapulco
- oil sipping engine - how much oil can an engine burn over 200 nm ? answer - 1 liter per mile @ 4 knots

Moonrise puerto escondido

Stephen & Ana Veronica

Runner Up
Exiting El Salvador with a splash

Exit Wave Volare
Jessica & Adam


Runner Up
kissing the dock in Costa Rica 
Greenflash kissing the dock

Bob & Joan


Runner Up
Adventures in Anchoring in Zihuatanejo

Brain & Elizabeth

Runner Up
- Dripmore Shaft
Drippy Driveshaft Happy Dance

Sue & Marty


Honorable Mention: Personal Head Injury in El Salvador

Matt & Britt

Panama Posse Unwelcomed Visitor Award

PRIZE: 1.75 Liters of Flor de Caña Rum

Winner: JO

"Jay" & Kelley



Garrett & Audrey



Speedy Gonzales

Prize:  One year full access to 330 Good Nautical's Global Regions

WINNER: TRANCE - sailing from Virigina to Oregon in 6 months
Trance in Novemebr 2019
November 30th 2019  - Virginia

Trance in Northern California
May 24th 2020 - Bodega Bay Northern California

Dan & Marlene



Yoda of the Year Award
Prize: One week at Red Frog Marina courtesy of Red Frog Marina, Panama

Winner: AVANT
For his exceptional support and informational updates during the C19 Crisis and his tiredless support and satellite chartmaking for Open Cpn


Rob & Debra


For  being a positive force and his continued participation in the Panama Posse
Walt knot right

Walt & Jearine


Runner Up: SEAGLUB
For committing to providing top swell forcasts, relevant weather information




Panama Posse Picture of the Year Award
PRIZE: one free week stay at Marina Vista Mar, Panama, Courtesy of Marina Vista Mar, Panama

Sunset by SV Rosa Lee
ROSA-LEE Tenecatita

Runner Up: HALF MOON

Moonrise by SV Half Moon
Brain & Elizabeth


Runner Up: ROSA LEE

Crossing the Bar

       ROSA LEE


       Honorable Mention: JEAN ANNE



       Steve & Chelsea
        JEAN ANNE

      FYI Follow this link to listen to Steve's Awesome MIXES  -> https://soundcloud.com/djlifeguard/


     Panama Posse Humanitarian Award

      PRIZE: Futue round of golf for 2 Barra de Navidad, MX

      WINNER:  HO'OKIPA   


      Lucky Chucky and Lisa made a special donation of 6000 Pesos
      to the Barra Navidad Feed the locals Fundand as Wilderness Survival Experts
      went digging deep into a foot to take a metal splinter out.

      Lucky Chucky & Lisa


8) Marina Puesta del Sol, Nicaragua, Panama Posse Dinners
Second Wind still at Marina Puesta del Sol where it will be for the summer. Here is a photo of six of the seven (so far) Saturday night dinners hosted by Roberto Membreño, owner of the marina and resort. Juanita Garcia Uriza, the resort manager, orchestrates these dinners. You can see that our numbers have been dwindling.  They are the chronological order.

Marina Puesta del Sol
Marina Puesta del Sol

Marina Puesta del Sol

Marina Puesta del Sol

Marina Puesta del Sol

Marina Puesta del Sol   


Taliesin Rose is currently in Barra de Navidad Mexico.
Thisludu are at their new home in Charleston, SC.


9) Panama Posse SWAG we will send one more email out as soon as the
2019-2020 Tshirts orde form with your vessle name will go live
( expect this to be in about 2 weeks )

tshirt back

10) sign up for next season-  
here is the list of valiant entrants, explorers and adventurers
for the next season  - to do so reply with "SIGN ME UP AGAIN"

Dietmar & Suzanne


11) Things you can do while sheltering in place ... Add you comments and findings to Good Nautical  !!!
For the next 3 months you still have free access to Good Nautical so please add your findings.
If you sign up again for next season you will of course once again get access -
alternatively you can make an annual tax deductible donation and keep getting access

Log into Good Nautical and make your relevant comments in any of the places you have been 

Please make your reports - simply ADD A NEW COMMENT in Good Nautical for each spot
Goodnautical mobile

12) And a final and very special thank you to our sponsors

  • Marina Puerto Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta – Mexico 
  • Marina Puerto de La Navidad – Barra de Navidad – Mexico 
  • Marina Ixtapa, Ixtapa – Mexico 
  • La Marina Acapulco, Acapulco – Mexico 
  • Marina Chiapas – Mexico 
  • Marina Bahia del Sol – El Salvador 
  • La Palma Moorings – Bahia del Sol, El Salvador 
  • Marina Puesta del Sol – Nicaragua 
  • Marina Papagayo – Costa Rica 
  • Marina Pez Vela – Costa Rica 
  • Banana Bay Marina – Costa Rica 
  • Vista Mar Marina – Panama 
  • Shelter Bay Marina – Panama 
  • Red Frog Marina – Panama 
  • Bocas Marina – Panama 

Official Panama Canal Agent

Official Panama Posse Ambassadors

Panama Posse Partners


Final PanamaPosse 2020


FLEET UPDATE 2018-01-15


Greetings!  We are happy to have  joined the  Panama Possee and
hope to be catching up to some of you within the next few weeks.
Our 8 am report is as follows:
Currently anchored in Tenacatita (anchor depth 29 feet)- just
south of the jungle river.  19.17.118N 104.52.201W.
We plan to depart for Bahía Navidad this afternoon- short motor
sail with light winds. We are trying to get a slip at the marina
for a night.  

Thank you!!

Bob, Laura, Michael 

2) Crossing the BAR - El Salvador - Crossroads - Carinthia - Liquid
( all over the bar now )

Quick recap

- The Estuary Bar entrance is dangerous to cross at night or with
poor visibility for inbound or outgoing traffic
- The Marina provides a Pilot who will guide you in only at high
tide and during daylight only for safety reasons
-  When you are one mile out call "Bahia del Sol" on VHF 16 and
the pilot will come out and bring you in
-  Radio note:  VHF's are set to "USA" not "INTERNATIONAL"

-  El Salvador is on Central Standard Time - there are a
lot of pangas outside mayor ports - best avoid them -
Carinthia snagged a big long line

-  Show up exactly on time for high tide ( check with the La
Libertad Tide station for details )  - and send an arrival time
email as you leave Mexico or Guatemala to elsalvadorrally@aol.com
- upon arrival at the dock get ready to
be swamped by drinks welcomes - cruisers - staff - etc -
it's a proper welcoming party - the marina charges 25USD  for the
pilot and $1 x day x foot on the dock- most of us  stayed one
night to catch up on sleep and then anchored out
- 15 USD gives you 1 week of resort access - wifi - pool - 30 %
discount to meals and dinghy dock access - trash bins -  BUT
IMPORTANT water on dock is NOT potable - power is good - make
water on incoming tides only

- you will need to pay in USD - there are no ATM's here so have
about 100 USD avail to get you checked in for visas etc - ATM do
dispense USD - marina takes credit cards - customs and immigration
do not

- the guides and charts are wrong - its' a straight shot over the
bar currently - do not deviate especially with bigger swells -
follow the pilot boat -  here is our track in


- Inside the estuary you can anchor in up to 21 feet - max tidal
range is 8 feet
- Bill will rent moorings for 8 USD x day
- Most important there are 2 WELCOME PANAMA POSSE BANNERS IN EL
SALVADOR courtesy of Bill & Jean 
- The marina has plenty of slips available.  Do you want a
"back in" slip?   The "docks" have 30 and 50 amp service.

- You can contact the marina directly for slip costs (gerente@bahiadelsolelsalvador.com).


We are in Acapulco! 

After a great sail from Ixtapa, we arrived this morning around 8. We hooked up with Vincente and he hooked us up with a mooring ball. As soon as we get some sleep, we plan to tour this amazing city. 

During our night sail, we were visited by dolphins that left streaks of bioluminescence in their wake. We could see them darting under the boat because of their trails. It was magical. 

We also saw whales off Papanoa. The rest of our little group is on their way here from there, where they stopped for a few hours.

Ted and I can’t wait to meet even more of you as we press southward.

Ted and Eliza on SV Serafina

4) MYLA - Zihuatanejo 


We left Zihuatenajo today and now we're in Papanoa. We had
very light winds so motor sailed, with the emphasis on motor.
Pretty flat seas, but some swells. We decided to drop the hook
on the south side of the point off of Playa Escondido. Lovely
little cove that reminds us of Chamela.  Several other boats
coming in soon, Interlude, Shearwater, and Sarafina. Hoping we
all can snuggle into this cute cove.  Meanwhile, a little
excitement on this jaunt. While sticking our bow into the
breakwater entrance of the north cove (Papanoa/Puerto Vicente
Guerrero), we decided that it might be more open to the swell
direction, so at the last second, we did an about face. We were
maybe 20 feet from entering the harbor. Immediately off our
stern after we turned about, a rather large whale surfaced. It
may have been actually exiting the little harbor exactly as we
were considering entering. Whatever prompted us to do an about
face at that precise second and head to the southern cove may
have helped us avoid some unwanted excitement. Nothing like
being within 20 feet of a whale in a relatively confined space!
All is good! Lots of turtles, dolphins, fish boils...the sea is
alive! We plan to head to Acapulco tomorrow or maybe the next


 Just arrived in Acapulco. Vincente greeted us waving a
PanamaPosse flag and guided us to a mooring. Sarafina joined us
for a sunset beverage, and Shearwater is here, too. Furthest
south we've been and the real adventure is just beginning.
Getting excited!

S/V Myla


Tehuantepec Easy's crossing direct from Puerto Angel.
I hit long lines at:
14 59.641 N
93 22.233 W

15 01.517 N
93 22.986 W

14 45.590 N
92 37.640 W

Did hit winds around 30 knots in the first 80 miles. The.
Turned to a lake rapidly. No traffic at a all was easy going.
I found the current was in my favor till halfway across and
turned in my favor the last quarter or so.

I caught an excellent window to go direct from Puerto Angel
took 49 hours with 30.2 hours motoring.

Good Luck


6) Respite - FUEL QUALITY - ACAPULCO & beyond

Just a heads up this
was in the fuel filter with a Baja filter

6)  Fleet locations as of today January 15 2018 ( please fill in the gaps fro next update ) 
AIYA San Diego USA
RAVEN Bahia Chemela Mexico
CARINTHIA Bahia Del Sol  El Salvador


RESPITE Chiapas   





AVANT Chiapas Mexico

GEORGIA Barra de Navidad       

ISLEÑA Bahia del Sol    

El Salvador



VOLANTE III Acapulco   

LIQUID Bahia Del Sol

El Salvador

SEA GLASS Chiapas Mexico
ANNAPURNA Acapulco Mexico

CROSSROADS Bahia Del Sol El Salvador







INTERLUDE Acapulco Mexico





EASY Chiapas Mexico

DAD’S DREAM Chiapas Mexico

JULIA MAX Chiapas Mexico

Costa Rica



ANILA Zihuatanejo



FRED AGAIN III Tenacatita Mexico


if you are not on this list and feel confident about a particular
skill set you could offer to the
Panama Posse Fleet please email us back and we will update the

   Neil, Tally, Jan Repairs, Running Rigging,
Splicing, Sail making, Movie Library, Check in

Dietmar, Suzanne Computers,
Public  Relations, Provisioning Scout
Tara, Mike Diving,
Commercial Diving
Chris & Janet Sewing,
Physical Rehabilitation, Massages, Problem Solver on
Boats, Fix anything
Curt & Mary  Has
done the trip knows the coast, anchorages, surfspots 
and weather
Lucie & Ben Net
Control, Shipbuilding
Tony Tech,
Communications, Radio, Satellite  (yes Tony actually
launched a satellite )
Marc & Laura Welding,
Sewing, Shore Based gatherings and special events
Chris & Amanda Sewing,
& Debbie
Fiberglass, Composites, Engineer,

      Stan & Diane

Fixing  a little bit of everything, Researcher for
safety procedures, embassy list, note taker
& Ted
Spectra Watermakers,SSB
Mike Solar Installations and all boat
Pati & Eric Towing, Mast Rigging, Diver and
Dive Compressor
Erik & Kaitlyn Sewing, bottom cleaning
Mike Free Diving, Mast climbing
& Diana         Dual license Professional
Mechanical and Electrical Engineer, AC & DC power
systems, Carrying a plethora of tools that a power
boat allows

To contact each other please use this link below - sign in - fill out the captcha  and use password after login “posse2017”  

Chime in on the facebook group at         http://www.facebook.com/panamaposse/


The Panama Posse SSB net operates daily at 15:15 UTC on 8 294 Mhz ( 8 297 fallback)

Panama Posse

FLEET UPDATE 2018-03-31

1) SV EASY - Costa Rica

Matapalo 32' high tide  N 08 23.518 W
083 16.519
I like it. Good surf. Beautiful, it is not a lake, other than
more people it still is old costs rica.
My friend sold out. Monkeys and loads of wildlife.


Drake's Bay @ 22' mid tide. N 08 41.864 W 083 40.131

Drake Bay

Manuel Antonio 
N09 22.923-W084 08.886 in 22 feet 3'above low tide

Punta Quepos
N09 24.269-W084 10.113 25' low tide


Welcome to the Panama Posse !



Rodger & AliWelcome to the Panama Posse !


3) SV LIQUID  - Costa Rica

Latitude: 10.52106
Longitude: -85.79123
GPS location Date/Time: 03/30/2018 11:38:57 PDT

Message: This message serves as our one of our traveling check
ins. Just letting you know all is ok :-)

Has anyone heard of this holiday called “Easter” that lasts all
week. I guess the Port Captain has.

Stuck in the Playa del Coco area until Tues morning since the Port
Captain is on Holiday for Easter.
We decided to cruise the local bays while we wait. We are in Bahia
Guacamaya til Sunday then off to
Bahia Huevos then back to Coco Monday. Checkout Tuesday am then
off to Bahia Ballena


Marc & Laura

4) VOLANTE III - Nicaragua

Device Name: Volante III
Latitude: 12.78343 
Longitude: -87.74261
GPS location Date/Time: 03/30/2018 02:49:11 CST

Message: Hello from Volante III. Checkout my current location.

Battery Status: Low. Replace batteries as soon as possible.


5) SV MYLA - Panama

In La Playita Marina anchorage. We have an excellent electrician
we can recommend: Tom Valentin at +1-507662598
Also, just got prices from Shelter Bay Marina. Their rates aren't
too bad and offer discounts for 6 months or more.
They can store in a slip or on the hard.

John & Julie
( note - can we put our logo on that ? )

6) SV JULIA MAX - Panama

As we sit in Shelter Bay Marina on the Caribbean
side with mv Crossroads, we want to extend a heart-felt thanks
to all our friends in the Panama Posse.  We will be heading
north towards the Grand Cayman Island early next week.  Here
is a brief report on our Canal Transit with a few photos.
Love you guys,


Panama Canal Transit 2018

The First Day

What an exciting day!  We arrived in Panama on March 2, and
were given a transit date of March 25.  So the intervening
days helped build the excitement and anticipation for making
the Transit.  We woke at 4:30am, received our one
professional line handler at 5:45 am, and left our slip to
receive our Traffic Advisors about 7:00am.  We were off to
the Miraflores Locks following a Big Boy, a car carrier
called Grand Orion.  We side-tied up to a tour boat,
Fantasia del Mar, behind Grand Orion.  We used tires and
regular fenders between the boats, and two long lines plus
regular mooring lines as spring lines.  Going north, we were
lifted in the locks, so the mild turbulence was from water
coming into the lock.  The significant turbulence was when
Grand Orion moved ahead out of the lock.  The ship wake
provided up to a 4 knot current on our bow with waves, rips
and eddies.  But we easily moved away from the tour boat,
and headed up to the next lock. Then repeat.  Once through
Miraflores Locks at 10:30am, we moved on to the Pedro Miguel
Lock entering at 11:15am.  This time the tour boat was tied
up to a tug.  When we tied up in the remaining space next to
the tour boat with 20' to spare on the starboard side.  We
had two Traffic Advisors, the seasoned Ricardo, and the
capable Victor who was doing his final exam.  Looking at the
remaining ship traffic northward they said we were the last
'line handler' (cruising boat using hand lines) for the
day.  And the last Big Boy named Alpine Link was catching up
to us in the adjacent locks.  Of course there was no way we
could keep up to Alpine Link after they passed us in the
Gaillard Cut.  So it was obvious we could not go through the
Gatun Locks today, and that we would be mooring overnight
before the Gatun Locks.  Gatun Lake was beautiful, green
island scenery.  As we continued on, the southward traffic
was plentiful with maybe 20 ships transiting.  The winds
picked up and were blowing 15-25 knots, with the
accompanying cresting waves.  After mooring to an ocean ship
buoy, the winds settled down.  Our Traffic Advisors left,
and we settled in for the afternoon.  So tomorrow we
expected to leave sometime before noon to go through the
Gatun Locks, and on to Shelter Bay Marina, our final
  A special event was going on in the Gaillard Cut.  There
were upwards of 25-30 four-person racing canoes racing
through the Canal.  Most were four-man teams, but there were
many four-woman teams as well.  What a site to see such
energy from paddlers 14 years on up.  People (moms and dads)
were cheering them on from shore.  The canoes had their
canoe names on the side of the canoes, such as, Marry Me,
Strong Panama, etc.

Second Transit Day

  After the first night tied up to an ocean mooring buoy, we
all woke up to a beautiful morning.  Our agent phoned us to
inform us we would receive our Traffic Advisor at 12:30pm. 
So the morning was spent taking a swim in fresh-water Gatun
Lake.  Only after getting out of the water did Ricardo, our
experienced line handler, tell us some stories of crocodiles
in Gatun Lake.....  The surprise and entertainment of the
morning was seeing the Coral Princess cruise ship come
through the upper lock, and then slowly turn around and stop
between the old locks and the new locks.  What was it
doing?  We thought: someone had jumped overboard, maybe it
was a ship exercise, maybe it was dropping some people off
since life boats were deployed.   Only later did we learn
that the cruise ships sometimes go through the Gatun Locks,
stop, disembark passengers so they can take land tours, go
back to Colon where the passengers will meet up with the
ship to continue on.
  At 12:55pm our Traffic Advisor arrived telling us we
needed to leave immediately.  To his surprise we had the
engine running, we released lines from the mooring buoy, and
we are off at top speed.  We had to meet up with a ship that
was about one mile away, and get in front of it, tie up to a
tug (yeah)...and the ship was not going to stop to let us
in.  We made it with a hundred yards to spare!!!  Gatun
Locks are three separate locks: Higher, Middle, and Lower. 
We learned quickly that there are currents, eddies, and
winds off to our port.  We tied starboard side to a huge
tug.  The ship 'Great Beauty', a petroleum tanker, took up
most of the lock width with 5' on each side to spare.  They
were three boat lengths away from us: 150'.  Going down,
there was less turbulence.  Tied up to the huge tug was
reassuring.  But then came the Middle Lock.  The advisor
told me to stay on the left side of the lock while the tug
went on to the far end to tie up.  But when I went to the
left side, we tied the bow to a bollard, and then Julia Max
shifted quickly 90 degrees perpendicular to the lock
sidewall.  All I could think of was to spin around with a
'back and fill' maneuver.  It would work in calm water and
no wind.  But we had currents and wind.  I spun 180 degrees,
thinking how the tug and the pilot on Great Beauty were
taking this in.  A lock person was jumping up and down
wondering what we were doing.  Then the wind kept catching
our bow, and preventing my finishing coming up into the
wind.  Panic.  But we kept trying, and slowly she came
around.  Prayers answered.  We went to the left side, but
stayed in control of our heading, the tug passed us, we tied
up to them when they were set, and the pilot of Great Beauty
continued forward probably with a few more gray hairs. 
  While waiting for the water to lower, I suggested that we
should center our steering wind vane and tighten it down, so
that when I had to back up it wouldn't affect our
maneuvering (so I thought).  But when we entered the Lower
lock, I was having great difficulty controlling Julia Max. 
The currents caused by fresh water mixing with salt water,
the winds at 15 knots, and my steering vane rudder centered,
were affecting my steerage.  We were headed sharply towards
the right side wall.  People rushed forward with fenders and
tires.  At first I thought, with enough power I should be
able to turn.  Then I tried reverse.  The steering vane was
released.  We came up, and bounced off the side wall using
the fenders. No damage! Great work, people!!  We tied up to
the tug for the third time.  The water dropped, the gates
opened, and we headed out in 15 knots of wind as fast as we
dared.  Thanks to a great crew, we came through the Panama
Canal unscathed, and more knowledge than we wanted.
  We had about four miles left to drop off the Traffic
Advisor, and settle in to Shelter Bay Marina where we would
be for the next few days.

sv Julia Max (officially 48.67’ Peterson Ketch with anchor
and davits)

Canal Transit
Julia Max & Linehandlers

George & Sue
(note: congratulations - we miss you too !! )

7) CROSSROADS - Panama

Stan & Diane
(note: congratulations - we miss you !)

8) GADABOUT - Nicaragua

After a very sporty bar crossing on our departure from Bahia
del Sol, a full day/night of strong currents, and loads of panga
dodging last night, Gadabout made it to Puesta del Sol, Nicaragua
first thing this morning with calm seas and no breakers at the
channel entrance. Now it’s time for some sleep.

Gadabout made it to San Juan del Sur and we are enjoying the nice
calm anchorage. Just kidding... it’s not. Blowing a steady 25+,
gusting to mid- to upper-30s. We’re assuming the port captain’s
office is closed for the holiday so at least we don’t need to rush
to shore. Happy Easter, everyone!


Arthur “Wags” & Paula
( enjoy one of the best Pizzas at Pizzeria La Terraza in SJDS
- the owner is from Italy and stock up on Rum - it's 4 x the price
in Costa Rica )

9) SV ARGONAUTA - Costa Rica / Panama

Hello Everyone

We are new to the group. Had a great time at Goudy and
Carol's yesterday. Special thanks to Sea Glass for including
We are heading back North to Pacific Mexico after spending
several years in Central America and the Caribbean Home port
Ventura Ca. We may start 6 months on and off.

Yesterday several members asked us about our canal and other
experiences ..... so I thought I would share

Have been thru the canal both ways and Dave has assisted
cruisers another 4 times.

It's a great time and really fun, not hard. Have plenty of
bottled water for your pilot. It 's required ..... Also a
"proper lunch" no sandwiches. We have met cruisers that did
not comply and the pilot ordered his own lunch delivered and a
large expense to the vessel! Dave barbecued chicken thru the

A great read before you go thru the canal is a Path Between
the Seas by David McCllough. It really makes the canal
experience come to life. You understand what is beneath Gatum
lake and all that went into building of the canal

We did use an agent both times. We had company flying (two
of our line handlers) in and were date sensitive. Your agent
can tell you when you must arrive in Panama City to obtain the
date requested. It varies by time of year. You need to be
measured the first time... under 50 ft is the magic number.

First time our agent was quick, easy and cheaper than our
second agent but keep reading.. First agent Eric Galvez,
second agent Alex ASA @shipsagent.com
. During our first crossing the canal authority had us
sidelined for another boat, At completion of the locks we were
told we owed the penalty 800.00 US (our crossing was too
slow). Our agent did not help us. He accused us of being
beneath our stated speed. At our request our pilot wrote a
letter stating what really occurred and our penalty was
dropped. In many ways the canal authority does not always know
what their counterparts are doing.

We had one experienced hired line handler the other two were
friends. Rick(hired line handler was great) he rented us
fenders and lines at a cheaper price and was great company and
had a lot of knowledge of the area. Rick 506-6427-3044 You
never know ahead of time what configuration for the crossing
you will have, despite your request, We were nested that last
time, We were the center boat. The other two boats had no
experience causing the trio to cross like a snake, coming
dangerously close to the cement walls. Lines were too tight
and then too loose. At the end both boats started to un group
and forgot to release our stern lines from theirs We almost
lost our cleats. Rick was great and helped save the sides of
our boat mates and our cleats.

We hired the same driver both times for Panama city. The
four of us to toured old town, found boat parts and supplies
and arranged a panga to monkey island. He charged 100.00 US
per day Much cheaper than any " tour" for four people Speaks
perfect English nice guy and knowledgeable of the area. Avil
It's fun and a good idea to visit the Miraflores locks and
museum before making the crossing. Your friends at home can
see you cross thru a live cam at the Miraflores locks... see

Hope this helps have fun


David & Marilyn

10) SEA GLASS - Costa Rica

 Going back in time made memories with Panama Posse which I
can now call my extended family and friends for life. I would
truly recommend joining the Posse to new sailors alike and those
who have been sailing for a long while. Knowing that you are not
alone out there, not just for moral support but to share the
experience of new and exotic places. I can’t express enough
gratitude to all that have helped us thru our journey. Best wishes
to fair winds and following seas. HeHe....I sound like a sailor!!!


Chris & Amanda

11) CINDERELLA - Nicaragua

Cinderella is trucking along. After a night of
dodging pangas and reefing sails we are passing El Transition.

Got a late start yesterday (the wind, swell and current were
too much for the windlass so we waited until it mellowed)
Turns out, after we passed Puerto Sandino the wind fell off
the nose and we don't have to tack! The current is still
kicking though.
We are leaving the storm jib
up full time now and run as a cutter when the wind is light.

In a mile or so we should be able to crack off a few degrees
and get moving.
Hope all is well out there!

And! Here is our
tracker in case we lose signal http://www.sailingcinderella.com/where-are-we-now

I spoke a little too
soon. The further south we got, the crazier the
gusts. Way over the predictions, probably
double. After spending the wee hours of the
night hove-to we turned an ran back to
Masachapa. We are anchored and excited to get
some sleep.

Update : Cinderella lost our primary anchor while bashing
into mean swell. We have a secondary anchor but it is not
optimal. We are currently (3:49am) heaving-to outside of
Astillero, Nicaragua. About 15-20 miles from San Juan del
Sur. The current is pushing us so we are losing some
ground but at least manage to be moving towards shore.

The wind looks like it may be building tonight and so
not sure if proceeding to sjds is a good idea. Even though
services are there. At least
at Astillero there is said to be better protection and
we'd like to wait until sunrise to enter.

Wind is higher than predicted.

Just wanted the other boats to be aware of our
situation. Good thoughts for us please!

Thanks to
everyone who responded with helpful and
prompt insight, we owe you some hugs. After
a rowdy heave-to for a few hours the gusts
kept building, we turn and ran to Masachapa.
Anchor holding well in 30' Now for nap time.

Pavao, Pajo & Ava

(note we need
your pictures)


Bahia Honda. We
anchored in Domingo anchorage.
7 d 45.746 N 81 d 31.812. Depth 10 ft in low

Domingo anchorage at Bahia Honda. Calm and peaceful after
the locals finally quit trying to trade with us.
They are very isolated and really need D cell batteries,
rope, fishing hooks and anything else you can spare. Kennedy
has assorted fruits to trade.

Bahia Honda

We now have a pet on board, called, what else? Giko!


Checking out of Costa Rica started out wonderful with the
friendly immigration officer and went downhill from there.

Took us about 5 hours to go through the process. Counting
spending time talking to said officer !

Exit Costa Rica

Chris & Janet

13) TOTEM - Nicaragua / Panama

For your canal planning pleasure: the purpose of this
post is to walk through the dynamics of the transit with
point about the roles aboard, what actually happens, how
to avoid getting caught in the spinning raft of doom, and
our takeaways on how to have a good/safe transit. The
shortlist of tips from our POV based on factors in your
1. Clear decks. The area around bow and stern cleats must
be as clear as possible. We moved (stern rail mounted)
outboard to rest on deck
near Totem’s mast to free up space near the stern
2. You’re either a line handler or you’re not. If you
want to take photos or text or adjust your GoPro or
message Facebook friends or, or, or, when in the locks,
then you are not a line handler.
3. Fair leads! You know your boat: if the bow line has
to pass through the bow pulpit for a clear path to the
cleat, then have it run that way at the start.
Re-leading in the moment takes time you may not have if
currents start spinning the raft.
4. Stern lines: Jamie felt these took the most load: a
strategy to consider is running them to a cockpit winch
with the stern cleat as a guide. This gives far better
control when easing a loaded line and more muscle to
tension when required.
5. Repeat the instruction given by the advisor. This
makes the advisor’s job easier by confirming you heard
and are responding to the action called for. It may
serve to clarify the advisor’s intentions when issuing
rapid instructions.
6. Mitigating an un-engaged advisor. If the lead advisor
is distracted or communication is poor (and even if
they’re not), proactively talk through maneuvers before
they need to happen. We felt the boats rafted to us
struggled a couple of times due to less attentive
7. PAY ATTENTION! The lead advisor (who is not
necessarily on your boat) may call for rapid engine and
or steering changes. One of the boats rafted to us was…
less attentive. It created a couple of fire drills and
added to our burden to prevent the raft from spinning.

Bonus: an awesome advisor like we had ... Roy and
Jamie's bromance photo below. A couple of elated guys as
we got into the Pacific!

More at http://www.sailingtotem.com/2018/03/anatomy-of-a-panama-canal-transit.html


Totem kids dolphin spotting on our way into Playa
Hermosa a few days ago (doubled back from Huevos)...
looking at taking off tomorrow. Next stop... Chiapas?
Not sure, looks like we might be able to catch a T'Pec
window in the bargain.

Boat kids are the best !

Behan & Jamie & ...

14) PINEAPPLE - Nicaragua

Quick tip for anyone who finds themselves in
Chinandega, Nicaragua (near Puesta del Sol and Corinto):
Check out "More Than Coffee" for excellent coffee
(including proper espresso!) and snacks. The owners,
Mayela and Augusto, are super friendly and generous.
It's a gem!


John & Michelle

15) SV RAVEN - Mexico

Raven is in Chiapas after an easy Tehuantepec
crossing. We need to have our transmission
fixed...again...but will be heading to Bahia del Sol in a
week or two.


Neil, Tally, Jan

16) XENIA - El Salvador


Xenia crossed Bahia Del Sol El Salvador with some
awesome cruisers today! Xenia made 13.8 knots. What a


Tara & Mike

17) FRED AGAIN III - Panama
FredAgain III is departing Golfito this afternoon for



18) Carinthia / Agape / Dad's Dream - Costa Rica

Panama Posse Deal

Panama Posse Deal at Hotel Oasis

Ask for Cruiser friendly Agatha Willhelm & Staff

private dinghy dock
free WiFi
restaurant with local snacks and basic good fares
music chill
free potable water (TDS 325)
$ 1.75  beers
dog friendly
all day access 3,000 colones x day ~5.50 USD
but they did not charge us on day 2 because they like
cruisers so stick around)

You can also take the ferry across from here to
Puntarenas if you need to provision 

Anchorage @ 09 56.361 N 084 57.845 W @ 13 feet
(8' tidal range !)


18) Carinthia / Agape / Dad's Dream - Costa Rica

Panama Posse Deal

Panama Posse Deal at Hotel Oasis

Ask for Cruiser friendly Agatha Willhelm & Staff

private dinghy dock
free WiFi
restaurant with local snacks and basic good fares
music chill
free potable water (TDS 325)
$ 1.75  beers
dog friendly
all day access 3,000 colones x day ~5.50 USD
but they did not charge us on day 2 because they like
cruisers so stick around)

You can also take the ferry across from here to
Puntarenas if you need to provision 

Anchorage @ 09 56.361 N 084 57.845 W @ 13 feet
(8' tidal range !)


We celebrated Ricks (Dad's Dream) Birthday and
ran our own power-cord to our little Palapa for some
R&R and device charging off the boat

Happy Birthday !

Dietmar, Suzanne, Rick, Brenda, Joshua & Rachel

Picture of the Week - SV AGÁPĒ

Costa Rica - Punta / Playa Naranjo @ Oasis

Keep em coming
Happy Easter, Passover and Panama Posse bliss

Panama Posse

We celebrated Ricks (Dad's Dream) Birthday and
ran our own power-cord to our little Palapa for some R&R and device charging off the boat

Dietmar, Suzanne, Rick, Brenda, Joshua & Rachel

Picture of the Week - SV AGÁPĒ

Costa Rica - Punta / Playa Naranjo @ Oasis

Keep em coming
Happy Easter, Passover and Panama Posse bliss

FLEET UPDATE 2018-01-29

1) Marina Bahia del Sol
in El Salvador

Gustavo Argueta - GM of the property and Marina has extended a
special discount rates
for the marina to the Panama Posse - going forward

0.80 USD x foot for 1 - 6 days  (check in rate)
0.70 USD  x foot day for 1 week
0.60 USD x foot x day for 2 weeks
0.50 x foot x day for 1 month

Weekly resort access pass for 15 USD with discounts on F&B and
pool / dinghy dock access (if anchored out or on Bill's Moorings)

The Hotel also has a minivan w/AC for shopping or excursions to
San Salvador and beyond.

2) VITESSE - Panama
I hit the reef going into Shelter Bay too.Bart Goodell 
( note Bart - can you email us the lat and long ? )

3) Welcome to the Panama Posse
Winds of the World - Dan & Fernando currently in

is still waiting in Huatulco for a weather window to cross the
Tehuantepec. I was hoping Thursday would be the day but that
window closed. Fred Again arrived last night so that makes four
Panama Posse boats waiting to do the crossing. I was talking
with one of the long term boats here in the marina and their
weather window going north ended early. They had 15 foot 6 sec
seas. The sea state was so bad they lost their engine and had to
be rescued by the Mexican Navy.

Question for all of you further south of Mexico. Are there any
specific things we should stock up on before leaving? Are things
pretty available and reasonably price in El Salvador?
We may be leaving soon! Autopilot is installed and we are doing
a sea trial today. Hope to see you soon

(answer - Tequila is much more expensive - think at least double

Respite and Dads Dream are leaving Chiapas this morning planning
Bahia de lSol 12:23 high tide

Dad's Dream & Respite just crossed the Bar and are now in
Bahia! ( Sea Glass )


6) JULIA MAX - Cost Rica

Julia Max, Marina Papagayos Costa Rica. We could not check into
the country here unless we paid $580 for an agent and waited 48
hours. So we took a panga into Playas del Coco and checked in
along with Crossroads who shared the taxi into the airport. Took
5 hours due to waiting at Liberia and with Port Captain and
Immigration. Misunderstandings with the National Zarpe led us to
believe we had to detail every stop along our way sourth. That
is NOT the case. Dan, the Harbormaster at Papagayos Marina will e-mail
the port captain in Playas del Coco with a national zarpe from
here to Golfito and ALL PORTS IN BETWEEN. This will make your
cruising much easier. You still have to check in with the port
captains along the way, but no worries about going ashore
wherever it looks enticing or you want to anchor for the
Marina Papagos has many slips available with special for Posse
participants, fuel @4.75/gal, electricity, potable water on
the dock, trash, laundry, swimming pool, restaurant, marine
store and a concierge for car rental and excursions. We took 2
excursions from the nature center in the peninsula resort
attached to the marina.
This is a 5 star+ resort and community. Dan, the Operations
Manager, from Florida, will take you on a property tour to see
the lovely environment with all the amenities available to you
for a price.

We have rented a car and are presently on a personal tour of
the national parks in the north country. No guide yet.

7) CARINTHIA - Nicaragua -  3 day Land trip to Leon -
Managua - GRANADA

4 hour drive to Lake Nicaragua via Leon and Managua ( GREAT
PROVISIONING ) to the fabled city and Unesco world heritage site
Absolutely "must see" and lots of global explorers and expats in
town - we stayed at a local condo Hotel Xalteva and walked
around all day - Stunning

Multiple Spanish
colonial landmarks that have survived repeated pirate invasions.

The city’s main plaza, Central Park, is dominated by the
colorful, neoclassical facade of the
Cathedral of Granada, originally dating to 1583.  All of this of
course set to a Sandinista backdrop.


Heading to San Juan del Sur Nicaragua on Tue/Wed.
The Marina owner and former cruiser Robert at Marina Puesta del
Sol is working on making cruising in Nicaragua easier.
Stay tuned for updates - We need to check in and out of every
port ( and pay a nominal fee) and even some port anchorages are
subject to a fee.

Suzanne & Dietmar


Some days cruising are perfect....,others not so much! Two
nights ago we were at Bahia Portrero, CR. The next day was one
of those cruising days where not much of anything went per plan.
The plan was to leave Portrero at 4:30am to be able to get into
Bahia Ballena, CR before dark so as to avoid the numerous long
liners we have been warned about as you come around the point
into Gulfo de Nicoya. It started unraveling almost immediately
when I spotted several pangas in the darkness with their little white lights
in my intended path. Having seen their long lines in the
daylight I give those things a 3 mile berth in the dark and
I’m not sure that’s enough. So I detoured around them but
because of the small islands and the rock gardens around
Portrero it was a big detour! We still would have made the
plan but before too long we ran into the TWO KNOT adverse
currents mentioned in Charlie’s Charts. The current stayed
with us most of the day and killed our chances of getting in
before dark. To add to our less than perfect day we had wind
up to 30 knots on the beam for a couple of hours. Oh and let
me not forget that our stabilizers decided to take the day
So we ended up in Bahia Carrillo which is
uncrowded and wide open. A little rolly but I deployed the
flipper stopper which seemed taking care of it pretty
well.......for a while. We rolled our eyeballs out all night
only to discover in the morning that the flopper stopper had
become detached and was held on to the boat only by the
retrieval line. An imperfect end to an imperfect day.
I almost forgot, I spent three hours on the phone with Tmobile
and Square Trade trying to get my phone unlocked so that I can
use the new SIM card in it. How very entertaining that was!
On the plus side it only took me about 1-1/2 hrs to get the
stabilizer problem sorted and I took a nice swim off the back
of the boat.
Yesterday we moved the 54 nm from Carrillo to Ballena in a
perfect powerboat day.....no wind. Ballena is a large
uncrowded Bay and we’re looking to do some exploring over the
next few days. We miss the Posse!
Stan & Diane
M/V CrossRoads

9 ) BERTIE is heading southwards tomorrow ~ on to
Acapulco!   See you there!
We’re in Acapulco. On
Vincent’s mooring. ‭+52 (744) 439 8184‬ $10.00 a
We’ve been sick and might leave tomorrow to
anchorage area. Very nice here.

10)  SV EASY
currently at 

SSB Net 8294 USB @ 15:15 UTC ( 9:15 local time )
fallback 8297 USB

Please confirm your net control and time with ROB with an
email rap84040@gmail.com (
cc'ed above )
If you can please volunteer for one weekly slot as a fallback

Tuesday  – ANNAPURNA   - Confirmed
Wednesday – EASY
Thursday – CARINTHIA - Confirmed
Sunday – RESPITE

here is the script


to access each other please visit https://panamaposse.com/2017-vessel-contact-sheet
- check off the captcha
- login with your username and password
- document password “posse2017”

Keep these reports  coming


FLEET UPDATE 2018-09-26

1) Welcome to the 2018-2019 Panama Posse!

We are excited to welcome back ...


Dad's Dream

Rick & Brenda

(Counter) Panama Posse Seminar for those heading
N/NW currently in Panama

THIS Saturday Sept 29, 2019 at noon 12:00

at Vista Mar Marina in the AC Cruiser's Lounge
- route planning
- recommended stops
- weather

- provisioning
- points of interest
- OpenCPN ( bring your laptops )
- a.m.o.

3)  We also Welcome 2 new Marina Sponsors
(with substantial seasonal discounts for all 2018-2019 Panama Posse participants)
Marina Puerto Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta – Mexico

Red Frog Marina IGY, Bocas del Toro - Panama

4) Several vessel on the Panama (counter) Posse  will aim to make it the Panama Posse send-off
party in Barra de Navidad and will provide us with the latest updates and intel over the next few weeks.

Save these dates

Meet in Barra  (week after thanksgiving ) Seminars and Kick-off Party will be held
at the official HQ & Sponsor Marina Puerto de la Navidad Barra de Navidad, MX

Route Overview                           Monday Nov 26, '18       
Weather and Safety                     Tuesday Nov 27, '18      
Provisioning & anything else        Wednesday Nov 28, '18  
Kick of Party                               Thursday Nov 29 Nov, ’18


5) Here are several soft dates to help you with your forward planning
Turtle Release Parties                                         Zijuatanejo, MX (Mid Dec’ 18)
New Years Eve in Acapulco                                 Vicente's Moorings, Acapulco MX
Mayan Adventures & Pot Luck Party                    Chiapas,  MX (Dec-Apr)
Bar Crossing Celebration - Drinks on Dock         Bahia del Sol, El Salvador (Dec-Apr)
Flor de Caña Rum Tour                                       Puesta del Sol, Nicaragua - (Dec-Apr)
Papagayo Survivors Party                                    Coconutz , Playa Cocos, Costa Rica (Feb’19)
Golfito Village Marina an IGY Destination           Golfito, Costa Rica (~May 1st ’19)
Rally Completion Award Event                            Vista Mar Panama (Middle to the end of May ’19)

Acapulco New Year's Eve

Acapulco as seen from SV Easy / Mike - last year - Fireworks all around the bay

6) Reminder - Check your document expiration dates - this is a 6 month rally.


Be sure to check all your passports - vessel registration papers, credit cards,
Drivers licenses for expiration dates (have at least 180 days+ on them) 

7)  Official Panama Posse Marina Sponsors - 10 places to relax and enjoy !

  • Marina Puerto de La Navidad – Barra de Navidad – Mexico
  • Marina Puerto Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta – Mexico
  • Marina Chiapas – Mexico
  • Marina Bahia del Sol – El Salvador
  • Marina Puesta del Sol – Nicaragua
  • Marina Papagayo – Costa Rica
  • Golfito Village Marina (an IGY Destination) – Costa Rica
  • Vista Mar Marina – Panama
  • Shelter Bay Marina – Panama
  • Red Frog Marina – Panama

8) Good news - cell towers are almost everywhere ...


Jim of SV Octopus Garden testing local "comm" gear in Central America

9) Wildlife and other encounters to come


A lovely Rufous Motmot as per SV Julia Max - Costa Rica

10) Plenty of Fuel docks along these 2,000 nm.


Here is picture from SV Sea Glass after a little chat with a super yacht to get off the fuel dock ...

11) Keep 'em coming


Dietmar & Suzanne

SV Carinthia

FLEET UPDATE 2018-04-05

Congrats to us all,  70 boats now part of Panama Posse 2018
and we have 15 already signed up for 2019.   It's been a
tremendous first year.  Many thanks to everyone in making this
an epic journey of cruiser karma and just wonderful experiences. 
Just 2 months left to conclude this season's Panama  Posse. Big
Bash Panama Posse Party in Marina Vista Mar at the end of May
details to follow.

1) Panama Posse Net 
Please tune into the  SSB net at 1300 UTC ( 7 am local time ) on
8297 Mhz usb . 
Propagation has made it difficult to hear everyone everyday,  tune
in to see if you can share your latest adventures real time.


Latest fleet updates from PANAMA

2) M/V CROSSROADS  - Panama

We have had a great time in Panama. We have mets lot of
interesting people, made new friends and experienced a transit
through the Canal on our own boat. However since we have arrived
on the Caribbean side on the 21st we have been pinned down by
20-25 knot winds and steep, short period 8-12 ft seas outside
the harbor. Finally, the weather is supposed to break tomorrow
and now it is time to move on. Leaving Panama to head north on a
small boat is easier said than done....unless of course you
enjoy pain and suffering. For the winter months and into early
spring the winds and seas generally come from the east and the
northeast, exactly the directions you virtually have to go to
leave Panama. Bashing head-on into the prevailing winds and seas
in a boat is really not a lot of fun. Of course you could wait
until summer when the winds abate somewhat, but then you have to
contend with squalls, thunderstorms, hurricanes and belligerent
insurance companies.

Our intended route to the Colombian Isla Providencia off the
coast of Nicaragua and on northward to Grand Cayman Island takes
us past numerous shallow banks, shoals and tiny islands. We will
steer clear of those but because there have been a number of
reports of piracy off of the Nicaraguan and Honduran coasts over
the past few years, we will travel 150 to 200 nm offshore to
hopefully avoid any trouble areas. The entire route is a bit
over 600 nm.

The first leg of the journey to Providencia (where we hope
to take a break for a day or two if the weather holds) should
take us about 36 hours, the second leg to Grand Cayman should be
about 48 hrs. If it looks like the weather is going to close in
on us, we will skip Providencia and head straight for Grand

The current plan, which seems to change every few hours, is
to leave early on Easter Sunday. Hoping the seas lay down for

For those who want to follow along here is the link to our
SPOT satellite tracker:

Device Name: CrossRoads Spot
Latitude: 9.36820
Longitude: -79.95035
GPS location Date/Time: 04/01/2018 06:24:11 CDT

Message: Motor vessel CrossRoads is OK!

Click the link below to see where I am located.




Stan & Diane

3) EASY - Panama -

Greetings from Panama and thank you for your email. Great news
to be able to welcome you at Vista Mar Marina for that long,
there is no need to make a reservation. Yes! .35$/ft/30 is our
monthly rate. We do have a promotion, if you make a minimum 3
months pre- payment you get our promotional long term price,
which would be .25$/ft/30 days. 

We hope you like our promotion and we are looking forward to
welcome you very soon!

Kind regards 



( NOTE: YEAH  !!! )

AGAIN III - Panama

is in Panama...at Taboga Island, the little town of Las Flores.
Anchoring off of El Morro, I experienced poor holding. Mooring
balls are $10.00/day. There are no services here...a few fun
looking bars but no water and no fuel. Ferry to the mainland is
$10.00 each way and runs several times per day.

Off of Punta Mala, the currents and rip tides are ferocious. Be
prepared for strong headwinds all the way across to Balboa. Have
lots of fuel and lots of patience for this crossing. Winds were out of the
north 18 Kts, gusting to 24 knots, for hours and hours...

No services here, on Isla Taboga...None at all! It looks to be
a great little resort town; a couple of great looking boutique
hotels, two churches and a population of only 950. There are no
motorized vehicles...a few electric golf carts and the odd
service vehicle, but that's about it.

I'm down to fumes in diesel fuel...I wasn't expecting that
extra 24 hours in the Gulfo Panama!! I'll leave the boat here
tomorrow on a mooring ball ($10.00 per day), and take the ferry
($10.00 each way), to the other side for diesel. Once I have
fuel, I'll be a bit more mobile.

Anyone else around...where are you?



5) MYLA - Panama

We are kind of dead in the water here in panama. Just got a new
alternator to correct charging problems, and it works. Great
electrician named Tim Valentin. Then replaced thermostat to
correct engine overheating issue... didn't fix the problem. Sea
water intake clear. Sea strainer clear. Exhaust elbow has no
issues. Any ideas out there?

Julie John -We had a Volvo before we
replaced it. We had a heat exchanger problem for a
couple of year couldn’t get any rpm or it would heat
up. Thought we saw a Volvo dealing here? Let us know
if we can do anything.

exchanger or bad sensor. My gauge reads
~185° when my engine is at ~165° due to
sensor creep. Since I know that, I don’t
worry. Have you managed to get eyes on
the heat exchanger?


You need to verify the actual operating
temperature of the engine. Shoot the area near the
sensor. It should be in the neighborhood of
180-185 deg f. If that is what you have you have a
bad sensor or faulty wiring. If the engine is
actually overheating
take the end cap off of the seawater inlet end
of the heat exchanger. Clean out any debris
there (you will often find broken impeller bits
in there), also take a coat hanger wire or
something similar and push it through each of
the exchanger tubes in the bundle. Any bits that
come out should then you out the exhaust or you
can open the other end and clean them out.


We had some overheating issues on
our way down as well. I'd pressure
test your transmission cooler and
oil cooler and check all the raw
water lines. We found a few kinks in
the lines that were causing
restrictions. You can also test the
thermostat by boiling water to 180
degrees and placing the thermostat
into the water. It should "pop" if
it is functioning correctly.


& Julie

Fleet update from COSTA RICA

6) VOLANTE III - Costa Rica
Device Name: Volante III
Latitude: 10.92033
Longitude: -85.79165
GPS location Date/Time: 04/05/2018 07:36:21 CDT

Message: Hello from Volante III. Checkout my current location.



7) LIQUID - Costa Rica

Device Name: SVLiquid
Latitude: 9.71720
Longitude: -85.00800
GPS location Date/Time: 04/05/2018 05:18:11 PDT

Message: This message serves as our one of our traveling check
ins. Just letting you know all is ok :-)

Click the link below to see where I am located.



Marc & Laura

EASY - Costa Rica

Golfito, 33' high tide. N 08 37.269 W 083 09.211
Easy underway to Burica, Interlude too and Halcyon leaving Golfito
also today.



9) DAD'S DREAM - Costa Rica
Anchored Bahia Herradura 09 38.533 N, 084 39.445 W 21ft low tide.
Not too swelly...yet...


We’re staying at hostel Room2Board in Jaco. $60/nt but no frills.
Voted best hotel in C.R. Not sure how they got that, maybe for
hostels? At anchor We were greeted by a local capitan on a tour
trimaran. Seemed nice...Neil from kayakjaco@gmail.com.
FYI watertaxi $5pp per way. Paid $10,000 colones. Taxi captain said
he is there every day 6am to 6pm. Will see what happens on return.
He called a cab for us which was prompt and picked us up at bus
station on beach. Stopped by atm then store an “Auto”, very nice and
will be a. Stop on the way. Back to boat. $10,000 colones. Nice but
out of the way on south end of Jaco. Hoping for part delivery.

1. No laundry service in the marina but dry cleaning available thru
nearby Marriot.
2. $3.50/ft/day + taxes and need to make prior arrangements to
reserve slip they are 99% full as you can see


3. No propane service @ Marina
4. fishing/tackle store near front gate called small chandlery 
Bristol marine supplies at 2637-6295 with very good boat parts.


5. You cannot leave dingy there and travel thru Marina/resort into
town (unless of course you are in a slip)
6. Water taxi (Zapatia..8928-1715 or 8778-3041 or vhf ch69) is
available to pick you up at your boat and drop you off at shore to
provision etc.
7. Water - DIESEL ( 3.80 USD x gal )  -  outboard fuel are available
at fuel dock but hail marina on 16 prior to request dock access -
you need paperwork chacha

Fuel dock

8. Carinthia met with CR Marine Supply - nice chandlery walk-able from the bus stop ( see sat map below of bus stop vs beach vs marina )
Kensy Chaves +506 2637 7419 Ocean Plaza 50m North of los Suenos  kensey.chaves@grupomontecristo.com

9. International Marine Electronics - Kerry Monteleone can get parts from Florida - +506 6011 - 2300 email: international.me.cr@gmail.com
  where you will hang out for bus to Jaco ( 240 colones ) 
- or up the street to the auto supermercado and Laundry lady


- visit the local bar with a new Jersey bartender


and get propane picked up  and delivered by this guy !
Jaco Gas and he will meet you at the Bus off the main beach
stop and fill your tanks ( takes ~ 3 days ) call +506 2637 6161
2 tanks for 8000 Colones


note - USE A STERN ANCHOR in HERRADURA BAY - point the bow of your
vessel SW - SSW - lot's of swell here.


Rick & Brenda

10) HALCYON - Costa Rica
Hey Posse! Have any of you checked in or out of Panama at Puerto
We are trying to figure out if we will make a stop there to check
in, or wing it until Panama City.
-s/v Halcyon, currently sweating in Golfito

RESPITE Checking in at PC was the
easiest check in so far one building Port Captain and
imagination right next to each other easy walk from La
Playa anchorage


John & Becca

11) CINDERELLA - Costa Rica
Cinderella made it to Playa
Blanca at 2am. Very little service . Finally catching a
break this place is amazing!
Cinderella departed Masachapa
towards San Juan Del Sur. Mario and Luigi found a nice
weather window to beat the big boss! Winds are gusting
to about 20-25, predicted 8 gusting to 15. #classic

Pavao, Pajo & Ava
( note we still need your pictures ! ) 

12) SEA GLASS - Costa Rica - PICTURE OF

sunset right now with S/V Interlude, Danika,Easy on
anchor and Annapurna, Sea Glass at Fish Hook Marina.


Chris & Amanda

Latest fleet updates from El Salvador
12)  GETTING KNOTTY - El Salvador
left bahia del sol on the 2nd
with 3 solid waves over the bow.

dislocated 2 fittings on the bimini which were quickly
fixed. had a great 15k beam reach for several hours
before it shut off and had to put up the iron jenny. cut
across the bay of fonseca with no issues. following day
we experienced good winds, albeit, constantly from
different directions, from 10am till 9pm. great
conditions so we passed puesta del sol and headed south.
currently anchored in masachepa trying to get some

(We need your picture !)

13) WAPONI WOO - El Salvador

Waponi Woo is on the way to Bahia del Sol. We anticipate a
Thursday evening arrival. We did end up at the Marina Chiapas
fuel dock. It was a little exciting and our deck fill was not
large enough for the pump so we had to put everything through
our Baja filter making it an extra long fuel stop. At the moment
we are under sail with 10kts on our beam.


We are excited to be finally heading south.

finally returned to Waponi Woo. Monday morning we are supposed
to do the paperwork office visits to check out for a Tuesday
departure. For those of you who visited the fuel dock here
(Marina Chiapas), how was it?

Ryan, Caroline

Thank you Becca & John -

The Panama Posse article is out
48° North - https://48north.com/the-magazine/
PAGE 46/47


John &

Latest fleet updates from Mexico
15) Welcome SV GOBLIN - Mexico

Vessel # 70 Alan, Jennifer & Katie Please email us your pictures asap  !

Keep em coming !

Panama Posse

FLEET UPDATE 2018-12-13x


1) The Panama Posse is now 61 vessels strong and growing and on the move with 7 flag states flying the Panama Posse burgee !



2) Picture of the WEEK from SV FOOTLOOSE

Thank you for sharing this lovely moment and for a great write up on the Panama Posse on your blog


Michael & Lisa


3) Marina Puesta del Sol, NICARAGUA

        del Sol

Now at Marina Puesta Del Sol, very reasonable price with the Posse discount.
Highly recommended. We are doing some tours of the country with Luis.
Be sure to negotiate prices for the tours.


Jim & Suzy


4) PIRATES in Barra de Navidad, Mexico

Pirates!! We had our first encounter with true pirates last night. We're all safe but I can't say the same for our food! After a day trip to Manzanillo where we bought some fresh avocados and other items, we woke up this morning to a mess in our forward stateroom. Even though we may not really need it, we're still running with air conditioner at night as long we're plugged into the dock. We close off the forward stateroom by closing the connecting door, no need to air condition a room we really are not using, but we do leave the forward hatches open. Barra Marina has a lot of hungry little coatimundi raccoons. They found their way into our forward stateroom last night and had their way with the groceries we had failed to put away. Clever little critters.

Acto of

Chris, Monica & Penny


(note1: Penny - you had one job ... ) (note2: wait till you encounter the Capuchin Monkeys at Manuel Antonio Park in Costa Rica )

5) LONG LINES - Mexico

Long Line Alert
17 54.678 N102 22.397 W
10 miles off from Lazaro Cardenas.
Saw nothing until 2 pangas heading my location at high speed. Then saw one small white float. Fortunately we didn’t pick up anything and pangas went on their way. Proceeding to Isla Ixtapa.

Long Line semi-Alert
Another long line 6 miles out about 15 miles from Isla Grande (Ixtapa).
We headed toward the panga tending the line and asked how far was the end and he said 1000meters. All orange floats.
Then he told us to go between floats. I asked was the line deep enough and he said yes. Went through without issue.


Sample image of a Longline marker




(note as we mentioned in the safety seminars - be on the lookout for these long lines - here is what they can look like -during day time - imagine spotting this at night ;-( and have a plan to stop your vessel - stop your engine(s) and cut them off  - kitchen knife attached with hose clamps to our boat hook )

6) Maruata Bay, Mexico

Ahoy Panama Posse,
Dec 5th Mad and Simple Life anchored in Maruata Bay, a lovely piece of water and beach. Lots of room.
Our pos was 18 16.06 N 103 20.5 W in 10.4 meter, good holding in sand. Saw turtles swimming.

Simple Life went ashore, we did not. People were friendly. No cell phone coverage.



We had to replace the remote control for the anchor winch next morning and as we saw on the gribfiles from Sailmail we would have wind in the afternoon. So we all set sail and had a lovely sail on spinaker, sometimes making 7-8 knots.


7) Of course we realized we could not reach Caleta de Campos  before dark, but we figured the bay would not be that difficult. We barely reached Caleta at 7 pm, could see a little bit. We anchored near the breakwater. Simple Life came in an hour later and they anchored a bit more in, to the east. We both had not expected the bay to be so small and hearing the surf so close by was not very nice.

Our position was 18 04.32 N 102 45.02 W depth 7.7 m good holding. We were comfortable but Simple Life was not and they left very early this morning for Isla Grande. There is not much wind, and on the nose, we will anchor just east of Lazardo Cardenas and continue tomorrow. We did not have GE charts of Maruata and Campos.



OpenCPN was way off, Navionics fairly accurate. I will send you pics when on land, not by Sailmail.

Huibert & Maaike

8) Good Nautical is now an official 501(c)3 and holds the detailed links for anchorage info and sooo much more. Just follow these links


above and enter your membership credentials (which have been emailed to you)

If you need help login in or how to use the site  just send an email to dietmar@goodnautical.com


9) Costa Rica - For those of you heading their please feel free Alejandro on SV REBELLIOUS
our Panama Posse participant. He'd be happy to meet up with you in Costa Rica !


+506 881-00001



(Note: he may be able provide some logistical help ;- )

10) High resolution Pictures of the Panama Posse kick off event are available for all to see and download !

To check them out go to https://panamaposse.com/2018-vessels/2018-2019-panama-posse-kick-off-party


We have over 40+ vessels in LINE and the calls are great and very efficient and the Chatroom is open 24/7
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How to use it ....

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12) Please reply to this email with ... anything really

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and we'll include it in the next FLEET UPDATE

13) Panama Posse Teaser


Preview of
Maya script, also known as Maya glyphs the writing system of the Maya.
The only Meso-American writing system which has been substantially deciphered.
Palenque a mayor archeological site has an excellent museum so you can view them up close
- reachable from the Chiapas Marina with an organized tour



14) Keep em 'coming


Dietmar & Suzanne


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