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1) Marina Puesta del Sol – Nicaragua.

This is one of the undisputed relaxing gems along this Panama Posse route and a welcome respite in a serene and tranquil setting.

You can leave your vessel and explore this incredible interesting country.  If you are a political junky there is are a lot of geopolitical  layers to explore here.

Visiting the UNESCO world heritage sites of Leon, Lake Nicaragua and Granada from here is as easy as renting a car and driving on well paved roads.

Plus you get to visit the Flor de Caña Rum Factory nearby.

Clearing in is fairly easy – for south bound vessels – its a short
sail from the Golfo de Fonseca via a well marked entrance into a lovely estuary.

To check out the 27+ anchorages and UNESCO sites visit Good Nautical

Here is the track

Aerial View of Marina Puesta del Sol

Below are the costs to clear in and out of Nicaragua which can be done at the Marina –
just let them know when you plan to arrive

IMMIGRATIONU$ 20.00 per boatU$ 20.00 per boat
 U$ 12.00 per personU$   2.00 per person
U$ 30.00 International Zarpe
  or U$ 20.00 a National Zarpe ( to San Juan del Sur for example )
CUSTOMU$ 10.00 per boatU$ FREE
U$ 25.00 per boatU$ FREE

To book ahead and get your 20% Panama Posse Marina discount contact Juantia Garcia

Tel: + (505) 8880-0013
       +(505) 8880-0019     
       +(505) 8883-0781

email: administracion@marinaps.com

2) The Panama Posse burgee is flying onboard ANGELIQUE @ Marina Ixtapa, Mexico

A little word of caution to the crocks in the marina …
Dan is a retired US Navy Captain Nuclear submarine officer with 9 years Active Duty
and has been cruising with his wife Angela for over a year – so torpedoes and missiles away
more at Adventuresonangelique.com


Dan & Angela


3) El Salvador – Medical Emergency

A fellow Panama Posse cruiser was seriously hurt while playing in the pool with other cruiser kids. He is a truly great guy volunteering to teach English to the locals, always willing to lend a hand in any projects, and always playing with the kids. Matt needs the help of the sailing community right now. Please show your support. Please follow the link below and contribute if you can.


Matt & Britt  




DAN Boater (boating accident) (take from ship to nearest hospital/medical facility; limitation on amount but might get you all the way home). This is an annual membership fee service.
Emergency +1-919-667-9111
Information +1-919-490-2011

MEDJET Expat 180 Family Membership (any medical condition)(take from hospital/medical facility in foreign country to your home in U.S.). This is an annual membership fee service.
+1 205-595-6626
There are a number of Medical repatriation companies. Check your boat insurance, policy carefully as some policies do not contain any or sufficient medical repatriation expense.
Medjet and DAN Boater provide emergency information. There are a number of companies on the internet that are pay as you go and do not require that you purchase a membership that provide emergency information.

MHZ UTC time
4.125 2300-11
6.125 24 hr.
8.290 24 hr.
12.290 1100-2300

001 310 732 2046
World wide emergency Ham net: 14.313 24 hr.
Central America Ham net: 7.083 UTC time 1300

    Rescue Coordination Center:  (510) 437-3701.  This is the number for group receiving EPIRB emergency beacon distress signals.  They will coordinate with local country Coast Guards if boater is outside of the U.S. and they have translators, as the numbers at the local country Coast Guards in Central America will speak Spanish.  They said it would be ok to call them in emergency.

    These numbers were given to me by the U.S. Coast Guard Rescue Coordination Center.  The individuals from these local Coast Guards will speak Spanish when you call them.  If you cannot communicate with them, the Rescue Coordination Center can call them, but that will take more time.

  El Salvadore Coast Guard:  (505) 22500210,   Extension 5103
    Nicaragua Coast Guard:      (504)22342507
    Costa Rica Coast Guard:      (506) 22314924
    Panama Coast Guard:           (507) 60451197

CALIFORNIA COAST GUARD OFFICES WHO COULD BE  called if you cannot reach rescue coordination center, however the local coast guards will likely just go through the Rescue Center:
    Coast Guard Sector LA/Long Beach:  310 521-3815
    Channel Islands office:  805 985-9822



World wide emergency Ham net:  14.313    24 hr.
Pacific Seafares Net 14300 @ 0300 UTC 
Central America Ham net:  7.083   @ 1300 UTC

CENTRAL AMERICA EMBASSY CONTACT INFORMATION.  Go to www.usembassy.gov/ for further information.  For Central America embassies, emergency number is +1-202-501-4444, and press “0”,  from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. EST.  When dialing embassy numbers below probably start with “ +” depending on phone service.   

    +52 55 5080-2000
    Paseo de la Reforma 305, Colonia Cuauhtenoc,     06500 Mexico, DF

    +502 2326 4000
    Avenida Reforma 7-01, Zona 10, Guatemala Cuidad, Guatemala

    +503 2501 2999
    Final Blvd. Santa Elena,     Antiguo Cuseatlan, La Libertad,     San Salvador   

    +504 2238 5114 (after hours X4100)
    +504 2236 9320 (per embassy website, but not communications received:  011-504 2236 9320)
    Avenida La Paz,     Tegucigalpa MDC, Honduras
    +505 2252-7100
    Kilometer 5.5 Carreter Sur, Managua, Nicagagua

    +506 2519 2000
    Calle 98 Via 104, Pavas,     San Jose, Costa Rico

    +507 317 5000
    Bldg 783, Demetrio Basilio Lakas Ave, Clayton, Panama


GLOBAL MARINE DISTRESS SAFETY SYSTEM:      1-888-407-4747, press “0” for overseas citizen emergency services.


They provide information on piracy and safety and security, and you can sign up for alerts by going online.
    Emergency:  1-202-501-4444 (8-8 EST, M-F)

Stan & Diane


5) RSVP for the Panama Posse Season Kick off Party @ Marina Puerto de la Navidad

If you plan to attend seminars and the party please RSVP ! 

There is an open bar on Friday
and we are going to organize an amazing Pot Luck BBQ cook of for Saturday.

Here is who’s coming thus-far


Are you coming ? Please RSVP !

Marina Puerto de la Navidad our Panama Posse HQ !


Barra de Navidad has a world class 27 hole Gold Course !

6)  Picture of the Week

Juan from Ay Caramaba !  in the – Lost City / Ciudad Perdida

Top of the world after a 4 day Indiana Jones hike – way to go !

Ciudad Perdida is the archaeological site of an ancient city in Colombia’s Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.
It is believed to have been founded about 800 CE, some 650 years earlier than Machu Picchu.


Juan & Michelle


7) Download the official Barra de Navidad, Mexico

Thanks to Tally, Neil, Jan and of course Otter –
this is the best resource guide to date on Barra de Navidad
and we wholeheartedly thank Tally and SV Raven for creating such a detailed guide !

Follow this link and download this 36 page guide !


Neil, Tammy, Jan & Otter


8) WEEKLY 2018-2019 PANAMA POSSE FLEET CHECK IN and MORNING NET on MONDAY’S at 16:00 UTC via LINE  15:45 Warm up

Please download and install LINE  https://line.me/en-US/ 
Works on Android / ios / Windows / MAC OS

– Register using your vessel name as the USERNAME ie     MY_CROSSROADS

– Next
search for dietmarpetutschnig and befriend us –

– wait and accept your PANAMAPOSSE 2019-2020 GROUP INVITE

Connect every Monday at 16:00 UTC and send us your position via the message
system and listen to the vessel check ins
(all free as long you have IP connectivity
which we now know is pretty much all along the coast)
The LINE system allows for up to 200 live conference call participants.

9) Pets in and out of Panama via Airplanes, Panama

This is the link to what you need to do to bring your pet into Panama: https://www.aphis.usda.go/aphis/pet-travel/by-country/petravel-panama
We did not get the paper work “approved” by a Panamanian Consulat but we had no problems when we checked into Pedregal. We DID have email evidence of sending the paper work to cam@minsa.gob.pa three days prior. I think that is a must. Our Panamanian Vet indicates that all you need to pay is $3/day for the 40 days of home quarantine plus $10 to a Vet for a verification exam. BUT we also did not do that. We just filled out the paper work and emailed it and showed the Port Captain that we did so.

This is the link to what you need to do to remove your pet from Panama: https://wwww.minsa.gob.pa
We used our Panamanian Vet in Coronado (Vista Mar) that we heavily recommend. He did everything for us. He created the appropriate certification and dated it for us to have it be within 10 days of our exit. He also went into Panama City to get export permit for us, which you need. Our issue was for some reason the Airline we are using (United) thinks Panama will not permit pets on a plane and a third party has to be set up to ship (as cargo) your pet. If we did that, it was going to cost twice as much as our airline ticket. Our Vet said we should have used Copa Airlines. Don’t know if that works or not, but if I had to do it all over I would have checked their flight schedules first.
Out dogs are 10 and 15 pounds, they have flown with us under our seat many times. But we had to make them our “emotional support animals” in order to get them on the plane out of Panama. For United, they have three forms which you can read about and download: https://www.united.com/ual/en/us/fly/travel/special-needs/disabilities/assistance-animals.html The three forms, one for you, one for the vet and one for the licensed mental health professional.  For the Medical, We used an online service called CertaPet. After Jeariene finished her “certification” with them, she referred me and received a $15 Amazon reward for the referral. So if you want to go this route, I can submit your email (lol), or just try them yourselves. This also means you don’t have to pay the airline for the pet travel, but I would still gladly fork over the $125, that wasn’t our purpose.  Our Vet is in Coronado (Vista Mar) Panama on Tuesday, Thursday and most Saturdays. His English is excellent, and his front desk staff also is semi fluent in english. Dr. Jorge E. Barriga F.  +507 240-1468 jbarriga@cwpanama.net Good luck

Walt & Jeariene


10) Offshore Waters Forecasts for the East Pacific Ocean

Offshore Waters Forecasts for the East Pacific Ocean within 250 NM of Mexico,
Central America, Columbia, and Ecuador to Operational Effective April 16, 2019

Get em here –https://www.weather.gov/media/notification/scn19-24east_pac_offshore_waters.pdf

Rob & Debra


11) Marina Ixtapa, Mexico (Report from 02/2019)

Entrance was the lowest at 7.3ft (calculated to zero tide) over three different passages. Sometimes there may be swells hitting the bar, so you’ll want to enter at full cruising speed to prevent losing steerage from a following wave.  One place you don’t want to end up sideways in.  The marina is to the right at the channel Y.
Ixtapa is a very large marina and has many slips that appeared to be open.  It appears that transients are assigned slips on ‘F’ dock, which is the farthest dock to the right, two docks past the fuel docks. 

Slips 1-27 are between F & G,
28=end tie,
29-52 nearest the shore.

Paseo de la Darsena S/N, Interior Casa Club Boulevar Paseo Ixtapa.
C.P. 40880, Ixtapa, Zihuatanejo, Guerrero.

+52 (755) 55-32180
(755) 55-30222


No bottom work in the marina due to crocodiles.  For hired bottom cleaning, contact the team of Memo and Sonya.  They can be contacted directly at +52-555-127-7446 or +52-755-128-5302 or the marina office can contact them.  You can take the boat and them out to the anchorage at La Isla Grande to clean and then return to the marina afterward.  If you’re already at anchor, either in Zihuatanejo or La Isla, so much the better.  They’ll arrive at your boat.  Cost was a VERY reasonable $25mx per foot.
Wi-Fi – Marina office has power and wi-fi, but fairly slow.  Marina restaurants also have wi-fi available, but also slow.  The General Bar in Ixtapa (to the right of Señor Frog store, one block back) had excellent free wi-fi, but no power.  Cuattro Cycle coffe shop in Zihuatanejo had excellent wi-fi and power available.  One of the restaurants on the beach in Zihua had wi-fi with good speeds at times, but of course no power.

Laundry: Take to the office for pickup and next-day return.  Very reasonable price.
Buses:  Very frequent and reliable.  $14mx pp each way to either Ixtapa or Zihuatanejo.
Diesel was a bit spendy at $25.25mx per liter after taxes, etc.

Groceries:  tiny tienda in Marina.  Small grocery (Merza) in Ixtapa. 
Two large groceries in Zihuatanejo – the first, Bodega Aurrera is a green building on the right as the bus arrives downtown. 
The other is a Mega-Soriana some blocks away, located behind the large bus station where the 14peso bus/vans do a U-turn after leaving the downtown to go back to Ixtapa.
AutoZone is in Zihuatanejo, across the highway and 4 blocks up from the main bus station (behind the Mega Soriana). 

Bob & Carol


12) Please reply to this email with

– your updates
contenders for picture of the week links to your favorite SONGS
– relevant blog posts – and of course your valuable suggestions

and we’ll include it in the next FLEET UPDATE – Keep em ‘coming

The Panama Posse philosophy is to pass on nautical knowledge via the gestalt theory…

Dietmar & Suzanne
SV Carinthia

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