Below are the archives of Panama Posse’s weekly Fleet Updates.
They Cover the Pacific Coast of
Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama.

    PANAMA POSSE RALLY – Season 3 – 2019-2020

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  13. PANAMA POSSE RALLY – Season 2 – 2018-2019

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  50. PANAMA POSSE RALLY – Season 1 – 2017-2018

    2018-04-18 >>
  51. EASY – Panama Ensenada Naranjo Much of panama has only cell data. Is amazing. Awesome, the best water was Isla Seca…SHELTER BAY MARINA – Panama Hola Panama Posse Crew!!!
    It was a pleasure meeting John and Julie from S/V Myla today in Panama City!!! Here in Shelter Bay Marina, we are very excited and eager to start in welcoming some of the vessels and are
    preparing several attractive offers and special discounts to the registered vessels of The Panama Posse … CINDERELLA – Costa Rica
    Any boats in need of yoga in Playas Del Coco, Costa Rica, Yoga with Miranda was amazing and $10 class incl. the mat.
    Studio located in proximity to Migracion house / bus stop in a little shopping strip. Namaste. … 10) BETTY MC – Costa Rica
    We had a different experience to the posse posting of a few weeks ago at Manuel Antonio National Park and I thought I should let you know. Maybe it’s a bit of a “luck of the draw” but … COLMENA – Nicaragua Colmena is anchored in Estero Paso Caballos above Corinto Nicaragua … Danika – Costa Rica – Picture of the WEEK
    is anchored in Samara. Cinderella (pictured) is here as well.
    Beautiful spot and only slightly rolly. These south swells are making for some uncomfortable nights! … CARINTHIA – Cost Rica
    Drake Bay – Costa Rica dinghy landing area – bring a long non floating line and a dingy anchor – drop the anchor into the middle of the river mouth ( there are a lot of tour boats in here ) and you can tie up to the tour out fit and then push the dingy into the center – when you return pull the dingy back to the dock with the long line – as always lock it !
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  52. 2018-04-13 >>
  53. Save the Date PANAMA POSSE 17-18 PARTY Wednesday May 23, 2018 Vista Mar Marina, Panama … MYLA – Panama
    Myla and Respite have been having some fun here in Panama City. We went to see the Las Flores Locks and Museum yesterday. Local transportation is excellent here. The bus system is amazing! … EASY – Panama Isla Las Secas dropped in 33′ Beautiful water! Finally … RESPITE – Panama We checked in in Panama City and it was very easy. From laplayita anchorage it was a stroll down the malecon to port captain and immigration, right next to each other above the duty free store … ANNAPURNA – Panama From la Playita Marina, Panama. We went on the taxi ride to get propane in Chilibre …
    Liquid at Isla Cedros / Isla Jesuita anchorage Costa Rica.
    10ft at MLWW e will be at Isla Cedros for a bit. … CINDERELLA – Costa Rica Cinderella arrived in Sámara yesterday, next to our buds on Pineapple. We had a frustrating sail around Punta Giounes …
    PINEAPPLE – Costa Rica Pineapple left Playa del Coco on Sunday and stopped at Guacamaya for 24 hours. After 20 anchorages in 5 countries over 6 months, it was the first one we had all to ourselves! … COLMENA – Honduras Colmena has arrived in Amapala, Isla del Tigre Honduras … BERTIE – Ecuador Good Morning Posse!
    Bertie still has 3 1/2 weeks to enjoy las Islas Galápagos, then we’ll be making our way to Panama for a haul out … Panama Posse Net * Please tune into the SSB net at 1300 UTC on 8297 Mhz usb …
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  54. 2018-03-31 >>
  55. SV EASY – Costa Rica Matapalo I like it. Good surf. Beautiful, it is not a lake, other than more people it still is old costs rica. …
    SV LIQUID – Costa Rica Message: This message serves as our one of our traveling check ins. Just letting you know all is ok 🙂
    Has anyone heard of this holiday called “Easter” that lasts all week. I guess the Port Captain has. … SV MYLA – Panama In La Playita Marina anchorage. We have an excellent electrician we can recommend: Tom Valentin at +1-507662598 … SV JULIA MAX – Panama
    As we sit in Shelter Bay Marina on the Caribbean side with mv Crossroads, we want to extend a heart-felt thanks to all our friends in the Panama Posse. We will be heading north towards the Grand Cayman Island early next week. … GADABOUT – Nicaragua After a very sporty bar crossing on our departure from Bahia del Sol, a full day/night of strong currents, and loads of panga dodging last night, Gadabout made it to Puesta del Sol … SV ARGONAUTA – Costa Rica – Panama Hello Everyone We are new to the group. Had a great time at Goudy and Carol’s yesterday. Special thanks to Sea Glass for including us … SEA GLASS – Costa Rica Going back in time made memories with Panama Posse which I can now call my extended family and friends for life. I would truly recommend joining the Posse to new sailors alike … CINDERELLA – Nicaragua Cinderella is trucking along. After a night of dodging pangas and reefing sails we are passing El Transition. … RESPITE – Panama Bahia Honda. We anchored in Domingo anchorage. PINEAPPLE – Nicaragua Quick tip for anyone who finds themselves in Chinandega, Nicaragua (near Puesta del Sol and Corinto): Check out “More Than Coffee” for excellent coffee …
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  57. TOTEM – Panama City anchoring: hola Posse, counterposse here! I’ve posted earlier about La Playita, the anchorage closest to the canal on the Pacific side. We spent a couple of days there, then moved around to the opposite side of the causeway to anchor at Las Brisas. Why? La Playita’s main benefit is proximity to the canal. Las Brisas has a free dinghy dock ($35/week at Playita), and it’s much flatter
    … EASY – Punta Leona Punta Leona Hotel, a resort and club. They have a store here and bar restaurants and pool it is nice.
    No wind, morning I was looking I can see the bottom and the anchor chain on the bottom. Good water clarity. … DANIKA – Quepos – Costa Rica Jenn and I arrived in Quepos last night. A better solution may be to go to Punto Quepos and take the bus into town or Manuel Antonio. Here’s the longer version … HALCYON – Costa Rica
    We sailed from Marina Papagayo to Bahia Ballenas, arriving this morning. Windyty forecasted gusty conditions into the 30’s for much of the night, but for once they were wrong to our advantage! Winds ranged from 0 to 25, but spent most of the time around 10-15. … MYLA – Panama In Benao getting the stuffing kicked out of us. Fourth day waiting for Papaguyos, or whatever they’re called here, to give us a break. Swells big, too. We were able to make a dinghy landing once and got diesel with the assistance of Alexis, the gardener at Villa Marina … LIQUID – Playa de Cocos – Costa Rica Rumors of the end of Papagayo season were greatly exaggerated. … OCTOPUS GARDEN – Guatemala We are in Guatemala! Motorsailing 5.8 knots. This was my last meal out in MX a carnitas quesadilla! … RESPITE – Costa Rica – Quepos So far not impressed at ALL with Quepos. This is anchorage out of breakwater. Info in Sarana guide must be old. There is no dinghy dock at marina. Charged 4.50 to tie up to fuel dock and get fuel. You are allowed 30 minutes there. …
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  58. 2018-03-11 >>
  59. SV GEORGIA – Mexico SV GEORGIA still has transmission issues … MYLA – PANAMA We contacted a small cruise ship that goes through the canal both ways while we were in Bahia Baleena and asked them for tips on Panama Crossing. … MYLA – Costa Rica – Golfito We are anchored in Golfito, just off Land & Sea, or locally known as Tierra y Mar. Unfortunately … JULIA MAX – Panama Having a Canal Transit Date of March 25th, we have left La Playita Marina for the Las Perlas Islands. Tonight we are at Isla Contadora at anchor, enjoying a gentle breeze. … RESPITE – INTERLUDE – CARINTHIA – EASY – AMANTE – STRIDER Costa Rica – Samara – Puerto Samara 15 feet very nice calm anchorage … WAPONI WOO -Are there any fellow Posse boats traveling with pets? (we only know of one besides us so far)
    If you have a pet on board … OCTOPUS GARDEN, WILDEST DREAMS – Mexico . We are on a 5 day tour of Chiapas. Day 1 was an 8 hour bus ride from Tapachula … SEA GLASS – Protrero Bay – Costa Rica
    When anchored off Playa Flamingo in Protrero Bay – Costa Rica you can get a strong Wi-Fi signal without an extender from the 1st restaurant … FRED AGAIN III – El Salvador Fred Again III is happy to share that after a 4 week unexpected stay in beautiful Costa Del Sol, El Salvador … CARINTHIA – Costa Rica – Bahia Brasilito – aka Playa Conchal Anchorage Position … MV CROSSROADS
    Affordable Marinas on the Pacific coast of Panama ?
    We are currently at Vista Mar Marina. …
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  60. 2018-03-04 >>
  61. TAPPAN ZEE – Oaxaca City
    Enjoying Oaxaca City capital of Oaxaca Mexico. We decided to leave Hualtulco for the city this week and Annie managed to find a 12 seat Cessna that is a 35 minute direct flight … VOLANTE III – El Salvador – Looking for crew. With my arrival in El Salvador, I will be loosing my crew member … 3) CROSSROADS – Panama We just left Panama City and are anchored out at the Las Perlas Islands. On our way out we passed by Julia Max going the other way and chatted with them on the radio. … COCONUTZ Restaurant and Brewery- PLAYAS Del Coco, Costa Rica Panama Posse, 12 boats, get together celebrating the ebbing of the Papagayos. … OCTOPUS GARDEN – Mexico -Chiapas
    Hi from Puerto Chiapas! I thought I’d share a little about the Tehuantepec crossing. We are a heavy, slow boat. Overall we average 4 knots. Sometimes we might hit 7. The boat loves big winds and big seas. … HALCYON – Costa Rica The Eastern anchorage at Murcialago Islands in CR. You can see the puffs coming across the water towards the boat, when its really blowing Id recommend moving the boat as close into the shallow bay to avoid the fetch from open water towards Halcyon’s nose. … WAPONI WOO … arrived in Huatulco last night around 11:30. I have arranged for our arrival at Marina Chahué in advance and was greeted by two reserve police officers …
    PINEAPPLE Recommendation for Huatulco: Pineapple and Wildest Dreams loved our day tour/trip with Enrique (enriquepinachotours at gmail.com), who I found on TripAdvisor. We visited 2 beautiful waterfalls and stopped for an awesome lunch at Finca La Gloria (and a couple surprise stops along the way). … RESPITE – Costa Rica
    Posse fleet, thought I would pass along a name and a recommendation for Alejandro Calvo he is a marine electrician and he speaks very good English. Dan at Papago marina … AVANT- Mexico
    Update on Marina Chiapas. Due to resurfacing of some areas in the yard, the access to the long store work and dry storage yard … Annapurna made it to San Juan del Sur … COLMENA – Mexico
    Colmena is on the hard in Ixtapa getting bottom paint …
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  62. 2018-02-28 >>
  63. WINDS OF THE WORLD – Mexico Where have you been all my life; Thank you so much for this very handy and very valuable info! … SV JULIA MAX – Costa Rica Hi Everyone, Golfito is a small town as a Port of Entry/Departure. We stayed at Fish Hook Marina, 506/2775-1624,(www.fishhookcr.com) a new well-maintained marina. Bilingual … Panama Posse Happy Hour this Thursday – Costa Rica
    March 1st @ 5 PM at Coconutz & Angry Goats Brewery Playas de Coco …. RESPITE – Costa Rica – Posse fleet, thought I would share what happened to Respite when checking into Costa Rica. We had gotten our exit Zarpa from San Juan Del Sur. I presented the exit Zarpa to the Port Captain in Costa Rica and the Port Captain in SJDS had made a mistake on the exit Zarpe … FRED AGAIN III
    SV Fred Again III is looking for crew…looking 3 or 4 amazing adventurers to do the Pacifac to Atlantic Panama Canal crossing from Costa Rica at the end of March. … TOTEM – Panama PAPAGAYO INFO. Chris provides weather updates via SSB and some boats here are close enough to find it useful. Tune into 8137 at 1700 EST. … ANILA – Costa Rica Anila had a good run down from Bahia Del Sol in the unpredictable Papagayos. As far as we can tell the actual conditions never matched the forecasts. We had wind anywhere from 7kts in the early morning to around 35 knot gusts overnight. We tucked in for a night at Bahia Santa Elena … CROSSROADS Dear Panama Posse,
    We miss you all. Fortunately we have met many friendly cruisers along the way. We really liked Golfito. It was small and is still a typical Costa Rica town. The anchoring is very easy and plentiful, with good holding, in the natural harbor … GADDABOUT – Mexico The dreaded Golfo de Tehuantepec crossing is behind us and Gadabout is in Chiapas. …
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  64. 2018-02-25 >>
  65. FIREFLY – Mexico Firefly still undergoing and electronics upgrade in LaCruz … JULIA MAX – Costa Rica. Hi Everyone, First, when approaching Quepos and Marina Pez Vela from the north, about seven miles out, there are snapper fish pens/fish farm right in your way. There are several barges and a few support boats anchored in this area to avoid. Use these waypoints: … AVANT – CHiapas – MEXICO Update and notes for those coming to Chiapas.
    Marina Chiapas is a great stop off on the way south. They offer discounts to Panama Posse members (one day a week free). … DAD’S DREAM – Nicaragua Another little setback as a 47 kt gust blew out or main (while double reefed) on the way to SJDS. A real bummer as Amanda (from S/V Sea Glass) and I spent hours repairing the nighttime rip … CROSSROADS – Costa Rica
    We anchored at Isla Parida. We are currently underway from Isla Carvada to Bahia Honda. … CARINTHIA – MYLA – ANILA – Costa Rica
    Maya and Cartinthia are working with a local Playa de Cocos fisherman, Henry and his son, to provide water taxi services …
    LIQUID – El Salvador – Bahia del Sol
    We finally organized our notes from our stay in Bahia del Sol – El Salvador http://www.svliquid.com/bahiadelsol.html …
    BERTIE – Mexico BERTIE is in Huatulco … who else is here? Is there still a cruiser’s net happening at 8 am on channel 22? Anyone gearing up for crossing Tehuantepec early to mid next week? … OCTOPUS GARDEN – Mexico We on Octopus Garden are planning on leaving Sunday 2/25 and we are going to have our own TPecker Net at 0800 local time 4159 USB. Let’s all tune in … ANNAPURNA – Nicaragua Annapurna just arrived at marina Puesta del Sol, Nicaragua. This is a nice marina and a nice looking hotel. …
    WILDEST DREAMS – Huatulco Wildest Dreams just arrived in Huatulco and is parked near Pineapple and Gadabout. … Waponi Woo is leaving Zihuatanejo today for Acapulco. We anticipate arriving there tomorrow. …
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  66. 2018-02-21 >>
  67. MV CROSSROADS – Costa Rica – Motor vessel CrossRoads is OK Drake Bay Costa Rica, … FRED AGAIN III – Mexico – El Salvador
    Hola Posse from Bahia Del Sol, El Salvador. We had quite an adventure leaving Chiapas and arriving in Bahia Del Sol. We checked out of Chiapas at the infamous fuel dock. Our fenders were fortunately adequate for the dock … SV EASY – Nicaragua
    Morning for nay was reading what I wrote and forgot to mention the getting stopped by the net in the middle of the night !
    Jumping in and all. … Julia Max – Costa Rica
    Hi Left Quepos on 2/18, heading for Golfito. Currently in Drake’s Bay .Windy in northern Costa Rica, but mild, humid and rain in southern Costa Rica. … Gadabout, Pineapple & Wildest Dreams
    Where the Posse goes, there are no roads… Gadabout, Pineapple and Wildest Dreams had a fun day exploring Acapulco! … SV Colmena
    needs bottom paint. I’m still in Zihua, and looking for a better (more economical) option than Marina Ixtapa. Anyone have any suggestions for me? … FRED AGAIN III Fred Again III is leaving Bahia Del Sol and El Salvador tomorrow and headed south for Marina Papagayos in CR. We are leaving with a new love for this country. Many thanks to Annual Salvador Rally … SV SALT – Mexico Is anyone at/around Marina del Sol in El Salvador? We have tried emailing and calling them multiple times for a reservation and have received no response or answer … DANIKA – SJDS – Nicaragua The immigration office in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua wanted us to pass this info along- When you check in to the port captain, please also check in to immigration even if you already checked in to the country. …
    Carinthia – Playa Cocos – Costa Rica Provisioning and happy hour hopping is amazing – but a little bit more $ than what you may be used to. …
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  68. 2018-02-09 >>
  69. Wildest Dreams – Welcome to the Panama Posse Hola from sunny Zihuatanejo! We just signed on to the posse and hope to get to know many of you as we travel. Our home, Wildest Dreams is a Choey Lee 47 Sea Master Long Range Cruiser … Annapurna – Chiapas Road trip! Coffee plantation. Avant – Chiapas Another lovely potluck at marina Chiapas for panama posse members and fellow travelers. … olante III Tehuantpec crossing Shearwater and Volante III did the Tehuantpec crossing and are safely in Puerto Chiapas. The Tehuantpec crosssing was a boater’s dream crossing … Liquid & Carinthia – San Juan del Sur – Nicaragua Anchored in a windy Papagayo prone area with gusts into the upper 30’s Local Currency 31 Cordoba = 1 USD
    … EASY – PANAMA info my friends sent me this message. I’m passing it on Mike Panama bound, Shawnigan asked me to let you know Bahia Honda …Anila – El Salvador Hello, S/V Anila is currently in El Salvador at Bahia Del Sol. … JULIA MAX – Costa Rica This a.m. we were breezing along at hull speed trying to figure out how to slow the boat down more so missed the Posse morning net. We finally got it dialed into these 20-28 knot winds at 60 degrees just as you described: reefed mizzen and triple reefed jib. … TAPPAN ZEE Hi folks. Tappan Zee is in Acapulco for a few days before heading to Huatulco. We are enjoying Acapulco. As has been noted before, Vicente is a wonderfully upbeat, helpful resource in this city. He and his son seem to be around all the time in the marina area of Aca. … MV Crossroads – Costa Rica We are busy touring inland in the Monteverde Cloud Forest. Onward to Arenaul Volcano and La Fortuna tomorrow. …
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  70. 2018-02-02 >>
  71. Fred Again Hola. Fred Again III is In Huatulco at Marina Chahue- waiting for our Tpec window. We had no problem getting a slip (we heard others did). … WELCOME to the Panama Posse GAVIA We truly appreciate all the time and energy you’ve expended in gathering all this very useful (and fun) information for our travel to Panama, arranging special discounts for the Posse, and creating opportunities of comradery among our fellow cruisers. …
    WELCOME to the Panama Posse SV Colmena … Thanks for adding me. I am already on my way, so I guess I am a 2017 boat. I am in Zihuatanejo, continuing south in a couple weeks. … MYLA We have our Zarpe in hand and we’re leaving Mexico. We came down with the Ha Ha in 2015 and have been here since, except for some visits to the states for a few months. This is a big moment for us, but we’re excited. It helps having fellow cruisers around to share the adventures. … WARNING: REEF JUST OUTSIDE SHELTER BAY MARINA
    From Christian and Vibe, SY Danish Blue
    We want to warn other sailors of the reef just outside Shelter Bay Marina, Colon, Panama. It is not marked and it is very dangerous for sailors arriving at night. … NOTE FROM VITESSE – BART
    I do not know the lat and long of the reef at Shelter Bay. If you stay to the right favoring the breakwater, you will be fine. … Serafina – If you are still in Mexico and want a good weather resource, here is the link to Mexico’s version of NOAA.
    http://meteorologia.semar.gob.mx/ I used it to augment and corroborate the weather forecast on Windy.com for the Tehuantepec, but it covers both the Pacific and Caribbean coasts. … NEW PANAMA POSSE SPONSOR Happy to report Marina Puesta del Sol – Nicaragua … JULIA MAX – COSTA RICA Costa Rica charged nothing for our checking in at Playas del Coco, nothing for Port Captain, Immigration, or Customs at Liberia Airport. …
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  72. 2018-01-25 >>

  73. Hi! I am Carolyn from Third Wish. First, tell Sam and Dave, Lin and Lou, Bill and Jean hello from us, please. Second, a warning. We went through the Canal in March 2017 and were guided onto a reef by our Panamanian line handler, Omar. … Fred Again,
    Hola Possee! This is Laura on Fred Again, currently in Zihuatanejo. My credit card was compromised today so I need to have a new card sent to me … Carinthia – Checked in at Marina Puesta del Sol – Nicaragua – currently on a raod trip in Granada ( 4 hours by rental car via Leon and Managua ) … MV CROSSROADS – JULIA MAX – COSTA RICA After a great day yesterday in Bahia Santa Elena we moved today to Playa del Coco. We made the 45nm journey with anything from 8kts to 30kts of wind behind us or on the beam. … OCTOPUS GARDEN Hola Posse! Don’t be scared off by bad press about Acapulco. We’ve really enjoyed it here. Stay on the mooring, leave your dinghy on deck and let Vincente and crew ferry you to shore. There is a good grocery store in easy walking distance …Isleña – EL Salvador
    Hi there, Hope all is well. FYI the following boats are in Bahia del Sol Danika Isleña Amante Easy Sea Glass … SHEARWATER Hola Panama Posse from Shearwater, We Are currently in Huatulco we arrived yesterday at 13:40 and dropped anchor in Bahia Santa Cruz. We Are currently waiting for a good weather window. … MY EL CAZADOR – we have been in Pez Vela marina (quepos) for several weeks and plan to stay for 6-12 months. Super marina. Great wifi, great slips ( interior docks are only a couple years old). Nice restaurants and little shops at the marina and a short walk into town for more typical Costa Rica stores/little restaurants. …
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  74. 2018-01-19 >>
SSB Net 8294 USB @ 15:15 UTC ( 9:15 local time ) fallback 8297 USB 
 Please confirm your net control and time with ROB …WELCOME TO THE POSSE FRED AGAIN III 
Robert, Michael & Laura Ahoy from Fred Again III. We have departed Manzanillo headed for Ztown … WELCOME TO THE POSSE HAPPY DANCE
    Any info you can pass along for our trip south is always appreciated. We’ll leave Barra in a week or so I guess…a slow route south. Sue and Marty s/v Happy Dance … SV ANILA
 Hello, We made it to Huatulco early this morning Jan 17th, anchored off Marina Chahue until daylight then went inside the narrow, 8-ft depth channel. … Land excursion SV LIQUID – MY CROSSROADS – SV CARINTHIA Tour of Joya de Ceren (World Heritage Site), San Andres, San Salvador (Capital) – FIRST CLASS Shopping and Exploring … ANNAPURNA Stopped briefly in Puerto Ensenada. There is a sandbar extending from the rocks; Los Marineros. We dropped our anchor … SV LIQUID passage to El Salvador Our plan was to be about 10-12miles out through Guatemala then angle in on the rhumb line to Bahia del Sol. We weren’t sure what currents or fishing would be like but figured we had enough time to figure it out and could always go a bit farther out if we needed to … Julia Max. ready to check out of Mexico from Chiapas Marina. Took a tour with Luis to see a world class chocolatier, something you all should see. … SEA GLASS – CHIAPAS PANAMA POSSE GATHERING Had another great cruiser get together cookout under the palapa here in Chiapas last night with S/V Avant, Respite, Julia Max, Easy & Sea Glass.
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  76. 2018-01-06 >>
  77. Marina Chiapas – Marina Manager Memo Garcia showing his support of the Panama Posse going forward with the following discounts are avail … JULIA MAX – Huatulco Julia Max is in Huatulco for a week waiting on Tpec. Disappointed to not have electricity at dock. No slips for us at main docks while 3rd dock being repaired. Fuel available. Water jugs 20 pesos per jug. Laundry. Lots of security. Good restaurants. Harbormaster speaks English; has weather forecasting site for Mx Navy! … SEA GLASS – Bahia De Puerto Marques Yesterday afternoon we moved the S/V Sea Glass about 5 miles leaving central Acapulco for anchorage in Bahia De Puerto Marques. After scouting the bay … RESPITE – CROSSROADS – CARINTHIA The extraordinary Mayan sites of Bonampak … CROSSROADS – Chiapas Fuel Dock Here are the waypoints I used for turning off the main channel towards the fuel dock. Depths 15’+ in most areas. DO NOT GO BETWEEN THE TWO GREEN BUOYS. There is a sand bar that rapidly shoals!! … SV Myla – Tracking . Proving that there are truly tech gremlins aboard….looks like something is amiss with our newly set up and paid for tracking service. It shows us in Carrizal, but that was where we were about 4 days ago. We are now in Zihuatenjo. 3G working on my ipad, not on my iphone iridium working with texting, but not email grips working on iphone, but not ipad keeps it interesting! … CROSSROADS – update to USEFUL SAFETY/SECURITY TELEPHONE NUMBERS ( Diane actually called every number ) …
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