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1) Extraordinary Fleet Call Sat Mar 21, 2020

As of today  March 21th 2020 here is where each country stands 


USA and Mexico – border closings but commercial entry permitted

Guatemala – full lock down – no entry permitted 

El Salvador – full lock down – no entry permitted 

Honduras – full lock down – no entry permitted

Nicaragua – Check in possible  with Marina Puesta del sol ahead of time – they will coordinate to send a health inspector out – after which customs, immigration will clear you in 

Costa Rica – no change but upon entry you may be asked about prior countries / health issues – crew flying in from overseas will be subject to questioning at airport(s) 

Panama – no entry permitted  but a 14 day quarantine has been obtained by some – vessel must stay at anchor ( this will be supported by marinas with deliveries of items at cost of water / food and basic supplies )  in the Atlantic side come into colon – in colon you can anchor out and Juan is delivering water provisions and uncertain – entry to Panama –
vessels which went to San Blas and 3 boats got into marina and had not been outside from uncertain – come into marina 

This is a quick summary of issues in Panama regarding Covid. Panama will halt international travel Sunday 3/22/2020 at 23:59, no personnel in or out. Time frame was established as 30 days. I believe all 200 active cases are in the district of Panama City. If you enter that district, you will not be able to leave it. Some Panamanians who live in one district and work in another may get a permit to travel between them. There are bio-borders set up internally to the districts and also at district borders. I believe that temperatures are taken at those location, and hence travel is very long and drawn out. All marinas are closed to bringing in new boats. They require 14 days at quarantine anchor before they consider you coming into port. If you are coming into Panama from another country, then and agent might be able to get your boat checked in, but you won’t be able to get to the customs office for your visa. Shelter bay is helping by bringing out supplies if necessary. Green Flash left Vista Mar and told that there would be no problems coming back, but that changed within two days. They are currently anchored off of the marina. As to transit the canal, check with an agent, but there is no way of getting lines and fenders to the boat, as well as line handlers. Even if you have that equipment and personnel on board anyhow, the Canal Authority does not want to risk the measuring advisor or the transit advisor. If they get sick, that prevents them from using those resources when restrictions are relieved.
Shelter in place, and hope you have enough CERVEZA, because they also have halted sale of that commodity. The restaurants are take out only, grocery stores are limiting the number of people in the building, and there is a curfew from 2100-0500 and it is DEFINITELY being enforced. A Cruisers plans are written in sand at low tide. Stay safe everyone. Walt

Puerto Rico  – many marinas are closed – coming through Vieques culebra  closed  9 PM- 5 AM curfew 

Hawaii  – 14 day quarantine

Colombia – closed with 19-day nationwide quarantine

Ecuador Is  Shut Down 

French Polynesia IS SHUT DOWN

is any one has and specific additions to this please let us now


2) Vessel Location in order of signup https://panamaposse.com/2019-2020-vessels

1BAJA FOGBarra de Navidad, MXstay in place 
John & Monique
 Mike & Jacquie
 Victoria & Rowan
4THISLDUPuesta del Sol, Nicaragua  
 Garrett & Audrey
 Bob & Kris
 Darrin & Linda
Thomas & Mike
9CARINTHIABarra de Navidad, MX   
Dietmar & Suzanne
10SEAGLUBSan Blas, MXen route to San Jose del Cabo  
 Michael & Vicki
12JEAN ANNEChiapas, MX  
 Steve & Chelsea
13SINGULARITYVista Mar, Panama   
Robert & Carol
Dale & Kenneth
16 ©ENJOYbocas del toro panama
 Don & Nina
 Rick & Karen
Brad, Sarah & Sydney
19  © KNOT RIGHTVista Mar Marina, Panama  
Walt & Jeariene
20 © COMPROMISE15 miles east of puesta del sol nicaragua
We may be out of range. We plan on crossing the Papagayos to Puesta del Sol. One foot on the beach, so to speak. We will try to attend. s/v Compromise
Ronald & Karen
Jason & Lisa
 Kirk & Heidi
23TOP CIDERChiapas, MX  
Chuck & Sharon
24RAIREVAcoming in   
25HALF MOONPuesta del sol, Nicaragua  
Brain & Elizabeth
Huibert & Maaike
27ANGELIQUEKingston, Jamaica advised us to self quarantine bahams isand turks  key west – got marina reservation 
Dan & Angela
Phillip Jay & Kelley
29DELTA SWIZZLERZihuatanejo, MX barra de navidad 
Mark & Cindy
 Brenda & Ted
31 ©EL GATOMarquesas ?
 Eric & Annie
David, Stella & …
Justin, Kimberly and Crew
34ONE LIFEisla ixtapa  barra
Doug & Mary
35  ©FOOTLOOSEbocas del toro red frog   
Michael & Lisa
 Karen & Ron
 Brian & Hiromi
Alan & Robin
40AVANTShelter Bay, Panama stay in place
no flights 
Rob & Debra
42 ©ROCINANTEchiappas  North
 Bill & Lisanne
43RHAPSODYvista mar – stay in place 
Sarah & Bob
44 © MAKANI   
45 ©  XENIAvista mar   
Tara & Mike
46SINGLE Dbarra   
Tod & Donna
Scott & Jan
48 ©DENOVObarra   
Andre, Naomi & crew
50ANDURILon the hard in chiapas –  fly back to cananda
Alice & Greg
51GREEN FLASHQuarantined in place – situation in the pacific site  
Bob & Joan
53GARGOYLE Puesta del sol -Nicaragua
  shelter in place
Kevin & Carla
54STAND DOWNVista Mar Marina –   
Richard & Nancy
55SONAMARABocas del Toro   
 Louis & Patrice
 Curtis & Jill                          
Ian & Aldo
Robert & Karen
 Neil, Tammy, & Jan
60BLUE OASISShelter Bay Marina, Panama  head to tampa
Barry & Kathy
61  ©WILDEST DREAMSPuntarenas, CR  
Grant & Michelle
 Pati & Eric
63SECOND WINDPuesta del sol Marina   
 Annie & Chris & Crew
 Brian & Tracy
Sid & Manuela
67CHIMERABahia Drake / Quepos Pez Vela roam in Costa Rica towards golfito

bonding – stay in costs a little etxra 
Dennis & Margaret
68KACHINABahia el Sol, El Salvador new owner trying to fly into el slavador to take posession
69ALIZANNred frog   
Martin & Suzanne
Bryan & Cheryl
71MOONRISEin marina chahue in there for the long haul
 Stephen & Ana Veronica
Martin & Elzane
74MAISON DE SANTEbarrashelter in place 
Keenan & Nicole
 Marie & Jon
Jeff & Fran
79DESTINATIONshelter bay – anne in CR flight   
 Chris & Anne
80DAD’S DREAMMarina shelter bay  flight out of the ccountry 
Rick & Brenda
81AY CARAMBA !Puerto Rico looking for location 
Juan & Michelle
 Kenny & Cari
 Carl & Roxy
Shane & Karen
85FOLLOW YOU FOLLOW MEMARINA LA CRUZ, MXstay in place all good
 Allan & Rina
86CONTEXTShelter Bay  in san diego 
87EL GATO   
 Jules & Jeff
88  ©SEA LARKSBanana Bay Marina, CRshelter in place get to calfornia 
 Jeffrey & Paula
 Rick & Mary
91DANCES WITH WINDSLa Paz, stationary 

Eric & Ana
92BAIT ‘N SWITCH IIIlos angeles – marina papagayo costa rica   
John & Laurie
 Nan & Doug
94  ©MARIAHBay of Honduras – roatan – Hondursa with 24 vessels lock down – Marshall law 
Trish & John
95WAVE DANCERFish Hook, Golfito  panama in the next 2 months propblay fly back to the us 
 Vladimir & Galinda
96MALOLOZihuatanejo  barara / pv / sea of 
Matt & Britt
 Ron & Karen
99HO’OKIPABarra de Navidad, MXshelter  
 Lisa & Lucky
100VOLAREChiapas, MX no port closings or south borders stared to 
 Jessica & Adam
101  © KIANGA   
Beat & Daniela
Scott & Donna
Bruce & Kirk
Richard & Caroline
105SALISH DRAGONArizona- vessel in PV –  
Steve & Tracey
Brent & Jill
108 ©SEDNA VI   
 Ken & Cheryl
 Jeff & Roxanne
110KARVIZihuatanejo  heaidng to barra few more people with face masks – went to port captain enforced – no more thena 2 peple in port captina soffice at a time – firelfy inn ixtapa marina – FP basically to come in to get fuel and provisions they will send you home
 Dan & Nancy
112 ©SALTAIR 3Barra  
 Brad, Krista & Cole
113 ©TAKMOANA   
 Gary & (Wendy) Louise
Derick & Barb
Patrick & Alexa
Stephen & Janet
117PILIALOHAHuatulco – in care with local marina chahue   
 Rick & Maria
118BELLE VIEMarquesas in Port   
Benjamin,Andrea & Emma
 Dan & Marlene
120SANNAVista Mar –  shelter in place
Dave & Marie
121ANKYRIOSZihuatenjo Puerto Penasco 
Dennis, Brandy & Crew
Bill and Julianne
124  ©INDEPENDENCERoatan – lock down till the 29th   
 Larry & Jamie
125LILY ROWANpurchased visa in mexico for MXD 575 at airport – 5 – 45 minute transaction  huatulco chahue marina
Jim & Zyanya
 Joel, Ane & Crew
 Jeanette & Neill
128 ©AMANDLAmarina palmira la paz

Lisa Dorenfest and Fabio Mucchi. Crew Steve Kelly joined in Zihuatanejo and will be disembarking in La Paz. We are en route to La Paz and will arrive tomorrow mid-day.  Plan to spend week or two in marina as Captain still recovering from 2 ribs fractured in Zihuatanejo. Will then cruise the Sea of Cortez before hauling out in Puerto Peñasco. Visas good in Mexico until early June. In the event the situation in the US worsens, hope government will allow visas to be extended in country as an emergency measure,  Any tips you have on extending visas here under the circumstances would be appreciated. I believe current laws require exiting and reentering the country to renew visas
 captain rib fraction isolate in place

 cases 25 reporovisonied
Lisa & Captain Fabio
129 ©NESHUMAon the hard at mazatlan marina  
 Carl & Cynthia
130SIMPLIFYmarina chahue –  stay in Place
Randy & Marina
131MAR Y SOLMarina Vallarta, MX  
Bob & Marisol
 Tom & Gale
133BIG CITY FISHzihuatanejo  heading to barra
Rick & Linda
Bobbie, Neil & Chuck
135 ©TIVOLI   
Judy and Torben
136 ©TRYST   
Tony and Michelle
137 ©EMMY KATE   
Eric and Sharon
138BLESSED LIFEBahia Herradura, CR  
Bob and Margie
139 ©FALKOR 4.2   
Patrick, Sherrie & Crew
Don & Julie
141  NAUTILUS   
Michele & Randy
142 ©AZAYA   
Riley, Sharon & Crew
143 © SEA GLASSPanama   
144  ©ELSKA   
Ben & Mary Jane
145 ©ZOE   
 Sergio & Gemma
Jeffrey & Cheri
148 ©ELEVEN 11   
 Tim, Kim &
149 ©MOIRA   
 Nick, Gema & crew
150MILAGROI’m in Bahia Bellena Costa Rica with no crew. I’m planning to remain here until things change. This is a beautiful place to be stuck in.  
Robert & crew
Ted & Barbara
152 ©SUSIMIzihuatanejo – barra stores are stocked well in Z
Paul & Hazel
Andy & Jill
155 ©LEILANI   
Richard & Tracy
156 ©EVOLIAS   
Warren & Erica
157SOL GOOD   
Dan & Ella
Bruce & Barbara
160 ©TOUCHÉ   
Judith & Haakon
161 © SPREZZATURAPanama Bocas del Toro 
163 © LORIEN   
Julie & Chris
164 ©KJALOHA   
Jürg & Catherine
165 ©AD ASTRA   
Erik & Daniela
166 ©MANUREVA   
167 ©ZARZAGAN   
Paul Antoine & Monique
Steven, Louise & Sam
170 ©BAD BUNNY   
John & Hye
171GenMBrula – Island Baha Chamela  go slow – play ion beach – happier 
Marvin and Laurie
172 ©AMEKAYA   
Maris and Linda
173 ©BISOUOff beach in bocase dle toro stay in place away crazy back in australia 
Robin and Tad
Maurisa & Mike
Grant & Donna
176REEF DANCERBarra in de navidad  
Jerry & Debra

3) The governor of Jalisco has asked everyone to stay secluded for the next 5 days


4)  A big thank you to all of our sponsors

Official Panama Posse  Sponsors, Partners and Ambassadors

  • Marina Puerto Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta – Mexico 
  • Marina Puerto de La Navidad – Barra de Navidad – Mexico 
  • Marina Ixtapa, Ixtapa – Mexico 
  • La Marina Acapulco, Acapulco – Mexico 
  • Marina Chiapas – Mexico 
  • Marina Bahia del Sol – El Salvador 
  • La Palma Moorings – Bahia del Sol, El Salvador 
  • Marina Puesta del Sol – Nicaragua 
  • Marina Papagayo – Costa Rica 
  • Marina Pez Vela – Costa Rica 
  • Banana Bay Marina – Costa Rica 
  • Vista Mar Marina – Panama 
  • Shelter Bay Marina – Panama 
  • Red Frog Marina – Panama 
  • Bocas Marina – Panama 

Official Panama Canal Agent

Official Panama Posse Ambassadors

Panama Posse Partners


5) Dangerous Bar Crossing in El Salvador

Originally Bill had closed the bar Monday-Wednesday and we were slotted to leave Thursday. He soon thereafter said the forecast had changed and we could leave Wednesday. During this whole time Chris was predicting sizable swell. We walked out to the bar Monday to take a look. Surf wasn’t that big but we couldn’t really see well enough to judge from our vantage point on the beach. We told Bill we’d be happy to wait until Thursday if he thought it best but he said Wednesday would be fine. Steve took a drone shot on which it appeared there was a channel with no breakers. So we went. Jean Anne went first. Bill had them accelerating and then waiting at intervals to find a break in the swell. They caught some air, got a bit wet, but made it okay. At one point Bill in the panga was behind us and called Jean Anne saying “How are you guys doing? I can’t see you from where I am.” Once they were clear and we were moving forward, we got the same instructions. Throttle up here, wait a minute there. As we got to the worst part of the breakers, we were instructed to wait. Unfortunately we were too far forward and were already in the breaking waves. We took two over the bow. The third breaking wave crashed over Volare, ripping the dodger from the deck, tearing jerry cans from the rails, and slamming down on us in the cockpit. The dodger was still attached by the piece that zips to the bimini, and was lying mangled across the cockpit table. At the helm, Adam could not see forward so I called out directions for him to steer us out of the surf. Luckily, no more large waves were in front of us. We smelled diesel and looked in the gunnel to see the jerry cans floating in a slush of diesel and seawater. One of the caps had come off one of the cans and 2 1/2 gallons spilled before we could right the can. It’s amazing how slippery diesel can make the deck and your shoes and your hands. We were still in pretty big swells and trying to hold on while doing damage control was a challenge. We spent the next hour or so recovering and assessing the situation. We nearly lost a few lines that were lying on the coach roof under the dodger but they had snagged on the rails. Very luckily nothing got in the prop! Everything else had been tied down. One solar shower was hanging over the side but was attached to a cleat so we were able to pull it back aboard. The drinking cups and Adam’s cell phone had been in cup holders set in the cockpit table. We found them washing around on the cockpit sole. The jerry can covers were soaked in diesel and had to be removed and the cans re-tied to the rail. The nylon webbing with plastic buckles holding them to the toe rail proved no match for that wave. At first we believed the dodger was destroyed as it sat in a mangled heap in the cockpit. Once we lifted it up we could see that the stainless tubes had been pulled out of the cups with set screws holding it to the deck. The bolt ropes on the lower part of the front of it had ripped free, leaving the bolt rope still in the mangled track with ripped stitches hanging out. A few screws in the bolt rope track were ripped from the deck. We were able to lift it back up and replace the tubing in the cups. The frame was miraculously intact! We had to clip the windows up and out of the way for the rest of the passage to Chiapas. We are hopeful the bolt ropes can be sewn back into place and the track glued where it is broken.


We had taken the crossing seriously and prepared carefully, which is why this isn’t a worse disaster. Everything in the cockpit was down below, including cushions. Our dog was wearing her life vest and was tethered to the cockpit table, which is very stout on our boat. As the waves were hitting us, I was sitting on the cockpit bench leaning over her. After the wave slammed us, she was soaked and pretty sad looking, with her life jacket strobe going off, but she was unhurt. We had removed our paddle boards from their racks on the bow rail and stowed them below. Had they been in their usual spot I have no doubt they would have been ripped from the boat, along with the stanchions to which they were mounted. The dinghy was on the davits, about six feet above the water. It did take on water as the wave crashed down, but no damage was done. We had seriously debated about putting it on the bow and decided against it. It’s difficult to say now what the right decision would be. Because our davit system is extremely strong, we suffered no damage. If the dinghy had been on the bow, it may have been fine or it may have torn loose or sustained damage. We can’t know. After surviving that wave, though, I would never leave it on the davits while entering the bar when the waves come from behind. We had also removed the motor and placed it on the stern rail, removing about 100 pounds from the dinghy.


When we arrived in Chiapas last night, we received an email from Bill apologizing for what happened. He said that the swell was larger than he anticipated based on the forecast. Because of its size, he, in the pilot panga, had to move back to keep from getting swamped and could not see what conditions we were in. I only wish that when he made that decision he had informed us and we could have exercised our own judgement. Our instinct was to throttle forward and get out of the breakers but the last instructions we received were to wait where we were.  I don’t think he realized we were stopped in the most dangerous part.

In my hindsight opinion, the bar should not have been open that day. Chris was absolutely right. From afar he was able to see that conditions would not be good for crossing and I think Posse boats should give more credence to those observations. Our haste to cross and get to Mexico in light of all the border closures led to us crossing too soon. Just because the bar is open doesn’t relieve skippers of their responsibility to assess conditions for themselves and make their own judgement calls. Having zero experience with bar crossings, we felt that if they opened the bar it must be okay. It was definitely not okay. The wave that hit us was massive. As you both know, Volare is a tall boat. She has high freeboard, a deck salon coach roof, and a dodger that is six and a half feet above the cockpit sole. For a wave to slam down on that tells you it must have been insane.

We are all healthy and well and glad our sturdy home handled the waves as well as she did. The force of that wave could have easily broken bones but it didn’t. We are grateful for that! The message behind this story is to encourage sailors to take these dangerous areas seriously. Never assume that you will encounter benign conditions. Take every precaution you can think of. You won’t have time to do anything when you’re out there. Do it all and do it before you go. Listen to and consider all the information. One source from afar looking at the forecast and saying the swell looks pretty big should hold as much weight as the local source saying it looks like it should be okay. Take the most conservative course of action.

This is not to second guess ourselves or diminish the advice of those who watch the bar every day. Sometimes shit happens. We will recover from this. We’d just prefer it not to happen to anyone else. Now you two know our story. Hopefully you can use it to advise sailors in the future!


Bill has said he has pictures he’ll send if we want to see them. I’m not sure I do but in the interest of helping others I will request them and forward them on to you. Steve and Adam also have GoPro footage we’ve yet to see.

Thank you for all you’re doing and keep it up! Stay healthy!


Jessica & Adam


6) Pictures of the Week


Rocinante Shelter in Place

Bill & Lisanne

      Slavadro Bar Exit

Exiting the Bar El Salvador

Chelsea & Steve


      Herradura Costa Rica

Bahia Herradura, Costa Rica

( sorry lost the email so credit is missing )

        Floats in Zihuatenejo, MX

7) Carnival Floats in Zihuatanejo, MX

No social distancing in Zihua last weekend as thousands watched the cool floats of Carnival go through town

Kris and Bob

8) Update from Ullman Sails – Puerto Vallarta

Ullman Sails will be open and operating as scheduled during this event.  We will continue as long as regulations allow as we are a small staff and work isolated.

Our pick up schedules of Tuesdays in Marina Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta, and Paradise Village, and Thursdays in La Cruz Nayarit will continue until further notice.

We understand these are hard times and will do our best to help you keep cruising where it is most likely the best place to be. 
We wish all of you a healthy and safe future as we all deal with this pandemic.

Chuck Skewes

+1 619-871-2171

Ullman Sails Puerto Vallarta


9) Update from Marina Puerto de la Navidad, MX

Puerto de la Navidad for Long term and Hurricane season – letter from Insurance Group
Secundino Alvarez 
Marina Puerto de la Navidad

10) Update from Shelter Bay Marina, Panama

Hola Panama Posse !!

As off right now panama in 14 day quarantine for all arriving vessels.  Vessels that have been in panamá for more than 2 weeks we are trying to get them to port but need to provide documentation and i need approval of health dept. and Aeronaval to allow them Access.   Al vessels at quarantine zone will be visied daily for provision deliveries!!

The situation with ports around the world is constanly changing.  I would love to have everybody come to SHelter Bay Marina, but my advise is, if you and your vessel are at a secured port, stay there until the situation is under control, leaving a secured port hoping to get to another and the be turned around wont be a pleasant experience.

Shall i be of assistance please let me know


Juanjo Boschetti

General Manager
Shelter Bay Marina
+507-6813-5327 Here in Shelter Bay we are in a soft lockdown by now- soft because 1 person per crew is still allowed to go shopping by bus. For now. Other than that we are confined to the marina with a closed restaurant and a closed pool.  There are many kids boats though and yesterday we parents had a meeting discussing how best to approach the Corona virus. With kids social distancing is nearly impossible. They play with each other and they move freely between boats. We discussed how to talk to our children about it, how to minimize the risk of spreading anything and maybe if we should organize some safe groups activities to keep them occupied while not being able to move anywhere. Low risk activities can include treasure hunts or playing soccer. For crafts and arts, everyone can take their own supplies with them. The kids need to forget everything about sharing that we ever taught them 🤣. As for hygiene, in front of every kid boat we placed a bucket with soap water. Before entering a boat the kids have to wash hands. As long time as it takes to sing Happy birthday twice 😉 . Also as soon as stepping off a boat the kids need to wash hands again. That way we hope to make sure no bacteria or worse spreads between the boats while not locking in the kids. 

11) Message from Marina Chiapas, MX

Hello I’m Memo Garcia

manager of marina chiapas just to remind you that we have always had our support to do any procedure, in the case of the border the taxi fee is charged and they are accompanied by a person from the marine trust, you just have to request it

and we have never had any problems




12) Message from Red Frog Marina, Panama

Hi all from Red Frog Marina in Bocas Del Toro Panama. Red Frog Marina is open to vessels that are checked into Panama and have been in Panama waters for 14 days or more. When you send in a reservation, there will be a short questionnaire for you to fill out.Look forward to hearing from you!

Safe Sailing, Deci


13) Update from Marina Vallarta, MX

We Will try to keep things as normal as possible but we are taking steps towards being at the office the shortest time we can.

Vessels as of today are free to enter as long as they are not coming from other countries.

It is not advisable to leave marina Vallarta at this time since all ports should be closing soon depending on the outbreak.

Puerto Vallarta has many hospitals and also airport only 5 minutes away.

Stay safe and first of all try to stay clean and not in contact to many people.

God help us all.


Lic Pablo Fernandez G.
Harbor Master
Paseo de la Marina S/N Interior 3
Colonia Marina Vallarta.
Teléfono (322) 221-02-75 (322) 221-07-22
e-mail pablo@marina-vallarta.com.mx
Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, México.

14) Update from Marina Ixtapa, MX

Hello Panama Posse ,

I just want to let you know that Marina Ixtapa has completed the dredging works. Channel is open now and the depth we have is 4 meters.

Best Regards

Lic. Elsa Zuñiga

Marina Ixtapa

Phone: 011-52-755-553-2180/011-52-755-553-0222




14) Panama Posse Event Vallarta Yacht Club postponed

The whole Banderas Bay area is shutting down due to Coronavirus concerns.
The club has cancelled pretty much all its events that bring groups of people into the club. We need to postpone your event too.
Feel free to  give me a call to discuss this. My phone number is +52 322 181 9109


Dick Locke

15) El Salvador,
We are enjoying ourselves as we make tough choices in El Salvador. We made it across the bar into Bahia del Sol less than a week before the country’s borders were closed to foreigners. We were surprised at the dock by our marina neighbors from San Diego who presented our welcome drinks. We’re lucky to be here and enjoying every minute! We traveled inland to San Salvador and stayed in a house with a real jacuzzi on the side of the volcano. We hiked around part of the rim and enjoyed views of the caldera and the Pacific at the same time. We then traveled to the town of Suchitoto and soaked up the El Salvadoran hospitality in this quaint town. Now it’s back to the boats and the decision to continue on or return to Mexico!


Meeting Sam and David on the dock after crossing the bar


Adam at the caldera’s edge


Foxy enjoying the hospitality in Suchitoto


The jacuzzi in the nearly 6000 foot elevation house over San Salvador


The path around the rim of the caldera at Boqueron National Park


Jessica & Adam


16) We are planing for next year’s 2020/2021Panama Posse,
and are considering on partnering with WMA and offering a 2-3 day intensive class on the following


these are U.S. Coast Guard approved to satisfy First Aid and CPR training requirements 
of 46 CFR 11.201(i)(1) for merchant marine licenses and cost will be around 500- 750 pp stay tuned for sign up – let us know if interested or any other considerations

17) Safety reminder

A strong dinghy lock and thick long cable

Season One of the Panama Posse took the brunt and we have identified areas which are prone to dinghy and outboard theft-


but as always bring your dingy and outboard up at night and lock it with a hard lock !

ABUS 92/65 Mono-block Brass Padlock

18) Get on the LINE app !

Please make sure to sign up with Line.me so you can participate in our weekly LINE calls on Mondays; at 16:00 UTC
and be part of the 24/7 chatroom anytime
Once you have downloaded it – find dietmarpetutschnig ( carinthia ) and send a message

we’ll add you to the 2019-2020 Panama Posse group


19) As always -SIGN ME UP AGAIN – if you want to sign up again for next season – simply let us know

keep ’em coming – reply with any relevant updates
– next update next Sunday

SV Carinthia


Dietmar & Suzanne

Panana Posse

20) to opt out – reply with opt out 

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