So it’s time to start our long range planing and regardless of when you and your vessel plan on crossing the Tehuantepec – it is best to proceed with caution – Here are the Pilot Chart excerpts – for December – January and February. This Post will evolve over time to give everyone a good overview and document best practices and lessons learned from fellow mariners.

First – here is how pilot chart’s wind roses work.
Pilot Roses Explained

Tehuantepec’s historical data for December
T-pec December

Tehuantepec’s historical data for January
T-Pec January

Tehuantepec’s historical data for February
T-Pec February


And here is windy’s current state of affairs .

More to come – so ponder away !

Below is an image of  – Quetzalcoatl, the Aztec god of wind and learning  – let’s learn to respect this area
wind god